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Boom Boom Pow

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Story Title: BOOM BOOM POW

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters:Irene, Leah,Marylin,Colleen,Dex,Alf,Miles

Other Characters include Belle, Jai, Aden,Geoff,Annie,Xavier and Sasha, April,Banica and Vittorio.

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Comedy

Does story include Spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary:Summer Bay's Diner has been voted the number one place to eat in Australia.. But will Irene and the rest of the staff manage to cook the food to the hype surrounding it's reputation.

This 1st chapter is a flashforwards.

Hope you like it.


Chapter 1


Panicked excitement surrounded the cast and crew of Australia's top rated and most watched breakfast show Sunrise. As everybody ran round making sure everything was ready for when they went on the air. This morning’s show of Sunrise had the possibility of being their most resembled piece of ground breaking TV they had had ever broadcast on their show, it would hopefully go down as abit of TV history.

Kochie quickly rushes over to seat himself next to his co host Mel. They both turn to look at one another, both have a twinkle in their eye and a large beaming smile as they both think of the very exciting show they had ahead. They both then turn to see a long panel screen, which does the job of hiding the identify of their special guests, who are sat across on the opposite brightly yellow long sofa. Making so Kochie and Mel wouldn’t know who their guests would be until the lights went up on set, which is an odd way of doing things you may think. But sometimes it just happened that way sometimes you just had to play it by ear. When breaking news stories such as the one this morning came along you just didn’t have the time to get fully organised.

Sunrise Director, “Quiet on set lights, camera, action.”

The set is suddenly flooded with bright light.

Kochie ,“Well good morning Australia”

Mel, “And welcome to Sunrise.”

Kochie, “And what a show we have for you today.”

Mel, “Yes we can exclusively report, that the Pier Diner is engulfed in an ongoing fire in the small seaside town of Summer Bay.”

Kochie, “ To say the small town of Summer Bay is rocked by this tragic set of events is putting it mildly.”

Mel, “Yes it is, and here with us today are four of the survivors who were rescued from that unspeakable blaze”

Kochie, “Please welcome those not so lucky masterchefs of the kitchen…..”

Kochie and Mel gesture towards the opposite sofa. Lights flood down blindly upon the four women.

Irene, “Flipping heck darl, can we get these flipping lights toned down abit?”

Leah, “No I like these bright lights I may end up with a tan here, and I not long ago came back from holidaying in Greece. I didn’t even get a hint of tan while I was there either.”

Marilyn, “Oh Leah you should of come to my beauty spa and had a go in one of the tanning machines.”

Leah, “The chance would be a fine thing you charge too much.”

Marilyn, “Well what can I say no price is too high for beauty Leah.”

Irene, “Excuse me you two but I think we have abit more to worry about here than your tan Leah. Poor Colleen here hasn’t spoken ever since that exploding chocolate mud cake.”

Leah and Marilyn both made sure that they gave Irene their most evil and angry glares. Irene looks back at them guiltily.

Kochie, Ladies, ladies I know this must be a very upsetting time for you, but can I just say how beautiful and utterly radiant you all look.”

The four women look over each others char coal and scoot covered bodies with utter shock. They had not even had time to wash or get cleaned up yet, as soon as they had been rescued from the blaze which had once been the diner. They had been hurled into the back of a news van and brought straight here.

Irene, “You must be joking darl?”

Kochie, “Well yes I guess I must I was trying to be nice but that gesture of kindness blew right up in my face.”

The four traumatised women only stare back. Irene who has been gripping tightly to a bottle of cooking sherry quickly takes a swig.

Mel, “Ah wrong choice of words you just had there Kochie.”

Kochie coughs slightly feeling embarrass, before he looks over to the large TV screen at the end of the long sofas.

Kochie, “Well everyone we now can bring you right up to date with what is going now live from the scene with a live report.”

Miss Belle Taylor who had worked herself up in the ranks working for every and any newspaper who would take her, had landed her dream job only two months ago working for one of Summer Bays leading newspapers The Bulletin, and now as she stands there waiting for her blundering camera man Jai to hold his camera steady. The chill that she so often feels when doing these early morning reports, which would result in her needing to wear a coat is replaced with a toasty warm feeling courtesy of the flaming blaze mere yards behind her.

Jai, “Oh man this camera sure is heavy.”

Belle, “Use your muscles Jai.”

Jai, “Muscles MUSCLES I’m skinny Belle. These arms are better put to use for computers and web design.”

Belle, “Jai you’re the only one in the office that knows how to use that camera.”

Jai uses all his strength to heave the video camera on too his shoulder.

Belle, “Right make sure you catch me on my good side.”

Jai, “You’re your lucky if I manage to get your face.”

Belle rolls her eyes as Jai staggers back and fro.

Jai, “Action.”

Back in the Sunrise studio Belle pops up on the TV screen.

Belle, “Hello I’m Belle Taylor and I am coming live to you from the scene of the Pier Diner.”

Kochie, “How’s it looking down there Belle what can you tell us?”

Irene, “Oh Belle I’m so proud of you, look at you girly.”

Leah, “Yes shame she’s reporting on such dire events as our business going up in smoke.”

Marilyn, “Oh it might be just fine, we could be back inside the diner tomorrow.”

Leah, “I don’t think so Marilyn somehow.”

Mel, “Belle what can you see?”

Belle, “Well there is a lot of rubble and smoke.”

Kochie, “Is there any chance the diner can be saved Belle?”

Belle who is taken back by the question, quickly signals a quite unsteady Jai to do a wide camera shot of the area where the diner once stood.

Kochie, “Well ladies I think there is your answer.”

Irene takes another swig from her cooking sherry. Leah and Marilyn try and hold back tears which are forming in their eyes. Colleen meanwhile sits motionless with a faraway look in her eyes.

Kochie, “Well thank you Belle, now you get out of the cold and get somewher nice and warm and toasty just like we are in the studio.”

Kochie quickly realising he may of put his foot in it again, glances back to give the rather barbecued looking women a sheepish smile.

Mel, “I’m very sorry about my co host. now then would you four like to tell us in your own words how the fire started.

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Thanks guys Life has been quite hetic and stessed for me to update.

Here's the next chapter.

Chapter 2

Summer Bay’s Diner had many attractions going for It. Everything from a friendly atmosphere, to a great place to come unwind and relax and get a quick decent cooked meal. That was one of the main reasons Sid Walker had thought that he would Invite Xavier to dine with the rest of the walker family. Minus Indi who had landed herself a job working as one of the diner’s waitresses.

Seeing that Xavier and Sasha were now officially going out, It would be the prefect time to get to know Xavier much better. Also it would let Sid see Indi hard at work. Even though he knew him already Sid wanted to ease Xavier’s nerves and officially show him he improves of him dating his daughter.

Now Xavier sits round the table with the Walkers smiling but feeling abit out of his depth. Listening to medical doctor jokes from Sid, he really has no idea what Sid is on about. But even so he attempts to laugh in the appropriate places where he thinks he has just heard a punchline. Dexter Walker sits across from him licking his lips hungrily thinking of the yummy delicious burger and fries he had just ordered from Leah.

Sasha squeezes Xavier’s hand from under the table to reassure him that he was doing a good job of impressing her dad. While Indi glides passed their table rolling her eyes and thanking God that she wasn’t sat there listening to her dad’s doctor jokes.

Sid, “Xavier don’t laugh yet, That wasn’t the punch line.”

Xavier,”Oh sorry Dr Walker I……mean Sid, sorry I just think these jokes are so funny that…”

Sid, “No, no, no you need to listen to the whole thing Xavier to understand the wit behind it, here let me start again.”

Sasha, “Oh no dad please don’t.”

Dex, “Ah look the foods here.”

Irene places a freshly baked lasagne in front of Sid, while Marilyn places a plateful of spaghetti and meat balls down in front of Sasha.

Xavier, “So where’s mine is Colleen or Indi still preparing it in the kitchen?”

Xavier said this with worry in his voice as he notices Irene and Marilyn’s empty hands.

Marilyn, “Oh Xavier did you order anything?”

Xavier, “Er yes I ordered the all day breakfast Indi took the order.”

Xavier shot a look over to Sid who had a piece of lasagne hanging from his mouth.

Irene, “Oh sorry about that darl where has that girly gotten too?”

As Xavier glanced at Sid he thought he saw a look in his eyes as if to say go on I dare you to complain about my daughter. I could make you life very difficult Xavier oh yes I could.

Xavier, “It doesn’t matter Irene”

Irene, “I can go rustle up a sandwich for you if you like?”

Sasha, “Xave you could share my spaghetti and meatballs it will be romantic. You know just like that scene out of Lady and the Tramp I’m the lady of course though.”

Dex, “Ah that would make Xavier here the tramp.”

Xavier glares across at Dex to see his eyes light up, as Leah walks across to their table carrying his very juicy yummy burger.

Leah, “There you go Dex.”

Dex, “Oh wow thanks Leah.”

Dex brings the burger up to face level and sits there admiring it before proceeding to take a large bite.

Leah, “Oh you do seem really hungry Dex I…”

Everyone in the diner sundeley looked up from their meals, some people were giggling, some were whispering while others were just sat there looking startled. Xavier and Sasha’s strong sucking of the same shared piece of spaghetti comes to abrupt end. As Dex’s orgasmic pleasure that he was experiencing from the tasting his burger filled the diner.

Dex, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wooooooooooooooooooooo Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaabbbyyy.”

Leah, “Er so you like your burger then Dex?”

Dex progresses to open his eyes a and gaze at Leah

Dex, “What is this can anyone please tell me?”

Sid, “It’s a burger Dex just a burger.”

Dex, “Oh noooooo dad that is where you are wrong, this is not just a burger I hold here in my hands.”

Irene, “It’s not darl, what is it then?”

Dex, “It’s a taste sensation.”

Leah blushes slightly.

Leah, “Well thank you Dex I’m very flattered.”

Dex, “It is the truth Leah this food here in my hand is the best my taste buds have ever come across. It was such a heavenly experience that they are begging me to take another bite.”

