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Life of Imogen


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Episode 8

The next day is Sunday. Imogen gets up at 8:30am and begins to pack her belongings. Today is the day she moves into her new flat.

Imogen: Today is the big day. *smiles*

*Madison enters Imogen's bedroom*

Madison: Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye.

Imogen: I'm not leaving until 10.

Madison: I'm still going to miss you.

Imogen: Like I said, you are more than welcome to visit me at my new place anytime. You can stay over too if you want.

Madison: Thanks, Imogen. *smiles*

Imogen: Your welcome, little sister. *smiles back*

*Imogen and Madison head into the kitchen to have breakfast*

Madison: Mum and Dad should be up soon.

Imogen: I really don't care. I bet they'll be glad to send me off.

Madison: I wouldn't say that.

Imogen: I would. *looks annoyed*

*they eat their breakfast*

Madison: So, have you thought about the psychiatrist yet?

*Imogen looks at Madison*

Imogen: I'm not going to the bloody psychiatrist! Mum and Dad can force the issue all they like, but I will not see one!

*Madison sighs*

Imogen: Do you think I should see one, Madison?

Madison: It's up to you, but you really need to talk to someone about your problems.

Imogen: I do. I talk to you, Krista, Whitney, Jen and Sonya about my problems. Oh, and I might be talking to my new friends Tracey and Alison about my problems too.

Madison: How are you getting to your new place?

Imogen: Krista's brother is going to help me get settled in.

Madison: Have you thought about getting the furniture?

Imogen: Yes, Whitney's parents have been kind enough to give me their old fridge for a reasonable price. All I have to do is buy a few things from Salvos and Cash Converters and then I'm set.

Madison: I have faith you know what you're doing.

Imogen: Of course I do. *smiles*

At 10 o'clock, Imogen is loading her belongings into the back of Krista's car.

Imogen: I guess this is it.

Madison: Goodbye, big sister.

*Imogen and Madison hug*

Imogen: Goodbye, Madison. Remember what I said. You're more than welcome to visit and stay over at anytime.

Madison: Thanks. *smiles*

Pauline: We'll miss you, sweetheart.

Imogen: I won't miss you.

David: *shocked* Imogen!

Imogen: You're both pathetic! You won't miss me! But I will say this, I want NOTHING from you both! You've already caused me enough psychological anguish over the years!

*Pauline and David are hurt and upset*

David: We never...

Imogen: Goodbye, my "lovely" parents! *to Madison* I'll miss you heaps, Madison.

*Madison nods her head and smiles*

Imogen: But I won't miss Mum and Dad!

*Imogen glares at David and Pauline before heading into Krista's car*

David: Goodbye.

Imogen: Bye.

*The family wave goodbye as Krista's car drives away*

David: I hope she sees the psychiatrist, love.

Pauline: Me too. Oh David, what have we done?

*David hugs Pauline tightly as she cries*

Madison: It's okay, Mum. I'm sure Imogen will come around.

*Imogen arrives at her new flat on Winifred Street*

Krista: Here we are.

Imogen: Thanks for your help, Krista. I really appreciate it.

*Krista's brother, Shaun, taps Imogen's shoulder*

Shaun: What about me?

Imogen: And you too, Shaun? *smiles*

Shaun: Hey, what's going on with you and your parents?

Imogen: I'd rather not discuss it now. I'll tell you later, though.

Shaun: Okay.

Krista: Let's help you get settled in.

*They head to Imogen's new flat, which is number 7*

Imogen: Get ready to feast your eyes on the coolest apartment in this building!

*Imogen opens the door*

Krista: It looks cool.

Imogen: It will be once I unpack.

*Cut to Imogen, Shaun and Krista getting the bedroom sorted. They then drive to the Salvos and the next scene shows them arranging the spare room, the laundry and the living/dining room*

Imogen: I hope Whitney and her father come with the fridge soon.

Krista: I'm sure they will.

*the door knocks*

Shaun: I wonder who that could be?

Imogen: This could be them.

*Imogen opens the door to find Whitney and her father standing outside with their old fridge that Imogen is getting*

Whitney: Hello, Immy. Dad and I have come to drop off your new fridge.

Imogen: Bring it inside.

Mr Tompkins: Help me guide it through.

Imogen: Sure.
*They place the fridge in the kitchenette*

Imogen: Perfect. *to Mr Tompkins* How much do I owe you?

Mr Tompkins: $75.

*Imogen pays him*

Imogen: Thanks for your help everyone. I really appreciate it.

Whitney: Anything for our friend.

