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Brothers In Arms

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Story Title: - Brothers In Arms

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden/Belle plus their families

BTTB rating: T/A (just to be on the safe side)

Genre: Drama.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: mentions of abuse, language

Summary: - Sequel to anything for love. After his grandfathers suicide Aden recieves a summons to a solicitors office for the reading of the old mans will. The contents of it leave him shocked and on a quest to find his estranged brothers. Will it be happy families when they are reunited or more pain for Aden and his own family.

A little bit of fluff to get the ball rolling :D Hope you all enjoy :D

Chapter 1

Sitting on a picnic blanket at the beach Belle grinned as she watched her son kick a ball towards his father who caught it effortlessly and then made a big show of celebrating causing the young boy to double over with laughter.

“Your daddy is such a dork Flissy” She giggled to the baby who was perched happily on her lap, facing outwards so she could see what was going on around her.

A couple of months previously Belle had worried that the happiness that she and her small family enjoyed had been shattered when Aden’s grandfather returned to the bay. After confronting Aden the old man had then committed suicide. She was the only person who truly understood how much all of these events had affected her husband. Much to her relief he had agreed to seeing a councillor and finally, after attending weekly sessions for the past two months she was relieved to see some of the old sparkle back in Aden’s eyes.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“Hey yourself.” She grinned as Aden flopped down onto the blanket next to her.

“I was talking to Fliss.” he chuckled, quickly leaning away to avoid the elbow that Belle aimed in his direction. “Kidding, kidding!” He laughed as he lifted the baby girl from her lap. “Hey there my little angel, did you have fun watching daddy kick Jax’s butt?”

“You did not kick my butt!” Jackson cried indignantly as he dropped onto his knees on the sand in front of them. “I let you win!”

“You let me win?”

“Uh huh, you get grumpy when you lose and I don’t want you to be grumpy because I want pizza for dinner and mom says it’s up to you and if you are grumpy you’ll say no. So I let you win” Jackson explained.

“So what…” Aden began, fighting to keep a grin from his face. “…Let me get this straight. You reckon if you tried you would have beat me?”

“Aden!” Belle laughed.


“You aren’t even slightly concerned about the grumpy bit are you?”

“Well no” Aden replied a grin finally breaking free. “It’s kinda true. You know me Belle, Mr competitive!”

“But he’s eight!” She stated “And your son!” she added with a laugh.

“It’s alright mom.” Jackson laughed “I don’t mind. Besides it would have been way, way easy for me to win if I‘d have wanted to! I‘m awesome at footie”

Aden tried to look indignant but couldn’t manage it due to the huge smile lighting up his face.

“Babe, you’ve created a monster!” Belle giggled as she reached out to ruffle Jackson’s hair. “He’s almost as modest as you.”

Aden laughed and leant towards her. “You love it!” he replied before pressing his lips to hers.

“Ewwwwwww! Mom! Dad! Gross!” Jackson exclaimed causing them to laugh lightly into the kiss. Aden, being in a playful mood, made sure it lasted longer than he had originally intended only stopping when Belle pushed against his chest.

“Sorry buddy.” He laughed. “You want me to be in a good mood though right? Kissing your mom puts me in a good mood.”

“That is….gross!” Jackson cried “Fliss don’t listen!” He warned reaching over and lifting his sister from Aden and brining her to sit on his lap.

“Oh babes, a few years and you wont be so grossed out about kissing trust me.” Belle grinned.

“No way!” Jackson cried. “I’m never kissing girls! Never, ever, ever!”

As if she understood and was offended my his remark the baby girl on Jackson’s lap began to squirm and whimper.

“Aww! Missy Flissy, I don’t mean you!” Jackson soothed dropping a kiss onto her head.

His words and actions had little effect on Felicity who continued to wriggle as the whimpers turned into full blown crying.

“Hey sweetheart, what’s all this about?” Aden asked as he relieved Jackson and lifted the little girl back into his own arms. “I think you’ve really upset her buddy.” He laughed as he gently bounced Felicity up and down.

Belle giggled as she reached out to take hold of her daughter’s hand “It’s your dinner time isn’t it honey? Shall we get you home and fed eh?”

“Yummm, mushed carrots baby, gotta look forward to that!” Aden laughed as he raised the little girl into the air and wiggled her gently, instantly turning the cries into gurgles of delight. “That’s better.” He grinned.

“Mushed carrots!” Jackson exclaimed with a grimace. “That’s just Fliss right? We’re having pizza?”

“I don’t know….” Aden stood up and re-arranged his hold on Felicity so he could reach out a hand to help Belle up. “…..what do you think babe? I’m kind of in the mood for mushed carrots!”

“Hmmm yeah, me too.” Belle agreed with a nod, biting her lip to keep from laughing as she watched Jackson stand up with a look of total un-amusement on his face.

“Not funny!” he exclaimed.


Once the family arrived home Belle instructed Aden to order the pizza whilst she prepared Felicity’s dinner. The little girl had been placed on her matt on the floor surrounded by toys and Jackson had settled himself on the couch and was flicking through the television channels.

“Aden.” Belle called from the kitchen.

“What’s up gorgeous?” Aden asked strolling in to join her, dropping the phone onto the counter as he passed.

“You order?”

“Yup, be with us in an hour. I thought that’d give us time to settle Fliss first.”

“Yeah, should do. Babe, will you feed her then I can get the laundry sorted.” Belle turned and handed Aden a pink plastic dish, filled with an assortment of mashed veggies and a matching pink spoon.

“She got a drink?” Aden asked

Belle grabbed a lidded beaker of water from the counter and hooked it over Aden’s finger. “There are bibs in the box in the lounge.” She added as Aden headed into the other room.

“Ok.” He replied. “Right missy, grubs up.” He placed the dish, spoon and cup onto the table and walked over to pick up his daughter. “Come on beautiful.” He lifted her into his arms and after showering her face with kisses placed her into the highchair that was next to the table and did up the safety straps. After collecting and tying on a bib he pulled a chair in front of the little girl and sat down. “Now, no messing today Felicity ok? You be a good girl for daddy yeah?” Previous experience had taught Aden that the little girl, relatively new to solid food, enjoyed playing with it far more than she seemed to enjoy actually eating it. Pulling the dish closer to him but making sure it was well out of reach of the curious hands of his daughter he picked up the spoon and began to feed her.

After a few minutes the telephone rang disturbing the peace that had fallen upon the house.

“Aden, can you get that?” Belle called from the laundry room.

Aden looked at felicity then at the dish on the table.

“Jax, can you get that buddy?”

“But I’m watching this” The young boy complained.

“Come on Jax, if I move Fliss will make a mess.”

“Argh! Alright.” Jackson reluctantly jumped up from the couch and ran into the kitchen to collect the phone that Aden had left in there.

“Hello………yeah…..yeah……hang on.” He walked back into the lounge the phone held out to Aden. “It’s aunt Nic.”

Before Aden had the chance to tell him otherwise Jackson pushed the phone into the hand he had previously been using to keep Felicity’s hands from grabbing at the spoon each time he moved it towards her.

“Thanks Jax. Hey Nic…yeah, you?…..Nah we…Hang on….No, Flissy…Argh…..Baby, we don’t use our fingers.” resting the phone between his chin and his shoulder he used his now freed hand to take hold of the baby girls and after putting down the spoon used a cloth to wipe the mess from her fingers. “Sorry Nic, I’m feeding madam and she thinks it’s funny to grab hold of the spoon!…… Yeah……oh, ok….cool, see you tomorrow then…..bye Nic.”

With a small sigh of relief Aden dropped the phone onto the table and returned his full attention to his daughter. After another fifteen minutes she had eaten all she was going to of the meal Belle had prepared and was drinking thirstily from the cup with only a little help from her father.

“How long till dinner?” Jackson asked “I’m starving!”

“You aren’t close to starving young man.” Belle said as she walked into the room. “It’ll be about half an hour or so which will give me just enough time to get this little lady bathed and ready for bed.”

She grinned as Felicity beamed a messy smile at her and waved her carrot covered hands in her direction.

“I think we both need a bath after that.” Aden laughed “I’m sure Jax wasn’t this messy!”

At the mention of his name Jackson turned around and laughed when he saw the mess his little sister had gotten into.

“I definitely wasn’t that messy!” He agreed.

“Not when I fed you.” Belle laughed. “And you don’t get this messy either sweetie. You just like to play daddy up don’t you huh?”

“I think so.” Aden agreed with a laugh as Felicity clapped her hands and let out a small giggle “And so does Flissy! You’ve got me wrapped right around this haven’t you angel.” he grinned taking hold of her hand and wiggling her little finger gently.

“It’s a gift that we Jefferies women posses.” Belle winked “I’m teaching her everything I know.” as she spoke she undid the safety straps and lifted Felicity into her arms.

“So you’re saying you’ve got me wrapped around your finger?” Aden asked with a grin.

“Yep, you wanna argue with that?”

“Nope.” Aden chuckled “Just checking we’re on the same page.”

“Good” Belle laughed “now go wash up like a good little husband whilst I clean up our daughter.”


“Man, I’m so glad it’s Friday!” Aden groaned as he flopped down onto their bed later that night. “No having to get up in the morning.” he added as he pulled the doona up.

“If only Fliss got the whole weekend lie in thing eh?” Belle replied as she snuggled herself closer to him.

“Mmm.” Aden agreed “Hold on…..” he shifted up onto his elbow and leant over Belle to switch of the lamp that was currently illuminating the room. “….come here.” he slipped his arm underneath Belle’s shoulders as he lay back down and pulled her closer to him.

“Comfy?” Belle whispered as she entwined her legs with his.”

“Absolutely.” He replied.

“Hey, I forgot to ask…” Belle broke the comfortable silence after a few moments. “….Who was on the phone earlier? Nic?”

“Yeah.” Aden replied simply as he twirled a strand of her hair around his finger.

“Everything ok?”


“With Nic? Is everything ok?” Belle chuckled

“Sorry, you’re distracting me.” Aden grinned using his free hand to take hold of Belle’s that had been absentmindedly tracing circles on his abdomen.

“Oh Sorry.” She laughed appearing anything but. “So, is everything ok? With Nic?”

“Yeah, she just called to say that Morag called her to say she’s coming to the bay for the weekend and wants to squeeze in a visit with us all.”

“That’ll be nice, we haven’t seen her for ages.”

“Yeah, Nic’s arranging a lunch or something so we can all see her together tomorrow.” Aden explained.

“Cool.” Belle nodded. “So….how tired are you?” she asked with a grin moving back from him slightly so that she could see his face.

“Oh, now you come to mention it….” Aden grinned back closing the gap between them “….not so tired at all.”

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Glad you all enjoyed the first chapter :D

This next one kind of went off track a little from what i wanted but hey ho...we'll get there next time :lol: Hope you all enjoy it anyway :D

Chapter 2

Aden groaned sleepily when a small cry emitted from the baby monitor placed on his nightstand. Opening his eye the smallest amount possible he looked at the clock that was glowing brightly in the early morning darkness another groan escaping when he read the numbers displayed.

“She might go back off.” Belle whispered hopefully, pulling his arms tighter around her waist, her eyes remaining firmly closed.

“Hmmm.” Aden pressed a warm kiss to the back of Belle’s neck and closed his eyes again as no more sounds could be heard from the baby girl. He quickly fell back to sleep but was woken again a mere five minutes later when more sounds of distress from their daughter filled the room.

He felt Belle stir under his arms as she began to untangle herself from him.

“Hey, I’ll go.” He whispered placing another kiss on her neck before pulling his arms from around her and climbing out of the bed.

He quickly pulled on a pair of boxer shorts, almost tripping over in his current sleepy state, and then made his way along the short corridor to the nursery, Felicity’s escalating cries making him hurry his pace.

“Hey hey, what’s up princess?” he asked as he entered the room.

The 5 month old was on her knees in her crib her hands clutching tightly to the bars, tears streaming down her chubby cheeks as she raised her eyes to her father.

“Oh, I see the problem baby.” He chuckled as he spotted her soother lying on the floor next to the crib. “You need to learn not to throw it. Come here sweetheart.” Felicity stretched her arms up towards him as he leant down to pick her up. She instantly snuggled into him, her cries subsiding as he whispered into her tiny ear. “Shhhh baby girl, it’s alright now, daddy’s got you.” As he bent down to pick the soother up from the floor she let out a big yawn. “You’re still tired aren’t you huh? Well I’m not surprised it’s not even six am yet! How about we go wash this and then you can come into bed with me and mommy? That sound like a plan?” As he chatted the baby girl stared at him as though she was taking in every word he said. He carried her into the bathroom where he rinsed her soother under the tap and after shaking the excess water from it placed it into her mouth. He then made his way back to his and Belle’s room. In the few seconds it took to reach his destination Felicity had closed her eyes and had snuggled even further into him.

“She throw her soother out?” Belle asked having heard Aden speaking through the monitor.

“Yup” Aden answered slowly lowering himself onto the bed. “It looks like she might go back off though.” He whispered as he settled himself comfortably, the baby girl still cradled in his arms.

“You gonna put her back in her crib?” Belle asked, a wide grin on her face, knowing the answer before Aden responded.

“There’s no point, she can just sleep here for a bit.”

“You spoil her you know that?” Belle told him as she watched him gently lower the now sleeping baby into the small gap between them on the bed.

“Yeah, I know.” Aden replied, his grin matching hers. “But she’s my baby girl, it’s my job to spoil her. Now are we gonna go back to sleep or what?”

“I guess we might as well.” Belle replied as she lay back onto her pillow comfortably, a hand coming to rest atop of her daughter’s chest. “Not like we can do anything else now.” She added, giggling at Aden’s responding groan.


After another few hours sleep Felicity woke again just before eight, squirming around enough to wake both of her parents.

Belle took her downstairs for breakfast whilst Aden showered and dressed. By the time he was ready Jackson had got up and had joined Belle and Felicity downstairs.

“Morning son.” Aden greeted the youngster who was sitting at the table tucking into a dish of cereal. “Sleep ok?”

“Yeah.” Jackson replied pushing a plate of toast towards Aden as he sat down in the opposite chair.

“Thanks buddy. You up for a bit of a kick about this morning?”

“I thought we were going to Nicole and Geoff’s for lunch.” Belle interrupted as she came into the room, Felicity balanced on her hip.

“Yeah we are.” Aden replied “But Geoff just text to see if we fancy a game first, he’s roped Roman and Tony and Harry in too, and some others.”

