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Terror Amongst the Corn

Guest pembie

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Story Title: Terror Amongst the Corn

Type of story: S/M Fic. Part of a collection of short stories for Halloween
Main Characters: Sid, Dex, Romeo, Geoff, Annie and their Pop
BTTB Rating: A
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Does story include spoilers: Yes near the end
Any warnings: V/D
Summary: Something deadly and dangerous lurks in the depths of the Walkers corn field.

Terror amongst the corn

Hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

Broken Hill, the flying doctors, it was all bit hard to believe that he Sid Walker had been asked to be a part of such a highly recommended medical program. Yes he couldn’t deny that he thought himself of being a very good doctor, and even if he had any doubts about that fact. Sid would only have too ask around town and sure enough the people of Summer Bay would only be all too happy as to agree. Not that Sid would ever be that up himself or brave enough even to ask about their opinion of his doctoring skills. No way that would have been nothing but big headed of him.

The real reasons why the Flying Doctors had asked for Sid to come join them were yet to be known. But the fact that every doctor of every single city and small town had been asked to come work with them could only be said as being very odd.

Summer Bay yes he would miss it. The sun, the sand, the women, Sid would of denied it if you had asked him about it, but he did occasionally enjoy letting his eye have a wander to graze upon the beach bodies of some of the bay’s beauties. But putting all that to one side Sid would miss his family the most; sure they had told him to go follow his dreams, hell they had even insisted him too in the end, giving Sid no option but to admit defeat and start to make the arrangements of moving to Broken Hill.

But the thoughts of whether his two daughters Sasha and Indi were going to be ok kept sneaking their way into his mind. Until one day they had just stopped, he was sure that Indi would be just fine. After all she had her new boyfriend Chris now since Romeo had just upped and vanished one day without a word of where he was off too. Sid found that very odd at the time, because Romeo was at the time living up to his namesake and was treating Indi like some kind of princess. But since Chris had made it onto the scene Indi now seemed happier than she had been in a long time. As for Sasha she seemed strong enough to deal with his departure, yes Sasha was going to be fine.

Now as for Dexter Sid’s somewhat quirky son that could go either way. And as Sid now sits peering at him over the top of his newspaper, watching Dexter as he lowers his face down sideways over the top of his bowl of Rice Krispies Sid could only hazard at a guess, that he must be listening out for the sounds of Snap Crackle and Pop, while also turning the pages of one of his favourite comics Batman.

Was Sid really this mad to leave to go off on his adventures, To discover yet more wonderful doctoring mysteries while leaving the job of being the man of the Walkers household to Dexter? So it would seem.

“Well Dexter it would seem you will be the man of the house soon.”

“Oh err yes Dad” Dexter says as he looks up at his father grinning feeling very happy that he had just heard a loud snapping sound in his ear from his Rice Krispes.

“Dad would you believe it that they really are just like the advert on TV says, they really go snap crackle and pop” Dex stops talking as a frown of confusion starts to creep it’s way over the already winkled forehead of his father.

“That’s nice Dex but I have more things concerning me than whether your breakfast cereal lives up to your approval.” Sid has now folded his newspaper and as placed his arms upon the table while, feeling rather tense of the serious chat that he was about to have with his wacko son.

“Why so serious? Lets put a smile on that face of yours. Batman wins Dad if that is what you’re so worried about. Oh and did you just like that quote from The Dark Knight?” Dex asks tapping at his comic book.

Sid doesn’t react instead he chooses to plough right into what was on his mind.

“Dexter you will soon become the man of this house when I’m gone, and with it will come responsibilities” Sid watches for any hint of worry in Dex’s face as he took in his words.

“How do you feel about that Dex, does it worry you?”

“Hmm with great power comes great responsibilities I get it, but may I ask what kind of responsibilities are we talking about here? Are we talking about me having to wash my own underpants? Or cleaning my room? Listening to Indi whine or watching Sasha paint her nails?”

Dex watches as Sid shifts himself in his seat looking lost for words for a few seconds.

“No I’m talking about the important responsibilities like looking after the farm, tending to the animals making sure the vegetables grow that kind of thing.”

“Oh is that all that’s easy.” Dex says seeming to relax back into his chair and seeming to wave the chores of farm life off with his hand. Sid can only laugh at this motion.

“Well I’m glad to see you think it will be so easy.”

“Yeah like how hard can owning a farm be Dad really? I mean give me a real challenge please.” Dex says shaking his head.

“In that case I will come on put that comic down.”

Dex looks up looking shocked.

“What why?”

“Because we are going outside.” Sid says with great pride in his voice.

Dex starts to pale, never in a million years had he expected to venture outside on to the actual farm. He had only planned upon telling his dad that he would find the work of living on a farm a piece of cake. He had then somehow seen his dad in his mind just accepting this and that would be the end of this chat. Allowing Dex to go into the fictional world of his next comic book, The Walking Dead what could be better than spending your time with a few crazed brain dead zombies? Plus it would ready him in case such a thing as a zombie invasion was to ever happen in the bay.

“Why are we going outside?”

“I am going to teach you how to drive a tractor Dexter.” Sid says proudly.

“Come again say that again, I think I thought you said you were going to teach me how to drive a tractor?”

Dex watches as Sid nods his head.

“I’m taking you on a ride through the corn fields Dex. It’s a very important job picking the corn so lets go. Sid turns to open the door when he turns back he is shocked to see Dex wearing a farmers straw hat.

“What the………

“Dad if you really want me to become a full time farmer I will need a hat. It’s lucky I had one stored away in my hat collection.” Dex grins.

“How many hats do you have? In fact don’t tell me I don’t think I want to know.” Sid turns back to the door and is just about to step outside but is stopped by Dex’s next question.

“Do we have a shotgun or something?”

Sid turns back to face Dex who is now also chewing on some dried straw.

“We have a flare gun from when Romeo helped Alf with search and rescue why?”

“For trespassers Dad and I will have to practice my farmers’ accent. So I can shout get off my land.”

Sid sighs.

“Why would we have trespassers Dex?”

“They could come and try to steal our corn or carrots, they might even come to shoot rabbits in rabbit season.”

Sid bangs his head lightly against the door.

“Go grab the flare gun it’s in a box under my bed.”

Dex stops in his tracks.

“I keep it in case of burglars ok Dex?”

“Oh yes nice shoot a flare into their face” Dex says while wincing slightly.

Sid watches as Dex runs off, Outside the brightly painted red tractor gleams in the sun. The day was said to be warm and pleasant there had even been a warning of making sure you wear plenty of sun lotion.

Sid smiles upon Dex’s return.

“Ready now are we?”

“Yep let’s go pick some corn and quite possibly crashing a tractor.”

The grass whips lightly around Dex’s ankles as Sid stands with a arm resting upon the tractor.

“This Dex is………

“No don’t tell it’s the big mean farming machine.” Dex says with wide eyes.

“It’s a tractor Dexter.”

“Well yes I know that I was trying to make it not sound so boring Dad.”

Sid nods and eyes the seat for Dex to sit in.

“That’s a bit high for me, I’m not sure I can get into that seat.”

“Fine I will come and lift you into it.”

Dex backs away slightly.

“Errr no you won’t I’m not five I will do it.”

Dex walks over to the side of the tractor and stretches his arms up to take a grip of the black leather seat. Sid then watches as his son’s legs dangle about in the air for about fifteen minutes, while the heavy grunts and some moaning sounds can be heard coming from Dex. At least that is where Sid thinks the sounds are coming from. The thought that the grunts and moans are in fact coming from beyond the corn haven’t registered with Sid just yet

“Sitting comfortable now?” Sid asks as he jumps into the tractors passenger seat.

