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Cold Summer

Guest JosieTash

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Story Title: Cold Summer

Type Of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Charlie/Bianca, Ruby, Joey, Dex, Gypsy, Rikki, Bella, Cleo, Emma, Billy and OCs

BTTB Rating: T/A

Genre: Mystery, Action, Romance, Fantasy

Does story incl spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Slash, V/D, SC.

Summary: Summer Bay is experiencing “slightly” unusual weather …. but all is not as it seems !!!!

This fic is a sequel to “Ruin” ….that story ended with Charlie filing for a divorce from Joey. Charlie wants a divorce as Joey became pregnant after a 1 night stand with Dex [which resulted in triplets named Charlotte, Danica & Adrian] AND because Charlie has “hooked up” with Bianca !!!

“Cold Summer” is the 4th in a series of fics that combine the characters from H&A and kids/teen series “h2o-just add water!”

"Another You, Another Me, Another Now” …….... http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38860

“Drahnrae” …….… http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41717

“Ruin” ………. http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41844

Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori, Rikki Chadwick and Bella Hartley



“This feels very ………Sunnydale. Don’t you think?” says an intrigued Ruby.

“I hadn’t thought about it THAT way, Rubes, but you’re right. It’s weird” replies Charlie.

“It feels soooooo Europe, and that makes me think of my mum and other ANNOYING people” says Bianca, before she softly kisses her g/f Charlie.

“Good that you didn’t say the NAME of the creep you almost married ….or a certain musician” remarks April.

The 4 women look out the front window of their house and see what’s become an ever present sight … it’s SNOWING !!!!......it’s been this way for at least a month now …. in the middle of summer and everything ……it’s ONLY Summer Bay that’s copping this kind of weather … well, of the towns along the east Australian coast anyway.

Ruby [sternly] “We’ve GOT to find Joey. She’s MUST be the one doing this !!!!”



Dex & Indi are at home cuddling Joey & Dex’s 3 month old daughters Danica & Adrian when Indi hears someone other than the babies crying ……….

Indi “Dex, do you hear what I hear?”

Dex “It IS getting close to Christmas, but no.”

Indi “I mean the crying. Sounds too ….. grown up to be baby Charlotte. It’s Joey. You should check it out. Could be that mail the courier delivered. [indi sees that Dex isn’t looking so keen to get moving] What is it? She’s the mother of your children and she sounds ….distressed.”

Dex “THAT’S what I mean, why I’m NOT moving. I “do” babies crying, not full grown people….…aside from April of course.”

Indi “You think your g/f’s just going to “rock up” here and catch you in a compromising position with Joey?”

Dex “NO, but ….. thanks for putting THAT vision in my head.”

Indi “OK, I’ll go talk to her, but you owe me BIG time for this.”

Indi gently puts little Danica into the cot before she heads into the main room of the farmhouse, where Joey is openly bawling now. Charlotte, who Joey is holding, has picked up on this and is crying too, but Joey’s too lost in her own pain to deal with her daughter’s cries. Indi is about to head back into the bedroom to get Dex, but he emerges from the room ……

Indi “Good. You can deal with Charlotte, while I sort out Joey.”

Indi & Dex approach Joey and Indi puts a comforting hand on Joey’s shoulder, which surprises the dark haired young mum. It also brings her back into the real world, so she can now hear Charlotte crying, so Joey begins to sooth her teary eyed child ……

Dex “I’ll take care of her, if you like.”

Hearing Dex’s voice brings good & bad thoughts going through Joey’s mind. Good that he can tend to Charlotte, given how much of a mess Joey’s life has just become …..but bad in that Joey’s full moon-struck “hook up” with Dex led to the birth of triplets AND Joey’s split from her beloved wife Charlie.

Joey hands the mostly soothed Charlotte to Dex, who rocks her gently as he heads back into the bedroom … so she be near her fellow triplets ……and whilst Dex does that, Indi sits beside Joey. These two have become quite good friends as they’ve been sharing Indi’s bedroom for around a year now. Indi is keen to find out what’s going on, but she’s a bit tentative as well. She doesn’t think it’s anything to do with post natal dispersion, as Joey hasn’t shown ANY signs of that at all ……

Indi [tenderly] “Joey, what’s up? [Joey continues to sob] Come on, you can tell me. We’re practically sisters now.”

Joey [tearfully, after she smirks a little at Indi’s comment] “My life is OVER !!!!!”

Indi “What do you mean?”

Joey [as she gestures to the paperwork in front of her on the table] “It’s all there.”

Indi [surprised voice, after she picks up the info on the table] “DIVORCE papers !!! No wonder you’re this way. This is WEIRD. Charlie’s been all nice to you lately.”

Joey [still kinda teary] “She has. THAT’S what I mean. SOOOOO out of the blue.”

Indi “What are you going to do?”

Joey starts really crying, which Dex hears in the bedroom. He exits the room with Charlotte still cradled in his arms. The baby picks up on her mum’s tears, and starts crying as well. Joey looks over to where Dex & Charlotte are, and she is very pleased to see that Dex is calming their daughter ….…

Joey [after easing her tears] “I’ll be with you soon, sweetie. [turns to look at Indi] What I’m going to do is …….[deep breath] sign those divorce papers. Like I’ve always said, I don’t deserve Charlie anymore.”

Joey gets a bit teary once more as she quickly signs the papers ….. before she goes over and gets Dex to gently hand Charlotte to her. Joey knows that she’s muchly hurting from what’s just happened, but she doesn’t want Charlotte to sense that, so she cradles her bub more tenderly than ever.



Charlie & Bianca are alone at Charlie’s house [the "Hunter house”]. It’s been a week since the new couple deliberately made their ‘ship public. Neither has encountered Joey since the announcement, and they don’t even know if Charlie’s ex knows about Chanca [Charlie/Bianca]. The lovers are side by side on the couch, soon after Bianca arrives, when ……

Charlie “I got word from Morag today. Joey signed the papers ….. so I’m officially free to see whoever I want now.”

Bianca [after Charlie softly kisses her] “Sounds like a GREAT plan to me.”

Charlie “Speaking of plans, I know we’ve looked at catalogues and online together for “toys”, but I’VE done all the purchasing, so ........are you keen to actually come and buy some with me?”

Bianca “At Sexy Tails?”

Charlie “Where else? After all, my housemates Em, Bella, Cleo & Rikki do OWN the place.”

Bianca “But so does ….. you know who.”

Charlie “Yeah, I know Joey does, but with having to raise her triplets AND signing those divorce papers so quickly, I think she’s “over” the idea of she & me getting back together.”

Bianca “At least we know what we’re both keen on getting, after looking at their website last night.”

Charlie “Want to head there now?”

Bianca “DEFINTELY ….and the best thing is, we know everyone who works there. Do you know who’s there right now?”

Charlie “No, but I’m pretty sure it’s Bella & Marilyn.”

Bianca ”Coooooool. Let’s head there then.”

Chanca eagerly head out of the house arm in arm. They get in Charlie’s car and quickly make their way to Yabby Creek. Charlie pulls the car to a halt in a car park near Sexy Tales, and she is about to get out of the car when she sees a kinda nervous look on Bianca’s face …..

Charlie [slightly tentatively] “What is it?”

Bianca “You’re about to part of another 1st time for me. I’ve never been INSIDE an adult shop before. I know that we’ve looked at this place’s website a “few” times, but to actually go in there is quite exciting.”

Charlie “DEFINITELY. I remember my first time ….. with you know who. A shop a few hours from here ….. before Em & the other “angels” came to town. [Charlie sees that Bianca is grinning] That looks encouraging ….. but what’s it all about?”

Bianca “You know how Ruby joked about Irene’s place being crowded these days … with Gypsy & Lilly there. Well, I think her suggestion is a GREAT one. April & I could move in with you guys. Me in your bedroom, and April can bunk in with Rubes ….. especially now that everyone in town knows about us.”

Charlie [VERY happily] “Oh WOW !!!! What a terrific idea!!!! I LOVE it!!! Rubes is gonna adore it too, and the “angels” are sure to as well. [Charlie MUSHLY kisses Bianca] Have you talked to April bout this? What did she say?”

Bianca “Haven’t talked to her about it, but she sounded pretty encouraged when I mentioned that Rubes has joked about it.”

Charlie “We’ll talk to everyone bout it when we get home. Might even drop a few hints to Bella whilst we’re in my FAVE shop.”

Bianca “Yeah, sounds like a GREAT idea. [pause] Well, let’s go and have my 1st Sexy Tales in store adventure.”

The 2 women get out of the car and briskly make their way hand in hand to the entrance of the store. Charlie opens the door and …..

Charlie “After you.”

Bianca smiles as she enters the adult shop, still hand in hand with Charlie – with her g/f line astern behind her as they go through the door way. Because of what Charlie said earlier, bout who was working here today, Chanca get a surprise when they see Indi behind the counter. Bianca or Charlie HAVEN’T encountered any of Joey’s new family since THAT day in the diner when Chanca officially announce their ‘ship to the world. Indi sees the lovers hand in hand. She knows about their ‘ship and is concerned ….as her “sister” is working with her today.

Charlie “Hi, Indi. I thought Bella & Marilyn would be here today.”

Indi “You’re close. They’re working tonight.”

Joey is in the back room, preparing an order they got via their website, when she hears Charlie’s voice. Even though she signed the divorce papers, Joey muchly cares about Charlie, so she peers out of the backroom door to catch a glimpse of her ex …… but she is SHOCKED to see Charlie hand in hand AND looking VERY pally with Bianca.

Joey [shocked voice] “Charlie!!!!!!!”


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Many thanks EVEYONE for your cooooooool comments !!!!!

Aden_Belle, your screen name is ironic ….. given who’s in at least the next chapter or two.


Charlie [surprised voice] “Joey, I …. I didn’t realise you’d be here. [Charlie thinks about what she should do with Bianca – hold her hand more tightly or let go, or do something like softly kissing her new g/f ……before she quickly decides to firm her grip on Bianca’s hand.] Joey, I’m together with Bianca now.”