“And what about us?” Belle asked with a grin.

“Well…” Aden replied taking a bite from a slice of toast. “You can come watch….or go see Irene….or…..”

“We’ll go and help Nic prepare lunch.” Belle said interrupting his run of suggestions. “What time are you going?”

“As soon as we’re done with breakfast.” Aden replied a slight look of guilt forming on his face.

“Well I guess I better have a shower now then. Here.” She handed the little girl to him, dropping a kiss to the top of his head as she did so before making her way upstairs.

Aden watched her go, his eyes firmly trained on her until he felt a small tug on the piece of toast he had clutched in his hands.

“Hey missy! That’s daddy’s breakie!” he chuckled, prising the piece of toast out of his daughter’s grip. “And you need to get a few teeth first before you tackle toast.”

“Here you go missy Flissy.” Jackson picked up a teething ring from the tray attached to the highchair and passed it over to Aden who handed it to Felicity.

“Thanks buddy. Can you say thanks to Jax baby? Huh? Thanks…see it’s easy peasy.”

Jackson and Aden both laughed when Felicity followed Aden’s request with a string of gurgles.

“Good try sis.” Jackson grinned, standing from the table to carry his empty dish into the kitchen.


Aden and Jackson left the house as soon as Belle was dressed and made their way on foot to the football oval where they had arranged to meet the others. They were the first to arrive and spent a few minutes throwing, kicking and catching the ball that Jackson had brought along. Geoff arrived before too long, Tony and Harry shortly after. Jackson hurried over to his friend taking the ball with him so that they could play whilst the grown ups chatted.

“How’s Nic doing?” Tony asked Geoff. The news of Nicole’s pregnancy had become common knowledge the previous week after the first ultrasound confirmed that all was well with the baby.

“Yeah, she’s alright now.” Geoff replied.

“Now?” Tony asked

Aden felt a surge of guilt run through him as Geoff explained how Nicole had been a bit distracted and distant during the first month or so of the pregnancy. He knew the reason for it was because of what had occurred with his grandfather but Geoff was oblivious and had put it down to her getting used to the idea of a new baby.

“Ah well, as long as she’s ok now eh mate.” Tony grinned slapping Geoff on the back in a friendly manner. “Hey Jax, over here.” He ran towards the youngsters, easily catching the ball that Jackson had thrown at his request.

“So Nic is alright yeah?” Aden asked needing a little extra reassurance.

“Yeah, she’s back to her old self, nagging me senseless.” Geoff grinned.

“Good.” Aden replied a smile coming back to his face. “Somebody needs to keep you on your toes.” With that he sprinted away and intercepted the ball that Harry had thrown towards Tony. “Heads up Campbell.” He shouted throwing the ball quickly to Geoff who caught it effortlessly with a laugh.

Within half an hour Roman and a number of others had joined them and they had divided into two teams and begun a game. Aden’s competitive nature meant he was taking the game seriously and he smiled to himself when he paused for a moment to see that his son clearly followed in his footsteps. Jackson was shouting instructions at various other members of their team including his grandfather. Roman looked to Aden with a grin as he obliged the young boy and threw the ball in his direction. Aden chuckled as Jackson had to jump to catch it, falling back to the ground with a heavy bump.

“Good catch son!” He shouted with a grin, strolling slowly towards where he had landed on the other side of the pitch. “Alright Jax?” he picked up his pace into a jog when Jackson didn’t get up as he had expected. “Jax?” As he got closer a whimper from the young boy reached him causing his stomach to flip in dread as he broke into a sprint skidding onto his knees as he reached his son. “Buddy?” His eyes trailed over the youngster widening when they reached his leg which was bent at an odd angle. “Ok son, it’s alright, I’m here.” He brushed a hand over Jackson’s head as he glanced up to see Roman, Geoff and Tony jogging towards him. “Shhhh, it’s alright.” He bent down and pressed kisses onto the young boys head trying to sooth him.

“It hurts daddy.” Jackson groaned through his tears.

“Yeah I know, it’s gonna be ok.”

“Alright mate?” Roman asked as he reached them.

“I think it’s broken.” Aden said nodding down at his son’s leg as Tony crouched next to him.


Tony nodded in confirmation of Roman’s request “Yeah it looks like it might be.”

Jackson began to cry even harder.

“Alright son.” Aden whispered “Daddy’s here.”

“We need to get him to hospital.” Roman said “I’ll go start the car.”

“Geoff….” Aden called “…Can you call Nic and get her to tell Belle. Tell her to meet us there.”

“Yeah, course.” Geoff replied already jogging towards his bag to retrieve his phone.

“Ok, Jax mate, I need to pick you up ok?” Aden stroked his son’s cheek as he spoke knowing that moving him was going to cause him even more pain. “You be brave for me yeah?”

The little boy nodded although tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

“Need a hand?” Tony asked

“Nah, I’ve got it.” Aden shifted his position into a crouch and as carefully as he could slid an arm under his son’s legs and another around his back. As he lifted Jackson let out a cry of pain. “alright buddy, shhhh, I’m sorry.” Aden murmured as he stood up fully, fighting a wave of nausea that hit him at the sound of his son’s distress. “It’s alright, I’ve got you.” He continued to whisper soothing words as they made their way to Roman’s car Jackson’s tears soaking his shirt as he held him as close as he could.


“Where is he?”

Belle came hurtling into the hospital mere minutes after a doctor had ushered Aden and Jackson into a room immediately after their arrival.

“Hey, calm down.” Roman exclaimed standing up from his chair and walking over to her. “He’s just in he…” he nodded to the room opposite them as he spoke and before he could finish Belle was already charging into the room.

“Baby! Oh my god! It’s alright mommy’s here.” She almost knocked over the doctor that had been examining him in her rush to reach her son. “Is he ok? Is it broken?” she asked all the while her attention focused on Jackson as she cupped his face in her hands and pressed kisses to his forehead. “Are you ok baby?”

“It hurts really bad” The young boy sniffed as the tears that had almost subsided returned in full force.

“Shhhhh, sweetheart.” Belle whispered as she looked over at Aden who was perched on the opposite side of the bed to her, his hand holding tightly onto Jackson’s. “What’s happening?” She asked

“I dunno. Doc?” Aden looked over at the doctor who was busy scribbling something onto a clipboard.

“Well, the leg is definitely broken. I’ll need to get an X-ray done to establish how bad the fracture is and what we do from here but in the meantime I’ll get a nurse to set up a drip so we can give Jackson here something for the pain.”

“Ok.” Aden nodded “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Once the doctor had left Belle turned her attention back to soothing the young boy.

“Hey, baby, you hear that, the nice doctor is going to get you something to stop the hurting ok?”

“ok” Jackson replied with a nod, his breath hitching with sobs that tore at the heart of both of his parents.

“I don’t know, I leave you both alone for half an hour and this is what happens!”

“Belle, I’m so sorry!” Aden replied seriously. “I would have never let….”

“Hey, hey, I’m kidding.” Belle interrupted him reaching over Jackson to take hold of Aden’s hand.

“Yeah but I never should have….”

“Aden! It’s not your fault and that’s the last I want to hear of it.” Belle insisted leaving no room for arguments.

For the next few minutes they both continued to sooth their son until a light tap on the door interrupted them.

“I hear somebody needs some pain meds.” Rachel said as she walked in brandishing a drip stand and a tray containing various instruments and a bag of clear liquid.

“Err yeah.” Aden replied “Thought a nurse was coming to do that.”

“Well, when I heard we had such a special patient I wanted to do the job myself. That ok Jax?”

The young boy nodded so Rachel set about the job of setting it all up ready.

“Thanks Rach.” Belle said as she moved slightly to allow Rachel access to Jackson.

“No problem. You guys clear about what’s going on?” Rachel asked wanting to make sure they were fully informed.

“Yeah, there’s not really much to know till he has an X ray right?” Aden replied.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Rachel replied “I’m gonna hurry that up for you so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Right sweetie this might hurt just a little ok?”

Jackson nodded and squeezed tightly onto Aden’s hand as Rachel inserted the needle for the drip into his hand.

“That’s it baby, good boy.” Belle soothed once she saw Rachel had finished.

“Ok, that’s done. It should start working really soon Jax.” Rachel told the little boy running her hand affectionately over his head. “I’ll go see about that X ray.”

Aden thanked her once again as he stood up from the bed and made to follow her to the door of the room.

“Where are you going dad?” Jackson asked, worry clear in his voice.

“I’m just gonna tell granddad what’s going on.” Aden replied.

“And then you’ll be back?”

“Then I’ll be back buddy.” Aden confirmed leaning down to press a kiss to Jackson’s cheek. “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

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Hope this is "sick" enough Naomi :lol: :lol:

Chapter 3

An hour after they first arrived at the hospital Aden was helping Belle to settle Jackson back into the bed he had been allocated. They had just returned from the X-ray department and were now awaiting the results.

“Comfy son?” Aden asked, a grin coming to his face when his question was met with nothing more than a murmur. “sleepy huh? That’ll be the pain meds buddy, you go to sleep, mom and I will still be here.”

“You won’t go?” Jackson managed to whisper drowsily.

“Course we won’t.” Belle replied leaning over him to plant a kiss on his forehead. “Go to sleep baby.” She smiled as she lowered herself back onto the chair that was placed right next to the bed, her hand brushing gently through Jackson’s hair.

“What you grinning at?” Aden whispered as he pulled her from the chair almost as soon as she was seated.

“Aden! What the….”

“Shhh!” He held a finger to his lips briefly nodding in their son’s direction. He then sat himself down onto the chair and pulled Belle onto his lap. “There, much better. Now what were you smiling about?”

“Better for whom?” Belle teased causing Aden to let out a chuckle. “And I was smiling about the fact that I’ve called him baby like…a million times in the past hour and he hasn’t complained!”

“Yeah, I noticed that. He’ll always be our baby boy right?”

“Uh huh” Belle agreed. “I hate seeing him in pain like this.”

“I know you do babe, me too.” Aden slipped his hand over Belle’s which was resting on Jackson’s uninjured leg and they fell into a comfortable silence as they watched their son sleep.

A short while later the silence was interrupted by a quiet tap on the door that was followed by it being pushed open and Rachel entering the room.

“Hey guys, how we going in here?”

“Yeah, not bad.” Aden answered. “Think the pain meds have kicked in.” He added nodding at Jackson’s sleeping form.

“Drowsiness is a side affect.” Rachel confirmed as she walked up to the bed, running her hand affectionately over the young boys head. “Ok, so I have his x –rays back…” She moved back from the bed slightly as she raised the x-ray she had in her hands up to the light. “..The fracture is here, on his tibia.” She pointed at a spot on the film and Aden and Belle both glanced at it but were unable to make out what she was pointing at. Seeing their confusion Rachel chuckled. “It’s there, trust me. Now the good new is that it’s really simple to fix….”

“And the bad news?” Belle asked wearily as she turned her hand and clutched onto Aden’s

“We are going to have to do surgery to do it.” Rachel answered.

“Surgery!” Belle exclaimed sitting up straighter, feeling Aden’s hand tighten around hers.

“It’s a simple procedure.” Rachel explained. “We need to make a small incision so that we can realign the bone, we may have to fix it in place with a wire but like I say it’s relatively simple, shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.”

“What about afterwards?” Aden asked

“We’ll place the leg in a cast which we expect to be on for six to eight weeks. In the short term though we’ll need to keep him in overnight for observation but he should be good to go tomorrow.”

Belle let out a wobbly breath and it was clear to both Rachel and Aden that she was struggling with this latest development.

“When will you take….when…?” She asked in almost a whisper.

“We are ready whenever you are.” Rachel answered. “We’ll take good care of him Belle, I promise.”

Belle nodded and then turned her attention back to Jackson, pulling her hand from Aden’s and using it to push the hair back from the little boy’s forehead.

“What do we need to do?” Aden asked Rachel “Do we have to sign something or…”

“I have a consent form here…” She handed him a clipboard that had a number of sheets attached. “…and you can also get him into this if you like or I can get a nurse to…”

“I’ll do it.” Belle took the hospital gown that Rachel was offering.

“Ok, I’ll be back in a little while to collect him then.”

With that she left the couple alone to digest the news and prepare their son for the trip to the operating theatre.

“Alright babe?” Aden dropped the clipboard onto the bed momentarily so he could wind his arms around Belle’s waist. He pressed a kiss to the back of her head whilst he waited for her to respond. “Belle?”

“He…he’s never had surgery before.” She whispered.

“I know sweetheart, he’ll be fine though.” Aden tried to reassure her although he was finding it difficult as the same worries that were obviously plaguing her were running through him too. “He’ll be back here before we know it ok.” He kissed her again and squeezed his arms a little tighter around her before pulling his hands back to rest on her hips encouraging her to stand up. “Let’s get him ready.”


“Come on baby, it’s alright, let’s go.” Aden whispered into Belle’s ear as he gently pulled her away from Jackson.

They had been allowed to accompany him to the theatre and wait with him whilst the anaesthetist administered the anaesthetic. Belle had clutched hold of his free hand until Aden at Rachel’s request had gently prised her from it.

“Let’s go.” He repeated.

As soon as they were clear of the swinging doors Aden pulled Belle into a tight embrace as she sobbed against his shoulder. They remained like that for a few minutes, him whispering words of comfort into her ear.

“Sorry.” Belle whispered when she had got herself together enough to pull away slightly.

“That’s ok.” Aden told her with a grin as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “He’ll be fine alright.”

Belle nodded in response offering him a smile to let him know that she trusted what he was saying.

“Come on; let’s go get a coffee or something. Rach said she’d come find us when they were done.”

“Ok.” Belle agreed. “Can I just…..” She nodded to the toilets that were just down the corridor from where they stood. “…..freshen up a bit.” She finished.

“Sure thing sweetheart, I’ll wait out here.” He pressed another kiss to her forehead as he released his hold on her and his eyes followed her every step down the corridor until she disappeared through the door.

Barely a minute had passed when he spotted a familiar figure walking towards him.

“Morag, hey. What are you doing here?”

“Hello.” Morag gave him a quick peck on the cheek as she arrived at his side. “Well I arrived at Nicole’s expecting to see you and Belle and the children and they told me you were here! How is he?”

“He’s in surgery at the moment….”

“Surgery! It’s that serious?” Morag questioned, a look of worry clouding her features.

“They needed to align the bone or something.” Aden explained. “Rachel said it wouldn’t take too long.”

