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I Want You

Guest Danni02

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Title: I Want You
Type of Story: Short/Medium fic
Main Characters: Charlie, Ruby, Brax and Xavier

BTTB Rating: T/A
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: No
Any warnings: Language, sexual content

Summary: Charlie and Brax must decide what sort of relationship they want. Ruby and Xavier are keen to take their relationship to the next level but encounter a few hurdles along the way.


Charlie turned around in her bed, smiling as she saw he was still there. She moved closer to him and brushed her hand over his ‘blood and sand’ tattoo. She looked up to his face, smiling as his eyes fluttered lightly. He must be dreaming, Charlie thought. The touch of her hand against his skin seemed to wake him. He gave a stretch before blinking his eyes quickly a few times before opening them. “You being a creep and watching me sleep?” Brax questioned as he saw Charlie looking down at him.

Charlie gave a little laugh as Brax sat himself up in the bed. “Well you’re cute when you sleep. You do this fluttery eye thing.”

“Must be all my wild dreams.” Brax laughed.

Charlie raised her eyebrows, hoping he was dreaming about her. “So, you have any plans for today?” Charlie questioned as she got out of the bed and walked over to her drawers and pulled open the top one, taking out a pair of clean panties and putting them on before pulling out a bra.

“Not really,” Brax gave a shrug as he too got out of her bed, reaching for his boxer shorts that had been flung excitedly away the night before. “Well,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “I uhm....I have a date tonight.”

“Oh,” Charlie tried to look casual and not let the wave of disappoint that washed over her show as she tied the tie on her blue silk dressing gown. “Anyone I know?” Charlie wondered.

“That new counsellor chick from the school,” Brax told her as he put his shorts on before looking around the room in search of his t-shirt. “Where did my -” Brax stopped mid sentence as Charlie flung his red quicksilver t-shirt across to him. “Thanks,” Brax gave her one of his heart stopping smiles, where he showed his cute little dimples. “You have plans?” Brax questioned as he followed Charlie out of her bedroom and into the kitchen.

“Uhm,” Charlie clicked her tongue. “I’ll probably see Bianca at some point,” Charlie told him as she opened the cupboard and took out the box of cereal. “You staying for breakfast?” Charlie wondered.

“Nah I’m going to head home,” Brax answered. “Grab my board and go for a surf,” Brax gave her another one of his smiles that makes her go weak at the knees. “See you later.” Brax said before turning and leaving the house.

Charlie rested her hands against the worktop as she exhaled, thinking over the last few months in her head. “See your f*** buddy stayed over last night.” Ruby’s voice could be heard as she walked into the room and picked up a banana from the fruit bowl and started to peel it open as she took a seat.

“Ruby,” Charlie shot daggers at her daughter. “Firstly, don’t swear and secondly, stop calling him that.”

“Well okay,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Your sex friend or your bed buddy or your friend with benefits,” Ruby made quotation marks as she spoke. “Take your pick, Mum, what’s his title to be?”

“He’s a friend.” Charlie replied as she took the milk out of the fridge and poured some into her bowl of cereal.

“And the rest,” Ruby muttered. “Don’t you think you’re a little old to be having casual sex with someone?” Ruby questioned. “Don’t you think that’s a bit more...teen style?”

“I’m only 30.” Charlie screwed her face up as she joined Ruby at the table.

“Still not a teen,” Ruby exhaled. “I don’t get why you two just don’t get together properly. Clearly you are attracted to each other,” Ruby said as she watched her mother taking a mouthful of her cereal. “You hang out a lot, you clearly have sex....not much would really change, would it?”

“I suppose not,” Charlie sighed. “But...who’s to say it’s what Brax wants?” Charlie questioned. “He’s off on a date tonight so clearly he can’t be that into me if he’s thought about seeing other people.”

“But he doesn’t know it’s an option,” Ruby told her. “Maybe he thinks you are comfortable with what you’ve got going on,” Ruby suggested. “But, well, I sense you actually want to be his girlfriend and not just the occasional shag.”

Charlie raised her eyebrows at her daughter. “Sixteen’s not too old for a clip around the ear, you know.”

“What’s wrong with sh...” Ruby trailed off, seeing the look on her mother’s face. “I’m right though, aren’t I?” Ruby questioned. “You want to be more than friends with benefits?”

“Yes....no....maybe,” Charlie clicked her tongue. “But like I said, he’s clearly not thinking that way because he’s going out with Natalie tonight.”

“Miss Davison?” Ruby screwed her face up. “She’s pretty and all but....and I don’t mean to sound weird here, but, you’re a better catch than her.”

“I’m sure anyone would say that about their mother.” Charlie gave Ruby an appreciative smile.

“Well you know....it’s true,” Ruby gave a little shrug. “And I want you to find someone and be happy and give me heaps of brothers and sisters,” Ruby gave a cheeky grin. “So just....act soon before it’s too late.”

Charlie exhaled as she thought about what Ruby said. “Right, you,” Charlie looked to the clock on the wall. “You better go get dressed for school.”

“Aww but Mum,” Ruby moaned. “It’s the last day before summer break and no-one goes and we do nothing and -”

“Go, now.” Charlie pointed through the house. Ruby sighed as she stood up angrily from the table, the chair making an ear-piercing screech as it was pushed back against the floor. Charlie started to clear away the breakfast dishes, thinking that maybe, Ruby was right. It’s not as if she and Brax can carry on with their friends with benefits relationship forever, and they do need to either call it off or become a proper couple in the end. She bit her lip as she thought about what she should do.


Xavier handed Ruby the drink as he joined her on the couch. “Thanks, but, that’s not really why we came back to your place, is it?” Ruby said as she leaned forward, putting the drink on the coffee table before pulling Xavier closer to her by his school tie and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Mmm steady,” Xavier mustered a little laugh as he pulled back. “Anyone would think you’re desperate.”

“Xavier,” Ruby exhaled. “I’m just ready,” Ruby told him. “I thought you’d be pleased that you don’t have to wait any longer?”

Xavier gave her a sweet smile as he tucked her hair behind her ear, before cupping her cheek with his hand. “I’ve told you I’ll wait as long as it takes,” Xavier spoke softly. “Just promise me you’re doing this because it’s what you want and you’re not just trying to please me?”

“I’m ready,” Ruby repeated. “I want you to be my first, Xav,” Ruby smiled at him before looking around to the door. “You’re sure that your mum or John won’t come home though?” Ruby questioned. The last thing she wanted to happen when she was getting all hot and heavy with her boyfriend was being walked in on by John or his mother.

“Nah,” Xavier shook his head. “They’re both working,” Xavier told her. “Mum will end up staying behind at school today as well, you know, to make sure everything is sorted before they shut for summer break.”

“Just because, well, my house isn’t an option as Mum isn’t working and VJ’s school finishes earlier and Leah will be around...” Ruby trailed off.

“Well we won’t get caught here,” Xavier smiled before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen as she had already started pulling on his school tie. She felt all tingly as Xavier’s hand slowly made its way up her leg and under her school dress, and lightly caressed her thigh. Ruby flung Xavier’s tie to the ground before starting to unbutton his shirt, as their tongues explore each other’s mouths. They’ve kissed passionately plenty times before, but nothing as intense as this. “Do you want to move into my room?” Xavier whispered as he pulled back for a second. Ruby gave a shy nod as they stood up from the couch, their lips crashing together again. Just as they were about to make their way to the hall, with their kiss never breaking, only intensifying, the door opened and John walked into the house.

“What the hell is this?” John yelled. “Why aren’t you two in school?” Ruby and Xavier pulled apart and Ruby took a few steps to the side, to lengthen the gap between them, just to be safe. She looked down to the floor as Xavier speedily re-buttoned his shirt. “Well?” John bellowed. “Answer me.”

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Thank you for the comments. :)


Charlie arrived back at the house following her run. She threw her empty drink bottle into the sink and opened the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water, unscrewing the lid and taking a long drink. She was supposed to be using this run to clear her head, to make her decide what to do with her Brax situation, but, of course, she was still no further forward in her thoughts. She’d spotted him out for his surf as she ran along the beach, his muscular, toned body, looking hot as the summer sun shone against him, and upon seeing him like that, she couldn’t begin to think about ending things and was scared to tell Brax she wants to officially be his girlfriend in case it isn’t what he wants and she’d lose him for good. She figured casual sex with Brax was better than no sex with Brax at all. She closed her eyes as she thought about it once more. Maybe she’ll just have to be brave and go for it, tell him how she really feels. She opened her eyes as she heard voices outside. Soon enough Ruby came into the house, her school bag hanging off one shoulder as she looked rather sheepish. John walked in behind her, his face already showing that he was apologetic. Charlie looked to John for answers, knowing all too well that Ruby wasn’t about to say anything. “What’s wrong?” Charlie questioned.

“Found young Ruby and Xavier in a very uhm...” John cleared his throat. “They were....” John made a few hand gestures and Charlie could see how increasing uncomfortable with the situation and the topic he was.

“Thanks, John, I eh...” Charlie started. “I’ll take it from here,” John gave her a thankful smile before making a quick exit from the house. “Get back here.” Charlie turned to face Ruby who was already trying to sneak away to her bedroom. She sighed before turning around to face her mother.

“You can’t yell at me for wanting to have sex,” Ruby started. “I’m sixteen so it’s not like its illegal and I’ve been with Xav for ages and –

“I’m not going to yell at you about that, Rubes,” Charlie shook her head. “You’re right...you are 16 and Xav is a great guy and.....” Charlie pursed her lips together. She hated the fact her little girl had grown up so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday when she would snuggle up on the couch with Charlie, watching Disney DVD’s, begging her to take her to the swings and telling her she was the best Mummy in the world because she took her out for chocolate ice-cream. But now, Charlie was standing before a sixteen year old Ruby, who was thinking about sex with her boyfriend. She exhaled lightly before talking again. “I’m not going to tell you not too. You’re smart and sensible and I know you’ll always be responsible, I trust you with that Ruby.” Charlie paused once again. Ruby had always known Charlie was her mother, but it was only around 6 months ago, when Charlie could no longer avoid the who’s my daddy subject, she found out about Grant. Although Charlie had left out the rape part, and only told her a few brief details about her father, Ruby’s curiosity got the better of her, not that Charlie blamed her, and she tracked Grant down, and it was then she found out the awful truth.

