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Cold Summer

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MANY thanks for the EXCELLENT comments !!!! ......

..... and yeah, the tongue-in-cheek about the difference tween real Charlie adn MY fic's Charlie is fun to write !!!

CHAPTER 11 !!!!!!!

Ruby pulls up the car just a street or two away from where Joey’s brother Brett lives, in a house near the trawler wharfs. Dex is beside Ruby in the front, with marrieds Rikki & Emma in the back seat ……

Dex “Em, what’s the plan? [Ruby smirks] What was that about?”

Ruby “Why did you automatically ask Em?”

Dex “Cos SHE’S the brains of this op, which is QUITE a statement coming from me.”

Ruby “What if I have a BRILLIANT plan?”

Dex “Do you?”

Ruby “Well, not at this VERY second, but I’ll think of something.”

Dex [after he & Rikki smirk] “In the meantime, what’s the plan, Em?”

Emma “Ruby, YOU’RE the best person to speak to Brett. He doesn’t know the rest of us from a bar of soap.”

Rikki “AND there’s the “SMALL” fact that he’s homophobic, which rules my Em & I.”

Ruby “BUT …..hearing my surname, he COULD have issues with me. What bout Dex?”

Dex “This Brett guy doesn’t sound ….pleasant, and I’m a lover, not a fighter. Yep Rubes, YOU’RE the best option.”

Ruby “April’s VERY lucky to have you, Dex.”

Dex “Why, thank you.”

Ruby drives her car and parks it in front of Brett’s house. She exits the car alone ….. and makes the short journey to the front door. As she walks, she “dials” Joey’s mobile. If she hears its ringtone, Joey is here, OR her phone is at least. Ruby, Dex, Cleo & the others have rung Joey’s mobile, WITHOUT response, a number of times since it started snowing in the Bay ….. and this latest time Ruby has rung adds to the list AND she doesn’t hear the ringtone either. Ruby knocks on the front door and …….

Brett Collins [in the house, on the other side of the shut door] “Who is it?”

Ruby “My name is Ruby. Ruby ……[kinda softly] Buckton.”

Brett “Buckton, eh. [he opens the door] You’re that BITCH copper’s kid sister, aren’t you?”

Ruby “Close. [brett looks at her curiously] I’m Charlie’s DAUGHTER [there’s a kinda surprised look on Brett’s face] …… which leads me to my next point. Have you seen/heard from Joey lately?”

Brett “You’d know more than me. Since your mum took Joey from me, I’ve not heard from her.”

Ruby “Mum didn’t TAKE Joey from you.”

Brett “Believe what you want. I know the truth …. and what ARE you doing here?”

Ruby “Looking for Joey. Thought she mighta come back here, after what happened.”

Brett “Which is?”

Ruby “Joey ...... She’s a mum now.”

Brett “I’ve heard weirdo couples can do stuff like that now.”

Ruby “Same sex ISN’T weird AND neither is the way that Joey’s triplets were conceived. You see the man in the front seat of my car over there? [brett nods] He’s the dad.”

Brett “So my sister, she’s normal again?”

Ruby “A whole WORLD of no. [brett has an intrigued look on his face] How do I put this? Joey was ……. drunk, yeah, drunk will work, when she slept with Dex.”

Brett “I soooooooooooo want to talk to the man who turned my sister.”

Ruby [as Brett starts heading for her car] “She AIN’T turned. [brett stops walking] She STILL loves my mum ….. as far as I know.”

Brett “WHY are you here then?”

Ruby “Cos none of us, not me, not my mum, not Dex, knows where she is. Thought she mighta come back here – especially cos she’s got the triplets with her. Btw, their names are Adrian, Charlotte & Danica.”

Brett “I’ve not seen OR heard from her for AGES. Thought she was she still ……..being DISGUSTING with your mum.”

Ruby “ANY ideas where she might’ve gone? Old holiday spots, fave places in the world, that kinda thing.”

Brett ”For the sake of my nieces, I’ll suggest you check out Kingscliff and Hastings’s Point. She LOVED it when we went there as kids.”

Ruby “Thank you for helping me. I KNOW you don’t like my mum, so yeah, MUCHLY thanks.”

Brett “I HOPE your mum has seen the light. [Ruby looks a bit sheepish] From the look on your face, I DON’T want to know.”

Ruby “I’ll be off now. Thanks once more. [Ruby waves as she walks back to her car and gets in] That was better that I hoped.”

Rikki “What didya find out?”

Ruby “He’s not seen her in AGES, but suggested in check out a few places. We’ll have to “plug” the names into the GPS, cos I’ve never heard of them.”

Dex “I can do that. What are the names?”

Ruby “Kingscliff and Hastings’s Point.”

Emma “No need. Both aren’t that far south of the Queensland/New South Wales border, on the coast.”

Dex “How do you KNOW this stuff?”

Rikki “She’s Em. Beautiful, brainy Em.”

Dex “So VERY true. It’s funny that you BREEZED through your HSC and could do ANYTHING you wanted to, and yet you run an adult store.”

Emma [adoringly] “Happiness, my tail AND my Rikki are ALL I need. [Emma softly kisses her wife on the lips] BTW Rubes, did Brett mention the “intriguing” weather the Bay is having?”

Ruby “No. Too busy bad mouthing my mum OR wanting to congratulate Dex for turning Joey back from, in HIS eyes, the Dark Side of the Force. [pause] OK, let’s head for the one of those two that are closest to us, which is ……. “

Emma “Hasting’s Point. Now, I LOOSELY know how to get there, but I suggest we use the GPS to be sure.”

Dex [as Ruby starts up the engine and drives] “OK. I’ll plug it in.”


Meanwhile in Bathurst, the triplets are CONSTANTLY crying. The only times they don’t is when they are in the bathroom with Joey when she’s in ”sea mode”. Adrian especially LOVES seeing her mum this way. Joey knows that this, being all taily & scaly, is just a short term solution - as she can’t be this way 24/7, no matter how much her bubs’ crying is driving her “slightly” up the wall.

During the peace & quiet, Joey reflects on how she’s dealing with having to bath the triplets all by herself. Back when she was living with the Walkers, Dex & Indi & Marilyn bathed the bubs for Joey, given the whole 1 drop of water leads to all but instant tail, but to be able to do things herself, Joey bought herself a wetsuit and VERY water proof gloves. She did so as she fled the Bay.

Joey remembers that her triplets weren’t all loud & teary when they were in the car with her when she drove to Aden’s place AND on the journey to their new home here in Bathurst. Joey, as her bubs continue to cry, puts them all in their baby capsules in her car and goes for a drive ……and where better to go than the town’s ICONIC racing street circuit - the scenic, undulating, twisting, intoxicating drive up and down Mount Panorama – the journey up Mountain Straight, before she goes through the tight, blind, STEEP bend known as The Cutting, then the sweeping drive across the undulating top of the Mountain – including the run across Skyline, before the drop down through the Dipper & the Esses to the Elbow, and along the LENGTHY Conrod Straight. A race car can reach speeds of 300 kph here but Joey keeps to the 60 kph speed limit. She turns into the Chase, the fastest Touring Car corner in the WORLD, before making her way through Murray’s Corner, the last on the circuit. Joey is sure that John & Xave would LOOOOOVE to take their “Mad Max” car round this most famous bit of tarmac BUT it doesn’t help her with Danica, Adrian & Charlotte who continue to cry, so she heads back to her flat and hopes she can find new inspiration to solve her problem, which isn’t something simple like feeding them or changing their nappies or wind and the like.

Joey, as she thinks of a new solution, is startled by a knock on the door …….


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MANY thanks for the IMPRESSIVE comments !!!!

CHAPTER 12 !!!!!!!

Joey puts the crying Charlotte back in her cot, alongside the also bawling Adrian & Danica, and heads for the front door. She wonders who it could be. Joey's met a few people since she moved here, but she’s not gotten close/friendly with any of them. What if she’s been found by Charlie. Will she be held accountable by her fellow mermaids for making it snow in the Bay? What if Aden’s found her old mobile and tracked her down …….

Joey [tentatively, beside the closed door] “Who is it?”

Leanne Tander “It’s Leanne. Your next door neighbor.”

Joey “OH !!!! [tentatively] What …… what are you after?”

Leanne “Could you open the door? I can barely hear you over all that crying. I’ve got my little one Scarlett with me.”

Joey [after she thinks “great, another baby”] “OK.”

Leanne, who is holding Scarlett [after Joey opens the door] “Your name’s Joey. Right?”

Joey “Yep. Your bub’s adorable AND sooooo quiet.”

Leanne “She’s not always this way.”

Joey “I’m pretty new to the game. My triplets are only 3 months old.”

Leanne “Yeah, triplets !!! This one can be enough of a handful.”

Joey “I never hear your bub. But I can’t hear much over MY kids. Come on through and see them.”

Joey, Leanne & Scarlett head for Joey’s bedroom and Joey is quite surprised that Scarlett doesn’t join in the chorus of crying. [see below for a pic of the Tander family]

Leanne “Your kids. There’s just sooooo adorable. Who’s who again? I know you intro'd me to them when you 1st arrived in the neighborhood but ……” [her voice trails off]

Joey “So’s your little one, with the adorable. As for my bubs, that’s Charlotte in the blue jumpsuit, with Adrian in pink & Danica in the green.”

Leanne “Cooooool. You can hold Scarlett if you like. She really likes “hanging out” with new people, which we don’t get TOO much of in this town, bar when the 1000 or the 12 hour and the like are on. A REAL influx of people for those.”

Joey [after Leanne hands Scarlett to her] “A quiet baby in my arms. Feels sooooooo good.”

Leanne [as Scarlett giggles] “She REALLY likes you.”

Joey “Mind if I …….keep hold of her whilst we chat?”

Leanne “Not at all. Looks like good therapy for you.”

Joey “Yep. My babies …….I just don’t KNOW what’s going on. I’ve tried all manner of things. Only …… no.”

Leanne “What is it?”

Joey [as she thinks about how the triplets are quiet when she’s a mermaid] “There’s one thing that works, but it’s …… not conventional.”

Leanne “Whatever works, works. My hubby Garth is often away on business and the like, and that can be issuesome. BTW, if you don’t mind me asking, your bubs’ dad is? As in where is he? I haven’t met him.”

Joey “That’s …..complicated.”

Leanne [seeing how uncomfortable Joey is when she asked that] “That’s OK. That’s your business.”

Joey “Thanks. Glad you’re not like an old busybody that lived in the small town I last called home.”

Leanne “Not at all, BUT I do hope I can help with your problem.”