Joey [who decides to act professionally, given that Chanca are customers in her shop] “Oh !!!! Can we help you with anything?”

Indi “Joey, I’ll take care of these two.”

Joey “No, I can handle it. Besides, looks like Charlie’s happy. [kinda sullenly] I had my chance, and I wrecked it.”

Bianca “Charlie & I know what we want. You’re website’s awesome, so we’ll just go and grab what we’re after.”

Joey can’t help herself. She eagerly watches Charlie & Bianca head for the lingerie section, then the “toys”. Indi can see that Joey isn’t truly dealing with this brave new world – Charlie with someone else. Indi does admire that it would take a trained eye to know what Joey is thinking/feeling, but that’s the advantage of Indi & Joey’s sister-like bond these days. Indi then sees Charlie & Bianca heading back towards the counter, with several items in hand ……

Indi [softly] “I’ll deal with these two.”

Joey [who knows that it will be too much to deal with – Charlie buying sexy things to enjoy with someone else] “Ok. I’ll be in the back room if you need me.”

Charlie [as she sees Joey disappear into the other room, before she looks at Bianca] “You said you’re keen to pay for these, aren’t you?”

Bianca [as she & Charlie place several items of clothing and the like on the counter] “Yep. This has been FUN. We’ve GOT to come here again soon.”

Indi quickly scans the items and Bianca hands over some cash. It’s been a pretty expensive trip, but both women are looking forward to getting back to Charlie’s and enjoying their purchases. Indi hands Bianca some change and Chanca bail from Sexy Tales just like they entered, hand in hand.

For the rest of their shift, Indi notices that Joey is very quiet - which isn’t the norm when these two work together ….. so when they in Indi’s car, having just finished their shift/handed over to Bella & Marilyn ……..

Indi “Talk to me, Joey.”

Joey “You don’t want to know what I’m thinking.”

Indi “Yeah, I do. Seeing you’re ex with another, especially here.”

Joey “That’s ….. part of it.”

Indi ”What do you mean?”

Joey [deep breath] “Ok, I’m just gonna come out and say what I’m thinking. I don’t think I can deal with seeing Charlie with someone else, so ………..” [her voice trails off]

Indi “As much as I think I know you, I don’t know what you’re thinking right now …..but you sound especially troubled.”

Joey “It’s about my babies and Dex.”

Indi “And?”

Joey “I don’t want to take him away from April. Those quirky two are just made for each other.”

Indi “So, you want to leave town.”

Joey ”Yeah. I know that I signed the divorce papers but Charlie & I have had such a chequered history. Before I saw her with Bianca, I still thought, somehow, we’d get back together.”

Indi “Dex loves those babies. In fact, parts of me can’t believe how much he does. You should talk to him. I bet he’ll want to go WHEREVER you do.”

Joey [a bit sullenly] “OK. I’ll talk to him about it. He could go to uni somewhere, or defer and get a job whilst I look after the triplets …. and April could even come with us.”

Indi “Dex is unique enough to fall on his feet. After all, the tourist campaigns for the Bay he’s been majorly involved with have bought lots people for holidays and the like.”

Joey “VERY true.”


Late that night, long after everyone has gone to bed at the farmhouse, Joey sneaks out of her bedroom with a suitcase in hand. She quietly goes outside and puts several things [the suitcase, a pram & other baby things] in Indi’s car. Joey goes back inside and gathers Charlotte, Adrian and Danica in her arms before she takes them to the car and puts them each in baby capsules in the back seat. She softly starts up the engine, and drives off into the night.


Next day, Indi wakes and sees that Joey is already up. Indi’s not surprised by that, as Joey’s bound to be tending to the triplets, or having breakfast or the like. Indi gets up and head into the main room where she sees Marilyn, who’s not looking so good ….

Indi “What’s up?”

Marilyn “It’s Joey. No one knows where she is. Dex & Sid are out looking for her.”

Indi “Tell me the triplets are here, or we know where they are. [Marilyn’s downtrodden look tells her everything] I guess she didn’t take my advice after all. [indi sees the curious look on Marilyn’s face] She talked about leaving town yesterday, but I told her to talk to Dex before she did anything. [indi sighs] I better call Dex & dad. Tell them what I know, which isn’t much.”


Elsewhere in town, Charlie, Ruby & Rikki arrive at the beach house and enter via the back door……

Gypsy [cheerfully, at the dining table] “Good morning all. I take it you’re here to whisk Bianca to her new LOVE nest”.

Ruby [as Lily rolls her eyes at her mum’s comment] “And April too …. minus the love nest bit.“

Bianca [as she and April enter the main room with suitcases and the like in hand] “I do like the sound of that [love nest]. I’m gonna miss your sassy comments Gyps, although ……..”

Gypsy [cutting in with a cheeky voice] “Rikki’s just as bad as me.”

Rikki “I’m not going to even TRY to deny it!!!”

Charlie “So, are you both set for the big move to my place?”

April “Shouldn’t make much difference to Bianca. She practically lives there these days AND it will be GREAT to be roomies with Rubes.”

Ruby “DEFINITELY. I haven’t had anyone in my room since Billy moved out to the caravan park house ages ago. If Billy wasn’t away for a few days with Alf & Roo & Miles, he’d be here helping too.”

April “Come on, we haven’t get THAT much stuff to move.”

Gypsy [after she grins] “Yeah, Bianca will only need a built in wardrobe or 2 all of her own put into your place.”

Irene [as Bianca smiles] “Well, I’m just sad to see you both go. I know you’re not far away, but it’s been great having you stay with me.”

Bianca “Irene, you’ve been the BEST. Throughout EVERYTHING I’ve dealt with since I got here.”

April “That goes DOUBLE for me.”

Irene “The pleasure is ALL mine. Now, come here both of you. Time for a BIG hug before you head off.”

Irene, Bianca & April hug …. and Gypsy, Lils, Ruby, Charlie AND Rikki join in ……. before they all help put Bianca & April’s things in Charlie’s car and a rented Ute and head for the Scott sisters’ new home.


A few hours away from the Bay, Joey stops her car and looks at the contacts list in her mobile. There’s not too many people in there that don’t live in the Bay, and any of those who do are sure to try to convince her to head back there ….or at least talk to Dex. Joey looks through the list again, and wonders if an old friend – who left the Bay a while ago – could help her. She hits a button and the phone starts ringing. The person at the end of the line picks up …….

Aden [surprised voice] “Hi, Joey. [slightly less surprised voice] Long time, no see. [pause] So, ………..” [his voice trails off as her wonders why, after such a long time, that Joey is ringing him]

Joey “Hi Aden, I …… I wonder if you can help me?”

Aden “What’s going on? And trying not to make you go all Colleen on me but what’s been happening in the Bay? Do you still live there?”

Joey “Yeah, I do. The big things for you to know is that [sullenly] Charlie & I broke up AND [VERY happily] I’ve got 3 kids …..[sullenly] and Charlie got together with Bianca.”

Aden “3 kids!!!! Your own?”

Joey “Yeah ……. Dex & I got together on the night of a VERY special full moon about a year ago.”

Aden “That explains a lot. I didn’t think you’d suddenly changed the way you think about people.”

Joey “No, still waaaaaaaaaaay into women, and it’s GREAT that my triplets are all girls. Yep, Charlotte, Danica & Adrian.”

Aden “Charlotte, eh. That’s ….. appropriate.”

Joey “Well, I do still have VERY very strong feelings for Charlie. [pause] Anyway, I’m a few hours north of the Bay. Where are you?”

Aden “I live near the Gold Coast.”

Joey “Good, I’m not THAT far from you. Only a few hours. I wonder if you can help me?”

Aden “With?”

Joey “I’d rather not talk about it on the phone. Can I come to your place and we can talk bout it?”

Aden “This is sounding too curious NOT to find out. I’ll text you my address.”

Joey “Sounds GREAT, and thanks for …… everything.”

Aden “No problems. See you in a few hours.”

Aden hangs up the phone and really starts to wonder what this is about, whilst Joey tends to Adrian who’s just started crying.


In the Bay, Bianca, April, Charlie, Ruby & Rikki have arrived at the “Hunter house” ………


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Many thanks for the GREAT comments !!!! ADORE reading them !!!!


Because Emma & Cleo are working at Sexy Tails today, Bella is the only person home to greet her old & new housemates when they get out of the 2 vehicles …….

Bella “Welcome, one and all. It’s sooooo great that we’ll have a full house again.”

Charlie “Definitely. Will be GREAT waking up each morning with Bianca beside me.”

Rikki “Speaking of which, if you two want to consummate your new living arrangements, the rest of us can do all the unpacking.”

Bella [in a very Emma-like tone] “RIKKI !!!”

Bianca [as Rikki grins] “I was thinking of doing that tonight, but Charlie, if you’re keen right now, I’m in.”

Charlie [smily voice] “Am I keen? Here’s my answer.”

Charlie PASHES Bianca, then takes her g/f’s hand in hers. Ruby and the others smile, as Charlie leads Bianca inside ….and into the bedroom ……whilst Bella, Ruby & Rikki help April bring both her own stuff AND Bianca’s inside. After putting Bianca’s things in the longue room for now, Rubes, Rikki & Bella help April unpack her things in her new room. Once they’ve finished, Rikki & Bella leave the room, as does Ruby for a minute or two [to make a call to her b/f Billy]. When she returns ……

Ruby “April, since we’re roomies now and practically step sisters, I want to tell you something that only a few people know. It’s about Billy.”

April “You DO remember that I know his secret? After all, he “Jazz’d” from being a teen to being a man who pretended to be Bianca’s b/f.”

Ruby “This is more intriguing than that. You see, you’re not the 1st person who’s slept in that bed recently who likes girls’ clothes. Indeed, it was cos of Billy that we had that swapsie day at school a few months back.”

April “Billy likes wearing girls clothes? [Ruby nods to the somewhat rhetorical question] It’s sooooo right that we are roomies, as we BOTH have b/f’s who aren’t exactly …… run of the mill.”

Ruby “That’s one way to describe them.”