Dex makes some quick adjustments to his farmers’ hat. The piece of straw he was chewing on as now vanished this upsets Dex greatly, and he grunts at Sid as he shows him the tractor controls. Dex’s grunts seem to get louder as they near the entrance to the corn field.

“Dexter stop your moaning, and go easy on the clutch I don’t want to go flying over the front of the tractor thank you very much.”

Dex glances to his Dad looking hurt.

“I’m not moaning I thought you were.”

“I’m not moaning, now slow down just a little as we enter the corn we don’t want to be smacked hard in the face by any of the potential corn on the cobs now do we?” Sid says as he watches Dex ease back with the tractor’s gears.

Once amongst the corn Sid flicks a switch on the tractor which reveals a built in control panel which has Dex in awe.

Now this button here will spray out your pesticides. Your bucket which slides out of the back of the tractor is for you to put any collected corn. And your automatic arm will grab the corn for you and then it will place the corn in the bucket for you.”

Sid laughs at Dex seeing his face.

“What so I lied every weekend I said I was busy working on the car, I was pimping my tractor ok? What can I say Dex I guess in some ways you have rubbed off on me, Now this button is for your rake and next one is for your axe.”

“WOW Dad I am impressed, no wonder you never asked Indi or Sasha to do this job for you…………”

“BREAK DEX HIT THE BREAK” The sweat starts to leak down Sid’s face as the wheels of the tractor send up masses of cloudy dust from the gravel path as Dex pushes his foot down hard on the brake petal.

Just ahead of them stood with her back to them, and seeming to be staring at masses of corn is a woman dressed in a dirty looking skirt and white little jacket. Her long hair is ghost white with patches of grey.

“Excuse me err Miss, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but what are you doing standing in our corn felid? I hope you aren’t planning on stealing some of our corn. What do you want?” Sid asks with force in his voice.

“Brains, Brains, BRAINS” the woman mutters back at them.

“I see well I can tell you want to be play this the hard way so I………..”

The woman staggers around slowly to face Sid and Dex. Half of her face seems to be peeling off and her eyes seem to be rolling around like crazy in her skull. Her mouth is hanging slightly ajar and a low moaning sound is heard as she kind of lunges forward towards the tractor.

“MY GOD YOU DON’T LOOK THAT WELL MISS” Sid yells as he makes for a leap from off the tractor. He is quickly stopped by Dex gripping tightly onto his arm.

“Er Dad I think I have seen enough corn now, and I think we should go back to the house now.”

“But Dex this woman is ill, we can’t just leave. I’m a doctor it is my duty to help her.”

“I think she is beyond our help, I think she’s very well might just be dead in fact.”

Sid looks to Dex with confusion as the woman now as crept her way round to the side of the tractor.

“Now I have a theory Dad and please just try and go with me on this one ok?”

Sid nods as her takes hold of the woman’s dead icy hand.

“I think our new friend here might be a zombie, and she might just want to eat our brains.” Dex reaches for the rake at one of the tractors open side pockets and bats the zombie’s hand away from his father.

“Zombies what you mean like in that show you watch The Walking Dead?” Sid asks as Dex launches the tractor forwards. In one hand he holds the steering wheel and in the other the rake leaving the zombie to stagger slowly behind them.

“Yes Dad It would seem we have a real zombie in our corn felid.”

“Noooo don’t be silly Dexter, now I demand you turn this tractor around right now. I need to go see that woman. Granted it’s abit strange she is in our corn field, maybe she came here for my help and got lost, I mean I am a doctor and this is a small town maybe she heard of me maybe………….”

Dex gulps and tenses up as a rustle through the corn is heard. The weather has changed quite dramatically now. Dark clouds have started to take shape sending big drops of cold icy rain down to bounce amongst the corn. The noise of the rain has welcomed with it yet more moans, and Dexter watches in horror as the corn is pushed aside as more of the zombies merge from it’s depths.


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Thanks for the comments.

Glad you like this story. :)

Chapter 2

Geoff Campbell watches on as the horde of zombies surround him. Some bump and push their way pass him towards the two people sat high on their tractor. Geoff can’t help but feel slight envy towards his fellow zombies, before long they would be at that tractor pulling the flesh from the bones of those two tasty looking humans. They would be getting their fix, their insane hunger dealt with, while he Geoff Campbell would lose out, and why would this be? simple because he was being held back by his annoying little sister Annie. Even in death and being a dead walking corpse Annie Campbell was still the goody two shoes she had always been while she had been alive.

Geoff lets out a loud and menacing moan as he glances back at Annie, who was busy grunting back at him while waving her arm out aimlessly in front of her. Geoff slowly glances back ahead of him, his dead bored eyes try to seek out what exactly his overly protected sister was moaning so much about. She was probably moaning about how wrong it would be to eat the humans. But no in fact she was telling him about Pop who was just abit ahead of them holding his shotgun looking at them.

Geoff wasn’t sure if this old man was moaning and grunting at them, but given that the rest of the zombies around him and Annie were he took it as so. Pop was grunting and moaning to them to wander through the great horde of Zombies to join him. Zombies soon moved making a path through the corn. Geoff pulls Annie along behind him making sure to grunt out his thanks to the other zombies for allowing them to pass. If Geoff hadn’t been so brain dead he might have thought it was odd the way the other zombies were eyeing the shotgun that Pop was holding, seeming to sense somehow that getting shot with that thing may spell the end to their total existence.

“GEEEEEEEEEEEE” Pop manages to say.

Geoff nods as seeming to understand that Pop had just spoken his name.

Sid gazes round at all the very sick people or as Dex had called them zombies.

“Well I never knew that we had so many people living in our backyard Dexter, I mean the cheek of it.”

“That’s the point I’m trying to make here Dad, they aren’t living and we are slowly being surrounded. So if you would kindly accept that if we don’t get away and pretty soon we are most likely going to die.”

Sid looks up to the sky and says quite calmly.

“It was supposed to be sunny today, but would you heaven believe it? It’s totally chucking it down, maybe your right Dexter we might very well catch our deaths if we stay out here much longer.”

Dexter looks to Sid looking totally gobsmacked

“Errr Dad don’t go losing your mind and go freaking out on me now. You may think that going totally Looney tune and blabbering on about the whether is a good way of coping with the fact that our farm is overrun with zombies, one of which is trying to bite into your leg right now but…………………….HELL HIS TRYING TO BITE YOU HOLD ON DADDY DEAREST.”

Dex presses his foot to the metal causing the tractor to rev a few times before skidding off into the oncoming traffic of zombies. Dead legs, arms and even some heads fly through the air as Dex drives through them.


Dex looks back at his now crying father.

You don’t, don’t you come here to get corn normally?”

“Yes but I have never been confronted with so many sick people before, at least not the ones who try their best to eat you.”

“Zombies Dad their zombies’ scary creatures that feed on the flesh of the living they…..”


“Errr no I’m not but this might, that zombie over there is pointing his gun at us.”

Pop Campbell stands swaying about like his drunk, but really the reason for it really was more than likely to be that once your dead there is no need of such a thing as balance. Sid’s eyes widen as he grips tightly onto the sides of the seat he is sitting in.

“Errrr Dex you don’t really think his getting ready to really shoot us do you?”

Dex is fanatically at this moment trying his best to ease back on the gear stick of the tractor, which seems to have chosen this as a prefect time to turn very stiff and unmoveable.


“Step down gently on the petal and go gentle with the gears, but please Dexter would you mind if you did all that quite quickly before we get shot.”

Dexter looks up to spot Pop Campbell still staggering and swaying about with his dangerous looking shotgun. Quite a few of the other zombies had slowly started to wander over to him to gaze upon his weapon. While the others seemed to be quite interested in the stuttering sounds of the Walkers tractor engine.

