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My Psycho Girl

Guest pembie

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Story Title: My Psycho Girl
Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Dex, April, Sid, Romeo
Other Characters, The Palmers Brax and Heath
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Comedy
Spoilers: No
Any warnings: SC
Summary: In Dex's mind he and April have broken up but are they really each other's soul mates?

Warning sexual references.

Hope you all enjoy this.

My Psycho Girl.

Chapter 1

The tickling feel of her hair against his face as she kisses him roughly causes jolts of orgasamic pleasure to flow through his body. Suddenly there is the sound of something jangling, as the buckle of his belt is loosen. In which soon follows the hottest but mostly disturbing image Dexter Walker is ever likely to witness again, well in this lifetime anyways.

The wild yelps of excitement as April Scott twirls her nerdy boyfriends belt round her head, like some sort of excited cowgirl with her lasso from one of those westerns that Dex often finds his dad Sid Walker sleeping through after a late night shrift at the hospital, causes Dex to shut his eyes tightly.

Maybe this is all a dream? There is a good possibly of that being,…..Yes 95.5% good chance of it being a dream, Dex thinks to himself having just gone through all the variables and calculating equations in his head.

His dreams were often very strange and at the same time wonderful. Why only the other night Dex had found himself having to defend his family from a fire breathing dragon As attacked their farm and eaten some of their sheep. Dex had been brave and fearless as he stood tall and demanding and had slayed that dragon with his sword, while the rest of his family had stayed indoors screaming and being somewhat useless.

Given this fact and the other adventures he found himself having while asleep. The possibility of having April saddled above him pinning him to the bed while……. doing her best impression of a screaming and somewhat psycho cowgirl were in Dex’s mind just another treat, courtesy of his subconscious.

But as Dex hears the sound of his zip of his jeans being undone, and is soon overwhelmed with the agonising pain in which follows a few seconds later. Dex is 100% certain that this isn’t a dream, That this is one of the most painful experiences that the male species can ever go through in life.

With his eyes watering and while letting out a few screaming wails of pain. Dex raises his head from his pillow to glance up at a very concerned looking April. Who is giving Dex’s zip a quick tug again before she shoots her hand back in horrified shock.

“Oh Dex I’m sooo sorry I didn’t mean to get your……….er caught in your zip. My God it looks quite sore will I go ask your dad for some kind of cream to ease the redness?

Breathing hard and starting to cry freely Dex shakes his head. While trying his best to give her a smile to ensure her that this little accident was no biggy, and that it in fact happened all the time.

“Would you like me to give it another tug? I could slowly ease it away from the zip maybe” April says as she looks down with horror at Dex’s trapped manhood.

“NO NO, NO APRIL I WILL SORT IT I WILL I….MY GOD IT SMARTS. April would you mind looking away or leaving the room maybe while I er become less attached with my trousers?

“Oh really you want me to leave?”

Through his pain Dex nods furiously. Was she actually asking a serious question here or just being sarcastic? Dex wasn’t sure as he watches her. It would seem April had no plan what so ever to give him the privacy he oh so wanted in this moment of time.


“Yes Dex?”

“Are you going to leave?”

“No you see Dex we are soulmates, why someday we are going to be married with a about six kids. What is a little embarrassment of you getting your thingy caught in your flies between two lovers like us?”

April then watches as Dex processes to fold himself up into a tight small looking ball. Which causes him to clench his teeth, as the pain from his trapped wonka reaches new higher levels.

“Fine if your staying pass me my batman night vision goggles will you?” Dex says as he tries his best to seek out his trapped and very sore feeling banana.

April passes Dex’s night goggles over to him, and after a long time of fumbling, grunting and swearing. Dex has rescued his trouser snake from the clutches of his evil zip thanks to the wonders of the dark knight and his night vision goggles.

“Phew April you could of made that easier you know and just left the room Dex says falls back onto the bed his eyes closed.

“Who let you up here anyways?”

“Oh no one I climbed through the window. I missed you Dex I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well you sure did that” Dex isn’t too sure but had that been the sound of something being locked together? He was too tired to look now. All he wanted was a nice sleep.

“Oh Dex do you want play a game?”

“April not now I’m tired.”

“Ok Dex how about we just cuddle each other and maybe kiss abit?”

“April you do know we have broken up right? Dex asks as he peers up at his bed posts with a look of horror as he discovers what that locking sound he had heard mere moments before had been.

“Yeah sure Dex, I know we have broken up, that doesn’t mean we can’t see each other anymore does it and be close friends?”

“Sure we can be friends, but I’m sure there is an unspeakable rule which says friends don’t handcuff each other to the bed and…”

“Oh yes well you just wait until I get the strawberries and whipped cream out later. Then you will be thanking me for handcuffing you to the bed.”

Dex gulps.

“I love you Dex.”

Dex stares across at the can of whipped cream poking halfway out of April’s LET’S SAVE THE PLANET FROM LITTER bag .

“Well aren’t you going to say it?”

“Er what?”

“Do you love me Dex?”

“Well love is a funny thing you know. April the feelings I have for you right now are that you’re as batty as a fruitcake, and well I do love myself some fruitcake so make of that as you will.”

“Oh Dex you’re my one and only.”

Dex gulps again. If anyone had told him when he had first came to the bay that he would have had a girlfriend, Dex would of probably died laughing at them. But now to find himself having a stalker was just as equally madly bonkers.

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Thanks Red,Sarah and JT for the comments :D

Hope you like this one.

Chapter 2

The sounds of some very loud grunting makes Romeo stop in his tracks, as he headed passed Dex’s bedroom door. Even the smell of Sid’s sizzling bacon and eggs isn’t enough to tear him away from the very odd and crazy sounds, that he hears from Dex’s room. Which are now growing somewhat very impatient.

“Romeo breakfast”

Romeo nods before daring to open the bedroom door, and taking a peep through the tinniest crack.

“Please don’t be having sex with April Dex please”

Romeo quickly scans round the room hoping for the love of God that he goes unnoticed to Dex and April. Upon on quick inspection Romeo catches the bright hot sun shinning through a slightly ajar window. Dex’s Pokémon curtains blowing lightly in the warm breeze. Next thing Romeo takes in is Dex’s Avengers Assemble bed spread. And it is there spread out like some kind of rag doll that he sees a sweaty Dex looking very relived.

“Oh Romeo thank Jiminy Cricket it’s you I thought you were………”

“Dex why are you handcuffed to the bed? And what’s that on your chest is it? No……… wait is it a strawberry?”

“Hmmm it is, How very observant of you Romeo.”

Another shout from Sid about breakfast makes Romeo jump out of his perplexed state that he has fallen into, while taking in the sight of Dex handcuffed to his own bed.

“Any time you would like to come and help me that would be awfully appealing to me Romeo” Dex says while giving the handcuffs a quick rattle.

“Well I have to say dude I didn’t realise that you and April were sooooo…….”


“No I was going to say so kinky. I’m shocked why would you say that you were unsuited Dex?”

Dex being afraid to even admit the fact that he may have a slightly unhinged stalker on his hands to himself, just does his very best to add humour to the situation.

“I’m joking Romeo lighten up, and take hold of this handcuff chain and rip it apart already.”

“I can’t do that how strong do you think I am?”

“Well you are now a proud owner of a gym so I was thinking very strong.”

“Owning the gym doesn’t make me Summer Bay’s Iron man dude.”

Dex sighs.

“Well guess I have no choice but to lie here and eventually die then.”

“Where are the keys?” Romeo asks while glancing round for them.

“April put them on the windowsill and one of our cows came along and eat them.” Dex says looking like he had given up all hope.

Romeo who even after getting the new gym up and running, had been feeling down over the last couple of weeks laughed. He was certain that Dex was the only person who would have managed to make him laugh, given the way things were going for him at the moment.

“Wait there Dex I have a idea be right back.”

“Oh yeah like I have any choice” Dex says as he tries his best to lick at the mocking strawberry which sat upon his stomach.

“Oh good Romeo I have been calling you for ages come and have some breakfast.” Sid says as he hungrily tucked into his fry up.

“Will do but just before I do, can I just borrow the chainsaw?”

Sasha who is sat across from her dad quickly shields herself with a table mat. Having become a sudden risk of being showered with Sid’s breakfast, as bits and bobs of it is sprayed about.

“Oh sorry Sash look at me spitting everywhere.”

“Yeah dad manners jezz.”

“Now Romeo why on earth would you need the chainsaw? It’s abit early in the day for chopping wood. Plus I don’t think you should be……….well you know not when you are…..”

Sid stops as Indi gives him an icy glare.

“What are you talking about?”

It is then when Sid is looking into his daughters eyes that he decides it would be the easily option to lie and have a somewhat quiet life.

“You know Indi I have gone completely blank. Romeo go use the chainsaw until your hearts is content.

A few minutes later Dex jumps again as Romeo enters his room looking like some kind of mad serial killer, chainsaw in hand, protected mask shielding his face.