Joey “Any tips would be GREAT.”

Leanne “Yeah, you don’t look like you’ve had much sleep lately. [Joey nods appreciatively] You know how I told you that my man if oft away? [Joey nods] Well, he phones me EVERYDAY …… so Scarlett hears his voice.”

Joey “Not …….really an option.”

Leanne “DO you have photos or video footage of him? Cos that works for me too.”

Joey “Yeah. On my phone, AND he has a blog. It’s, let’s say that their dad has a different sense of humour. ”

Leanne “Should try it. At best, you’ve solved your problem. At worst, you’re ruled out one possibility ….. and you can go back to trying that other way that it sounded you had of keeping them from crying.”

Joey [as she thinks that another mum should understand] “My babies, they’re OBSESSED with mermaids ……just like their mum.”

Leanne “Bet Scarlett will be one day.”

Joey “Yeah, I show them pics of mermaids and ……..”

Leanne [cutting in] “Don’t tell me, you know “The Little Mermaid” word for word?”

Joey “ ‘Maybe.’ It’s like deciding the lesser of 2 evils. 24/7 crying or mermaid movies.”

Leanne “Yeah, Scarlett has her faves ….like Roary The Racing Car.”

Joey “Appropriate, given we’re we live. [Leanne nods] Do you mind keeping an eye on my triplets whilst I grab my laptop? I want to try your theory.”

Leanne “Go ahead.”

Joey hands Scarlett back to Leanne before she exits the room and grabs her laptop from the main room of the flat. Moments later, Joey returns to the bedroom ….

Joey “I see that Scarlett hasn’t been a calming influence as yet. Was kinda hoping my kids would follow her lead. Oh well, at least your little one isn't crying as well. [Leanne smiles] OK, time to call up the website and give this a try.”

Joey accesses Dex World on her computer and holds the laptop over the cot, so Adrian, Charlotte & Danica can see their father. She plays Dex’s latest blog, which is trademark Dex …….. and Joey almost can’t it when her bubs’ stop crying !!!!!

Indeed, they start to giggle at his antics ………..which was uploaded 2 days before Dex set off with Ruby, Emma & Rikki to find Joey. She basks in these moments of joyous non crying AND Joey also thinks of what she is seeing. Joey’s seen TV news coverage of what’s happening in the Bay, but to get a REAL 1st hand account, especially from the father of her children is quite …… a different experience, including seeing Dex having a snowball fight on the beach with April, Xave, Indi, Romeo, Sasha & Ruby . Joey, as she thinks about how this is a GREAT non mermaid way of stopping them from crying 24/7, is distracted when ……

Leanne “It looks sooooo pretty. Is that where you used to live? [Joey nods] Did you move cos it was too cold?”

Joey [as she thinks of how “cold” Charlie was towards her] “Yeah …… it’s pretty cold there.”

Leanne [as the triplets eagerly watch the video blog] “Looks like your bubs are just like mine. They LOVE having their dad ‘around’.”

Joey “Indeed.”

Leanne “It’s been REALLY good talking to another young mum AND to help as well.”

Joey [enthusiastically] “You’re a LIFESAVER, Leanne.”

Leanne “Hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna head off. Let you enjoy the peace & quiet. How about you & your bubs come over to my place tomorrow. I’ve got a laptop too, so we can play ….. what’s it called?”

Joey “Dex World.”

Leanne “Yeah, we can play Dex World so your triplets can watch whilst we chat.”

Joey “It’s a date.”

Leanne, with Scarlett in her arms, exits Joey’s flat and heads for home.


The next day, Bianca, Miles & Gina are at the diner. It’s late in the afternoon and they’ve been here for a number of hours. The trio are having an informal meeting about the upcoming school year. They ALL note that it’s VERY busy here today, as there seems to be MANY many tourists in town, more than normal at this time of year, to scope out the crazy weather no doubt……

Gina [despondently] “Well, there goes John taking me to the opera.”

Bianca [perplexed voice, as she wasn’t expeted a comment like that from Gina in the middle of their school chat] “Sorry. What do you mean?”

Gina “We’ve got a bet going about how it snowing would affect the Bay. MORE or LESS tourists. Right now, looks like I’m going to lose [Gina realises something] ………BUT it’s not quite over yet. The “angels” have got to make it through this unscathed …… and some of the people who just came it look VERY ………”

Miles [cutting in] “Sheldon Cooper-ish.”

Bianca [after she smirks at Miles’ comment] “My place will be a hot spot IF they find out anything they shouldn’t.”

Miles “Yep. DEFINITELY Ground Zero. [someone who’s just entered the diner catches his eye] Scientists aren’t the only intriguing people who’ve come to town. [Gina & Bianca look at his curiously] Look over there. [Miles gestures towards the counter] The bloodnut.”

At the counter is none other than a famous author/former Summer Bay resident ………….




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MANY thanks for the COOOOOOOL comments !!!!

CHAPTER 13 !!!!!!!

Irene [excited voice, behind the counter] “Shannon Reed !!!!! Long time, no see. What ……[“wakes up”] the weather bought you here, didn’t it?”

Shannon [see pics below] “Yep. I know that I live in Paris with Mandy, but I just HAD to check out my old stomping ground at a time like this.”

Irene [after she gives Shannon a BIG hug] “Is Mandy with you?”

Shannon “No. She’s in the US. They’re making a film based on one of her novels. She’s a consultant on that ……so it gave me a PERFECT opportunity to come back here and check out first hand what I’d been seeing on the news.”

Irene “Well, it’s GREAT to see you again. I don’t read much in your line of novels, so how’re things going?”

Shannon “My latest got published earlier this year, and now …….I’m searchin’ for inspiration for the next one.”

Irene “Well, what better place to set a story then a town that should be nice & sunny but right now is all snowy.”

Shannon “Indeed. I’ve been in frequent contact with Sal, so I know that her bro Miles is now running the caravan park.”

Irene “Not stayin’ at the Sands?”

Shannon “Nah. Would rather be closer to my old home. Keeps me grounded.”

Irene “Speaking of Miles, he’s over there [irene points to the table where Bianca & co are sitting] …..and it looks like your presence HASN’T gone unnoticed.”

Shannon “I know I’m a published author, but there are people a LOT more famous than me.”

Irene “Not in this town right now there’s not, girly. Want me to intro you to Miles?”

Shannon “That’d be nice.”

Irene & Shannon wander over to the table where Miles and co are sitting ……..

Irene “Miles, Gina & Bianca, I’d like to introduce you an old friend of mine, Shannon Reed.”

Miles [enthusiastically] “It’s GREAT to meet you. Please sit with us. [irene grabs Shannon a chair form a neaby table] I’ve got ALL of your novels. Mind if you autograph a few?”

Shannon “Not at all …..as long I can stay at the caravan park.”

Miles “Definitely. I’m VERY honoured. Sal’s told me about how you used to live there, in the main house. ”

Shannon “Yeah, sharing a bedroom with Sal. Sooooo many memories. Speaking of which, is Mr. Stewart still around?”

Irene “What do you think, darl. You’d have to prize Alf outta here with something a LOT more than a crowbar before he leaves this town for good.”

Miles “Yeah. He lives at the caravan park as well.”

Shannon “Be good to catch up with him. Mr. Stewart and I, we’ve got history. He ALWAYS kept me on my toes when I lived here. Kinda speaking of which, is Flathead still about?”

Irene [after she smirks] “Ironically, no.”

Shannon “Ironically?”

Irene “Gina, I think it’s best if you explain.”

Gina “I’m the principal of Summer Bay High these days.”

Irene “AND Mr. Fisher left town quite a while ago.”

Bianca [as Shannon has a surprised-Flathead’s-gone look on her face] “Now, if the goss I’ve heard about you is correct, we’ve got something in common.”

Shannon “Apart from us BOTH being VERY hot.”

Irene [sternly] “Shannon !!!!”

Shannon [cheeky voice] “Just window shopping. Mandy won’t mind. [normal voice] Anyway, Bianca, isn’t it? [bianca nods] I’ve not heard of you as an author ….which makes me think that maybe I’m not the only person in this room in a …….‘special friendship’.”

Bianca [after she smirks] “Yep, sounds like we’re BOTH having a GAY ol’ time.”

Shannon [smily voice] “LOOOVE your style. So, who are you “hooked up” with?”

Bianca “The town cop, Charlie.”

Shannon [after Bianca shows her a pic, in her purse, of Charlie & Bianca hugging] “She’s quite a catch.”

Bianca [sultry voice] “Isn’t she just.”

Miles “Gina, are we done here? So I can take Shannon to the caravan park.”

Gina “What we were talking about can wait.”

Shannon “I don’t want to interrupt.”

Gina “You won’t be.”

Bianca “You’ve GOT to come to my place for dinner sometime.”

Shannon “Sounds ACE.”

Miles [after he stands] “Let’s head off, Shannon. You can meet all the caravan park gang.”

Shannon [as she stands] “Looking forward to it AND seeing my old room. Just to reminisce.”

Miles [as he & Shannon heads for the exit] “Later, peoples.”


A few days later, it’s around 9am and Ruby, Emma, Rikki & Dex are prepped ready to return to the Bay. They’re in a hotel in Kingscliff ……...

Ruby “You know who will be ringing soon. Now, are we going to do what we talked about last night?”

Rikki “Seems kinda cheesy, but yeah, we should.”

Emma “All for one, and one for all.”

Dex “Aren’t you getting your fictional heroes mixed up a little there?”

Ruby [as Emma smiles AND her phone rings] “Guess who? I’ll put in on speaker”.

Charlie [after Ruby actually answers the call] “Good morning, Angels.”

Ruby, Emma & Rikki [in unison] “Good morning, Charlie.”

Charlie “How’s it going? Any sign of Joey?”

Ruby “Unfortunately not …..at either here or Hastings Point. A week’s up so we’re about to head for home.”

Charlie “How’s the weather there?”

Rikki “You don’t want to know.”

Charlie “Suitable for bikinis I take it?”

Rikki “Well, we’re in town that’s having a normal not-a-cloud-in-the-sky summer’s day. The beach here is nowhere near as nice as the one in the Bay though.”

Charlie “Good to hear THAT at least.”

Rikki “Actually, I’ve LOOOOVED being in a bikini again. Might use my abilities, human electric blanket and all, to STRUT around the Bay in a 2 piece.”

Charlie “That’s BRAZEN, Rikki, even for you …… and besides, the many SCIENTISTS in town now MIGHT want to have a word to you. Either they’ll think that you’re crazy, or …….something else.”

Rikki “Scientists. [sarcastically] My “favourite” people.”