“Dexter oh thank you, you could have stayed indoors and read your comics. But noooooooooo you wanted to explore the farm didn’t you?” Sid says watching as the net of zombies close in on them.

“Err no Dad I think you’re maybe remembering that wrong. You’re the one who wanted to venture outside and show me the wonders of the corn field. And I must say even though its turned out to be a very frightening experience, at least it hasn’t been boring like I was half expecting it to be.

Geoff and Annie Campbell were both watching as their Pop aimed his gun at shoulder length. They didn’t know this but it had been quite awhile since they had watched him defend this very land, because in the time of the Campbell’s when they were still amongst the living, they had owned this farm and their Pop had shot at many trespassers over the years.

The sound of the shot blasts from the not so steady held shotgun, and Dexter and Sid watch as the bullet blows through some of the nearby zombies, who had been stood close to Pop Campbell when he had made the shot.

“Phew thank goodness zombies aren’t that good at accuracy.” Dex says sighing. Looking over at his Dad nearly makes him come close to screaming, because it very much looks to Dex that he is now sitting next to one of the undead. It’s only that Sid is shaking that makes Dex realise it’s still him. Sid’s face has gone as white as a sheet.

“Dex lets just leave the tractor here and try and find our way out of this maze of corn shall we?”

“Right you are Dad” Dex says. He makes a move to leap down from the tractor, The fact that the height between the seat and ground has now somehow been pushed to the back of Dex’s mind.

“No wait I will come round there help you down I just need to………OH HIS GOING TO SHOOT THAT GUN AGAIN DUCK DEX DUCK NOW.” Sid screams

The second bullet from Pop Campbell’s shotgun whistles its way through the rainy and cloudy air. The impact of the bullet connects with the one of the Walkers sending them falling to the ground in a heap. The zombies move forward some close enough to start ripping and eating at the fallen body.


The zombies meanwhile seem to be not quite enjoying their meal as much as they thought they might have to begin with. Some are even spitting the pieces of flesh out. This isn’t how a human is suppose too taste. Where are all the juicy bits the blood? No this human seems to only taste of dry straw and hay.

“They killed him Dad, they killed Justin the scarecrow. They are ripping him apart.”

“Dexter get a grip” Sid says as he helps Dexter down from the tractor.

“Justin was our family scarecrow Dad aren’t you sad? He was part of the family he was…..”


Dexter grabs the flare gun from the corn bucket at the back of the tractor. And is just about to tuck it away down his trousers (probably wasn’t the safest place to put it) when he is knocked flying by one of the zombies. When the shock of realising he is now lying face down in the middle of some very tall looking corn, Dexter looks round feeling panicked that he can no longer see Sid anywhere. The only thing he can see is corn and rows and rows of zombies coming towards him. Dex reaches for the flare gun which he thinks is stuffed down the front of his trousers, but no that has also gone. The only thing left for Dex to do now is run. And his never been that good at running.

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Thanks Sarah,Red and JoiseTash for your great comments :)

Here's a short chapter I have managed to write for you hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 3

The wind has picked up, the rain has gotten heavier as has Dex’s breathing. His not sure how far or how fast he has managed to run, but one thing he can be sure of is that the zombies haven’t stopped their moaning. It doesn’t seem to matter that Dex feels like he has been running the longest or even his first ever marathon in his life the zombies just keep on following. Dex dares to take a glance backwards seeing more corn being parted as he does so, followed soon after by more of the rotting corpses of the dreaded walking dead. Soon he would need to take a rest to catch his breath or maybe grab a bite to eat to ease the rumbles of his stomach. In this case the thing for Dex to eat would have to be freshly picked corn, but where would be the best place to stop and eat it? He couldn’t really call out to the zombies for a quick time out period or anything like that. Could he even stop or was that a luxury that he just didn’t have?

The creatures watch on as they slowly but surely gain some ground upon their human prey, he seems to be tiring now. Annie Campbell seems to be most concerned even now within her zombie state that her brother Geoff who was once known in his life as bible boy now seemed to be pulling her along with great hunger in his eyes. Geoff looks to Annie with slight anger at her holding him back.

“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Annie moans causing Geoff to drop her dead hand to her side.

“Annieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Geoff moans pointing toward Dex who has now seemed to have tripped over. Zombies have now started to gather round him.

Annie slowly pulls her crucifix from her greying skin she is wearing round her neck and shows it to Geoff. For a slight moment Geoff seems to be pondering his past religious beliefs, that he so believed that helped him to know the right things from the wrong ones. Annie seeming to be the only zombie who was still capable of thinking hopes that Geoff can somehow still see that chasing down a human to eat is wrong. Dex is now screaming this was it the end, the zombies were going to eat him and that would be it his final chapter unless he too was turned into a zombie of course.

Geoff knocks Annie’s crucifix to the ground causing it to become quickly lost amongst the corn.

“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rememmmmmmber God” Annie moans almost sounding like she is pleading with him, only to be met with a jeering sort of laughter from Geoff almost in a way of saying, you still thought I believed in that stuff we are zombies Annie. And with that Geoff leaves Annie alone amongst the corn and goes to gather with the other zombies around Dex.

Now can you can’t really deny it that sometimes when you are watching a movie about a zombie apocalypse that you might just think to yourself that would be sooooooooo awesome if that was to really happen?

Dex had often thought that too, All the different weapons that he could use to kill a zombie he even imagined himself being the only one to survive and maybe having to re populate the earth with loads of little babies with his sexy girlfriend April. Who he had managed to somehow rescue and then together with his brainy little children he would find the cure to rid the world from these dead hungry maniacs.

But no that did not seem to be within Dex’s destiny, as he now lies watching as the zombies of his Dad’s farm was about to kill him.

“Hey you your breath smells do you know that?” Dex manages to utter, he has been witty all this life he might as well be witty in his death too. For a brief moment the zombies exchange a glance with one another before edging down towards Dexter.

Annie watches on looking saddened and disappointed in Geoff and her Pop. How could they do this, how could they…………… suddenly there is a boom and an orange glow erupts into the sky making Annie jump. If she had been alive she was sure she would of wet herself or maybe worst.

The zombies back off Dex abit to gaze up at the shot which as come from the Walkers flare gun.

The orange glow rises high above the corn and is clearly seen from the farmhouse. Indi Walker is staring out of the window with great confusion, while Chris her new boyfriend is busy expecting his good looks in the windows reflecting glass.

While Sasha sits on the sofa behind them having jumped in fright from the sound of the flare gun resulting in her makeover she was giving herself ending in a messy disaster.

“Oh great just take a look at my highlights, I have purple running all down my face now. What will Spencer think of me looking like this, grrrrr Indi help.

“What do you think could be happening out there?” Indi asks out loud not really being surprised when she doesn’t get a answer back from Chris or Sasha.

“Was that a flare gun which just went off Romeo’s flare gun? Why would Romeo be using his flare gun out on the farm? Chris go and check it out will you?”

Chris stops flexing his muscles in the glass of the window and whirls around

“What……………..what why me I……………”

“Oh fine I will go look for you Indi. It would seem Chris is what we call being a pussy, and seeing as I have made a mess of my purple streaks now I will go out just to show what a scaredy cat your new boyfriend is, give me five minutes” Sasha says getting up from the sofa and opening the door to the zombie invested world outside.

