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Sky High!

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Title-Sky High!


Main Characters-Dex,April,Ruby,Xav,Sasha and Casey plus OC

Genre-Romance and Drama

BTTB Rating:T

Any Warnings?-Possible death and violence!

Type of story-Long Fic.

Been Proof-Read?-No

Summary-Dex misses April like crazy! April has one thing on her mind...Work! Ruby and Xav are giving their relationship another chance, Casey and Sasha are constantly at each others throats!

Dex looked down at his bowel of cereal. Refusing to take one more mouthful he got up and tipped the contents down the sink.

"Fruit tingles!" Dex yelled out in anger as he struggles to push the small bits of fruit loops down the drain.

"No Dex,I believe they were fruit loops!" Sasha chucks her bag on the couch. Dex rolls his eyes, it has been a month since he and April broke up. Dex sighs loudly and plonks himself on the couch next to Sasha's bag.

"Whats the matter princess?" Sasha asks with a smile. Sasha grabs a bowel,the milk carton and the cocopops and begins making her breakfast.

"It has been one month! Since April broke my heart." Sasha looks at her brother sympathetically.

"And how does that make you feel?" Sasha asks seriously. Dex lets out a little laugh.

"Thanks doctor Phill!" Dex smirks. Dex knows he's lucky to have Sash as a sister!

"Just answer the question!" Sasha asks in a fed up tone.

"So like if someone came up to me and was like 'Hey you! Tell me how you feel about your break up with April or I'll kill you!' Kinda thing?" Sasha rolls her eyes.

"Yes Dex exactly!" Sasha sits up at the table and starts eating her breakfast.

"Like Hell!"

"Poor thing!" Sasha says with a mouthful of cereal. Dex laughs.

"And you think I'm the dork!"


Ruby entered the school grounds with a skip. The sun was shining there wasn't a single cloud in the sky! On top of that,Xav and Ruby both decided that they want to give it another shot! Ruby smiled to herself, you really don't know how much you need something until it's gone! And that was what happened with Ruby and Xav,it was all quite romantic really. Ruby had ten minutes before class started. Ruby slowly made her way across the school grounds to the front entrance where she waved hello to Miss Wilks the receptionist and headed towards homeroom. When she got to her allocated bag spot there was a note tapped to the side of the cube. With a smile Ruby rips the note off with ease! Here is what it said:

To dear Ruby.

This note is just saying how much I love you!

Love Xav!

P.S-This note will self destruct is 30 seconds! LOL! :-)

Ruby smiles at her boyfriends craziness! Suddenly somebody’s grubby hands cover her eyes.

“Guess who?” Says Xav in a fake girly high pitched voice.

“Hm…April? No! No! Nicole?” Xav rolls his eyes.

“Wait! It’s Dex isn’t it?” Ruby laughs and pushes Xav’s hands away from her eyes and turns to face him. Ruby kisses Xav on the cheek.

Enjoy my new fanfic! :)

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Hi! I'm just telling you guys that I'm not going to update until I get a proof-reader, truly sorry! I just want to make sure my story makes sense! It shouldn't take too long to get a proof-reader! :)

Phoebe! xxx

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Hi! I'm just telling you guys that I'm not going to update until I get a proof-reader, truly sorry! I just want to make sure my story makes sense! It shouldn't take too long to get a proof-reader! :)

Phoebe! xxx

I have now found a proof-reader! So an update will be up soon! :)

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Ok! So I just sent off the next chapter to Sophie! So it should be posted in a few days! Thank you all for being so patient! You guys are angels!

So I've decided that I going to write the same way I write 'call me maybe' So it's from the characters point of view, kinda like they are writing a diary! Don't worry if you don't understand, you will when the chapter is posted, trust me! :)

Phoebe! xxx

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Thank you Kristen,Sarah and Charlie&brax_lover! And a huge thank you to Sophie for becoming my proof-reader!

Chapter 2!

I don’t know why I spend so much time studying. I mean I’m just filling valuable space in my brain, with useless information, that I probably won’t even need! Life was easier when I didn’t want to become a doctor; I blame Dr.Walker for that. I put the heavy library book back on the shelf, and make my way out of the library - almost knocking poor Dex over in the process.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Dex!” I say, as I start gathering up Dex's things and handing them back to him.

“Don’t fret! It’s just books and an expensive calculator. But you know - nothing serious!” Dex remarks. I roll my eyes; Dex can be so complicated sometimes!

“I said sorry! Sheesh! I’ll see you later!” I say, as I start to slowly walk towards Bianca’s classroom; just to say hello before my next class. I knock quietly on the door.

“It’s open,” Bianca says as soon as I knock. I walk in with a smile on my face.

“Hey Bianca!” I say cheerfully. Bianca looks up from the tests she's marking.

“Oh! How did I go?” I ask Bianca eagerly, as I sit on the edge of her desk.

“I’m not telling you!” Bianca replies jokingly.

“Well then I’ll just have to find the paper myself if you’re not going to tell me!” I say as I start rummaging through the papers that lie scattered across Bianca’s desk.

“Hey! Stop that you!” Bianca slaps the top of my hand. I start laughing.

“Fine then! I have to get moving! See ya later!” I say skipping out of the classroom.


The bell is about to ring and I am in a rush to get to class; it’s not my fault that Dex walks like an old man when he’s upset. Anyway, so here I am, making a bee-line for the classroom, trying not to get in anyone’s way. I am doing really well at this, until I walk past the boys toilets, and Casey Braxton decides he will exit the toilets just as I am walking past. I am knocked to the ground with a thud, and the hallway goes quiet as everybody stops and turns towards me. Everyone starts whispering and murmuring, and I feel my cheeks go red.

“Watch where you’re going next time Bezmel!” Casey says sarcastically as he helps me off the ground.

“Oh! I should watch where I’m going? Right, well, you need to be more realistic! You're the one who knocked me over - otherwise you would be the one on the ground!” I say rather angrily. I look around to find people still watching Casey and I.

“Anyway! You're going to be late for class, and Miss Scott won’t be happy with you if you don’t get to class on time.”

“Since when did you become so worried about school, Braxton?” I ask as I start running towards the class I am already late for. I practically fall into the classroom, making a big scene as I do so.

“Sasha,your late,” Miss Scott says; pointing out the oblivious.

“Sorry Miss Scott, I had a bit of a mishap in the hallway,” I say laying all of my books onto my desk.

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