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Jailhouse Blues

Guest smokinace

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Title: jailhouse blues

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Characters: Brax, Ash

Spoilers: Yes for non Aussie viewers

Warnings: violence, language, adult themes

Plot: a fanfic about Brax and Ash's time in prison together


Brax sat alone looking at his food in front of me knowing it was only a matter of time before someone who though they were a lot bigger, stronger and meaner than they actually were would off him.

"I wouldn't eat that, mate" a guy with long tied back blonde said sitting opposite him

"Yeah why's that?" Brax asked wondering if this is what he'd been waiting for.

"Full of chilli, the chef hates us guys. It's his way of punishing us" he told Brax as he pushed his own plate in front of him. "This is probably full of spit but it's better than a scolded throat and a week on a liquid diet and everyone else thinkin the new guys a wuss" he said

"Thanks" Brax said hesitantly

"Relax mate, I'm on your side" he told him

Brax took a bite of his food for frozen mac and cheese that had gone cold he thought it was actually pretty good

"So what's your name?" The guy asked

"Brax" Brax told him

"Ash" he said

"This is your first time inside isn't it" Ash said

"What gave it away?" Brax asked

"You're not guarding your food or looking over your shoulder, you also might wanna learn to sleep with one eye open, new guys are easy targets" Ash told

Ash smiled

"Adapt or die, mate" Ash told him as he got up


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Brax sat outside watching fellow inmates kicking a football around with their shirts off. Ash was one of them

Ash saw Brax and walked over to him.

"Tryin' to impress someone?" Brax asked

"Is that your attempt of asking me to be your bitch?" Ash as he drank from a bottle of water

"Though they had taps to drink out of in these places" Brax said

Ash wiped mouth and smiled

"Mate, you watch too many movies" he laughed

"So what are you in here for anyway?" Ash asked

"Murder, you?" Brax said

"Armed robbery and assault" Ash told him

"Did ya do it?" Brax asked

"What does it matter I'm in here for it aren't i?" Ash replied

Brax raised his eyebrows

"Honestly, no. But most of the guys in here would say they didn't do what they're in here for" Ash told him

"I did" Brax said

"Don't brag about it mate, you'll wind up being the victim of a brutal bashing, rape or stabbing"

"So you got anyone waiting for ya outside" Ash asked

"Three brothers" Brax replied

"No girl?" Ash asked

Brax was quiet for a minute

"Nah" he finally said

"Hmm, boyfriend?" Ash said with a smile

"Is that your attempt of asking me to ya bitch" Brax asked

"Touché" Ash smiled

"What about you, you got anyone on the outside" Brax asked Ash

"I'd say sister but something tells me she's off living not even thinkin about me"

"How come?"

"It's a long story, for another time" Ash said


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