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The Third Person

Guest smokinace

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title: the third person

type of story: med / long fic

genre: drama

rating: A

cast: zac, Shannon, Natalie plus summer bay locals

spoilers: no

warnings: language violence, drug references

plot: Zac's brother Shannon shows up in Summer Bay, but what secrets is he keeping that could tear Zac and Natalie apart.?


Natalie sat at Angelo's waiting for Zac and wondering what surprise he had for her. He had sounded excited on the phone.

"Been waiting long?" Zac asked her sitting down

"No I just got here myself" she lied she had really been for at least 30 minutes

"So what's my surprise?" she asked giving hi a flirtish smile

'Hey stranger' she heard a husky male voice say

she looked up to see Zac;s younger brother Shannon standing beside her, her heart sank.

"Shannon" she said pretending to get excited when the last thing she wanted to see was him

"Natalie Davison" he replied

"Haven't seen you in a long time, look at you" she said faking a smile and looking him up and down

" look at you, you got big" he said

she backed away and frowned

"I mean your chest area just looks a little bi... Zac can you help me out here" Shannon said

Zac smiled

"Nah mat, you're doin' just fine on your own: Zac told him

"So where have you been for the past 6 years?" Natalie asked

"Spent 3 years in Adelaide where got clean and met a girl when things ended badly I split from there and went to France"

Zac looked down

"If I ever get my hands on that girl who got you into drugs, i'll kill her" Zac said

Natalie put her head down

"It's ok man, i'm still standing" Shannon said with a smile

"You were dead for 22 minutes, if it wasn't for Natalie you wouldn't be sitting here" Zac said

Both boys realised Natallie was crying.

"You ok" Zac asked

"I just need some air" she said getting up

Zac stood up to follow her

"I'll go" Shannon said

"Order us some food, my shout" Shannon said then Followed Natalie.


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Shannon saw Natalie standing at the fence looking at the water

"So, seeing though you're not dead, i'm guessing he doesn't know" Shannon said

Natalie wiped her eyes and gave faint laugh. Shannon always had a way of making laugh even if the situation wasn't funny.

"How can i to tell him I almost got his brother killed. Scratch that technically you did die" Natalie replied folding her arms

"Nat, I was 16, I was capable of making my own decisions" he said wrapping his arms around her

She rested her head on his shoulder, she had missed this. The way he would always comfort her mainly iit would be when Zac would screw up though.

"Well my judgement could've been better, I mean an affair with my boyfriends younger brother. Great call Natalie" she said

he hugged her tighter.

"Does any know anything?" Shannon asked

"No, i'd prefer to keep it that way" she told him

He smiled

"I'd do anything for you, you know that" he assured her

"Thanks" she replied

he motioned his head towards the door

"Shall we" he said


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Shannon opened the door to see Natalie standing there

"Zac's not home"

She looked at him, he was wet and was only wearing a towel

"I know, I came to see you" Natalie told him

"Come in" he said standing aside letting her in

"We need to talk, I layed awake pretty much all night think whether I should tell you thi..." Natalie stopped mis sentence

"Date?" she asked when she saw good clothes out

"Job interview" Shannon replied putting on underwear under his towel

"Where?" she asked

"The gym" he told her

"What do you know about working I a gym?" Natalie asked

"Well it can't be that hard" he replied

"You were gonna tell me something" Shannon quickly doing buttons up on his shirt

"Stop" she said walking over it him

"You're just wrinkling your shirt. and what I was going to tell you can wait, it's not important" she said as her lips met his

He wrapped her legs around his waste and headed for his bedroom


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Natalie sat on the beach with her arms resting on her knees and her head resting on her arms.

"Wanna talk about it?" Bianca asked sitting next to her

"What?" Natalie replied finally realising someone was talking to her

"You look upset, I said do you wanna talk about it" Bianca answered

Natalie took a deep breath

"I think I just did something incredibly stupid" Natalie told Bianca

"Can't be that stupid" Bianca assured

"I had sex with Zac's brother" Natalie confessed

"What?... hold up Zac has a brother?" Bianca was shocked

"Two actually" Natalie said

"Why would you do that to him?" Bianca asked

"It's a long complicated story" Natalie replied

"I've got time" Bianca said putting her arm around her friend

"It all started when Zac went to Jail for dealing marijuana" Natalie started

"Zac's done time?" Bianca asked

"Briefly" Natalie answered

"Anyway, I was a complete wreck and started to fall back into my old ways, pill taking" Natalie continued "Shannon, that's Zac brother was also a mess he was only 16 at the time and he really looked up to Zac. He was also taking pills to cope, we started an fling. I used him, I guess I just have to feel needed again, I suggested we get into the harder stuff like cocaine, ecstacy, meth among other things. Shannon over dosed one night I woke up and found him next to me, I just thanked god that he was able to be saved." Natalie told Bianca

"So you have that connection with him, that's understandable. Does Zac know" Bianca asked

Natalie shook her head

"There's more" Natalie said

"we don't have to talk about if you don't want to" Bianca said

"You once told me I didn't know what It was like to lose a child, Well that's not true it wasn't in the same way you did but I still lost her. Not long after Shannon overdosed I found out I was pregnant I couldn't tell him though, how do you tell a 16 year old he's gonna be a dad and after that everything got worse I was on drugs even more, when she was born doctors had to detox it out her system, She was taken off me and raised by another family, i'll never forgive myself for that" Natalie told her

"So Shannon doesn't know about your daughter"


"Nat, you need to tell him, if he hates you that's his right to and you should also tell Zac the truth, lying about Liam being Rocco's father is what started to drive me and Liam apart"


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"Just a flat white please" Zac said standing at the counter at the diner

"Hey" Natalie said standing beside him

"I was just gonna come see you" Zac said

"I need to tell you something and you're gonna hate me once I tell you" Natalie told him

They walked towards a table and down

"It's about what happened to Shannon when you went to prison" Natalie told him

"The overdose" Zac was confused

"It was me, I got him addicted to drugs" she said

"What?" he laughed before realising she was serious

"So when you came to see me in prison off your face and you said you'd found someone else, it was Shannon wasn't it" Zac asked he was angry now

Natalie didn't answer but the look in her eyes said yes.

"Jesus Christ Natalie, he was 16. What were you thinking?" Zac snapped

"I don't know, i needed to feel needed" Natalie said holding back tears

"There's more" Natale told him

"Ofcourse there is, what did you two have a kid or something" Zac said

Natalie looked down

Zac stood up

"Please Zac, Shannon doesn't know, the baby was taken off me"

"You stay the hell away from my brother" Zac yelled


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