“Well as long as it’s not too serious. Look Aden, I know this isn’t the best time but there is something I need to discuss with you before I head back to the city.”

“Ok.” Aden replied. “Fire away.”

“It’s about… well it’s about your grandfather.” Morag began hesitantly.

“What about him?” Aden snapped as a wave of worry washed over him. Was it possible that a witness had come forward after all this time? Had somebody spotted Nicole arguing with the old man shortly before his death?

“I’ve been contacted by a colleague of mine in regards to his will.”

“Oh…” a sigh of relief escaped before Aden had the chance to prevent it. “…oh, ok. Well I don’t want anything from him so…..”

“I had a feeling that was going to be your attitude.” Morag said a wry smile on her face.

“After everything he did….”

“Aden, I understand.” Reaching out a hand to grab his arm Morag interrupted him mid rant. “But…and hear me out here.” she added when she correctly guessed that Aden was going to cut her off “It’s not quite as straightforward as you might expect and I believe….as somebody who cares about you a great deal, that this will be in your best interest.”

“What do you mean…not straightforward?”

“I can’t really go into detail, like I said it’s a colleague of mine who is dealing with it but he would be willing to see you on Monday. I’ve arranged an appointment on your behalf.”

“You’ve…I don’t……Morag, I appreciate everything you do but…..”

“Just think about it.” Morag suggested. “That’s all I ask. Now here’s Belle, I assume you won’t be bothering her with this at the moment?”


“My lips are sealed. Belle, dear, how are you holding up?” Morag walked away from Aden to greet Belle leaving him to ponder what they had discussed.


“Hello, earth to Aden!”


Jackson had been out of surgery for an hour and Belle and Aden were sitting on opposite sides of his bed each clutching one of his hands. He had come around from the anaesthetic briefly but had soon fallen back to sleep. Belle had been repeatedly trying to catch Aden’s attention but to no avail.

“Babe, where are you? I’ve been talking to you for ages but you’re miles away.”

“Sorry sweetheart.” Aden apologised, reaching over the bed with his free hand to brush over Belle’s fingers. “I’m just….just thinking.”


“Nothing important.” Aden lied knowing full well that Belle would see straight through it. She didn’t disappoint him.

“Aden, I know you too well, tell me what’s going on?” Belle insisted.

“Ok, you’re right, there is something but you’ve got enough to worry about with Jax. I’m dealing with it, ok?”

“No!” Belle exclaimed causing Jackson to jump in his sleep. “No It’s not ok.” She repeated in a whisper somehow managing to make the words as forceful as if she’d shouted them. “Baby, Jax is fine, we know that. I’m not worrying about him now. I’m worrying about you so you might as well tell me what’s going on.”

Aden let out a deep sigh as he watched Belle stand up and round the bed, coming to a stop directly in front of him. He let go of Jackson’s hand and used both of his to reach out and pull her gently onto his lap.

“You aren’t going to take no for an answer are you?” he asked quietly.

“Nuh uh.” Belle shook her head as she brought a hand to rest on the back of his neck, her fingers threading through his hair. “Tell me.” She encouraged.

“Morag has been in contact with someone about my grandfathers will.”

“Oh…..oh ok.” Belle wasn’t sure what else to say, his revelation catching her off guard.

“Yeah” Aden chuckled dryly “That’s what I said!”

“So…what? Has he left you something or…..?

“I don’t know.” Aden replied “Morag has arranged a meeting with the guy who’s dealing with it for Monday.”

“And?” Belle knew it wouldn’t be as simple as Aden agreeing to go.

“And she seems to think it’s ‘In my best interest’ to go but…..”

“You don’t want anything from him?” She guessed.

“Mmm yeah” Aden nodded and was unable to fight the smile that came to his face as he realised not for the first time how well Belle knew him.

“Morag knows that though right?” Belle continued gently. “Maybe there’s something else that she thinks…..i don’t know…maybe something she thinks would help you.”

“Well she said it wasn’t straightforward, whatever that means! God Belle, why does everything always end up so…so…messed up! Nothing is straightforward!”

“Hey, come here.” Belle tilted her head to close the small gap between them brushing her lips against his in a delicate kiss. “We aren’t messed up and that’s all that matters.”

“I guess.” He whispered, his forehead resting against hers.

“Look babe, Morag knows you well right? She wouldn’t put you in a situation that she thought wouldn’t be good for you. Why don’t you just go to this meeting and find out what’s going on. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything or accept anything. Just go and listen to what this guy has to say.”

“I don’t….”

“Just think about it.” Belle interrupted.

“Ok, I’ll think about it.” Aden conceded with a sigh.

“Good.” Belle pressed her lips against his again and allowed Aden to deepen the kiss as he wove his fingers into her hair.

“I love you.” He murmured into the kiss.

Belle was just about to reply with the same words when a small voice sounded from the bed.


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So....finally...here it is!! Not sure it's as good as the original but i guess it'll do!! So so so sorry about the long wait, just hope it is a teeny weeny bit worth it!!

Chapter 4

After a lengthy discussion it was decided that Aden would spend the night at the hospital with Jackson and Belle would take Felicity home. Aden had insisted on the grounds that he was unlikely to sleep anyway after the news Morag had delivered so he might as well be the one to spend the night in a chair.

He awoke early the next morning with a groan, his body protesting at the uncomfortable position he had slumped into on the chair that was pushed as close to Jackson’s bed as possible. A quick glance told him that Jackson was still fast asleep as he had been all night since before Belle had left.

As quietly as he could Aden stood up and stretched and then slipped out of the room. He quickly went to the toilets to freshen up and then grabbed himself a cup of coffee before returning to the room, wanting to make sure he was there when his son woke up.

He had just sat back down in the chair when the young boy began to stir.


“It’s me buddy.” Aden replied quickly, placing his coffee cup onto the stand at the side of the bed as he stood up and perched on the edge of the bed.

“Where’s mommy?” Jackson asked groggily as he glanced around the room taking in his surroundings.

“She’s at home with Fliss.” Aden answered reaching over to gently push the hair from his son’s forehead.

“I thought Flliss was with Aunt Nic?”

“She was but Nic doesn’t have a crib at hers so mommy took her home for bed.”

“Bed? Is it not Saturday anymore?” A look of confusion filled the young boys face.

“No it’s not.” Aden chuckled leaning forward to press a kiss to Jackson’s forehead. “You’ve been out of it since yesterday mate.”

“Have I been here all by myself?” Jackson asked worry clear in his tone.

“Of course not, I stayed here.” Aden answered kissing him again.

“All night? Where did you sleep?”

Aden gestured to the chair. “Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had but I wasn’t gonna leave my boy alone now was I!” He grinned.

“Thanks daddy.” Jackson whispered, his grin almost identical to Aden’s.

“No problem mate. So, how you feelin?”

“Well, my leg feels a little bit weird.” Jackson replied after a moments thought.

“Yeah, that might be ‘cause of this.” Aden told him as he lifted the blanket so that Jackson could see his leg.

“Whoa!” Jackson exclaimed causing Aden to chuckle as he watched his son’s eyes widen in surprise as he took in the cast that was now encasing his left leg. “That is so cool!”

“You think?” Aden asked.

“yeah! I am gonna get everyone in my class to sign it. I can can’t I? Please dad, please say I can!”

“I think that’ll be ok.” Aden chuckled again. “Is it sore or anything though buddy? You know you had to have an operation on it right?”

“I did? So that means I have stiches too?”

Aden threw his head back with laugher, his son’s apparent joy at the situation amusing him no end.

“Yes, I guess there are a couple of stitches under there somewhere.”

“Cool!” Jackson grinned “Can I go home today?” He asked the joy fading from his face as he contemplated the possibility of a longer stay in hospital.

“We hope so mate.” Aden reassured him once more pressing a kiss to his forehead. “How about we call mom huh, let her know you’re up.”

“No need.”

Neither Aden nor Jackson had noticed Belle slip quietly into the room.

“Morning mom!” Jackson exclaimed.

“Hey babe, you’re up early.” Aden said at the same time as Jackson’s greeting.

“Well missy here was awake” Belle replied gesturing to Felicity who was balanced on her hip. “And we were both missing our boys so we thought we might as well come over.”

“Glad you did.” Aden told her with a smile as he stood up from the bed and reached out for his daughter who happily moved from Belle’s arms to his.

“So, how’s my baby boy?” Belle asked taking Aden’s spot on the bed next to Jackson.

“Mom!” Jackson groaned “I’m not a baby!

“Ah, all better then.” Belle giggled as she dropped a kiss on his forehead. “How’s it feel though babes, it doesn’t hurt does it?”

“Nah, just feels a little bit….weird.” Jackson answered after pausing to think of the correct way to describe how his leg was feeling.

“That’s good.” Belle pushed the hair back from his forehead as she spoke. “We just saw Rach outside, she’ll be in in a little while to check you over and hopefully then we can all go home.”

“We have to go to the shops first mom to get some pens.”


“Yeah pens.” Jackson replied eagerly. “Everyone has to sign my cast, dad said it would be ok didn’t you dad?”

“Huh?” Aden’s attention had been focussed on Felicity so he hadn’t heard anything until Jackson called him.

“You said everyone could sign my cast.”

“Erm…” Aden looked to Belle to see how she was reacting. Seeing the smile lighting up her face he knew he was safe to continue. “Yeah, sure.”

“Ok” Belle agreed “Though, I think we have some pens at home that you can use. We don’t want you tiring yourself out at the shops.”

“Alright” Jackson conceded. “As long as you and dad sign first.”


It took a while for Rachel to come and see Jackson and then a further hour or so to get him ready and wait for his pain medication prescription to be sorted so it was almost lunch time when the family arrived back home.

Jackson had been given a pair of crutches and was still trying to get the hang of them despite practicing at the hospital.

“Jax! Watch the furniture!” Belle scolded gently when he hit one of his crutches off the edge of the dining table. “Looks like we’re gonna have to keep your sister off the floor for the time being eh!”

“Yeah, maybe.” Jackson replied sheepishly as he flopped down onto the couch.

“Maybe what?” Aden asked as he carried felicity into the room, crouching down to place her onto her play matt on the floor.

“Maybe we’ll have to keep Fliss off the floor when I’m using my crutches.”

“Oh.” Aden looked to Jackson and then down to his daughter who he had already sat down, a pillow placed behind her in-case she toppled over as she was still prone to do every now and then. “Well I guess you are safe for the moment angel ‘cause Jax is sitting down but daddy’ll come and rescue you when he starts moving around. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good.” Jackson replied on behalf of his sister.

“Right, now are you two all good in here if I go and help mom with lunch?” Aden asked.

Jackson nodded in response as most of his attention was already fixed onto the TV which he had turned on using the remote control. Dropping a kiss onto Felicity’s head and after making sure she was sitting sturdily Aden made his way into the kitchen to help Belle.

“What can I do?” He asked sweetly placing a kiss onto the back of his wife’s neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You can chop these veggies for the salad.” Belle instructed him as she pushed the chopping board along the counter for him. “Oh, and you can tell me what you have decided about tomorrow.

“Belle.” Aden sighed as he picked up a knife and began to chop the tomato that Belle had placed on the board.

“Don’t Belle me!” she replied. “We agreed that you were going to think about it. That’s why you stayed at the hospital last night. So, come on, what are you going to do?”

“I…I can’t…I just don’t know Belle.” His grip tightened on the handle of the knife for a moment before he loosened it and let it clatter to the work surface. “I don’t know what to do!”

“Can I tell you what I think?” Belle asked gently as she turned so her back was to the counter and she could face her husband directly.

“I always wanna hear what you think.” Aden replied in a whisper as he moved back slightly so he could pull Belle to stand in front of him.

“I think you should go. You are getting yourself all worked up anyway so you might as well go and find out what it’s all about. What’s the worst that could happen eh?”

“I guess. It’s just…after everything that happened I thought I was done thinking about him you know and now this….”

“I know babe but going can only give you closure right? Otherwise you’ll always have that ‘what if?’ in the back of your mind.

“Will you come with me?” He asked in a whisper, his voice thick with emotion.

“Of course I will.” Belle replied as she pushed herself onto her tip toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him towards her in a tight embrace. “I’m here whenever you need me Aden, never forget that!”

“I just wish……”Aden began before trailing off. “Never mind”

“What?” Belle asked pulling away so she could look into his eyes “What do you wish?”

“You are so amazing Belle, I couldn’t have got through….well all the rubbish things that have happened in my life basically…I couldn’t have got through them without you. I just wish that there was some way that I could….repay you I guess.”

“Aden, are you serious! You….i don’t need repaying! I love you, I’ll do anything for you because you are everything to me. If you are hurting then I will do whatever it takes to make that hurt go away. I need you to be happy because if you aren’t happy then I can’t be happy.”

Aden tilted his head forwards so his forehead was resting against hers.

“I love you so much baby. It just…it feels like you’ve supported me so much and I’ve done nothing for you. I want to show you how much you mean to me Belle.”

“You’ve done so much for me Aden. You make it so that I go to sleep every night feeling safe and protected and loved more than anyone else in the world. You’ve given me the most beautiful children.”

“I think that was a team effort.” Aden murmured a grin finally coming to his lips.

“Exactly.” Belle replied. “We’re a team Aden. And we’ll be here for each other always ok?”

“Ok.” Aden nodded as Belle closed the small gap between them and kissed him, letting him know without words how much she meant everything she had just said.

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Whoop! Less than a week and i'm updating again!! Get me :P Hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 5


Jackson’s impatient cries grew louder as Aden made his way along the hallway towards his room.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He replied as he pushed the door open gently. “Where’s the fire?”

“Fire?” Jackson asked, confusion lining his face. “There isn’t…..fire?”

Aden chuckled as he entered the room. “It’s just an expression buddy. I was just wondering what the big hurry was?”

“I want to go downstairs.” Jackson answered “I’m starving and mom called to say breakie was ready ages ago.”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear I was in the shower. You all set?”

“Uh huh.”

At Jackson’s reply Aden leant down and effortlessly scooped the young boy into his arms, mindful not to knock the cast encasing his leg.

“Jeez buddy, what have you been eating? You weigh a tonne!” Aden teased as he carried him towards the stairs. “We are gonna have to get you used to those crutches, I don’t think I’m fit enough to keep carrying you around like this.”

“I can use them.” Jackson explained. “Mom just said I’m not allowed to on the stairs.”

“Ah yeah, good point. You’ll just have to shuffle down on this when I’m not around.” As he spoke Aden adjusted his hold so he could playfully tap his son’s bottom causing the young boy to squirm and giggle.

