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Story Title: Pinocchio

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters:Romeo,Indi,Ruby,Dexter.

Other Characters Alf, Irene Bianca, Rocco,Brax

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Comedy/Horror/supernatural

Does story include Spoilers No

Any warnings: Will warn if any

Summary: Romeo has left both Ruby and Indi heartbroken forcing them to take their revenge.

So here is my little idea for a halloween story :lol:

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Long ago in a distant far off land there once lived a wizard called GandAlf the Flaming Great, and his sorceress wife Irene the wondrous darl. Their love for one another could have been spread across any number of endless lands. But it didn’t matter for how much their love blossomed for one another; Irene the wondrous darl just could not bear GrandAlf a child. Which made her sad because she could see the deep desire in her husbands old and tried eyes that he so longed for his own child, He often spoke of wanting a little boy who would eventfully grow into a man that his old father could be proud of.

GrandAlf too often saw the pain in his wondrous darl of a wife, that yearning of wanting to love a child. Even though she tried her best to hide it from him he wasn’t flaming blind to the fact that they both were underneath it all very unhappy.

Irene often busied herself in her work at the local café the Pier Shiner. Where other witches and sorcerers of the village came to buy and sample magical portions for their spells. Irene had so often thought about using one of these portions on herself to aid her with having a baby, but that was not possible the strict laws of the land which had been forcedly laid down by the terrifying and very evil Braxtor were not to be ignored. The laws he set down clearly stated that no magical being would use their magic to create life or per long it after death. If a witch or wizard were to be caught breaking these laws of magic they would be forced to suffer a painful death.

GrandAlf being at such a old age to be unable to do work, spent most of his days while Irene was working in his little wood chopping shed building things for their small little cottage. Even though GrandAlf could of used magic to help him with the chopping of the wood he felt it allowed his mind to wander away for a few hours if he worked at normal speed. Well that was until the day that a nagging troublesome idea popped into his head.

Having waved Irene off to go to work as normal, the old man had hobbled inside his little wood chopping shed and got started with his idea right away. With carefully crafting the planks of wood into their desired shapes as well their correct lengths and widths, GrandAlf gently expected every detail on that given day when his idea of creating his own living son out of wood popped into his head.

Having started near to 6am that very Moring and with the little hands on his small little pocket watch having ticked round to 7pm. GrandAlf had exited the little wood chopping shed having completed his son’s well moulded wooden face, hands and feet GrandAlf had peered back to graze upon the little wood chopping shed with hope that the nights magic mixed with his own would come Moring bring his wooden son to life.

Six years have now passed and young Pinocchio is sat before his loving parents who are waiting to be put to death having been caught for their crimes against magic.

“Now listen to me Pinocchio and listen flaming carefully” GrandAlf said looking at his young boy of six years old sternly

“Ok daddy I is listening” Pinocchio manages to say through his small tears as they ran down his rosy cheeks.

“I have some very important flaming rules for you to follow in your life.” GrandAlf said seriously as he peered back at his beautiful wife Irene.

“Rules daddy what is they?”

“Pinocchio treat other people with respect never play them against each other.”

“Why not daddy?”

“Because son that would make you a galah if you did and nobody likes a galah.”

“Ok daddy”

“And Pinocchio always take responsibility for your own actions, realise that everything you flaming say and do has a flaming reaction. Be faithful and never greedy and have commitment in all the things you do. Nobody likes a flaming great galah that quits or bails when things get tough.

“Ok pop”

But beware there will come times darl when temptation will try its best to get you to be very naughty.” Irene says as she took Pinocchio’s small hand into her own.

“You understand you weren’t always a real boy don’t you darl?”

“Yes daddy made me in his wood chop, chop shed.”

“That’s right darl as long as you stick to the rules we have told you about you will remain a real boy.”

Irene then starts to cry knowing this would be the very last time she was going to see her son. Smiling gently she lifts a small wooden doll from under the table.

“Wow is that for me mummy? I is a boy though I don’t play with dolls.”