Leah, “Why thank you very much I….”

Dex, “In fact Sasha take a photo with your phone to capture this moment forever.”

Sasha, “Er no I’m not having a picture of you stuffing your face on my phone.”

Sid, “Let’s just finish our meals shall we?”

Dex, “Can I get another one of these burgers please Leah?”

Indi gives Dex a look of disgust as she rushes pass their table juggling a armful of plates.

Sid, “I’m not made of money I would have you know Dex.”

Dex, “You can put it on my tab.”

Irene, “Tab darl I think you might have us mixed up with Angelo’s.”

Dex, “No I just thought there has to be an advantage of having your sister work here.”

Irene, “Oh seeing as its you then.”

Leah quickly appears at Dex’s side with a hot sizzing yummy burger for him to eat.

Leah, “There you go Dex enjoy.”

Dex, “Well thank you my kitchen goodness. Now do tell me what have you done to this burger to get it to taste so different to the run of the mil ones?”

Sasha, “Oh Dex you should know this by now a woman never tells her most precious secrets.”

Leah, “Oh that’s alright its my own Greek recipe.”

Leah then makes her way back to the kitchen grinning. Why didn’t VJ ever praise her efforts? She cooked for him nearly everyday and he not once mentioned how tasty her food was.

Sid thanks Irene and Marilyn before going back to what he hoped would be a some what normal family meal.

Sasha, “Awwwwwwwww Xave you are just so cute, wait there while I find my phone I have to take a photo of your cute face.”

Xavier, “Oh really? Ok cool.”

Sasha, “Oh damit where’s my phone dad have you seen it?”

Sid, “No, now hurry up guys we have some guests arriving soon. And by this rate there won’t be anyone there to hand over their caravan keys.”

As well as being a very talented doctor of the town Sid Walker and his family were also the proud owners of Summer Bay’s most luxury caravan park. Well it wasn’t so luxury when it came to the oh so pleasant job of having to clean the toilet block. But even that wasn’t as bad for Sid as he was first expecting it to be. Seeing as he bribed Dex into doing it for him with comic books as a means of payment.

Sasha, “Where is my phone? I can’t leave without it its….”

Dex, “YOUR LIFE FORCE isn’t it Sis?”

Sasha, “Your one to talk you couldn’t live without those stupid blogs that you do.”

Dex smiles over to a angry looking Sasha who had spotted what her geeky brother held in his hands.

Sasha, “My phone how did you get that and what do you think you’re doing?”

Dex, “I need a photo of this most mouth watering most captivating most tasty…..”

Sasha, “Burger”

Dex, “Yes but this is not any burger this is Leah’s geek burger. Why now I have a photo I think I may just tweet about the most heavenly meal I have ever had.”

Sid, “Tweet what like a bird?”

Dex, “It’s what you do on twitter dad it’s great.”

Sid, “Come again twitter what on earth is that?”

Dex, “Social networking dad its all the range these days, maybe I will start a trend about Leah’s cooking skills on twitter who knows?”

After giving his son a very odd look Sid just shrugs.

Sid, “Social networking why don’t people just talk to each other eh Xavier I mean in my day….”

This is met with a sigh of annoyance from Indi as she passes their table.

Sid, “Dex give your sister her phone back and lets finish up now please.”

A while later after Dex had managed to complimented Leah like a million times he now sat in his bedroom in front of his laptop, typing to his online pen friend AprilD2. The reason behind her choice of username she told him was because of R2-D2 out of the Star Wars movies. Dex had then quite rightly called himself Dex3PO after C-3PO also from Star Wars.

Dex read the message on his screen.

AprilD2, “What have you been upto today?”

Dex3PO, “Eating”

AprilD2, “Oh”

Dex3PO, “It was tasty.”

AprilD2, “LOL”

Dex3PO, “It was a Greek style burger it blew my mind.”

AprilD2, “That’s nice”

Dex3PO, “I don’t think you quite get me here, I’m uploading a pic of it to my blog so you can see.”

Dex hits upload as he hears his dad’s shouts coming from downstairs


Lottie, “Can I come in Dex?”

Dex looks up from his laptop to see his beautiful geeky blonde girlfriend standing in his doorway.

Dex, “Yes”

Lottie, “So what you doing?”

Dex, “Oh just sharing what I had for dinner with the whole world.”

Lottie, “Oh how about we go rock collecting on the beach that will be fun.”

Dex, “Ok hang on just have to let AprilD2 know I’m logging off.”

Lottie rolls her eyes as she walks over to Roland Dex’s pet rat sat in his cage his little beady eyes watching her.

Dex, “Don’t go rolling your eyes at Roland Lottie, AprilD2 is awesome she really enjoys my blogs, and hey look she’s tweeted about Leah’s mouth watering burger already.”

Lottie, “Yes, yes come on Dex lets go to the beach already.”

Lottie then drags Dex out of his room, Dex just about manages to shout bye to his rat Roland before his bedroom door slams shut.

Unknown to Leah and the rest of the staff the Pier Diner was about to become very famous thanks to the power of twitter and a little blog by Dexter Walker.

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Thanks so much Sandie,Sarah,Kristen and Red. :D

Here's the next part

Chapter 3

Irene Roberts lived alone but that didn’t mean she was lonely. Oh no she didn’t have the time for such a thing as loneliness’ what with her job at the diner where she was kept up to date daily with the town’s gossip thanks to Colleen, as well as keeping to a steady pace of preparing the food. Yes she enjoyed her job it was for most of the time, very easy going. Occasionally it would become stressful but nothing to really complain about. And as for the people she worked with they were in her opinion the best work force anyone could ask for. They were great to talk too and great fun.

The sounds of laughter from the other women now fill Irene’s ears as she opens her door.

Irene, “Come in”

Marilyn, “Whooooooo I will make a start on getting the nibbles ready Irene.”

Leah, “Maybe I should do that Marilyn I am after all a kitchen goddess.”

Irene, “Flipping heck this is suppose to be a work strategy meeting to go over the menus. It sounds more like its going to turn into a party.”

Colleen waits with a big tin tucked under her arm as Leah and Marilyn find a couple of plates in Irene’s cupboards.

Marilyn, “Oh Colleen we are ready for you now.”

Colleen brings the big tin to Irene’s face level and smiles before she pops the tin’s lid off.

Irene, “Good gracious me darl is that…”

Colleen, “Leftover Chocolate mud cake yes it is”

Marilyn, “We would have had some of Leah’s lemon drizzle cake, but Dex and his little girlfriend Lottie came and took the last few slices. You should seen Dex’s face when he tasted some.”

Leah, “He said it was one of the best Lemon cakes his ever had.”

Marilyn, “I think he may have a thing for Leah’s cooking.”

Leah, “Awwww his so sweet.”

Irene leaded the other three women through to her living room where they all sat down on the sofa.

Leah, “Dex really flattered me today, saying how nice that burger was that I made him that was so nice of him.”

Irene, “Flipping heck darl you sound like you have abit of a crush there.”

Leah, “What on DEXTER nooooooooooooooooooooo it’s just nice to feel appreciated that’s all.”

Colleen, “Well Leah I think I know the real reason he enjoyed it.”

Leah, “Oh yes?”

Colleen, “Oh yes I think it was because of those lettuce leaves I put in the burger.”

The look on Leah’s face made Marilyn spit a mouthful of chocolate mud cake out.

Marilyn, “Oh no oh dear I’m very sorry Irene, I may of just made a brown stain on your carpet I….”

Irene, “I will just take the cost of getting it cleaned out your wages darl.”

Marilyn quickly reverts her eyes away from Irene’s glare to watch Colleen and Leah.

Colleen, “Well that’s what I think it was Leah. Madge Wilkins told me it was a true fact that a good quality lettuce can add extra flavour to food, making it seem better than it actually is.”

Leah, “Well Colleen you can go and tell Madge she can stuff her good quality lettuce where…”

Irene, “Let’s put the TV on shall we? What does everyone fancy watching? Oh look its Neighbours.”

Colleen, “You can turn that off according to Madge Wilkins there’s a much better soap than that to watch.”

Irene, “Oh really what’s it called?”

Colleen, “Oh now what did she say it was Home something?”

Irene, Leah and Marilyn watch as Colleen stares off into confusion as she tries to remember the name of this so called better soap.

Colleen, “I was watching it with her the other day its… oh its Home and……”

Marilyn, “AWAY”

Colleen, “Yes well done Marilyn that’s it do you watch it?”

Marilyn, “No I panicked and shouted away at some spider I just seen walking across the carpet that was all sorry.”

Irene then starts to flick through the channels stopping every now and then to see if any programme tickled anyone’s fancy.

Irene, “How about this?”

Marilyn, “No”

Leah, “No”

Colleen, “No”

Irene, “Ok this?”

Leah, “No”

Colleen, “No what is this silly programme?”

Leah, “Jackass VJ watches it sometimes.”

Marilyn, “Looks painful.”

Irene’s channel surfing suddenly comes to an abrupt stop.

Irene, “Let’s watch this.”

Leah, “Oh no you don’t like him do you?, His horrible.”

Marilyn, “Oh yes his not very nice the way he talks to people if they do something wrong.”

Colleen, “Yes his very rude but his a good chef.”

Irene, “Yeah he knows his stuff.”

The three other women gaze over at Irene who has a dreamy look in her eyes, as she watches Chef Ramsey laying into some poor soul, because he had left a spotted dick pudding in the microwave for too long and it now it looked like a large lump of coal.

Irene, “Oh do you think the name Ramsey would suit me?”

Marilyn, “Irene Ramsey ah sounds like it could work.”

Irene, “Yes darl it does, Oh just listen to that masterful voice of his.”

Yes Celebrity chef Ramsey might be a pig but that didn’t change the fact he was also Irene Roberts dream man

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Thanks Red,Sarah,Kristen and Phoebe. :rolleyes:

Hope you like this one

Chapter 4

Dexter Walker eyes blinked at rapid speed, as his daily routine of going to check out his blog turned into the most alarming and somewhat unbelievable experienced Dex had ever had while online. Even more so than the time Dex had accidently hacked his way into the FBI database and had without realising it listed his dad as a most wanted criminal mastermind for about a day.