“I know it must be hard,” Ruby took a step forward and put her hand onto her mother’s arm and rubbed it gently. “After what happened to you...” Ruby trailed off. “But Xav’s not like that.”

“I know,” Charlie told her. “And like I said, I trust you with it, Ruby,” Charlie exhaled. “I’d just rather you didn’t skip school to....do it.” Charlie said.

Ruby rolled her eyes. “The last day of term, Mum. We do nothing.”

“I don’t care,” Charlie raised her voice. “It doesn’t mean you get to skip school. Now go to your room.”

“So you’re not about to march me off to school now then?” Ruby looked a little confused.

Charlie shook her head as she glanced at her watch. “Not much point now,” Charlie told her daughter. “But you’re not going out tonight. You’ll have to stay in.”

“Aww but Mum, Xav, Dex, April and I were -” Ruby started but Charlie cut her off.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Charlie held her hand up. “Just go to your room,” Ruby screamed out in frustration before storming through to her bedroom, slamming the door shut, allowing Charlie to see how angry she was with her. Just as she decided to go and take a shower, there was a knock at the door. She walked through to the kitchen and smiled as she saw Brax standing there. “Hey, how was your surf?”

“Good,” Brax smiled as he walked in. “What that you I saw running along the beach?”

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “Need to keep fit, you know.” Charlie gave him a grin. She looked to his face, his eyes in particular, she was always drawn there, there was just something about them.

“For all our meetings eh?” Brax smirked. Charlie gave a little smile back, before moving the conversation on.

“So did you come around for anything in particular?” Charlie wondered. “Just, I was about to head for a shower, so...” Charlie pointed through the house.

“Oh,” Brax grinned as he walked closer to Charlie and wrapped his arms around her, resting them on her bottom. “You need help washing your back, Sergeant?” Brax raised his eyebrows suggestively. Of course she’d love him to join her, but knowing he had a date with someone else only hours later, made her decide it would be too weird.

She mustered a little laugh as she pulled away, removing his arms from around her. “Seriously, Brax,” Charlie questioned. “What do you want?”

“I wanted to buy Natalie some flowers for tonight,” Brax exhaled. “I was going to get her these nice lilies but then Liam told me that they were the flower of death, so, probably not the best thing to give someone on your first date,” Brax gave a little laugh. “And well....” Brax rubbed the back of this head. “You’re a chick, right so...”

“Was the last time I checked,” Charlie looked herself up and down. “What’s that got to do with it?”

“Well I thought you’d be able to tell me what kind of flowers to give her.” Brax exhaled as he continued to rub his head.

Charlie exhaled deeply, not being able to remember the last time a man had bought her flowers. She also felt herself wishing that she was the one Brax was going to be buying flowers for, not Natalie. “As far as I’m concerned it’s the thought that counts, not what the flowers are,” Charlie told him. “But on a more personal note, roses are my favourite.” Charlie gave him a smile.

“Roses,” Brax’s face seemed to light up at the idea. “Yes, I like it....it’s....sexy, its....love,” Brax’s face suddenly dropped and he shook his head. “I see roses and I think of love....I don’t love her,” Brax clicked his tongue. “Gimmie something else.”

“Oh I don’t know Brax,” Charlie’s voice raised a little. “It’s your date and you want to give her a flower so pick one yourself.”

“Whoa,” Brax held his hands out in front of him. “Alright. Take a chill pill, I was only asking for some advice.”

“Sorry,” Charlie bit her tongue. “What about a sunflower?” Charlie suggested. “It’s bright, happy, friendly.” Charlie emphasised.

“Yeah....yeah...” Brax smiled, seeming pleased with the choice. “I’ll go for that, thanks.” Brax lightly nudged Charlie’s arm.

“Glad to be of help.” Charlie forced a smile.

“You really are a great friend,” Brax smiled. “Anyways, I’ll head off to the flower shop now. A sunflower, right?” Brax said as he turned and walked over to the door to leave.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded, but Brax had already left the house. She sighed lightly as she kept playing Brax’s words in her mind. ‘A great friend. A great friend.’ She shook her head at herself, now knowing where she stood with Brax. She didn’t need to ask him, she felt her eyes stinging with tears at now knowing that Brax would only ever want to be her friend that occasionally had sex with her. She wiped her arm across her face, trying to get rid of the tears before walking through the house towards the bathroom for her shower.

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Charlie was sitting in the diner, waiting on Bianca to come and meet her. She was pushing the sugar pot back and forth between her hands, as she tried to think of more positive things. “What’s put that look on your face?” Charlie looks up to see Bianca joining her at the table. “Sorry I’m late by the way, the staff meeting after school went on longer than I thought.”

“It’s fine.” Charlie exhaled.

“Rubes sick today?” Bianca questioned. “I didn’t see her in school.”

“Uh....” Charlie shook her head.

“Oh is it best I not ask?” Bianca wondered. “I actually don’t seem to remember seeing Xavier either, come to think of it. They bunk off together?”

“Don’t ask.” Charlie shook her head as she continued to play with the sugar pot.

“Well I will ask what’s put that look on your face and you will tell me.” Bianca leaned forward and took the sugar pot into her hand, pulling it away from Charlie.

“It’s nothing,” Charlie exhaled and tried to plaster on a smile, to show she was indeed okay, as her hand went to play with her watch, since Bianca had taken the sugar pot from her. “How was your day?”

“Oh same old,” Bianca waved a hand in front of her. “C’mon, what’s up?” Bianca knew something was bothering Charlie and wanted to try to help her out, if she could.

“You’re brother-in-law,” Charlie mumbled. Bianca and Heath married around 8 months earlier and Bianca was currently 4 months pregnant with their first child. “I know he’s not my boyfriend but...well he’s....” Charlie hated even having to say it. “He has a date tonight.”

“Oh that’s right,” Bianca said. “Natalie mentioned it,” Bianca pursed her lips together as she studied Charlie’s face. “I really need to clunk your two’s heads together.” Bianca exhaled. She couldn't understand why Charlie and Brax never became official, she’d always expect them to one day announce it, but now, maybe they had left it to late and they’d be firmly stuck in the friends zone.

“Don’t think it would make a difference,” Charlie sighed. “At least not for Brax. He’s made that pretty clear.”

“Oh yeah?” Bianca raised her eyebrows, intrigued. “How so?”

“Well he came around before and asked me what kind of flowers to give Natalie tonight and told me I was a great friend,” Charlie sighed sadly. “Doesn’t seem like he wants to date me if he’s asking for advice on other woman, does it?”

“Well,” Bianca lightly rubbed her stomach as she tried to give her friend the right advice, or at least, the advice she thought was right. “He does sleep with you. That’s got to mean something, no?”

“Well it does to me,” Charlie answered truthfully. “But I guess for him it’s just sex.”

“Charlie....you want to be more than friends who occasionally have sex, right?” Bianca questioned and Charlie gave a nod of her head. “Then I suggest you talk to him.”

“I....I don’t want to....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I don’t want to risk ruining what we already have though.” Charlie said.

“Well that could already happen,” Bianca exhaled. “You might be about to lose him to Natalie anyways, so it’s not going to do any harm. You might get what you want out of this.” Charlie knew that Bianca was right and she really needed to tell Brax how she really felt and tell him that if they weren’t going to get together officially, then the sex needed to stop, it wasn’t fair on either of them to continue with how things were. Of course Charlie hoped they’d be able to get together officially, but she was pretty sure – even more so after today – that Brax didn’t want to make anything official and only saw Charlie as a good friend. Just a good friend he occasionally got to have sex with. This made Charlie hesitant to say anything; she didn’t want him out of her life completely but feared that’s how things would go, especially if his date with Natalie went well.


“So,” April raised her eyebrows. “You going to share with your bestest friend in this whole wide world how this afternoon went?” April picked up a small handful of the popcorn and started putting it into her mouth as they sat on the couch.

“It didn’t,” Ruby shook her head. “We were...you know, getting a bit heavy but then John walked in.”

“No way,” April gasped in horror. “I thought Xav was sure he was working.” April continued eating the popcorn.

“Me too,” Ruby said as she put her juice down on the table before looking back to April. “But I guess he came home for some lunch.”

“So what happened?” April questioned, reaching for her drink.

John marched me home to have words with my mother,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “But then he got all embarrassed and couldn’t really say anything so Mum let him go, much to his appreciation, I think.” Ruby gave a little laugh before taking a handful of the popcorn.

“So what did your mum say?” April questioned. “Did she get really mad at you?”

“For skipping school, yes,” Ruby gave a nod of her head. “She wasn’t so bothered about the sex thing. She trusts me with all that stuff, apparently.”

“Lucky you,” April exhaled. “Bianca would freak at me if I was having sex with Dex.”

“You are only 15 though, so she’d had more of a reason too,” Ruby said. “But I’ve been put on house arrest until tomorrow,” Ruby sighed sadly. “So...”

“I shouldn’t be here then,” April said and Ruby shook her head. “You want me to go? I don’t want you getting in anymore trouble.”

“Nah Mum’s out with you sister and Leah and VJ have gone shopping,” Ruby answered. “I’d say you’d be fine for around an hour or so.”

“Cool,” April smiled. “So, does this mean that you can’t go to the movie with us tonight?” April questioned, sounding disappointed.

“I’m afraid so,” Ruby sighed. “But you three should still go...or at least you and Dex. Xav probably doesn’t want to be a third wheel.” Ruby gave a little laugh.

“Nah we’ll wait till we can all go together,” April told her. “I’m sure we can find something else to do tonight,” April said. “Unless you can play the sweet daughter and get your mum to change her mind and let you go out?” April hoped.

“Hmm,” Ruby shook her head. “Nah, she won’t. And I’ll probably only end up making things worse for myself, so....” Ruby gave a little shrug. “It’s only one night. May as well stay in and anyways it’s the summer holidays now so we have plenty time to hang out and catch that movie.”

“Yeah I guess we do,” April exhaled. “And you know, you didn’t miss much in school,” April told her. “Miles let us watch a movie, we talked and mucked around in most classes. They only time we worked was in Miss Wilson class.” April sighed.