“His not for you to flaming play with, his your reminder of what you used to be. But if you don’t act like a galah you’re be fine just don’t be bad.

“Ok daddy I will be a good boy forever I promise.”

Soon after his parents were put to death Pinocchio fled, no one ever knew where he disappeared too, and up until this very day Pinocchio’s whereabouts remained a mystery.

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Thanks Kristen, Red,Sarah, and JoiseTash for the comments.

Hope this one is ok. Abit of a fuller chapter really.

Chapter 2

Morden day

Now it was fair to say that Ruby Buckton and Indi Walker’s feelings for one another boarded along the lines of pure hatred. What would cause such a dark feeling as hate between two pretty girls such as Indi and Ruby? Well the answer was simple enough and that would be a spineless guy. At first they had thought that this guy was the most prefect most desirable person they had ever laid their eyes on

Not only did he have a name which would melt any girls heart Romeo. But he also had the body, everything from his short light blonde hair to his tinkling brown eyes and prefect muscular chest that he enjoyed showing off by rarely wearing a top. And if that wasn’t enough to get any girl to go into a flutter about, Romeo was close to being a pro surfer and would happily show off his surfing talents with anyone who would book themselves in to have a surf lesson with him. But even with all this going for him Ruby and Indi no matter how much they loathed each other agreed on one thing and that was Romeo was a douche.

The realisation of the discovery of Romeo the douche had come when it came clear that he was playing the most dangerous game ever, when it came to dating breaking the unspoken rule of cheating. Thinking it ok to date someone else when you already have a loving and devoting person who would do anything to make you happy, Romeo the douche though had thought it ok just to go and flirt his affections to a girl who just happened to be besotted with him

Ruby had felt utterly flatted when Romeo had showed interest in her, and they had quickly started a very exciting and rather hot relationship. Ruby had never had anyone who had claimed to love her so much that they had called it quits on their other relationship they were involved in, but that was what Romeo had claimed to have done with Indi.

“I have left her for you Rubes you’re the one I want to be with” Romeo had said to her as well as promising her pretty much the whole world

And it had gone great for them for a time but Romeo soon grew bored with Ruby and seeing a opportunity of getting back with Indi, Romeo was soon trying to worm his way back into her good books. which did happen to work. So now Romeo had two girls at once making him feel like the man the Gods gift to all women.

But after time Ruby and Indi’s suspicion of where he snuck off too at odd times of the day and night grew. Not to mention all of the empty promises Romeo had made to each of them which made them question him Ruby and Indi had soon found out about each other and after many arguments and fights with one another, as well as countless protests from Romeo saying he wasn’t to blame. Ruby and Indi had come to realise that the only thing to do was to hit Romeo the douche with a nice slice of revenge.

Romeo should have been more careful when choosing Ruby and Indi as the two girls to play against each other, because Summer Bay High had just started to take some very interesting nights classes, which were taught by a very beautiful but also very mysterious Italian teacher named Bianca Scott whose talents spread much further than just teaching in a normal classroom, as Romeo would soon come to realise how far Bianca talents went.

In the darkness of his room Romeo tossed and turned while being in a very troublesome sleep. Somewhere amongst his troubled dreams lay a warning that danger was ahead for him, if he didn’t stop acting the douche.

Hearing a slight knocking at his chest of drawers across from him, Romeo jumped. With his eyes open wide he gazed across at his wooden little doll sat upon his chest of drawers flopped over slightly.

Romeo had no idea where he had gotten this wooden doll from, who had named Mr Oddly. He had just always seemed to be there with that creepy looking grin of his and his dead like stare. Sometimes Romeo could of swore that his eyes glowed red while sitting in the darkness of the nights while Romeo tried to sleep. Tonight Mr Oddly’s smile was the meanness he had ever seen it.

Romeo thinking he was just being silly punched the softness back into his pillow and went back to sleep. While Mr Oddly sat watching him knowing full well that Romeo had been a very, very, very bad boy.

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Thanks Sarah,Kristen,Red,JoiseTash and Zetti.

Now I'm not too sure about this chapter hopefully its alright.