“No Dex its me Romeo, April isn’t that scary is she?”

“Oh you have no idea. Have you seen her about anywhere? I wonder why she wasn’t here when I woke up.”

“Awwww sweet you’re missing her? I feel the same about Ruby.”

Dex fixes Romeo with a questionable look.

Indi dude

“I said Indi.”

“Err no you didn’t you said……..”

Too avoid anymore awkwardness Romeo starts to saw through Dex’s handcuffs.

When the time came for Dex and Romeo to enter the kitchen to join their family for breakfast, they were slightly taken back by the seemly stunned silence.

“What on earth was going on in there?” Sid manages to utter.

“My wardrobe door was jammed.”

“Yeah I was giving Dex a hand.” Romeo says as he and Dex take their seats.

“WITH A CHAINSAW? Well Dexter don’t you go thinking I’m going to go forking out on buying a new wardrobe with my wages, you will spend your own.”

“Yes Dad, hey I know this is strange thing to ask. But have any of you come across April this morning?”

The question is met with a few high pitched giggles from Sasha and her new best friend Rosie.

“Why have you lost her Dex?” Rosie asks sounding somewhat hopeful at that possibility.

“Hopefully Rosie.”

“Dex that isn’t very nice.” Indi says lightly smacking him across the hand with a piece of fried bread.

“Indi of course I was kidding. I mean April is the apple of my eye, the love of my life my…….”

“Oh Dex I feel the same way about you.”

“You do Indi? That’s just weird and rather sick.”

Dex then looks round the table as his family stared back at him oddly. After a few more seconds of confusion everyone points towards the doorway. Where April stands holding a bunch of sunflowers.


“Here Dex I picked these for you.” April says as she runs round to where he is sat. Dex is taken back when she jumps into his lap.

“Hello soulmate” April then takes one of the sunflowers, she had been busy picking out on the farm while Dex had been asleep, and goes about tucking it behind his ear.

After some more confused looks from everyone sat around the table, especially from Sid having thought they had broken up for the one millionth time. Sid decides to bring back some good old fashion family time while eating. a good old family chat.

“Well then Sasha, Rosie what are your plans for today anything good?”

“Oh yes Doctor Walker me and Sasha are going on a very exciting outing.” Rosie says looking on the brink of exploding with happiness.

“Oh yes where are you off too?”

“Well I and Rosie are off to………”

“BUY A GOLDFISH HOW AMAZING IS THAT? MAYBE I WILL CALL IT DEXTER IF IT’S A BOY, OR SASHA IAF IT’S A GIRL.” Rosie glances round the table looking maniacally happy at everyone. She is happy to find everyone smiling back at her, well everyone but April that was.

“No Dex is mine Rosie do you understand? Not yours ok got it?” The coldest in April’s voice sends chills through Rosie.

“Ok April thanks for clearing that up for us all. She’s kidding Rosie” Dex says while laughing slightly nervously.

Sid feeling its time to move on gets up from the table.

“Well I have to go to the hospital now I’m also on the night shrift tonight so…..”

“Funny you say that Dad, exactly where do you vanish off too? Whenever I’m working the night shift I never see you.” Dex asks as the onset of a dead leg begins thanks to April sat in his lap

“I can’t say Dex doctor’s code and all that.” Sid says as he shares a knowing look with Romeo. Their shared look luckily goes unnoticed to everyone else.

Then in the next few minutes that followed the house had become empty with everyone having gone about their day. The only people left alone were Dex and April.

“Well Dex can I say something?”

“I guess you could say any number of things April.”

April smiled, Dex used to love that smile but now it did nothing but make him want to punch her but of course he couldn’t do that.

“I love you Dex”

“Or maybe he could punch her afterall, would it class of hitting a girl if you did it with a bunch of flowers? What was the worse that could happen? They get a bad case of hay fever Or…..”

“What are you thinking about Dex?”

“Oh those flowers you brought me” Dex says while April smiles her love sick smile again that he all but loathed now.

“I love you Dex.”

Dex was no longer aware of the rest of what April had said as he felt her slip off his lap, Dex’s subconscious had come to his rescue once again. Maybe he was off to fight some dragons again as he fainted face first into his runny egg yoke.

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Thanks again guys :) Glad you are enjoying this quite wacky tale.

Here's chapter 3

Chapter 3

When he woke at first he was totally baffled as to where he was. All he could see was a sea of yellow. This yellowish sea felt very gooey and had a lukewarm feel to it. Little bubbles of yellow pop round his face, as Dex starts to feel a panicky need to breathe. Suddenly realizing that he was faced down and oddly trying to do abit of snorkelling in his fried egg. Dex pulls himself back up into a sitting position, But before he even had has chance to get over the shock of his fainting. Dex’s face is covered by a wet flannel.

“Oh Dex your soooo funny, you never cease to amaze me. But I’m not angry or upset because after all it was my fault for going off on one, talking about the ozone layer. I guess its enough to put almost anyone to sleep, but you’re the first person I have seen to fall asleep face down in their breakfast.

Dex smiles it’s the only thing he can think of doing. While he desperately tries to think of a good excuse as to why he had to at that moment leave the house.

I guess you could tell her you have to leave because you really, really want to get away from her.

Oh yeah thanks for that brain thanks for that totally unhelpful suggestion Dex thinks to himself.

How about you just do a runner then? Ok I’m out, going back to sleep now.

Fine thanks very much out of the two options I think I may go for your second suggestion.

“Hello earth to Dex?” April is now saying as she looks to Dex who is still giving her a very goofy looking smile.

“DEX?” April is now yelling and getting somewhat very confused by her boyfriends reaction.

Dex snaps back to reality with the idea of doing a runner still very much fresh in his mind.

“Yes April did you say something? I’m sorry I was like soo captive by your beauty I didn’t hear your angelic, but recently very whiny voice.” Dex says while silently kicking himself at the last part of that statement. But then again so what did he really care if April picked up on the fact he had just called her voice whiny? Because as far as Dex was concerned they had broken up. It wasn’t down to him if April choose not to accept that, but then again she had made it his problem because now she was his official stalker, some achievement it had to be said for a geek like Dexter Walker.

“I said do you want to come and come and watch some of my It’s Easy Being Green boxset it’s a show all about the environment.”

“Errrrr noo thanks.”

“Ok maybe we could go and make a start on our choices for baby names. I mean I plan to be with you forever Dex. I tell you what I will just go powder my nose be right back.” April skips out of the room. Dex’s eyes immediately dart over to the already open doorway. Here was his chance of escape, well for a few hours at least. He starts to giggle with glee as he makes his makes his way to the doorway to freedom.

Upon exiting the house he spots his family’s wheelie bins, one green one black. Dex isn’t sure if it is the happiness of being alone for the first time in ages without April badgering him, that makes him do this but Dex finds himself emptying all of the recyclable plastic and cardboard out of the green wheelie bin into the black bin. Where all the rubbish is thrown into, he then finds a stick and carefully starts to mix the contents together. April would go totally bonkers about this, she may even stop following him round well probably not but Dex could dream. When he had finished Dex left the house at a steady jog.

“Oh yes what a beautiful day the sun is shinning the smell of manure was in the air, his good friend Marilyn was just ahead of him. Dex chuckled only Marilyn would choose to wear high heels to come to a farm.

“Hey Marilyn how are you?” Dex calls out to her. She turns nearly tripping because of one of her high heels having become struck in the mud.

“Oh Dexter you gave me a fright Marilyn giggles.

“Oh sorry, well don’t go dropping your eggs, Dads chickens would be most upset if you did.”

“Oh yes it is very good of you Dad to allow us to have your eggs for the Diner our omelette sales have been eggcellent mind the pun.”

“Eggtastic Marilyn” Dex says causing Marilyn to let out one of her high pitched laughs once more.

“Oh Dexter that’s brilliant oh by the way where’s young April isn’t she with you?”

“No Marilyn I have escaped I am a free man, I may not be psychic like you are, but I have a strong feeling I won’t be seeing or hearing from April for quite awhile.”

It is then Dexter tries his best to ignore April’s voice as she shouts to him from the open doorway of the farmhouse.

“Dex you wouldn’t believe what I have just found out.”

Marilyn is quite shocked as Dex tries to push her down the muddy path faster than she had attended to go.

“Well come along Marilyn lets errr pick up the pace abit. Irene will be becoming worried about the whereabouts of these eggs, we can’t keep her waiting. While we hurry why don’t you tell me about fortune telling had any visions lately?”

Marilyn shakes her head as she looks back up to the farmhouse where April is yelling out about mixed in plastics with the rest of the rubbish.

“Can’t you hear April Dex she’s…..”

“April no I don’t hear her.

“Then you must have cotton wool in your ears. She’s yelling worse than your Dad’s cockerel, and I would know after suffering many a sleepless nights listening to your Dads snoring, and being woke by the farm’s cockerels only hours later after somehow being able to drop off. Oh my that was one noisy cockerel.