“Daddy! Stop!” He giggled.

Chuckling as he reached the dining table Aden carefully lowered Jackson into his chair. “There ya go bud.”

“Thank you.” Jackson replied politely with a grin.

“My pleasure.” Aden grinned back before turning his attention to the baby girl who was securely strapped into the high chair next to the table. “Hey missy, how’s my best girl this morning?”

The little girl responded with a string of gurgles that made both Aden and Jackson laugh.

“Pretty good then huh? Where’s your mommy angel? Is she doing breakie?”

“Yes she is.” Belle replied as she walked into the room carrying two dishes. One was white and full to the brim with chocolate cereal and the other pink plastic containing baby porridge. She placed Jackson’s in front of him and handed the pink one to Aden. “Can you do the honours babe? And try not to make too much mess yeah?”

She was heading back into the kitchen before Aden had the chance to reply.

“Looks like I’m on feeding duty then.” He muttered as he pulled a chair towards Felicity’s and sat down. “Here you go Flissy.” Picking up the spoon with one hand and using the other to keep the little girls own hands away from the dish and the spoon Aden proceeded to feed his daughter keeping up a constant stream of chatter as he did so.

“Babe…” Belle came through from the kitchen with a steaming mug of coffee which she placed onto the table in front of her husband but out of reach of Felicity. “….What time did Roman say he’d be here?”

“Granddad’s coming over? Cool!” Jackson exclaimed.

“Yeah, dad and I just have to pop out.” Belle explained. “Granddad is gonna watch you and Flissy for us. So babe…?”

“Oh right…..yeah.” Aden looked at his watch before continuing. “Should be here any time….now.” He laughed as his answer was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Belle turned on her heel and made her way to the door in the kitchen pulling it open to reveal Roman. “Speak of the devil.” She laughed. “Come on in Roman.”

“Talking about me huh?” The older man asked as he greeted her with a peck on the cheek.

“I was just asking Aden what time you’d be here.”

“And here I am.” Roman grinned. “Now, where’s that grandson of mine? I’ve brought my own pen!” As he entered the lounge he pulled a marker pen from his pocket. “I hear there’s a cast that needs signing.”

“Hi granddad!” Jackson beamed up at him.

“Hey little injured soldier! How’s it going?”

“Good.” Jackson replied. “Look.” He reached over and pulled his crutches from where they were resting against the table then pulled himself into a standing position. After a small wobble he managed to manoeuvre himself across the room.

“Way to go.” Roman cheered. “Now, how’s my little princess?” he looked down at Felicity laughing when he saw the mess she had managed to make whilst Aden’s attention had been focused on Jackson. “Er mate, you might wanna….” He gestured to the baby girl.

“Argh, Flissy!” Aden exclaimed pulling the dish from her chubby hands. “You’re gonna get daddy into trouble with mommy now! Let’s get you cleaned up a little bit.” He reached for the packet of baby wipes on the side and used one to clean the porridge from his little girl’s hands and then another for her face.

“She’s a handful already eh?” Roman chuckled.

“Tell me about it.” Aden replied. “You sure you’re ok having them both this morning? I mean we won’t be too long but we could….”

“Hey mate its fine. We’ll be fine won’t we kids?”

Jackson replied with a resounding “yes.”

Belle wondered back into the room laughing when she saw Aden trying to hide the evidence of felicity’s mess.

“Busted babe, I heard every word.” She told him as she ran her fingers affectionately over her daughters head. “Seriously though Roman, Aden’s right, you sure you can manage with the both of them? Jax having the cast means he needs more help and Fliss….”

“Fliss will be fine.” Roman insisted. “You forget I’m Nicole’s father, I can cope with anything after the stunts she used to pull!”

“True.” Aden chuckled. “Right babe, we all ready to go?”

“Yeah I think so.” Belle replied. “Just give me five minutes to get my things.


Aden tapped his fingers nervously on the arm rest of the black leather couch he and Belle were sitting on in the waiting room of the solicitor’s office.

“Honey, relax.” Belle whispered, squeezing tightly on his free hand. “Nothing bad can happen ok. The can of worms is already open right? Might as well have a look at what’s spilled out!”

Aden managed a chuckle, loving his wife’s way of always making him feel better.

“Thanks babe, I love you.” He replied, his voice low so as not to be overheard by the receptionist who was stationed behind a desk just a few yards away.

“I love you too.” Belle told him just as the door to the adjoining office opened.

“Aden Jefferies?”

The solicitor, a man roughly Morag’s age, beckoned him to follow into the office.

“Please take a seat Mr Jefferies and Mrs Jefferies I assume?” He questioned.

“Yes, I’m Aden’s wife.” Belle held out a hand for the other man to shake.

“Nice to meet you Mrs Jefferies and you too Mr Jefferies.” The solicitor shook Aden’s hand too before they all seated themselves. “I should introduce myself. My name is Adam Sanderson and my firm here have been instructed on behalf of Mr Jefferies, your grandfather I believe, to take care of his last will and testament.”

Aden nodded in response unsure of the correct protocol in this kind of instance.

“Now, I believe you have spoken with my colleague Mrs Bellingham and she has informed you that this is a somewhat…..unusual case.”

Aden cleared his throat before answering “Yeah, she said something along those lines.”

“Good, good.” Adam nodded. “Now, first of all I can tell you that we are dealing with a rather significant amount of money, a little under two million dollars.”

“What!” Aden exclaimed “Two mil…How…..I mean….two million?”

“Yes, it is rather a large amount, of course it will be split three ways but that still leaves you with a sum in the excess of six hundred thousand dollars.”

“Six….three ways…..I’m not…what?” Aden seemed at a loss for words and a glance at Belle told him she was fairing much the same.

“This would be where the…unusual part comes in.” Adam explained rifling through a stack of papers on his desk and pulling a particular sheet to the top. “I believe you have two brothers…Sean and Ju….”

“Justin. Yeah.” Aden confirmed.

“Your grandfathers will stipulates that you are all to receive an equal share of the money he has left behind on the sole proviso that you sign for it together.”


Adam let out a small chuckle.

“It is rather unusual but we have to follow the instructions left to us by our client, your grandfather. No money can be released unless the three of you come to the office together and sign some papers.”

“Together?” Belle finally found her voice. “As in at the same time?”

“Precisely.” Adam answered. “Now I believe the three of you haven’t had much contact over the last ten years or so?”

“We haven’t had any contact.” Aden replied still somewhat dazed.

“Well, I’ve done a little digging…” He handed a sheet of paper across the desk and gave it to Belle who was the first of the couple to respond. “….Justin, as you can see, is in the army and…..”

“He’s what?” Aden cried, shock at this revelation etched into his features.

“In the army.” Adam repeated hesitantly.

“Babe?” Belle looked to her husband and squeezed his hand to claim his attention.

“Sorry, it’s just…..never mind. Carry on.”

“As I was saying…..” Adam continued at Aden’s request “Justin is in the army and I have the telephone number for the base where he is stationed. His troop has been overseas but I believe they are back on home soil this week as it happens.”

He looked to Aden who’s only response was a nodding of his head.

“And Sean?” Belle asked.

“Sean has been a little more…..elusive.”

Aden let out a small scoff at this. “Yeah, figures!”

“He has been in and out of prison for the last few years, petty crimes, nothing major. I managed to contact his last parole officer who was very helpful. He gave me a list of numbers I could try, they’re on the sheet.” Adam nodded towards the paper Belle was holding.

“So now what?” Belle asked.

“Now you find Justin and Sean.” Adam answered simply. “There’s nothing more I can do till then.”

“Ok.” Belle nodded “

“Aden, do you have any questions or….?”

“No.” Aden replied quickly. “No, I just….I just need to get my head around all this.”

“Right. So I’ll leave it with you then, here’s my number…” He reached over the table with a business card which Aden this time managed to reach out and take. “Call me when you have an update and we can take it from there.”

“Yeah…ok….thanks I guess.” Aden stood up from his chair and reached out his hand to shake Adam’s once again. Belle copied his actions and then followed him out of the office, grasping onto his hand as soon as they were through the door.


“Let’s go in here.”

Belle pulled Aden into a coffee shop that was a few doors down from the solicitor’s office. They hadn’t spoken at all in the few minutes since they had left. She led him to a table ensuring that their hands remained clasped together as they sat down.

“Wow huh?” She began, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, it’s…..it’s……I don’t know what it is!” he sighed.

Their conversation was briefly interrupted by a waitress coming to take their order. Belle asked for a coffee each for them and then turned her attention back to her husband.

“It’s a lot to take in.” Belle said as he nodded in agreement. “Look, I know that you said you didn’t want anything from your grandfather but….six hundred thousand dollars babe! That would…it would change our life completely.”

“I know.” Aden sighed again. “I should be dancing for joy right about now right?”

Belle shook her head as she leant across the table and used her free hand to lightly brush down the side of his face. “You’ve got a lot to think about, don’t listen to me, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

She was mentally kicking herself for her previous statement, knowing that the decision would be hard enough for Aden without him having to take her thoughts into consideration.

“Hey, I always wanna hear what you are thinking remember. Belle please don’t ever think that you have to hold things back from me.”

“I don’t think that sweetheart.” Belle reassured him. “I just know that you have enough to think about here without having to take my thoughts on it into consideration, this has to be your decision.”

“I’ll always take your thoughts into consideration.” Aden pulled her hand from his face and pressed a tender kiss to her fingers before lowering it to the table where he left it entwined with his. “Belle, you and our children are my world; everything I do is for the three of you. This decision is yours to make too.”

“But it’s you who it’s going to effect babe, I mean seeing Justin and Sean again…are you alright with that?”

“That’s just it…I don’t know. It’s been so long and so much has happened since they left, and then there’s everything that went on before…..we….the three of us….we never talked about what was going on so I don’t even know if….if what….”

“I understand.” Belle whispered not wanting him to have to go into anything deeper right then. “I’ll stand by whatever decision you make, as long as you are happy ok.”

Aden responded with a nod as the waitress placed their drinks in front of them, pausing until she had moved away from the table before he spoke again.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about huh? Can I just have a little while to get my head around it all first?”

“Of course you can babe, take as much time as you need.” Belle reassured him. “I’m here whenever you are ready.”

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:o I can't believe it's taken me a whole month to update!! *hangs head in shame* I am so sorry and i promise i will try to improve!!

Thanks to Naomi for the encouragement and reassurance on this chap :D

Chapter 6

The day following the meeting with the solicitor Aden was sat at the dining table, the telephone in front of him and the piece of paper containing the contact number for his brother clutched in his hand.

He had spent the night tossing and turning, running over the decision but he was still undecided as to what to do.

“Hey babe, you alright?”

Belle walked up to him from behind and rested her hands gently on his shoulders as she brushed a kiss onto the top of his head.

“Not really.” Aden replied with a sigh. “I just…..I don’t know Belle! I don’t know what to do.”

“Ok baby, come here a sec.”

Belle took Aden by the hand and pulled him to his feet then led him through the kitchen, stopping when she reached the open door.

“Look, I know I said this is your decision and I…..”

“And I told you that I wanted your opinion!” Aden interrupted pressing a gentle kiss to the side of her neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Go on babe.”

“Well….just look…” She gestured out to the garden and Aden allowed his gaze to fall where she had pointed.

Jackson was sitting on the grass his legs stretched out in front of him, a cushion placed under the cast to keep it protected. Belle had lay Felicty on a blanket next to him but the baby girl had managed to manoeuvre herself and was now attempting to climb over her big brothers uninjured leg.

From where they were standing Belle and Aden were just about able to hear Jackson’s quiet words of encouragement to the little girl.

“He’s really good with her.” Aden whispered, his overwhelming pride in both of his children clear to see.

“Yeah he is.” Belle replied as she turned in his arms and pushed him gently backwards into the kitchen. She stopped when he came to rest against the counter and wound her arms around his waist. “That’s kind of….well…..you and Sean and Justin……once upon a time the three of you must have been like that.” She nodded her head in the direction of the garden before continuing. “I was thinking about it last night and it makes me….it makes me sad babe. I love our babies so much Aden and I know you do too…”

“I love them more than anything Belle.” Aden interrupted.

“I know babe, and they know that too. I was thinking about what would happen if something happened to us, if we….” Belle had to stop as the tears that had been building finally broke free. “If we…..”

“Hey, shhhhh, it’s alright babe, nothing is going to happen to us! Come here.” Aden pulled Belle closer too him and rubbed soothing circles on her back with one hand whilst using the other to try and wipe the tears from her cheeks. “Shhhh.”

“Sorry.” She whispered as she took a deep breath. “I’m good now! Ok…..if something were to happen to us Aden I know that Jax and Fliss would be ok because they have each other. That means so much to me. You’ve been through so much….especially with your dad and you’ve done it alone but…..maybe you don’t have to anymore. You have brothers Aden and now you have the chance to have them in your life again. I think…..I think it would be really good for you.”

She paused and stared intently into Aden’s eyes as she waited for his reply.

“It’s been so long though Belle, so much has happened.”

“I’m not saying it’ll be easy babe but you stand to gain so much, I really think it will be worth it for you.”

“Really?” Aden whispered, doubt flooding his features.

“Yes” Belle replied her voice as low as his. She stretched onto her tiptoes and delicately pressed her lips against his. “Yes, really.” She repeated. “But Aden, that’s just my opinion ok….I’ll be here for you, supporting you whatever you decide. This has to be your decision.”

“Ok.” Aden nodded. “Thanks babe. You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better! I don’t know how you do it.”

“I’m just really, really smart.” Belle grinned reaching up to peck another kiss against his lips. “That and I love you and know you so well.”

“That must be it.” Aden replied before returning her kiss. “I love you.” He murmured against her lips.

“Ditto.” Belle whispered. “So are you gonna….?

“Yeah…yeah I’ll go call now.” Aden answered, nodding his head as if to strengthen as well as confirm his decision.

“Do you want me to come and sit with you?”

“Nah, it’s alright babe, I’m good.” Aden replied as he unwound his arms from Belle’s waist. “You go rescue Jax from our little minx.”


With a deep breath to steady his nerves Aden carefully dialled the number that the solicitor had given him for his brother’s army base. He had been transferred from office to office, repeating his request to speak to Justin Jefferies before finally getting passed through to the man who he was told was Justin’s commanding officer.

“Erm…hi…I’m looking for Justin Jefferies.” Aden replied to the typical “How can I help you?” question that he had already heard three times.