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Thanks Red Sarah and JoiseTash for the great comments, and thanks to whoever else reads this story. :)

There is a mention of a spoiler in this chapter for UK viewers

Enjoy the chapter

Chapter 4

The blazing heat from the sun casts rays of warmth over Sasha’s body as she steps out of the safety net of the farmhouse. Just ahead of her the wisps of corn flutter through the summer’s air. Sasha can’t be sure of it, but it would seem as though there was a much more forceful wind blowing amongst the corn. And was that a rumble of thunder or just her stomach? it could have been her stomach, she was feeling pretty hungry having not snacked on much and only having a light lunch, Making sure she had plenty of room for her meal with Spencer on their date later. Sasha walks a few more yards towards the corn field. There was certainly something really odd happening here, not only was there more claps of rumbling thunder, but to Sasha it seemed the sky was darkening too. And was that rain she could feel on her face? Pushing back at the curtain of corn Sasha peers into its depths. The rain is falling heavy here, the ground is muddy. How could the weather be so different here amongst the corn than over by the farmhouse? Sasha enters following her gut that there was someone in trouble out here, possibly Dex and her Dad. Sasha was soon realising why it was that her and Indi had managed to spot the orange glow of the signal fare. It was because the sky was so dark over here than anywhere else it was like stepping into some kind of doomed blackness, where night became one with the corn.

“Dex are you out here?” Sasha whispers she spots her Dad’s tractor just upon ahead. The engine still purring away, well that was odd did that mean that her dad had for some reason just abandoned it? And if he had why? Sasha ventures onward further into the zombie invested corn.

Sid stands flare gun held high in the sky. He had never thought he would ever need to use a flare gun, and certainly not out here on his own God dam farm. Flare guns were used in sailing not to defend off zombies with. Granted Sid had managed to get some very good head shots in and he couldn’t deny that he wasn’t thankful for all the seemly wasted hours that he had sat with Dex, as they had sat there playing a zombie shoot em up game. Dex moaning at him telling him he had to make sure to shoot them in the head It’s the only way to kill them Dad and make it count. Sid had remembered Dex saying.

Sid didn’t like the thought of having so many sick looking people wandering around his farm and having to shoot them for his own survival. He also hadn’t realised that this corn field was so big. Goodness knows where Dex was now, hopefully he was still alive Sid falls to the ground in a tired state.

Sasha can now hear moaning and the light sound of corn being brushed aside.

“Dex, Dad, Dex if you’re having a game with me I will kill you I swear because this isn’t funny now it’s……..”

Sasha can now see someone walking slowly over to her.

“Dex oh thank God I was getting scared there for a moment I……………”

“MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm” the zombie moans as it staggers forwards towards her.

The chance of Sid having the slightest chance of chilling out is cut short by the sound of his phone ringing. Behind him a horde of zombies have gathered.

“Hello Dexter is that you where are you?”

“No its Doctor Williams here from the Flying Doctors am I speaking to Dr Sidley Walker?”

“Sidley who’s?......... Oh yes it’s me I’m Doctor Sid Walker.”

“Ah that’s good well Sidley how are you today?”

Sid looks slowly behind him to gaze upon the horde of zombies behind him.

“I’m good well not good exactly, well I’m better than some people who just so happen to be on my farm today.”

“Oh I see you had some of your farm hands come in hung over, Abit worse for wear? Abit under the weather, not quite acting like their jolly selves, Oh we have all been there Sidley” Dr Williams chuckles.

“Well yes err do you mind if we just get to the point I fear……”

“Your just die of excitement waiting to hear what we would like you to do and when?”

“Errrr yes or maybe just die” Sid is now pointing the flare gun towards a eager looking zombie.

“Well Sidley we at the Flying Doctors have been asked to……….”


“What on earth?” Dr Williams asks down the phone sounding very alarmed.

“I’m shooting err crows and errr moles rats that’s all. So what have the Flying Doctors been asked to do?” Sid asks as he takes aim at another zombie.

“We are to find a cure for and I’m not too sure how to say this, but we are to find a cure for a zombie breakout. Now I know that may sound abit mad and you probably don’t believe it Sidley. But yes that is why you were asked to come join us, as were so many other doctors. According to Australia government agencies there is a very dangerous cult lead by a man called Dr Murrystein. Who is inviting people to join his cult for a self improvement course. It is said that Dr Murrystein then holds these special events called discovery weekends. Now the our government agencies have placed a inside man ex special forces soldier Roman Harris inside this cult, and he claims that people are turned into zombies on these discovery weekends. Now Sidley it is down to us at the Flying Doctors to find a cure for the infected.”

“Oh well yeah it’s got to be dealt with.” Sid says sounding quite calm as he reloads a couple of flares into his gun.

“Well I must say you’re taking this all very well Sidley. Do you believe in zombies then?”


“Oh yes Dr Williams why I’m shooting a few right now as we speak.”

“ROMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that………..” Sasha can only watch as Romeo now turned zombie staggers forwards, just behind him Sasha can see Dex.

“Sash rugby tackle him we can’t let him get to the house to see Indi.”

“Why not Indi’s dying to see him.” Sasha asks

“Because Romeo might bite her and……….”

“Oh kinky” Sasha says winking at Romeo as he staggers forwards.

“No this won’t be some kind of sweet love bite he gives her, he will eat her alive” Dex tries to explain.

“Even kinkier Dex, Romeo and Indi do have a lot of catching up to do I think it will be a very sweet reunion.” Dex watches as Romeo staggers passed Sasha and onward to the Walkers farmhouse.

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Thanks for the comments :rolleyes:

Chapter 5

“Quick Sash we have got to get after him” Dex yells as Romeo is disappears from their view, as the corn swirls with the darkness seeming to become one with it.swallowing Romeo into it’s depths.

“Well that was weird Romeo looked dead on his feet.” Sasha says noticing Dexter’s utter look of astonishment she frowns.


“Romeo is dead Sash”

“No way”

“Yes way his a zombie, just like so many more which are out here preying for our flesh.”

“Zombie yeah ok Dex yeaaaaaaaaah sure.”

Dex sighs fumbling about in the pocket of his bright blue shorts. He finds his phone. Maybe he should of picked out a more less wacky looking outfit to wear today, you really didn’t want to be wearing bright colours when being chased by zombies. Dex had become all too well aware of that fact.

“Oh no”

“What’s wrong?” Sasha asks as she watches her brother wave his mobile around in the air.

“We have frailer to launch captain” Dex says sounding worried, the quick snap flashes of lightening allows Sasha to see just how worried he really looked.

“Quick Sasha your phone, mines got no signal we have to warn Indi that her beloved is on his way to kill her. Quick GIVE ME YOUR PHONE.”

The farmhouse oh so many good memories there, sitting on the sofa wrapped in each other’s arms feeling Indi flinch slightly at his warm touch. Waking up together in the mornings, the early morning sex where sometimes when caught up in their most intense moments of passion, he would mistakenly shout out Ruby’s name instead of Indi’s. Indi would then climb off from on top of him and sulk for a awhile. Which often gave him time to go for a surf, sometimes ending up with him bumping into Ruby. He would then watch her surf and day dream about her. If she wanted it he would help her with surfing tips and then he would get back home just in time for one of Sid’s lectures about treating his daughter right. AKA not mentioning another girl’s name during in sex and upsetting her. Oh the good times. Romeo doesn’t remember a single one of these memories now. The only thing that he knows is the farmhouse is calling out to him. the last thing Romeo had known about was talking to this guy called Dr Murrystein. Who told him that yes he could cure Romeo’s cancer. At first Romeo had been sure that Dr Murrystein had been having him on maybe even lying to him, as it had turned out Murrystein hadn’t been lying he had cured Romeo’s cancer just not in the way Romeo had ever imagined, because now he was a zombie, and now he could hear Indi’s voice from inside the farmhouse.

“Dex what Romeo’s coming to see me? no his coming to eat me really Dex I do worry about you sometimes.” Indi laughs there is now a thumping at the door and Chris is getting up to go and answer it.

“Hey Indi will I get that?”

Indi shakes her head smiling.

“Bye Dex someone’s at the door.”

Romeo hears the locks turning and he presses his dead face up against the door.

The door opens and Romeo struggles to keep his balance looking at Indi’s happy smiling face. now he too gives her a grin Indi is taken back by how freaky it looks.