“Well that’s no surprise,” Ruby gave a laugh. “She’s a moody old witch.”

April laughed. “Yeah,” April agreed. “So, I guess you and Xav have to put off this magical first night for a bit?”

“For a bit, yeah,” Ruby answered. “I was a little bit terrified so I’m glad to be honest.” Ruby ran her hand over her bracelet as she spoke honestly to her best friend.

“Oh,” April sounded a little shocked. “I thought you wanted to?”

“I do,” Ruby answered. “I’m just glad for that little bit more time.”

“Well I guess it’s important to make sure you know it’s what you want,” April said. “You know, it’s not like you get a second chance at losing your virginity.”

“No you most certainly don’t,” Ruby answered. “But you know, I want too, soon.” Ruby gave a little smile. She was happy in her relationship with Xavier. They’d been together nearly a year and she trusted him one hundred percent. She was looking forward to having that special night with the one she loved and only hoped that next time they tried things might go a little bit better.


Charlie walked down the stairs of the surf club, clutching the pizza boxes in her hands. Leah was out with Miles, so she was left to babysit VJ, and even at just 7 years old, he knew it was better to ask for pizza if Charlie was in charge than endure her attempt at cooking. It was then when she saw them, walking into the surf club and making their way to the stairs to head up to Angelo’s. “Hey.” Charlie forced a smile and tried not to let the jealously show. She looked Natalie up and down; she had to admit she looked gorgeous, in a simple blue dress, holding the bunch of sunflowers close to her chest. Natalie gave her a friendly smile. Since she’d moved to the bay around a month before hand, she and Charlie had made small talk and hung out a few times when they were both with Bianca, but they weren’t exactly what you’d call friends.

“Why don’t you go up to the table?” Brax questioned. “I’ll be up shortly,” Natalie gave Brax a smile before she walked of up the stairs. “Thanks for the flower tip,” Brax gave Charlie one of those smiles, that makes her heart skip a beat, that makes her feel all gooey inside. “She loved them.”

“I’m glad I was of help,” Charlie forced a smile. “You eh....you look really nice.” Charlie looked Brax up and down. Instead of his usual combats and checked shirts, he’d gone for a pair of jeans and a blue shirt. He looked gorgeous. She took a deep breath as he gave her anther of those smiles. “And you look good together.” Charlie managed to sound polite.

Brax gave a grin as he raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah?” Brax questioned. “Good to know...I think.”

“You think?” Charlie screwed her face up.

“Well you know....” Brax exhaled. “First date nerves and all that, but it’s nice to know we could look great together.”

I said good. You looked good and I’m only trying to be polite. Charlie snapped out of her thoughts, sensing Brax was expecting a reply. “Yeah, well, don’t spend all your date standing here talking to me,” Charlie sighed. “I’m sure you’d rather be with Natalie so...” Charlie lifted the pizza boxes a little. “I’ll get these home to Ruby and Veej, they’ll be wondering where I’ve got too.”

“Right yeah,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Have a nice night.”

“Yeah, you too.” Charlie exhaled sadly before walking away from Brax, stopping at the door of the surf club and looking back around to him, seeing he was taking the stairs two at time, almost running to get to his date with Natalie. She exhaled once again before walking away from the surf club, hoping that Ruby and VJ would help take her mind of Brax and his date.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie walked into her bedroom, gasping in fright as she saw him climbing in through the window. “What the hell are you doing?” Charlie’s voice came out in a whisper in fear that shouting would wake Ruby and VJ. She walked quickly over to him and put her hands around his arm, helping yank him up as he brought his second leg through the gap.

“The door was locked.” Brax gave a little laugh as he swayed a little and Charlie realised he was slightly tipsy.

“Well yeah,” Charlie answered. “People generally lock doors when they go to bed.”

Brax gave a little pout. “I just wanted to see you,” Brax stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, letting his hands slip down and caress her bum cheeks. “See if you fancied...” Brax trailed off before placing a kiss on her lips.

“Mmm, you’ve just been on a date.” Charlie answered as she pulled away, pushing Brax’s hands from her.

“Yeah and it was good but I walked her home and that was that,” Brax said. “We had a little goodnight kiss, but you know, she didn’t ask me in.”

“So Natalie didn’t put out so you’ve come to see if I will?” Charlie questioned.

“If you want to put it like that.” Brax gave a little laugh before stepping forward and once again placing a soft kiss on her lips. Charlie let herself smile into the kiss, their tongues instantly crashing together.

“Mmm no,” Charlie was eventually able to pull herself away. “Brax, you can’t just come here after being on a date with someone else and expect me to sleep with you.”

“It’s not as if Natalie and I are exclusive,” Brax exhaled as he rubbed the back of his head, looking a little confused. “It’s been one date,” Brax mustered a sort of laugh. “We don’t have to stop what we have going on yet.”

Yet. The word seemed to sting Charlie as she felt her heart tug a little. “I’m not going to sleep with you, Brax. You may as well go home.” Charlie looked away, saddened.

“Hey,” Brax lightly rubbed her arm, seeing her eyes gloss over with tears. “What’s up, Charlie, talk to me.”

I’m in love with you and I want us to be exclusive. “There’s nothing up,” Charlie exhaled. “I just don’t feel like it.” Charlie sighed.

“You always feel like it,” Brax laughed. “Unless you know it’s your time, but...” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “I’m pretty sure it’s not, right?” Brax screwed his face up as he gave her a questioning look. “C’mon, I thought you’d be up for another hook-up. The sex between us two is amazing.” Brax gave her one of his smiles. She took a deep breath, trying to shake away her feelings.

Hook-ups. Is that really all Brax saw this as? Is he really that clueless that he can’t see how she really feels? Of course the easiest thing for Charlie to do right now would be to tell him, but given that he was on a date with someone else 5 minutes ago, he probably didn’t feel the same and she didn’t want to face the rejection just yet. Or maybe, just maybe, the fact that he has turned up here, thinking of Charlie after his date with Natalie means that he can’t get her out of his head and she’s the one that he actually wants, but he too is scared of rejection so is keeping quiet. Or maybe he was hoping for sex with Natalie, but seeing as she didn’t offer it, he came to Charlie, knowing she’d more than likely be up for it, thus satisfying Brax’s urge. Charlie bit her lip as the thoughts ran through her mind. “I think you should just go home, Brax.” Charlie eventually spoke, rather quietly. Or course she didn’t want him to go home. She wanted him to stay and kiss and caress her body, and satisfy her, but, she didn’t want to feel used and him turning up here for a quickie after his date wouldn’t put out, sent her that exact message.

“Seriously?” Brax gave a laugh of disbelief.

“Mmm.” Charlie nodded.

“Right, well,” Brax was dumbfounded. “I guess I’ll go then.” Brax turned around to climb back out of the window but Charlie took a step forward and put her hand onto his back, stopping him. He turned to face her as he gave a smile, thinking she’d changed her mind.

“You can leave through the door,” Charlie said and the smile on Brax’s face fell quickly. He rubbed the back of his head, still a little confused as he followed her through the house to the front door. Charlie unlocked it, neither of them talking in the process, before Brax lingered for a moment, staring down at Charlie. “So....goodnight.” Charlie exhaled.

“Night.” Brax said as he walked out of the house, turning around to find the door already closed and hearing the sounds of Charlie locking it again. He rubbed the back of his head before walking back in the direction of his house, not sure exactly what had went wrong.


“Where’s my mummy?” VJ questioned as Charlie poured him a glass of apple juice to go along with his breakfast.

“She’s with Miles, remember?” Charlie joined him and Ruby at the table as they made a start to their breakfast.

“Still?” VJ furrowed his eyebrows. “Their dinner is taking forever.”

Ruby laughed as she glanced at Charlie. “Well,” Charlie exhaled. “I’m sure they finished their dinner a while ago,” Charlie answered. “Mummy probably fell asleep at Miles’ afterwards.”

“Oh,” VJ answered. “She must have been really tired if she couldn’t walk home after ay?”

“Yeah,” Charlie answered as she heard another childish laugh coming from Ruby. She glared at her daughter before looking back down to VJ. “So, anyways,” Charlie was keen to change the subject. “Are you doing anything fun today?”

“Yeah I’m going to Grans,” VJ answered. “If Mummy every comes home to take me,” VJ looked worried all of a sudden. “She will come home, won’t she?”

“Of course she will.” Charlie answered.

VJ smiled at the reassurance that his mother would be home. “Gran said she’ll take me to the park,” VJ sounded excited about his day. “We’ll feed the ducks then I’ll go on the swings.”

“Sounds fun.” Charlie smiled.

“Maybe you could come,” VJ smiled up at his ‘aunty’. “It would be fun and Ruby could come too.”

“I can’t bud, I’ve got work.” Charlie answered.

“Yeah and I’m going to see Xav, sorry mate,” Ruby exhaled. “But I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your gran, you know, VJ and granny time.”

“Yeah,” VJ smiled before finishing the last of his cereal. “Can I go on my Wii now?” VJ asked as he looked up to Charlie, his eyes all wide and puppy like.

“Sure,” Charlie answered. “Just till your mum get’s home.” Charlie said and VJ’s face lit up as he jumped down from the table. He picked up his half drunken apple juice and ran over to the TV, excitedly getting his Wii set up.

“So,” Ruby spoke quietly, aware that the living room wasn’t actually that far from the dining table and VJ wasn’t exactly out of ear shot. “I heard a male voice last night,” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “Two nights in a row eh?” Ruby said. “His visits are getting more frequent, maybe it is love” Ruby sang.

“Nothing happened.” Charlie glared at VJ – who seemed too engrossed in his game to be paying attention to what they were saying – before looking back to Ruby.

“You expect me to believe that?” Ruby gave a little laugh.

“It’s the truth,” Charlie sighed. “He came over after his date, expecting to...” Charlie trailed off. “I sent him straight home.”

“Why?” Ruby screwed her face up. “You are like madly in love with him and want to be with him, why oh why would you turn down the chance to be with him?” Ruby asked.

“Because I want him in the right way,” Charlie exhaled. “Not like this...I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Maybe you should and you should accidently on purpose get yourself pregnant,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “He’d surely be with you if you were having his child.”