“Well, that’s quite the coincidence because he happens to be standing right in front of me.”

This news caused the breath to hitch in Aden’s throat. He hadn’t expected it to be quite so easy to track down his brother.

“He…I….he.....” The words jumbled around in Aden’s head and he couldn’t think clearly.

“Might I ask who’s calling?” The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“His….his brother.” Aden managed to reply.

“Just a moment.”

He tried to listen to the conversation taking place in the office but the pounding of his own heart drowned out most of it. Before he had chance to catch his breath properly a voice that was instantly recognisable to him spoke.


“No, it….it’s Aden.” He replied hesitantly.

“Aden! Wow!” Justin exclaimed shock noticeable in his tone. “How….wow! This is…this is a real shock! How are you mate?”

“I’m…I’m good.” Aden replied. “You?”

“Yeah, I’m good thanks. God it’s been….how long? 10 years?”

“Longer than that.” Aden answered “More like 13, 14…something like that.”

“Yeah? Wow! So….?” Justin let out a nervous laugh before continuing. “God this is…..It’s really great that you called Aden….I’ve missed you man.”

“Yeah, me too.” Aden replied honestly. It had taken hearing his brother’s voice for the first time in all these years to realise just how much he had missed him. “So, in the army huh? How’d that happen?”

“Long story mate.” Justin told him with a laugh. “How about you? You get away or….?”

“Nah, still in the bay.”

“Really? I’d have thought you’d have got out.”

“Nah, turns out there was a lot to stick around for.”

“Sounds intriguing.”

“Long story.” Aden replied with a laugh, throwing Justin’s reply back at him. “We’ve got a lot to catch up on….if you want to?” he added, uncertainty creeping into his voice.

“Of course I want to.” Justin insisted. “Like I said, I’ve missed you Aden. Look…I’ve got some leave due, that’s why I’m seeing the CO actually. How about I take a drive down to the bay and we can catch up properly?”

“Seriously? That’d be….that’d be great.”

“Tomorrow?” Justin asked.

“Wow, yeah….yeah tomorrow’s good. School’s on holidays so yeah.”

“School? Still? Really?” Justin teased.

“Funny!” Aden quipped. “I coach the footie team and assist with PE.”

“Cool. So, how about we meet at the…surf club? Or is the old diner still going?” Justin suggested.

“Yeah, the diner is sorta there, it’s on the pier now though.”

“Ok, so meet you there about midday?”

“Sounds good.” Aden answered, a wide grin lighting up his face. “See you tomorrow then.”

“See you tomorrow mate.”

“Bye then.”

“Yeah, bye…and Aden….It’s really really good to hear from you.” Justin added sincerely.

“You too.” Aden replied before adding another goodbye and then hanging up the phone, his smile still firmly in place.


Belle’s eyes were firmly trained on the door as Aden walked through it and into the garden to join his family.

“You ok?” She asked immediately, worry evident in her features.

“Yeah, I’m great.” Aden replied, the huge smile on his face confirming his words. He crossed the garden and lowered himself down on the blanket next to her, leaning close enough to peck a quick kiss against her lips. “It went really well.”

“Yeah? That’s great babe.” Belle replied genuinely happy and relieved for her husband.

“It is great. He…”

Aden began to fill Belle in on the phone call but was interrupted when their little girl attempted to pull herself up onto his outstretched legs.

“Hey baby girl, what you up to huh? You want a cuddle? Come on then missy Flissy!” He lifted the baby girl into his arms and after showering her face with kisses settled her onto his lap, handing her his mobile phone to keep her occupied whilst he turned back to Belle.

“So yeah….where was I? He sounded really….pleased to hear from me.”

“Of course he was pleased.” Belle grinned.

“He has some leave due so he’s coming to the bay tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, Wow!” Belle exclaimed. “You ok with seeing him?”

“Yeah.” Aden replied “As soon as I heard him speak it just felt right Belle. I know that sounds really…I dunno…sappy but yeah..it felt really good.”

“That’s great baby. I’m really pleased. Do we get to meet him?”

“What? Yeah, of course you do! Belle, babe, I’ve told you, you and these two...” He gestured to the baby on his lap and then at Jackson who was practicing using his crutches “…the three of you are my whole world and I actually can’t wait to introduce you to my big brother.”

“Better late than never eh.” Belle grinned at him. “Hmmm I wonder if good looks run in the family?”

“Hey, perving on my brother is not allowed!” Aden laughed.

“Spoil sport.” Belle teased. “Hey Jax, come here a sec babes.”

Both parents watched with matching grins on their faces as the young boy made his way slowly towards them.

“You’re getting good buddy.” Aden encouraged him. “Need a hand sitting down?”

At Jackson’s nod Aden reached out a hand to help steady his son whilst he dropped the crutches and lowered himself to the floor.

“Thanks dad. So, what’s going on?” Jackson asked looking back and forth between Aden and Belle.

“Well mate…the thing is…..jeez, this is actually harder than I thought.” Aden ran his hand through his hair as he thought through the best way to tell Jackson about the uncle he never knew he had.

“Are you guys having another baby?” Jackson guessed.

“What? No!” Belle laughed. “This little one is enough!” she said taking hold of felicity’s hand and wiggling it gently.

“Jax…before you came along and before I knew your mom properly my life was really….different I guess. It wasn’t very nice to be honest…”

“When your granddad was mean to you?” Jackson asked remembering the conversation they had had previously about how Aden had suffered at the hands of his grandfather.

“Yeah mate, that’s right.” Aden nodded reaching over to ruffle the young boys hair. “I wasn’t the only one he was mean to though, you see….I have two brothers who lived with me at that time but they…I guess they kinda ran away.”

“You have brothers? I haven’t seen them before have I?”

“No buddy, like I said they… ran away when we were younger, just before I got to know your mom actually. I haven’t seen them since.”

“That’s a long time to not see your family.” Jackson commented.

“Yeah it is.” Aden replied quietly “So anyway today your clever mommy talked a bit of sense into me and I called Justin.”

“Your brother?”

“Yeah, my big brother. We had a bit of a talk and he’s going to come and visit tomorrow.”

“Really? We’ll meet him?”

“Yeah you will.” Aden replied.

“So he’ll be like my…..my uncle?”

“I guess so.” Aden answered with a grin.

“And what about your other brother? Is he coming too?”

Belle’s eyes moved from Jackson to Aden, interested in what the answer would be.

“Err no, Sean’s gonna be a bit harder to find I think. Maybe Justin will be able to help me eh.”

“Good idea babe.” Belle said as Jackson nodded his head in agreement.

“I’m full of em!” Aden laughed. “Right, enough of the deep stuff yeah? You must be bored hey princess?” He turned Felicity around and held her up in the air, shaking her gently and causing a sweet giggle to burst over her lips. “How about lunch at the diner huh? Shall we go see nana and Granddad Roman hey baby? What d’ya say?”

“I say that sounds like a great idea.” Belle grinned “Jax?”

“Yeah, great idea dad, let’s go!”

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Hmmmm - i dunno about this pre-ordering thing??? If i could get my hands on an Aden not sure i'd be willing to send him else where :lol: :lol:

Chapter 7

“Are you sure about this Belle? I don’t want you to think….” Aden was hovering in the kitchen, ready to leave for his meeting with his brother.

“Babe, will you get out of here already.” Belle grinned pushing Aden towards the door. “You and Justin need a bit of time to yourselves first, I understand that. Go meet him, have a drink, catch up on the past….however many years! You can call us to come over when you are ready and you can introduce us then yeah?”

“Yeah, thanks baby. I guess I’ll see you in a bit then.”

“You will.” Belle agreed as she placed her hands tenderly onto his chest and tiptoed so she could whisper in his ear. “Good luck, I love you.”

“Love you too.” Aden replied as he pressed his lips against hers. “Bye babe.”

With a shouted goodbye to the children Aden left the house and made his way on foot to the diner. Despite taking the longer route he still arrived early and wasn’t surprised to see that Justin had not yet arrived. Deciding that entering the building alone at this time of the day would lead to questions that he wasn’t yet ready to answer he remained outside on the pier, finding a spot on the wide railings to lean against offering him a view of both the beach below and, most importantly the small car park for the diner.

He had been waiting for close to fifteen minutes, glancing at his watch at least once for every one that passed when a bright red sports car came speeding into view and screeched to a halt in the small space next to Irene’s car.

He knew, before the door even opened to confirm his suspicion that the driver of the car was his brother. Pushing himself off the barrier he began a slow stroll towards the car whilst Justin’s attention was focused on climbing out and taking in his surroundings.

“Justin.” Aden called when he was a few feet away.

Justin turned around at the call and his handsome face broke out into a wide grin when his eyes landed on his younger brother for the first time in years.

“Aden!” He closed the gap between them in a few strides reaching out a hand that Aden gladly took. “Good to see ya mate.! Wow!” using the hand that Aden was gripping onto Justin pulled him into a brief hug, slapping him on the back good naturedly with his other hand. “You’re looking good little bro!” he grinned as he pulled away.

“Yeah, thanks. Looks like the army life is suiting you?” Aden replied, his grin matching that of his brothers.

“Well, y’know, gotta stay in shape and all that.” Justin explained. “So…this place looks a bit different.” Justin gestured to the diner behind them.

“Yeah…long story.” Aden laughed.

“Good job I’ve got a few days then eh? Is the old caravan park still going? I’ll need somewhere to stay and….”

“You’ll stay with us mate.” Aden interrupted. “Belle will kill me if you go to the van park.”

“Belle? Girlfriend?” Justin asked.

“Wife.” Aden replied waving his left hand in the air briefly so Justin could glimpse the wedding bad encircling his ring finger.

“Wife! You’re married! Wow! How long?”

“Well Jax is eight…” Aden paused for a moment to think “so...yeah…nine years.”


“Jackson, our son.” Aden grinned.

“You have a son!” Justin exclaimed.

“And a daughter.” Aden replied, his grin, if possible, becoming even wider. “Felicity, she’s…5 months now.”

“Jeez…Sounds like it’s gonna be a really long story!” Justin chuckled. “I can’t believe you are a dad! You’re supposed to be the baby brother! Hey…. I’m an uncle!”

“Yeah you are.” Aden laughed. “You’ll meet them all later…if you want to…”

“Course I want to!” Justin replied immediately interrupting his brother. “I can’t wait. So, how about we get a couple of coffees to go and then go down to the beach and catch up?”

“Yeah, look though Justin...there’s stuff….I need to…..” Aden trailed off as he tried to think of the best way to bring up the delicate subject that had been his initial reason for contacting his brother.

“Hey mate…I know there’s stuff we need to talk about…stuff from the past and all that but I just got my baby bro back yeah…let’s leave all that deep stuff till later and just get to know each other again?”

Aden let out a sigh of relief as he looked at Justin. “Yeah, sounds good. Let’s get those drinks then.”


After collecting a couple of drinks from the diner where, luckily for Aden ,they were served by Roman the brothers made their way to the beach and found a quiet spot to sit down and begin the long process of catching up.

“…so yeah, we’d been on again off again for a little bit when I proposed!” Aden explained, highlighting the beginning of his and Belle’s relationship.

“I’ll say!” Justin laughed. “You’ve been good since then though?”

“Yeah.” Aden smiled. “We’re really solid I guess.”

“That’s great to hear mate.” Justin replied genuinely. “Did you have a big wedding or….”

“Nah, it was pretty quiet really, just family and close friends. Up on the point.” Aden nodded his head in the general direction of the landmark. “Belle’s not really the big white wedding, churchy kinda girl!”

“I can’t wait to meet her and find out for myself.” Justin grinned. “So…babies right after the wedding by the sounds of what you said earlier….”

“Yeah…well Jax at least. He was pretty much a honeymoon baby!”


“Not exactly!” Aden laughed. “A nice surprise though! Well sort of…Belle had a really shocking pregnancy with him hence the big gap between the two!”

Justin chuckled gently.

“So number two..Felicity…She was a surprise too?”

“Yeah. With Jax Belle was really sick and not just in the mornings! The first few months it was really bad, she even had a stay in hospital so we decided that we’d just stick at the one…I guess fate had other ideas!”

“Wow, sounds like Belle had it rough! Was the second pregnancy the same or..?

“Nah.” Aden grinned. “Fliss was like a text book pregnancy! Belle puts it down to the boy/girl thing.”

“There might be something in that.” Justin laughed with a nod of his head.

“You and her are gonna get on if you keep sucking up like that!” Aden laughed.

“That’s the plan! How do the kids get on then? They close…or…I guess the little lady is kinda young though…”

“Nah, they get on really well. Jax is great with her. She’s always watching where he is. I’m sure as soon as she’s moving she’ll be following him around and things might change then!”

“Yeah, having a little brother or sister following you round can be kind of a pain!” Justin teased with a wink.

“Funny!” Aden replied nudging him playfully with his elbow. “Come on then…you’ve heard enough about me. What about you? How’d you end up in the army JJ?” The use of the old familiar nickname slipped easily over Aden’s tongue and he was pleased to see Justin’s smile widen as he used it.

“Well...i know I said on the phone it was a long story but after listening to yours…it really isn’t!” He chuckled along with Aden. “I kind of bummed around for a little while after…..after leaving the bay. I got into a few scrapes and very narrowly avoided the clink! Not my brightest hour to say the least!”

“We’ve all been there mate.” Aden empathised.

“Yeah.” Justin continued. “So I guess I was just hanging around with nothing to do and I happened to walk past this army careers place in the city…It caught my eye so I went in just for a chat and the next thing I knew….”

“You were signed up.” Aden guessed.

“Yeah. Couple of weeks of basic training and then I went to join my regiment. Never looked back. We’ve done a few overseas tours… Timor for a while and we’ve just got back from Afghanistan.”

“Afghan….wow!” Aden said, visibly impressed. “That’s….man that’s….”

“Yeah it was pretty intense!” Justin filled in. “we were real lucky that the whole troop made it back...mostly in one piece too.”

“Yeah? That’s great mate.” Aden smiled “You must have been relieved to be home?”

“Totally! And that’s pretty much up to date for me! Like I said, not really a long story!”

“So no wife or kids or…? Aden asked with a cheeky grin.

“Nah, well and truly single!” Justin replied with a shrug.

“Girl in every port eh?”

“That’s the navy but….yeah” Justin laughed “Something like that! I guess I just haven’t found the right girl.”