Leah had sent him loads of free samples of food to try over the last week or so. And with everything he tried he would send back a shiny report of how yummy it was. Leah who was over heels with his praise would then send him the recipes of each of the foods saying he could cook for Lottie or indeed her if he wanted too. With each recipe Leah would send him, Dex would then post it on his blog. And today his small blog had hit global status with what seemed like the whole world wanting to know where about the Pier Diner was.

Dex, “Oh my Roland my furry little rat friend. It looks like the diner is going to be jam packed today.”

Dex then flicked his radio on as a way to confirm that the whole world wide web was indeed on its way to Summer Bay for its dinner.

Radio DJ, “There’s loads of problems on the roads today, especially if you trying to enter Summer Bay. It’s that bad that Frank our usual high in the sky traffic reporter hasn’t made it into work. We do instead have someone from the newspaper The Bulletin filling in for us. How’s the traffic looking Jai?”

Jai, “Oh well it looks errrr oh God I feel sick. I never want to fly in a helicopter again I…”

Radio DJ, “Hey dude focus on the traffic.”

Jai, “Well I would but that would mean looking down, and I never signed up to fly in a helicopter you know? I said I could help out with technique support when I took this newspaper job on.

Helicopter pilot, “Hey pal just report on the traffic situation will you? I’m burning fuel here.

Jai, “Errr ok there’s heaps and heaps of cars on the road Oooooh I’m going to………”

The call is quickly cut off as Jai lets out a gross sickening sound.

Radio DJ, “Well there you have it people there’s heaps and heaps of cars on the road going into Summer Bay.”

Dex, “Well Roland looks like I’m going to have to share some of your biscuit that you have there.”

Roland the Rat quickly runs to the bottom level of his cage hoping to be far enough out of Dex’s reach and starts to munch at his biscut quite quickly.

Dex, “Oh well I guess a trip to Angelo’s is in order, pizza for breakfast yummy.”

Irene and the rest of the diner staff lift the chairs from their upside down positions on their tables and stand them upright. Today felt like it was going to be a quiet one a nice steady day.

Indi, “Sorry I’m late Irene Sasha took so long in the bathroom this mourning and then it was stop and start the whole way here…”.

Irene, “Oh girly don’t worry yourself I was late opening up, I slept through my alarm.”

Marilyn, “Oh did you get to bed late last night Irene?”

Irene, “Yes I was busy.”

Leah, “Oh yes is that a tinkle in your eyes Irene were you with a man?”

Irene, “Yes well sort of, I was watching back to back episodes of Chef Ramsey’s kitchen Nightmares. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him and that masterful really gets me going.

Colleen, “Oh its alright for some I spent the night locked out my mobile home. Sid had borrowed my key so he could do some maintenance on my van and you never guess what?”

Indi had now started to laugh.

Leah, “Oh what happened to your key Colleen?”

Indi, “Dad had taken it into work with him and dropped it inside someone when he was operating on them.”

Everyone but Colleen start to laugh, after everyone had sobered Irene smiles

Irene, “I feel like today is going to be a nice easy one……”

Marilyn, “Hey does anyone hear that thundering sound? It sounds like its getting nearer.”

A crowd of people were at this second stampeding towards the diner.


The four women in the diner stand gaping at the large gathering of people banging on the window to be let inside.

Indi, “Er I hope I’m going to be getting paid extra for this.”

Celebrity Chef Alfred Stu Ramsey sits staring at four stony faced executive producers of channel seven.

1st Executive Producer, “Well we have called you in for this little chat Alfred because we feel there has been a big drop in ratings for your kitchen nightmares show.”

Chef Ramsey, “Well that is only one galah’s opinion.”

2nd Executive Producer, “Do not call Roger that, his your boss.”

Chef Ramsey, “Strike me handsome don’t you think I know that Pete. It doesn’t change the fact that his a great galah though does it?”

3rd Executive Producer, “We feel the reason in ratings dropping is because of your foul language Alfred, and that people have grown tried of your aggressive behaviour.”


4th Executive Producer, “So would you say you’re a calm person Alfred?”


Executive Producers “Er no you look angry.”


1st Executive Producer, “Well we have decided to give you another series but this series you will be looking for someone special. Someone who can become your apprentice, and someday take over your kitchen, because Alfred as good as a chef as you are, we just find you to be rude and revolting to be around.”


3rd Executive Producer, “We will be sending you off to the Pier Diner in Summer Bay if all this hype about the place is true you will found your apprentice there.


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Thanks for the great comments Sarah,Red and Kristen. :rolleyes:

Hope you like this one

Chapter 5

Due to the diner’s sudden popularity of being over run with people, coming from near and far to taste some of Leah’s cooking the want for pizza had vanished. Angelo’s pizza restaurant would have been completely dead, if it wasn’t for Dexter Walker sat at a small table in the corner munching happily away at his large cheese and tomato pizza.

Xavier Austin looks round the silent restaurant yawning slightly before gazing down at his phone as it alerts him of a incoming text from Sasha.

Hey Xave are you missing me?

No smiley face Xavier replies smiling as he hits send.

Waiting for Sasha’s reply which was bound to make me laugh, Xavier lifts his eyes briefly away from his phone to catch sight of the Braxtons brothers sat round a table whispering. There was no doubt in Xavier’s mind that they would be plotting something dodgy. Sighing as the wave of boredom washes over him again Xavier looks down to his phone again to await Sasha’s witty comeback.

Did he really need this job at Angelo’s as a pizza delivery guy as well as doing his police training? according to his Mom Gina it was good to leave his options open just in case his ambitions of becoming a fully trained police officer fell through. But the way business was booming today Xavier doubted he would have to deliver another pizza.

Fine I’m not bothered if you miss me or not because I’m with Casey read Sasha’s reply.

Smiling from reading her text Xavier quickly sends one back.

I don’t think so somehow Casey’s having what looks to be a very deep discussion with his brothers at the moment I’m looking across at him.

With his finger hovering over the send option Xavier jumps about a mile high into the air as the phone for Angelo’s pizza order line starts to ring loudly.

Even the shock of possibly of having a customer manages to pull the Braxtons away from their intense looking discussion.

Heath, “Well answer the phone blondie don’t just stare at it.”

Xavier takes hold of the phone receiver.

Heath, “Hey and if it’s any of your cop friends tell them we haven’t done nothing, and then tell them to go away.”

Brax, “Xavier just take the order eh.”

Xavier nods before placing the phone to his ear and processes to talk in a bored sounding tone.

Xavier, “Hello and thank you for calling Angelo’s the tastiest pizza in town.”

Dex, “Amen to that.”

Brax, Heath and Casey share a look of shock over at Dex sat in his corner having nearly finished his pizza.

Casey, “How long has he been sat there?”

Meanwhile back with Xavier on the phone.

Xavier, “How can I help you?”

Irene, “Well its not rocket science to work that one out is it darl?”

Xavier, “Would you like to order some pizza by any chance?”

Irene, “Oh God save us now we are getting somewhere.”

Xavier, “Ok what pizza topping would you like?”

Irene, “Xavier darl its me Irene.”

Xavier, “Irene? Ooooooooooh Irene hey sorry why do you need pizza when you have a kitchen fill of food?”

Irene, “We are well and truly rushed off our feet here darl, we can’t get the food cooked fast enough for the demand of all the customers, we are bursting at the seams here it’s all very stressful.”

Xavier, “At least you have customers its really dead here.”

Xavier suddenly hears a wail from a very worked up Colleen as she swans passed Irene.

Irene, “Oh Colleen take it easy or I will have to bang both your and Marilyn’s heads together.”

Colleen, “But she keeps getting me new orders off people. I feel over worked I’m a old woman you know I shouldn’t be working under such high stress conditions I….”

Irene, “Get Leah to help you.”

Colleen, “Oh no she’s too busy living out her fame, people won’t stop asking her about her cooking skills.”

Irene, “Go sit yourself down on that chair over there for a breather Colleen for God sake.”

Xavier, “Er shall I go you sound……”


Xavier, “Ok so pizza then how many do you want?”

Irene does some quick adding up in her head as how many meals were leaving the diner’s kitchen per minute. And how fast people were leaving to make space for new people to come and sit at the tables.

Irene, “Well I would say twenty five to thirty.”


Irene, “That’s right darl.”

Xavier, “Would that be for delivery or collection?”

Irene, “God save us love delivery of course I’m not coming to fetch them.”

Xavier, “Ok Irene thanks for the order.”

Xavier puts the phone down feeling stunned. Things must be hectic at the diner if they wanted that many pizzas. In fact it was safe to say that this was the biggest order Angelo’s had ever had and that was including the time before the restaurant was taken over by three criminal thugs.

Heath, “Well what’s the order?”

Xavier, “Twenty five to thirty pizzas to be delivered to the diner.”

Heath takes a step back before giving Xavier a confused look.

Heath, “Twenty five to… now hang on Austin don’t be so dumb Oh Brax.”

Brax sighs as he comes over to them both.

Brax, “Heath what’s the problem eh?”

Heath, “Austin here has messed up the order he says they want twenty five to thirty pizzas at the diner.”

Brax looks slightly stunned by this sudden boost for business before giving Heath’s arm a light tap.

Brax, “Well go wake the kitchen staff you idiot I think they are dozing off back there.”

Casey watches Heath run off through to the kitchen to wake the sleepy cooks having fallen asleep from boredom because of the lack of business.

Casey, “Hey Brax you want me to deliver the pizzas?”

Brax, “What you must be joking after last time. When you were caught speeding on the scooter I’m still trying to find the money to pay off the fine.”

Casey, “Oh yeah and how are you getting the money?”

Brax, “I have my ways, anyway Xavier here will deliver the pizzas, if he messes up its on his head. Now listen Xavier deliver the pizzas in forty five minutes or you won’t get paid understand?”

Xavier, “Yep and don’t worry I will drive the pizza scooter carefully.”