“Hey Romeo I….. where have you been? My God I can’t believe you’re here. I………. oh by the way this is Chris his my……….look Romeo we have a lot to talk about.”

Chris comes to greet Romeo with his hand outstretched.

“Hey man Indi’s told me a lot about you.”

“Romeo stumbles forwards eyeing Chris with great hunger in eyes.

Dex and Sasha are now at their wits end there just doesn’t seem to be a way out of this corn field.


Sasha whirls around as Geoff Campbell comes at her through the corn. Behind him his Pop awaits his turn. Dex manages to give Geoff a clothes line punch. A move he had often used in games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Geoff flips to the ground in a heap. Seeing his opening Pop comes running at Sasha being unaware of the self defence classes she had been taking with her friend Rosie, Sasha manages to block him. The force of the block knocks Pop Campbell off his feet, allowing Dex to quickly grab Pop’s shotgun.

“Stay back just stay back, I’m armed and feeling very scared so don’t mess with me. or my sister come on Sash let’s go and hide.”

Looking out at the dull scenery of Summer Bay feels odd and somewhat frightening as the bus rolls into town. The bus driver turns his head nervously.

“Hey mate are you sure that you want to get off here? I could take to Yabbie Creek or even Mangrove River.”

“No here’s just fine” Roman Harris says bravely.

“Only there’s been reports of some very strange stuff going on in this town.”

“Summer Bay was once where I called home, and it’s my job to save it by any means necessary so no thanks buddy I’m getting off at this stop.”

The bus driver watches as Roman reaches up to take a big bag down from the compartment shelf above his seat.

“What’s in the bag?”

Roman looks to him.


“What like guns and stuff?”

“Yes like guns and stuff” Roman echoes as he makes his way to the to the front of the bus.

“God help you sir” the driver says as Roman steps off the bus. The sounds of the sliding bus doors can be heard the screech of the tyres and a cloud of dust blankets Roman as the bus speeds away to safely.

Roman walks slowly with his bag over his shoulder.

“Let’s get a coffee before getting started” Roman mutters to himself.

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Thanks to Red,Sarah and JoiseTash for the great feedback. I will get to work on my other horror fics soon. So hoefully you will read them too if you want.

Here's the next one enjoy

Chapter 6

Sid Walker lies amongst the corn breathing heavily. The dead rotting bodies of the some of the monsters who had so unconfidently chosen today to invade his farm lie in a tangled heap next to him. Upon his chest lays the flare gun, smoke from its latest discharge flare still making the gun’s chamber feel hot, against Sid’s now ripped shirt. The heat from the gun gives warmth which feels kind of comforting against his now exposed skin.

By the end of their phone call Dr William’s had had no doubt in his mind what so ever that Dr Sidley Walker believed in the existence of zombies. Dr Williams also had no doubt that Dr Sidley was in fact fighting back against the invasion while also being engaged in their little chat. For Sid though it was very much the opposite feeling. Had he really just been on the phone speaking to Dr William’s of the Flying Doctors? And was he Sid not Sidley Walker about to be embark on a journey to Broken Hill to help combat this so called infection?

Sid lifts his arm so it is level with his face, and kind of gazes at the screen only to see that yes his latest call history records did show that he had just been talking to a private number. Which could only mean that it had been a call from the Flying Doctors, this was quickly back up as Sid’s phone beeped with a confirmation text message which reads as……………………….

Hello there you have just been to speaking to one of our top ranking doctors who informed you. You will soon be joining us for a top secret operation. You are one of the chosen to help under go this very exciting opportunity. We look forward to working with you soon, all the best the FDS smiley face.

Groaning Sid starts to get to his feet.

“I’m just getting to old for all this. Can’t I go back to bed forget this day was ever existed? Or even maybe I could go back to doing something normal, like treating the Braxtons from their gun shot wounds and knife stabbings.” Sid mutters as he falls back down to the ground.

Dex and Sasha sit amongst the cover of the corn, the moaning flesh eating trespassers of their quiet little farm wander on pass.

“What are we going to do Dex we can’t just stay here?” asks a rather freaked out Sasha.

“No worries sis I’m formulating a plan as we speak.”

“Is it a good plan Dex?”

“No not really”

Sid was both relieved and quite horrified of being saved from his fall. Relieved because of him dodging a face full of corn, and horrified because it would seem that he had just been rescued by one of them, one of the undead.

Annie Campbell tilts her head to the side. Her once long light blonde hair now turned grey hair hanging to one side.

“Commmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooooooooooooon”

Sid’s breath is caught tight in the back of his throat as Annie grasps his hand in her icy feel like grip.

“And where exactly are you planning on taking me?” Sid questions causing Annie to gaze back at him with and Sid wasn’t entirely sure. But it might have looked like a look of impatience.

“Out” Annie moans.

“Out where?” Sid asks feeling rather baffled. Had his luck with women gotten that bad? Had it dropped to a whole new level of shame, that dead girls were now also trying to pick him up?

“Oh no thanks I’m happily single……….”

Annie lets open a loud moan of annoyance.

“Out corn show you hommmmmmmmmmmmmme.”

Sid nods blushing slightly feeling a bit of a fool as Annie pulls him forwards.

It was quiet maybe just a tad too quiet. There was no atmosphere of the usual busy bustle of cheer that the diner normally had surrounding it, or at least Roman Harris didn’t think so. Granted it has been awhile since he had lived in the bay. But if the abandoned cars with their boots and doors left wide open with nobody about was anything to go by Roman felt sure that everything was not quite right here. Unclipping the fully loaded pistol from his belt buckle Roman quickly rises it to defend off any unwanted attacks from the affected.

He quickly runs forwards making sure to carefully scan out the area as he did so. If he came across any of the affected he would use the parked up and abandoned vehicles as cover. Allowing him the time to scope out his prefect killer headshots. No zombie was going to stop him from getting his caffeine fix.

The hungry slow staggering charge from Romeo makes Chris take a step back.

“Indi err you never told him Romeo was a bit crippled?”

“He isn’t…. I mean he wasn’t the last time I seen him.”

“Oh well I’m pleased to meet you” Chris says still holding his hand out for Romeo to shake.

“Indi tells me you’re a awesome surfer.”

Romeo staggers forwards all the while keeping a watchful eye upon Chris’s neck.

“I help Indi out at the gym” Chris was now saying. Romeo’s has now reached Chris’s outstretched hand.


“Well thanks I am abit of a stud mate thanks Romeo” Chris is shocked as Romeo whacks his out stretched arm away like it was nothing more than a piece of tissue paper. The tight clenching of teeth stops Chris from screaming. The blood from his now half eaten neck oozes down the front of his t shirt. Romeo lets Chris’s neck go letting him fall to the floor. Romeo then turns to Indi.

“Romeo Oh Romeo where……………. Oh hell Romeo what the hell? Get out just get out you can’t just come back here and do this sort of thing to my new boyfriend. Get out now you jealous pig.” Indi fixes her glare on Romeo who seems to be ignoring her. He seems to be waiting for something to happen but what?”

“Chris don’t worry my Dad will fix you up… oh hang on, yeah the first aid where is it?” Indi quickly goes about looking for the first aid kit in her panic she doesn’t hear the light moaning coming from the thing that had been Chris only moments before, slowly stagger to its feet.

“I know I know hang on I’m going to help you Chris I…….”.Indi looks up to see Romeo and Chris staggering before her. Something and she’s not quite sure what tells her to flee or hide.