April [whose phone rings] “How ironic, it’s Dex. [she answers the call] Hi, Rubes & I were just talking about you. [slightly perplexed voice, after his response] No, I’ve not seen her. I’ll ask Ruby. [turns to face Ruby] Have you see Joey today?”

Ruby “No. I’ve not seen her in a few days, but Charlie told me about her encounter with Joey last night.”

April “Dex, no luck here. What’s up? [REALLY surprised voice, after Dex’s response] WOW !!! That’s …… [turms to Ruby] Joey & the triplets are nowhere to be found …. and all of Joey’s things are gone. [Ruby looks surprised, whilst April concentrates on the phone call once more] Do you want to meet up somewhere? Think bout we should look for them? [encouraged voice, after Dex’s response] That’s a GOOD suggestion. I’ll get off the phone and talk to them bout it. Later, Dex. See you soon.”

Ruby [after Joey hangs up the phone] “That last bit sounded intriguing.”

April “Dex wonders if Bella & Rikki could quickly head up to the Gold Coast …… to wherever they AND Joey became ‘angels’. “

Ruby “If she & the triplets aren’t anywhere in the Bay, Dex’s idea IS a good one.”

April “Ok. Let’s go and talk the girls about this.”

Ruby & April exit their bedroom and find Bella & Rikki just chillin ’out on the couch. Both mermaids are intrigued bout the Joey sitch, and agree to quickly swim to the secret place where they got their tails & scales.


Elsewhere, Joey pulls up outside Aden’s house very late in the afternoon. He’s in the front yard, mowing the lawn. He stops doing so, and helps Joey take the triplets into his house. Joey sets up a little play pen area for Charlotte, Adrian and Danica, and after she & Aden put the bubs in there with some toys and the like …..

Aden “So Joey, what brings you this way?”

Joey “Are you working this weekend?”

Aden “No. I thankfully don’t work most weekends.”

Joey “Good, cos I need a favour. I know today is Thursday, but I would like you to look after the girls on Saturday night and most of Sunday. I’ve got to be somewhere, and they can’t come with me.”

Aden “Sounds intriguing. Any chance of telling me where?”

Joey “I REALLY can’t say, other than it’s a place VERY important to me.”

Aden [realizing what she is probably talking about] “OH !!! This place you’re going, it’s got something to do with your …… ‘Angelness’, hasn’t it?”

Joey [after she smirks] “You “might” be right.”

Aden “Well, I know NOTHING about kids. Are you sure you want to leave them with me?”

Joey “I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know. Nappies and how to change them; what each of my gorgeous bubs like; I’ll express plenty of milk and show you how to feed them. I’m sure you’ll be fine. If Dex can do it, you should be able to handle them for about 24 hours. I have COMPLETE faith in you.”

Aden “Speaking of Dex, shouldn’t he be that one helping you with this? Looking after them whilst you’re ……wherever.”

Joey “It’s all very ……..complicated. You’ll see what I mean soon enough, I think.”

Aden [after giving his friend’s request some thought] “OK, IF I’ve got the “hang” of this whole caring for babies business by, say, tomorrow night, I’ll look after them for you whilst you’re away.”

Joey “That’s all I can ask. Thank you for helping me.”

Aden [after realizing something else bout babies] “BTW, how’s their sleep patterns?”

Joey “Can be quite erratic at times.”

Aden “Which I’m going to find out tonight, aren’t I? [Joey has a knowing smile on her face] Well, there MIGHT be another Belle out there, and if there is, she might want kids, so this will be good prep.”


Not too far away, Rikki & Bella arrive at Mako Island [which is east of the Gold Coast where Aden lives], having made their way to the mystical isle not via road, but by sea – swimming with their powerful, beautiful golden tails ……with a combo of both “warp” and impulse” speed. Feels good to be back at the place where Rikki became a mermaid AND where Rikki, Bella & Cleo used their mer-powers to stop a comet for destroying the Earth.

Rikki & Bella enter the sacred moon pool via its underwater entrance. Joey isn’t in the pool or the cave that surrounds it, so the 2 “angels” clamber out of the pool of water that’s below the cone of an ancient volcano. Rikki uses her powers to quick dry both herself then Bella back into “land mode” [legs instead of a tail, clothes instead of scales] and they quickly make their way to the land entrance of the cave system that leads to the moon pool. The duo searches the jungle & mangrove filled island, which is full of little places where Joey could be hiding. Although Bella & Rikki come across many of the various animals that call the island home, there’s no sign of their fellow mermaid – or her kids.

Rikki suggest they search the waters surrounding the island, so they both make their way to the beach and dive into the water. After they all but instantly change into “sea mode”, Rikki heads towards the right and Bella to the left. Any time the girls are in the water is enjoyable, swimming by schools of pretty fish and pods of curious playful dolphins, but when they meet up in the waters on the side other side of the island, there’s been no sign of Joey. Rikki & Bella then swim to the mainland, to a secluded beach, so they can phone Dex and tell him their news – after Rikki uses her powers once more to change herself back into human mode. Following the call, Rikki & Bella head back into the water ……..and swim home to Summer Bay.


2 days later, it’s mid afternoon on the Gold Coast and ……….

Joey “I don’t know about you, but I think you’re ready. I SERIOUSLY think you can look after my kids whilst I’m away.”

Aden “They’re all so …… amazing. I think I’ve connected most with Danica, but yeah, I THINK I can do this.”

Joey “I KNOW you can.”

Aden “Will I be able to call you if ……”

Joey [cutting in] “NOTHING is going to go wrong. I can FEEL it.”

Aden “Even so, will I be able to contact you whilst you’re away?”

Joey “I’ll take my phone with me, but it will be out of range for much of the time I’m gone. [Joey walks over to the cot where her bubs are. She gently picks up Charlotte, and kisses her child on the forehead] Be good for Aden, won’t you. [Joey puts Charlotte back into the cot, before picking up Adrian, cuddling her and says lovingly] Mummy will be back as soon as she can. [Joey puts her bub back where she was – right beside the sleeping Danica, before she says adoringly to all her children] Mummy loves you with ALL her heart !!!”

Aden [as Joey heads away from the cot] “I take it you’re off now?”

Joey “Yep. Thanks once more for EVERYTHING. [she opens the front door, and exits] I’ve got a full moon to catch.”

Joey drives to the beach, parks her car in the local surf club car park, and dives into the water. This will be Joey’s biggest swim EVER ….she’s heading for IRELAND !!!!!!!!


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MANY thanks for the FANTASTIC comments !!!!!


Joey is deep below the surface of the ocean as she swims south. Although she’s never done this kind of thing before, swimming such a great distance, she wants to get to the moon pool where Bella became a mermaid. The sacred pool is in secluded spot on the north coast of Ireland, and she wants to make it there by the time the full moon is overhead in just over 10 hours time. Joey knows that its’ going to take a concerted effort….. even at “warp”, but she also knows that Emma and the others at sure to search for her on Mako Island.

As she swims, Joey catches her breath at several rest stops along the Aussie coast, especially when she turns the corner round the bottom of Victoria before she heads west. Joey, mostly at “maximum impulse”, gladly encounters species of fish she’s not seen before and creatures like penguins & seals when she makes her way in the waters of the Great Australian Bight off the coast of South Australia, before she halts for another rest at the southern most tip of Western Australia. Joey also notes that even though she’s travelled a fair distance, because she’s heading west, the sun’s at basically the same point in the sky as that it was when she started this epic swim.

Joey knows that the next leg of her journey will be the most challenging – the swim across the Indian Ocean to the tip of South Africa. There isn’t much land tween here and there, so Joey decides to “gun” it ……. she immediately goes to “maximum warp” as soon as she is back in the water. Despite the VAST distance, the dark haired mother of 3 makes it to South Africa extremely quickly, but when she drops to “impulse” as she approaches the coast, Joey discovers that she’s pushed TOO hard on the journey across the Indian Ocean.

She’s really keen to make it to land, as Joey’s feeling pretty weak ….. and she isn’t the only one who’s realised it. Not one, but TWO great white sharks are quite eager to dine on the quite fragile mermaid. Joey decides to use her powers, to heat the water round her, but she quickly discovers she’s weak to do so ………so she makes a beeline for land. Joey though can’t swim too fast, we’re talking not much more than “minimum impulse”. The sharks eagerly start to close on the mermaid, and land looks like it will be too far away. Joey thinks of the most important people to her in the world - Adrian, Charlotte & Danica, which gives her a bit more strength. She HOPES it’s enough but she can feel those sharks closing in on her. All is looking lost for Joey………….before a pod of dolphins “fly” towards her. 4 dolphins, in pairs of 2, ram each of the sharks, keeping them from dining on Joey, whilst the “angel” grabs hold of the dorsal fin of another ….. which leads her to a secluded beach on the South African shore.

Joey pats the dolphin that led her away from danger, before she clambers out of the water. Joey rests on shore for at least ½ an hour, knowing that it’s still a fair distance she has to travel before she makes it to Ireland. If she doesn’t make it to the moon pool where Bella became a mermaid by the time the full moon is overhead, her epic swim will be for nothing ….. she’ll have to wait till next month to carry out her plan. After her rest, Joey tries to use her mer-powers. She raises her arm so it’s parallel to the beach and points towards the water. A 5 centimeter wide column of water rises from the ocean, just like Joey wanted it to. She dives back into the ocean, and eagerly meets up with the pod of dolphins that saved her life. Joey lovingly pats each of the dolphins, before they swim with her for a bit of she begins the journey up the west African coast.


In Summer Bay, Dex & Indi are especially worried that there’s no sign of Joey or the bubs AND she’s still not answering her phone. The Walker siblings head to the “Hunter House” after agreeing to meet up with Emma & Cleo there. Dex & Indi are a tad surprised that Ruby is VERY keen to help ….

Ruby “I know I like how happy Mum is with Bianca, but Joey’s still a pretty big part of my life. April’s frequently telling me about what going on in Dex World, and a large part of that is Joey & the triplets.”

Indi “I never knew how much I adore those kids till I realised I might not see them again.”

Emma “Rikki & Bella checked out the place we thought Joey would most be, and now we’re really worried about other developments.”

