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Lynne McGranger: ‘My secret wedding!’

May 14, 2014, 3:49 pm New Idea

EXCLUSIVE The Home and Away favourite introduces her shy but beloved ‘toyboy’

One day Lynne McGranger might just marry her partner of almost 30 years – maybe – if he ever gets around to proposing!
"I’m still waiting," chuckles Home and Away’s longest-serving female cast member.

"We always joke and say we’ll do it when we want some whitegoods, and I’m here to tell you now, we need a new washing machine!"

Lynne and her 'toyboy' Paul open up in their first ever media chat together. Source: New Idea

Pretending to flinch in horror, Lynne’s adored ‘toyboy’ Paul McWaters – she’s 61, he’s 56 – joins her for their first-ever media chat together about their relationship, which started over a dinner.

"I invited him round to my place in 1984 and he never went home. Still hasn’t,’ laughs the Summer Bay favourite, who has played warm-hearted battler Irene Roberts for more than 21 years.

Pick up this week's issue of New Idea to read Lynne and Paul's story.

Source: New Idea

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This is interesting. Although I hate that you then have to go out and buy the magazine for the full story.
I'm glad that Lynne is just doing whatever she wants and not worrying about what is "socially acceptable".

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