“Ah memory lane Marilyn the good old days when you were together with my Dad I remember them well.”

About an hour later when Dex and Marilyn had reached the Diner. Dex had received about a million missed calls and texts from April saying that she would come and find him as soon as she had sorted out the nightmare at home, and also that she loved him so much and couldn’t wait to see him again.

Putting his phone back into his pocket and groaning Dex looks for somewhere to sit. Spotting a glum looking Jett sat at a corner table who is nursing a chocolate milkshake Dex decides he would try and cheer the kid up abit.

“Hey Jett I don’t know if you know this, but it is the law of nature not to look so unhappy while in the presence of a chocolate milkshake, Why so glum chum?”

Jett takes a long drink of his milkshake, when he is finished he is left with a chocolate moustache.

“I want a girlfriend” Jett sighs, maybe telling Dexter this information might not of been a smart move as Jett looks at his puzzled looking expression.

“Why would you want of those?” Dexter says as he thought over all the trouble he was having with April at the minute.

“Why wouldn’t you? Girls are just sooooo” Jett stops talking to look dreamily off into the depths of his milkshake.

“Well Jett what I thought I knew about girls was this. Yes they may look nice and may even like you, but then that like turns to love, then that love turns to obsession and then before you know it you cant get rid of them.” Dex says throwing his hands up into the air.

Irene who is busy behind the counter takes Dex’s hand action as a order and rushes over to the table with a chocolate milkshake.

“I didn’t order this Irene.”

“Oh you didn’t? Well Jett has them on a tab so drink up darl.”

“Yeah John’s paying he said Jett have as many chocolate milkshakes as you want while he and Gina and Leah plan a cake for when my adoption goes through.”

“Yes I bet your looking forward to that aren’t you?” Dex asks.

Yeah you bet, but right now I just want a girlfriend. There’s this girl called Tilda at school I liked. But then we were messing about playing pranks on each other one day and really getting on and then I locked inside a locker by accident and now she wont talk to me. It wasn’t my fault the locker key got flushed down the toilet was it?”

Dex and Irene share an amused look before Irene takes her leave to serve the next table. But just before she goes she manages to make Dex feel at uneasy.

“Oh Dex April called me said she’s on the way I told her you were here darl awwwwwwwwww so sweet.”

“Gee thanks Irene Dex says when Irene is gone he lightly starts to bang his head against the table while uttering a couple ofpleas of noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

“See you have a girlfriend” Jett says glumly.

Dex looks up and starts to scan out the Diner for a girl for Jett.

“Ok soooooo we have…….oh wait lets play a game, next girl to walk into the Diner you try and flirt with her.”

“Ok cool but what do I say?”

“The first thing that pops into your head ok Jett?” Dex says as both of them reach forward and take a long drink of their milkshake, while pondering who was about to walk through the Diners doors Dex begging to God that wasn’t going to be April. Or on the other hand maybe Jett would like April? Maybe he would run that past the little guy see if he would like……..

“Oh my God Dex its Tamara what do I say I can’t flirt with her I…….”

“Calm down I will call her over, now remember say what comes to your mind first Dex says sensing the terror radiating from Jett.

“Tamara hi, Jett would like to talk to you.”

Tamara turns towards a very much blushing Jett.

“Well make it quick I need to find Casey, by the way Dex where’s April?”

Dex nudges Jett while rolling his eyes at the remark of him not being with April. why did everyone keep asking that?

“Hi” Jett says quite sheepishly Tamara only stands there staring at him.

“Is that it? oh well I guess hi to you too Jett.” Tamara says beginning to turn round again.

“No, No Jett’s trying to well you know, tell you he likes you, and well he just can’t find the words right now to impress you. Dex explains.

Tamara sighs as she turns back to them.

“Well that’s sweet but I have a boyfriend, and well what do we have in common Jett anyways?”

Jett who is in a mad panic to think of something to say just says…………

“We are the same height.”

Dex nods.

“You what?” Tamara says looking quite annoyed now.

“Yeah so no step ladders are needed for me to kiss you.” Jett says feeling his bravely start to kick in now.

“You cheeky little………”

“Hey if you and Casey ever split call me.” Jett says proudly.

Tamara gives a quick huff turns her back and walks off.

“Hey this game is fun” Jett says smiling.

Sasha and Rosie were the next girls to come into the Diner upon spotting Dex and Jett sat together Sasha smiles across to them. Rosie has meanwhile skipped over to Irene to collect their food hamper for her and Sasha’s very exciting outing to the pet store to add a goldfish to Rosie’s collection.

“Hey Sasha how are you doing?” Jett says while standing looking rather relaxed and cool against his and Dex’s table. Jett watches Sasha has she walks gracefully over to them.

“Hey Jett are you alright?”

“I am now” Jett then goes on to try to bust some moves from a dance that John once showed him. In the words of John Palmer no girl could ever resist the rhythm of those dance moves.

“Jett what are you doing?” Sasha asks while Rosie rushes up behind her.

“Ready Sasha I sure am, lets go and get some goldfish, oh hey Dex.”


“You probably are wondering why Sasha and me have this hamper aren’t you?”

“Errrr well it does seem like a lot of food to pack for picking up a fish I must say. Oh and don’t mind Jett his had abit too many milkshakes, Jett stop dancing.”

Rosie is about to explain to Dex the reason behind the food hamper but is stopped by April walking through the door.

“Oh Dex I found you at last I missed you.”

Sasha and Rosie take their leave but not before Jett who is still feeling like the man blows a kiss to Rosie who blows one back to him. April watches Rosie exchange her kiss. Burning passion of jealously hits her what on earth was Rosie doing blowing a kiss to her Dexter? Had Dexter blew a kiss to her? April wasn’t sure as she had missed seeing that it was indeed Jett who had blew the first kiss. April felt like she would have to be having some strong words with Rosie yet again about Dexter being hers.

“Oh Rosie’s hot don’t you think Dex?” Jett was now asking.

“Well Jett if your willing to become a goldfish I would say your in with a good chance, or maybe you and April could……”

“Oh no dude she’s your girlfriend” Jett says.

“Yep I guess but I could share.”

Dex looked to April expecting to get a reaction but April was too busy plotting to respond. Maybe she could get her hands on some poison, yes a some weed killer or something? Thank heavens she was doing a an environment and gardening course at uni.

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Thanks Red,JT and Sarah for the really good feedback. :)

Hopefully you guys like this one too. Even if its a tad far fetched :lol:

Chapter 4

Later that night

The sounds of an owl’s hoots can be heard as the crickets sing their calm ever so enchanting song of the night, as Sid Walker drives quite stealthy into the hospital’s car park Underneath the cover of darkness Sid switches the low hum of his ignition off and leans his head back against his head rest to take a calming breather. Before he would venture into the hallways of hopefully now a less hectic hospital as its patients slept.

Sid opens his car door slowly and quietly, quickly checking he had his ID doctor card hung around his neck as he did so. He then quietly jogs his way over to the hospitals automatic doors. But it isn’t long until he is forced to take a quick diving jump to get some quick cover behind a tree having to duck out of sight, because of seeing some of the night nurses standing outside the automatic doors having a gossip and a couple of cheeky cigarettes.

Activating his green glow of his luminous glow in the dark wrist watch, Sid sees its nearly 130am. Where the heck was Romeo? Why was he late? He had been the one who wanted to be involved in this major medical breakthrough. The hospital broad had been well up for going for this project too, that was until they had realised how much it would of cost to fund it. And while Sid was still very happy to be Summer Bay’s resident doctor. He also dreamed that one day he could spread his wings and greatly improve on his doctoring skills, and this little project he had been working on in secret with Romeo for the last few months was he felt the key to achieving that ambition.

“Hey Sid hey over here” comes a voice from the brushes of Dr Walkers usual parking space. Sid had purposely chosen not to park there tonight at the risk of being possibility caught out when he wasn’t roaster on duty to work this late. Sid glances over to the brushes where Romeo’s voice had just magically spoken from to find two sparkly eyes staring back at him amongst the brushes.

“Quiet please Romeo, where have you been?” Sid hisses across to him being careful just in case the smoking night nurses heard him. Luckily they hadn’t having been far too busy moaning about the high volume of patients buzzers they had to have answered since their shifts had started.

After another couple of tense moments of Romeo’s eyes gazing over at him. Sid hears the nurses scrub out their cigarettes butts and start to shuffle their way back inside. Upon hearing the click of the automatic doors sliding shut Sid signals to Romeo to follow him. Sid then couches down and readies himself to make a mad dash passed the hospital security cameras which kept a watchful eye over the car park. Upon seeing Sid make his lucky dash for the doors Romeo who is now no longer feeling sad or depressed as he had that morning before Dexter had made him laugh with his handcuff ordeal, Romeo skips across the car park carrying his surfbroad having just spent most the day training for his next contest.