Chapter 3

The jingle of Gina Palmers keys was the only sound to be heard through out the dark and dusky school corridors. As she went about her business of locking her office, having had some late night marking to do. Putting her keys in her purse Gina turned to leave but the long dark shapes of the school lockers gave her good reason to press herself up against her now locked office door with terror, as the towering school lockers towered over her. Normally Gina didn’t have a fear of the dark but there was something about being in darkness of an empty and eerie school that gave her the willies. Picking up her pace Gina walked briskly down the seemly never ending long corridor with the towering lockers looming over her on either side.

With her imagination going wild Gina can now see two figures standing outside one of the end classrooms.

Ghosts they must be ghosts what else can they be? Gina thought as she neared their ghostly outlines.

They are waiting for their chance to get me, maybe to pull me into the depths of the classroom and then what? I might just vanish never to be seen again. No stop it I have just been watching too many scary movies with Jett. Yes that’s it there’s nothing to worry about, maybe I’m tired yes tired that’s it.

“Hi Mrs Palmer”

Gina stopped dead rooted to the spot.

“Mrs Palmer are you ok? Its just us.”

Gina gazed through the misty darkness to soon realise that what she had thought had be two ghosts were in fact only Ruby and Indi.

“Oh yes I’m quite fine thank you, why are you two here?”

“We are here for one of Bianca’s late night classes.” Ruby said trying the classroom door.

“Oh yes I forgot there were classes tonight” Gina said feeling quite relived as she started to relax feeling all her fears start to drift away.

“What’s Bianca helping you with tonight?”

“Chemistry” Indi said giving a quick wink to Ruby.

“Yes that’s right chemistry she teaching us what chemicals go with what you know? Hopefully it will give us great satisfaction afterwards” Ruby said smiling.

“Well Bianca is a very good teacher.”

Suddenly there comes a very loud cackling sound, pretty much like the sound of a witch’s evil laugh come from inside the classroom.

Ruby and Indi smiled up at Gina who looked to be frozen to the spot then slowly the classroom door creaked open.

Stood in the doorway Bianca stood smiling her long blonde hair flowing magnifying about her slender looking shoulders. In her arms she cradled her little baby son Rocco, who was gently sucking on his tiny thumb. Bianca then began to speak her voice was nothing short but heavenly, it just had that smoothing quality to it that could put you at ease.

“Gina I wasn’t expecting you to be still here.”

Gina moved herself to stand in the doorway, so she was standing in the light from the classroom.

“Some late night marking to do you know what its like.”

Bianca smiled.

“Oh Gina you work too hard.”

Bianca stepped further out of the classroom doorway and looked deeply in Gina’s eyes. Upon catching the sight of Bianca’s beautiful eyes Gina could feel herself drifting off. Bianca then started to speak softy.

“Gina go home put your feet up, relax forget you have seen Ruby, Indi and myself tonight forget you heard my witch’s laughter.”

Gina nodded and then turned and made her way home, still being none the wiser that she had employed a witch onto her teaching staff.

Bianca then invites Ruby and Indi inside the classroom. Before they had met Bianca Ruby and Indi would never have known witchcraft even existed, but after taking a few weeks classes in witchcraft they were now close to being fully trained witches.

Taking a step out of the corner of the dark room Braxtor waited for the three witches to take a seat round Bianca’s bubbling cauldron. At the sound of its bubbling liquid bubbles popping Rocco started to cry.

Bianca rolled her eyes before handing the crying baby over to Braxtor to calm as he seemed to have knack of being able too

Bianca then asked Ruby and Indi if they had managed to bring what was required for the curse they wanted to cast.

With them both being witches Ruby and Indi were able to take what they wanted from their spineless boyfriend, no matter what those things turned out to be.

Ruby dropped one of Romeo’s light blond hairs into the slimy bubbling liquid inside the cauldron. Indi then tipped a small bottle of his mean less kisses in, and then lastly Ruby tipped all his broken promises into the mix.

“Braxtor are you sure this curse will work?” Bianca asked.

“If Romeo is who I think he is I have no doubt.”