“I’m sure you will soon.” Aden replied “Hey, if Belle knows you are single she’ll go into match maker mode! Could be interesting!”

“Interesting? Any hot chicks around here then?”

“Err…I guess….I kind of only see one hot chick if you know what I mean?” Aden waved his left hand in the air again, wiggling his ring finger.

“Wow, you are whipped mate!” Justin laughed “I hope this wife of yours is worth it!”

“She totally is bro! She’s….she’s amazing!”

“She sounds it. How about we go over to your place and you can introduce us?”

“Ok.” Aden agreed pushing himself to stand. “Let’s go, you can drive us in that flash car of yours!”


“Mom…” Jackson called from the kitchen. “Mom…quick!”

“What? What is it babes?” Belle asked hurrying into the room, felicity balanced on her hip.

“Look..” He gestured to the window “…look at the cool car! Who….Wow! It’s dad! Mom…dad’s in the cool car…look!”

Belle arrived at the window just in time to see Aden slam shut the passenger side door of the red car that had been parked in the driveway behind her and Aden’s cars. The driver’s side door was opened and seconds later the driver emerged. It would have been obvious to anybody who didn’t already know that the person emerging from the car was related in some way to her husband. The resemblance was unmissable.

“Is that dad’s brother? My uncle?” Jackson asked.

“I guess so.” Belle grinned as she walked to the door and pulled it open just as Aden and Justin approached it on the other side. “Hey you!”

“Hey!” Aden laughed.

“Wow! She is good!” Justin quipped.

“I am indeed.” Belle laughed. “Come on in.” She stepped aside and let him pass. Aden, following behind brushed a quick kiss against her lips as he lifted Felicity from her arms.

“Hi babe. Justin…” he turned towards his brother who had paused just inside the kitchen “..this is Belle…my wife.”

“Yeah, I kinda got that.” Justin chuckled. “Nice to meet you Belle.” He held out a hand for her to shake.

Belle took hold of his hand but instead of shaking it used it to pull herself closer to him as she raised herself on her tip toes to press a kiss to his cheek.

“Hi Justin. It’s really good to meet you too.”

“You must be Jackson?” Justin asked looking towards the young boy with a grin as he nodded in reply. “Hey mate.”

“Hello.” Jackson replied . “Nice to meet you. Is that your car? It’s way cool! I can’t wait to tell the guys from school that my uncle has such a cool car!”

“yeah, it’s mine.” Justin answered smiling widely at his nephew. “Maybe we can take a spin later?” He looked to Belle and Aden for confirmation, both of them nodded their approval. “Cool! Hey, what’s with the cast? Playground injury?”

“Footie.” Jackson answered simply.

“Ah, I see. You any good? Your dad used to play pretty well.”

“Oh, I’m way better than dad!” Jackson replied cheekily causing all of the adults to laugh.

“He got my modesty gene too!” Aden quipped as he freed a hand from holding his daughter to ruffle Jackson’s hair.

The little girl in Aden’s arm, sensing the attention being lavished on other people began to whimper quietly.

“Hey, it’s alright pretty girl, daddy hasn’t forgotten about you.” Aden soothed, gently bouncing her up and down. “This little attention seeker here is Flissy.” He announced to his brother. “Say hi to your uncle JJ Fliss.”

Felicity stopped crying and her eyes widened in curiosity as Justin reached out a hand to tickle under her chin.

“Hey sweetie, your daddy’s right isn’t he? You’re a pretty girl aren’t ya?”

He laughed as she replied with a series of gurgles.

“And a smart one too!” He added.

“We’ve got them both pretty well trained.” Belle told him as she stepped up to Aden and wrapped an arm around his waist. “So, how long are you staying in the bay?”

“A couple of days at least. I was gonna go check in at the cara….”

“You’ll stay here!” Belle insisted “No arguments.”

“Told ya!” Aden fired at Justin with a grin.

“Yeah, you did. Thanks Belle, I appreciate it.”

“Hey…” Belle grinned reaching a hand to squeeze his arm “..you’re family, we look after our family.”

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Chapter 8

With the sounds of laughter coming from her family who were gathered around the dining table Belle made her way into the kitchen carrying a stack of dirty dishes which she placed into the sink before turning on the taps. She had just placed her hands under the running water when a hand slipped around her waist causing her to jump.

“Sorry babe!” Aden laughed as he dropped another plate onto the pile. “Hey, you know we have a dishwasher right?”

“Yes, I had noticed.” Belle grinned as she reached for a towel to dry her hands then turned to face her husband. “I’m just rinsing them.”

“You rinse?” He asked.

“You don’t?” She replied trying to look cross but failing miserably as a guilty smile crept onto Aden’s face.

“Ermmm yes?”

“Liar!” She giggled as she swatted at his chest with the towel.

“Hey! Less of the violence.” He scolded as he grabbed the towel at the same time as planting a kiss against her lips.”

“Mmmm, ok.” Belle murmured into the kiss. “I love you, you know that?”

“Oh, I think I kinda got the hint.” He grinned as he pulled her even closer to his own body and took her lips with his again. “And I love you too by the way.” He added, his lips barely leaving hers.

They lost themselves in the kisses for a moment until a coughing from the doorway forced them apart.

“Ah, I see, you guys are one of those joined at the lips couples.” Justin teased as he entered the kitchen Felicity held in his arms.

“Are they kissing uncle JJ?” Jackson called from the lounge. “They are always kissy, it’s gross!”

“Yeah, they were mate but I’ve sorted it don’t worry!”

“Cheeky!” Belle shouted so Jackson could hear. “Both of you!” She added with a wink in Justin’s direction.

“It’s actually kinda cute!” Justin told them with a grin. “Anyways….little missy here was getting a bit restless and the little dude wants us to play on the X box. I said I’d check with you first.”

“Ok.” Aden smiled as he approached his brother and lifted Felicity from him. “It’s nearly bed time for you isn’t it angel? You tired huh?”

The little girl’s only response was to drop her head onto her fathers shoulder.

“Looks like a yes to me.” Justin murmured.

“Yeah it does.” Belle added as she made her way over to them brushing a hand over Felicity’s hair before going to stand in the archway connecting the two rooms so that she could speak to her son. “Jax, babes, you already played earlier so an hour ok? Then bed time!”


“No buts mister! One hour! Take it or leave it!”

“I’d take it buddy.” Aden encouraged as he walked past Belle and into the lounge, Justin following behind.

“Yeah, so would I.” Justin agreed. “And hey, I’m not going anywhere for a bit, we can play tomorrow yeah?”

“Alright….I guess.” Jackson sighed. “Can we go out in your car tomorrow too? You did say…please uncle JJ!”

The young boy dragged the word please out as long as he could and flashed his uncle his most charming smile.

“Course we can.” Justin replied as he sat down on the couch next to him ruffling his hair lovingly. “I’m looking forward to it mate.”

“Right, now that’s sorted I’m going to get my baby girl to bed.” Belle told them as she walked over and gently placed her hands onto Felicity’s sides. “Say night to daddy Fliss.”

“Night baby, daddy loves you.” Aden showered Felicity’s chubby cheeks with kisses causing her to giggle. “Dream sweet dreams beautiful.” He whispered to her as Belle lifted her from his arms.

She carried her over to the couch and both Jackson and Justin kissed her and wished her a goodnight.

“I’ll be back down in a little while.” Belle said as she made her way up the stairs.

“Ok babe.” Aden replied. “Right boys, who needs a drink?”

“Beer?” Justin asked.

“Sure. Jax?”

“Beer?” The young boy grinned cheekily.

“Wow, he’s funny!” Justin laughed as Aden shook his head.

“He’s something alright! You’ll get a coke and your mom will probably kill me for that!” Aden told his son over his shoulder as he made his way into the kitchen returning a few moments later with two bottles of beer clutched in one hand and Jackson’s soft drink in the other.


By the time Belle returned down the stairs half an hour later the boys were all well settled into their computer game, laughing happily and teasing each other mercifully. She couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Justin had settled so well and quickly into their family and catching Aden’s eye she gave him a wink and an extra special smile, somehow letting him know how very proud she was of him. She watched them play for a further forty five minutes before realising how much time had passed.

“Ok, bed time Jax.” She told her son, interrupting a teasing argument between him and Aden.

“Awww, mom do I have to?” the young boy complained.

“Yes you do.” Belle laughed. “You already got an extra fifteen minutes. Come on, I’m gonna go up too.”

“You are?” Aden looked to his wife in surprise. “It’s still early babe, you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Belle assured him standing up and walking over to where he was sitting and crouching down in front of him, resting her hands on his knees. “I just thought I’d leave you two to catch up a bit.” She glanced at Justin who offered her a smile.

“You don’t have to.” Justin told her sincerely.

“Yeah babe, we can talk with you here.” Aden added, dropping the games controller and taking hold of her hands.

“No, look it’s fine; I don’t mind leaving you to it. I could do with an early night anyway.”

“You sure Belle, I….”

“Babe I’m sure!” She insisted squeezing Aden’s hand as she leant forward and pecked a quick kiss against his lips. “Night, love you.” She whispered as she pulled away.

“Love you too.” Aden grinned.

“Come on then Jax.” Belle said as she noticed that Jackson had picked up the control that Aden had dropped whilst their attention was diverted.

The young boy let out a loud sigh as he threw the controller to Justin who caught it effortlessly with a laugh and then used his crutches to assist him to stand up.

“G’night uncle JJ.” He offered his hand to his uncle for a high five and Justin responded instantly.

“Night buddy, we’ll take that spin in the morning yeah, if you’re good I might even let you drive!”

“Don’t tempt him!” Aden warned with a grin. “Come here mate.”

Jackson moved over to where he was sitting and perched onto his knee.

“You want me to come up and read for a bit?” Aden asked quietly.

“Nah, it’s alright, mom can do it today.”

“Alright buddy, see you in the morning yeah. Love you.”

“Love you too dad.” Jackson replied wrapping his arms around Aden’s neck in a hug which was returned with just as much enthusiasm along with kisses brushed into his hair.


After saying goodnight to Belle and Jackson, Aden went to the kitchen to collect more drinks for himself and Justin. By the time he returned back to the lounge Justin had turned off the games console and was relaxing back into the couch.

Aden handed over the bottle of beer and then settled himself into the chair next to the couch.

“So….” Justin began “How about now everyone’s in bed you tell me why you called huh?”

“’Cause I missed you and wanted to see you.” Aden grinned trying to lighten the mood slightly.

“Yeah.” Justin agreed with a nod. “But that’s not the real reason Aden, c’mon. Does it have to do with dad or with…..with gramps?”

Aden didn’t fail to notice how Justin had struggled with just mentioning their grandfather and somehow that made it a little easier for him to continue, guessing he wasn’t alone in his reluctance to discuss the old man.

“He….gramps…..he’s dead.”

“Good!” Justin replied without hesitation.

“That was my reaction too.” Aden said quietly. “Jay…..did….did he….” Aden trailed off as he had to take a deep breath to steady himself.

The breath caught in his throat when Justin began to nod.

“Yeah he did.” Justin whispered. “You too?”

There was no need for either of them to elaborate, they both knew instantly what they were discussing and neither of them wanted to go into any more detail than they had to.

Aden nodded as he tried to swallow the lump that had risen in his throat.

“I’m sorry Aden….” Justin whispered emotion evident in the wobble of his voice. “I shouldn’t have left…you were alone and…..I just….I had to get out…if I’d have stayed then maybe….”

“It was happening before you left Justin.” Aden spoke quietly. “Your leaving didn’t make any difference.”

“How long?”

“Till he left.” Aden admitted reluctantly, the tears that had been threatening finally spilling over. “Sorry” he sniffed, wiping at his cheeks with his hands.

“It’s alright mate.” Justin replied sincerely. “How…how did you know he had died?”

“Because he came here.” Aden explained after taking a moment to steady himself. “He did it himself…..suicide.” he added.

Justin scoffed. “Why doesn’t that surprise me! Jeez what a……well, we both know what he is…was! So did you see him…when he came here?”

“Yeah, he turned up at Jax’s school.”

“What!” Justin exclaimed, his protectiveness of his nephew coming out already after only knowing him for a few hours. “He…god he didn’t…..”

“No, thank god!” Aden sighed “I can’t even think about the alternative!”

“Yeah, I get that mate.” Justin nodded. “Did you talk to him then…or…?”

“Yeah, I kind of had a go at him at the school and then again at the diner and then again when he came here!”

“He came here?” Justin asked, shock clear on his face. “He really had no shame did he?”

“None!” Aden replied. “He tried to say sorry and all but I really didn’t wanna here it, I just told him….god I threatened to kill him Jay.”

“I’d have done more than threaten it Aden…I’d have put a knife in him I swear.”

“I thought about it.” Aden admitted “But Jax and fliss were here and…..”

“Hey, you don’t have to explain mate. You have so much to lose here, I’m glad you didn’t do anything. The old per…..he ruined enough lives as it is. Those two kids up there need you here and not in jail.”

“Yeah, that’s kind of what kept me from doing anything.”

“Well like I said, I’m glad. So what happened after that then?”

“Pretty much the next thing I knew the police were here telling me he was dead and wanting to question me, I told them everything I knew and that….that was it till Morag told me some solicitor friend of hers wanted to see me about his will.”

As much as Aden trusted his brother he decided not to share with him Nicole’s involvement in the whole story of his grandfather’s death. She was keeping it from Geoff; the least he could do was maintain the secret as well as he could.

“Will?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, this is where it gets…..interesting.” Aden continued “I went to see this solicitor….it was him that gave me your details…the thing is…he left us two million dollars Justin.”

“Two mill….two million dollars…Australian dollars?”

“Yep.” Aden nodded. “Over six hundred thousand each.”

“Each? Us? Sean too?” Justin was clearly as shocked at the revelation as Aden had been.

“Yeah, all three of us. You haven’t heard from….”

“Sean…?” Justin interrupted Aden. “Nah, not for years….can this solicitor bloke not find him? He tracked me down.”

“He has a few numbers, his parole officer being one of them.”

Justin let out a wry laugh. “Parole officer…nice to see some things haven’t changed then! Jeez mate….six hundred thousand bucks! Really?”

“Yeah, it kind of blows you away hey! There is a catch though.”

“Now, why doesn’t that surprise me! Go on…”

“We all have to sign together.” Aden explained. “As in all three of us in the office at the same time.”

“We better get on the phone then, track Sean down.”

“You think we’ll find him?”

“Mate, for six hundred thousand dollars I’d find…….Elvis!” Justin quipped.