Charlie “I look forward to seeing you all when you return.”

Emma “Any thoughts on where to go from where?”

Charlie “I’ve got a few ideas. I’ll formalize them when I talk to Rubes, Dex, Bella & Cleo before they continue the search tomorrow. After all, I can imagine that Ruby & Dex are keen to spend time with Billy & April.”

Dex “You read my mind. Figuratively speaking, unless you can ACTUALLY read minds …..which would be scary. Ruby OR any criminals wouldn’t be able to get away with ANYTHING if you could.”

Charlie [after she laughs] “Look forward to seeing you all in a few hours. [pause] Before I go, can I speak to Ruby alone?”

Ruby [after she turns her mobile off speaker and puts it to her ear] “Sure. What’s up? It’s just you & me now. Want me to leave the room whilst we chat?”

Charlie “No. Just felt like some one on one mother-daughter time. It’s weird not having you around the house. Your smiling face and all.”

Ruby [as she smirks] “This is VERY mushy, but yeah, waaaay miss you too, Mum.”

Charlie [happy, surprised voice] “What happened NOT calling me that whilst you’re on this mission?“

Ruby “We’re one on one. This ain’t a group calling all angles call anymore, so yeah, calling you Mum is appropriate …. and besides, it’s always GREAT to do it.”

Charlie [smily voice] “Now looks who’s being mushy. [pause] Well, you guys better get on your way. See you soon.”

Ruby “Yep, see you in a few hours. Later.”

Charlie ends the call and Ruby & co get in her car and head south to the Bay.


That afternoon, April arrives at Dex’s front door. He invited her here as soon as he returned to the Bay from the so far fraught search for Joey. Dex & April have been in regular contact with each other whilst he’s been away and April is kinda intrigued about what’s about to take place. Dex said that he has a surprise for her ……. and after she enters the house, April sees that Dex has arranged an indoor picnic ……BUT better that that, it’s REALLY warm in this house. So much so that April all but instantly ditches her very warm jacket. The beach house, the diner, or Ruby’s haven’t felt this warm inside since it started snowing....…..

April “Dex, this is GREAT. I feel like I’m at a little chalet, in a room with a fireplace ……only this place doesn’t have one. How are you …….no, I’ll bask in how romantic this feels.”

Dex [after they both sit on the picnic blanket] “Well, what can I say. I bribed EVERYONE else to be out of the house, and now it’s just and me for the next few hours.”

April [after Dex puts his hand on hers, and April’s curious side gets the better of her] “I LIKE the romantic, BUT I’ve GOT to know how you’re doing this.”

Dex “So you don’t think the warm & fuzzy feelings we have for each other are enough to combat the icyness that Joey has inflicted on this town?”

April [all but deadpan] “Do you REALLY want me to answer that? [she realises something] That’s it …… this HAS got something to do with Joey. Well, one of her fellow “Angels”. [calls out] Rikki, are you about?”

Rikki [who, upon Dex’s request, is using her powers to make the main room toasty warm – calls out] “Would you believe me if I said no?”

April [calls out] “Thank you sooooooo much for helping out.”

Rikki [who’s in Dex’s room, with the door closed - calls out] “Remind your man he owes me one.”

April [tenderly, looking straight into Dex’s eyes] “This is just the best.”

April kisses Dex. Softly for starters, but they don’t get a chance to go further ….. as the front door is smashed open, with Brax, Heath & Casey entreing the mian room ALL with firearms in hand ……..

Brax [with a revolver pointed straight at April] “I want ALL your valuables, or she DIES !!!!”


SHANNON REED – then and now


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MANY thanks for the ACE comments !!!!

CHAPTER 14 !!!!!!!

Dex [pleadingly] “PLEEEEEEEASE !!!! You can’t kill us. My babies need their father!!!!”

Brax “Casey, watch over them. Make sure they don’t move while we rob this job. A doctor is SURE to be lotsa good stuff. Come on, Heath, let’s get to it.”

As Brax & Heath start to grab various expenses items from the longue room, Casey is poised with his gun pointed at April & Dex …… but that’s not April’s ONLY concern. Dex didn’t say a THING about her when Brax said what he did. April knows that Dex doesn't have romantic feelings for Joey … how could he, given her definite sexuality, but it still bugs April, and as she tosses those thoughts about her head, Rikki [in the bedroom] decides to act. Calling the police would be the logical, safe, very Emma thing to do ….. but Rikki’s wife ain't here right now, so Rikki sneaks out of the room and peaks into the longue room. She now has all 3 River Boys in her sight. She concentrates hard as she balls her fist ……..

Casey [shocked, pained voice – as the gun in his gloved hand becomes SUPER hot] “OUCH!!!!!”

Heath “What’s up, Case? [as Casey drops the gun to the floor, before Rikki tries the same trick on Heath] “****ING HELL!!! That hurts!!!!”

Brax [as Heath drops the gun in his hand, with April & Dex perplexed/scared about what's happening] “What’s going on? How come [brax’s gun is the latest to be UBER heated, so he drops it] This town’s gone totally mad!!!!!”

Dex & April, with guns no longer pointed at them, scamper out of the room. Heath goes to pick his gun up and pursue them but …..

Brax “Don’t be an idiot. It bound to still be hot. Running isn’t usually my style, but we’ve GOT to be outta here. It’s just TOO weird.”

Casey [sternly] “AND there’s PLENTY of other places we can hit …… like Ruby’s”

Brax “Yeah. The copper’s place. Like your thinking, Case. Let’s get outta crazy town.”

The trio of River Boys grab some towels so they can pick up their guns, whilst Rikki, now that she knows April & Dex are safe, keeps an eye on the villains ……but Heath sees her ……

Heath [calls out] “Brax, Case. We’re NOT alone, and I’m not talkin’ about the doctor’s kid and the girl.”

Brax and Casey enter the corridor that Rikki & Heath are in. Rikki has got her powers activated, but right now, her fingers are splayed … which, whilst keeping those guns pretty warm, isn’t the totally waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay heat the she generates when her hand is balled into a fist. Rikki is REALLY pleased that the River Boys don’t know ANY of the mermaids’ secrets. Sure, Casey went out briefly with Ruby, but the Angels' secret indentities were NEVER revealed to him.

Heath moved towards Rikki, and that’s enough for her to stop holding back. Rikki balls her fist once more, and Heath all of a sudden feels EXTREMELY hot, as he is BOILING on the INSIDE ……..

Heath [after he drops to the ground, waaaaaaaaay writhing in pain] “Get me outta here !!!!!!!”

Brax & Casey each grab hold of one of Heath’s arms and they take him outside. The cold snow is quite a relief for Heath. They all get in Heath’s four wheel drive [with Brax at the wheel] and head back to their base empty handed …… this time.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Rikki has de-activated her powers…and Dex & April have come out of hiding …….

April [as she give Rikki a BIIIIIIIG hug] “You’re a LIFESAVER.”

Dex [making it a group hug] “That was AWESOME.”

Rikki [after the hug ends] “Charlie will probably want to “KILL” me for that. Putting my life in danger, civilian and all, but it was just the BEST feeling to stare down Brax and his mob.”

Dex “I’m gonna call the police. Tell them what happened.”

April “Good call [after Dex gets on the phone] Rikki, thanks soooo much, for everything. The warm chalet thing as well, as well as saving my life.”

Rikki “Well, you & Dex are ACE. You’re not as totally 1 million % completely soul mates in love like me & Em, but NOBODY’S as connected as my wife and I.”

April & Rikki both smile, whilst April tries to STOP worrying about her thoughts of Dex & Joey.


In the 2 weeks following the River Boys’ attempted heist on the Walker place, Ruby & her fellow Angels fruitlessly search both the Gold Coast [as it’s close to where Joey got her tail] and parts of Victoria [which is where some of Joey’s relatives live]. Also, the River Boys rob MORE houses & the like in the Bay, including Leah’s and a FULL SCALE assault on the Sand’s Resort …..but not the “Hunter House” as yet. Each time, Brax & his mob evade the police ………whilst April continues to think about what Dex said at pun point.

April REALLY likes Dex, maybe even loves him, but maybe this kinda crazy sitch of him being the moonstruck father to Joey’s kids is a little TOO much to overcome. As April thinks about all of this, she’s in her room. It’s pretty late at night, and Ruby has not long been in bed. Rubes will be on the road again tomorrow, on the continuing quest to find Joey and end this snowy nightmare. April thinks of the countless girl on girl kisses she’s witnessed [from Chanca, Emki & Clella] especially since she moved into this house AND how she can hear Bianca & Charlie getting amorous on the next room. April also thinks of how close that she & Ruby ……sure, they’re not as close of the 3 same sex parings in this house AND Ruby does have a b/f, and April’s never thought bout doing this kinda thing before, but she decides to make her move ……..

April [kinda tentatively] “Rubes, are you still awake?”

Ruby [sleepy voice, with her eyes muchly closed] “Trying not to be. Trying to find my ex-stepmom is exhausting work.”

April “That’s good.”

April gets up off her bed and stands beside Ruby’s. April’s heart is "slightly" in her mouth, but she’s eager to do this. April reaches down, and softly kisses Ruby on the LIPS !!!!!!, before she stands upright once more ………

Ruby [sleeping voice] “Good night, Mum. [shocked voice, after she “wakes up” and sits up – having realised that that didn’t taste like Charlie] April, WHAT did you just do?”

April [who quickly sits back on her own bed] “I just thought ……… “ [her voice trails off]

Ruby “Just thought WHAT? I have a boyfriend, so do you.”

April [kinda flustered] “But Dex, he’s sooooo hung up on finding his kids AND Joey.”

Ruby [shakes her head] “You haven’t been on the road with him these last 3 weeks. He talks about you ALL the time, and that’s on top of the countless phone calls and texts you two have send each other.”

April “But……he talks a LOT both the other women in his life.”

Ruby “They’re his kids, April, and besides, you know how he arranged that warm & fuzzy picnic?”

April “Yeah. That was nice.”

Ruby “Well, let’s just say he’s been doing all kinds thing to make it up to Rikki for her agreeing to help him.”

April “GREAT. Dex and ANOTHER girl.”

Ruby [frustrated] “NOT what I meant, and you know it.”

April “But ……..everything’s just sooooooo confused right now …..and as much as we talk and text, it’s worrying being here while Dex is gallivanting after ….. you know who.”

Ruby “We’re TOTALLY besties, aren’t we?”

April “I’m not sure now, after I tried to …..you know just then.”

Ruby “It’s THIS house AND [cheeky voice] the fact that I’m IRRESTIBLE.”