Brax, “No you won’t I’m not risking another fine.”

Xavier, “But how will I get…”

Brax, “Your find a way and here have this money in case you run into trouble with the cops.”

Brax winks as he slips a couple of bank notes into Xaviers pocket.

Xavier Austin staggers a few steps forwards then some to the side before staggering a few feet backwards. As he tries his best to walk while heaving the giant pizza bag on his back. He just can’t believe how much the weight of twenty five pizzas were weighing him down. He might as well of been carrying a giant bolder on his back.

There must be an easier and quicker way than this to get to the diner. And then it hit him. Yes there was a much, much easier way Xavier would use his police training to his advantage because sat in the driveway at home was his very own police car. Well technically it wasn’t his own, it belonged to the Summer Bay’s police department they had loaned the police car to Xavier for being such a good and hard working trainee officer of the law. And now as he remembers what he and John had work on the week before to improve the cars performance Xavier smiles.

Luckily for Xavier he had lost all his sense of direction and was now heading in the opposite way to the diner. He soon realises that his standing outside his house, grinning up the driveway at his new turbo engine charged police car sat next to John’s V8. What a totally cool idea of John’s to fit the car with a turbo engine. Xavier moved quickly over to his police car despite the weigh of the pizzas upon his back, with this improved engine Xavier would be at the diner in no time and the pizzas would be still hot which would be worth a tip well he hoped a tip to come his way.

After chucking the heavy bag onto the back seat Xavier jumps in the front of the police car, smiling he turns the key to hear a low purring sound as the engine fires up, which is just like music to his ears Xavier adjusts the rearveiw mirror before placing his foot to the accelerator and gentle drives out onto the road. Humming and feeling totally chilled with the easy ride, Xavier advances on to the main road to see a heavy build up of traffic no doubt on the way to the diner. But Xavier doesn’t let the build up of traffic bother him; oh no what was the point of that when he had blue flashing police siren lights.

Xavier chuckles as he flicks the switch to activate the police sirens. Cars start to move to the side of the road as the police siren lights alert them of Xavier’s presence.

Xavier looks to foul and angry looking faces as they glare at him as he glides passed then. Now with the worry of no more cars around him Xavier can now have some real fun. Its time for the turbo engine to show what it can really do, Xavier happily flips up the cover of the turbo box John had installed in the car and presses a small red button.

Xavier presses down on the car pedals abit harder, and for the first couple of seconds nothing seems to happen, and just as disappointment starts to wash over Xavier the car suddenly gives a sharp jolt and from there on in Xavier can’t quite make the colours of the trees and even the road out as everything seems to zoom and blend into one as they whiz passed him.

Xavier, “Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is so coooooooooool.”

Xavier feeling like his playing some kind of video game takes the corners of the road sharp and insanely fast. His so caught up in his need for speed that he doesn’t notice the police car speeding up behind him.

Charlie Buckton the most highly respected police officer of the town can’t quite believe at the speed the police car in front of her is going. Grabbing at her mega phone from the passengers seat and after fitting it through her open window she yells out loudly….


Xavier who thinks he has heard a light murmur from behind carries on.

Charlie is left with no choice than to ram Xavier off the road pulling up at his side Charlie yells again…..


Xavier jumps as Charlie’s voice enters his car and quickly swerves off the road.

Charlie, “I will have to book you officer I XAVIER?”

Xavier, “Oh hey Charlie nice day for a drive don’t you think?”

Charlie, “Xavier you were speeding.”

Thinking of the pizzas going cold on the back seat and of Brax’s rage also if he didn’t deliver them on time Xavier lies.

Xavier, “I was chasing someone and…”

Charlie, “Oh stop please I know when someone is having me on.”

Xavier, “Ok what about this I didn’t realise how fast these cop cars go.”

Charlie, “That is true they do go very fast, but you were speeding and even though you’re soon to be a police officer too I will still have to…”

Xavier shuffles nervously in his seat, as he does though Brax’s money falls out his pocket.

Charlie, “Oh I see your trying to bribe a police officer now are we?”

Xavier picks the bank notes up from round his feet.

Xavier, “Oh no of course not Brax gave me this money.”

Charlie, “Brax came you money why?”

Xavier, “He er he said to give it to you to treat yourself. He said go and buy a new dress because his taking you out to dinner tonight.”

Charlie, “Oh that is so nice of him, hang on though how did he know we were going to bump into each other?”

Xavier couldn’t believe he was lying like this, he put it down too hanging out with Brax too much at the restaurant.

Xavier, “Just a lucky guess.”

Xavier smiles as Charlie takes the cash from him and starts to count it.

Charlie, Oh yes well I guess I could buy a new dress Xavier……”

Charlie looks up to find that Xavier had sped away to continue his way to the diner with the pizzas. Charlie then screams with excitement not realising that she had just accepted a bribe.

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Hope you all like this one

Chapter 6

Sometimes every so often there comes along a day or a time that just seems to drag endlessly. Where the art of clock watching seems to be the only thing pulling you through the mind numbness boredom of the days offerings. Gaden News was experiencing one of those days.

The newspaper Gaden News was named after its two best leading reporters Aden and Geoff. As a way of thanks for their talent of getting the paper all its high profile breaking headlines stories that had graced the it’s black and while pages. To date Gaden News had come the top selling newspaper in the bay.

Sighing loudly Aden Jeffries glances at the ticking clock on the wall of his and Geoff’s office. If he had known how much of a slow news day it was going to turn out to be today he would have taken longer in the surf this Moring. Letting out another long sigh partly because of his boredom and partly because of Geoff’s oh so irritating humming, as he sits reading his weekly magazine The Naughty Vicar. Aden starts to try to amuse himself with lightly tapping his fingers on his desk, but after a few more seconds of not being able to stomach Geoff’s humming Aden fixes him with a fiery glare Seemly to sense the heat from Aden’s gaze Geoff drops his copy of the Naughty Vicar onto the floor.

Geoff, “Aden stop looking at me will you?”

Aden, “I will when you stop your happy go lucky humming bible boy.”

Geoff, “Hey don’t call me that I haven’t read the bible for quite a while now.”

Aden, “Oh I know you just read those like gossip religious magazines now.”

Geoff. “See don’t mock the Naughty Vicar they are good, and much lighter than the bible.”

Aden, “Oh I know they are good magazines I seen last months page three pin up nun. She was very nice, what’s this month’s like?”

Geoff, “I wouldn’t know I don’t look.”

Aden, “Oh come on I know you look really.”

Geoff coughed dramatically to try and put an end to their seedy little chat. Aden smiles as he sees Geoff blush brightly

Geoff, “So er any news today or what?”

Aden, “Yep”

Geoff, “Oh yes what?”

Aden, “I’m looking even sexier than yesterday.”

Geoff rolled his eyes as Aden grins cheekily over at him.

Aden, “Come on bible boy you can’t deny I’m in good shape.”

Geoff, “I can and I will, and it’s not as if you have a girlfriend so…….”

Aden, “That’s because I’m too manly for women to handle Geoffrey.”

Geoff laughs earning a wink from Aden

Geoff, “Well I know someone who likes you”

Aden who has grown tired of this conversation leans over his desk to stare into the depths of his empty tea cup.

Aden, “Ah bible boy lets have a drink, where’s our tea lady got too?”

Geoff, “If by that you mean my sister studying probably.”

Aden, “Studying what?”

Geoff sighs.

Geoff, “Martial arts in Japan I did tell you yesterday, but you were too busy admiring yourself in the mirror.”

Aden, “Well that must suck for her now that she’s working as our tea lady.”

Geoff, “No she wanted to work here while she came here for holiday.”

Aden jumps slightly as he gazes down at his desk to see a small golden bell he had never noticed there before.

Aden, “What’s this bell here for?”

Geoff, “Ring it and Annie will come with your next cup of tea.”

Aden gives Geoff an odd look.

Geoff, “Yes I know you never used it before, you just normally give people that charming smile of yours and they run off to fetch your tea………”

Aden, “So bible boy you think I have a charming smile?”

Geoff blushes slightly.

Geoff, “I never said that you put words in my mouth.”

Aden, “Oh I think you did indeed say that…….”


Belle Taylor sits at her desk of The Bulletin Newspaper feeling nervous. Nervous because it was her first day at being one of its reporters. With butterflies in her stomach Belle stares down at the phone system she had been asked to look after, in case any of the Bulletin newspapers researchers phoned in with a breaking story. On one hand she was willing the phones not to ring while another part of her was just itching for an exciting heart pounding news story to be rung through to her.

Aden smiles as a blushing young Annie places a cup of tea down in front of him.

Aden, “Thanks very much Annie do you have a nice creamy cake for me as well on that tea trolley of yours?”

Annie glances back to the tea trolley and gulps before looking back to Aden worriedly.

Annie, “Er no but I can go get you one if you want?”

Aden, “I would kiss you if you did.”

Annie, “REALLY OH WOW, er I mean awwwwwww I will go get you that cake right away.”

Geoff, “Annie stop, his teasing you, ANNIE stop fluttering your eyelashes at him.”

Annie, “Geoff please stop your embarrassing me.”

Aden, “Hey Annie I think its kind of cute you have a crush on me. I mean who wouldn’t bible boy oh I mean Geoff here has one on me too. He gets all tongue tied round me sometimes.”

Annie, “I don’t have a, I don’t I errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I never…… I don’t have a crush on you Aden……. HAHAHA GEOFF I’M SO GOING TO TELL POP YOU FANCY ADEN.”

Geoff stands up quickly causing his chair to topple over, he then points to the office door.

Geoff, “Annie out before I phone Pop, and tell him you want some extra farming chores.”

Aden smiles as he watches Annie dash from the room, the tea trolley rattling all the while as she goes.

Aden, “Oh aren’t we the demanding type? I like that.”

Geoff, “Aden………”

Aden, “Shhhhh, hello?”

Geoff picks his magazine of the Naughty Vicar up from the floor and hides his blushing face behind its covers. As Aden talks on his phone, upon hearing a long sigh and the rustling sound of Aden putting his phone back into his pocket Geoff lowers the Naughty Vicar.