“I’m not going to trap him into being with me,” Charlie exhaled. “I don’t want him to only be there because of a child. I want him to want to be with me and maybe I just need to face all I will be is a bit of sex to him.” Charlie spoke sadly.

“Well you know if you just talk to him you’ll find out what he wants too.” Ruby sighed, not being able to see why she couldn’t just talk to Brax about how she felt.

“I know but what if...” Charlie trailed off as she bit her lip. “I....” She sighed lightly before standing up from the table. “I’m going for a shower.” Charlie said before vacating the room, leaving Ruby sitting eating her breakfast alone.

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Thank you beebee, Sarah, Spotd1, Freakie42 and Sabrina for the comments. :D


Ruby and Xavier were walking along the beach, hand in hand. “It totally sucks,” Ruby sighed. “Tell them you don’t want to go.” Xavier had just told Ruby that he was being taken away for a couple of weeks holiday.

“I did,” Xavier answered. “John told me I was being ungrateful and that most people would jump at the chance of two weeks in Bali all paid for.” Xavier mocked John’s voice as he spoke.

“well I guess, but....” Ruby stopped walking and looked into Xavier’s eyes, giving him a pout. “It’s our summer, you know, we have plans for stuff.” Ruby raised her eyebrows.

Xavier gave a little laugh. “I know, but the plans will still there plus 4 more weeks when I get back,” Xavier answered. “And we can text and talk on the phone,” Xavier rubbed her arm softly. “Fill your time with April, I’m sure you’ll never even know I am gone.”

“And you won’t go finding a holiday romance?” Ruby questioned as she looked down to the sand and away from Xavier’s gaze.

“Now why would I do that?” Xavier questioned as he put his hand on her chin and lifted her head back up to face him. “That would be rather silly when I have you waiting for me here, wouldn’t it?”

“Extremely,” Ruby answered as a little smile appeared on her face. “I love you Xav.”

“I love you too,” Xavier placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it intensify a little as their tongues found each other’s mouths. “We can go back to my place.....” Xavier pulled back. “I’m not leaving till tonight.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“You sure John won’t walk in on us this time?” Ruby questioned.

“I don’t think so...” Xavier looked a bit unsure.

“Well Mum and Leah are working and VJ is at his grans, so...” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “There will defiantly be no interruptions at my place,” Ruby grinned seductively as her hands went under his t-shirt and rubbed his bare chest. “If you want to...” Ruby leaned forward and kissed his soft lips.

“Mmm, just try and stop me.” Xavier grabbed Ruby’s hand and pulled her off the beach in a hurry as they made their way back to Ruby’s place.


Charlie was sitting in the diner, playing with the last of her salad with her fork. “Can I join you?” Charlie didn’t have to look up to see who was talking her. She knew that voice all too well.

“If you want,” Charlie replied. “But I am heading back to work soon.”

“Oh,” Brax answered as he sat down opposite her. “Busy day?”

“So-so,” Charlie answered as she dropped the fork into the bowl and picked up her now tepid coffee and screwing her face up at the taste as she swallowed the mouthful she’d taken. She discarded the cup close to the plate. “You not working today?” Charlie asked as Leah gave them both a smile as she placed Brax’s coffee on the table before hurrying back to work.

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “Got the whole day to myself,” Brax gave a smile. “Could maybe have dinner or something tonight?” Brax questioned.

“You want to have dinner with me?” Charlie looked up to him, a smile creeping onto her face.

“Yeah,” Brax laughed, not sure if Charlie’s question was serious. “We’ve had dinner together loads of times, why are you so surprised?” Brax questioned. “We’re friends, right?”

“Of course,” Charlie murmured. He wants dinner as friends, he doesn’t want a date. “Uhm.....sure we can have dinner.” Charlie took a deep breath, deciding tonight would be the night. She’d have the rest of the afternoon, and, hopefully, a nice bottle of wine during dinner to pluck up the courage to tell Brax how she really feels.

“Good,” Brax smiled. “I’ll pick you up around 7?” Brax questioned. “We could go to that seafood place in Reefton Lakes you love so much?”

Charlie felt a smile creeping onto her face. That was a romantic little place that was always full of couples out for their anniversaries, where proposal’s took place, out on the deck seating, overlooking the ocean as the moon shone brightly, reflecting from it. “Yeah, that sounds great.” Charlie answered.

“Sweet,” Brax grinned. “So we’re all okay after last night?” Brax wondered. “You left me a little confused, to be honest.”

“Oh yeah?” Charlie sighed. “Sorry, I just....well you know you’d been out with Natalie then expected me to sleep with you,” Charlie spoke quietly, aware that Colleen was lurking near-by. “I just felt a bit....weird about it.”

Brax mustered a little laugh. “Right, sorry, guest it was pretty daft of me to expect you to be okay with it,” Brax said. “Should have probably waited a few days after the date, right?”

“Something like that,” Charlie muttered. “Anyways, I need to get to back to work, but, I’ll see you tonight.” Charlie smiled as she walked away, hoping that maybe Brax regretted his date with Natalie and tonight, he too would be laying his heart on the line by telling her how he really felt. She knew it would probably be a long shot, but, a girl could dream, right?


Ruby and Xavier were in Ruby’s bedroom, Xavier on top of Ruby, nibbling at her neck as Ruby’s hands caressed his back. Ruby was down to her bra and panties and Xavier had a noticeable bulge in boxers. Ruby felt her heart beating faster than normal and she wasn’t sure if it was the excitement of the moment, the nerves or a mixture of both. Xavier came up from nibbling on her neck, and slid his hands down her sides before reaching under her back and unclasping her bra strap before placing a soft kiss on her lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen as she could feel Xavier’s hardness press against her. “Xav,” Ruby pulled back and looking into his eyes. “Do eh...”

“Are you okay?” Xavier whispered, his breath a little hurried. “We don’t have too.”

“I want too,” Ruby rubbed her hand over his bare chest. “But do you have something....” Ruby trailed off.

“What do I need a breath mint or something?” Xavier breathed out onto his hand, trying to sniff at his breath.

“No,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “I meant...you know...” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “A condom.” Ruby whispered.

“Oh.” Xavier looked a little red in the face as he reached down for his shorts and pulled his wallet out the back pocket. He flicked it open and Ruby noticed he looked a little flustered.

“Everything okay?” Ruby questioned as she sat up in her bed and rubbed his back.

“I eh...” Xavier rubbed the back of his head. “I’m sorry, I could have sworn I had one in here...” Xavier’s voice got quieter as the sentence ended. “I eh....you’re not on the pill, are you?”

“Xav, I haven’t had sex yet,” Ruby exhaled. “There’d really be no need right now.” Ruby pursed her lips together as she saw the saddened look on Xavier’s face.

“Okay, what about your mum?” Xavier questioned. “Can’t you just take one of hers?”

“No,” Ruby’s voice raised a little. “Besides from the fact that I don’t even know if she is on the pill, I’m pretty sure, if she is, she’d know one was missing and it wouldn’t....” Ruby shook her head not even bothering to finish her sentence. “I can’t do that.”

“Okay, well,” Xavier rubbed the back of his head. “Maybe there are condoms in the house. Leah is with Miles and your mum and Brax.....have sex,” Xavier screwed his face up, not sure how else to put it. “Worth a look, no?”

“Snooping in my mum’s room for condoms?” Ruby raised one eyebrow. “That’s a bit....” Ruby shook her head. “And there’s no way I’ll snoop in Leah’s room.”

“Ah,” Xavier rolled his eyes. “What about the bathroom? Maybe they keep some in there?”

“Where Veej could find them?” Ruby shook her head.

“Uh okay well,” Xavier exhaled. “I’ll snoop.” Xavier went to stand up but Ruby put her hand onto his arm and pulled him back to sitting on the bed. She wrapped her arms around his chest, caressing it lightly before placing a soft kiss on his neck.

“Maybe we should just wait,” Ruby exhaled. “If we were supposed to then maybe you’d have had one with you,” Ruby told him. “And, I’ll go on the pill,” Ruby said. “So, you know, for next time we can be really ready.”

Xavier exhaled before he gave a little nod of his head. “Sure,” Xavier said. “When I get back from Bali?”

“Yeah, after Bali.” Ruby placed a kiss on his lips this time, before they got up and began to get redressed.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie put the mascara back into her make-up bag and reached for her lip gloss. She applied it before checking herself out in the mirror. She was a lot more dressed up that usual for dinner with Brax, but she was hoping tonight was going to be more special. Her hair had been left down and straightened and she’d done a smoky-eye look with her eye make-up. She was wearing a blue strapless dress that cut just above the knee and hugged her in all the right places. She’d worn this dress the first night she and Brax had hooked up and remembered his fondness for it. She took a deep breath before slipping her feet into her black heels before she picked up her clutch bag and walked out into the hall and into the living room. She heard a whistle and she looked up to see Leah staring at her from behind the ironing board. “Someone looks all dressed up.” Leah raised her eyebrows.

“Wow Aunty Charlie,” VJ turned around on the couch as he looked at her. “Are you going to a party?”

“No, just going out for dinner.” Charlie told him, Leah noticing the smile on her face was ever growing lager.

“With a boyfriend?” VJ questioned.

“Well...he’s a boy and he’s my friend.” Charlie answered, hoping that by the end of the night she could say that he was in fact her boyfriend.

“Well you look beautiful,” VJ grinned. “The best dress lady ever.”

“Aww thanks Veej,” Charlie smiled as he turned back around to watch his movie. “I’m not over the top am I?” Charlie looked down to herself as she turned to Leah.

“No, Veej is right,” Leah told her. “You look gorgeous. Brax would be an idiot to refuse you.”

“Well,” Charlie crossed her fingers momentarily before taking a deep breath as nerves started to sink in. “I’m doing the right thing by telling him, right?” Charlie sounded unsure with her decision.

“Yes,” Leah nodded. “Very much so,” She put the iron down in the holder and leaned herself against the iron board. “I’m not sure why it’s taken you so long to tell him, if I am honest.”

“Well,” Charlie exhaled. “What we have is comfortable and I guess I’m just scared that I mess it all up,” Charlie confided in her friend. “I want to be with him properly, but, you know, it’s....” Charlie sighed lightly. “Well it’s not just up to me, is it?”

