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Lisa Gormley - Iron Man Challenge

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If you follow Lisa Gormley's twitter account then you will have seen tweets about this:

At the beginning of April this year, Australian Actress - Lisa Gormley and boyfriend, Lachlan Wortman began a documented Journey towards the Ironman Triathlon.

They aim to compete in the 70.3 Mile, Half Ironman on August 19th, in Yepoon, Queensland. This will be the first stage of the Charity appeal, with the intention of completing the full 140.6 Mile Ironman at the beginning of 2013.

The purpose is to raise funds for the Charity of their creation, The Milsy Foundation, a fund established to aid the recovery of Edward Milner, a former sportsperson facing the difficulties of trying to finance an operation to return his ability to walk, without the use of a leg brace.

With Milsy’s support, the Foundation’s main purpose is to raise awareness and provide support for other sufferers of debilitating injuries. To show that, through sports rehab and the possibility of new opportunities, anyone can overcome the obstacles of injury.

As the scope of the project grew, the need for a secondary Charity arose and a partnership was forged with the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney (Royal Rehab) to aid both former athletes and non-athletes alike through sports rehab techniques.

The decision to complete an Ironman event personifies the mental strength and fortitude shown by Milsy and the multitude of individuals struggling to emerge from the shadow of injury.

The Journey to the Ironman, however, will not be alone.

Lisa and Lachlan are unbelievably lucky to be under the benevolent guidance of Stef Hanson, female Ironman-Distance Triathlete and Coach. Through her wisdom and knowledge, Lisa and Lachlan stand a fighting chance on August 19th.

Whilst this seems like the Journey of just two people, everyone is encouraged to show their support. Spread the word, donate where possible, and lend your voice to the cause. Every little counts and they can’t get there without you!

They have launched a website to give more information about what they are doing:


If you click on to the website it includes a donate button for those of us able to give a pound, or dollar, to this cause.

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