Dex “Do tell.”

Cleo “It’s a full moon tonight.”

Emma “And a distracted Joey isn’t the best idea.”

Ruby “Yeah, we ALL know what happened last time. [Charlie enters the house, having just got home from work] Hi Mum, how was your day?”

Charlie “I had a “fun” chat with Heath, after he had a scuffle with one of Hammer’s gang. I can REALLY feel something brewing. What’s going on here?”

Indi [sternly] “No sign ANYWHERE of Joey & her kids. Joey’s things and my car are gone too. That was TWO days ago.”

Emma “We’ve got no leads bout where she is. She’s not ….. you know where, Charlie. Wherever it is, I’m certain she’s gone of her own volition.”

Charlie [after thinking of her encounter with Joey at Sexy Tales recently] “Suggest you file an official missing person’s report.”

Indi [frustratedly] “This is all YOUR fault, Charlie. Parading Bianca like that in front of Joey. What IS it with you Bucktons? Ruby tried to ruin my ‘ship with Romeo, and now Dex may NEVER see his kids again. [indi sees the look of surprise/curiosity on Charlie’s face] Joey told me she couldn’t deal with seeing you & Bianca together, and what’s with be all friendly with Joey lately and then just slamming her to the ground with the divorce papers? [short pause] I think I’ll going to bail, before I say anything I’ll regret. [indi heads for the door, stopping when she is there] Dex, suggest you come with me and don’t hang around with the enemy.”

Dex [after he stands up] “Charlie, I don’t think you ARE the enemy, but I’m also not keen on waking all the way to the farm, so I’ll going to bail now.”

Dex & Indi exit the house, and Ruby notes that Charlie muchly has taken Indi’s “spray” to heart …..

Ruby “Mum, Joey & the triplets will be back. She just needs to calm down a bit. Seeing your ex with another is ALWAYS painful.”

Charlie “I HOPE you’re right, Rubes.”

Emma “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to check on dinner ….which is almost ready.”

Charlie [as Emma heads into the kitchen] “Sounds good, as I’m pretty hungry. [pause] I can see from the drawn blinds and the like that you’re prepped for the full moon tonight.”

Cleo “Yep, Em & I will be totally in our bedroom by the time it rises in just over an hour, and Rikki & Bella are at Sexy Tales, so there’s NO chance of them seeing the full moon there.”

Charlie “VERY good to hear. I’m off to have a shower.”

Charlie heads for the bathroom, and Cleo heads for the annexe – to make a few more preparations for tonight.


Meanwhile, Joey has completed her EPIC journey. She has a tingling sensation all over her body when she is close to Bella’s moon pool. Joey enters the pool not too long before the full moon is overhead. The mermaid knows that there’s a 9 hour difference tween here & Summer Bay, so she really starts to focus her thoughts about what she wants to achieve.

Joey is in the centre of the pool when the full moon is totally overhead. The water surrounding her starts to bubble and rise up towards the moon, just like it did on Mako Island when she 1st became a mermaid. Joey raises her arm towards the moon, with her hand in a stop sign like motion, and concentrates VERY precisely as she does so …… she doesn’t want her powers to work straight away, but several hours from now. Joey feels like she has a GREAT connection with the full moon, AND senses that has obeyed her wishes before it continues its journey across the sky .........which reverts the moon pool back to its normal calm self. Joey lowers her arm …… and takes several deep breaths. What she’s just set up is the BIGGEST thing she’s ever done with her powers. Joey laughs, as she’s keen to hear/see the results of her actions …… AND to get home to her kids ….so she, after just over ½ an hour, begins the long journey home at “impulse” speed.


The next day, its’ mid a Sunday morning and Ruby & Nicole are in their bikinis on the main beach. They’re on the Stewart’s Point side of the surf club, and Rubes has her surfboard beside her, having caught some waves until about 15 minutes ago. The girls are enjoying a warm, clear sky sunny day when dark clouds suddenly form above them. Ruby & Nic take their chances that it’s not going to actually rain, but when something light & small does start to fall on them ………….………

Ruby [annoyed] ”Damn this r…….. “

Nicole [cutting in with a perplexed voice] “What the !!!!! [short pause] It’s ………”

Ruby [cutting in with a shocked voice] “SNOWING !!!!!!”


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MANY thanks for all the WONDERFUL comments !!!!!

CHAPTER 05 !!!!!!!

The snowflakes continue to fall on Ruby & Nicole and the beach. Their initial shock has been replaced by a sense of wonder …. Nicole had only once previously been to a snowfield, whilst this is the 1st time Rubes had ever seen snow LIVE as it where. On top of the many beyond shocked tourists on the beach, Ruby spots VJ & Lily who, when the ground is completely covered in snow, start a snowball fight. The tourists head for the surf club, to get indoors from this strange phenomenon, but Rubes & the other locals have a more candid approach ….. because of the mermaids and other non human residents in their town.

Ruby & Nic finally start to actually feel the cold, and put on their dresses over their bikini clad bodies. They think about heading up to the surf club, or phoning someone like Charlie, but things suddenly change when both girls are hit by snowballs. VJ & Lily, who had been “warring” with each other, join forces to attack Rubes & Nicole. It’s a pitched battle, with the 2 older girls taking it a bit easy on Lils & VJ, until they realised that their younger opponents are taking advantage of their generosity. Nic & Ruby start to really give a good as they are getting, and the battle continues for a little while before VJ’s mobile rings ……

VJ [calls out] “Truce, guys. My phone is ringing.”

Ruby [as she just stops herself from throwing another snowball at him] “OK.”

VJ [after seeing who is calling him] “Hi, mum. Is it …….”

Leah [cutting in] “Snowing where I am at the diner? Yes. It’s all very strange.”

VJ “That’s one word for it.”

Leah “Where are you?”

VJ “On the beach with Lily, Ruby & Nicole. We were having a snowball fight. I think Lils & I were winning.”

Leah “Sounds good, but you better come to the diner. This weather, it’s just ……”

VJ [cutting in] “Weird and coooooool, and I don’t only mean the temperature.”

Leah “You said Ruby is there with you. Has her mum contacted her?”

VJ “No, but I bet she’s on the case trying to deal with this strangeness.”

Leah “Makes sense. I’ll see you here soon.”

VJ “Yep, I’ll make my way there now. Later, mum. [the call ends] Sounds like it’s not just the beach copping this.”

Ruby “Yeah, the dark clouds stretch for a bit.”

VJ “Mum wants me to go to the diner.”

Nicole “I’ll drive you there, but I’ll go there via home. Indi & Romeo are babysitting Tessa and I think we should all be somewhere together. You know, I thought about bringing my little one with me to the beach today, but then I had this feeling not to, AND Indi was REALLY keen to look after her. ”

Ruby “LOOOOVE women’s intuition ….and I’m not surprised bout Indi. Lils, I’m going to head for the police station, to see my mum. Want a lift?”

Lily “Yeah, mum’s veterinary clinic is in Yabby Creek too, so that will be ace.”

Ruby & Lily get in Ruby’s car and steadily makes their way on the icy roads, heading for Yabby Creek. As much as Ruby sometimes isn’t that keen to have a pretty low powered hatchback, conditions like this make Charlie’s “suggestion” to get this car a good one. As Rubes continues to drive, they approach the “You are leaving Summer Bay” sign, and both girls are intrigued ……

Ruby [perplexed voice] "It’s not just me seeing this, is it?”

Lily “Not at all. I’m just as shocked as you are.”

Ruby continues her journey but when she passes the sign, her car AND Yabby Creek [where she now is] are bathed in a clear blue sky beautiful day. Ruby pulls her car to a halt, and both girls exit the vehicle. Ruby & Lily walk back a number of steps, and whilst Lilly halts before the boundary tween the 2 towns, Ruby re-enters Summer Bay ….. so now Lily is in sunshine and Ruby is back in the snow …….

Lily “OK, my mum’s been on an alien planet, and so have you, but THIS is just too weird.”

Ruby “Yeah, it’s like that scene out of Star Trek tween Sisko & Dax.”

Lily “Wouldn’t have thought of you as a sci fi girl.”

Ruby “Living with “angels” AND being where I’ve been makes me more ….. susceptible to the genre.”

Lily “Makes sense. I LOVE mum’s stories about that place.”

Ruby [as she re-enters Yabby Creek] “Bet my mum’s snowed under with calls from people.”

Lily “Pun intended?”

Ruby [cheeky voice] “Maybe.”

Ruby & Lily are about to get back in Ruby’s vehicle when they see a police car heading in the direction of Summer Bay towards them. The cop car pulls to a halt directly opposite to Ruby’s. Charlie exits whilst Watson remains in the vehicle …….

Ruby [as she points towards Summer Bay] “Mum, it’s soooo strange over there.”

Charlie “Yeah, we’ve had phone calls from sooooo many people this morning, especially cos it’s only the Bay affected. Where were you headed?”

Ruby “To see you AND to take Lils to her mum’s work.”

Charlie “Good plan. Go to Gypsy’s vet clinic, both of you. [tentatively] This might be just some weird temporary weather phenomenon. Like a real life 'Day After Tomorrow'."

Ruby “Or …….it could be someone’s handiwork …. and I’m not talking about Em either. Was a full moon last night.”

Charlie “The thought has crossed my mind, but you know the way we’ve got to officially treat this.”

Ruby “Yep. Although I bet the tourists on the beach this morning musta thought Lils, Nic, VJ & I were MAD for NOT being freaked out by the snow.”

Lily [smily voice] “Was waaaaaaaaaay fun though.”

Charlie [cautiously] “Just be careful from now on. Speaking of which, how are the roads Rubes?”

Ruby “Nothing that spiked tyres or snow chains wouldn’t fix.”

Charlie ”Sounds like good advice.”

Charlie gets in her car, whilst Rubes & Lily get in Ruby’s, and mother & daughter head off in different directions. Charlie & Watson head for the diner, but as they make their way there, Charlie REALLY wishes her patrol car has traction control, as she, even at very slow speeds, leaves the road briefly on a few occasions ….including once where the passenger’s side doors brush against a tree trunk …….