“Romeo get in here what is wrong with you get your emotions under control will you?” Sid whispers sharply to the happy man who is now walking down a long corridor with the good doctor. They suddenly stop at a small side door which goes very much unnoticed in the day to day running of the hospital. It is here behind this very side door that Sid has uncovered the answer to one of the universe’s very much wanted questions, would it be possible to ever clone somebody? After having a slight fumble with some keys Sid and Romeo enter the room.

The hum of the machine is loud at first as the two of them advance into its huge and demanding shadow. Wired up to the cloning machine are three glass tanks filled with water which is bobbing calmly up and down. In the water of each of these tanks are three figures of Summer Bay’s favourite champion surfer boy Romeo Smith.

“Well Romeo tell me how your feeling? Any side effects at all or do you feel normal? Sid asks, as he prepares the next Romeo clone for his time to venture out in amongst the comings and goings of Summer Bay’s every day life,

“Well I sometimes go through different mood swings” Romeo tells Sid who is nodding as he walks round recording his son in laws experience with a video camera. Oh how Dexter would envy him now if only he knew Sid smiles to himself.

“Anything else?” Sid asks.

“Yeah I err well how do I say this without you getting angry?” Romeo asks which results in Sid giving him a glare.

“I errrr sometimes get very confuse of who it is I am suppose to be in love with.”

What do you mean that’s an easy one it’s so simple to remember that” Sid replies.

Romeo shakes his head.

“Well is it Indi or Ruby or what?”

“Indi Romeo its Indi we have been over this many times” Sid says sighing.

“Oh right yeah sorry it’s sometimes hard to know for sure you know?”

Sid rolls his eyes; at times these clones could be even more annoying than the original Romeo had been. Who had agreed to clone himself as part of these trails. On the condition that he was allowed to leave town for a year so that he could go and try out his luck at the USA surfing circuit, Romeo being the massive wuss that he was had thought that was to be a much better way to skip town without telling Indi about his plans.

Sid had later gone on to receive a postcard from Romeo, In it he had claimed to have in his spare time while away from the surfing circuit to have scored himself a leader role in the US hit show The Tomorrow People. Sid had laughed out loud at that, what a very strange motion that would be and very amusing to see Romeo try his best to act

Sid then instructed the clone of Romeo who had been having his turn of his son in laws life for the last few days over to an empty tank as the next clone of Romeo steeped forward to take his place.

As dawn beckons upon the Walkers farm the next morning Sid wakes to the sound of something that fills his mind with confusion. He quickly throws his dressing grown around himself and starts to edge his way down the stairs.

“Yaaaaaaay Dexter you like that don’t you? oh yes you do Rosie cooes.

“You’re my new best friend but I don’t know if you rank higher than Sasha, because she’s just awesome, but oh my you do enjoy this fish food don’t you? Awwwwwwwwwww your so cuuuuute yes you are Dexter.”

Sid who is now poking his head round the door of the kitchen watches Rosie with strong awe.

“Errr Rosie what are you doing may I ask?” Without turning Rosie keeps her eyes upon the glass fish bowl where her new goldfish is swimming.

“Oh hello there Dr Walker I’m just chatting to Dexter.”

“Right well that’s abit hard because his in his bedroom on the phone with April at the moment sooo.. I can’t see how you could be talking to………..”

“His a good swimmer and he likes his food, I’m sure he looks at me too, even though his only meant to have a three second memory. I’m sure he knows me and is my friend here has some more fish food Dexter.”

Sid walks over to the kitchen table rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Dex has meanwhile walked into the kitchen looking slightly bored of his chat with April, who has now been put on speaker phone what was wrong with his girl why couldn’t she just leave him alone? Dex for the life of him just couldn’t work it out.

“Oh Dad I feel let down where is the sound of bacon sizzling the eggs frying where’s breakfast?”

Dex rolls his eyes as the sound as April sends a kissing sound down the end of his phone.

“I love you soulmate”

Sid turns to look at him.

“Well Dex if you wanted more breakfast you could always have more fish food if you want. Rosie seems to think you enjoy it.”

Dex looks at him oddly as April’s annoying voice echoes around their kitchen.

Sid then laughs as Rosie pulls back from table.

“Oh Dr Walker cook Dex his breakfast silly I was talking to Dexter my new goldfish.”

The three of them laugh April who has heard Rosie rave on about her love for her Dex and not realising it is for her new fish is now fuming. Having uni today would turn out well for her and tonight would be even better because tonight she would see an end to Rosie once and for all.

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Thanks very much Red,Sarah,JT and Sandie :)

Hope you like this chapter Only a short one this time wanted to add more but that would of made it abit long Will add it for next update.

Chapter 5

It wasn’t too often Dexter Walker would find himself in need of a drink to help him let his hair down and unwind. No normally a good comic book would have worked its magic. But here he now was sitting at the bar at Angelo’s waiting to be served. Had it really gotten to this stage that the stress of April following him aimlessly would drive him to drink?

“What can I get ya eh?”

Dex sighs impatiently as he quickly hits the pause button to his game of Angry Birds to look but to see Brax awaiting his drink’s order.

“Your best ale my trusty bartender” Dex says giving the bar a quick slap.

Brax continues to stare at him but now with slightly raised eyebrows.

“Noooo I’m only pulling your leg dude.” Dex says griving Brax a friendly punch to his shoulder. Brax looks down to where Dex has just lightly tapped him at his rather dashing black shirt, pulling his arm way quite sharply Dex looks to Brax quite nervously.

“Sorry too much? I have no idea what just come over me”

Brax nods as he tries his best to brush over the slight crinkles and creases that Dex’s playful punch had caused.

“So what can I get ya eh?”

“To be perfectly honest here with you I haven’t a clue why don’t you surprise me” Dex says.

After a few more seconds of awkward silence between the two of them Brax wanders off in search for an suitable drink for him.

Taking this as the ideal opportunity to get back to his game of Angry Birds, which he had been doing really well at recently, having beaten some of it’s hardest levels, Dex just hoped, that the game hadn’t cancelled itself out or somehow become frozen while he had been talking to Brax, Because he was yet to save his game progress.

Dex looks down at his phone and what he sees upon its screen made him want scream out so passionately and with such force. That he was pretty sure that the walls of Angelo’s could have quite possibly crumbled down around them if he let his much wanted scream out. His game was gone to be replaced by thirty six text messages from his beloved April, and if that wasn’t enough each one said the same thing Dex I love you.

“OH FUDGE OFFFFFFFFFFF APRIL” Dex finds himself yelling at his phone, Brax who has made his way back over to him stops dead in his tracks.

“Wow, wow what has you so wound up? Has your favourite sci fi show just been cancelled eh?”

Glaring up Dex quickly catches the drink Brax is sliding over to him in a iron like grasp The drink itself which stands in a long like ice sundae glass can only be described as very pink. In fact it is one of the most pinkest liquids Dex has ever come across.

“Er thanks”

“Hope you like it” Brax says smirking, while Dex lifts the long glassed pink liquid up to his face for a closer inspection.

“It’s very pink isn’t it?”

“Matches your t shirt don’t you think?”

Dex quickly looks down to compare the shade of pink of his t shirt with that of his drink.

“By gum yes it does. What is this very fascinating pink drink you have given me here called? Dex asks as he goes to lick his lips.

“It’s a called a Strawberry Delight passion or so Heath tells me eh.”

Dex’s mind is nearly close to completely being blown away as the smooth and creamy pink liquid flows its way through his mouth, hitting his taste buds with an enlightening orgasmic set of feelings of total blissful pleasure.

“Oh wow that is….. How does Heath know how to make something sooo er soooo life changing as this? Dex can’t quite finish what he is saying as the urge to have some more of this new found heavenly drink is proving itself too much for him to resist.

“It’s Rocco’s favourite Heath makes it him every night before he goes to sleep eh.” Brax then turns to leave to Dex to his drinking, but to his annoyance soon hears the little slightly drunk nerd boy calling him back.

“Brax don’t go, hey I wouldn’t mind talking to you about something” Dex yells out as his phone alerts him of more incoming messages from his love sick girlfriend April.

“Hey Brax come back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Taking a long heavy sigh Brax turns and starts to walk back over to him.

“Fine what is?” He asks as Dex fixes him with a drunken smile long trails of Strawberry Delight ooze down his chin..

“I want to talk to you is that ok?”

Upon hearing this Brax quickly grabs himself a bar towel to wipe down the bar. If he was about to get stuck talking to with Dex he would need something to do while his mind was more than likely going to become very confused.

“As long as you speak English and I get what ya on about” Brax says.

“Oh yeah I sooooooooo promise you I won’t go speaking klingon or anything.” Dex happily says grinning. Brax can only stand there and look already confused.

“Star Trek man ever seen it?”