“How can you be so sure?” Indi then asked.

Bianca and Braxtor both gazed down to baby Rocco, as he entered his trance like state once more.

Being the son of a witch had given Rocco some very special powers. The doctors had been somewhat confused after his birth, when he would use his powers to drift in and out of these trance like states, where Rocco could go and see through the eyes of animals or even wooden dolls such as Romeo’s doll Mr Oddly. And that was how Braxtor had been able to keep track of the one he suspected to be Pinocchio. Ever since Rocco had been born he had been spying on Romeo through the eyes of Mr Oddly.

After giving her cauldron a stir and after colleting some of Rocco’s tears and adding them to the spell, to make Romeo’s whereabouts known.

The curse was set Ruby and Indi wasn’t quite sure what kind of curse they had just casted with Bianca. All she would tell them was the truth would soon be upon them, and Romeo would soon be exposed.

After had spent a long time searching for the he suspected to be Pinocchio Braxtor grinned a evilly.

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Thanks to Red,JoiseTash,Zetti,Kristen and Sarah and to anyone else who has been reading this story Glad you liked it.

This is the final chapter.

Hope its ok

Chapter 4

As Romeo stood in the bright sunshine his dark nightmares of his troubled sleep of the night before drifted far back into the depths of his mind. Smiling down at the clipboard he was holding he ticked off another name from a list of people wanting surfing lessons from him. Even though these people turned up for their lessons Romeo felt that they just didn’t have the same drive and passion as he did about surfing. Nobody in his opinion warmed up properly, when warming up for a surf it wasn’t just a simple case of jumping on your broad and away you go no. Romeo felt that doing numerous laps up and down the beach were necessary beforehand. But looking down at the next name on his list came as quite shocking to Romeo, he doubted he would get this person to run up and down the beach before hitting the water. Quite frankly Romeo was somewhat shocked and surprised because he would of thought that this was the last person he would ever of imagined to step foot on a surfboard. But sure enough the name was printed right before his face in black and white.

In amongst the sand dunes Ruby and Indi stood looking across at Romeo, as he stood glistening with dripping water running from his well toned body.

“Bianca said we would be seeing the effects of the curse we placed on him soon.” Indi said through gritted teeth as she saw Romeo wave up at her.

“Indi are you sure we haven’t done the wrong thing here? I mean look at him his just so dreamy.”

Upon hearing Ruby’s sudden doubts Indi fought back the great need to slap her. Romeo had played them both and now was the time to dish out some effected revenge on the spineless douchebag this was no time for having doubts.

As Romeo waited for his next surfer wanabe a sudden sharp jolt of pain shot through his knee.

“Owwwwww Jezz” Romeo moaned as he gently rubbed at it.

After having seemly dealt with the problem Romeo quickly dismisses this mysterious pain and waves at up at Ruby.

Oh good the two girls in my life have come to watch me show off. I may get lucky with one of them after this, Romeo thought to himself. The pain in his leg was once again back as that thought made its way to the back of his mind.

Romeo gripped at his knee, it wasn’t just the sharp pain this time his whole leg felt stiff, like his knee was unable to bend. Romeo was so taken back by the stiffness of his leg that he didn’t spot Dexter walking awkwardly towards him while trying his best not to whack himself in the face with the surfboard he was carrying. It was a fair thing to say that Dexter Walker was the number one geek of Summer Bay and most days he was happy on his laptop blogging and playing warcraft. But after spotting a girl he liked who was completing in the upcoming surf carnival Dexter had decided to bite the bullet and at least try one surfing lesson.

“Hey well I’m here I bet your thought you would never see the day did you? The day when I Dexter Walker would attempt to be at one with the crashing waves of the sea.”

Romeo looked up at Dexter’s smiling face as the pain and stiffness left his leg.

“Well lets get started” Romeo said as he gestured Dexter closer to the water.

“I have been goggling dude and we are quite safe” Dexter said as he nervously eyed the water.

“Goggling what, what are we safe from?” Romeo asked.