Charlie [as she pulls the car to a halt when she is back on the road] “You OK?”

Watson “Yep. We barely collided with it. Surprised you’ve kept on the road this well.”

Charlie “Well, I can’t tell Rubes to be careful and then just FLING my car off the road then, can I? Especially when I suspect that Joey’s responsible for ….. this.”

Watson [as Charlie starts driving again] “Makes sense, given what’s happened. You & Bianca and all”

Charlie & Watson soon after arrive at the diner, where many locals are gathered, including Leah, VJ, Nicole, little Tessa, Indi, Romeo, Emma, Rikki & Colleen. The diner crowd is pretty noisy, discussing the strange weather, but they virtually come to a complete shush when the two police officers enter………..

Indi [softly, mockingly] “And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse.”

Colleen [rather boisterously, after she just hears Indi’s comment] “I agree with you, Indi. What ARE you going to do about this, SGT Buckton?”

Charlie “We’ve got to do this by the book.”

Indi [as she points to Emma & Rikki] “Suggest you take those two in for questioning.”

Rikki [vehemently] “There’s NO WAY my Em did this. Chaos is against her religion.”

Emma “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Rikki [sternly] “Come on, Indi. You KNOW who is doing this.”

Indi [vehemently] “Which brings me back to my point. This is ALL Charlie’s fault. You know who is SURE to be doing this, and she wouldn’t be if she wasn’t sooooo BLINDSIDED by what’s happened.”

Watson “Indi, some RESPECT would be appreciated.”

Leah “I agree.”

Charlie “Indi, I totally get what you are saying, but like I said, the only way we can pursue that course of action is through official channels. I can’t proceed with an investigation suggesting a PERSON is doing this. That will raise too many eyebrows, AND alert even more people to our sitch.”

Nicole [with Tessa in a pram beside her] “Charlie, you DO realise that this is gonna be all over the news? It’s SNOWING for God’s sake !!!!!”

Charlie [trying to take control of the sitch] “Indi, we’d like you to accompany us to the station, so you can file an official missing person’s report.”

Indi “How will that help?”

Watson “We can then OFFICIALLY search for Joey.”

Indi “Well, that’s SOMETHING at least.”

Charlie [loudly] “Right, everyone. I KNOW this sitch is strange, but we’ve got to act and be as rational as we can til a solution can be found.”

Charlie, Watson & Indi exit the diner, and head for the police station in Yabby Creek.


Meanwhile, Aden is bottle feeding Charlotte as he watches the live TV news coverage of the strange weather in the Bay when he sees Joey’s car pull up outside. He is intrigued that she doesn’t immediately exit the vehicle, but there’s a very good reason for that. Joey’s keying in all her mobile’s contact details, especially various suppliers for Sexy Tales, into a new phone …..which she bought, along with a new sim card, at a shop tween the beach and here. Joey exits the vehicle and heads for Aden’s front door …….


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MANY thanks for the ACE comments !!!!!

See below for what Joey’s up to …… and for a certain group taking advantage of the sitch !!!!


Aden, with Charlotte in his arms, goes to the front door and opens it …….

Joey “Soooooo good to see my babies again. How’ve they been?”

Aden [as he & Joey walk to where the cot is] “They’ve mostly been little angles, [sternly] unlike their mum.”

Joey [playing all innocent] “Whatever do you mean?”

Aden [as he points to the TV which is on mute] “THAT!!!!”

Joey gestures to Aden to hand Charlotte over to her, and Joey eagerly takes her bub in her arms, whilst Aden un-mutes the TV.

Joey “It’s amazing isn’t it? LOVE that I’m getting THIS much news coverage.”

Aden “You can’t do this. It’s just ……. unnatural.”

Joey “That’s my point. Charlie can’t just go about doing certain things and expect to get away with it.”

Aden “Suggest you call her …..or someone, like Cleo or Em or …… “

Joey [cutting in] “Surely you can accept that this is the best way to go.”

Aden “But it’s not just Charlie that’s affected here. People are going to be all over the Bay soon if you keep this up. Your fellow “Angels”, how are they going to cope with that?”

Joey “They’re smarter than me, AND more level headed. They’ll sort something out.”

Aden [increasingly frustrated] “They shouldn’t have to.”

Joey “I …… I take it ……” [her voice trails off]

Aden [very caringly] “What’s up?”

Joey “I take it …..that you aren’t keen to help me further? [she sees the curious look on Aden’s face] I want to stay here with you. I’ve thought about setting up my own business ….. like the one I co own in the Bay, but just online sales. Work form here, so I can look after my gorgeous bubs and still go to work and pay you rent. [pause] So, what do you think?”

Aden [surprised voice] “You’re actually being serious about this, aren’t you? [Joey nods] Well, I’ll think about your offer IF you stop this?”

Joey “Can’t do that. You haven’t seen the way Charlie’s been behaving lately.”

Aden “Whichever way she has, the WHOLE town shouldn’t have to pay.”

Joey “So, you’re NOT going to help me.”

Aden “I’ve done some wrong things in my time, but you’re REALLY messing with nature here.”

Joey “OK then, I best be off. Find some place for my babies and me.”

Aden [frustrated] “Joey !!!!”

Joey “If you’re not going to help, you’re in the way.”

Joey gathers together all her bubs’ toys and the like and puts them in her car. She also “accidentally” drops her old mobile in Aden’s overgrown front garden. Aden continues to voice his protests, but it’s in vain, as the dark haired mermaid gently picks up her kids and takes them to her car and speeds off. Aden goes back inside and phones Irene in the Bay ….. telling her of what’s happened ….. but it’s no use of anyone ringing Joey’s [old] mobile, as Aden can’t hear it.


In the Bay, Charlie, as gingerly as she possibly can in these snowy conditions, drives her patrol car ….heading for Yabby Creek when she & Watson get a call on the radio. Watson answers …..there’s trouble at the surf club, including at Angelo’s …….

Watson “That’s just what we need. The River Boys taking advantage of this.”

Charlie “Sorry Indi, your statement will have to wait.”

Charlie turns the car around. They’re not too far from the surf club, where Brax, Heath, Brodie and some of the other River Boys have the likes of John, Xavier, Marilyn and Angelo at gun point. They also “ask” everyone, tourists & locals alike, to hand over their valuables before the gang flees the scene …… just as Charlie & Watson approach. The River Boys have 2 getaway vehicles. Heath is driving one and Brax the other. Charlie decides to pursue [after dropping of Indi at the surf club], going as fast as she think her car can handle in the icy roads. The snow continuing to fall doesn’t help, and neither does it that the Heath’s in a four wheel drive. Charlie focuses on Brax, hoping her constant pursuit will be enough to him to make an error, especially since his Ute has a powerful engine and could/should make him susceptible to error. Watson notes that as Charlie drives, she’s steadily getting used to the conditions that her ex wife has surely bought upon the Bay.

Charlie drifts her car through a corner, and quickly pulls the vehicle to a halt. Brax’s Ute is in a ditch ……he lost control, but all of the River Boys in that car have fled the scene. Charlie & Watson exit their vehicle, and walk slowly to the Ute. There’s no sign of any of the ill gotten gains either ……..

Watson “Do we try to go after Heath’s car?”

Charlie [frustrated] “If only we knew where their secret base is. They couldn’t have picked a WORSE time to attack.”

Watson “You’re saying that HQ will want us to focus on Brax and his mob, aren’t you?”

Charlie “Got it in one. Especially since they’re normal criminals, not supernatural ones.”

Watson “Still, till we get that order, we should talk to Indi, Dex. Try to get some kind of idea where Joey might be.”

Charlie “Agreed. Also, on future patrols & pursuits, we should use the four wheel drive. Actually we should call the station. Get some back up to do take Brax’s Ute back to there so we can impound and thoroughly check it for evidence, whilst we head back to the surf club to get Indi. Yeah, we’ve REALLY got to get started trying to find out where my ex is.”

Watson “Got a plan B bout finding Joey?”

Charlie “Yep, but I don’t want to say anything if case I don’t have to use it.”

Both officers get in their car and contact the station then head for the surf club, and soon after, they are back in Yabby Creek with Indi aboard. As Charlie parks her car, she & Watson see that Avery and another officer are checking Brax’s car for evidence. The snow which covered the vehicle in the Bay has all but melted, and Indi notes that the same thing has happened to Charlie’s police car.

Charlie, Watson & Indi enter the station and Indi lodges and official missing person’s report. She also tells the officers everything she knows about Joey’s recent behavior, especially the way she was talking when they last chatted. Watson notes that Charlie is being VERY professional despite Indi being sarcastic towards her on many occasions, before Nic & Romeo pick up Indi and head to the van park house.

It’s getting late in the afternoon, and Charlie & Watson have spent a fair amount of time on the phone since Indi left. There’s been no use so far of Joey’s credit cards but there was a pretty large withdrawal from her bank account the day she left the Bay. The officers have also been phoning the likes of Ruby, Marilyn, Dex and the other mermaids, trying to get a further angle on Joey’s state of mind lately ….. or where she might be hiding ….sadly without luck. Charlie herself is annoyed that she also has no indication where Joey might be, until she remembers something Bella once said to her not long after the “Angles” arrived in the Bay.

Charlie is about to contact Bella when the phone rings …….

Charlie “SGT Buckton speaking.”

Romeo [stressed, but trying to be calm] “Charlie, everything’s gone.”

Charlie “You’re saying you’ve been robbed? Where are you?”

Romeo “Yes, and at the caravan park. Indi, Nic, Tessa & I just arrived. It’s taken FOREVER to get here with the roads & weather as bad as they are!!!”

Charlie “Yeah, you need to Sebastian Loeb or Molly Taylor to drive in this.”

Romeo “Think it’s the River Boys who did it?”

Charlie “Wouldn’t be surprised. Given that they “knocked over” the surf club this morning. [sighs] We’ll be over there as soon as we can. [the call ends, and Charlie heads over to talk to Watson] THAT was Romeo. The caravan park’s been ‘hit’. “

Watson “HQ will DEFINITELY want us to focus on the River Boys now.”