“Do I look like the type of guy who would be watching that kind of thing?” Brax says rolling his eyes across at Heath who has wandered out of the kitchen of Angelo’s and now has come to join his brother behind the bar.

Klingon is the language they speak……… Oh never mind the thing is Brax you’re a ladies man aren’t you? Would you class yourself as one?” Dex says nearly coming close to sliding off his bar stool.

Why did they have be so high? Clearly they were a danger to the average drunk person let alone your average drunk geek. And with the way Dex’s Strawberry Delight Passion was making him feel rather light head and giddy, he would probably break his neck if he was to fall from his bar stool. An almost certain death but at least April could no longer stalk him so it wasn’t all bad it would seem.

Brax smiles.

“Why thank you for noticing Dex, yes well I have had a few women in my time.”

“That you have bro” Heath says giving Brax’s back a quick slap of respect.

“Well how do you…..”Dex is then stopped as Heath asks that dreaded same question as everyone else kept asking him.

“Where’s April, why isn’t she with you, what are you doing here asking Brax for tips on dating or something?”

Dex sighs and looks sadly down at the table.

“Well she’s having a girly night with Rosie, Sasha and Indi. But you wouldn’t think it the number of times she’s text me or rang me. I just can’t get rid of this girl its like she’s soo into me, I can’t get away from her even though we have broken up it’s totally bonkers.” Dex finishes to the sounds of Brax and Heath’s laughter.

“Oh great well thanks for that.”

“Naaa you have got to tell it to her straight, you’re the one in charge and your see her when you want too it’s that easy eh” Brax says.

“Is that what you do Brax?”

“Yep treat them mean keep them keen.”

“Well I don’t want to keep her keen. Hey Heath how about you get with her?”

The smirk that Heath has on his face is quickly wiped away.

“Oh no Dex maybe in the past I would have happily stolen her away from you but I have Bianca now I…..”

“Yes but just think of how hot April is Heath way hotter that Bianca just think hmmmm?”

In mid laughter Brax turns to Heath who seems to be pondering what Dex is offering him.

“Heath you can’t be seriously be considering this and if you are I will have to knock you out”

Heath mildly waves Brax’s threat away with a flick of his hand and then goes back to his pondering.

“Hmmmm I agree April is hot and she’s good in the sack.”

Dex nods.

“So do we have a deal your take April off my hands so I can spread my wings for new horizons?” Dex asks holding his hand out to shake Heath’s hand while feeling both excited and hopeful at the same time at the prospect of finally being able to past his psycho girl onto someone else.

It is at this point when Heath’s face is suddenly overcome with what looks to be some serious looking hot rage.

“Oh very clever you are geek boy.”

“I’m what sorry?”

“You want me to take your little hot stalker girlfriend off you, so you can get with Bianca” Heath says, the sound of anger starting to slowly boil over in his voice. Dex gulps as he watches Heath start to flex his muscles as Brax sighs as he is sure he can see hot steams of rage start to pump their way out of Heath’s ears.

“Er no I’m not after Bianca Heath, no way I just want a quiet life away from April’s obsession of me.”


“Oh pull your head in Heath will ya eh?” Brax says blocking Heath with his arm.

“Fine I’m sorry I should of counted to ten and not got so hot headed there. Bianca has told me to think before I go acting on stuff.”

“That’s ok Heath but thanks for that scare didn’t half sober me up and……..”

Heath then looks to Dex’s half drunk Strawberry Delight Passion drink and sweeps it away from him.

“Hey I wasn’t done.”

“I said I was sorry for getting into such a rage but that doesn’t mean I’m not still angry, and seeing as I still am I’m no longer going to be sharing Rocco’s special drink with you.”

“Oh” Dex says.

“Oh and for sobering you up there’s not even any drop of booze in this drink its strawberry milkshake with a fancy name to it.”

“No alcohol?” Dex asks shocked.

“No of course there isn’t, I make it for Rocco” Heath says before walking off in a huff.

Dex goes back to looking glum not only had he not been able to pass April over to the affections of Heath Braxton. He had been it would of seemed been getting drunk somehow on strawberry milkshake all night.

“Naaaaaa don’t worry eh if April’s driving you that nuts we can er……”.

Dex looks to Brax with a questioning look.

“We can what?” he asks somewhat puzzled watching as Brax beckons for him to lean closer to him over the bar. Dex and Brax’s faces are so near to one another that Dex is pretty sure that he can smell the minty freshen of a strong polo mint on Brax’s breath. This was probably one of the reasons Brax was such a hotty hunk for the ladies. Having fresh minty breath was a sure way well in Dex’s mind to have the women falling over themselves wanting to kiss you. Maybe Brax was about to tell him to stop cleaning his teeth or maybe to eat garlic. Yes that was the answer to all of his problems April would soon run a mile if she was to find her so called soulmate to have caught a bad case of stinky breath. Brax takes a quick gaze round before going to speak.

“As I was saying if April isn’t getting the message you want to bin her, maybe she could somehow be mysteriously bumped off by accident of course eh.”

Dex pulls back on what feels like legs of extremely wobbly jelly.

“You mean have her killed?”

“Yeah I know people who would be willing to do it for you” Brax says winking.

“Oh no, no oh my, oh my goodness nooooo.”

“So would that be a no then? Brax asks.

“Oh yes, yes it would.”

Brax shrugs his shoulders.


“Thanks for your all help, its been well really, really totally and utterly useless” Dex says waving to Brax as he moves backwards at a very fast rate out of Angelo’s and out into the night’s air. Maybe asking the Braxtons as to what to do about his psycho girl hadn’t been the brightest idea after all.

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Thanks very much Sarah,Red and Jt for your awesome feedback once again

Hope you all like this chapter.

Chapter 6

Nowhere is it written, or even to be rumoured to be found in some far off forgotten land. Or even has been ever seen with the human’s naked eye. But this doesn’t mean its in any way less true, or to have been set in some kind of imaginary stone.

At the end of the day it is just one of the many facts of life that the mysterious women’s golden rule book does indeed really exist. And if the men of this world were ever lucky enough to get to take the tinniest peek amongst its most treasured pages, they would discover along with many of the other well kept mysteries about women. What it is that happens and what is discussed, when a fair number of them meet up to have a girly night in. And it is because of this very reason that the women’s golden rule book will never be published, some secrets were safer to go unknown.

But that hasn’t stopped the wild speculations and theories being made, in a way to try and be guessed by the men through the ages. Over time it is said to have been thought that a girly night consists of discussions about each others hair, the style what colour they wish to dye it next. And then after that topic is put to bed, the women will move on to important topics such as nail vanish. Then follows the very exciting and pretty hyper chat about which guys are hot and which would be good in bed. This quickly probably moves the chat onto such things as sex, but the less said about that the better..

“What does everyone think of me getting myself a purple streak in my hair?” Sasha asks as she settles back into her bean bag while swishing her red wine about her glass.

The rest of the girls hoot back their cries of engorgements. They too sit upon giant soft bean bags having it been decided that they were going to spend their girly night camped out in the middle of the living room of the Walkers farmhouse. The pitching of the tent had been quite awkward, but never the less fun to do. Dexter Rosie’s orange and rather lively goldfish swims happily about inside his glass bowl, in which Rosie sits grasping to her chest.

“April how about you, are you going to go for something sassy?” Sasha asks

“Oh no I don’t need to do anything to my hair, Dex loves me just the way I am. Which just goes to show we are nothing but each others soulmates” April finishes this rather cringe worthy claim with a flutter of her eyelashes.

“Oh please will someone pass me the sick bucket right now? Indi says as she quickly mimics a gagging motion.

“Oh come on Indi Romeo’s your soulmate surely? Dex is just mine I’m only stating it as a fact.” April says rather defensibly while making sure she glared over in Rosie’s direction. By the nervous looking smile that the pretty blonde girl gave her back April is anything but satisfied.

“How about you Rosie how would you like your hair done?”

“Oh I don’t Sash does it matter? Would it really make any difference to a guy even fancying me or even notices me? I mean there is this guy I like at the moment but I…..”

Sasha, Indi and April all stare at her as she continues babbling away.

“Wow oooooooooooooooh stop there, back up my young Rosie there’s a guy you like? Who is he? Sasha asks excitedly.

“Oh dear I have got to really learn not to go talking too much haven’t I?” Rosie asks blushes turning to the shade of red beetroot.

“Well who is it?” April asks learning forwards on her bean bag, so it would make it easier for her to reach into her shorts pocket to take hold of the deadly poison she had managed to sneak out of her environment uni class that day.

“I can’t go naming him that will be far too embarrassing. But his sooooooooooo sweet and clever, caring quite nerdy well in fact his very nerdy, and I can imagine us both sitting down and chatting with my fish all day long without ever getting bored. His just the ideal boyfriend, well for me I think anyway.” Without knowing she has done so the tent is filled with her dreamy sigh.