Geoff, “Who was on the phone?”

Aden, “Nicole wanting to know if I’m home for dinner tonight.”

Aden rolls his eyes as a dreamy look washes over Geoff at the mention of Nicole’s name.

Geoff, “Oh yes Nicole the beautiful Nicole.”

Aden, “I guess.”

Geoff, “Her long flowing blonde hair not to mention her long sexy legs, it must be so good having her as your flatmate.”

Aden, “Er yeah it can be, I don’t know she is nice but not that challenging for me.”

Geoff, “Well I lie awake at night and I….”

Aden, “Woo enough I don’t want to know.”

Geoff, “I was going to say I think about her its not my fault your mind is sinful.”

Aden, “Well it does seem like you’re in love with my flatmate, so in love in fact that if you were allowed to take something with you to a deserted Island it would be her.”

Geoff, “Oh Aden stop teasing me but yes I think I would. But what are the chances of me and Nicole getting stranded on a deserted Island?”

Aden, “Hey never say never it might just happen someday bible boy.”

AprilD2, “So been up to much?”

Typing his reply Dex suddenly laughs as he feels his rat Roland move about on his lap.

AprilD2, “Are you there Dex3PO?”

Dexter liked talking to his online friend AprilD2 but man couldn’t she be a tad impatient.

AprilD2, “DEX3PO answer me or will go clean my room I have this sudden NEED TO CLEAN.”

In amongst his laughter Dexter manages to get Roland back inside his cage much to the rats disappointment.

Dex, “I’m sorry Roland I will teach you some more tricks tomorrow ok my little ratty friend?”

Roland just gives Dex a look as if to say you better before running to the bottom of his cage to eat a biscuit. Dex then goes back to his keyboard to find AprilD2 had logged off, women so demanding but so pretty even the geeky ones Dex thought, as he shut his laptop down. Upon leaving his room Dex can hear a strange noise and no it wasn’t just his dad singing in the shower, even though his dad sounded like a cat in intense pain. Dex edges carefully down into the living room and continues to creep nearer to the front door where the sounds of chaos were happening.


Dex then hears someone on the other side of the door fumbling about with the doorknob. After sometime of hearing some very strong language as the battle with the locked door continues, Dex reaches out and opens the door for the delightful people who would soon become without a doubt guests at the caravan park. Upon opening the door the person who had been fiddling about with the doorknob lands in a heap at Dex’s feet.

Chef Ramsey, “Oh you great galah I said be flaming careful with my bags.”

Dex, “Er would you like some help there?”

Chef Ramsey, “Miles get to your feet now you great goose.”

Miles quickly jumps to his feet.

Miles, “Hey I’m Miles Chef Ramsey taster. I test the food before he eats it in case it is poisonous.”

Dex, “Oh”

Miles, “I’m also a food critic and I must say it’s the best job ever.”

Dex nods his head and slowly turns to Chef Ramsey suddenly realising who he was.

Dex, “Oh Sir”

Chef Ramsey, “Yes, yes you can stop bowing now you galah and book us a flaming van will you?”

Dex, “Yes I’m Dexter by the way.”

Chef Ramsey, “Oh so you’re the galah who started that blog about this diner place.”

Dex, “Oh yes the food there is to die for.”

Chef Ramsey laughs Dexter’s claim off.

Chef Ramsey, “You may wonder why a famous celebrity such as me chooses to stay at a caravan park.”

Dex, “Well no I wasn’t wondering that but ok.”

Chef Ramsey, “I can’t be sure if they would spit on my food in a hotel you see. So I like cook all my food myself.”

Dex, “Well you have Miles here to test your food out for any spit, hang on where’s he gone?”

Chef Ramsey, “Getting my barbecue out of my truck.”

Dex and Chef Ramsey hear Miles panting as he drags the barbecue to the foot of the front door.

Miles, “Phew here……….you go Alfred……”

Chef Ramsey, “Thanks Miles You’re a flaming gem.”

Miles walks passed the barbecue walks over to the sofa and falls back into its softness.

Miles, “I say this looks very much like the house my sister Sally used to live in.”

Dex, “Oh well there was a Sally who lived here once before I moved in.”

Miles, “Oh my God it is my sister Sally.”

Miles picks up a picture of Sally which is standing next to the TV.

Miles, “Well who would of thought in all the places in the world we end up staying at the house where my sister grew up.”

Sid wanders into the room wrapped in nothing but a towel having just finished his shower, he gazes round his living room confused.

Sid, “Er Dex why is there a man sitting on my sofa? And why is there a barbecue jammed in our doorway?”

Dex, “Because dad we are lucky enough to have a very famous but also very grumpy TV Chef staying with us.”

Miles, “Hey I’m Miles.”

Miles who has jumped up from the sofa grins at Sid while shaking his hand very excitedly.

Sid, “Yes, yes nice to meet you. Now then where is that coffee I left to cool down ah here it is.”

Sid tries with all his might to reach out to the draining broad where his coffee stands.

Sid, “Er would you like to let my hand go now Miles?”

Miles, “Oh of course”

Smiling Sid takes his coffee cup and slowly begins to lift it to his mouth.

Miles, “Oh please allow me to taste it for you first.”

Sid, “Excuse me?”

Miles, “I insist its my job you see to test how things taste.”

Chef Ramsey, “Yes you better let him taste your flaming coffee.”

Sid, “Really there is no need its safe to drink Sasha made it so……”

Miles, “Oh and who is this Sasha can she be trusted not to poison you?”

Sid, “Well I should hope so she’s my daughter.”

Miles, “Even so better let me taste it, be on the safe side.”

Next thing Sid knew Miles has whipped the cup from his hand, and is taking a long gulp of his coffee. Sid, Dex and Chef Alfred Ramsey all stare at Miles for his verdict.


Sid then watches as Miles drains his whole cup.

Sid, “What you just drank my whole drink?”

Miles, “Oh sorry well at least you know it was safe to drink.”

Sid, “Well I was going to go upstairs and get dry from my shower but..”

Dex, “Good idea dad even though you do carry the towel wrapped round head look very convincingly.”

Sid, “Fine watch our guests don’t start to raid the kitchen Dex, and make a start on breakfast will you? We haven’t got much in.”

Chef Ramsey, “Oh don’t be such a galah I’m sure you do. I will have a little look and cook you a flaming breakfast fit for a flaming king.”

Sid, “Er”

Dex, “Wow how exciting a top chef cooking us breakfast dad.”

Sid rolled his eyes as he makes his way up the stairs. While Dex has grabbed a plate and a knife and fork and is sitting at the table, awaiting his yummy breakfast cooked by the vey famous but also very grump TV chef Alfred Ramsey.

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Thanks Sarah, Red, and Kristen

Hope you like this next dose of madness. :lol:

Chapter 7

The trouble with being the number one best of what you do is that it comes at a price. And that price is you that you have to try and somehow top your last effort. To somehow go bigger to hold people’s attention, Gaden newspaper was already the most talked about newspaper in Australia, with its oh so riveting attention grabbing news stories, and the fact that its two reporters looked like two muscular strippers It was probably down to theses reasons which helped the paper to shoot off the shelves.

Today however was one of those days that Aden and Geoff felt at a loss of what to do. So much so that Aden was completing a rather underhanded tactic. What tactic would that be? Well some would call it cheating while others might say it’s using your initiative.

Geoff, “I’m not sure I like this Aden, the guilt will just eat you up I swear it will.”

Aden sighs as he moves the phone away from his ear to fix Geoff with an annoyed looking glare.

Geoff, “Hey I’m just saying.”

Aden, “Oh yes I’m going to have real trouble sleeping tonight that’s for sure.”

Geoff, “You better put that phone down now before its too late.”

Aden, “Hmm yes I better do.”

Geoff, “Oh good I am relived to hear you say that.”

Aden smiles as he hears the call connect at the other end of the line.

Aden, “Oh dam too late now bible boy, oh well there’s nothing I can do now I better see this one through.”

Geoff, “Aden I forbid you to speak don’t say a thing just put the phone down.”

Aden smirks at him before he turns to face away from Geoff who is still busy yelling his protests. Aden meanwhile hears the sound of someone panicking and the rustle of some papers at the other end of the phone.

Aden, “Er hello is anyone there hellooooooooooooo?”

Belle Taylor sits looking down to her coffee stained sheets of paperwork. She had worked herself up into such a panicked state worrying that the phone would start ringing with a breaking story, that she had leaped a mile off her chair when it had rung, that it had resulted in her spilling her coffee everywhere. She quickly dried off the phone grabbing the first thing to hand which just so happened to be some spare tampons from her handbag from under her desk.

Belle, “Oh my I’m very impressed these tampons are so absorbent look at that coffee just disappear.”

Aden, “Er hello what was that I didn’t quite hear what you said?”

Belle blushes as she hears a male voice on the other end of the phone.

Belle, “Er hello Belle Taylor speaking thank you for phoning the Bulletin Newspaper how can I help you?”

Aden, “Hi I’m phoning from head office.”

Aden smirks over to Geoff to catch him shaking his head and looking worried.

Belle, “Head office really oh wow I…..”

Aden Yep that’s right head office, so how’s things going any juicy news stories breaking?”

Belle, “Er yes I think so sir.”

Belle gazes across the office to see her colleague Jai jumping wildly up and down shaking his arms about high above his head.

Aden, “Oh yes and what is this news story?”

Belle, “Well….”

Aden, “Just a moment Belle is it?”

Belle, “Yes”

Aden, “What a beautiful name.”

Belle, “Why thank you I…”

Belle finds herself blushing at this sudden piece of flattery and continues to chatted away, unaware that Aden wasn’t listening.

Aden, “Come on bible boy find me a pen.”

Geoff, “This is wrong Aden we shouldn’t be stealing stories from other newspapers.”

Aden, “I’m not stealing.”

Geoff, “Oh yeah then what are you doing?”

Aden, “I’m using the power of my wit and charm, if she wants to tells me about any news stories well I can’t help that now can I?”