Krista: Exactly.

*Imogen smiles*

Imogen: I'm really going to enjoy it here.


- Imogen befriends some of her neighbours at her new flat, while she has another chat with Alison and Tracey

- Pauline and David are shocked when Imogen fails to go to the psychiatrist


Quick question: "Do you think Imogen is being selfish towards her parents?"

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Episode 9

The next morning, Imogen is finishing her breakfast when she hears the door knock.

*Imogen opens the door to find a young woman standing there*

Imogen: Yes?

Christina: Hi, I'm Christina. I live over in Number 8.

Imogen: My next door neighbour. I just moved in here yesterday and haven't had the chance to meet the neighbours in this apartment complex.

Christina: I've lived here for three years and I know everyone that lives in this block.

Imogen: How old are you?

Christina: I turned 22 in February. How about you?

Imogen: I'll be 21 in September.

Christina: Cool! So, what's your name again?

Imogen: My name is Imogen.

Christina: Surname?

Imogen: Miller.

Christina: My surname is strange.

Imogen: What is your surname?

Christina: Novak.

Imogen: I don't think that's a strange surname.

Christina: I do. So, do you want to know about your new neighbours?

Imogen: Sure.

Christina: The old lady in Number 6 is Mrs O'Connor. She is the biggest gossip ever.

Imogen: Just like my older sister, Roxy. *pulls a disgusted face*

Christina: The Stevenson's live in Number 1. They're okay, but they've got a noisy baby.

Imogen: How many children?

Christina: Their baby girl is their first child.

Imogen: I see.

Christina: Number 2 is currently empty, Number 3 have an elderly couple named George and Patricia Milton, Number 4 is a young man named Mike. I'll tell you about him later.

Imogen: Is he cute?

Christina: If you say so.

Imogen: So, who lives in Number 5?

Christina: You don't want to know her. She is the biggest freak you'll ever meet. She's a conservationist!

Imogen: What's her name?

Christina: Her name is Olivia. She lives with two fellow conservationists! So freaking annoying!

Imogen: You get plenty of them around.

Christina: Are you doing anything later today?

Imogen: Not really. I have to go to the Cash Converters in Torrensville to get myself a TV for the living room.

Christina: The second hand place?

Imogen: Yes.

Christina: I sell a lot of goods there.

Imogen: That's awesome.

Christina: I'm gonna head back to my flat. See you around...neighbour.

Imogen: Yeah, I guess.

*Imogen closes the front door and pulls a face*

Imogen: I thought she'd never leave!

(Later that morning, Imogen heads to Torrensville and arrives at the Cash Converters shop)

*Imogen heads to where the TV's are and looks at them for a few minutes*

Imogen: How much for this TV? *points at a Panasonic TV*

Shop assistant: $80

Imogen: I'll take it. *smiles*

*Imogen grabs the TV and places it on the counter before paying the man at the counter*

Man: Have a nice day.

Imogen: I will. *smiles*

*Imogen carries her new TV towards Christina's car*

Imogen: Thanks for this. I really appreciate it.

Christina: You're welcome. I'd do anything for good neighbours like you.

*Imogen places the TV in the back seat of the car before hopping in the front*

Imogen: I'll help you out next. *smiles*

*Christina smiles back*

At around lunchtime, Pauline is looking through the day's mail in the kitchen.

Pauline: Junk, water bill, more junk, phone bill. Oh, something from Roxanne came in the mail.

*Pauline opens Roxy's letter to find Imogen's address book inside*

Pauline: This is Imogen's address book. She must've left it during her stay in Summer Bay.

*David enters through the back door*

David: Hi love.

Pauline: Oh, hi. You're home early.

David: I finished today's jobs so the boss decided to send me home.

*they kiss*

Pauline: Imogen's address book arrived today. She left it at Roxanne's place.

David: I just hope Imogen went to the psychiatrist. She really needs to talk with someone.

*the phone rings*

David: I'll get that. *answers the phone* Hello?

Dr Swan: Hi, Mr Miller. It's Dr Jessica Swan here. How are you?

David: I'm good. How are you?

Pauline: Who is it, love?

David: It's the psychiatrist. *to Dr Swan* How did Imogen's first session go?

Dr Swan: Your daughter failed to show up.


*Pauline looks shocked*

David: I am really sorry about this, Dr Swan. I feel like we have wasted your time. Yes, I'm sorry. Oh, don't worry. I will. Okay, bye now. *hangs up the phone*

Pauline: What's wrong?