“Well errrrr April it sounds very much to me that Rosie has just described Dex” Indi says jumping to her feet. Turning she goes to lift the tent’s flap up so she could get herself some more wine.

“Yes it does doesn’t it?” April says fixing Rosie with an icy stare.

“Rosie do you want anymore drink?” Sasha asks as she too goes to leave the tent.

“Oh no I still have some, but thanks very much for asking Sash” Rosie feels herself starting to feel abit uneasy though as April seems to be edging herself nearer and nearer over to her side.

“April I’m not so sure there’s enough move on my bean bag for the both of us.”

April smiles the smile for some reason make Rosie feel some cold chills creep their way down her spine.

“Oh that’s ok Rosie I only want to have a look at your goldfish, Dexter is it?”

“Yep it’s name is Dexter.”

“Odd that you would name him after my soulmate don’t you think?” April has now made her way over to Rosie’s side of the tent. Rosie’s glass of wine is only mere inches away from her allowing it to make it look like April is pretending she is interested in Rosie’s fish.

Peering through the glass April quickly tears the small sachet packet of her poison open, and empties its contents into Rosie’s wine glass. April then backs away slightly as she can hear Sasha and Indi were nearly ready to re enter the tent. As the sounds of them rummaging through the cupboards for snacks begins to die down.

“Why don’t you have a drink Rosie?” April asks sweetly.

“Oh I will in a minute April. Err I think you may of scared Dexter his like frozen in his bowl he… he looks abit shocked.”

Dexter the goldfish was it turns out to be well and truly gobsmacked, and even with his little fish brain the sight of someone trying to poison his owner was too traumatic for him to bear. He needed to save her somehow. She had been kind to him had fed him some very yummy and colourful fish food and had even talked to him. He wasn’t going to let her take her life in vain. Dexter the goldfish then has a idea, maybe if he was able to balance his tail on the bottom of his bowl so that he would be standing. He could maybe leap from the bowl and into Rosie’s poisonous wine.

Rosie to very much April’s impatience is still glancing down into her fish bowl.

“Oh dear his sinking to the bottom I think his dying April.”

April rolls her eyes. Rosie’s mouth then gapes wide open as Dexter the goldfish seems to have leaped high into the air, and then seems to do some kind of stylish jump into her wine glass which results in it being knocked over.

Upon hitting the wine Dexter the goldfish swallows April’s poison and dies.

“OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO APRIL’S KILLED DEXTER. APRIL’S KILLED DEXTER” Rosie shrieks alerting Sasha and Indi back into the folds of the tent.

“SHE’S WHAT?” Indi and Sasha yell.


April stands in the middle of Dex’s two sisters to try and calm the situation.

“Look I can explain I………” April feels a hard sharp and painful slap to one of her cheeks which sends her twirling around on her feet.

“YOU BITCH” Sasha screams having been the one to have just slapped her across the face.

April still feeling pretty dazed by the alarming slap then feels her other cheek hit with the same sharp painful feeling.

“YOU BITCH” screams Indi. Indi’s slap has caused April to fall to the bean bagged covered floor in a woozy confused state.

“Owwwwwwwwwwww” April manages to utter.


The tent flap is suddenly lifted and the head of Dexter Walker is poking through the open gap.

“Who’s killed me?” Dex asks.

“April did” Rosie says while crying and pointing over to her dead goldfish.


“YES MY FISH IS DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.” Rosie starts to wail. Upon seeing how upset she was Dex vanishes for a few seconds and returns to step inside the tent mere moments later like some kind of action man. He looks round at the girls proudly and even smiles at semi conscious April who is slumped upon the ground.

“What happened to my eco princess?” Dex quickly asks turning to the other three girls.

“We er slapped her hard” Indi explains.

“Oh nice Dex says as he quickly whips back round to Rosie. Kneeling down to her he takes her chin in his hand and looks into her eyes.

“Do not worry my upset beauty I am here to help.” Dex then stands and walks over to Rosie’s dead fish lay upon the ground. Everyone stares at him as he seems to produce what looks to be a foot pump out of the front of his trousers. Everyone had been so taken in by his demanding stand as he had entered the tent that the fact of him having a rather big foot pump stuffed down his trousers had gone very much unnoticed.

“Trust me I’m nearly a fully trained nurse.” Dex says as he attaches the foot pump’s tube to the small mouth of Dexter the goldfish. Dex then stands placing his foot over the pump he turns and grins.

“Here we go” he says as he starts to viciously pump air back into the fish’s body. After a few minutes of sweating and getting very tired. Dexter the goldfish’s orange body is raising and falling and soon after his tiny little eyes pop open. Now to say his shocked to be alive again is understatement. But Dexter the goldfish will from this day forward very much be in the Walkers debit.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh his alive” Rosie dashes forwards and quickly grabs him.

“Ooooooooooh I’m sooooooooooooo happy” she says as she drops her little fish back into the water of his bowl. A rather knacked Dexter Walker is nearly knocked off his feet as Rosie hugs him.


Meanwhile outside the tent and in the farmhouse Romeo has returned home. He is walking over to the girls tent but stops as trails of Rosie’s poisonous wine leaks through onto the floor.

“Hey Indi do I really want to know what this is leaking through from your tent onto the carpet here?” Romeo calls out he kneels and with a finger he tastes some of the spilled wine. From inside the tent a hard thudding sound can be heard as something hits the ground. Indi thinking she has just heard Romeo’s voice peers out the tent’s flap and there upon the ground is Romeo’s stiff looking dead body Indi screams.


Sasha nods.


With all of Indi’s wild shrieks going on no one as noticed that Sid and one of the other clones of Romeo are standing there watching them.

“Hey Indi Romeo says waving over to her tear stained shocked face.

“Oh my we may have a problem here Romeo” Sid says feeling all of sudden overcome with a high level of stress.

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Thanks again for the comments guys.

I got the foot pump idea for Rosie's fish in the last chapter from my uncle

who brought one of his fish back to life by using a foot pump. :lol:

Anyway here is the next chapter hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 7

How could he explain this to Indi? How would it even be possible for him to explain away the fact that she was seeing two of her husbands standing right before her very eyes?. And to make matters even more bonkers and utter confusing for her. One of her beloved Romeo’s lay out in the living room as dead as a doorknob, while the other stood next to him waving over to her.

Could Sid Walker come up with a lie and could it to be a believable lie? Oh heck there was nothing left for it, and Sid knew it Indi needed to know the truth. Even if that truth had involved her father of taking up the role of Doctor Frankenstein and cloning her husband, while supposedly being very busy at work with his hectic night shrifts.

“Romeo?” Indi says as she tries to find her footing, but can’t resulting in her toppling out of the small tent head first, and landing only inches’ from the poisoned Romeo. Who lay on his back just beyond the tent’s entrance a look of sheer horror still plastered upon his now zombie like face.

“Indi I have something to tell you, and I don’t know how your going to react sweet heart. But the thing is that Romeo has………”

“I have a twin brother” Romeo catches Sid glaring at him as he cuts the good doctor off preventing him from confessing all.

“You do I never knew that Romeo?” Indi questions as Romeo steps over to guide her over to the table.

“Yeah so you see that’s not me on the floor over there, it’s my twin.”

Indi wipes at her shocked tear stained eyes. While Dex, Rosie, Sasha and a rather groggily eyed looking April, (who has started to come around from being slapped by the two Walker sisters) stare down at supposedly Romeo’s long lost twin.

“Well you don’t seem that upset that your twin just seemed to have died?”

“Oh I am I’m really cut up about it I…….”

“Hm so what’s your twin’s name?” Indi asks feeling like she was being taken for a ride here.

“Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” Romeo utters as he glances to Sid for some much wanted help. Sid can only look back at him with a look that a rabbit would probably give after getting caught by the beam of a car’s headlights. Romeo then looks round at the rest of his family catching them all looking back to him with amused looks of wonder in their eyes. Well that is everyone bar April who is looking dreamily over to Dex.

“Well Romeo what’s your twin’s name?” Indi asks rather forcedly having dried her eyes and now has her arms folded while sitting bolt up right in her chair. Romeo gulps as he takes in her demanding posture.

“Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm his name is……….his errrrrrrrrr called Romeo”

“Your brother has the same name as you? How dumb do you think I am? Next your be telling me you have a sister called Juliet. Now tell me the truth or I swear Romeo I will be shoving that surf broad of yours somewhere which isn’t so sunny……”

“No unless I have a long lost sis called Juliet I think it’s only me and Mink……..”

“OH ENOUGH” Sid shouts stepping forwards scaring everyone.

“Indi here it is the truth, Romeo has left you to go off and surf. His also got himself a career as a actor but God knows how he has managed that one. Before he left I made a discovery at work that Summer Bay has its very own cloning machine, and before you say it, is really all that shocking I mean how else do you think people keep coming back from the dead in this town. So anyway Romeo asked if I could clone him so he wouldn’t have to tell you that he was leaving you. You ok Indi?”