Aden puts the phone back to his ear to hear the sound of Belle’s voice still chatting away.

Belle, “And then you never guess what? I spilled my coffee everywhere, I have no idea why I was so nervous I mean you’re easy to talk to aren’t you? Abit quiet but there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Aden feeling rather confused coughs slightly to stop Belle from talking.

Aden, “Well I have my pen now so please go ahead and tell me in great detail of your latest breaking news story. I er need to make a record of it for head office you see.”

Belle, “Er ok well lets see.”

It was at this point that Jai manages launch himself across at Belle’s desk.


Belle, “It’s who?”

Jai, “Gaden News I put up a kind of a firewall over our phone system to block their calls they are always trying to steal our news, their our rivals.”

Belle looks to the phone she is grasping with a hint of anger.

Belle, “Is this true?”

Aden, “No of course not.”

Belle, “Well I should hope not because I don’t like the thought of someone taking advantage of me, and I pity the person who in this case is you to even dare try too.”

Geoff looks to Aden to see a hint of a reddish blush start surface upon his cheeks.

Aden, “I……….well…….I…..”

Belle, “Oh lost for words are we now Mr?”

Geoff, “What’s going on with you Aden? I have never seen you so tongue tied before.”

Belle grabs a black marker pen and begins to write on her hand having just overheard Geoff.

Belle, “Well Aden is it I have just taken you name down so I don’t forget you, you have your cards marked now.”

As he sat there totally and utter speechless Aden starts to feel a sudden rush of excitement. Here was a woman not giving him a chance what so ever of trying to talk himself out of trouble in which he at this moment found himself in. Unlike all the rest of the women who just happened to cross paths with him who would most likely melt while in his presence and just expect what ever he told them. But for some reason Belle was different for some reason Aden felt very ashamed and well and truly told off.

Belle, “Well nice talking with you Aden but I now have some breaking news to work on.”

Jai Yeah so there, oh Belle this story is good from what I heard Celebrity Chef Alfred Ramsay is on his way to the Pier Diner with the attention of finding himself a apprentice.”

Aden having over heard all of what Jai has just said smirks.

Aden, “Oh bible boy I think we may of just hit the jackpot.”

Belle rolls her eyes as she hears the click of Aden disconnecting the call.

Belle, “Jai I hope you’re a fast driver we need to get to the diner right away. I think our friend Aden might of just overheard you. You didn’t give me enough time to hang up.”

Jai, “Oh dam sorry and as for me being a fast driver no. I still have my learner permits and anyhow I’m a computer whiz I’m no reporter I…….”

Belle dashes round her desk grabbing at Jai’s hand quickly and starts to pull him across to the lift which would take them down to the parking level, where all the Bulletin News vans were kept.

Aden, “Wow that Belle wasn’t half a foxy woman.”

Geoff, “You can say that again she put you in your place.”

Aden, “No she did not.”

Geoff, “She so did.”

Aden, “Did not.”

Geoff, “Did”

Aden, “Oh shut up Geoffrey and please tell me the Gadencopter is ready to go.”

Geoff gives Aden an odd look.

Geoff, “Gadencopter?”

Aden Our helicopter hello, we will beat Belle to the scene if we take the Gadencopter instead of the news van”

Geoff, “Oh yes the Gadencopter yep its out there on the landing pad look.”

Geoff points out the window of the news room, where outside in the dazzling sunshine stood a large blue and yellow helicopter with a large picture of Aden’s and Geoff’s smiling faces plastered on its sides

Aden, “Ah I’m looking well hot in that picture.”

Geoff only rolled his eyes as he grabs Aden and pulls him out the office’s sliding doors to the Gadencopter, where a pilot would fly them to their desired location.

Aden, “With the help of the Gadencopter. bible boy we will get ourselves a nice hot story.”

Geoff smiles as he climbs into the back of the Gadencopter.

Aden, “To the Pier Diner and make it a speedy flight my friend.”

The pilot nods his head before easing the Gadencopter into the air.

Upon the delivery of Xavier’s pizzas the staff of the diner struggled on to make sure all their customers needs were met.

Irene watched Colleen stagger tiredly back to the kitchen before she even made the attempt to leave the safely of the kitchen herself. Because moving even a faction away from the kitchen door was like you were entering some kind of over crowded danger zone where a pack of savage wolves sat waiting to be feed.

Irene’s eyes darted to left and then to the right. Yes the coast seemed clear, picking up a mountain high of plates, Irene starts to venture out into that danger zone. She only hoped that she would somehow make it back to the kitchen in one piece and not be crushed under a mountain of hungry customers.

Irene could see the table she was aiming for right at the back, why did it have to be right at the back? She could very well die out here getting shoved and knocked not to mention the noise level was deafening, Irene would soon need some ear muffs if the popularly of the diner carried on like this.

Only a few feet away now and Irene would of survived yet another outing from the diner’s kitchen.

Leah, “Woooo hold up there Irene”

Leah tries her best to steer herself away from the collision with Irene. But with Leah doing some kind of balancing act also she crashes into Irene causing all the plates they were holding to crash down to the floor. This action was met by a chorus of cheers and the clapping of hands from everyone in the diner.

Meanwhile outside Belle and Jai had just pulled up in their news van. While Aden and Geoff hovered above inside the Gadencopter.

With all the mayhem and noise going on nobody noticed a certain grumpy Celebrity chef turn up until the sound of his booming voice silences the diner to its very core.


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Thanks Red,Sarah and Kristen :rolleyes:

Warning sexual references in this chapter.

Hope you like this one.

Chapter 8

The stunned looking people of the diner only gazed at Chef Alfred Stewart Ramsey with awe, as he stood before them glaring. Miles stands to his side munching on some leftovers from a near by table.

Leah, “Oh wait there one moment there’s someone who really wants to meet you Mr Ramsey.”

Chef Ramsey, “Oh flaming hell not another insane fan, ok go fetch the great galah.”

Leah, “Ok Oh IRENE.”

There are a number of small awkward little coughs as no respond comes from Irene. In fact there was no sight of her anywhere. Leah smiles nervously while Chef Alfred Ramsey fixes her with a somewhat impatient look.

Leah, “Colleen, Marilyn, Indi have any of you seen Irene?”

The sound of a high pitched scream and a smashing plate from the kitchen makes everyone jump.

Irene glares at Colleen who has jumped about a foot backwards because of the fright she had just encountered.

Irene, “God save us darl be quiet will you Colleen please?”

Colleen, “What are you doing standing at the kitchen door like that Irene?”

Irene, “I’m hiding, but fat chance of that happening with you shrieking like some kind of mad woman and breaking Leah’s best china.”

Colleen, “Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting to turn round to find my co worker peeking through a little gap of our kitchen door. You do know that door is to be left open at all times for easy access?”

Irene, “Yes Colleen I just so happened to know that thank you now shhhh.”

Meanwhile outside the kitchen Indi and Leah had managed to get Chef Ramsey and his fellow taste tester Miles to sit at a table.

Indi, “What would you like?”

Chef Ramsey gazes round giving each and every customer an icy glare.

Chef Ramsey, “For all these galah’s to stop gawking at me.”

Miles, “Whoooooooooo look at all the food on this menu I’m just spoilt for choice.”

Chef Ramsey, “Oh please Miles it’s all probably going to be far to under cooked for my liking. But then again you are like a bottomless pit when it comes to food.”

Back in the kitchen Irene is busy peeking through a small gap in the door.

Irene, “Oh flipping heck his sitting down to eat now.”

Irene glances back to see a rather sweaty looking Colleen sat behind her.

Colleen, “Oh Irene please tell me why we are hiding out in here?”

Irene, “I can’t go out there while Alfred Ramsey’s out there.”

Colleen, “But I thought you liked him, here’s your chance to meet him.”

Irene, “God save us darl I couldn’t do such a thing like meet him.”

Colleen, “Well that is just stupid.”

Irene, “Yes but imagine if I walked over to him and I started giggling like some kind of silly schoolgirl. I mean his just soo good looking don’t you think?”

Colleen, “I’m thinking my shrift ended twenty minutes ago, and I’m melting in here. Not good for a woman of my age to be held hostage in a hot a stuffy kitchen against her will, because of her friend not being able to leave because of a silly crush.”

Irene, “Oh button it Colleen I can’t help it if the man of my dreams is sat outside and I’m too shy to go meet him.”

Colleen, “I beg to differ but you will have to go out there sometime.”

Indi fights her way through the horde of customers who have gathered themselves round Alfred Ramsey’s table, taking photos and videos of the first ever Celebrity to grace Summer Bay with their presence.

Miles, “Well this looks like a very friendly little place.”

Chef Ramsey, “Stone the crows will you galahs stop taking flaming photographs wait waitress.”

Indi turns back to see an angry Chef Ramsey trying his best to fend off bright camera flashes.

Indi, “Yes?”

Chef Ramsey, “Are your kitchen worktops flaming clean in that pathetic looking kitchen over there?”

Indi, “Yes I cleaned the whole kitchen myself.”

Chef Ramsey, “How long did it take you to do?”

Indi, “Five minutes.”

Chef Ramsey, “Five flaming minutes.”

Indi, “Well if you hadn’t realised we have been slightly rushed off our feet.”

Chef Ramsey, “And is that a flaming excuse for having a dirty kitchen?”

Indi, “Er well”

Chef Ramsey, “Oh get away you great galah.”

Indi hurries away as Alfred Ramsey ushers her away from the table with his hands.

Chef Ramsey, “Now be warned Miles my friend this maybe your last meal.”

Miles, “Oh I sure hope not, I sure would miss all the delicious food this world has to offer.”

Alfred Ramsey pushes his plate of what looks to be tender pork chunks in an apple sauce over to Miles to taste test for him. Miles grins as he happily stabs at a pork chunk with his fork.

Miles, “Mmmmmm yummy smells so yummy.”

Alfred Ramsey eyes him suspiciously as Miles popes the porky chunk into his mouth.