Charlie “Agreed.”

Watson “So, what’s Plan B?”

Charlie “I’m going to ask Ruby and the “Angels” to look for Joey whilst we try to rid ourselves of Brax and his mob.”


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MANY thanks for the TREMENDOUS comments !!!


Watson “The ‘Angels’ I get, but [surprised voice] Ruby???”

Charlie “She’s VERY inquisitive, and although she’ll never be like me or her grandfather and actually be a cop, she’s quite the detective at times.”

Watson [after realizing something] “You do realise what this all means, don’t you?”

Charlie [perplexed voice, after thinking about it a bit] “Um, no.”

Watson “Well, if the ‘Angles’ are working for you, they’ll be …….. “

Charlie [smily voice] “Oh yeah, Charlie’s Angels. [she giggles a bit, but going all serious again] We better get out to the van park house.”

Charlie & Watson exit the station, and get in the police four wheel drive. Charlie gladly finds it substantially easier to drive on the Bay’s snow covered roads as she heads for the caravan park. Once there, she & Watson talk to Romeo, Indi & Nicole. The latter is tending to little Tessa, who is crying. Charlie all but instantly thinks of Joey’s triplets, but she realises that that isn’t going to help her quest of finding out who robbed this place, so she goes back to the task at hand ……..and she & Watson muchly scope out the evidence of the break in – the door closest to the laundry has been smashed open. They take photos of the scene and take an inventory of things that are missing – TV, computer, DVD player, jewellery and the like. Charlie & Watson then head to the surf club, to take statements of the various people there who the River Boys had held at pun point.

As Charlie & Watson journey along the icy roads, heading for their base in Yabby Creek, they see/hear a vehicle heading in the opposite direction. Both cars stop …… and, as Charlie & Watson exit their vehicle, they see that it’s Alf, Roo, Miles & Billy returning home from a trip away to the city for a few days …….

Alf “Romeo phoned us bout both the snow AND our place getting robbed, so we cut our trip short and came home.”

Charlie “It’s certainly taken us ALL by surprise, but I can say this. Roo, it IS one of the “Angels” causing this weather.”

Roo “That HAD crossed my mind, but I don’t get why.”

Watson “We suspect it’s Joey."

Charlie [after she sees the intrigued looks of Alf & co’s faces] "She ……hasn’t taken the news of my new ‘ship well.”

Roo “What do you mean?”

Charlie “Surprised Colleen hasn’t told you.”

Alf “She knows not to contact us with gossip when we’re outta town for only a few days.”

Charlie “I’m …..[confidently] I’m together with Bianca now. I’ve divorced Joey and have been seeing Bianca in secret for a while.”

Miles [after seeing both the surprised looks on Alf & Roo’s faces, and the rather knowing look on Billy’s] “Billy, is there something you want to tell us?”

Billy “Charlie, should I?”

Charlie “Given that it’s snowing, I’d say definitely tell.”

Billy “I’ve known for a while bout Charlie & Bianca. Indeed, I was CL, Bianca’s b/f ….so everyone wouldn’t even contemplate that she & Charlie had ‘hooked up’.”

Alf “The things that happen in the town never seize to amaze me. “

Watson “We’re totally on the case of both the break in at your place AND the armed hold up at the surf club. We’ll get who did this.”

Charlie “Speedily, hopefully, since we’ve got hard evidence.”

Alf “What do you mean?”

Charlie “Brax and his mob were quite brazen at the surf club. No balaclavas or anything, and all captured on security cameras. “

Roo “Well, that’s something.”

Charlie “Yep, finding their secret hideout is now TOTALLY our top priority.”

Alf, Miles, Roo & especially Billy nod, as they know that Charlie & her officers can’t legally go after Joey, and all 6 people get in the 2 vehicles and head for the police station adn the caravan park respectively. When the two officers return to the station, Charlie gets 2 phone calls. The 1st is from Gina – the school is ANOTHER place that’s been robbed ….. MANY computers and other expensive pieces of equipment, worth many thousands of dollars, have been “borrowed”. The 2nd call is from Inspector Joyce. He’s well aware of the weird snowy sitch that the Bay finds itself in, but wants Charlie and her officers to track down and arrest the River Boys.


Meanwhile, Joey is heading south from the Gold Coast, without any absolute place in mind where she wants to raise her kids, but she’d like them to grow up in a small community ........ either in the country or by the sea. As she drives along, Joey also thinks about her heated chat with Aden, and how some of things he said have really started to hit a nerve, in a good way. She considers phoning Dex, to tell him why she’s “borrowed “their kids, but she isn’t keen in him perhaps going to the police. Joey knows that what she’s doing isn’t exactly nice, but she doesn’t want to lose her kids over it either.

As Joey continues her journey, she sees – on the back window of a car passing her – several stickers that made her think of the perfect place in the country to raise her triplets. She pulls her car to a halt at the next rest stop along the highway ……and after tending to her bubs, including breastfeeding the quite hungry Adrian, Joey accesses the internet via her mobile. She looks up the real estate sitch in the country town of Bathurst. Joey thought of this when she saw several motorsport stickers on the back of that car, and it reminded her of the likes of Billy, Xave & John “raving on” bout Australia’s most famous motor race, the Bathurst 1000 [kilometre Touring Car race]. The real estate sitch looks quite reasonable, with a number of rental properties well in her price range, especially if her proposed new online business takes off …….so after Adrian, Charlotte & Danica have had a little play with their toys at the rest stop, Joey puts them in their baby capsules in the back seat of the car, and heads for Bathurst.


That night, everyone is home at the “Hunter House”. Charlie has gathered them all in the longue room, and after they’ve all talked about the freakish snowy weather ……

Charlie “I’m glad we’ve been talking about this strange weather ………”

Rikki [cutting in, with a cheeky voice] “Was there ANY fear that we were going to talk about something else.”

Charlie “I guess not. Anyway, I’m ………. I’m gonna need some help.”

Bianca “What do you mean, Charlie Brown?”

Cleo [happy voice] “Gosh!!! That’s just soooo cute. I LOVE pet names. [Cleo turns and looks at Bella, who is beside her] Don’t I, Cougar?”

Bella [sexy voice] “Sure do, oh Toy Boy of mine.”

Charlie [as Bella softly kisses Cleo] “Cos the River Boys have decided to use this strange weather as an open invite to rob anyone they want, HQ want me & my officers to concentrate ALL our efforts on ridding the Bay of Brax and his mob, so …..there’s no chance we’ll be able to follow up the missing person’s report that Indi filed for Joey, and that means …… “

Emma [cutting in] “You want us to find Joey, don’t you?”

April [upon seeing the knowing look on Charlie’s face] “That’s a GREAT plan. Who better to find an ‘Angel’ than other ‘Angels’.“

Charlie “It’s not just the 4 of you that I want to be involved in this. [turns and looks directly at her daughter] Rubes.”

Ruby [after wonders a bit what’s going on] “Why me? I mean, I’m not saying that in a bad way. I’m quite keen to end this weather, as I LOOOVE a sunny day at the beach, especially catching some GREAT waves.”

Charlie “You may never want to wear a uniform like mine, but you’re quite the sleuth sometimes, and there’s NO ONE I trust more to be able to track my ex wife.”

Ruby “OK then, I’m DEFINITELY in.”

Emma “Now, all we’ve got to do is work out the details, especially what we are going to do bout Sexy Tales.”

Bella “Yeah, depending how long it takes, Indi & Marilyn are going to be working a LOT of shifts.”

April “I could help out there. [bianca looks at her cautiously] I’m not THAT much younger than the ‘Angels’ ….. and I also suggest that you involve Dex as part of this search for Joey. He’s missing his kids REAL bad.”

Rikki “Sexy Tales is like a family business, and you Scott sisters are part of our ‘family’ now.”

Ruby “Oh, and Billy could help out too. I know that up to now it’s been an all girl workforce, but yeah, my man’s DREAMY and could help.”

Charlie “I’m let you girls decide who you want to employ, but I DO like April’s suggestions about Dex. Indeed, I’ll speak to him and Indi tomorrow, to tell them what’s going on. [pause] Well, I’m heading off to bed now. [sexy voice] Miss Scott, warning you now, I’m going to be a BAD schoolgirl in the bedroom.”

Bianca [sultry voice] “We’ll have to do something bout that then, won’t we Charlie Brown. “

Charlie & Bianca head for the bedroom hand in hand, with smiles on the faces of everyone else in the house.


The next day, Joey and her triplets arrive at the inland town of Bathurst, where Joey arranges to rent a furnished 1 bedroom flat in a pretty quiet street. Once she’s set up all hers and her bubs’ things and the triplets are settled, Joey takes her mobile out of her pocket. She types “I’m in Bathurst”, hits send, and …….

Joey [softly] “Breadcrumbs.”


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MANY thanks for the GREAT comments ……. and that Charlie’s Angels reference is the 1st of many !!!!! [including below]


In snowy Summer Bay, Charlie & Ruby arrive at the farmhouse. Indi answers the door and lets them in …….

Indi [as she, Rubes & Charlie head into the main room, where Dex is] “Charlie, you’re not in uniform ….. does this mean that this visit ISN’T about Joey?”

Charlie “I WILL say that I’ve got good news and bad news.”

Dex “Hit me with the BAD news 1st. I’m in a “DOWN” mood, with Joey taking my kids to goodness knows where, so yeah, [slightly sarcastic] bad news will hit the spot real well right now.”

Charlie “OK, I’ll go with the good then.”

Indi “I’d rather END on a high note. Hit us with the bad.”

Ruby “The good news is worth it.”

Dex “OK. Bad 1st.”

Charlie “As you know, the surf club, caravan park AND Summer Bay High were robbed yesterday. The surf club for sure by the River Boys, and Indi, you KNOW that we suspect they’re involved in the others. [deep breath] Well, HQ want my officers & I to TOTALLY focus on apprehending the River Boys, which …… “

Indi [cutting in] “Which means searching for Joey is on the back burner. You realise they wouldn’t be so brazen WITHOUT this weather?”