“Yeah…I’m pretty sure he’s dead.” Aden laughed, relieved that the earlier tension had been lifted.

“And I’m pretty sure that if we put word out that there’s this kind of money involved then Sean won’t be too hard to find. Well…the old Sean would have come running anyway and it doesn’t sound like he’s changed too much if he has a parole officer.”

“That’s a fair point.” Aden agreed. “So…guess now alls we have to do is decide what we are gonna splash the cash on eh!”

“Yeah…I know where you can get a great deal on a really cool car…..”


Rolling over in bed it took Belle only seconds to realise that something wasn’t quite right. Stretching out her hand she realised instantly what it was when her fingers glided over the empty space next to her that was usually occupied by her husband.

With a groan she opened her eyes to look at the clock on the nightstand, sighing when she saw the time displayed. Reluctantly she climbed out of the bed and slipped on her robe as she made her way quietly out of the room and down the stairs.

The sight that greeted her when she got to the lounge caused a smile to light up her face.

Justin and Aden were sprawled on their respective seats fast asleep, gentle snores emitting from both of them.

As quietly as she could she tiptoed over to Aden and crouched in front of him, spending a few moments just watching him sleep. Gently she raised a hand and brushed her fingers through his hair causing him to twitch in his sleep but not wake up.

“Aden…babe.” She whispered.

“Huh….?” Came his muffled reply.

“Babe, it’s four am…you need to come to bed….come on.”

“What?” This time Aden managed to open one eye as he replied.

“Come to bed.” Belle repeated.

“Why, what time is it?” He asked as he raised a hand to rub sleepily at his face.

“Four.” Belle giggled. “C’mon.” She stood up and held her hands out to Aden, gently tugging to help him get to his feet, pressing a quick kiss to his lips once he was standing in front of her.

“What about him?” Aden asked looking to Justin. “Should we leave him there?”

“No, he’ll get cold…and uncomfortable.” Belle replied. “I’ve made up Jax’s bed for him.”

“And Jax is…?”

“On the sofa bed in Flissy’s room.”

“Ok.” Aden moved over so he was standing next to the couch. “Jay…hey…Justin.” He gently shook his brother’s shoulder to wake him.

“Huh…what?” Justin asked sitting upright quickly.

Aden and Belle both chuckled at the look of shock on Justin’s face.

“It’s alright mate.” Aden told him. “Just thought you might wanna move to bed.”

“Oh…right….yeah, that’d be good.” Justin grinned sheepishly.

“Come on then.” Belle instructed leading the way upstairs.

Justin followed her and after quickly checking the door and turning off the lights so did Aden. By the time he reached them Belle had shown Justin into Jackson’s room.

“Are you sure Belle? The little dude’s got that cast on and everything. I’ll be fine on the couch or sofa bed or whatever.”

“Justin, Jax can sleep anywhere, the cast makes no difference trust me! And I’m pretty sure you don’t want a wake up call from our little angel in…hmm….two hours?”

“Yeah, that I could live without.” Justin agreed with a grin.

“That settled then? Can I go to bed now?” Aden asked looking back and forth between the two.

“Yeah I guess so.” Justin nodded. “Night then mate, Belle.”

“Night Justin.” Belle replied stretching up to place a kiss on his cheek before leaving the room.

“G’night bro.” Aden grinned, slapping Justin good naturedly on the shoulder. “It’s been great yeah?”

“Yeah it has.” Justin agreed. “See you in the morning…..later on.” He corrected.

“See ya mate.”

With that Aden left the room and headed to his own where Belle was already climbing into bed and within minutes he was joining her.

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I know, I know it's been foooooooooorever since i updated!! I've been on holiday and then sorting through the thousand plus pics i took whilst there but normal(ish) service will resume :D especially now we are getting to the main part of the fic!! The drama is on the way folks!! Hope you all enjoy.....

Chapter 9

Belle was unsurprised the following morning when Aden failed to wake at Felicity’s cries. He had only been in bed for three hours so without waking him she gently slid out from his embrace and made her way quickly to the nursery.

“Hey there baby girl.” She whispered as she made her way over to the crib and her crying daughter. “Come on, come to mommy.”

As soon as she was in Belle’s arms Felicity’s cries lowered to a whimper and eventually ceased.

“That’s it, that’s better isn’t it.” Belle cooed. “We don’t want to wake everybody up do we? Let’s go and get you some breakfast hey.”

She glanced over at Jackson who was sleeping on the sofa bed and was relieved to see that his sister’s cries hadn’t disturbed his sleep. As quietly as she could Belle crept out of the room and carried the little girl down the stairs and placed her into her highchair with a few toys to keep her occupied whilst she went to the kitchen and made a start on breakfast.

An hour later Felicity was fed and happily playing with Belle when a shout from Jackson echoed down the stairs. Belle was just about to respond when to her surprise she heard a muted reply from Aden and seconds later the sounds of him making his way from their room to the nursery. A few minutes later he made his way slowly down the stairs, Jackson cradled in his arms.

“Morning mom, morning Fliss.” Jackson greeted them as soon as they were in sight.

“Good morning” Belle replied leaning over to kiss his cheek as soon as Aden had placed him onto the couch next to her. “Hey you.” She added with a grin up to Aden.

“Hey yourself.” He murmured as he leant in to drop a kiss to her lips before crouching down in front of Felicity who was gazing up at him from her bouncy chair. “Good morning angel, how’d you sleep?”

The baby girl babbled a reply causing her parents and brother to chuckle.

“That’s good sweetheart.” Aden replied to her as he brushed a kiss on her forehead before standing up and then walking over to the chair which he dropped himself into with a tired sigh.

“Babe, why don’t you go back up to bed?” Belle suggested gently.

“Nah, I’m goo…well, I’ll survive at least!” Aden answered. “Jay and I are gonna see if we can track down Sean today, I figure the earlier we start the better.”

“Good idea babe. You don’t think Justin will be up though do you? He doesn’t strike me as the early morning type if he doesn’t have to be!”

“Well, I gave his door a kick on the way down.” Aden laughed. “And if that didn’t work I’ll just take Flissy up to play in his room for a bit!”

“That’s just mean.” Belle giggled. “I better make a start on breakfast for you boys then hadn’t I? Bacon?”

“See…..I knew there was a good reason why I married you.” Aden quipped reaching out a hand to grab hold of Belle’s as she walked past.

“Hmmmm, I think somebody needs to remind me of the reasons.” Belle muttered, trying to hide a grin.

“I’ll give ya reasons.” Aden replied as he pulled Belle onto his lap and pressed his lips against hers, cutting off her squeal of protest.

“Gross!” Jackson cried picking up a cushion and throwing it at his parents.

“I’m with the little dude! Do you guys never stop?”

Aden pulled away from Belle and grinned at his brother as he made his way slowly down the stairs.

“Morning bro. didn’t wake you did we?”

“’We’ didn’t wake me….” Justin replied making quote marks as he said the word we “…the doofus that kicked my door however….”

“Doofus? Really? You might wanna step away from the Disney channel mate!”

“Yeah I would but that Hannah Montana chick…she’s really hot and….”

“And almost half your age!” Belle scolded with a laugh. “Now can I trust you boys to play nice whilst I go and get breakfast ready?”

“I think we’ll manage.” Aden told her as he helped her up from his lap.

“I’ll keep my eye on them mom!” Jackson told her with a grin seconds before the cushion he had thrown at his parents was returned to him in the same manner by Aden.


“So….how do we do this mate?”

Once breakfast was over and everybody was ready Aden helped Belle to clear away and then she took the children upstairs to play so that he and Justin could make a start on tracking down Sean. They were sat at the table with the phone, and phonebook in front of them along with the sheet of paper Aden had been given by the solicitor.

“Well the basic idea is that you pick this up and then see these buttons here…..you push them!”

Aden waved the phone in his brother’s face, laughing as he dodged the elbow Justin poked towards him.

“Wow, you really worked on your funny the past 13 years! You’re nearly there mate!” Justin teased.

“Ha ha!” Aden replied dryly. “Come on then, let’s do this yeah?”


Aden picked up the phone and quickly dialled the number written on the paper. It was answered after a few rings and he promptly explained who he was and who he was looking for. He listened intently to the reply whilst Justin absentmindedly picked up the pen and began to doodle on the sheet of paper. After a few minutes the pen was snatched from his hand as Aden used it to jot something down before offering thanks and hanging up the phone.

“Well?” Justin asked.

“That was the landlord at the place Sean used to live.” Aden explained.

“Used to?”

“Yeah, he left a few weeks ago.”

“No forwarding address I suppose?”

“Nope.” Aden shook his head. “But I got the name of a bar just down the street. According to the bloke I spoke to Sean spent a lot of time in there so…”

“So you gonna call? Or I could?” Justin suggested pulling the phone book towards him to look up the number.

“Don’t you think it’d be easier if we just drove up there? It only takes like forty minutes to get to the city…probably less if we take your flash car!”

“Well yeah, I’m easy mate. Belle won’t mind?”

“Belle won’t mind what?”

Neither of them had heard Belle come down the stairs and she chuckled as they both jumped.

“You won’t mind if we go to the city…to find Sean. I have an address for a bar, I reckon it will be easier to just go rather than call.” Aden explained

“That’s fine babe. I can get somebody to watch the kids if you want me to come?”

“Nah. Thanks for the offer sweetheart but from what I remember of Sean…well he’s not exactly the nice family friendly bar kind of guy. I don’t want you in some dive.”

“You guys are seriously soppy you know that!” Justin watched with a grin as Belle rested her hands on Aden’s shoulders and pressed kisses into his hair.

“Yeah we know.” Belle replied before Aden had the chance. “We worked really hard to….”

“Hey, you don’t have to explain…” Justin interrupted her “…I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. I think it’s really great actually.”

“It is great.” Aden grinned. “So you sure you’re ok with me going?” he checked.

“Yeah, of course.” Belle replied. “Before you go though I need to run down to the diner, Colleen has made a cake for Jax.”

“Colleen Smart? She’s still around?” Justin asked, surprise clear in his tone.

“Yup, they’ll be carrying the old boot out in her box!” Aden answered with a chuckle.

“Aden!” Belle scolded as she tapped the back of his head much to Justin’s amusement. “She might be a bit of a pain sometimes but her heart is in the right place.”

“I guess so.” Aden admitted reluctantly.

“Hey, why don’t I go for you…to collect the cake?” Justin suggested. “I’ll take the little dude with me, give him that spin in the car he was after.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Belle, I offered.” Justin laughed. “Is he ready to go now?

“Yes I’m ready! I’m ready!” Jackson cried from the top of the stairs, all three adults bursting into laughter at his quick response.


“Are you sure this is the right place mate?”

Aden grabbed the sheet of paper from Justin and checked the address against the street sign that was barely visible on the wall of the dark alley way.

“Yeah, look.” Justin pointed down the alley and Aden was just about able to make out the bar at the other end. “Bet you are real glad you didn’t bring Belle huh?”

“Totally!” Aden replied as they made their way towards the entrance. “I feel a little over dressed!” he quipped looking down at his simple jeans and T-shirt.

Justin let out a small laugh as he reached out a hand and gently pulled the door. The inside was as dark and dingy as he’d imagined and they were hit with a wall of cigarette smoke as soon as soon as the door was opened.

“After you.” Aden murmured chuckling under his breath at Justin’s reply.

“Gee thanks!”

They made their way slowly to the bar, both looking around trying to spot their brother whilst avoiding eye-contact with the other punters.

“What can I get you boys?”

“Ermmm….” Aden looked from the barman to Justin and then back again. “….Just a coke please.”

“Coke…righto…and your girlfriend here…?” The barman nodded at Justin with a wink.


As soon as the barman was out of earshot Aden leant towards his brother.

“How glad am I that I didn’t ask for diet coke!”

Justin was still laughing when their drinks were placed unceremoniously in front of them.

“Can I get you girls anything else?”

“Actually….” Justin was the first to respond. “We’re kind of looking for someone.”

“Aren’t we all sweetheart!” The barman teased. “Just kidding, who is it that you are after?”

“Sean Jefferies.”

The recognition on the barman’s face was instant.

“You and a million others mate.”

“So you know him.” Aden asked

“Yeah I know him!”

“Is he likely to be here today?”

“Well, he said he would be but then again…he said that about yesterday and the day before and the day before…..”


“So… he owes like half of the guys in here money. Unless he’s come up with some cash then I doubt he’ll show his face until he’s desperate.”

“Sounds like Sean!” Justin muttered. “Desperate for wh…..”

“Well, talk of the devil!” The barman interrupted Justin.

The brothers both span round to face the door and saw Sean make his way towards them. His eyes were darting around the room nervously and he remained completely unaware of them.

“Mickey.” He greeted the barman with a nod. “Beer please.”

“Money please.” Mickey replied.

“Err yeah…about that….I had it but….errrr…..well……” Sean muttered

“How much?” Justin stepped up to Sean and placed his hand on his shoulder only for it to be shrugged off.

“What the hell? Who…Justin?”

“Yeah it’s me mate.” Justin replied softly before turning to the barman. “Look how much does he owe you?”

“Fifty” The reply came without hesitation.

Without another word Justin pulled his wallet from his pocket and plucked out a few notes handing them to the barman.

“There ya go, all square yeah?”

“”yup.” Mickey nodded.

“Good.” Justin turned back to Sean who had watched the exchange silently. “Let’s get out of here yeah? Aden?”


Sean’s head whipped around at the sound of Aden’s name and his eyes widened in surprise.

“I don’t…whoa…this is…this is weird!”

“Yeah it is a bit.” Aden replied “Let’s go somewhere a bit quieter, we can explain, catch up you know?”

“Er…” Sean’s eyes travelled from Aden to Justin and then swept slowly around the room as if searching for somebody, his hands twitching at his sides the whole time. “Yeah…yeah let’s…let’s get out of here.” He stuttered.

Aden led the way out of the bar, Justin following behind Sean. They remained silent until they reached the end of the alley.

“Where now?” Aden asked. “There’s a little coffee shop just down the street I think, should we…?

“Yeah, sounds good.” Justin replied “Sean?”

Sean’s only reply was to nod his head in agreement.

The walk to the coffee shop was quick and quiet, Aden leading the way once again. His mind was spinning, mainly with wondering what he was going to say to Sean. He had always been closer to Justin, even when they were small. Sean had been in and out of trouble for as long as he could remember and it didn’t take a genius to realise that he hadn’t changed much. It was also pretty obvious to Aden that finding something he had in common with this brother was going to be difficult.