“Shark attacks plus we don’t have to panic about getting eaten by the Loch Ness Monster either.” Dexter said seriously to an amused looking Romeo.

“Don’t go laughing if I’m giving this surfing nonsense a go I want to be aware of the risks.”

“Don’t worry Dex nothing is going to happen here so relax, and FYI surfing is not nonsense Its what makes life worth living.”

Dexter laughed at that thinking it was suppose to be a joke but Romeo just looked at him seriously.

“Now Dex seeing as you’re a beginner I will go over some of the basics first.”

Dexter nodded.

“Now that long object which you’re holding under your arm is called a surfboard. And it goes in the blue stuff over there which is called water.” Romeo said.

“Oh my word I do believe you are mocking me here Romeo, its either that or you’re a really bad teacher.”

Romeo ignores that and processes to stand in a balancing pose on his broad.

“Now Dex spread your legs out wide and then slowly stand with your arms held out to the side for balance.”

Dex quickly takes upon the same position as Romeo.

Romeo smiled.

“What a natural now let’s jump off and try that out in a tiny abit of water.”

Dex hops off his broad to only stare at a motionless looking Romeo.

“Ok well off you get Romeo.”

Romeo only wished he could but he was finding it impossible to move. The stiffness that had been in his leg had now moved up the whole length of his body.

Mr Oddly who Romeo had placed down earlier in the sand watched his owner with a dead like stare.

“Er Dex I can’t move I’m stuck I………”

Suddenly a huge wave swept Romeo into the water, Dexter watched as his frozen statue of a teacher went bobbing away on the waves.

“ROMEO GET OFF YOUR BROAD, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?” Dex yelled as he ran into the water sending up panicked splashes as he went.

High up hidden in the sand dunes Ruby and Indi couldn’t help laughing even though they feel sorry for Dex. Revenge had never tasted sweeter as they watched Romeo glued to his surfboard unable to move.

Soon enough though Romeo was back upon the sand breathing heavily with Dexter smacking his back as Romeo coughed up water.

“So was that a lesson in not how to surf? I say why you didn’t move you just stood there rooted to your broad. The number of heavy looking waves crashing over your head was just unbelievable and you didn’t even flinch.”

“I know Dex ok I just couldn’t move, now help me up will you? My leg is stuck in the sand I think.”

Dexter looked back but couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing in place of where Romeo’s leg should of been was a long plank of wood.

“Er Romeo” Dex said as he looked upon Romeo new found leg.

“Dex we haven’t got all day help me up help me with my leg.”

“That’s the thing since when have you had a wooden leg?”

“A what, what on earth are you talking about? Romeo said turning to look at Dexter. Upon the sight of Romeo’s face Dexter lets out a tiny yelp.

“What is it now are you shocked at how handsome I am close up?”

“No your face seems to have changed” Dexter stammered.

“Oh yes in what way?”

“Well it’s gone all, well how can I put this” Dexter said.

“Oh come on have I been sting by a jellyfish is that it?”

“Nope your face seems to be made out of wood.”

Romeo frowned, well at least he thought he was frowning. But for some reason he couldn’t make move his face muscles to make a facial expression.

Dexter screamed a little as he noticed something else just as frightening.

“What now?” Romeo asked.

“You know your light blond hair your so proud of Romeo?”


“Well it would seem that it is made out of straw.”

“I don’t believe you Dex I really…………”

Romeo then looked into a mirror that Dex had found lying next to them on the sand.

“Dex what is happening to me I look just like Pinocchio I………”

Romeo then stopped talking and fell back on the sand motionless staring blankly up at the sky.

Upon realising he had just had a surfing lesson with Pinocchio Dex had ran back home screaming. When Sid had asked him how his lesson went Dex had swore never ever to go near a surfboard again, and had locked himself in his room. Indi had later come back home shortly afterwards fill of great happiness and joy.

Mr Oddly was found sat on the beach and now is the mascot for the Surf Club.

And for Pinocchio he was lucky to have pity taken upon him and now lives with Ruby, she cuddles him every night before going to sleep.

The End


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