David: Imogen failed to go and see Dr Swan. We told her she had an appointment and yet she STILL failed to show up! I am livid!
Pauline: I'm going over to Imogen's this afternoon to give her address book back. You and I are going to have a serious talk with her.

David: You said it!

*Pauline looks upset*

Pauline: I just wish she would listen to us!

*David hugs Pauline*

In her apartment, Imogen is on her computer getting ready to log into 'Chatterbox'.

Imogen: Please be on.

*Imogen sees that Tracey and Alison are both online*

ImmyM34: Hey girls.

AliBabes: Hey Imogen. How are you?

ImmyM34: I'm good. How are you?

AliBabes: I'm doing well.

TraceyLuv: Hey Imogen. Hey Ali.

ImmyM34: Hey Tracey.

AliBabes: Hey Tracey.

ImmyM34: How was your weekend?

AliBabes: My weekend was okay. I went to see my family on Saturday and I stayed at home with my fiancé yesterday.

TraceyLuv: Saturday I went to the beach with Jacob and yesterday I went to Sabrina's house with Janae. What did you get up to over the weekend, Imogen?

ImmyM34: On Saturday, I caught up with a friend for coffee and yesterday I moved into my new flat.

AliBabes: Where?

ImmyM34: Still in Adelaide, but where I'm living is within walking distance to the CBD.

TraceyLuv: Totally cool!

SabrinaNicole75 (Sabrina Wren): Hey girls. You don't mind me joining in this convo, do you?

TraceyLuv: Of course not, bestie.

AliBabes: Hey Sabrina.

SabrinaNicole75: Hey Alison.

ImmyM34: Who is this girl?

SabrinaNicole75: I was about to ask you the same thing.

TraceyLuv: Imogen, this is my best friend Sabrina Wren. Sabrina, this is Imogen Miller. Ali and I befriended her on 'Chatterbox' on Saturday.

SabrinaNicole75: Nice to meet you.

ImmyM34: Likewise. Where are you from?

SabrinaNicole75: I live in the Wollongong area like Tracey. You?

ImmyM34: I live in Adelaide.

SabrinaNicole75: Awesome!

*Suddenly, the door knocks.*

ImmyM34: I'll be back on later tonight.

*Imogen logs out of 'Chatterbox' and closes the page before opening the front door to find her parents standing there*

Imogen: *unpleasantly* Uh, hi.

Pauline: Hi, sweetie. We just came to give you back your address book that you left at Roxanne's.

*Imogen takes the address book*

Imogen: About time she gave it back! Well, thank you for coming.

*As Imogen goes to close the door, David blocks it with his foot*

David: Not so fast, Imogen.

Imogen: Excuse me?!

David: You had an appointment this morning to see the psychiatrist and you didn't go! Why?!

*Imogen rolls her eyes*

Imogen: Because I don't need to see a psychiatrist! Now, I would like you both to leave!

Pauline: Imogen, please...


*Imogen slams the front door in their faces*

Pauline: We've lost her, David. She hates us. *tears begin to well up*

David: We mustn't give up, love. We will get Imogen the help that she needs.

*Pauline and David walk away*

(Back inside, Imogen is sitting on her lounge sobbing.)

Imogen: *to herself* Why do you keep torturing me? Why?! Why?!

*Imogen continues to sob*


- Imogen gets to know more about Christina, while Krista, Whitney, Jen and Sonya worry about Imogen's well-being


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Episode 10

Christina is on her way to do her afternoon errands when she hears sobbing as walks past Imogen's flat.

*Christina knocks on the door*

Christina: Imogen?

Imogen: *sobbing* Go away! Leave me alone!

Christina: It's Christina.

Imogen: Christina? Can you come in?

*Christina enters Imogen's flat*

Christina: What's wrong?

Imogen: M-my parents have ru-ruined my l-life.

Christina: Come here.

*Christina and Imogen hug*

Christina: Come back to my flat and we can talk.

Imogen: *sniffing* Okay.

*Next door...*

Christina: Tell me about your parents.

Imogen: They have to be the most selfish parents ever.

Christina: What did they do to you?

Imogen: Oh, they just put me down all the time and always compared me to ROXANNE!

Christina: Who's Roxanne?

Imogen: My older sister who thinks she's better than everyone else! It makes me really mad because Roxy was always good at everything, while I tried to be as good as her but I couldn't.

Christina: I take it you resent Roxanne.

Imogen: Like hell I do! I went to visit her in Summer Bay a few weeks ago and I got my own back at her.