April [as they both smile] “You’re a goofball, Rubes.”

Ruby “But I’m a trustworthy one, and Dex, he ONLY has romantic eyes for YOU. Tell me you believe me?”

April “I do ……. but ….” [her voice trails off]

Ruby “But what?”

April “I’d ….like to see for myself ……..by coming with you guys tomorrow. Besides, will be cooooool, going on a road trip to wherever before I start uni soon.”

Ruby “I don’t think this is the best plan in the world, BUT when you see & hear what I do each day, it’ll put you mind to rest. [pause] OK, I’m going to sleep now. PLEASE, no good night kiss this time. [lustfully] These lips are for Billy alone to kiss.”


A few days later, Charlie is VERY keen for Gypsy to ascertain the location of the River Boys’ secret hideout ……..so Gypsy arranges to meet up with Heath ………………


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MANY thanks for the BRILLIANT comments !!!!

CHAPTER 15 !!!!!!!

Heath, knowing he’s wanted man, sneaks into Gypsy’s vet clinic after dark - an hour or so after Gyps closed up for the night ……

Heath “So babe, apart for wanting to see me & kiss me again, what’s this little get together about?”

Gypsy [after she kisses Heath softly on the lips a few times] “Well, I REALLY like you ……and I hope you like me as much as I like you.”

Heath “You’re HOT, babe, and I LOVE that you’re not afraid to show me how you feel.”

Gypsy “You mean like this”

Gypsy wraps her hands tightly round Heath’s waist, and muchly PASHES him.

Heath “DEFINITELY. We’ve gotta REALLY get together sometime. We’ve been messing about for ages, so why don’t we go further. I’ve never “done it” in a vet’s surgery before.”

Gypsy [as Heath puts his hand FIRMLY on skirt clad backside] “Sounds pretty ACE, but …….. “

Heath [cutting in] “There’s always a butt, but at least yours is an AWESOME one.”

Gypsy [as Heath caresses her backside] “I know that Brax knows we are together, but how about REALLY showing the world that we are …….by hanging out at your secret hideout. Bet it’s ACE there, [really flirty voice] and who knows what could happen if you take me there.”

Heath [after he kisses Gypsy once more, then breaks away from her] “I don’t know about this. Brax, he’s suss bout you. You’re not one of us, not a River Girl, but …… “

Gypsy [cutting in, with a cheeky voice] “Why is this chat ALWAYS coming back to my derriere?”

Heath “With talk like that, you SOUND like a River Girl …..AND I know the PERFECT way for you to prove yourself to us, ESPECIALLY Brax.”

Gypsy [as Heath moves closer to her once more] “I’m listening. After all, you’re BOUND to have heard ALL the stories about me. “For a good time, call” on bus shelters. The scarlet woman of the Bay and all.”

Heath “Yeah, with clothes to match.”

Gypsy [after she smirks and softly kisses Heath] “So, how do I prove myself worthy? After all, I bet there’s River Girls at that secret base of yours, [lustful voice] and I want YOU all to myself.”

Heath “I believe you right here and now, but Brax is sure to let you in only AFTER you’ve joined us on a heist. We haven’t “hit” the diner yet. [Heath grins] Yeah, that’s the PERFECT place. [Heath pulls her REAL close to him, with his right hand in the small of her back] What do ya say, babe?”

Gypsy [grinning] “Holding Colleen at gun point DOES sound like fun, but …... I want some time to think about it. Is that OK? I’ve never done anything THAT hardcore before.”

Heath “Sounds like you’re kinda keen to start with, and that’s enough for me, [he lowers his hand so it’s on her backside] but don’t take TOO long to decide. We’ll meet here morrow after you finish work.”

Gypsy “Sounds ACE ….. Should give me plenty of time to think about this. [sultry voice] Now, you said something before bout having never “done it” in vet clinic. [Gypsy pashes Heath] Well, neither have I.”

Heath muchly smiles, and he & Gyps steadily ditch ALL their clothes before they get waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay carnal !!!!!!


Next morning, Gypsy arrives at the vet clinic deliberately early. Before the other staff arrive and the surgery opens for the day, Gypsy phones Charlie – telling her bout Heath’s “suggestion” ……

Charlie [excitedly] “This is the break we’ve been after.”

Gypsy [kinda surprised voice] “You’re really keen on me to go through with this?”

Charlie “Yes, BUT …… [Gypsy chuckles] What was THAT about?”

Gypsy “That word reminds me of my chat with Heath last night. Anyway, you were saying?”

Charlie “Get Heath to “lock down” a day the River Boys are gonna rob the diner, cos WHEN you do, it will mean that I can set up a GREAT plan. Don’t agree to be part of the heist without Heath telling you when.”

Gypsy “What’s your plan?”

Charlie “I’ll whisper it to you.”

Gypsy “I’m all ears. [Charlie whispers her plan] WOW !!!! That’s pretty HEAVY ........but you’re right, if that doesn’t convince Brax that I’m one of THEM now, NOTHING will.”

Charlie [concerned voice] “Are you SURE you want to do this? Cos you’re doing me the BIGGEST favour.”

Gypsy “It'll ensure that my daughters, Irene and ALL the people I care about will be safe from those THUGS.”

Charlie “Thank you MUCHLY for everything, and I look forward to hearing from you after you talk to Heath. Later.”

Charlie ends the call. She knows that this left field plan of hers is risky for Gyps, but Brax and his mob have continued to evade her when she's used conventional means …..so hopefully this will work.


Later that day, Ruby, Bella, Cleo, Dex & April are having lunch in a park in a small town in country New South Wales [not Bathurst, btw]. They’re heading for the far west of the state …… where some of Joey’s relatives live. Ruby knows that doing this kinda thing, contacting Joey’s relo’s – seeing if she’s there, or if they know where Joey is – would be quite easy to do over the phone, but after the journeys to the likes of Kingscliff & and the Gold Coast, Ruby and the others are quite enjoying these road trips ……seeing parts of Oz that they haven’t before.

As well as having some lunch, Ruby phones Billy [especially since she feels like the odd one out – with the 2 couples she is travelling with kissing and the like often], and whilst Bella & Cleo enjoy the parkland setting they are in, April primes herself to talk to Dex. Now that she’s been on the road with him and the others, April MUCHLY realizes that what Ruby said a few nights ago is true. Dex hardly mentions Joey as they search – it’s ALL about his kids, and whilst April is STILL worried a little about that, as whenever they start a family, Dex & April’s offspring won’t be the only kids in Dex’s life, she is at least encouraged that he has no romantic feelings whatsoever for Joey. All these thoughts of April having Dex’s kids might be totally for nothing, if he doesn’t take the news she’s about to tell him well …….

April [tentatively, with Dex beside her at one of the picnic tables] “I ……need to tell you ……..something.”

Dex “Sounds curious.”

April “Yeah, that’s one word for it.”

Dex [after April glances at Ruby, who - at one of the other tables - is laughing as she contnues to talk to her b/f on the phone] “Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

April “I’m …….not so sure.”

Dex “Need I remind you that if we’re talking intriguing sitches, cos that’s what this sounds like, I got entranced and now Danica, Adrian & Charlotte call me dad. Well, they don’t ACTUALLY call me dad. They’re not quite old enough to be talking as yet, but they’re bound to get there real soon. Stop me anytime you want, cos I’m SURE I’m getting close to the babbling stage by now.”

April [kinda nervously, as she puts her left hand tenderly, but brielfy, on his right cheek] “Oh Dex, you’re SOOOO sweet.”

Dex [after thinking about what April has been saying] “Oh God !!!! You’re about to break up with me, aren’t you???”

April [shocked voice] “WHAT !!! NO !!!! NEVER !!!!!”

Dex “That’s a relief. Cos I REALLY like you, April.”

April “I’m …..worried you’re gonna want to break up with ME.”

Dex “OK. Did I miss a memo somewhere, cos I’m pretty sure I just told you how I feel.”

April [after a deep breath] “I’m just gonna spit it out. I REALLY kissed a girl. Ruby to be precise.”

Dex [taken aback, and saying the 1st thing that comes into his head] “And you liked it?”

April [surprised voice] “THAT’S your response???”

Dex [deadpan] “Well, I’m more an Adele man myself, but I’m not immune to the charms of Katy Perry.”

April [a bit annoyed] “Dex, I’m trying to be serious here.”

Dex “So was I, kinda. I mean, my response mighta SOUNDED like a song lyric, but look at who you live with [they both glance over at Cleo & Bella in the distance, who are kissing] AND your big sis is like those two now…….and ……… “ [his voice trails off]

April “And ???”

Dex “It’s kinda ironic. [April has a kinda clueless look on her face] There’s more than a few people out there who think I’M the gay one out of the two of us. [April smiles] So, the kiss …… what was it like?”

April [a bit flustered] “I don’t know. Kinda weird. It’s not EVERYDAY you kiss your bestie that way that I did Rubes. [sullenly] Bet you want to break up with me, huh?”


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MANY thanks for the FANTASTIC comments !!!!

CHAPTER 16 !!!!!!!

Dex “That’s the LAST thing on my mind, especially since you kissed RUBES. [April looks at him curiously] I think I’d think differently if it were a GUY, like Xave that you kissed, cos you & he have got history ……but this just seems so ……random that you kissed her, and it’s most ironic too.”

April [as she struggles to get her round what’s going on] “Ironic how?”

Dex “If Joey & Charlie’s ‘ship didn’t go “south”, I’d most likely be sleeping in the bed that you are in Ruby’s room now.”

April [after shaking her head slightly, upon releasing that that is true] “So, where to next for us?”

Dex “I like us, April.”

April “But ……. our sitch is soooooooooooooooo weird.”

Dex “But the two of us, we’re the masters of what’s not exactly common in the Bay. It’s what I like about us, we go together sooo well [he realises something] What did you exactly mean when you said that …that our sitch is REALLY weird.”

April “Me, you, your kids, the mother of your kids, the fact that you’re off searching the country for them.”

Dex “But, as much as I ADORE you, I’m trying as much as I can to keep things the way they were before Joey bailed form the Bay with my kids [April raises an eyebrow at him] Trying not to make this sound too clinical, but ever since we Angels “hit the road”, I’ve been in contact with you just as much as I have been since my bubs were born. I mean, it’s been more via phone calls & texts, but …… I just NEED to find them. Having Adrian, Charlotte & Danica away from me, it just seems like there’s part of me missing …… even if it is the under a mermaid’s spell part of me.”

