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Strictly Come Dancing 2015


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Ooh yes Tristan sexy & Irish I hope we see more too. Of course he is a brilliant too but yes I love him a little bit. Kirsty & Tristan would be perfect as will rooting for her & if that means more of Tristan too bonus! 

Think Kellie will do well with Eastenders fan base behind her. 

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Just saw that the Strictly producers have partnered Daniel O'Donnell with Kristina this year so there are none of those pesky rumours of Kristina being a home wrecker. The reckon Daniel is to "wholesome" for those rumours to start, more like too boring to me lol His missus Majella make keep an eye on him anyway ?

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What has everyone been thinking about the show so far this year?

I am genuinely shocked by how great Jay McGuinness has been so far, he's been the standout on the show for me by a mile. I also think Kellie Bright has been great to watch & hope she sticks around for a long time. Anita Rani has also been a pleasure to watch. And Ainsley may not be the best dancer on the show but he never fails to bring a smile to my face when he dances. 


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Well I had four favourite from beginning to the end and two got to the final. Shame Kellie didn't win I was disappointed with the winner this year. 

Kellie & Kevin show dance was amazing I loved it. I was so excited for Katie & Anton show dance all week & did not disappoint was expecting a bit more but still amazing.

I do wish Kellie & Kevin did their dance from musicals week again I loved that one. But they had so many great dances. 

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