Christina: What did you do? *smirks*

Imogen: I hid her exam papers as well as her favourite silk blouse and put them back in their original places. I made her look stupid and clumsy! *laughs*

*Christina laughs too*

Imogen: That's not all. I also deliberately got the dates for tickets to some stupid musical they were having mixed up and I also deliberately burned her cakes.

Christina: *laughing* You naughty girl!

Imogen: Well, I showed them what I was capable of. Yet, they reckon I need to see psychiatrist! Like hell I do!

Christina: Who's Madison by the way?

Imogen: My 17 year-old sister. I love her to death.

Christina: So, you love one sister than the other?

Imogen: Madison is nothing like Roxy. She's not a snobby cow!

*Christina gets out a bag filled with some white powder*

Imogen: What's that?

Christina: Ever heard of cocaine?

Imogen: You do drugs?

Christina: Of course. I take cocaine all the time. It helps me relax.

*Imogen looks unfazed*

Imogen: I don't care if you snort it in front of me.

Christina: You should try some.

Imogen: Are you sure?

Christina: You've never taken drugs before?

Imogen: I took LSD once. That's about it.

Christina: What did your parents do?

Imogen: They didn't know. *smiles*

Christina: Are you sure you don't want some cocaine?

*Imogen looks thoughtful*

Imogen: I don't see why not.

*Christina smiles*

Christina: That's the way.

Later that afternoon, Imogen returns to her flat scratching her arms.

Imogen: Go away bugs!

*Imogen's mobile phone goes off*

Imogen: Hello?

Sonya: Imogen, how are you?

Imogen: Oh, hey Sonya. I'm good. How are you?

Sonya: I'm okay. Listen, did you want to come with us to our hangout spot this evening?

Imogen: Sure. What time are we meeting up?

Sonya: Is 6:30 okay?

Imogen: Sure. I'll just get ready.

Sonya: Are you okay? You sound really edgy.

Imogen: I've had a bad day. I'll tell you, Whitney, Krista and Jen all about it when I arrive at the café tonight.

Sonya: Okay.

Imogen: I'll see you then. Bye. *hangs up the phone*

(Meanwhile, Sonya is at Krista's house.)

Sonya: Odd.

Krista: What is?

Sonya: Imogen was quite short with me on the phone.

Krista: That's not like her.

Sonya: I know and it's starting to bother me.

*Jen and Whitney enter*

Whitney: Hey.

Jen: Is Imogen coming tonight?

Sonya: Yes, she is.

Jen: Good!

Krista: You sound angry, Jen.

Jen: With Imogen, yes I am! Why? I'll tell you why! I was on my way to get Whitney when I ran into Mr and Mrs Miller.

Sonya: How are they?

Jen: Mrs Miller was in tears because of what Imogen said to her this morning.

Krista: What did she say to them?

Jen: All because Imogen refused to go and see the psychiatrist! It's absolutely ludicrous!

Whitney: Plus, she threatened to call the cops on them if they didn't leave.

Sonya: I was afraid of this.

Jen: Sonya, I think all of us have come to the conclusion that Imogen has some sort of mental illness. I have no clue what has caused her to absolutely snap.

Krista: I do.

Whitney: What?

Krista: I think all that bullying in high school caused Imogen to have so many problems. Not only that, but she felt that her parents were always criticising her for being useless and clumsy as well as "favouring" Roxanne.

Jen: Roxanne is really sweet though.

Whitney: We shouldn't be really passing judgement on Immy. She's our best friend.

Sonya: I know. We have to help her.

Krista: I blame most of Imogen's problems on Tennille Chambers.

Sonya: S***!

Whitney: Oh, I remember her. She picked on Imogen badly in high school even when she lost weight. *looks annoyed*

Jen: She picked on me too.

Krista: And me.

Sonya: I heard no one likes her anymore.

Jen: They don't.

Sonya: In all seriousness though, we have to be there for Imogen. She needs help and we're going to give it to her.

Whitney: That's right. Friends are there for each other.

*Krista, Jen and Sonya nod their heads in agreement*

At around 5:30pm, Imogen is fixing her makeup when the door knocks.

Imogen: Who is it?

Christina: It's me, Imogen.

Imogen: Come in, Christina.

*Christina enters the flat*

Christina: I just wanted to see if you were okay from earlier.

Imogen: I'm fine now. In fact, I'm on my way to the CBD to meet up with my best friends.

Christina: Oh. *looks put out*

Imogen: What is it?

Christina: I had nothing to do and since you were going out, I thought...

Imogen: Did you want to come?

Christina: If you don't mind.