April “I KNOW they mean a lot to you, but I just wish you weren’t away from home as much as you are. I REALLY miss you, and I know that we got together even after I knew that Joey was preggy with your kids, but [deep breath] what if, IF we’ve not found your kids this week, that I join the Angels …..and, if you didn’t already guess, I mean a Ruby-like Angel, not like Cleo & Bella over there. So, what do you say?”

Dex [after thinking about it for a bit] “Given that I thought you were going to break up with me, I’d say …….this is sounding rather GREAT and surprising and GREAT ….and, just what was THAT kiss like?”

April [after at first being taken aback] “I can show you.”

Dex “A demonstration with the bonus of it being a kiss. Sounds great to me.”

April quickly thinks back to that fateful night a few days ago, and softly kisses Dex on the lips. As soon as the brief lip lock is over …..

April [a bit flustered] “All I can say is that Ruby was mostly asleep, so I didn’t want to UBER startle her…….and even if she was wide awake, I don’t think I’d have gone in much harder that I just did.”

Dex “April?”

April [expectantly] “Yes.”

Dex “How about we make a pact? [formal voice, after April looks at him curiously] I, Dexter Walker, promise you, April Scott, to NEVER be entranced by a mermaid EVER again.”

April [quite official voice, after a wry smile] “And I, April Scott, promise you, Dexter Walker, NEVER to kiss anyone but YOU in a sexy way EVER again.”

Dex & April seal their new agreement with a soft to start with, but by the end, vigorous kiss ……..both hoping that, down the track, they seal their wedding with a similar kiss !!! April & Dex then chat for a bit, kissing occasionally before ....

Ruby [calls out] “OK, guys. Let’s head off. I’m itching to get on the road again.”

Ruby, Bella, Cleo, Dex & April all head for Ruby’s car, with Dex & April arm in arm …..

Bella [as they all get in the car] “That looks encouraging.”

April [as Ruby starts up the car and heads out of the park, and after she & Dex - sitting beside each other in the back seat - softly kiss] “It does indeed.”


That night, Gypsy is at her vet clinic. Like yesterday, it’s about an hour after closing time and she’s waiting for Heath. Many things are running through her mind, especially what will she do if Heath isn’t keen to reveal when the River Boys are planning to “hit” the diner. Gypsy knows she’s a fast talker AND that she wants these constant attacks by Brax & his mob to end.

Gypsy also thinks about how attracted she is to Heath. Gyps knows that sleeping with him was NEVER part of Charlie’s game plan for this undercover assignment – doing so was ALL Gypsy’s call, as there’s just certain things about him ...... that he’s a single parent like Gyps is at the moment; that he’s quite the bad boy and, let’s face it, Heath is pretty HOT. Gypsy knows she’s playing with fire, dealing with the Dark Side and all, but is sure she's strong enough NOT to totally succumb.

Gypsy is sitting at the reception desk, expecting Heath to arrive at any minute - she unlocked the front door [where he always enters] not long ago - when she hears a noise from towards the back of the surgery. Surely it’s not Heath. Not his style .....as he’s never pulled this kinda stunt before. Maybe he thought he was being followed, or has been seen. Gypsy cautiously heads towards the back of the building. She realises that it would be ironic if someone has broken in and is trying to rob this place, given what she’s planning to do with the River Boys. Gypsy hears another noise, something being bumped to the ground, again towards the back of the building .........

Gypsy [calls out with a confident voice, despite her worries] “Heath, if that’s you, this ISN’T funny.”

Gypsy listens intently for other noises, footsteps even. She also is quite pleased that she took self defence classes quite a few years ago, so she knows how to defend herself. The bloodnut wonders though if she should back up those skills by having a weapon of some kind in her hand – an empty syringe maybe. There’s no point calling the police, given that she’s here to consort with a criminal. Maybe a call to Charlie at home is a good idea, or even Rikki given her recent victorious encounter with the Braxton’s ........

Gypsy [calls out] “If you don’t show yourself, I’m calling the cops.”

She’s now made her way down most of the corridor that goes to the main treatment area at the back of the surgery, past her own office and that of a colleague. Gypsy hears another noise, like the squeak of a shoe as someone walks. She halts where she is, 90% of the way down the corridor. Because it’s after hours, there’s minimal lightning in the building beyond the reception area, so when Gypsy sees what looks like a man enter the corridor in front of her, she decides to attack first. She’s not sure if it’s Heath, and even if it is, he deserves it for trying to scare her this way. Gypsy aims for the intruder’s groin with a RAZOR sharp kick. She’s TOTALLY on target !!!!!!!................

Brax [as he all but falls over, bracing himself against the wall to stop himself from doing so] “ **** !!!!!!”

Gypsy [surprised voice] “BRAX !!!! Is that you???”

Brax [still in pain, and still partly braced up against the wall] “With behaviour like that, eh ........ [he catches his breath once more] you certainly ACT like a River Girl.”

Gypsy [buoyed by his comments] “Like I was going to tell Heath tonight, I think I’m game enough to join you lot, IF ...... “

Brax [cutting in, sternly - whilst now standing totally upright, although his groin is still hurting] “If WHAT???”

Gypsy [still quite buoyant, but a tad wary] “If I get some ......forewarning before we “hit” the diner. Like, I’ve never even HELD a gun before.”

Brax “First of all, [brax BACKHANDS Gypsy across the face. It muchly hurts, so Gyps quickly puts her left hand her over her left check – which is sure to bruise] THAT’S for kicking me you know where. Now, let’s talk business – out in the reception area. No need to sneak around now that I’ve seen that you CAN hold you own.”

Gypsy “THAT’S why you came here tonight and not Heath? AND why you broke in???”

Brax “All I can say is, for a person who wants to join us, the security at this place of yours, it’s HOPELESS.”

Gypsy [slightly cheeky voice] “Maybe. [they both head for the well lit reception area, and as they do so, she thinks about how ALL of this is all a ploy to locate their secret base] So, you can see that I’d be quite an asset to you even without a gun, imagine the possibilities if I had one.”

What had happened here tonight has changed Brax’s view of Gypsy. Sure, there are countless River Girls at their hideout, but there’s just something about this redhead who he previously thought was just “hanging around” with Heath. MAYBE she’s the feistiest woman that’s been in his life since Tegan died at the hands of a rival gang ......

Brax “I’ve seen you with Heath, using your feminine wiles, and now I KNOW you’re good in hand to hand [combat]. Let’s see if we can get you licensed to kill .....in a week. Yeah, that will be perfect ........and IF you prove yourself when we rob the diner, you’ll OFFICIALLY be a River Girl.”

Gypsy [with a smile on her face, as she thinks that his latest comment means she’ll then be taken to the River Boys’ secret hideout] “Sounds good to me. After all, there are people in this town who STILL think I’m a bad girl after ALL these years. May as well LIVE UP to that rep.”

Brax “Nice doing business with you, Gyps. Heath or I should contact you in a day or two. Get you TOTALLY prepped. Later.”

Brax heads for the back of the surgery, with Gypsy following him – turning the lights on as she goes this time. After Brax exits via the back door [where he broke in], Gypsy totally UBER locks it behind him. She then thinks once more bout she’s getting herself into. As Gypsy heads for the front of the surgery, and locks the front door behind her, she realises that maybe she’s watched a “little” too much “Underbelly”, cos the extremely fanciful thought of being a modern day Tilly Devine is kinda attractive.


Also that night, at the “Hunter House”, Emma gets a phone call from her younger brother Elliott on the Gold Coast. He’s on a horse riding camp for school, and very excitedly tells her ALL about it so far. It’s been a while since Emma’s been on a horse, and her bro’s call makes her really think that a ride on a stallion in the snow would be coooooool.


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MANY thanks for the GREAT comments !!!!

CHAPTER 17 !!!!!!!

Emma, on the couch in the main room, has a grin on her face bout the whole horse riding thing when Rikki enters the room .......

Rikki “What’s that smile about? [cheeky voice] Aside from the fact that your beloved wife just came into view.”

Emma [after a bit of a chuckle] “Just got off the phone with Elliot.”

Rikki “So, what’s the male mini-you up to?”

Emma “He’s given me a GREAT idea. I’ve not been on a horse for AGES.”

Rikki [grinning] “Yeah, the only thing you’ve ridden lately is ......ME.”

Emma [a little sternly] “RIKKI !!!”

Rikki “Come on. You gotta admit, THAT was funny.”

Emma [after she smirks] “Maybe. [short pause] Now, I should head next door. See if Xave’s home.”

Rikki “You’ve lost me. What’s Xave got to do with horses? He’s a BEACH babe like us.”

Emma “Yeah, but remember when Rubes told us how he surprised his then g/f Kelly by taking her horse riding, so she’d feel kinda at home? [Rikki has a dumbstruck look on her face] What?”

Rikki “How many EONS ago was that??? Em, you have the MOST amazing memory.”

Emma “Well, ALL that study at school honed my brain.”

Rikki [kinda lustful voice] “LOOOOOOVE that BIG brain of yours.”

Emma “THIS is why we work so well. I’ve got.......”

Rikki [cutting in] ”If you’re just about to say that you’ve got the brains, and I’VE got the bod, [really cheerful voice] I’m not gonna argue with that ........but I might have a better idea than talking to Xave. [Emma looks at her curiously] Well, since you’ve not been on a horse in a while, I’m doubting that you’ll want to ride something that’s TOTALLY foreign to you.”

Emma [after a worrying thought enters her brain, after what Rikki just said] “If you’re suggesting that we should, in ANY way, shape or form, have [softly] sex [normal voice] in a PUBLIC place [mocking voice] I MAY want to divorce you.”

Rikki [slightly mocking voice] “Em, shame on you for thinking that I’d think something like that ...........[deadpan] BUT, actually, the idea DOES sound like fun. Yeah, you & me getting all hot & heavy in the snow, in a public place. [Rikki grins, and Emma realises the her wife IS kidding after all] So, do you want to hear my REAL idea?”

Emma “DEFINITELY, as you’ve got me REALLY curious.”

Rikki “I’ll whisper it to you.”

Emma “Sounds intriguing. [Rikki whispers in her ear] That DOES sound like a good suggestion. Let’s head out and arrange it.”


2 days later, Gypsy enters the beach house. It’s around midday, and there’s no one home – Irene is at work and Gypsy’s kids, Lily & Shannon, are “hanging out” with VJ, Leah & Miles – so Gyps sends a text to Charlie, letting the policewoman that she is home. It’s a work day, but Gyps didn’t go today - having arranged a day off with her work colleagues. Instead of being at the vet clinic, she’s been with Heath & Brodie in a clearing on the outskirts of Mangrove River. The 2 River Boys were getting Gypsy familiar with the revolver that she is to be armed with when they “hit” the diner. Although Gypsy is a vet, she’s only dealt with domestic suburban animals, so she’s never had to “euthanize” a horse with a rifle and the like. Although some of her initial test shots at bottles & cans are more than slightly off target, the blood nut steadily “got her eye in” and soon enough hits ALL of the targets. Heath LOVES that his g/f now seems to well on her way to being as good with a revolver as she is in bed.