Charlie “Yes, but without exposing Joey’s AND the other Angels’ secret to my superiors, we can’t approach things THAT way.”

Dex “OK, this is all sounding NOT so good.”

Charlie “It’s about to get better. Tell him, Rubes.”

Ruby “Dex, how about you, me and rest of the “Angels” go searching for her. You & I have got a while before we head off to uni when the summer hols are done AND if Joey and your kids are anywhere near the water, Rikki and the others can quick smart track her down. What do you say?”

Dex [after pondering things a bit] “I think this could work.”

Charlie “Especially since I might have an idea where she could be.”

Ruby [teasingly] “Sounding like some secret LOVE nest you two had.”

Charlie “No. I doubt Joey is thinking about ANY loving to do with me right now.”

Dex “So, are you gonna “spill” bout your theory?”

Charlie “I want to talk to one of your fellow sleuth’s bout this.”

Indi [sternly] “Charlie, Joey and her kids better be found or I’ll NEVER forgive you for this !!!!”

Charlie “Believe me, I want her found. I KNOW she has every right to be all emotional like she is, but her “sisters” shouldn’t have to pay for it …. OR Joey and her kids.”

Ruby “I think we should hit the road. Have the 1st meeting of the Summer Bay Sleuth Club at my place.”

Dex “I like the idea of going all Magnum PI. Saving the damsels in distress and all.”

Indi [annoyed voice] “Dex, what IS it with you and old TV shows? First you name you fish MacGyver and now this.”

Charlie “Kinda speaking of which, Rubes, with your idea for a name for your group, Watson had a GREAT suggestion. Just think of me AND our codename for Joey & the girls.”

Dex [after pondering what Charlie has said] “That’s a cooooool suggestion, AND it means that I’m Bosley, not Magnum PI.”

Ruby “I see one flaw in this plan. I’m not an Angel.”

Indi [sarcastically] “You can say that again.”

Charlie [tenderly] “You’re an Angel in my eyes, Rubes.”

Ruby “OK, THAT was a “bit” TOO mushy.”

Dex “Shall we head off then? To officially meet the rest of the team and get our mission underway.”

Charlie [as she stands and heads for the door] “Dex, with your attitude, Joey & the bubs will be found in no time.”

Ruby [following her mum’s lead] “Yeah, let’s go.”


Meanwhile at Bathurst, Joey is becoming accustomed to her new surrounds ......... getting to know the local scene, meeting her neighbours and the like, whilst she tenderly cares for her triplets. Because she took a large amount of money she withdrew from her bank account, Joey’s got plenty of cash to live on for now, so she decides to hold off setting up her propped new business, at least for a little while. Joey also takes several photos of Adrian, Charlotte & Danica in their new home with her mobile ...... and sends them to her old phone, along with a pic of the front of her current adobe.


In the Bay, Dex, Ruby & Charlie have arrived at the “Hunter House”. The trio talks to the “Angels” about finding Joey, with Bianca also in the discussion …………….

Ruby “Mum suggested that we should go by the rather cute codename, Charlie’s Angels, but ……… “

Bella [cutting on] “COOOOOL idea.”

Ruby “But I’m not so sure about it, for me I mean.”

Rikki “Cos you’re not an ‘Angel’? [Ruby nods] Rubes, you’re like a sister to us. “

Cleo “Yeah, DEFINITELY an honorary Angel.”

Ruby “I guess if you put it that way. Yeah, I LIKE the name now.”

Emma “AND it also works another way. Although I HOPE this doesn’t take long, it could take a while, so I suggest that cos of Sexy Tales, we takes things a week at a time. Say, the 1st week, Ruby, Dex, Rikki & I look for Joey & the bubs, and then next week, Cleo & Bella will join Ruby & Dex.”

Dex “So we’ll always have 3 Angels and me on the case.”

Ruby “Sounds VERY appropriate.”

Bianca “Well, I’m just glad it’s you Angels who’ll be the ones gallivanting after Joey, rather than my gorgeous Charlie Brown.”

Rikki [teasingly] “Jealous???”

Emma [mockingly sternly] “RIKKI !!!”

Bianca [tenderly, after she softly kisses Charlie] “Not jealous, just REALLY keen to cuddle up each and EVERY night with my gal pal while this cold summer is happening.”

Cleo [happy voice] “It’s ACE having someone in Charlie’s bed again. Yeah, WAAAAAAAY cute.”

Emma “Speaking of all things Scott, I suggest we take April up on her offer to help out at Sexy Tales, especially if the search takes a while. Oh and Rubes, have you talked to Billy bout your suggestion?”

Ruby “I have ….and he’s pretty keen, as shops like yours help same sex couples when they’re ready to take the BIG step.”

Bianca [sultry voice] “It certainly helped me get all sexy frisky with DREAMY Charlie.”

Charlie [VERY happily] “Dreamy Charlie. I LOOOOVE the sound of that. [serious voice, after a short pause] Bella, am I right when I say that you’re not like your ‘sisters’ ?”

Bella [slightly taken aback] “Yeah, that’s …… how did you know that?”

Ruby [surprised there’s something about the mermaids that Charlie knows that she doesn’t] “Yeah, Mum. How?”

Charlie “Rachel once let it slip. We’d both had a pretty hard day, and were having “1 or 2” drinks and we got onto the topic of you ‘Angels.”

Bella “What did she say?”

Charlie “Nothing specific, just that your ……..re-birth happened in a different place to the other 4.”

Cleo “Oh yeah, when I said mer-mums.”

Ruby “What’s the plan, Charlie?”

Charlie [slightly perplexed/disappointed] “What happened to Mum?”

Ruby “I’m an Angel now.”

Charlie “Let’s hope you all find Joey soon. I’ve gotten use to you calling me Mum.”

Ruby “It’s just till we get our ‘man”. “

Charlie “Speaking of which, I suggest that Bella and at least one other actual “Angel” go to …..you know where, Bella.”

Bella “Sounds like a good plan, but I’m not sure who should come with me. Em, you’ve got the same powers as Joey, but maybe it’s best that Rikki comes with, cos of HER powers.”

Cleo “That totally makes sense, and if she’s not there, after you get back, we can go back to having couples & Ruby & Dex pairing up.”

Emma “Charlie, what’s the plan?”

Charlie “You guys have REALLY taken this idea to heart.”

Cleo “Although it’s serious that it’s snowing AND that Joey’s nowhere to be found, this makes things all, well, fun.”

Charlie “In that case, Rikki will be on this initial mission with Bella. I know you have quite a fiery side Rikki, but Bella should keep you in check AND she know exactly where to go. I’ll get you 2 to head off 1st thing morrow morning.”

Rikki “Sounds good to me. Will be ACE ....... a swim THAT far and back, and to check out where Bella was, you know, AND to hopefully find Joey & the bubs there, or near there at least.”

Bianca “Sounding all well planned. I take it you’re finished this 1st sleuthy get together?”

Charlie “Yep, sure have.”

Bianca “Good, cos dinner is just minutes away.”

Ruby “GREAT, as being an Angel sure give you an appetite.”


The next day, Bella & Rikki set off for Ireland .........


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MANY thanks for the FAB comments !!!!


Rikki & Bella follow a similar route to the one Joey took to get to the emerald isle, except Rikki & Bella take the journey at a slower pace than their fellow mermaid did. They take the time to explore these waters that are foreign to them …. especially the big haul across the Indian Ocean. The duo swim at “impulse“ the whole time, and Rikki thinks about how she will deal with Joey IF she’s in the vicinity of the moon pool where Bella’s mer-birth occurred. Rikki knows that she can be a “tad” aggressive and impulsive, but she also knows that Joey really shouldn’t be affected everyone in the bay by making it snow. Rikki, though, admits that it’s probably the sort of thing that SHE would do if she were wronged IF she had the same powers as Joey. Mind you, Rikki could use HER abilities to give the Bay it HOTTEST Summer EVER on record, BUT it occurs to her that there’s NO chance she will ever be in that sitch, as Emma’s either too much of a goody-too-shoes or LOVES getting her backside spanked too much to NOT tell Rikki that kind of thing.

When Rikki & Bella approach the shores of the coast of South Africa, they encounter a pod of particularly playful & friendly dolphins. The creatures nudge Rikki & Bella’s tails & their scale covered cleavages a number of times, which puzzles especially Rikki a fair bit. The mermaid duo surface off the coast, where the 2 of dolphins nudge them a few times, but not in the same way as before. This time they are nudged on the left side of their stomach – like they are being herded away from something. Bella looks all around her, and spots the dorsal fin of a shark slightly to her left far behind her …..

Bella “Rikki, look behind us. We’ve got company.”

Rikki [as she looks behind her, to her right] “I don’t see anything.”

Bella “Other …… “

Rikki [cutting in, after she looks behind to her left] “Gotcha. Those dolphins, they were trying to get us away for the shark.”

Bella “No wonder Cleo loves them.”

Rikki [as the shark increases its speed towards them] “Let’s dive and get outta here.”

Rikki & Bella submerge, and go to “warp” as soon as they have. The shark initially gives chase, but the 2 mermaids are FAR too quick and easily escape. When they are 30 kilometers away, on their way up the west African coast, Rikki & Bella drop to “impulse” and re-surface ……

Rikki “Bella, since those dolphins were trying to herd us ‘way from the shark, I wonder if they were trying to tell us something before that.”

Bella “Yeah, I agree with you. It’s like, initially when they nudged my cleavage, I thought they liked me the same way Ronnie does Cleo.”

Rikki “Yep. That’s what I thought, but now, maybe it’s cos they encountered someone like us before.”

Bella “Someone like Joey.”

Rikki “Exactly.”

Bella “It’s good that we’re the right track.”

Rikki “AND that those dolphins weren’t trying to GROPE us.”

Bella “Muchly”.

The “Angels” dive deep below the surface once more, and continue their journey up the African coast.


Meanwhile, Irene returns home after doing some shopping in Yabby Creek. She enters her house via the back door, and sees Gypsy sitting at the dining table with her worried look on her face ......