Upon acting on this impulse Indi finds the closet hiding place possible, quickly opening it up Indi gulps. She climbs inside making sure to close the door behind her. It was dark and quite tight and quite dirty in here. When had the last time been that her Dad had cleaned it? The grease was horrible against her skin, Slimy and sloppy causing her to gag. Had this been a good idea was she now stuck? She had thankfully been slim enough to get inside and it was quite surprising out far it went back. Indi could remember the day when she had mocked Dex at insisting that they had to get it.


“And why is that Dex why do we need one?”

“Because the mega sizzler is the most awesome the master of all masters of making sure your food has the most mouth watering taste ever known to man that’s why my curious big sis.”

“Is that right is it really the most popular one on the market?” Sid had asked looking to the shopping sale guy.

“Errr yes but listen I think your son has managed to cover this sale better than I ever could of imagined of doing so……..”

“Oh thanks man, but is there anything you would like to add?” Dex had said stepping to one side.

The shopping sales guy had then stepped nervously forwards and had said…

“Oh yes there is one other thing and that would be it’s a very spacious oven. Your be very surprised at how much you can fit inside it.”

And oh yes Indi was very surprised to find that she could fit inside their Mega Sizzler oven. She couldn’t move now though, and she was hunched over hugging at her knees and she was getting a spot of neck ache. But something told her it was better and safer than being out there in Romeo and Chris’s company right now.

Heath Braxton can hear a few gunshots as he waits for his order inside the diner.

The door then opens and Roman steps inside.

“God what does a man have to do around here to get a coffee?”

“Hey you Action Man where did you get a nice gun like that from?”

Roman Harris eyes the tattooed man with cautious.

“That’s on a need to know basis pal and right now you don’t need to know. Now where’s Leah or is you I now ask to make my coffee?”

“Do you want to run that by me again Action Man, because if you do I might just put your face through the coffee maker” Heath laughs.

“Oh I would love to see you try” Roman laughs back.

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Thanks for the comments :)

Warning there is a death in this chapter

Hope you like this chapter

Chapter 7

The light rustle of the wind blowing through the trees, and the soft and smooth sing song from the crickets would of made it seem calmer upon the human’s ear. But given that there were only the select few of humans left in the bay now, the chances of anybody hearing the cricket’s sweet sung tune were very slim.

The rage of the storm batters itself strongly against the window panels of the diner. Where Heath and Roman are still inside both very unaware of the dangers the night would bring.

Staggering and moaning the dead approach the diner.

“Good job we are in here don’t you think action man?” Heath is now asking. Roman is only half listening to his words, there is danger here he can feel it. The quietness and the stillness of the silent danger puts Roman on edge. He would of never imagined things would have been this eerie and frightening. The bay now seemed to be nothing more than a shadow of it’s former self. Roman can now hear Heath laughing as he unclips his pistol from his belt and carefully lowers his bag of weapons to the floor.

“Leah Irene are you guys here?” Roman calls out eyeing the closed door to the diner’s kitchen.

“Action man chill out, my God why is everyone acting like such freaks lately?”

Roman turns.

“How do you mean?”

Heath shrugs.

“I don’t know first there was my brother Brax. He seemed very angry with me and tried to attack me but I guess that is normal for him.”

“Did he try and bite you?” Roman asks as he eyes the door of the kitchen.

No that was Bianca my Misses who tried that. Came at me like she was drunk, staggering around must have had a good time with Zac at the school principal’s dinner last night. I will kill him by the way getting her that smashed.”

“I shouldn’t worry about killing this Zac guy now, I think your find his already dead.”

Heath gives Roman a strange look.

“His most probably one of the infected now.”

“The infected, hey you make it sound like his a zombie or something?” Heath laughs. He looks to Roman to see him giving him a slight nod.

“You know about them then?” Roman asks

“Well yeah duh everyone does. Everyone plays zombie shoot em ups. Me and Casey do when I’m pretending to ignore Bianca nagging me to do the washing up. Hell it allows Casey to pretend it’s Kyle.”

“Oh so they don’t get on then?” Roman asks flinching slightly as a strange sounding crash is heard from the kitchen.

“Well if you call Kyle getting with Casey’s chick not getting on then yes they don’t. I left them both fighting over her as I came out the door to get here, poor Tamara looked like Casey and Kyle were eating her alive.”

“I have no doubt that they were” Roman says raising his gun quickly as the diners kitchen door creaks slowly open. Irene’s glassy eyed stare can’t help but send chills down Roman’s spine.

“Wow the old bird don’t look that healthy. Either that or she’s looks on the brink of boredom from selling cups of coffee all day every day for the last twenty years.” Heath whispers.

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss Daaaaaaaaaaarlllllll” Irene moans as she loses her footing for a moment as Leah crashes into the back of her.

“Oh no not you as well Leah.” Roman moans as he pictures her beauty that he had once known in his mind’s eye, The feel of her lips against his as they had lost themselves in the bliss of their once upon time romance. But as he watched her now as she continued to walk into the back of Irene he knew what he had to do what he must do. His gun still rose he took quick aim and without giving himself time to think he fired. The bullet sailed seeming to capture within slow motion as it pierced it’s way through both Irene and Leah’s foreheads.

“Oh great action man nice one who’s going to fetch my burger now?” Roman turns to Heath to answer but as he does they get a sudden shower of glass shatter itself across their skin. The windows blast inwards towards them Roman watches in horror as the horde of zombies start to climb their way into the bay’s favourite eating venue.

“HEY TAKE COVER” Roman yells over at Heath who is standing out in the open.

“Don’t worry yourself action man I know how this sort of thing goes down I have been in quite a few bar fights.”

The eye of the dead watch as their hunger grows, with their great number they would soon be eating that was something they were all pretty certain of.

Heath is doing quite well to Roman’s surprise. He has managed to land some pretty good solid punches into many of the dead faces of the once residents of Summer Bay.

He has even knocked some of their teeth out.

“Ha what you going do now suck me to death?” Heath says laughing jumping back with pumped excitement.

“HEY THERE’S TOO MANY TAKE THIS” Roman yells tossing Heath a long range shotgun, Roman then legs it for one of the open shattered windows. He has a plan it wasn’t a plan he liked much and he would of wished he hadn’t got the means with him to go through with it. The diner was a big part of what made the bay so special but Roman knew the bay was to be destroyed now anyways. He had hoped that he would have been wrong about that fact. But his job was to report back on his findings and of how bad the Murrystein’s infection had gotten. He could hear Heath behind him firing his shotgun many of the zombies had fallen Roman was now couched down by the window he would soon have to jump out of.


Heath watches as the soldier before him rolls a tiny green looking ball around in his hand.

The pulling of the pin and tossing the grenade doesn’t feel real to him and Heath is surrounded by a small group of zombies, too far away from the diner’s window to escape Roman as no choice but to jump.

The blast rips through the air the diner is no more, it’s brunt’s memories nothing more than ash upon the ground.

“What is your report soldier?” Captain Jeffries asks.

“Not good it is worse than we first thought.”

Aden Jeffries wipes the sweat from his brow.

“Roman come back to base you know what must be done.”

“Aden no”

“We have no choice we have to send in the nukes the town of Summer Bay has to be wiped off the grid before this affection can spread any further I’m sorry.” Aden then hangs up. He glances over to the photo of Belle the girl he had once loved in the town of Summer Bay.

“Oh dammit”

Quickly grabbing at the phone Aden waits as the call connects to the fighter jets which were carrying the nukes awaiting their orders.

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Thank Red,Sarah and JT for your great comments

Hope you enjoy this one

Chapter 8

The gentle lapping of the waves of the water of the pier only increases the calming effect to Alf Stewart’s already relaxed mind. He had been feeling rather out of sorts of late. Worried and very much concerned to what had been happening to his town. Well maybe not his town but many of the summer bay residents looked to him as the voice of reason in the time of chaos and Summer Bay came close to facing that on a weekly basis. And so it was for this very reason that Alf thought of himself as Summer Bay’s very own superhero.