Charlie arrives and the 2 women chat on the couch about what’s going on with their plan to entrap the River Boys. Charlie & Gypsy are speaking to each other face to face as they didn’t want there to be ANY chance of the River Boys intercepting a phone call, or hacking into especially Gypsy’s computer to get their hands on email communication. Charlie continues to praise Gypsy for her actions – given how dangerous the sitch is, but Charlie is still VERY wary about putting a civilian in the line of fire like this .....

Charlie “Gyps, I know that you all but immediately agreed with my suggestion for you to infiltrate the River Boys, but, and I KNOW you’ve “skirted” this question in the past when I’ve asked you, WHY are you doing this?”

Gypsy “I’d rather keep that to myself.”

Charlie “But, you’re potentially putting your LIFE on the line.”

Gypsy [realising that Charlie will ALWAYS keep asking her this question] “Well, as much as I ....... Charlie, do you REALLY need to know this? [Charlie has a look of admiration on her face, so Gypsy takes a deep breath] OK, as much as I SAY that people’s opinions of me don’t matter, there’s more than a few of the good people of Summer Bay who STILL turn their noses down at me. Yep, I know I WAS a wild child, but although SOME of that remains, I wouldn’t mind certain sections of the community to look at me in a new light, cos I'm SERIOUSLY doing my bit to eliminate the SCROUGE that is the River Boys. [relieved voice, after a short pause] There, I said it.”

Charlie [after she puts her arm round the back of Gypsy’s neck, giving her a bit of a hug] “Yep, you certainly did. I know I’ve said it a MILLION times, but THANK YOU once more for doing this.”

Charlie, safe in the knowledge that Gypsy will be armed in a few days time when Brax & his mob rob the diner, heads back to work. Time for the next part of her plan – having another operative in the diner when the River Boys attack. She’s already risking the life of one civilian, and isn’t keen on doing so to another. There’s no way that the likes of Watson or Avery can be there, even not in uniform, as Brax, Heath and that lot know who ALL the local officers are. Charlie thinks about Penn Graham, the troublemaker in town before the River Boys, which gives her a GREAT idea. Charlie picks up the phone and calls the city police .....

Charlie [to the receptionist] “Hello, I’m SGT Buckton from Yabby Creek station. I’d like to speak to Detective Graves.”


Also that day, a horse GALLOPS through the snow on a track in bushland. Emma is riding the steed bareback and Rikki also aboard with her hands round her wife’s waist. Emma initially took things fairly easily as she rode, but now she’s used to both the conditions AND the horse she’s on ........

Rikki “Hey Em, how bout we go off the track, and ride tween the trees?”

Emma “I’ll have to slow down if I do that. I’m not one to try something suicidal.”

Rikki “Neither am I, most of the time. It just seems like more fun. Yeah, and another change of scenery after we rode on the beach earlier. God, I’m soooooooo loving this. The gorgeous snow hitting my face, especially since we’re travelling at quite a pace right now.”

Emma “Yeah, it IS pretty ace, but ...... “

Rikki [cutting in] “Yeah, I bet the everything-MUST-be-logical side of you is HATING this.”

Emma “You know me too well. OK, let’s head tween the trees.”

Emma pulls on the reins of the mostly brown steed that she & Rikki are aboard, and the horse drops to all but a standstill before Emma turns to the right and heads in tween 2 trees that are beside the track. Because there’s a thick layer of snow on the ground, Emma is very cautious about riding at anything more than walking pace, in case there’s things like burrows of animals that the horse could step into and potentially fall. There are also the low tree branches to avoid.

After a while of travelling through the bushland, having SOOOO much fun and no troubles at all, Emma brings the horse to holt in a spot at the edge of the bush that’s near the caravan park. Rikki & Emma dismount from the horse and they GLADLY can't see anyone around near the vans on the outskirts of the park, which is a good thing .....

Emma “Rikki, your idea was just the BEST.”

Rikki “I have my moments. So, given that no one is around, do you think we can risk it?, and ...... “

Emma [cutting in] “I know you don’t mean us “doing it” right here and now. [Rikki smirks, and Emma takes another look around, but no one appears to be in visual range] Yeah, I think we’re safe. Billy, you can change back now."

Rikki [after the horse neighs] "You know, it still kinda surprises me that he doesn't go all Mr. Ed on us."

Emma [after she smiles] "He's right though."

Rikki [suprised voice] "You speak horse?"

Emma "No, but remember that you've got his clothes in your backpack."

Rikki "Good point."

Rikki puts her backpack down right beside the horse, and the 2 mermaids turn around to face away from the steed .......who changes back into its human form, Ruby’s boyfriend Billy Pierce, and although Rikki & Emma THOUGHT no one was around, someone who DOESN’T know Billy’s secret sees him transform !!!!!!!


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MANY thanks for the AWESOME comments !!!!

WARNING - mention of a character not yet on UK screens

NOTE - Shannon = Shannon Reed, whilst little Shannon = Gypsy’s daughter Shannon Nash

CHAPTER 18 !!!!!!!

Shannon ALMOST can’t believe what she’s just seen. Actually, it’s more like she REALLY can’t believe it .... before her very eyes, a horse changed into a human ...or something that currently looks human. She sees the naked teenage male quickly put on some VERY warm clothes – after removing them from the backpack that one of the girls put near him. Shannon knows that this is a small town, but she isn’t sure if she’s encountered any of the trio she can see from kinda afar. Shannon is near the van she is staying in. She was out in the snow thinking about her next novel, considering various ideas to base her latest masterpiece on, but now, all she can think of is this mysterious boy and his 2 female companions.

The trio begin to walk in Shannon’s direction, so she quickly & quietly opens the door to her own van and enters. She peers out the window, watching the trio who have now stopped walking once more and are chatting amongst themselves. Shannon decides that she’ll speak to Alf bout the 2 girls & their mysterious male companion, after they decide to leave caravan park. Until then, she’ll watch them AND Shannon also takes a pic of the trio using her mobile. Thankfully, she gets a good shot of their faces, even with the heavy winter type gear they have on. She’s glad that the trio AREN’T aware of her presence, and when she looks at the pic, Shannon realizes that she KNOWS the boy .....or has seen him around at least. The blood nut also thinks that whilst otherworldly stuff sooooooooo isn’t what she writes about, secrets – and how they affect people – is a common theme in her novels.


Meanwhile at the diner, Xavier is having a meal with John & Gina. They note that Xave is playing with his food, more than eating it. Gina & John are also aware that he’s been “down in the dumps” over the last few weeks........

Gina [concerned voice] “Xave ...... what’s the matter?”

John [after Xave doesn’t answer] “Come on. Whatever it is, you can tell us.”

Xavier “Can’t. You’re ........you’re part of the problem.”

Gina [taken aback] “US !!!! What have WE got to do with this?”

Xavier [annoyed voice] “Do I REALLY need to tell you?”

John “Well mate, you’ve been like a bear with a sore head lately, so yeah, ‘fessing up would help.”

Xavier [as he glances over to another table, and sees VJ & Lily softly kiss] “Oh God !!!! That’s the LAST thing I needed.”

Gina “What, Xave?”

Xave “Look over there. [he nods his head in the direction of the table where Lily, VJ, little Shannon, Leah & Miles are, and John & Gina see VJ & Lils holding hands and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes] Even little VJ’s getting more action than me !!! .....and then there’s you two, and Leah & Miles, and Dex & April, and Romeo & Indi, and Rubes & Billy, and Charlie & Bianca, and Rikki &....... “

Gina [cutting in] “We get the point.”

Xavier [stressed voice] “WHY is it that EVERYONE’s got someone but ME ??? Hell, even the “Virgin Slayer” didn’t want ANYTHING to do with me !!!”

John “WHO ???”

Gina “Yes, Xave. Who ?” [as she shakes her head at the mere THOUGHT of a girl with that nickname]

Xavier “A gorgeous blonde called Dallas.”

John [after he thinks about the name, and has a bit of a chuckle] “That’s funny.”

Gina [sternly, as she also realises the connection] “No, it’s not John. I soooooo don’t wanting to even THINK about my son [soft voice] “doing” Dallas.”

Xavier “I’m gonna go and see Romeo. I KNOW he’s got Indi, but it’ll just be fun “hanging out” with someone my own age right now.”

John [as Xave gets up and heads out of the diner] “Looks like we’ve been dumped for someone younger.”


Rikki, Emma & Billy have finally bailed from the caravan park, so, a few minutes later, Shannon exits her van. She heads for the main house, hoping that Alf - or maybe even Miles - are home. She’s STILL dumbstruck bout what she saw when she knocks on the door [the entrance closest to the dining table].......

Shannon [calls out] “Is anyone home?”

Alf [in the kitchen] “Is that you, Shannon?”

Shannon [calls out] “Sure is, Mr. Stewart.”

Alf [as he gets into Shannon’s view] “Come on in. [shannon enters the house, and Alf notices the dumbstruck look on her face] You look like you’ve seen a ghost !!!! ......or have you had some “fun” with sharks today?”

Shannon rolls her eyes – as she can’t believe that, after all these years, Alf hasn’t forgotten when he jokingly called out “SHARK!!!”in the mid 90s when Shannon decided to go into the water [despite the perceived risk of a shark being around]. She also recalls that she BOLTED out of the water, because of what Alf called out !!!!

Alf “Anyway, love, what can I do for you?”

Shannon [after a deep breath] “I’ve just ..............” [her voice trails off]

Alf [concerned voice] “What is it?”

Shannon “I saw something REALLY weird at the edge of the caravan park. I guess I’m STILL in shock after what I saw, or think I saw, or whatever.”

Alf “What do you mean?”

Shannon [with Xavier, unbeknownst to her & Alf, having just arrived – he’s just outside the door closest to them] “Well ........ I don’t know how to say this, but I saw Billy ......he was a HORSE and then he turned into Billy. There were 2 girls with him, but I don’t recognise them. Here’s a photo I took of them. ”

Alf [who – upon seeing the pic on Shannon’s mobile - can’t believe that Billy, along with Emma & Rikki, could be this careless] “I ........ you must be mistaken. Horses don’t just turn into people.”