“No,” Leah answered. “But he must feel something for you if you two keep having.....sleepovers,” Leah spoke quieter, aware that her young son was sitting very close by. “You should have just got together properly from the beginning if you ask me.”

“It was complicated,” Charlie sighed. “I’d just come out of a long-term thing with Angelo and he and Tegan were off again and we just thought -” Charlie was cut off by the sounds of her mobile beeping. She took it from her clutch and a smile crept on her face as she saw it was Brax. Probably a message saying he was on his way, as she noticed it was already 7.04pm. Will need to take a rain check on tonight, Nat turned up with picnic type thing, can hardly turn her away, can I? I’ll make it up to you. Promise. Bx.

Leah noticed the saddening look on her friends face. “Everything alright?” Leah questioned.

“Yeah he eh....he’s....something’s came up.” Charlie answered, trying her best to keep her voice from breaking as she felt her eyes gloss over with tears.

“So, you mean he’s not....” Charlie didn’t hear the rest of Leah’s question. She’d already left the room and returned to her bedroom. She shut her door rather loudly in frustration before leaning against it, hitting her head off it in disappointment. She exhaled; sad she was no longer going to have a night out with Brax.


Ruby rapped on the door before walking in. She found Charlie huddle on the bed, looking down at a magazine but Ruby knew she wasn’t actually reading it. “I thought you might be hungry.” Ruby said as she joined Charlie on her bed. Charlie gave her daughter an appreciative smile as she threw the magazine to the side and took the bowl and fork from her. She took a mouthful as Ruby cuddled next to her.

“This is great,” Charlie smiled. “You certainly don’t get your cooking skills from me.” Charlie nudged her daughter before putting another forkful into her mouth.

“It’s just pasta with a tomato sauce,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Hardly rocket science.”

“Well for me cooking mostly is,” Charlie managed a small laugh. “So, you’re home from April’s early tonight.”

“Yeah,” Ruby exhaled. “I eh, I saw Brax and Natalie out...” Ruby stopped talking. “Well I knew you were supposed to be going out with him, so....” Ruby looked up to her mother, her face showing concern. “I can’t believe he cancelled on you for her.”

“How do you know that’s what happened?” Charlie questioned before taking another mouthful of pasta.

“Well I sorta just figured,” Ruby exhaled. “I mean you were hardly going to cancel, were you? You were all set to tell him how you felt.”

“Well....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “How do you know I didn’t chicken out?” Charlie questioned.

“Well you’re looking a bit upset so there’s a clue right there and Leah might have mentioned it when I came home,” Ruby exhaled. “Hence the comfort food.” Ruby gave a little grin as she pointed to the bowl of pasta.

“Comfort food is more like ice-cream, a bag of chips and a big bar of chocolate,” Charlie sighed.

“I go to all that trouble getting some water to boil to cook the pasta and you have no idea how hard it is to open a jar of sauce,” Ruby mocked offence. “Seriously, mother, show some thanks.”

Charlie gave a little laugh. “No, I mean, I needed to eat so I do appreciate that you thought to make something for me,” Charlie gave her daughter a smile. “I just meant if you think of comfort food you -”

“I know,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “And don’t worry; I have a stash we can get out for dessert.” Ruby gave her mother a cheeky grin and Charlie smiled as she looked into her daughters beautiful face. She loved how caring and concerned for others her daughter was.

“Sounds good.” Charlie said before taking another mouthful.

“Yeah, but...” Ruby bit her lip. “Mum, you know deserve better than being Brax’s friends with benefits, I’ll be with you when it suits me,” Ruby told her. “You deserve to be worshiped and loved and taken great care of,” Ruby rubbed her back as she spoke. “You’ll find someone to give you that and more one day.”

“I don’t want just someone,” Charlie shook her head. “I want Brax.”

“Well if he can’t see that you are beautiful and funny and kind and caring and....we’ll it’s his loss,” Ruby said. “His own stupid loss.”

“Yeah maybe it is.” Charlie pursed her lips together.

“It is,” Ruby said. “There’s no maybe about it,” Ruby told her. “Just cut him out, Mum. I know it’ll be hard at first, but, maybe at the end of the day, it’s going to be better than feeling like this?”

“I wouldn’t think so,” Charlie muttered. “Anyways, Rubes,” Charlie was keen to change the subject from her seemingly disastrous love live. “I’ve been thinking and if you and Xavier are going to start being.....active, then....I’d like you to go on the pill.”

“Yeah, that eh....I was kinda thinking that myself anyways,” Ruby said, surprising Charlie a little. She thought Ruby would freak out and say she wasn’t talking about that with her mother. “So eh, I’ll make an appointment and stuff.”

“You want me to come with you?” Charlie questioned.

“No no no,” Ruby shook her head. “No, honestly,” Charlie saw Ruby getting redder, like she’d embarrassed her daughter by offering to go with her. “It’s fine, I’ll get it sorted.”

“Okay,” Charlie gave her a little smile before taking another forkful of the pasta. “So, what you going to do with yourself now Xavier had been whisked away on a last minute holiday?”

“Dunno,” Ruby gave a shrug. “Maybe my awesome mother will surprise me by telling me I am also being whisked away on a last minute holiday?” Ruby gave her a cheeky grin.

“Ha,” Charlie laughed. “As lovely as it would be, I just can’t take time off work right now,” Charlie explained. “We’re still looking for a replacement for David, so,” Charlie shook her head. “I’m sure you’ll keep yourself occupied though.” Charlie told her.

“Oh yeah the beach is calling my name,” Ruby grinned. “Surf a bit and work on my tan.” Ruby told her mother.

“Sounds good,” Charlie smiled at her daughter. “And I’m not working Thursday so maybe if you wanted we could go into the city and get some new summer clothes?” Charlie questioned. “Nice new bikini and some cute little summer dresses or something?”

“Never going to say no to shopping.” Ruby answered with a grin.

“So you won’t mind being seen in public with your old, sad, uncool mother?” Charlie questioned.

“You’re really not all that,” Ruby shook her head. “As far as mother’s go, I’ve kinda lucked out.” Ruby said and Charlie smiled.

“What are you after?” Charlie questioned.

“Mother,” Ruby put her hand onto her chest, once again mocking offence. “I’m just being nice.”

“Yeah, I know,” Charlie tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear. “Now, how about you keep being nice and go get this comfort food desert we’ve talked of.” Charlie said and Ruby took the empty bowl and the fork from her mother before leaving the room to get some snacks.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie turned around from shutting her curtains as she felt a presence behind her. Sure enough there was Brax standing in her doorway. “Leah let me in,” Brax explained. “I eh, I just came to see if you were okay?”

“I’m fine,” Charlie answered. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Charlie took her dressing gown off, resting it against the chair in the corner of the room, showing off her silky blue pyjamas, the spaghetti strap from the vest top falling off her shoulder.

“Well you didn’t reply to my text so...” Brax rubbed the back of his head.

Charlie gave a little shrug before lifting her strap up onto her shoulder. “I didn’t really feel like I needed too,” Charlie answered. “You cancelled. What could I say?”

“Just okay sure, no problem...something like that,” Brax answered. “You know, just to let me know you’d got it.”

“Well I’ll remember that if it happens again,” Charlie sighed. “Although I’d rather not play second fiddle to Natalie.”

“I’m sorry, but she turned up with this picnic basket full of wine and food and strawberries,” Brax exhaled. “What was I supposed to say?”

“How about this looks great, but I have plans, I’m sorry,” Charlie retorted. “It’s not okay to just stand me up like that,” Charlie said. “I may not be your girlfriend but I’m still a human being with feelings and....stuff.”

“Well all I can say is sorry,” Brax said sincerely. “I am Charlie; I was looking forward to tonight.”

“Why?” Charlie questioned. “Because you knew you were going to get sex?”

“Yes,” Brax answered. “No, well yes of course I thought that might be a possibility, but, I was looking forward to hanging out with you,” Brax took a few steps closer to her. “Your awesome, your gorgeous, we get on so well and it’s nice,” Brax smiled. “I love being in your company, Charlie.”

“So then why cancel on me for Natalie?” Charlie asked but then immediately wished she hadn’t. She didn’t really want to know how he felt about Natalie, not yet anyways.

“Well you know she....” Brax trailed off as he once again took a step closer to Charlie and put his hand onto her arm, rubbing it gently. “She’s a nice girl and she came around and had obviously gone to a lot of effort with the basket she’d made up and stuff and I just didn’t have it in me to send her home disappointed.”

“But it was okay to disappoint me?” Charlie questioned.

“No, I guess it wasn’t, but,” Brax exhaled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would mean that much to you to have dinner with me tonight,” Brax said. “I’ll make it up to you,” Brax gave her a seductive smile and Charlie already felt herself go weak at the knees. Brax leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips, before wrapping his arms around her, lightly caressing her back. Charlie moaned into the kiss, knowing she was wrong for letting this continue, but she couldn’t help it. At least this way, and more important, right in this moment, she got to be with Brax. As he ran his hands under her pyjama top the kiss intensified as Charlie brought her hands up and started to unbutton his shirt.

“Wait,” Charlie whispered almost breathlessly as she pulled back. “Did anything happen with Natalie tonight?”

“Why is that important?” Brax questioned.

“Because it is,” Charlie said. “Answer me.”

“Uh-uh,” Brax shook his head. “I walked her home, said goodnight and that was it.” Brax told her. Charlie studied his face and sensed he was telling the truth. She smiled a little before leaning up and placing another kiss on his lips and she undid the last few buttons of his shirt before throwing it to the ground. Brax lifted her pyjama top up over her head before their lips crashed back together as Charlie undid the button then the zipper on his pants. She slipped her hand in and teasingly ran it along the rim of his boxers as Brax caressed her bum cheeks, his hands down her shorts and under her panties. They both gave a moan as the passion increased and they moved closer to her bed. Brax fell backwards onto it and Charlie straddled over him, the kiss only becoming more passionate as their tongues crashed together, while their hands pulled at each other’s remaining clothes, ripping them from each other’s bodies.


Ruby was looking down at her phone, her thumbs hitting the keys as she text a reply. “Think I might have to take you to the hospital,” April exhaled. “Get you surgically removed from your phone.”

“Huh?” Ruby glanced up at hearing something coming from April before looking back down to her phone.