But even superheroes became too worried to leave their houses sometimes; And Alf was worried in case he bumped into one of the very pale looking bay residents. What if someone had the urge to bite him? As it seemed like that was what everyone was doing these days. It was only when Colleen had returned for one of her visits that Alf felt the sudden want and need to escape the house and venture out into the bay once more.

Big changes had happened since he had last been out here, the sun had gone, the beach had become a rather dull depressing place, and the surf club was deserted. In fact the only thing which even came close to feeling normal was fishing from the pier. But even that had a eerie dead like silence to it.

Alf now sits dangling his legs over the side of the pier, his fishing line already cast. The box of bait sat at his side. Alf is somewhat content listening to and humming along to Marilyn’s calming whale music on Maddie’s IPod that she had lent him to help him out with the bay’s new dead like feeling of dread.

Gun pointed high and sneaking forwards with great stealth; Roman watches Alf calmly go about his business of fishing. He seemed normal no like zombie traits and Roman was thankful for that, because if there was one person who could keep this town calm it would be Alf. It didn’t matter if what he was going to tell them was in fact to be a big fat lie. No that couldn’t be helped it was necessary for the greater good of mankind.

“Alf are u still you?” Roman asks pressing his gun into the base of the old man’s back. Alf jumps and Roman thinks for a moment that the old man is about to fall from the pier and that wouldn’t of worked out well for the plan at hand if he had.

“Watch it you flaming galah, I’m armed with worms and maggots and I’m not afraid to use them.”

“Wow hang on it’s me Roman Harris do you remember me?”

“Strike me roan Roman, of course I do.”

“That’s good because we want you to do something very important for us and there’s not much time come with me.”

“Oh very well but do you mind if I bring my bucket of fish with me,? I need to flaming gut them. And they are not going to waste just because you show up dressed like a flaming combat soldier.” Alf says getting to his feet and grabbing hold of his bucket of already caught fish.

“What’s wrong with you Roman you look like your about to puke?”

“Your fish they stink.”

Alf passes Roman his IPod.

“Listen to that, it’s the sound of some flaming whales singing that will calm you down.”

Taking the IPod from him Roman smiles and is shocked to find that, when trapped in a zombie apocalypse listening to whales sing did strangely enough make it all seem slightly better.

Static from the radio blares itself down the bus as April Scott holds her hands to her ears.

“Nope this town’s dead, the radio’s dead, everything is dead. Tell me where it is again you have come back from?” the bus driver asks looking at April through his rear-view mirror.

“Paris been to see my Dad.”

“Well young Miss I can turn around and drive you back to the airport so you can hop on a plane and go back there if you want?”

“No that’s fine it’s good to be back home. And I have missed Dexter so if you would just drop me at the gates of the Walkers farm that would be great thanks.”

The bus driver turns around in his seat to glance at her.

“I dropped someone who very much looked like a soldier off here earlier, and he had weapons with him and……..”

There is a sudden bang as the bus collides with what it looks to April as a person.

“What the hell you have just ran someone down.”

“Calm down it doesn’t matter it’s………………”

They both jump as the radio bursts into life and the sound of Alf Stewarts voice is heard.


“Alf calm please, your job here is not to alert the town into a full blown panic. People are looking worried already.”

“Oh ok sorry so what is it you want me to say?” Some murmurs are now heard as April and the bus driver listen to the radio.


“No, no wrong auto cue oh dammit.”


“Let me off the bus here” April says jumping up from her seat.

“But you heard what he said nukes they are going to wipe this place out.”

April doesn’t answer as the sliding doors of the bus opens she jumps down from the bus and runs through the gates to the Walker’s farm. She runs past the blowing corn of the corn field and heads towards the Walker’s farmhouse.

Geoff Campbell lies in a heap on the road, having just been ran down by a incoming bus. He never seen it coming, all he was worried about was where his sister Annie had gotten too. It looked like she had made it out of the corn somehow with that guy Sid Walker. Sadly though Geoff was wrong Annie and Sid were still lost amongst the corn, and he had gone the wrong way and now because of that mistake, Geoff is about to get his head crushed by the same speeding bus that had just hit him moments before as it makes it’s quick getaway before Summer Bay is wiped from the map.

April meanwhile is shocked to find the door to the Walkers house open and she’s even more concerned to see Romeo and Chris wandering around aimlessly. The sounds of some quiet little mouse like screams can be heard from the oven and it sounds very much like Indi’s voice.

April stands frozen in the doorway wondering what on earth she can do to save Indi. Was what she had just heard from the radio been true about the zombies? Was she about to fight off her fist ever zombie attack to save Dexter’s sister?

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Thanks very much for the comments Red,Sarah and JoiseTash :)

Hope you like this one :unsure:

Chapter 9

Watching and taking in the strange sight of the two creatures of which closely resembled Romeo and Chris. who are busy with bashing at the closed oven of which Indi is still hiding inside. April’s fear levels are just on the verge of rocketing sky high. Making it seem like a impossible situation for her. If she screamed and went into one of her full on panic overload meltdowns she would in danger herself of discovery. The only other real option left for April was to grab one of Romeo’s surfboards and then go sneaking oh so gently and quietly over to her once friends and give them a good old whack. Yes that was what she would do, it would be done and dusted in no time, Indi would be saved and she would be back in the arms of her geeky soulmate. April smiles at that thought she had missed her little Dexy Wexy. And then it happened April’s plan went out of the window.

A new found fear hit her, Romeo was ranging the fridge magnet letters to not even spell out any proper words they were just all being flung around aimlessly. April couldn’t have that. That was just so wrong on all kind of different levels. April let’s out a gasp of horror as she soon realises that the letters of the magnets are now forming new words and Romeo and Chris seem to be laughing, as they place the letters in their order so the spell out APRIL IS ANNOYING. Well upon seeing this April lets out a scream of utter rage.

Romeo turns to face her smiling. April gulps; yes the radio had been right Romeo was now nothing more than a zombie. Arming herself quickly with one of his surfboards April charges at the once surfing champ Romeo who looked just like one of the zombies that she had seen in one of Dex’s video games, Romeo is taken by surprise by the brute force he is shoved backwards, Knocking Chris from his feet. Driven by the pure panic and need to get to the fridge magnets to sort them out to the way that they had been for the last two months APDEX FOREVER.

April dodges and weaves her way out of the incoming attacks from Romeo and Chris. If they didn’t happen to be dead they might of even complimented April on her fast movements and reflexes. Chris might of even wolf whistled at her and would most probably have paid her a compliment as in saying she should try and get on the TV show Dancing With The Stars. But no sadly no thoughts cross their mind other than pain and confusion as April jabs the surfboard into the bodies.

Indi has now started to feel brave enough to creak the oven door open so she can peep out at the scene before her.

“April what’s going on?”

“Indi run, run for the door get outside.” April says twirling away from Chris’s incoming bite attack.

Indi quickly climbs out of the tight fitting oven.

“Owwwwwww that’s isn’t half tight sitting inside there. I can now tell Dex what sitting in a shuttle to the moon might just feel like” Indi says as she hobbles over to the door. Glancing back she watches April leap through the air swinging the surfboard around into Romeo’s head. The force of the hit causes him to fall into Chris the two zombies now lie in a heap on the floor.

“Wow April you should really think about becoming a dancer. April are you coming we need to go find the others.” Indi watches April mess about with the fridge magnets.

“There we are it says what it’s suppose to say now, ADEX FOREVER.” April says smiling as she steps back from the fridge.

“Yes awwwwwwwwww how sweet, but I thought the same about Romeo and Chris but look at them now they both have gone mad with killer passion for me let’s go.”

Indi and April both dash out of the farmhouse and into the darkness and the terror of the corn.