Imogen: I was going to ask you anyway, but I thought you weren't going to be home.

Christina: I finished my errands early.

Imogen: You ready to go?

Christina: Absolutely.

*Imogen and Christina leave the flat*

Christina: Which café are we going to?

Imogen: Café 129 on North Terrace.

Christina: Sounds good.

*Imogen and Christina start walking to the café*


- Imogen introduces Christina to Krista, Whitney, Jen and Sonya, while they express their concerns for Imogen.


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Episode 11

Imogen and Christina arrive at the café to find Krista, Whitney, Jen and Sonya already sitting at a table.

Imogen: Hi girls.

Krista: Hey Imogen. So glad you could come. *hugs Imogen*

Imogen: I wouldn't miss spending time with my four best friends. *smiles*

*As Imogen hugs Sonya and Whitney, Jen looks at Christina*

Jen: Who are you?

Imogen: Oh, I'm sorry. Girls, I'd like you to meet Christina Novak. She happens to live next door to my flat.

Christina: Hello.

Imogen: Christina, this is Krista Almond, Whitney Tompkins, Sonya Cooper and Jennifer Ling aka Jen.

Whitney: It's nice to meet you, Christina.

Christina: *in a bored tone* Likewise.

Sonya: Tell us about yourself.

Christina: I'm currently single and looking for a job.

Jen: Interesting.

Imogen: What would you like, Christina?

Christina: I would like a frappe.

Krista: A frappe? How original.

Christina: Is there a problem?!

Krista: No, of course not. *looks shocked*

Christina: Good!

*Whitney notices Imogen scratching her arms*

Whitney: You itchy, Immy?

Imogen: Stupid bugs.

Sonya: It was probably the mozzies.

Christina: Do they have a smoking area in here?

Whitney: It's outside.

Christina: Good. I need a smoke! *to Imogen* Let the waiter know that I'm outside, Imogen.

Imogen: Sure. *smiles*

*Christina walks outside*

Sonya: Well, she's full of herself!

Jen: You don't say!

Imogen: She's not normally like this. She's just shy. *laughs weakly*

Krista: Now that your friend is gone, we want to talk to you about a few things.

Imogen: Like what?

Jen: I saw your parents as I went to get Whitney.

Imogen: *coolly* So?

Jen: So, your mother was practically in tears when she spoke to me.

Sonya: Imogen, that is so cold! Even for your standards, that was cruel!

*Imogen's anger slowly rises*

Imogen: I thought you lot would understand!

Krista: We wouldn't be saying all this stuff if we didn't care about you, Imogen. The four of us are really worried about you.

Imogen: I'm fine. There's nothing for you to worry about.

*Christina returns*

Christina: About what?

Imogen: My friends are only just looking out for me.

Christina: Well, you're not a baby.

Whitney: Um, we never said Immy was a baby.

Christina: Immy? *to Imogen* Is that your nickname?

Imogen: Yes. *smiles*

Christina: I'm sorry, but that sounds childish!

*Sonya can't hold back her anger much longer*

Sonya: Listen here, you opinionated little snob!

Christina: Excuse me?!

Sonya: You heard me! Imogen has been friends with us since high school. In Krista's case, primary school. We know her far better than YOU do!

Christina: It looks like you've got a real attitude problem! Why don't I give your face a little makeover?

Jen: You touch her and you'll have to deal with me, Whitney and Krista!


Krista: Happy now, Christina?

*Christina storms after Imogen*

Whitney: Well, that went well.

*Krista, Sonya and Jen look sad*

Christina finds Imogen on the stairs of the apartment.

Christina: Imogen?

Imogen: Rearranged Sonya's face yet? *looks hurt*

Christina: I'm really sorry. I just didn't like the way those girls were babying you.

Imogen: I've practically known those girls all my life. They were the ones that always supported me when I was bullied in high school by the popular crowd and when I was going through so many problems.

Christina: I've really messed up, haven't I?

*Imogen sighs before managing to smile*

Imogen: Not as bad as my parents have.

*Christina smokes a cigarette*

Christina: That Sonya chick really got on my nerves as did Jen.

Imogen: They are nice girls once you get to know them.

Christina: I shouldn't have spoken to Whitney like that, though. I was out of line.

Imogen: I'm glad you admitted it.

*Christina laughs*

Christina: We all good?

Imogen: Of course.
*Christina and Imogen put their arms around each other*


- Imogen chucks in her job at Harris Scarfe, while she spends time with Madison. Meanwhile, Christina calls a truce with Krista, Whitney, Jen and Sonya.


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