“Rubes,” April sighed. “I thought we were going to hang out,” April said. “As as gorgeous as your hair is, I’d rather have a conversation with my friend than see the top of your head.”

“Sorry,” Ruby hit the keys a few more times before sending the text out to Xavier. “I miss him.” Ruby put the phone down on the table, but kept her gaze on it as she waiting for a reply.

“He hasn’t even been gone a day yet,” April rolled her eyes. “Besides, doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?” April wondered. “I say no contact for two weeks and when he gets home you’ll be that loved up that you’ll have the most amazing first time experience ever.”

Ruby gave a little laugh as she moved the straw around her smoothie. “Sorry, I promise no more texting him today,” Ruby said. “At least if I am with you.” Ruby murmured but not quite quiet enough for April not to hear.

“Ha, I’ll just make sure of that then.” April said quickly grabbing Ruby’s phone from the table and putting it safely into her bag, where Ruby couldn’t get it.

“No,” Ruby leaned forward as April pulled her bag from Ruby’s reach. “You can’t do that to me.”

“Well at least this way you’ll stick to your promise,” April gave a little laugh, seeing the looking of almost devastation on Ruby’s face. “I really won’t be that bad,” April said. “I’m not that dull.”

“No, I know,” Ruby’s eyes widened as she heard her phone buzzing with a reply. “Please, please, please.” Ruby clasped her hands together, like she was praying, pleading for April to give her her phone back.

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “The text isn’t going anywhere.” April told her.

“What if it’s an emergency?” Ruby questioned. “It might be my mum,” Ruby said. “I need to check it.” Ruby of course knew fine well that the text was more than likely just a reply from Xavier, but, she was willing to try anything to get her phone back. April exhaled as she fished the phone out of her bag and looked to the screen. 1 new message: Xav . “Nah, just lover boy,” April flung the phone back into her bag before flinging the bag over her shoulder. “Ready to go swim?” April questioned. Ruby sighed as she drank the last of her smoothie before standing up from the table, picking up her bag and walking out of the surf club, heading down to the beach with her friend.


Charlie and Bianca were having a coffee in the diner before they were going to go into town and do some shopping. Bianca wanted to start buying some stuff for the baby and seeing as she didn’t need to be at work till 6.30pm, Charlie decided to go along with her. “So,” Bianca wrapped her hands around her tea cup. “You going to make me ask how dinner with Brax went last night?” Bianca asked.

“It didn’t happen,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Apparently Natalie turned up with a cosy indoor picnic so he had to cancel.”

“Oh,” Bianca said. “Well, that’s a shame.”

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled. “Didn’t stop him coming around later though.” Charlie raised her eyebrows.

“You didn’t,” Bianca sighed and Charlie gave a little nod. “Charlie, it’s things like that that makes him think it’s acceptable to just turn up when he feels like it,” Bianca told her. “He can’t get away with using you like that.”

“I know,” Charlie exhaled as she rubbed her forehead with her palm. “There’s just something about him....he makes me weak at the knees and he makes my heart flutter and...” Charlie trailed off as she shook her head.

“For God’s sake talk to him,” Bianca insisted. “You need to tell him how you really feel. It’s stupid how you’re not, to be frank,” Bianca said. “Yeah there’s always that little scary part when you need to tell someone how you feel, that you’re in love with them, but, it could also end up being really great for you. You might be just about to get everything you always wanted,” Bianca told her. “And you have to do it now before you let things get any further with Natalie.”

Charlie exhaled as she looked to the counter where Natalie and Brax had just walked in. They were both laughing dopily at something, a little glint in their eyes. “I want him to be happy,” Charlie felt a little hurt at the scene. “I eh....he looks like he really likes her and I’m not about to ruin his happiness,” Charlie took a deep breath. “I’ll put a stop whatever we have and let him be with her.”

“But you love him,” Bianca was shocked by Charlie’s sudden decision. “Don’t you want to know if he feels the same?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t,” Charlie answered as she saw the lightest of grazes with his hand against Natalie’s bum. “He wouldn’t be dating Natalie if he did, would he?” Charlie pushed back tears that wanted to fall. “No, my minds made up. I’m not telling him how I feel,” Charlie exhaled. “Whatever we had is over.”

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Thank you for the comments.


Charlie was sitting on the beach, listening as the waves lapped gently against the shore. The hot summer sun was shining against her skin, giving her a lovely shiny glow. It had been two weeks since she’d told Bianca that she was going to end whatever it was she and Brax had going on and she’d done her best to avoid him ever since. She’d seen him and Natalie out a few times but didn’t really stick around long enough to see if anything happened with them or to be noticed by Brax. She felt his presence behind her before she heard him talk. “Wayhey, she is still alive,” Brax gave a little laugh as he sat down next to her in the sand. “Where have you been hiding?”

“Just been busy with work,” Charlie answered, keeping her gaze out to the ocean. “And hanging with Rubes.”

“I’ve missed ya,” Brax told her as he put his hand onto her thigh and gently rubbed it. Charlie shuffled herself to the side a little, causing Brax’s hand to fall to the sand. He rubbed the back of his head, confused. “Everything alright?” Brax questioned.

“Fine,” Charlie gave a weak smile. “How about you?”

“Yeah, eh....” Brax paused. “You know that was me knocking on your window the other night?” Brax questioned. “Or, weren’t you in?” She was in. She just chose to ignore it and soon enough he left.

“I must have been at work.” Charlie lied.

“Oh,” Brax exhaled. “I eh....knocked on the door last night,” Brax said. “Leah said you were feeling a little under the weather so it was probably best if I just left,” Brax told her. “You feeling alright now, I take it?”

“Eh yeah.” Charlie cleared her throat, unaware that Leah had lied for her, but she did appreciate it.

Brax exhaled, feeling unconvinced. “Charlie, have I done anything wrong?” Brax questioned. “It’s just, you’ve not been answering my texts lately and I dunno it feels like you have been avoiding me.”

“Why would I avoid you?” Charlie questioned.

“I don’t know,” Brax shrugged. “I was hoping you’d tell me that.” Brax looked up to her, flashing a smile, the smile that always made her heart flutter.

“I was just giving you space,” Charlie exhaled. “You know, you’re with Natalie now and I figured you didn’t need me in the way.”

“Charlie, Natalie and I....”Brax trailed off as he shook his head. “We don’t need to stop being friends,” Brax told her. “I’m allowed to have friends you know. She’s not....you know Nat and I aren’t exclusive,” Brax said. “It doesn’t mean things need to stop between us.” Brax once again put his hand onto her thigh, rubbing it gently.

“Of course it does,” Charlie raised her voice. “Because you like someone else and you should be with her,” Charlie felt her eyes glossing over with tears. “We always knew this couldn’t go on forever anyways, right?”Charlie questioned. “One of us was bound to meet someone eventually.”

“Well...I guess,” Brax sounded disappointed that Charlie was seemingly ending whatever it was they had going on. “But Charlie, about me and Natalie, we -”

“I don’t want to hear about you and her,” Charlie said. “Sorry, but, I’m not the friend who you can talk to about that stuff, okay, it’s just.....weird.” Charlie stood up from the sand, brushing her hands lightly over the back of her dress before leaning down and picking up her bag. Brax sighed lightly as he watched her walking away. He knew right now it was best to leave her. He knew something was bothering her; he just wasn’t quite sure what that was just yet.


Ruby and Xavier were sitting in Xavier’s bedroom. He looked all tanned, freshly back from his holiday in Bali. He’d given Ruby a little off-pink shell bracelet which she’d put on immediately. “Thanks again for this,” Ruby ran her hand over it as she spoke. “I love it.”

“You’re very welcome,” Xavier rubbed her arm as they were snuggled up on his bed. “So, did you do many fun things while I was gone?”

“Hung out with April, mostly at the beach,” Ruby answered. “Mum took me shopping and I got some new clothes....oh and I went to the doctors.”

“Oh,” Xavier raised his eyebrows. “Good to know. I eh...I also got...” Xavier turned and opened his bedside drawer, pulling out the box of condoms.

“Well it does look like we are all prepared then eh?” Ruby questioned as Xavier put the box down on the bedside table. He gave her a smile as he looked around the room. The lights were off, but it was getting dark out, so the room was getting dim, but he’d lighten a few candles, trying to set the mood a little. Ruby looked into Xavier’s eyes, smiling as she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips. As the kissing continued and intensified, Ruby had discarded Xavier’s t-shirt to the floor, where it lay next to Ruby’s singlet. Xavier was straddling over Ruby as she leaned back against the headboard, her fingers lightly caressing his bare back as his hand lingered near her breasts.

“Mmm,” Xavier gave a soft moan as Ruby pulled at the string on his shorts. He sat up a little allowing her to push them down him, before he pulled them off completely, Ruby becoming very aware of how much he wanted her, given the noticeable bulge in his boxers. He leaned back down and kissed her neck softly as his hands slid down her stomach before pulling at her skirt, throwing it to the floor to join the rest of their discarded clothes. “You’re so gorgeous,” Xavier whispered as he ran his hand over the rim of her panties before eagerly removing them from her body. He discarded her bra just as quickly, then Ruby removed his boxers before they met in a passionate kiss. Xavier eventually pulled back and looked down into Ruby’s big expressive green eyes. She looked scared and a little nervous. “Don’t be scared,” Xavier whispered. “I’ll be gentle.”

Ruby gave him a shy smile as he leaned over for the box of condoms and took one from the box, knocking the candle a little further forward as he chucked the box back on the bedside table. Ruby watched as Xavier got himself ready before he smiled down at her and leaned in, placing a soft, longing kiss on her lips. “Xav,” Ruby whispered just as he was positioning himself at her entrance. “Xav.” Ruby said again, pushing lightly on his chest.

“What?” Xavier looked down into her eyes. “Do you not want too?”

“I can smell burning,” Ruby said. Xavier and Ruby turned their head to the side and Xavier shouted explicates as he leapt off the bed.

“S***,” Xavier yelled. “How the hell did that happen?” Xavier looked to the curtain, seeing it was smoking, a little orange glow in the corner from where the candle had burned it. He blew onto it, seemingly thinking this would help as Ruby flung his t-shirt over her body before running out of the room, returning moments later and flinging a glassful of water over the edge of the curtain.

