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Hi everybody!!!

With MUCH self-confidence, I decided to make a thread with my graphics.

Some of you may have seen a few, I've been posting them in the Random Artwork Thread for a couple of days now.

The first ones in this thread are coming from and sudden obsession with Adelle about half an hour ago.

I hope you like them!! :)

These are from 4969, in case someone wonders:

adenbelleavatar3.png I know this one's really too big...

adenbelleavatar4.png And this one too....

And these ones are from the episode(I can't remember which one) with the "Like a tiger in the jungle"-scene. You have it in "Belle's Journey Part 2", the amazing video from BTTB.






Anyway, I would really appreciate comments, suggestions and other stuff and if anyone wants to use my avatars (which I highly doubt), then they should just credit me. ;)


Sandy :)

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Hi everybody!!

Thank you so much for the comments, Dingo x, -Carina-, leylaa, and Aden_Belle, I honestly didn't think I would get some.

I thought, "Yeah, I'll start a thread and will just be uploading my stuff and now and then somene looks at it."

Anyway, my new avatars are from episode 5323, where Ruby, April, Dex, Xavier and Kate (Dex's "girlfriend") go surfing.

Here we go:






OK, the Xavier-fans will probably hate me now because I put the focus on Dex/April and Ruby/Casey.

But don't get mad, guys, the next update will include Xavier-pics.....

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