Irene “Gyps, the weather isn’t that bad .... I mean it’s still snowin’, but I’m getting used to it. Feels a bit weird to be all rugged up during Summer, wearing Winter gear and all, but it’s something to tell your grandkids.”

Gypsy [slightly teary] “No, that’s not it.”

Irene “Have you had some bad days at work?”

Gypsy “No, thankfully no patients lost. Will be interesting to see how this weather affects everyone’s pets in the long term though.”

Irene “So darl, I’m running outta options as to what this is about ..... Oh, is something the matter with Lily or Shannon?”

Gypsy “This affects them. I’m ......... “ [her voice trails off]

Irene [kinda stern voice] “Spit it out, girly.”

Gypsy “Over the last month or so, I’ve been secretly seeing ...... Heath Braxton.”

Irene [disapproving voice] “Gypsy !!!”

Gypsy “Yeah, I know it’s stupid, especially with what he’s done these last few days, but ..... “ [her voice trails off]

Irene “Are you sure you can’t fight this? Getting mixed up with that lot.”

Gypsy “Part of me right now NEVER wants to see him again. He held people at gun point, but ......yeah, I should TOTALLY give him up ..... but he’s soooo good with Darcy, and I bet he would be with Lily & Shannon. [Gypsy shakes her head] What is it with me and bad boys? Will’s in prison and now this.”

Irene [caringly, after she gives Gypsy a hug]”I know how stubborn you can be, and how you like to stick to your guns, but yeah, you’ve REALLY got to think about your daughters now. [worried voice] You’ve not had Heath in this house, have you? If you have, he might have sussed this place out, so he and his mob can ROB the joint.”

Gypsy “NO !!! We’ve always “hung out” at Yabby Creek. Mostly after I finish work for the day.”

Irene “That’s kinda reassuring. Suggest you talk to the police. They might be VERY keen to know about your ‘ship.”

Gypsy “I’ll ...... give all that some thought. [Gypsy smiles as she stands and heads for the front door] I’m gonna head out. A walk in the snow might do me good. Clear my head. [as she exits, after she puts on some snowshoes] Later, Irene.”


Bella & Rikki have made it to Ireland, and Bella easily leads Rikki to the moon pool where Bella was re-born. The pool is within a cavern but it’s accessible at surface level, unlike the underwater entrance on Mako Island ......

Rikki “Don’t know about you, but I think I prefer ours. Having the moon pool 'neath the cone of a volcano makes it, I don’t know, more mystical.”

Bella “If we’re talking mystical, do you feel what I can?”

Rikki “What?”

Bella “You obviously can’t.”

Rikki “Spit it out, Bella.”

Bella “I sense that Joey was here.”

Rikki [a tad worried] “I don’t sense ........anything.”

Bella “I bet it’s cos THIS is where I got my tail & scales. I think she’s been gone a while though, from the pool.”

Rikki “We should ........ no, scram that. Since Joey swam here, she musta left her kids in Oz. She has a brother. They don’t see eye to eye, cos she got together with Charlie.”

Bella “Or scope out other family members. We might need Charlie’s help after all.”

Rikki “Why don’t we check out the coastline near here. She might be keeping track of her handiwork form here. Her mobile’s Net capable.”

Bella “Agreed, then we’ll head for home. I suggest we go via the Pacific Ocean this time.”

Rikki “GREAT idea. Unchartered waters for us.”

The 2 mermaids scope out the coast line near the moon pool, without success, before Bella suggest that they should be in the moon pool when the moon rises. It won’t be a full moon, but maybe Bella’s connection with this place might lead to answers ........ and when a quarter moon does rise ......

Bella “Do you see it?”

Rikki “We’re not playin’ THAT game again, are we?”

Bella “You obviously don’t.”

Rikki [getting annoyed] “I say again, we’re not playin’ THAT game again, are we?”

Bella “Hold my hand.”

Rikki takes hold of Bella’s right hand with her left hand .... and sees what her fellow mermaid is talking about ..... a holographic like image [which fills the cavern that the moon pool is in] of Joey in this pool during the full moon, using her powers AND the 2 “angels” also see when in first started snowing in the Bay!!!!!!!!!

When Bella lets go off Rikki’s hand, the vision stops, and the 2 talk about what they’ve just seen. As they continue to tread water, it’s great that they are now that they have proof the Joey did this, but their vision DIDN’T tell them where she is right now .....

Rikki “You DO know what this means, don’t you? Say it together with me [smily voice] Good Morning, Charlie.“

Bella [as she giggles] “You’re just TOO funny.”

Rikki “The good thing is, OUR Charlie’s not some mystery man.”

Bella “Yep, and yeah, we SHOULD get some practice in ....like you said. On 3. 1, 2 ........”

Rikki & Bella [happy, loud voices] “Good Morning, Charlie.”

The mermaids laugh, before they head for home via the Pacific Ocean.


On the other side of the world, Gypsy arrives at the “Hunter House”, having arranged to meet Charlie there yesterday. Charlie is the only one home ........

Charlie [as Gypsy removes her snow shoes at the door] “How was the walk over here?”

Gypsy [as she enters the house] “Pretty nice. You know, although I’ll probably start to hate it if this keeps up for TOO long, right now this weather’s pretty, well, YUMMY.”

Charlie [worried voice] “I just hope Joey & the other “Angels” don’t pay the ultimate price for all of ........this. I pray that Rubes, Dex and the girls can find Joey.”

Gypsy “Speaking of covert missions, mine’s going rather well.”

Charlie “Thank you SOOOOO much for helping me like this ...... and Heath, he TOTALLY believes that you’re “into” him?”


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Gypsy “He sure does. After all, who better to “hang out” with a bad boy than me ...with my wild child rep and all?”

Charlie “So true.”

Gypsy “AND I’ve got Irene fooled. She waaaay thinks I’m torn .... having these feelings for a criminal.”

Charlie “Thankfully, I’ve never really had that problem. Unless you count ..... “ [her voice trails off]

Gypsy “As far as I can see, Joey’s only crime is taking the kids with her, away from Dex. From what I’ve seen, he looks lost without ‘em.”

Charlie “Yeah, that’s why he’s so eager to help me track her down. Speaking of finding people, are youTOTALLY sure you want to continue doing this? If the River Boys find out ....... “ [her voice trails off]

Gypsy “I can look after myself, Charlie.”

Charlie “Just be careful.”

Gypsy [sarcastically] “Yes, mum.”

Charlie [after she smiles] “Especially when you try to find out where their secret base is.”

Gypsy “That won’t be for a while. Brax knows Heath & I are together. Think he’s VERY wary of me. I’m not a River Girl, but I’m sure Heath LOOOOVES my reputation.”

Charlie “I just ADORE it that Bianca & I are soooooo much more than friends now.”

Gypsy “Hope I find someone again ..... and, if I do, hope Lils & Shannon like whoever I “hook up” with.”

Charlie “I’m soooooo lucky with Rubes with that. She convinced me to go for it with Bianca.”

Gypsy “Hope my daughters feel that way.”

Charlie “Hope so too. You’re a good friend, Gyps.”

Gypsy “It’s great to have friends new & old in town since I came back. People like Irene, Leah, and new people like you & your gal pal, Miles, the “Angels” .... and it’s ALWAYS fun to “spar” with Colleen. [Charlie smiles] Oh well, I best be off.”

Charlie [as Gypsy heads for the door] “Keep me posted, and thank you once more.”

Gypsy [as she puts on her snowshoes] “The Bay’s too coooooool a place for those River Boys to spoil it. [as she exits the house] Later, Charlie.”


Elsewhere in the Bay, Gina, John and Alf are at Angelo’s, when the restaurant’s owner approaches......

Angelo “Before I take your order, thanks BIG time for helping me clean up this place, after those scum River Boys robbed us.”

Alf “No troubles at all.”

Gina “I’m worried though, about not only the criminal element in town, but that this persistent weather will affect businesses AND the school. What if people leave the Bay, or tourists don’t come here anymore?”

Angelo “I couldn’t take that. Losing SERIOUS business if people stop coming to the Bay.”

Alf “I disagree. You’re not looking at this the right way.”

Gina “What do you mean?”

Alf “Where else in the world can you experience what we have? The snow is 24/7 constant AND just next door in Yabby Creek, it’s totally all nice and Summer-y. Best of both worlds, and there’s the beach here. It’s not snowin’ in the water but ‘tis on the beach.”

John “I agree with Alf. This is a REAL opportunity for the town. We should MUCHLY go with a SERIOUS advertising campaign, to back up the GREAT news coverage we’re getting.”

Gina “Aren’t you forgetting something? [John gives her a clueless look] Our next door neighbours.”

John “Emma & the girls can cope with this.”

Gina “If there’s a boom in people coming to the Bay, scientists are sure to be amongst them.”

Angelo “That’ll be good for business. More people and all.”

Gina “The “angels” will have to watch themselves, and IF their secret is revealed, who knows what other things people will 'dig up'. ”

John “How bout we have a wager on this? Just you & me, Gina.”

Gina “What do you mean?”

John “IF lotsa tourists come AND the girls’ secret isn’t found out, ........... “

Gina [cutting in] “Yes?”

John “You & I go surfing together, BUT ...... “

Angelo [cutting in] “Do Alf & I need to hear this?”

Alf “I agree. Sounding a bit ..... intriguing.”

Gina “Me too. Suggest you whisper the rest.”

John “It’s nothing THAT outrageous.”

Gina [sternly] “That’s for ME to decide. Whisper it.”

John [he whispers in her ear] “We both go surfing at the main beach, with you in a bikini.”

Gina [shocked/surprised and loudly] “John Palmer, you CAN’T be serious !!!!!!!”

John “I wouldn’t KID about a request like that.”

Gina “What if I win?”

John “Well, aside for the "angels" being in BIG trouble, it's your call to make.”

Gina “I’ll have to think of something, and IF I do, we’ll go ahead with this bet.”

John “You’re on.”

Angelo “So, are you all ready to order?”

Gina [as Alf & John nod] “Definitely.”


A few days later, Ruby, Emma, Rikki & Dex bail from the Bay in Ruby's car- as the quest to find Joey continues.......


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