Miles, “Oh yes this is just so heavenly so……. Er what’s the word I’m searching for here? Er………….”

Chef Ramsey, “Edible?”

Miles, “Porky is that it? Porky yes your quite safe to eat this Alf………”

Miles suddenly grabs at his throat before processing to do some very unpleasant gurgling choking noises.

Chef Ramsey, “I knew it had to be flaming poisoned coming out of that flaming kitchen. There are some great flaming improvements needed here.”

Miles suddenly gasping with relief.

Miles, “No need to worry yourself that pork chunk just happened to go down the wrong way.”

Chef Ramsey, “That will teach you to flaming chew your food properly Miles.”

Irene meanwhile stands nervously just outside the doorway to the kitchen feeling a fear of butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

Indi, “Go over there Irene, offer him a coffee I would but you know he called me a galah.”

Colleen glares at Irene as she bustles passed her with her handbag glad to be free of the hot kitchen.

Meanwhile outside the Diner where the Gadencopter still hovers a few feet above the diner Aden glances nervously over to Geoff.

Aden, “Er ok we are here so why aren’t we landing? We need to get in there before Belle does.”

Geoff shrugs.

Geoff, “I don’t know maybe his just scoping out all his landing options?”

Tapping the pilot on the shoulder Aden leans forwards.

Aden, “Hey pal what’s going on here?”

Pilot, “Er I’m not sure I can do this guys.”

Aden, “Do what?”

Pilot, “Like land the helicopter.”

Geoff, “You’re a pilot though its your job.”

Pilot, “Yes you would think it would be easy wouldn’t u?”

Aden, “It is, you’re a trained pilot right?”

Pilot, “Oh yes but that doesn’t change the fact I’m scared of heights.”

Aden, “What you can’t be serious?”

Pilot, “Oh yes I didn’t actually fly us here, in fact this is the first time I have been asked to fly the Gadencopter.”

Geoff, “But if you didn’t fly us here how did we get here?”

Pilot, “Autopilot I have had my eyes tightly shut all the way here.”

Aden and Geoff look at one another.

Pilot, “I advise you to get out your parachutes boys it’s the only way down from here.”

Belle sits behind the wheel of the Bulletin News van feeling excited. She was about to experience her first taste of a real news story, and those reporters from Gaden news wasn’t going to stop her achieving that dream. Oh no it wouldn’t be those reporters stopping her but something far simpler.

Belle, “Right we all set Jai have you got everything camera notepad steady hand?”

Jai, “Yep lets go and get ourselves some news.”

Belle, “Right you are”

Belle grabs down at the door handle to open the drivers side of the news van only to find the door wouldn’t budge.

Jai, “Oh isn’t it opening?”

Belle shakes her head starting to give the handle a panicked rattle.

Jai, “Here let me have a go.”

Belle allows Jai to lean across her to try and open the door.

Jai, “Oh man its……”

Belle, “Hard and stiff isn’t it Jai?”

Jai instantly blushes a bright pink.


Jai, “Dam so you noticed well I’m a teenage boy so don’t go blaming me.”

Belle, “What’s wrong with the door? Come on Aden will pinch our news story.”

Jai, “I would say it is the child locks stopping us from getting out the van.”

Belle, “How do you get them off?”

Jai, “I don’t know I’m a web designer not a mechanic.”

Irene smiles at Alfred Ramsey as he hands over the money for his and Miles meals.

Chef Ramsey, “Well thank you for the flaming coffee, but next time I would like to drink it and not flaming wear it.”

Irene, “Oh darl I’m soooooo flipping sorry about that God save us.”

Chef Ramsey, “And a little tip for next time don’t call me girly I mean do I look like a Shella to you?”

Irene, “No darl just got all my words muddled round I’m flipping sorry about that too.”

Chef Ramsey, “Hmm anyway I will see you flaming tomorrow. I have big plans for this place I will soon be turning into master chef dining experience.”

Leah, “Oh don’t think we would like that.”

Chef Ramsey, “I’m not flaming giving you a choice in the matter. Soon enough this place will be so hot it will be on fire.”

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Thanks guys hope you like this one. :)

Chapter 9

Alfred Stewart Ramsey had never found himself to be involved in a high speed chase before Well that was until he had left the diner to travel back to his not so spacious caravan that he had the pleasure of sharing with his friend Miles, who seemed to live every waking moment in search of the next tasty abit of food he could lay his hands on.

For about the third time since leaving the diner Alfred Ramsey gazed nervously to take a peek back at what looked to be a huge white news van bouncing along the road not to far away from their ute. Who ever these galahs were in the white news van Alfred was certain that they were maniacs.

Didn’t they realise that you were supposed to drive with care and slow down for speed bumps? The answer would seem to be a no Alfred thought as he watched the news van continue to nearly take flight. If the drivers of the white van weren’t careful they would soon be hitting the noisy hovering helicopter, which also seemed to take a liking for following Alfred home. Who were these insane people? Fans? Stalkers? the mob? there was no way of telling Alfred Ramsey shivered with concerned fear.

Chef Ramsey, “Strike me roan their still following us.”

Miles who had been happily humming to himself, while blowing huge bubbles with a piece of bubblegum let a very impressive bubble pop before turning to Alfred.

Miles, “Well you are a huge celebrity Alf its to be expected to have a following.”

Chef Ramsey, “But would you take a flaming look at these pair of galahs in this van back here its like they can’t flaming drive.”

Miles, “Now, now Alf don’t go mocking their driving skills. I’m sure they wouldn’t dare go mocking your cooking.”

Chef Ramsey, “They seem to be chasing us Miles what other reason would you give them for just sailing over these flaming speed bumps?”

Miles, “Maybe they like the thrill of bouncing I don’t know.”

Chef Ramsey, “And what do you say about the flaming helicopter above us?”

Miles, “What we have a helicopter above us? You know I did wonder what all that noise was I just thought it was the air conditioning.”

Chef Ramsey, “Stone the crows.”

Miles, “Oh look what I have found, one of your very own quality tasting chocolate muffins.”

Miles pulls a brown looking lump from down the side of his seat to show Alf.

Miles, “You want some?”

Alfred looks at him with disgust.

Meanwhile a few yards back Belle Taylor is feeling well and truly shook up. She had never suffered with motion sickness before but today she felt that would soon change. Jai sat next her gripping the steering wheel tightly, Belle couldn’t quite focus on Jai’s face to tell if he was sacred but if the short little gasps and deep breathing was anything to go by, Jai was nothing but terrified. Rubbing her head having just been lurched up to head butt the roof Belle felt her anger boiling inside her putting her close to the verge of not being able to take Jai’s insane driving anymore.

Belle, “Jai…..slow….. down…. I….. know….. I…. said…. I ……want…. this news story by any costs but really slow down.”

Jai turns quickly to glance at her.

Jai, “Well…..I wish…. I could… and I had prefect control to start with.. but then these speed bumps just appeared out of nowhere and sent me into a panic.”

Belle, “Ease your foot off the accelerate gently and imply the brakes.”

Jai, “Can’t, can’t do that.”

Belle, “Why not?”

Jai, “I’m all up for the idea myself, but it would seem my body isn’t. I’m sacred stiff in fact I want to cry. When I woke up today I thought I was designing a website for our newspaper, not taking part in a high speed chase with our rivals Gaden News.”

Belle wanted so much to tell Jai that this was ever so more thrilling than designing a new website but given his panicked state she thought it was best not to comment.

Geoff, “So Aden what are we doing again?”

Aden, “Well seeing as our wuss of a pilot is to pussy to land the Gadencopter. Its best to keep track and follow where this celebrity chef dude goes that way we don’t give Belle an advantage.

Geoff, “Oh good idea.”

Aden, “You really think so?”

Geoff, “Why yes I think its really………..DUMB AND COMPLETELY STUPID”

Aden, “Oh how so?”

Geoff, “Well by the simple fact we can’t land.”

Aden, “Sure we can, well we might do, our wimpy friend may find the guts too sometime.”

Geoff, “Oh should I just say a little prayer now?”

Aden, “Yeah why not bible boy knock yourself out.”

A bored Charlie Buckton who after being bribed by Xavier and having brought herself a new dress with the money, now stood at the side of the road placing traffic cones down. Xavier who had also been punished for bribing a fellow police officer stands next to Charlie waving a little glow stick to tell the traffic to slow down.

Xavier, “Oh man this is so boring.”

Charlie, “Well this is what you get when you go bribing police officers Xavier.”

Xavier, “Well you didn’t have to take the money.”

Charlie, “Well I wasn’t going to miss out on a date with Brax now was I? And a new dress.”

Xavier, “Oh yeah how did your date go?”

Charlie, “Brax took me to a pub.”

Xavier, “Oh classy.”

Charlie, “Yes Brax went to play a friendly competition on the fruit machine with the pub manager in his office. It sounded like it got quite heated sounded like they were fighting.”

Xavier, “Over a fruit machine?”

Charlie, “Well anyway Brax won because he came back with bags and bags of money, while the pub manager came back with a black eye.”

Xavier, “Oh er”

Charlie, “Brax said he had fell against the fruit machine.”

Xavier, “Er Charlie sounds like Brax might have been doing more than playing with a fruit machine.”

Charlie, “Oh really?”

Xavier, “Sounds like he might of robbed the pub.”

Charlie, “Oh no Xave Brax wouldn’t do that.”

Xavier, “Charlie ……….”

It was at this moment a speeding out of control white news van went whizzing passed Xavier and Charlie. Making them quickly drop their traffic cones and start to run after the run away van.

Belle, “Er Jai we have two cops after us now on foot.”

Jai, “Oh I shouldn’t worry about them getting us, I think that tree ahead will get us first.”

Belle and Jai both scream as they lost Alfred Ramsey’s trail and went sailing into a huge tree. As the van connected with the tree so did the van’s giant air bags with Belle and Jai’s faces. Inside the van a dazed Belle and Jai hear a light tapping at their windows.

Charlie, “Get out of the vehicle slowly please.”

Xavier, “Oh cool so those air bag things really do work.”

Jai, “Yes they do who would of thought.”