Annie Campbell pulls Sid along by his hand as she helps him escape his own corn field.

I’m never ever, ever going to own another farm as long as I live. Exactly how much corn have I grown? It just seems endless.” Sid says sighing as Annie gives himm so corn to eat.

“Zombies aaahed” Annie moans smacking the corn away from Sid’s hands that he is just about to bite into.

“Oh great well?”

“You act like zombie to fool them.”

Sid looks to Annie with bemused as she starts to demonstrate zombielike movements to him.

Behind a very large haystack Dex and Sasha await their chance of freedom.

“Don’t fire that shotgun again Dex, you nearly shot yourself in the foot the last time.”

Fixing Sasha with a look of annoyance Dexter rests the shotgun on top of the large bail of hay.

“Quiet General and keep an watchful eye out for the enemy.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Sid moans as he eyes Annie to see if he was playing the role of being a zombie well enough. He gets his answer when she seems to wink at him. If the fact that he had become part of a horde didn’t freak him out seeing a zombie wink that was enough to give him enough nightmares until the end of time.

April and Indi dash forwards as they watch a advancing army horde of zombies stumble towards a very large haystack, amongst the corn. It had sounded like Dex and Sasha had just spoken from its depths.

“I’m Dexter Walker and I’m going to shoot straight and I won’t miss I……….”

The thundering deafness of the darkness suddenly erupts as a fleet of heavily armed army helicopters cover the blackness of the sky. Dr Williams of the Flying Doctors stands at the edge of the one of the Flying Doctors helicopters holding a megaphone.

Sid shields his eyes as a big spotlight washes over him. The rest of the horde of zombies he had joined with shudder away from the pool of light.


With the help from the army and Roman’s soldiers, Dex, Sasha and Indi and April have managed to get close to the helicopters.


Sid looks up and shouts……







Rope ladders are tossed from some of the other helicopters to allow the others to climb.

“Dex stop swinging the ladder so much, I’m going to fall” Sasha says hanging on to the ladder for dear life.”

“Sorry Sash grab onto my butt if you start to feel like your going to fall. But be careful not to pull my shorts down I don’t want the army to see my Superman underpants. April is the only person who can see those I mean I am her man of steel afterall.”

Sasha grabs hold of Dex and as they both climb the listen to the screams of April Indi and Sid as the climb their way upon the helicopters.

“Oh listen to that sound Sash, there’s nothing better than listening to the screams of your family along side the backing track of the army’s gunfire as they kill zombies below.”

The Walkers are now living in Broken Hill. Sid is getting closer everyday to finding a cure for the affected but the virus has become much more wide spread now. Broken Hill seems safe enough though with it being guarded by the army. Annie Campbell as also joined the Walkers in Broken Hill being the only zombie to master the art of being even coming close to acting like a human.

The fire rages on as the huge blasts from the nukes rip themselves through the atmosphere of the small town once known as Summer Bay, Known now for only being a part of history. No maps know of such a place its very existence having been wiped out and forgotten. Every living soul to have lived there blown to ashes along with the affected the day the nukes hit.

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Thank you very much for reading and commenting on his fiction Sarah, Red and JoiseTash. Glad you have enjoyed it, hope you like this Thanks to whoever else has read this story. :)

Chapter 10

Snap, Crackle and Pop are the only sounds to fill the silence around the breakfast table. Sid has stopped flicking through the pages of his morning paper, and is now peering over the top of it at Dex who seemed to by the looks of things to be lost in some kind of far away trance. For the briefest of moments Sid wondered if Dex was having one of his seizes, but no he wasn’t shaking or anything his head hovered sideways above his bowl. He was probably just making sure he didn’t miss out on one single snap, crackle or pop from his rice kripes. Sid knew that his quirky son got some sort of excited kick out of eating his breakfast cereals in the mornings. The joy he had seen in Dex’s face when his milk turned chocolaty when he was eating coco, coco pops amused Sid no end. So now that Dex had been listening to his breakfast for what seemed to have been like a whole five minutes didn’t seem at all odd. What was strange though was the way Dex’s eyes had looked all glazed over and cloudy, and the way he hadn’t spoken and the way he was blinking now like he had no idea where he was.

“Dex are you alright?”

Dex looks up to Sid with some of his cereal sliding down his face.

“Yeah oh yeah, I was daydreaming yeah that was what it was it was a daydream, so what’s up Dad?”

“Well I just want to say you will soon become the man of this house when I’m gone, and with it will come responsibilities.” Sid is slightly taken back by Dex’s rapid and sharp intake of breath.

“How do you feel about that Dex, does it worry you?”

It did worry him Dex was getting the strangest feeling he had had this very same conversation before.

“No witty come back very much unlike you Dexter. I expected you to say something like with great power comes responsibilities. What’s wrong Dex are you ill?”

Dex laughs nervously as the feelings of strong deja vu continue to flutter their way into reality.

“What would you like me to say that I will master the art of washing my own underpants? Or cleaning my room? Listening to Indi whine or watching Sasha paint her nails?”

Sid looks across at the kitchen window Dex gulps

“No it’s not that kind of responsibility that your talking about here is it Dad? It’s looking after the farm, tending to the animals making sure the vegetables grow that kind of thing isn’t it?”

It is now Sid’s turn to look taken back.

“Well yes it is exactly those things and because you seem so keen go wash that cereal from off your face and go and grab your farmers hat.”

Fear and realisation that this was just turning out to be like before, Before the full on nightmare of the zombie apocalypse had hit their precious corn field outside. And then had spread itself throughout the bay, killing Heath Braxton when he had helped ex special forces soldier Roman Harris fight off the attack at the diner. Heath not being able to escape from the horde of zombies in time, before Roman had to blow the diner to kingdom come, followed soon after by Alf Stewart’s last ever calming speech to the town and then the bay getting hit by nukes which wipes everyone out.

“Dexter what’s the matter?” Sid asks seeing how pale Dex has become.

“You know what Dad? I really don’t think it’s a very good idea to go for a ride on your pimped up tractor through our corn field.” Dex says as the first strong gust of wind blows against their farmhouse.

“What……. How……. Dexter that is……. how did you know I was going to take you out into the corn field?”

“Ah seen it and got the t shirt.”

Sid leans forwards in his chair.

“You have seen the corn field? That might be so but not like this you haven’t.”

Dex laughs.

“I doubt you have ever seen it like this before either Dad.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well there are monsters zombies out there Dad.”

“Out amongst the corn? Don’t be silly Dex that’s just………….”

“I have seen it in a premonition Dad. Zombies will come out of our corn and affect the whole town. But don’t worry we will be ok Dad, because we come with you to Broken Hill. Where you will be one of the doctors who will fight to cure mankind from this zombie outbreak, A really cool soldier guy will come with us to Broken Hill Roman and he will help the army take out the zombies.”

Sid gets up from his seat and wanders over to the window, Outside the darkness of the clouds have started to gather above the corn.

“Oh Dexter I knew you were always quite odd and strange but…….”

The corn parts and Sid screams.

“See Dad told ya zombies. Shall I go get packed and phone Indi and Sasha while you go start the car?"

Dex looks up from his Batman comic to find that Sid has already bolted.


Dexter grabs a coat his quick pre packed emergency suitcase,he then runs out to the Walkers family car. Dex can't help but smile as he watches Sid press down hard on the car's honking horn.

"I think you should stop that honking now Dad, unless you want a whole horde of Zombies following us to Broken Hill."

Sid calms himself.

"Yes quite right well let's go."

"Oh yeah Dad can we stop by Paris to pick April up? She's on holiday there at the moment."

Sid looks to Dexter.

"Or we could go wait at the bus stop for her either way is good she's coming home today."

Sid puts the car into gear and speeds away from the terror amongst the corn.

The End

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