“That was too close.” Xavier exhaled as they sat down on the bed, Xavier running his hand through his hair. Ruby put her hand onto his suntanned back and rubbed it gently.

“Yeah, my heart is pounding,” Ruby sounded out of breath. Xavier turned to face her and put his hand where her heart would be. He raised his eyes at the speed it was going, but figured maybe some of it was to do with what they were about to do, before the burning curtain got in the way. “You’re mum is going to freak,” Ruby said. “What are you going to tell her?”

“Eh,” Xavier rubbed the back of his head. “Nothing, I’ll hide the curtain behind the bedside table,” Xavier told her. “It’s not that bad so she’ll never need to know.”

“We were pretty lucky though, right?” Ruby questioned as her eyes widened. “It could have turned out a lot worse.”

“Yeah it could,” Xavier agreed. “But, it didn’t, thankful, so...” Xavier smiled at his girlfriend before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“Mmm,” Ruby pulled back, seeing Xavier’s excitement had now ended. “Do you mind if eh -”

“It’s okay,” Xavier pulled the condom from himself before leaning down and picking up his boxers and putting them on. He grabbed a few tissues from his shelf and wrapped the condom up before throwing it into his bin, before re-joining Ruby on the bed where they lay down together. Ruby snuggled close to him as he wrapped his arm around her, gently rubbing her back as Ruby’s fingers gently caressed his chest.

“I’m sorry,” Ruby mumbled. “But the moods sort of been ruined, don’t you think?”

Xavier exhaled, unsure. He would be up for doing it right now but it was clear that Ruby wasn’t and he wasn’t about to force her into something she didn’t want to do. “Yeah,” Xavier cleared his throat. “Maybe next time eh?” Xavier sighed lightly before placing a soft kiss on her forehead before they lay there, snuggled in together on his bed.

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Thanks for the comments. Not much longer beebee! :P


It had been a couple of days since Charlie and Brax’s chat on the beach. She’d seen him once since, as she was outside the surf club questioning some teenage thugs, so lucky; she was working so he knew not to talk to her. He was with Natalie anyways, she was laughing at something he was saying, looking slightly gooey eyed at him. “Here,” Bianca put the drinks down on the table. Charlie gladly took the wine in her hand and took a rather big swig. Her, Bianca and Leah were out for the night, Ruby and Xavier on babysitting duty. Although Charlie had instructed that Xavier wasn’t to sleepover, she had a feeling that her daughter would somehow ignore her mother’s comment. Bianca exhaled as she got shot a disapproving look from a woman who looked around her mother’s age. She exhaled as she put her hand onto her tiny bump and rubbed it gently. “I’m not drinking,” Bianca defended herself but the woman shook her head and walked away. “Gosh you come out for a fun night with your friends and you get all sorts of grief.”

“Maybe we should have done dinner at Angelo’s instead,” Leah suggested. “Maybe the pub was a bit of a silly idea.”

“I think the pub was a great idea,” Charlie enthused before taking another large gulp of her wine. “Great idea indeed and I plan to get sozzled.”

“You know getting drunk won’t make the Brax situation go away?” Bianca questioned as she took a sip of her lime and soda.

“No s*** Sherlock,” Charlie rolled her eyes. “But even if it is just for that little while it’ll make me feel better and not like a sad single loser.”

“You’re not a sad single loser,” Bianca spoke softly as she leaned forward and rubbed her friend’s hand. “You’re gorgeous Charlie and I bet you could get any guy in this pub.”

Charlie looked around the room. “Yeah, well unless he has these gorgeous soft green eyes and fair hair and has these cute little dimples when he smiles and answers to the name Darryl Braxton then I’m not interested.”

“You really love him, don’t you?” Leah questioned.

“Haven’t I made that obvious to you two?” Charlie exhaled. “But stupid doesn’t-know-how-to-handle-relationship’s me leaves it too late to tell him and now he’s probably having steamy hot sex with Natalie and....” Charlie trails off, not wanting to get that picture in her head. “Argh,” Charlie sighed before leaning down and banging her head off the table. “Great and now I’ve probably egged my head.” Charlie sat back up as she rubbed her forehead.

“Well maybe when it comes to love it’s never too late,” Leah speaks tentatively. “It’s always nice to hear someone loves you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Bianca agreed. “Maybe this is a chance you just need to take.”

“Just go for it,” Leah gave her an encouraging smile. “Really, knowing you’ve given it a chance has got to make you feel better than you do now.”

“Totally agree with Leah,” Bianca nodded her head a little. “And if you do take that chance you might be about to get everything you’ve wanted for so long.”

“He’s dating you’re friend though,” Charlie screwed her face up. “Would you like to see her upset?”

“Well it would suck for Natalie, but,” Bianca trailed off. “You’re like my sister and I’d love you see you happy and then, maybe, if all goes well, you really will be even more like my sister.”

Charlie took a deep breath before pursing her lips together, seriously thinking about what her friends were saying. Maybe she was just going to have to bite the bullet and tell Brax how she really felt. Yeah maybe she would end up hurting Natalie, but, her own happiness was more important to her and she was bound to at least stand a little chance in Brax returning the feelings giving how keen he always seemed to be to sleep with her. The only thing that was stopping her was that he’d never broached the subject, but then again, maybe he was scared, just like she was. But then, why date Natalie? It doesn’t exactly scream I love you Charlie, let’s be exclusive. She let out a sigh of frustration before picking up her wine glass and glugging it down, before standing up from the table. “Are you?” Leah questioned as she pointed to the door as she saw the look on Charlie’s face.

Charlie gave a nod before picking up Leah’s wine glass and glugging it down too. She needed that little bit more courage. “Gotta run before I change my mind.” Charlie spoke hurriedly before she picked up her clutch and ran from the pub hailing down a cab and giving the driver Brax’s address.


Ruby ran her hands over Xavier’s bare back as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. He was lightly squeezing her bum cheeks as they let the kiss become more passionate. “Ahh Ruby,” They pulled back as they heard VJ’s little voice through the house before her bedroom door burst open. Luckily, Xavier still had his shorts on and Ruby was still fully dressed. “Ruby, I had a bad dream.”

VJ ran over to her wrapping his arms around her waist. “Aww no,” Ruby ran her hand through his soft blond hair. “What happened?”

“Well I was on this rock and there was lots of lava and these green monster things were in the lava and then this devil bear thing came out and they were all chasing me but I had nowhere to go because everything was lava.” VJ looked up to Ruby, his face all serious and she could feel his heart beating faster against her.

“Aww buddy that sounds horrible.” Ruby continued to rub his head.

“It was,” VJ answered. “Really really horrible.”

“Dude, you want me to take you back to bed?” Xavier questioned. “I can read you a story, see if we can get those thoughts out of your head?”

“Can you read some of James and the Giant Peach?” VJ questioned. “Mummy started to read me some of that last night,” VJ said. “It’s so good.”

“Yeah sure I can,” Xavier smiled. “You go though and get it to the right page and I’ll be through in a minute, alright?”

“Yeah.” VJ nodded excitedly, his bad dream already forgotten about as he ran out of Ruby’s bedroom.

“I think someone is trying to tell us something.” Ruby tried to make it a joke but she sounded disappointed that once again something stopped them for having sex.

“We’re just a little unlucky,” Xavier sighed. “I mean I know I want too,” Xavier said. “Do you?”

“Yeah of course,” Ruby answered quickly. “Well I mean....you won’t go comparing me to Freya, will you?” Ruby questioned before looking away from him.

“Aww Rubes,” Xavier rubbed her cheek. “You are already way better than Freya.” Xavier smiled and Ruby returned one.

“Xavier,” VJ shouted through the house. “Are you coming?”

“Yeah mate, be right there,” Xavier answered before he leaned forward and placed a kiss on Ruby’s lips. “I won’t be long.” Xavier said before grabbing his t-shirt and putting it back on before going to read VJ his story.


Charlie stood outside the door of his house. She took a deep breath, wondering what the hell she was doing. What if Heath was around since Bianca was out? Or worse, what if Natalie was there? That thought hadn’t even entered her mind. She shakily brought her hand up to the doorbell and pushed her finger against it. She took a step back and thought about running as she heard footsteps coming towards the door. “Charlie,” Brax looked surprised to see her. “You look stunning,” Brax compliment her. She was wearing a red halter neck dress, her hair was up in a loose chignon and her make-up was subtle, but there. “Wow.”

She gave a nervous smile. “Is eh....are you alone?”

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “Case is out at a mates so it’s just me.” Brax gave her a smile.

“Good, because I eh,” Charlie felt herself clutching her silver clutch even closer to her. “I...” She swallowed as she stared at him. He was wearing board shorts and his checked shirt was open, his toned body showing ever so slightly. “Can I come in?” Charlie questioned.

“Of course, sorry,” Brax gave a nod as he gestured for her to step in. She took a deep breath as she walked in, kicking her heels off, much to her relief. The strap at the front had been digging into her big toe. Pretty shoes, but, they hurt whenever she wore them. She threw her clutch on the couch before turning to look at Brax. “Can I get you a drink or anything?” Brax questioned.

“No, no thanks.” Charlie shook her head as she felt her palms becoming a little sweaty. She wiped them on the side of her dress.

“Are you alright?” Brax questioned, seeing she looked terrified.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded. “There’s something I need to tell you and -”

“Oh God are you pregnant?” Brax clapped his hand over his mouth. “Is that why you’ve been off with me lately? You’re scared at how I would react?”

“No no,” Charlie shook her head. “Definitely not pregnant.” Charlie would love to have babies with Brax, just not right now. She couldn’t help but get the image of Brax and their toddler son walking out into the ocean, Brax with a boogie board under his arm, ready to give his son his first surf lesson. She smiled lightly at the thought.

“So what is it?” Brax’s question brought Charlie away from her dream.

“I eh....” Charlie took a deep breath. “I miss you.” Charlie decided to start lightly, not wanting to shock him straight away with her declaration of love.