Shannon [with Xave still outside, listening to every word] “Mr. Stewart, I KNOW what I saw. Now, although I’m MUCH more into being an author these days, I remember when I used to be all journalist when I lived here in the Bay, so I WILL find out what’s going on.”

Alf “Tread carefully, Shannon. That’s all I’ll say.”

Shannon “I will. You know me.”

Alf “THAT’S what I’m afraid of. Billy’s a good kid. So’s Ruby, his girlfriend. Well, they both are MOST of the time.”

Shannon “Hey, I KNOW secrets can destroy lives AND that there’s VERY good reasons sometimes to keep things to yourself. I just want to know what going on ........... Do you have Billy’s number, or should I just wait til he gets home?”

Alf “Might calm you down, AND let you to REALLY think about this, if you wait til he gets back here. You said you saw them here at the caravan park? [shannon nods] I still suggest you wait here til he returns.”

Shannon “I can do that. I came back to this town for the weird weather and NOW, there’s MORE weird stuff going on.”

Alf “Well, I’ve got things to do round this place, but you can certainly still “hang” here if you want. I’m the only one home here right now, btw. [shannon nods in acknowledgement, and Alf heads upstairs – saying VERY softly to himself as he goes] Let’s HOPE she doesn’t find about the mermaids.”

All the while, Xavier is still just outside the house, trying to take in what he’s just heard. Billy is NOT as he seems, which gives Xave an idea ......

Xavier [to himself] “Maybe THIS is the answer. I like Ruby, and we’ve been kinda good when we’ve been together. My lonely days MIGHT be over. THIS is the key to having a girlfriend again. Yeah, I’ve GOT to find out EVERYTHING about Billy ...... and use it against him so I can get back together with Rubes.”


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MANY thanks for the ACE comments !!!!

CHAPTER 19 !!!!!!!

It’s late-ish in the afternoon and Ruby pulls her car to a halt at a rest stop by the side of the road – as the quest to find Joey and the triplets continues. Ruby soooo doesn't want to risk a crash by driving whilst fatigued, so all 5 searchers take the opportunity to stretch their legs and the like. Ruby likes it when she sees Cleo heads off to check out the surrounding flora & fauna, hand in hand with Bella, but Rubes is keen for one more thing to happen ......

Ruby “Dex, do you mind giving me & April some space?”

Dex [mostly deadpan] “As long as you don’t kiss each other, I can do that.”

Ruby “You’re hilarious, Dex, you know that.”

Dex “OK. I think i’ll imagine myself playing with my kids in this park. I have the BEST imagination.”

Ruby [as Dex heads for the nearby swing set] “Thanks, Dex.”

April [as she sits beside Ruby at one of the picnic like tables] “So, what do you want to talk to me about that you don’t want Dex to hear?”

Ruby “it’s not that I don’t want him to hear. I just want some one on one time with one of my besties. How ......how did you cope?, being in the Bay whilst Dex was off gallivanting with us and all?”

April “Well ......[she realises why Ruby is asking her] you’re missing Billy, aren’t you?”

Ruby “Jeez, am I THAT obvious?”

April “I know the signs ...with the way I was when Dex was away. You’re .....you’re not gonna kiss me, are you? Cos we’d be REALLY weird. I mean I don’t think same sex is weird, it’s just that my sister and your mum are sleeping together ...... I think i’ll stop rambling now.”

Ruby “April, I love you – but NOT in a girl on girl way. I belong to Billy. I miss doing everything that we do together.”

April “I take it you two haven’t taken the final BIG step?”

Ruby “Nope, and cos I’ve been in this ‘ship for a while, I almost feel like a virgin again, and yes, I said almost. It’s gonna be soooooo ACE when Billy and I decide to start a family ADN I really hope that one of our kids is kinda like Adrian ..... the whole dormant genes thing. So yeah, advice ??? How did you survive?”

April “I didn’t, remember. That’s why I’m with you guys. Now, let’s see what I can think of to help you with this sitch...............I know. Billy should come along with us. I know your car would be pushed for space but someone could sit on someone’s lap.“

Ruby “OR Billy could, just whist we’re in the car, be a cuddly toy. If it works for Nic & little Tessa, could for us to.”

April [smily voice] “I like the idea of sitting on Dex’s lap.”

Ruby “I REALLY like the thought of cuddly toy Billy sitting in MY lap. [worried voice, after she realises something] Hope he doesn’t get any ideas when I’m driving, being THAT small AND close to my you-know-where. BUT, having said that, [grinning] it would TOTALLY work when I’m NOT at the wheel.”

April [shocked voice] “Ruby Elizabeth Buckton !!!!!”

Ruby “Doubt Billy would actually go there, but a girl can dream. [pause] I’ll talk to Billy bout this when we get home in a few days. Right, we should head back on the road. I feel rested again, even after this short break. I guess getting things off my chest WAAAY helped. Thanks, April, for just being there for me.”

April “No probs, Rubes. And yeah, the sooner we go, the sooner, hopefully, we END the Bay’s weird weather.”


Meanwhile, in the Bay, Billy arrives back at the van park house, along with Rikki & Emma. Xavier has gone home, btw. Billy & the girls go in via the back patio entrance and talk by the dining table.................

Billy “It’s getting quite late, do you two want to stay for dinner, and then head for home? I don’t know where Mr Stewart is, but, even in these conditions, he sometimes goes fishing and catches dinner for us.”

Rikki “Fish does sound nice, if it’s on the menu. Don’t you agree, Em?”

Billy [after Emma smirks] “i’ll take that as a yes, given how totally you girls are into all things scaly.”

Rikki [going with Billy’s comment] “Yep. Em & I take a fishing rod with us EVERYWHERE, except today of course.”

Emma [after she smiles] “Billy, do you know if anyone else is home?”

Billy “No. This place is a bit of a free for all, but there’s bound to be someone somewhere here.”

Nicole [having just come downstairs] “Hey, guys.”

Rikki “Hey, Nic. How’s Tessa?”

Nicole “Sleeping finally. Took a while to get her settled today. Mind you, looks like someone else has “crashed” really easily here. [Nic sees the inquisitive look on Emma’s face especially] Shannon Reed, the former Baysider who’s staying in one of the vans, is now asleep on the couch. [Emki & Billy all look over to see the redhead fast asleep] She wants to speak to Billy, I think.”

Rikki “She’s a heavy sleeper, cos we were talking not exactly softly when we got in. Good that she doesn’t snore though.”

Billy “Shall we wake her? See what she wants?”

Emma [concerned voice] “I don’t know about this. Why would an author want to speak to Billy?”

Nicole “She didn’t say. Yeah, she was on the couch when I got in with Tessa. She said something about wanting to talk to Billy and that Alf had let her in and asked her to watch over the place whilst he headed out for something.”

Rikki “Maybe our fresh fish dinner. [serious tone] If she's askin' bout Billy, it think we should wake her. Maybe she REALLY knows something about him.”

Billy [kinda worried voice, thinking of his secret propensity for female clothing] “Nothing to see here. I’m an open book.”

Nicole [mockingly] “Yeah, aside from your love of ‘Jazz’. “

Shannon stirs and she stretches her arms as she yawns ........

Shannon [sleepy voice] “That was a nice sleep. [quickly wakes up when she sees Billy & co] Hi ..... and extra good that you 2 girls are here too.”

Emma “Sounds intriguing.”

Rikki “More like worrying, I’d say.”

Billy [as Shannon sits up – she was lying on the couch] “Nic said that you were looking for me.”

Shannon [after she stands up] “Well ......sorry Nicole, do you mind if I talk to these three ......alone?”

Nicole [concerned voice] “Billy, are you gonna be OK?”

Billy “Should be, AND Em & Rikki are GREAT back up.”

Nicole “OK then. I’ll ..... head back upstairs, and adore seeing my cutie while she sleeps.”

Rikki [as Nic heads upstairs] “So, what's the deal, author girl?”

Shannon “It’s Billy. I was near my van earlier today, and I.........I saw something ........ [softly] weird.”

Emma “Weird?”

Shannon “I saw you 2 girls dismount from a horse, and then ........” [her voice trails off]

Rikki “This is NOT good.”

Emma “Maybe it’s not so bad. [Rikki looks at her VERY inquisitively] Well, Shannon’s the foster sister of Miles’ twin Sally ..... so she’s kinda THIS house family.”

Rikki “I’m dubious on this. ANOTHER person knowing.”

Billy “Sounds like she knows a fair bit. If we tell her, she’ll hopefully be like everyone else – and KEEP the secret.”

Emma “Billy, ultimately it’s YOUR call.”

Shannon “I just wanna know what’s going on. The thing I saw ........when you changed. THAT’S seared into my brain FOREVER.”

Billy “OK, but HOPEFULLY you won’t tell.”

Shannon “I’ve been known to occasionally keep my mouth shut.”

Billy, with additional comments from Emma & Rikki, tells Shannon EVERYHTING bout himself [well, the Liagiba stuuf anyway].........

Shannon “Gosh !!!! You came THAT far, for love. How romantic ......AND it’s MORE than enough reason for me NOT to tell your secret, but ........."

Rikki [cutting in] “There HAD to be a but.”

Shannon “Billy, mind if I dedicate my next novel to you & Ruby. Your struggles dealing with this culture clash. Yeah, that sounds like an ACE place to start my next book. I don’t do science fiction, but, yeah, a clash of ideals, religions, I can soooooooo do that.”

Billy “As long as you keep the secret, it can happen.”

Shannon “That’s GREAT ......but ......”

Rikki [cutting in] “There she goes AGAIN. [grinning] Only advantage is, when, well, anyone says that, I think of my Em’s SPANKANLE backside.”

Emma [after she smiles] “You were saying, Shannon?”

Shannon “Surprised someone didn’t “blab” to me bout this.”

Emma “Thankfully, the people of this town CAN keep secrets when they want to.”

Shannon “Good to hear, for Billy’s sake.”

Alf & Miles arrive – the former with a bucket in hand – which Emma picks up on ......

Emma “Billy, could you invite Rikki & I for dinner?”

Billy “Do you mind, Mr Stewart?”

Alf “I caught plenty of fish today – so there's PLENTY to go round. Shannon, if you want to stay for dinner too. Tthere’s plenty.”

Shannon “A nice fish dinner AND the truth about Billy in one day. Sounds good to me.”

Rikki [after she see the worried looks on Alf & Miles' faces] “Don’t worry, Mr Stewart. Author girl assures us she WON’T tell a soul.”

Alf “I’ll hold you to that, Shannon. Billy, he’s part of the family now. Just like you were with Pippa, except you were officailly her foster kid.”