Once they reached their destination the brothers made their way to an empty table and gave their orders to a waitress who approached them as soon as they had sat down.

“So….” Justin was the one to break the silence this time.

“How’d you guys find me?” Sean asked suddenly, sitting forwards in his chair and looking backwards and forwards between his brothers.

“It’s a long story.” Aden replied.

“Well I’m not going anywhere.” Sean bit back snappily.

“Calm down mate.” Justin soothed. He had always been more able to handle Sean than any of them Aden remembered and he decided then to let him do the talking. “Let’s just catch up a bit first. How’ve you been?”

“Oh I’ve been peachy!” Sean replied, his voice heavy with sarcasm until he noticed the disappointed look that crossed Justin’s face. “I’ve been alright.” He sighed. “Coulda been better coulda been worse you know?!”

“Yeah I think so.” Justin replied with a nod. “Looks like the baby bro lucked out then eh Aden?”

“You doing good then mate?” Sean asked, looking to Aden with interest.

“I guess.” Aden grinned shyly .

“There’s no guessing!” Justin corrected. “Seriously Sean, he has a gorgeous wife, two beautiful kids, nice house, great job!”


“Yeah, guilty as charged.” Aden laughed. “I am pretty lucky.”

“That’s really good Aden, I always thought you’d be the one to make something of yourself. Dad did too.”

“Dad…have you seen him?” Justin asked.

“We er….we spent a bit of time together a while back.” Sean explained. “In the clink…but…well that’s old news now yeah? What about you JJ, you married or…?” he continued, changing the subject before either Aden or Justin could question him further.

“Nah, not married.” Justin replied glancing quickly at Aden before returning his attention to Sean. “I’m in the army actually.”

“In the army. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Have you…..” Sean trailed off as he caught sight of somebody walking past the window. “…just…two minutes…I’ll be back.” The last few words were shouted over his shoulder as he ran out of the café and called out to the person who had just passed.

“What’s all that about then?” Justin asked as both he and Aden shuffled their chairs so they could get a better view as to what was going on outside.

Sean spent a few minutes having what appeared to be a heated exchange with the man that he had called to he then reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of crumpled cash which he handed to the other man in exchange for a small package which he hastily shoved into his pocket whilst glancing around furtively.

“I don’t fu….I’m out of here Jay!” Aden exclaimed as soon as he realised what was going on outside.

“What? Aden…?” Justin pulled on his arm as he stood up from the table.

“Drugs Justin! He’s taking drugs! I….I can’t….”

“Hey easy mate.” Justin soothed “Calm down yeah?”

“I… give him your number or something and tell him to get back to us when he’s clean Justin. I don’t wanna know if he’s using.”


“No buts, I mean it! I’m leaving, I’ll see you at the car.”

With that Aden pulled his arm out of Justin’s grasp and stormed out of the café, not looking back at Justin’s call nor as Sean tried to grab him as he walked out.

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A month later!! Sorry guys... better late than never though eh :D

Thanks to Naomi for the reassurance and as always the amazing support and cheering :D :D

Chapter 10

Barely a word was spoken between Aden and Justin on the car journey back to the bay. For the first few minutes Justin had attempted to get Aden to open up about what had obviously bothered him but Aden remained silent and sullen so he soon gave up and the rest of the drive passed in silence.

Pulling the car to a stop on the drive Justin tried once more to get something out of his brother.

“Aden, mate, somethi…” He trailed off as Aden climbed out of the car and slammed the door behind him without looking back. “…yeah, I think something’s bothering you baby bro.”

Belle was in the kitchen preparing lunch when Aden came in.

“Hey babe….Aden what is it?” As soon as she looked at her husband Belle could tell something was wrong.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” He snapped in reply.

“Well you don’t look fine.” Belle moved across the kitchen and came to stand directly in front of Aden, placing her hands against his chest and running them gently up and around his shoulders. “Babe?”

Belle felt him almost instantly relax at her touch but the relief was short lived as he tensed again and pulled away from her when Justin appeared a moment later.

“I’m going to get changed.”


Belle and Justin both called at the same time but their voices fell on deaf ears as Aden turned around and headed upstairs.

“What the…Justin what happened?” Belle asked turning to her brother-in-law, concern etched into her features.

“I dunno, he just flipped.”

“Something must have happened. Aden wouldn’t just….”

“Look, where’re the kids?” Justin asked looking around for signs of the children.

“Jax is upstairs on his computer and Fliss is napping. What’s going on Justin?”

“Let’s go and sit down.”

Justin led Belle into the lounge and waited for her to sit down before he copied and began filling her in on the events of that morning ending with their assumption that Sean had been involved in a drugs deal and Aden’s reaction.

“…he just snapped and walked out then refused to even talk about it.”

“Well that makes sense.” Belle sighed.

“To you maybe.” Justin replied.

Belle buried her head in her hands for a moment sighing again before looking up at Justin.

“Ok, how much has Aden told you about us...me and him…before we were married?”

“He told me you were a bit on off on off.” Justin summarised. “Didn’t really go into much detail though.”

“Sounds like Aden.” A ghost of a smile flashed across Belle’s lips before she returned to her previous serious state. “I don’t know where to start!” She paused for a moment taking a deep breath. “Right, here goes…So, Aden and I had already been a little on off as you put it and when we got back together one of the times I was kind of involved in this development site stuff…it’s a really long story which I won’t bore you with… I kind of ruffled some feathers and ended….Hey it’s not funny!” She scolded when she noticed Justin chuckling.

“Sorry, it’s just….I get the feeling you ruffle feathers a lot! Carry on.”

“I used to.” Belle conceded with a grin. “Anyway I ended up having my car ran off the road and then I was attacked.”

“God Belle!” Justin exclaimed. “I never…I wouldn’t have laughed if I thought…”

“I know.” Belle grinned. “So after the attack as you can imagine I was a bit of a wreck but Aden was great, he really looked after me.”

“Sounds like the Aden I’ve come to know.”

“Yeah, like I said he was great. This was all around the time he took his HSC’s; how he passed I’ll never know! Anyways, he convinced me to go to his formal with him, he thought we both deserved a good night after everything and we were having a really great time…”

“Were?” Justin asked intrigued.

“Yeah, right up until a car crashed into the hall!” Belle explained.

“You’re kidding? Was anybody hurt?”

Belle raised her hand with a small smile and Justin couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m getting the feeling you’re a bit of a danger magnet Belle.”

“Yeah, I was thinking that when I was trapped under the oven!”

“You got trapped under an oven! Geez! So, not that I’m not enjoying this story but, how has it got anything to do with Aden’s bad mood?”

“I’m getting there.” Belle insisted. “You just need the background first. So, the oven left me with a pretty major back injury and I really struggled with the pain, only really strong painkillers would touch it.”

“Ok.” Justin nodded, for the first time getting an inkling into where the story might be leading.

“Things just started getting on top of me and my doctor ended up prescribing me anxiety medication…I guess you can see where this is going right?”

“You got addicted?” Justin guessed.

“Uh huh.” Belle nodded. “Things had snowballed way out of my control. I tried to keep it to myself but Aden found out eventually.”

“He didn’t take it to well did he?” Justin guessed again.

“After your dad and everything they went through, I couldn’t blame him.” Belle defended Aden’s actions instantly. “He did try to help me. I went cold turkey and stayed clean for a little while with his help but then….”

“You slipped up?” Justin asked.

“Sort of. We were at a friends wedding and Aden found some pills in my bag and thought I was still using…I wasn’t they were just in there from before but he didn’t want to listen to me explain. He left and I realised what a mess I’d made of our relationship…of everything so…”

“So?” Justin prompted.

“I…I OD’d.”

“You…wow Belle, didn’t see that one coming!” Justin reached out a hand and squeezed Belle’s arm reassuringly. “I take it Aden came back for you?”

“Not exactly.” She replied. “Quite the opposite actually. I was admitted to rehab and Aden just couldn’t deal with seeing me like that and we broke up.”

“Again?” Justin quipped trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, again, except that time was kind of more….serious I guess than the other times. A lot happened whilst we weren’t together and we both did things that hurt the other.”

“You sorted it out though...obviously!”

“Yeah, we did.” Belle grinned. “It took a while but I think that actually helped. We became friends first and learnt to trust each other again and Aden helped me with some pretty intense stuff so in the end, us getting back together, it was as natural as…natural as breathing.”

“You guys were really made for each other.” Justin smiled. “That’s obvious to anyone who sees the two of you together.”

“I think so too.” Belle replied her grin matching his. “So, you know now why Aden reacted like he did…if Sean is using then….”

“Yeah I can see why, what with that and what went on with dad. You can’t blame him for having issues! What can we do?”

“I’ll go and spe…”

Belle was interrupted by the sound of a five year old calling from the kitchen.


“Uncle Ade, Uncle Ade.” Eden flew into the room at full speed stopping abruptly in front of the couch. “You’re not Uncle Ade!” She exclaimed, small hands coming to rest on her hips as she looked at Justin intently.

“No I’m not.” Justin replied a grin breaking out on his face as he looked to Belle and then back to the young girl.

“Well where’s my uncle Ade?” Eden looked to Belle for an answer. “And who are you?” She added almost as an afterthought.

“Eden, honey, this is Justin, he’s Aden’s brother.” Belle explained.

Eden looked at Belle as she spoke and then turned her attention back to the man in question studying him as she processed the news.

“Mommy, come quick your brother is in here.”

She ran into the kitchen and returned a second later leading a confused looking Nicole by the hand.

“Honey this is Uncle Aden’s house of course he’s…oh...you aren’t Aden!”

Belle giggled as Nicole responded in almost the exact same manner as her daughter.

“Nic, this is Justin.”

“Your brother.” Eden added helpfully.

“No babes, Justin is Aden’s brother not your mommy’s. This is gonna be complicated.” Belle added looking to Nicole and then Justin.

“That’s just because Eden is a dope!” Jackson commented from Aden’s arms as he was carried down the stairs. He received a nudge from Aden in response to what he said about his small cousin. “Sorry Eden but it’s not really complicated, put me down dad and I’ll explain.”

“Ok.” Aden couldn’t help but laugh at his son’s confidence as he placed him carefully onto the chair. “Hey there gorgeous.” He grinned as Eden came running at him. He instantly swept her into his arms and peppered her face with kisses.

“Uncle Ade I thoughted Justin was you but he wasn’t he was Justin and he’s your brother but not my mommy’s brother and Auntie Belle said it’s coplicated!” Eden didn’t even pause for a breath as she greeted her uncle.

“It is a little bit complicated baby girl, Jax is gonna explain though.” Aden sat himself next to Belle offering her a reassuring smile and mouthed the word later to her when she looked at him. Once Eden had made herself comfy on his lap he looked to Jackson “Go on then buddy.”

“Ok Eden” Jackson began. “It’s real easy! You know that granddad Roman is your mom’s dad right?”

“Uh huh.” Eden nodded. “That’s why he’s my bestest granddad!”

“He’s your only granddad!” Jackson replied rolling his eyes causing the adults in the room to laugh. “So he’s your mom’s dad but not my dad’s dad, he’s just like his dad cause he looked after my dad when my dad’s real dad couldn’t look after him.”

“Oh, this isn’t complicated at all.” Justin laughed.

“It is Justin; I’m very comf…comfluzeded!” Eden replied seriously.

“Me too sweets.” Justin told her.

Jackson let out a loud sigh “You are all dopes!” he muttered under his breath but not quietly enough as Belle and Aden both raised their eyebrows at him in warning. “Sorry!” He sighed again.

“Look, let’s just say Eden this is Justin. Justin this is Eden.” Aden grinned. “Easy enough?”

“What about mommy Uncle Ade? Justin doesn’t know my mommy, he isn’t her brother!”

“Yeah, I don’t know…Nicole right?” Justin smiled.

“Yes, hi.” Nicole offered a hand which Justin shook as he stood up from his seat.

“Here have a seat.” He offered.

“Wow, I’m impressed already.” Nicole grinned as she took the seat. “Looks like we know which brother got the gentleman genes!”

“Hey I’m a gentleman!” Aden exclaimed trying his best to look offended.

“Yes, but you don’t have jeans Uncle Ade see?” Eden used her tiny hand to grasp at the bottom of the leg of the board shorts Aden had changed in to.

“She’s a cute kid!” Justin commented when everybody had finished laughing at Eden.

“Thank you.” Nicole accepted the compliment. “So, what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”

“Beg.” Aden quipped. “Nah, I’ll go. Babycakes, you wanna sit with Auntie Belle a sec.” at her nod he carefully slid Eden onto Belle’s lap and stood up. “Babe you want anything?”

“Yeah, a coffee would be good thanks.”

“No problem beautiful. Jay?”

“Yeah. I’ll come help.” Justin offered following his brother into the kitchen.


“You chilled out a bit then?” Justin asked as Aden stood at the sink filling the kettle with water.

Aden nodded as he placed the kettle onto its stand and flicked it on before turning to face his brother.

“Yeah…yeah I’m alright now but I…..”

“Mate, Belle filled me in on what happened with her.” Justin explained.

“She did?” Aden was surprised as Belle had always been reluctant to talk about what had happened.

“Yeah, sounded like you guys had it real tough for a bit.”

“We did.” Aden agreed. “And that’s why I….I want this to happen Jay, I want for us, all three of us, to be…friends again or whatever. I want us to get the money but I can’t be around Sean if he’s doing drugs Justin I can’t!”

“I get that mate, I really do but…”

“But nothing Jay! You know what’ll happen if we get that money? If Sean gets that kind of money?” Justin shrugged his shoulders in response so Aden continued. “He’ll kill himself Justin. He’ll use it for drugs and he’ll end up dead.” He said bluntly.

“I…I didn’t…”

“I can’t do that to him, he’s my brother and I can’t let that happen to him.”

“Ok.” Justin nodded “I guess I didn’t look at it like that but you’re right. We have to do something then don’t we?”

“Help him?” Aden asked expectantly

“Yeah, we’ll get him into rehab or something…you gonna be ok doing that?”

Aden nodded “I think so…are…can you…don’t you have to go back soon though?”

“Leave it with me.” Justin answered cryptically.

“Huh?” Aden replied clearly confused.

“Let’s just say that I might be sticking around.” Justin told him as he reached at a hand to clasp Aden’s shoulder. “My little brothers need me, can’t go rushing off can I?”

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