Brax smiled, his dimples showing, causing Charlie’s heart to flutter. “I miss you too.” Brax exhaled as he took a step closer to her and put his hands on her arms, caressing them gently. Before Charlie had the chance to talk again, she felt Brax’s lips smacking against hers. She moaned into the kiss as it deepened instantly, their tongues crashing together. Brax moaned as he ran his hands down her back and gently squeezed her bum cheeks, pushing Charlie in closer to him. Charlie brought her hand up and ran it over his bare chest, welcoming back the feeling of his muscular, toned, body. She took his shirt from his body and threw it to the ground just before Brax picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling safe as his arms wrapped around her, as if locking her in place. He started softly kissing her neck as he made his way out of the living room and along the hall into his bedroom. He lay her down on his bed and straddled over her and their lips crashed back together again. Charlie knew this was probably the wrong thing to do, especially since he was with Natalie right now. She knew she was supposed to go there to talk to him about how she felt, but, right now, she was so lost in the moment that she figured they would talk later. She lifted her arms up so Brax could remove her dress, before she pulled at the tie on his shorts and removed them from his body. Her underwear and his boxer shorts were discarded to the floor in a matter of seconds and Brax was back to gently kissing her neck as he gently fondled her breast with one hand. She gave a little moan before pulling him closer to her and planting a kiss on his lips, their tongues immediately crashing together. Whatever happened after their talk, would happen and there wasn’t much she could do about it, but she knew that right now, she was about to have a fantastic night with the man she loved.

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Thanks for the comments. :wub:


Charlie woke up with the biggest smile on her face. She turned around in his bed expecting to find him there, but was a little surprised to see she was alone in bed. “Brax?” Charlie called out as she looked over to his bathroom, but she got no reply and it didn’t sound like anyone was in there. She exhaled lightly as she got out of the bed and grabbed one of his shirts that were sitting on the chair in the corner of the room, putting it on herself and messily doing the buttons up, before walking out to the hall and down to the kitchen. “Brax?” Charlie said again but still there was no reply and it seemed he wasn’t in the house. She clicked her tongue as she walked back through to the bedroom and it was then she noticed the little piece of paper on his dresser. Charlie, had early shift at work, got stock taking to do. Didn’t have it in me to wake you – you looked so peaceful. Help yourself to breakfast. I’ll see you later. Bx. She sighed lightly before taking Brax’s shirt from her body and laying it down over the edge of the bed. She got dressed and grabbed her clutch before she quickly left the house. She started to walk home, via the beach, and welcomed the feeling of the damp sand squishing through her toes as she held her heels in her hand. She figured she would go home, get showered and changed then, go to Angelo’s. She was still sure telling Brax was the right thing to do. She smiled as she lets her thoughts get to her. Thinking that in a few hours, less than that even Charlie and Brax could officially be a couple. She gave a giddy little skip but then went back to walking normally when she saw her. She was walking right towards her, with, by the looks of it, intentions to stop and talk. S***. Charlie though. “Hey,” Natalie looked Charlie’s outfit up and down. “Bit fancy for a morning stroll along the beach, no?” Natalie wondered.


Natalie laughed. “Good night last night then?” Natalie questioned.

“Uhm yeah,” Charlie felt embarrassed. “It was indeed,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “I eh....I’m sorry, it was Brax,” Charlie felt it slipping out of her before she could stop herself. “I’m so sorry,” Charlie repeated. “I slept with him and I love him and I....we’ve had this friends with benefits thing going on for months now but I love him. I want so much more than that....I want to be with him exclusively and I know you are dating him but he cheated on you last night and you...” Charlie trailed off, seeing the perplexed looked on Natalie’s face.

“Wow, eh -”

“I’m sorry,” Charlie said again. “I tried to stop myself and I’ve been really good the last couple of weeks but last night I looked into his eyes and I just couldn’t resist, I -”

“There’s something about those eyes, isn’t there?” Natalie exhaled and Charlie gave a little nod, feeling a little confused as to why she didn’t seem mad at her for sleeping with Brax when she was supposed to be with him.

“But Natalie, I really am -”

“Don’t say you’re sorry again,” Natalie cut Charlie off. “Look, Charlie, Brax and I....we’re not....I don’t really think anything is going to happen with us,” Natalie told her. “He’s a lovely guy. One of the best, but,” Natalie sighed sadly. “He’s not really into me,” Natalie clicked her tongue. “I eh, I had a feeling that he liked someone else...crazy isn’t it?” Natalie questioned. “You go on a handful of dates with a guy but you can see he was never really into it to begin with,” Natalie exhaled. “He mentioned you a lot during our dates.” Natalie told her, shocking Charlie a little. She couldn’t believe that she was hearing this, okay so maybe she couldn’t take it 100 percent as it wasn’t from Brax directly, but it was from a woman he’d been dating, surely she’d possibly have a little idea.

“Wow I eh,” Charlie tried to stay casual for Natalie’s sake. She could see she liked him and didn’t want to rub it in. And she didn’t even know for sure he did actually like her yet. “Are you really sure?”

“Well it’s definitely the impression I got,” Natalie told her. “And eh...I don’t know if you’ll actually want to know this or not, but,” Natalie bit her lip. “Brax and I...we never...you know,” Natalie raised her eyebrows. “We only got a far as kissing.”

A smile crept onto Charlie’s face. “Sorry, but eh...” Charlie pointed off the beach. “I eh...”

“Yeah yeah go,” Natalie said. “Go talk to him.” Natalie gave Charlie a smile before she ran off the beach, toward her house, wanting to make herself nice before finally having that conversation with Brax.


Charlie squirted her perfume on one wrist before she gently dabbed it against her other. She put the bottle back on the dresser before putting her phone into her skirt pocket. She’d gone for her orange skirt with matching white and orange stripy singlet and had a pair of strappy sandals on. Her hair had been left down; her chocolate brown waves flowingly down her back. She took a deep breath before walking out of her bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen. She was about to leave when Ruby walked into the house. “Hey, how was your surf?” Charlie questioned. She wanted to leave to get to Brax right now, but felt a little small talk with her daughter was needed first.

“Urgh,” Ruby mumbled as she opened the fridge and pulled out a half drunken glass of orange, Charlie presuming she’d left it at breakfast time. “Wasn’t great today. Don’t think my mind is on it to be honest.” Ruby said before taking a gulp of the juice.

“Oh,” Charlie sounded concerned. “Is something bothering you?” Charlie was hesitant to ask. The last thing she wanted right now was to have a huge discussion with her daughter, as horrible as it sounded, but she knew that she had not told Brax how she was feeling for too long, and wanted to get there now when she was still up for doing it.

“Yeah actually,” Ruby gave a little nod. “Can we talk?”

“Right now?” Charlie questioned.

“Well I mean if you’re too busy for your only daughter....” Ruby sighed.

“No, no, I can talk,” Charlie exhaled. “What’s up?” She stepped closer to her daughter and put her hand onto her shoulder and rubbed it gently as her face showed concern.

“Well,” Ruby started before she looked a little embarrassed. “You know how me and Xav are wanting to....” Ruby paused.

“Take your relationship to the next level?” Charlie questioned and Ruby gave a little nod. “Mmm, what about it?”

“Well...” Ruby looked down. “We’re having some problems.” Ruby spoke quietly.

“What kind of problems?” Charlie questioned.

“Well you know.” Ruby looked up at her mother and gave her this look, as if expecting Charlie to read her mind.

“No, I don’t know,” Charlie gave a little shrug. “Sweetheart if you want to talk to me about it then you’re going to need to tell me exactly what is it,” Charlie said. “Right now I don’t really have anything....I mean can Xavier not get it -”

“No no,” Ruby shook her head. “I mean yes, he’s perfectly capable there,” Ruby exhaled. “It’s...I didn’t think it would be this hard,” Ruby said. “The first time we tried John caught us, then we didn’t have a condom so we didn’t.”

“Well I am glad to hear you are being sensible about it.” Charlie gave her daughter a smile which Ruby returned.

“Anyways,” Ruby exhaled. “The next time we tried Xavier set his curtain on fire then last night Veej had a nightmare so -”

“What did you just say?” Charlie raised her voice.

“Veej had a nightmare.” Ruby scrunched her face up.

“No no before that,” Charlie said. “About setting the curtain on fire?”

“Oh that,” Ruby said. “Well, yeah,” She gave a little shrug. “He had some candles lighten, you know, trying to set the mood and he must have had it too close to the curtains because he kinda burned one a little bit.” Ruby spoke quietly, not sure if admitting that one to her mother was the best idea.

“Where was this?” Charlie questioned, slight panic on her face. “Your curtains here?” Charlie widened her eyes, hoping that wasn’t the case.

“No,” Ruby answered. “At Xavier’s place.”

Charlie gasped. “What did his mum say?”

Ruby gave a shrug. “As far as I am aware he isn’t telling her. It’s not that bad, you know, we didn’t burn the place down, it was just a little glow, more of a singe really.”

“Well thank God for that,” Charlie answered. “So, you’ve had a lot of false starts then?”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “We keep planning these nights where it’s supposed to be special for us but.....well.....they go wrong.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ears before rubbing her cheeks with her hands. “How about, you don’t set a date,” Charlie said. “Don’t go to see Xavier set on having....” Charlie took a deep breath. “Sex,” Charlie added quickly and quietly. The less she had to think or speak about her little girl having sex the better. “It’ll happen when it’s supposed too, okay. You and Xav are in a strong, steady relationship and are in love, so I don’t doubt it,” Charlie once again rubbed her daughter’s cheek. “Take the pressure away and I bet everything goes fine.”

“You think?” Ruby curled her nose up unsure.

“I do,” Charlie nodded as she gave her daughter a smile. “Now, is that everything?”

“Uh-huh,” Ruby nodded. “Why, do you have somewhere you need to be?”

“Kind of,” Charlie answered. “I’m about to go tell Brax how I feel and I think...I think he feels the same.”

“What about Natalie?” Ruby screwed her face up.

“Well I ran into her this morning and....” Charlie paused. “Well she said she could tell he wasn’t that into her and she thinks it’s pretty obvious that he like someone else, or well, me and -”

Ruby’s face lit up at the news. “Well you best get going then,” Ruby pushed her mother towards the door before she even finished her sentence. “Go, go, don’t let me stop you. You can fill me in on the details later.” Ruby gave Charlie a nudge and she stepped out of the house, laughing a little at her daughter’s eagerness before setting off towards Angelo’s.

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