Sid looks round from facing his family to see a fainted Indi slumped over the table.

“A cloning machine Dad hmmmmmmmmmm interesting very interesting indeed” Dex says as he glances through the blonde folds of Rosie hair. Who had had been hugging him tightly ever since his heroic act of saving Dexter the goldfish.

The day of Jett’s official adoption has arrived and the atmosphere inside the Pier Diner is a happy one, as the Palmers enter and are shown to their specially laid out table. Large colourful banners of Jett’s name are hung at several points around the diner.

Several of the tables in which sits most of the community of the town have been given their own party poppers.

John Palmer can’t help but utter out a few tuts of annoyance as Gina Palmer tries to brush away specs of fluff and dust from his shirt.

“Oh John please, couldn’t you have found yourself a more decent shirt had this to wear honestly, what will Molly think?”

John Palmer can’t help but smile a little at the mention of Molly. Who was the woman from Docs who was coming to greet them today with the adoption papers to sign for Jett. Oh yes Molly from Doc’s or otherwise known in John’s day dreams as foxy Molly. John couldn’t help but secretly harbour a little crush on her. For one thing she had long flowing reddish hair, very much like one of his ex girlfriends from his school days. And then there were her long slender legs that just were soooooooooooooo……..”

“Earth to John, JOHN Gina shouts making him nearly fall off his chair.

“Yes Gina my beautiful lovebug?”

“Well say hello to Xavier, oh John doesn’t he look soooo smart in his police uniform?”

Xavier Austin who had once dreamed of becoming a highly trained police officer in the city, has in fact now found himself being the cities number one most skilled agent and its answer to Jack Bauer. Xavier had taken a short break away from the dangerous career to be with his family upon this very special day.

“Oh hey Xavie I’m sorry I have no idea where I drifted off to then, how’s it going?”

“Yeah its all pretty awesome I have to tell you.”

“Wow you have a police trudgeon, does it hurt if you hit someone with it?” Jett asks.

“Yep but luckily enough for you dude your never have to find out how much it hurts. So anyway what’s this woman like from Docs I bet she’s a old bat.” Xavier says causing Jett to laugh.

“No she………….. “Gina gets cut short by John.

“Attractive Xave very attractive.” John says nodding his head excitedly.

“Oh so you think Molly’s attractive do you John?”

“Well Gina she’s yes no I mean she’s ok I mean she’s……….”

“Well I think she’s hot” Jett says smiling.

“Now Gina are you sure you really want to adopt his rather horny and randy teenager?” John says poking at Gina playfully. Gina who is glaring at her beloved John pokes him back sharply.

“Well Jett’s not the only one here who seems to have a thing for Molly is he John? Please Xavier can you be the sensible one here with me please?”

“Sure thing Mom” Xavier says.

Meanwhile Irene and Marilyn are stood behind the counter of the diner watching the happy family.

“Ooooooooooh Irene I have this feeling of some kind of doom.” Marilyn says looking rather worried and biting at her nails.

“Well that’s cheerful darl.”

“But Irene I can’t shake it, its very doomish.

“Well Leah ensured me no foods passed their sell by date, so as long as you cook the food right we won’t be done for food poisoning darl.” Irene says as she picks up the specially chosen cake for Jett’s adoption.

Marilyn continues to bite at her nails as Dex walks into the diner.

“Hey Marilyn would you be so kind to locked the doors behind me please, April’s errrrrr following me well she was I mean that was until I lied and I told her she had sand in her hair so she rushed on home for a shower” Dex stops as he catches the look of horror as it creeps over Marilyn’s face.


“I don’t know maybe with Jett, hey Xavier’s back yep I will sit with the very happy looking Palmers, plus there isn’t a spot for April to sit down soooooo…..”


“I will risk it” Dex says giving Marilyn an odd look as he seats himself amongst the Palmers

The clock hands have ticked and tocked themselves around to the time of Molly from doc’s arrival, and here she was now standing in the door to the diner. Her red hair flowing gracefully, her eyes twinkling brightly, her long legs gleaming making them seems very shiny in the bright sunlight. Oh yes and her grey skirt she was wearing was also very nice.

Seeing her stood there as if caught in slow motion was the most mouth watering scene John, Jett, Xavier and even Dexter had ever witnessed. Gina looks round at the table to see if any of the men including Dex were about to get up and greet her. After realising that they all seemed to be trapped in a dreamlike trance Gina goes over to Molly.

“Hey Molly nice to see you.”

“Thanks Gina nice to see you too hello everyone.”

There are a few splutters of noise from the guys as they try and speak to only find themselves totally tongue tied.

“Well isn’t this nice the whole town seems to have come out to support you today Jett.” Molly says smiling.

“Yeah its an beautiful sight isn’t it?” John mutters as he watches Molly’s slender body slide into her seat.

“Oh yes it sure is, I would go as far to say as utterly breathtaking.” Xavier whispers back.

To Gina’s surprise Molly giggles rather girlishly at Xavier’s comment. Then to add to Gina’s utter shock she then watches as Molly gives Xavier a quick flutter of her eyelashes.

“Well, well hello and who are you handsome I like a man in uniform.”

“Well I’m Dexter……” Xavier quickly pushes him back.

“She’s talking to be dude I’m errrrrrrrrrrrr I’m………” Xavier who has become so overcome by Molly’s beauty has somehow managed to forget his own name.

“His Xavier my son now can we sign the adoption papers please? John where’s your pen oh dear oh no look it’s leaked all blue ink all over your shirt.” Gina says as she slaps him lightly trying to wake him from gaping at Molly.

“Oh dam” John says seeming to sense that Molly had eyes for Xavier only as they both sit across the table from each other gazing into one another’s eyes.

“Not too worry I have a pen here and after Xavier you can write down your number with it for me.

Xavier nods while blushing brightly.

Dex who is happily helping Jett to eat his adoption celebration cake feels a light tap on his shoulder. Within the next few seconds he finds that he is being hit with a huge wave of frustration as it slowly flowed itself through his body. As the voice he once thought once upon time had sounded just like an heavenly angel spoke to him. But now that voice had somehow down graded itself as the sound that someone would make when scratching their oversized fingers nails down a black broad.

“Hey Dex bet you thought you had escaped me for awhile didn’t you?”

“The chance would be a fine thing April.” Dex mutters turning to see her there smiling. Her long dark hair looking slender and shiny from being freshly washed.

“You see not a spec of sand in sight washed every grain of it out.” April says putting on a quick twirling motion for the benefit of her soulmate Dexter.

“Wow you look very pretty April, I’m just putting it out there.” Jett says having been able to drag his eyes away from Molly his sexy adoption case worker, to gaze upon April’s beauty for a few seconds.

“Awww that’s sweet of you to say Jett, but I have already found my man of my dreams haven’t I Dex?” April asks as she flutters her way over to him to try and sit on his lap.

Dex quickly pushes her back with his hand which causes a few startled grasps to erupt round the diner. Irene and Marilyn have come dashing forwards overcome with the shock of the witnessing the likelihood of two of the worlds most destined soulmates such as Dexter Walker and April Scott having what it would seem to be as a fight. And if this was to be the end of APEX what would it mean for the rest of them? What would happen next? Would the planet just explode or would it suddenly be over thrown by endless armies of little mice? Marilyn had mentioned that she felt like they were heading for a time of doom. Was this what she had meant the end of APEX? Which would truly endanger all of their lives not to mention their very existence who knew what would happen if Dex and April broke up again?

“April this has just about I’m afraid gone beyond a joke now. We have broke up which means we are no longer soulmates” Dex says shocking everyone as he does so with the great force in his voice.

“Dex don’t go saying that, that’s.. that’s just the cake you eating talking I think you have had abit too much now come on, come back home with me it would seem we have some make up sex to getting on with.” April says glaring at her non boyfriend and pointing a finger at the doorway to the diner.

“No I’m not going because unknown to you my little gummy bear. I am getting my kicks from someone else, in fact I have for some time now.” Dex says grinning having had a somewhat crazy and dam right insane idea pop into his head.


Dex looks to her oddly.

“No not Rosie it’s errrrr” Dex stops to look round the table.

“It’s errrrrrrrrrrrr Gina….. Yes we have been having a lot of fun and errrrrrrrrrr we have been having a very sexy time together isn’t that right Mrs Palmer….. err I mean Gina we are very much on first name basis now.”

Everyone turns to face Gina even Xavier and Molly who had been off dreamily looking into each others eyes.

“Dex I beg your…………..” Gina manages to utter before Dex cuts her off.

“You see she’s so overcome with the love that she has for me she just doesn’t know what to say.”

“Gina’ Gina oh God Gina nooooo is this true?” John asks crossing his arms.

“Of course not John I……….”

“Oh stop lying Gina we are at it like rabbits.” Dex goes on.

