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Secret Santa Presents 2014


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Hi everyone,

This is the thread where you can post your Secret Santa presents.

When posting your gifts please remember:

- to state who your presents are for.

- to post icons/avatars individually.

- that videos are to be posted as links only.

- that fanfictions are to be posted in the Fanfiction section of the forum, with a completed catalogue form in the first post. Then post a link to your story in this thread.

If you haven’t finished making your presents yet, don’t worry. This thread will remain open until January at least.

If you have any questions, please leave them in this thread or PM me.

Thank you to everyone who signed up this year!

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations! :)

Happy holidays, everyone! :D

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I didn't manage to get everyone on the list in the limited time I had to do this, but my presents are for ~JarlieFanEver~. Hope you like them! :)



Merry (late) Christmas!

Thank you so much for the beautiful Secret Santa icons, Zetti! :D I love them all :) xx And aww it's okay that you are unable to manage to get everyone on the list. But thanks again for them, hun. :D *Hugssssss* xxx

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