Charlie, “Step out of the van please.”

Belle, “We can’t”

Belle watches an impatient looking police officer shaking her head on the other side of the window glass.

Belle, “WE CAN’T GET OUT.”


Belle, “IN A WAY YES.”


Jai, “NO”



Xavier turns to Charlie.

Xavier, “Any ideas?”

Xavier watches as Charlie doesn’t bother answering, instead she takes her gun and points it at Belle.

Xavier, “No Charlie don’t go shooting them just because they aren’t getting out of the van that’s a abit over the top………”

Charlie, “No Xave I’m going to shoot the window so they can climb out.”


Belle and Jai both duck down as they hear a few gunshots, seconds later the window on Belle side of the van is shattered. Belle then with Jai’s help climbs out of the glassless window.

Belle, “Ok Jai you can stop feeling my butt now.”

Jai, “Hey I’m helping I wasn’t feeling you up I……”

Belle, “I’m teasing you don’t worry.”

Xavier, “Well here’s your speeding ticket your both aware that you were speeding?”

Belle and Jai both laugh at a serious looking Xavier and Charlie.

Meanwhile the Gadencopter had, had to take a emergency crash landing due to low fuel.

Geoff slowly opened his eyes to see a girl with long blonde hair gazing down at him.

Geoff, “Nicole?”

Then Geoff is blinded by dazzling sunshine.

Geoff, “Hey Aden?”

Aden, “Yeah?”

Geoff, “I think it’s happened. I think my dream of being on a deserted Island with Nicole has come true.”

Aden, “Oh yeah well we are lying on sand so……”

Nicole, “Deserted Island? What this is the beach what are you two on about? Aden did you let Geoff fly your silly helicopter?”

Aden looks up shocked to see the Gadencopter sinking to the bottom of the sea.


Geoff, “Say Nicole would you come over here and soothe me I’m feeling abit sacred.”

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Thanks guys :D

Hope you like this one I'm not too sure.

Chapter 10

It is sometimes quite surprising how fast life can creep upon you and bring with it massive change. With Chef Alfred Ramsey keeping a oh so watchful eye over all the goings on at the diner each day had become a huge event for the people who worked there. Supply and flaming demand was Ramsey’s motto.

Colleen Smart was kept very busy shuffling back and fro to collect the carefully prepared food, and Chef Ramsey let her complaints of having huge bunions the size of golf balls on her feet caused from the amount of walking she was doing everyday go right over his head.

While Irene’s crush for the bald headed but in her eyes very handsome and masterful chef grew even stronger by the day.

Indi’s job was to greet the costumers and to flirt them if needs be to encourage people to leave good feedback on Alfred Ramsey’s comments cards.

While when ever someone placed a order for a exotic meal instead of it having it’s very own fortune cookie, Marilyn would place her tarot cards down and work her predictions on people, Which left most people amazed and some slightly sacred out of their wits.

The Pier Diner thanks to Summer Bay’s most nerdy resident Dexter Walker was very near to exploding with its insane popularity.

In a matter of fact Dexter’s life had taken on a much unexpected turn too, having had a very strange message from his online friend AprilD2 one night. Dex had just put April’s message down to either being half asleep or being to high on sugar from eating to many smarties. On the night in question he had found himself grinning goofily at her message which simply read

I’m going come and see you soon.

And even though Dex had dismissed this message it didn’t change the fact that he now found himself nerously in the airport waiting to meet her and her sister. Sasha can’t help but turn to Dex and snigger at the sight of her brother as he swayed back and fourth behind the huge present for April. Upon hearing Sasha’s sniggers Dex peers round the large wrapped picture frame of the Eiffel Tower.

Dex: : “I can hear you oh so dear sister.”

Sasha: : “Oh I’m sorry but that thing is double your size, its like watching a midget carry something.”

Sid: : “What on earth is it Dex?”

Dex: : “A picture of The Eiffel Tower dad”

Sid: : “Well judging by the size of it, it might as well be the tower itself.”

Sasha: : “ You could have just brought her chocolates or a teddy bear.”

Dex: : “Well that would of just been boring don’t you think? I wanted to be different plus they say first impressions matter I don’t want to be forgettable.”

Sasha: : “Well fear not Dex a guy with a huge picture towering over him as he makes his way through a busy airport awaiting the arrival of an Italian princess is no way going to be forgotten.”

Sid; ; “ It is at this point I must just ask how is it you know a Princess Dex?”

Dex: : “Met her online dad in a Star Wars chat room.”

Sid: : “Oh so does this mean I will have to bow to her when I meet her? Because I have very tight jeans on and I don’t want them to go ripping on me you see.”

Sasha: : “Plus you can’t bow to her holding that picture Dex.”

Dex: : “I’m planning on getting you to hold it for me.”

Sasha: : “Oh no I don’t think so.”

Dex: : “Oh come on Sasha what’s the likelihood of me meeting a princess again?”

Sid: : “Do you even know how to bow properly?”

Dex: : “Yeah all we have to do is kneel dramatically and kiss her hand.”

Sid: : “Er ok I think I will just follow your lead on this one Dex.”

Sasha: : “ What your really going to do it?”

Sid: : “She’s royalty Sash so I guess so.”

Dex tenses up with nerves as the announcement of the landing of the plane with his online princess friend abroad comes through on the loud airport speakers. Sid readies himself nervously watching as the crowd of people start to tumble out of the terminal.

Sasha quickly connects to Xavier via video chat, and after grinning for a few seconds at his goofy looking face she turns her phone to face towards the plane terminal. So Xavier could also watch the Italian princess upon her arrival.

Dex: : “Dad is there any sight of anyone royally yet?”

Sid turns his head and finds it hard to hold back a laugh.

Sid:: “Well there is a poncey guy over there wearing a flowing flowery grown and wearing a crown on his head.”


Sasha walks slowly over to her panicky brother and starts to lift the huge picture out of Dex’s arms.

Sasha:: “Ok Dex calm down, here take Xavier.”

Dex:: “ Xavier?”

Sasha:: “ On my phone Dex.”

Dex looks confusedly looks down at Sasha’s phone to see a grinning Xavier waving back up at him.

Xavier:: “ Hey Dex so meeting a princess are we? That’s so cool isn’t this video chat thing great, means I can meet her too.”

Dex:: “Yeah just don’t go saying anything silly will you?”

Xavier:: “ Oh no that’s your department.”

Dex:: “Cheeky Xavier, now be careful Or I will put you in my pocket.”

Sasha:: “ No your not going to be putting my boyfriend in your pocket.”

Dex glances down to Sasha’s phone again to see Xavier give him a thumbs up before making his way closer to Sid.

Sid:: “So here they come Dex.”

Dex:: “Remember Dad kneel dramatic, kiss her hand.”

Sid:: “Got you”

Dex and Sid watch as black haired girl and a blonde haired woman approach them. Sid tries his best not to laugh as he watches the poncey dressed fellow approach as well.

Bianca:: “April so where is this Dexter person we are suppose to be meeting?”

April:: “Bianca speak normally will you please?”

Bianca:: “ Oh April stop being so picky I’m a princess after all.”

April:: “Yes, yes you are aren’t you?”

Sid gently nudges Dex in his side.

Sid:: “Is that April there? She’s smiling at you.”

Dex eyes follow Sid’s head gesture towards April. Upon the sight of her Dex could feel the corners of his mouth curl up into a huge beaming grin.

Xavier:: “Wow don’t go telling Sasha this but she is soooooo dam hot.”

Dex turns Sasha’s phone to face him to give Xavier a glare.

Xavier:: “Sorry dude just saying.”

April:: “Dex3PO is it really you?”

Dex:: “AprilD2?”

April:: “Yes”

After giving Dex a odd look Sid and Dex fall to one knee and with Xavier also grinning out from Sasha’s phone the three of them say..




April then starts to giggle as Sid and Dex kiss each of her hands. While a loud kissing sound is heard from Xavier via the video chat. Bianca pushes her way through pulling her poncey dressed prince behind her and coughs loudly.

Bianca:: I’m Princess Bianca and this is my Prince Vittorio.”

Vittorio:: “Lieto di conoscerti inglese.”

Dex and Sid look blankly at each other before shrugging and then place themselves kneeling before Bianca.




Bianca:: “That is better April how could you tell your little friend that you were the princess?”

April:: “Well I am sorry but everyone lies a little online.”

Dex:: “She has a fair point there.”

Bianca tuts before dragging Vittorio off.

Vittorio:: “Lieto di conoscerti inglese.”

Sid and Dex both glance at each other with blank expressions once again as Vittorio is dragged passed them.

Sid:: “What’s he saying?”

Dex:: “I don’t he might be swearing at us for all I know.”

April:: “Yes he is and you don’t want to know what he is saying either.”

Bianca:: “APRIL”

April:: “No sorry that was a lie, his saying it’s a pleasure to meet you. I don’t like him much.”

Dex:: “Oh why is that?”

April:: “A long story and Dex I’m only here for a few weeks so I haven’t got enough time to tell you.”

Sid:: “Well I will leave you kids to it, I have some questions for the princess.”

Sid quickly dashes over to Bianca as she hurries away.

Sid:: “So why are you here your highness a holiday?”

Bianca:: “I have come for a meal in your highly spoken about five star restaurant.”

Sid:: “Oh which one? I don’t think we have one.”

Bianca:: “The Pier diner silly, Alfred Ramsey has invited his celebrity friends over for a special themed rock night.”

Sasha staggers behind Dex and April as they walk chatting. Dex had been so swept away by meeting April that he had totally forgotten Sasha was carrying his large picture for her.

April:: “I’m sorry Dex.”

Dex:: “What for?”

April:: “Well you must be disappointed.”

Dex:: “Disappointed why?”

April:: “Well I told you I’m a princess and well I’m not.”

April and Dex both stop to gaze at each other and fail to notice a staggering slightly off balanced Sasha nearly go crashing into the back of them.

April:: “Are you disappointed?”

Dex:: “No”

April smiles.

Dex:: “No I’m not.”

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