“MOM, DEX YOU GUYS TOGETHER THAT’S JUST SO UNCOOL AND GROSS.” Xavier shouts having lifted his police trudgeon high into the air Jett then gets to realise how painful it would be if someone was to be hit you with one of them as he watches Xavier whack Dex’s legs a number of times with it

“OUCH XAVE STOP OH MY………”screams Dex.

“I WILL ONLY STOP WHEN YOU TELL ME YOU ARE NOT GETTING UP TO ANY SEXY BUSINESS WITH MY MOTHER.” yells Xavier. April meanwhile has tears flooding down her face.

“Oh dear Irene well I did warn you, I knew something was going to happen.” Marilyn says shaking her head as Irene stands next to her watching this insane scene.


Xavier stops whacking Dex, April turns John and Jett stare at the other two women.

Irene and Marilyn gaze at everyone in turn.

“Oh no my darls I can tell you right now I haven’t been…….”

“Nor me” Marilyn also claims.

Molly slowly gazes across at Jett.

“Are you sure you would like to live in this seemly crazy town Jett?” she asks him.

“Yeah well at least its not boring and……..” Jett can no longer be heard over a very hot and fuming outraged April as she clenches and unclenches her fists, while seemly getting close to the point of actually breathing real fire.


“You better believe it and really is that so hard to believe? You always knew I liked the older woman.” Dex says shrugging his shoulders.

Oh no there was just no way, no way at all that April was going to take this lying down. She might of failed in her attempt of killing Rosie. And she was most likely going to fail if she tried to kill Gina, Irene and Marilyn. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t put an end to this insane mess. Oh no she had a way oh yes she sure did and Dexter Walker would soon come to realise that he would rue the day he cheated on her.

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Thank you Red,Sarah, JoiseTash and Sandie for giving me amazing feedback on this fic :) this is the final chapter so I hope you like the ending. I plan to write one final fic so keep your eyes peeled for that if you would like to read it.

Chapter 8

In the days that followed his guilt was proving most difficult to get a hold of Dex’s wild claims of having slept with half the town had left April immensely heartbroken and somewhat nauseatingly pathetic. Dex knew this to be true as it would have seemed April was still latching onto him like some kind of annoying leach. Giving him the wide eyed lovesick puppy look, as well as screaming out desperate pleas of still being his one and only soulmate. Man what could he do to rid himself of this insane girl?

Dexter Walker thought of himself as a kind hearted, understanding and respectful type of guy. And was because of these observations that he made of himself, that made him feel so guilty and shamelessly bad for upsetting April in the way he had, Which might sound nuts to anyone else if they were to find themselves in his present situation. And heck Dex would have to agree with those people it was nuts. April who had started out being pretty awesome had now undoubtedly rocketed herself with some force quite impressive so far down the scale of awesomeness. She was finding she had indeed now fell off of it., For it only to be replaced with the scale for the serious cuckoo and unhinged.

Unable to fail to have noticed her totally bonkers and insane behaviour over the last few passing days where her anger had somehow subsided towards him, Dex had felt April cry herself to sleep while she had been lying next to him. Clinging onto his body tightly, how she could of gotten into his bedroom was beyond Dex’s knowledge, having made sure he had asked Brax to come and bolt his doors with the best locks that could be found in the bay. It wouldn’t surprise him though if April had mastered the art of picking those locks with maybe a paper clip or even a hair clip. It was the only way possible to gain entry into his bedroom he could think of, Having purposely jammed his bedroom window shut with masses of cow manure.

Romeo had offered to be helpful with offering to remove the mass of cow poo from outside his window and had gone about the job of climbing his long step ladder. But as he had reached the top the stink of the cow poo had hit his nostrils, causing him to topple from his ladder resulting in him falling to his death. His death wasn’t caused from the great height but from the strong ponging smell of the cow poo. Indi’s shock and upset for her husband’s sudden death had been but brief as Sid had brought another Romeo home with him soon after the accident.

Even though Dex didn’t think of April as his girlfriend anymore, and even though April constantly continued claiming she was. Dex being the good soul that he was didn’t want to cut ties with her completely. If only they could get passed this somewhat wild obsession of April’s Dex felt that they could be great friends. Well maybe not great but at least have some sort of friendship. Maybe that was just an foolish fantasy on Dex’s part. But even so it were these thoughts which had now led him out onto the golden warm sands of the delightful Palm Beach for a picnic. The slight flapping of the picnic blanket in the warm sunny air sent tingling sensations up his bare legs. Aaaaaaaaaah thank goodness he had chosen to wear some very wacky and rather outrageous shorts today. The heat had a rather calming effect which would hopefully brighten April’s seemly darken sudden mood.

“Tart April?” Dex asks causing her to snap her head round incredibility sharply.

“You what, what did you just call me Dex?”

“Errrr I said would you like a tart?”

“Oh, oh I see well Dex shouldn’t you be referring to yourself as one? I mean how could you cheat on me with Gina, Irene and Marilyn? I mean really Dex we are soulmates.”

“Oh my days I wished I never bothered offering you this very yummy jammy tart now April I”

Dex feels himself suddenly launched forwards. The feel of April’s lips smack into his as she hungrily kissed him had Dex wide eyed, as he looks down at the three cream cakes and two bowls of mouth watering strawberry trifles April could of easily ended up pulling him into. Which would have been a great waste after all the hard work Irene had gone to preparing them for only his clothes to have ended up being christen with the yummy delights. What would of made it even a closer shave was that for some reason now the diner had suddenly found itself overrun with little armies of mice, Which made it quite a challenge to prepare food hampers and meals while a nosy health inspector watched your every move. To make this picnic even possible Dex had to go meet Irene in secret so she was able to deliver the food to him out the back of her car. To Dex’s surprise Irene had claimed she felt a sudden buzzing electricity of excitement, as she unloaded the food out of the back of her car. Irene claimed it was just so exciting to even leave the diner these days that she was just so overwhelmed by this little outing of hers.

“Wow watch these cakes April we don’t want to go ruining them now do we?” Dex says pulling back from their kiss. April fixes him with a dagger like glare.

“Oh fine so you don’t want to kiss me no more then fine.”

Oh man if only Dexter Walker was to be lucky enough to have the luxury of being able to be in two places at once. Wouldn’t that just be sooooooooooo dreamy? But these were the thoughts of fairly tales surely? Or maybe seeing as Indi had enough Romeo’s to go around with until the end of time maybe it was possible. Dex thinks sighing as he looks over to April’s demanding eyes. Oh how he would just like to punch her right now.

Revenge was all that April had been feeling over the last few days, oh she still loved her soulmate Dexter very much, but it would seem that Dex had the problem of having a wondering eye. She wasn’t too surprised to find him to be such a hit with the older women of Summer Bay though. I mean he was adorable as a cuddly teddy bear. But that didn’t give him the right to spread his cuteness around the bay for all and sundry, Dex was hers and the only way to make sure she kept it that way was to make it permanent.

The hissing fizz of Dex’s soda can had made it quite easy for her to slip a poisonous little flower into its open cap. The acid would dissolve any traces of the cause of Dex’s doom.

“I’m sorry Dex why don’t you have a drink of your soda?” April says passing over the can to him.

Dex smiles this was it the moment of truth, with any luck this would send April running for the hills. If indeed his plan worked, unknown to her Dex had been watching as April had laced his drink with her poison.

Hopefully it would take effect and soon the Dexter April found herself to be with out on a sunny day would be no more. While the real Dexter Walker having sensed a big change in April over the last few days had thought it wise to get Romeo to show him how his fathers cloning machine worked. Ever since Dex had cloned himself he had been overjoyed as much so as to have started a new and less psychotic relationship with Rosie.

“Why thank you April bottoms up” the cloned Dex says gulping down his drink. Upon seeing him fall face first down into one of Irene’s carefully made cream cakes April’s screams can be heard echoing around the bay, Which is quite handy with the diner’s mice infestation problem thankfully. Those shrill high pitched wails of April send those rats running for the next bus out of town. But sadly for their small furry mouse ears their journey is anything but a quiet one, as April and her insane wails have also boarded the same bus out of panic that she actually just killed her soulmate and is now heading for the Yabbie Creek.

In the next week that follows Bianca learns of April’s sudden departure from the bay to only discover that she has gone on to find she has found Dex and that they are very happy living away from the bay together. Bianca didn’t think it would have been wise to tell her that the real Dexter Walker had thought it a good idea to have posted her a Dexter clone.

“So you see Rosie April won’t be back to bother us again, and if she does happen to lose cloned version of me I will just post her another copy.” Dex says as he happily watches the specs of fish food float down to the bottom of the brightly decorated fish bowl.

“Good because I know we haven’t been together for long Dex, and it just feels great to have finally meet such a lovely guy as you I just feel like………”

Dex turns to her blushing slightly

“Yes Rosie what do you feel?”

“I feel like we could be soulmates.

Dexter Walker gulps and faints at Rosie’s words.

The End

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