Shannon “Sounds good to me.”


2 days later, Billy is at the “Hunter House”. Bianca is the only one who lives in this house who is here at the moment, whilst Billy is here to wait for Ruby - who will be returning from her latest week away any minute now. There’s a knock on the door and Bianca gets up to answer it. Seems strange that Ruby & co would be knocking on the door through .....

Bianca [upon opening the front door] “Xave, wasn’t expecting you here.”

Xavier “Could I talk to Billy in private?”


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MANY thanks for the TOTALLY GREAT comments !!!!

CHAPTER 20 !!!!!!!

Billy “Whatever you want to say to me, you can say in front of Bianca. She’s like my mum here.”

Bianca “Oi. Way to make a girl feel OLD there, Billy.”

Billy “I meant big sister. Like you actually are to April.”

Bianca “Nice try to backtrack, but you’ll still owe me one. Are you sure you can deal with Xave alone? This is sounding .......intriguing.”

Billy “I think I can, not-even-CLOSE-to-being-old-enough-to-be-my-Mum.”

Bianca “You learn quick. OK, I’m goanna head to the bedroom. Think i’ll sext my Charlie Brown. Should cheer her up whilst she’s at work trying to figure out how to “nail” those River Boys. Later, you two.”

Billy [cautiously, as Bianca head for her & Charlie’s bedroom] “What’s this all about?”

Xavier [nervously, as he starts to wonder if this is a good idea after all] “I ............[confidently, as his hunger for a girlfriend overtakes all else] I know what you are, AND I’m prepare to tell people IF you don’t stand aside and let me be with Ruby.”

Billy is SHOCKED at what Xave has just said. How does he know, for starters? No one who’s known his secret for ages has ever “blabbed”. Billy’s had a number of chats with Shannon, especially since she found out what Billy is. The shape shifter is aware VERY aware of the scientists in town, and what they might do to Billy if the truth comes up. On top of ALL of that, he thinks of how DIFFRENT things are here in Earth. NO way would another male on Drahnrae try to break up an established couple like Xave is now.

Xavier “So, space boy, what do you say?”

Billy “I ....... [billy shakes his head] I can’t believe that this is happening. Ruby & I, we BELONG together. I’ve ....... [billy stops himself form saying anything about actually where he comes from] Why ???? That’s all I ask?”

Xavier “I’m doing this for Ruby. IF it ever gets out about WHAT you are, she’s gonna be pursued by journo’s from ALL over the world ..... the girl who fell in love with an ALIEN. You don’t want that, do you Billy?”

Billy “No, but Angels’ secret has survived for MUCH longer than mine has.”

Xavier “Which is another reason you should move on. I mean, you don’t want to risk their lives, do you? After all, at least THEY were once totally human. Actually, yeah, that’s a god bargaining chip – as when you go, there’s nothing I’ve got to REALLY keep you away.”

Billy [trying to keep his emotions under control] “This is ......... SOOOOO unfair. Ruby & I, you know we BELONG together. Think of HER as you plan ALL of this, not me.”

Xavier [stern voice] “I AM thinking of her.”

Billy [partially raised voice] “AND yourself.”

Xavier “Just do the RIGHT thing, and NO ONE gets DISSECTED.”

That last comment REALLY “hits” Billy. He was here in the Bay when Roo was making threats against his good friends Emma & Rikki AND has heard the stories of the mermaids’ encounter with “Dr Baywatch Babe.”

Xavier “Oh, one more thing. Ruby, or ANYONE, can’t know we had this little chat. You’ve got 24 hours. No need to try to convince Rubes to be with me when you’re gone, I can take care of that.”

Xavier then heads back to his home.


Not long after, Ruby & the rest of Charlie’s Angels arrive home. By this time, Emma & Rikki have returned to the house and they, along with Bianca & Billy, are VERY pleased to see their friends once more. Ruby softly kisses Billy for starters, but when Rubes turns it into a PASH, Billy seriously thinks about breaking away for the kiss. He is wracked by what Xave has said, but also doesn’t want to hurt Ruby just yet. Billy thinks, just one more kiss. Ruby is very keen to be with Billy, having spent a week away from him with, of course, the 2 couples she was travelling with showing their affections to each other quite often.

Emma & Rikki and Bella & Cleo head for the annexe, both couples hand in hand with Rikki especially having a VERY real air of sexiness about her. Ruby knows that, right now, full on sex is “off the table” with Billy, but she IS keen for her & her b/f to MUCHLY touch each other .........

Ruby “April, do you mind Billy & I being alone in our room? That goes for you to, Bianca, as in asking if I can? Mum’s ........well, it all depends what kinda mood she’s in when I ask.”

Bianca [with more than a hint of irony, given how vocal she can be in bed] “Just don’t let the whole house hear the two of you.”

Dex “AND I was hoping that April could come with me to the farm, so he can “hang out” whilst I catch up with my family before head out on the road again.”

Bianca “Sounds good to me, but make sure that I don’t get a phone call from Sid or Marilyn bout your behaviour.”

April “Definitely not. Rubes, can we borrow your car?”

Ruby “Sure. Here’s the keys. [she hands them to April, who then heads for the door with Dex] Have fun, you two.”

Ruby & Billy head for her bedroom, with Bianca thinking of how she’d like to be doing the same thing with Charlie who is still at work. Not too long to she comes home though. As soon as they get in Ruby’s room, she & Billy strips down to their underwear, and Rubes ISN’T surprised that Billy has frilly girly briefs on. It’s just ANOTHER thing that makes Billy unique, and literally like NO OTHER male on Earth. The duo sit on Ruby’s bed and kiss softly, whilst Ruby puts her right hand on Billy’s left thigh ........but as she moves her hand steadily up his thigh ..........

Billy [kinda sternly, as he puts his hand on hers] “Don’t.”

Ruby [taken aback] “But I thought this was ........in bounds.”

Billy knows that he IS keen to be with Ruby, well as far as these two usually go, but he sooooooo doesn’t want anything to happen to Ruby or Emma or Rikki or the other mermaids. Not even Joey, despite the trouble she is causing the Bay right now ...........

Billy “Rubes ......... I ......... don’t know how to say this .......... “ [his voice trails off]

Ruby [holding his hands tenderly] “You can tell me ANYTHING.”

Billy [trying to keep hold of his emotions] “Ruby, I REALLY like you ...... but ......... “

Ruby [starting to worry about how this is sounding, especially since she KNOWS that Shannon knows Billy’s secret] “Whatever it is ......[trying to convince herself, if no one else] it can’t be that bad.”

Billy [after softy kissing Ruby] “Rubes ....... [deep breath] not long before you arrived back here ......I have to go home. My parents .......they need me there.”

Ruby [first thing that comes onto her head] “It’s not another diabetes type problem, is it?”

Billy “Thankfully, no ........and I REALLY wish I didn’t have to.”

Ruby [trying ANYTHING to keep “hold” of her man] “Can’t they, like, clone you .....like they did me & my friends?”

Billy “I wish they could.”

Ruby “If it’s cos you can “Jazz”, and that’s complicated, remember that the “Angels” are kinda like you like that.”

Billy “I’m sorry ...... it just ....... has to be this way.”

With that, Billy gets up off the bed and Ruby follows his lead. Billy takes his wallet out of his pocket, and removes from it his ID card .......

Billy “Well, this is the way I get home.”

Ruby [taken aback] “Wait !!! What??? You’re not gonna say goodbye to anyone else? [as she begins to tear up] I’m soooooooo gonna miss you.”

Billy [trying his best to hold himself together, as he thinks of what could happen to Ruby if his secret becomes public, like, worldwide knowledge] “This ........ I can barely make it through saying goodbye to you, Rubes. Don’t think I could make it through having to say goodbye to everyone else.”

Ruby [trying to hold onto ANY glimmer of hope] “Is there ANY chance that you’ll come back to me?”

Billy “I ....... I don’t THINK so.”

Ruby [holding back tears, but liking undefined that answer is] “I’ll hold onto that ..... knowing that you didn’t say ‘never’. “

Billy “Ruby, I ........ I have to go.”

Ruby [on the verge of bawling her eyes out] “You and me then, one last kiss ...... til we see each other again.”

Ruby softly kisses Billy, before they start to PASH. Billy, whilst the INTENSE game of tonsil hockey continues, seriously thinks about sleeping with Ruby ..... Just to know what it’s like to TRULY be with the person he loves more than ANYONE else in the universe. Ruby isn’t helping matters, trying to make THIS last kiss the BEYOND most memorable moment of her life. She can tell though that Billy IS still being Billy though, so after groping his backside, she steadily calms herself down. Ruby goes back to “only” pashing him, before ........ after quite a while kissing ...... the two end their lip lock.

Billy [all but in tears] “Rubes, I’ll NEVER forget you. [he softly kisses her on the cheek] You can have all my ........everything here. Even the underwear isn’t exactly ....... the way we do things back home, but i’ll sooooooo keep these girly briefs I’ve got on as a memento.”

Ruby [teary eyed] “You can have a pair of mine too. Another thing to remember me by. [trying to lighten the teary, “heavy” mood] Not that you’ll need it, cos I’m BEYOND unforgettable.”

Billy “That you soooooooooooo are. [deep breath] I better be going now.“

Ruby “Wait !!!! Before you go, 1 last photo.”

Ruby quickly grabs her mobile and takes a pic of the cross universe couple lip locking once more, before Billy slowly breaks away from the kiss .........

Billy “Hope I see you again.”

Ruby “I’ll ..........[she muchly sobs] i’ll hold you to that. See you soon.”

Billy “Yep ......laters.”

Billy knows that he might not see Ruby again, but what he’s just said sounds less painful/less finite than saying goodbye. He walks a step or two away from Ruby, and taps the ID card – the bit where his photo is – and, before her VERY eyes, Billy disappears!!!!!!!

Ruby REALLY really starts to bawl .... and does so for countless minutes, before she heads out into the main room where Bianca is on the couch – waiting up for Charlie. Ruby slumps down on the couch beside Bianca, who sees immediately that Ruby looks dumbstruck and has CLEARLY been crying..........

Bianca [tenderly] “What’s happened?”

Ruby [holding back tears] “It’s Billy. He’s GONE !!!!!!!”

Ruby bursts into tears once more, and all Bianca can do is hug her tightly. Bianca isn't sure what’s exactly just happened, but this sounds like waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than just that Billy has headed back to the caravan park house. Until Charlie gets home from work, Bianca is gonna do all she can to help her gal pal’s only child through this painful ordeal !!!!!


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