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Amanda Knox Freed

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Amanda Knox has been dramatically aquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher, despite a last-ditch appeal from the British student's family to upload the conviction.


A jury in Perugia, where the murder took place four years ago, overturned Knox's 26-year jail sentence for the sexual assault and murder of the Leeds University student.

She will walk free from Capanne prison, outside Perugia, after serving four years for a crime that the appeal court ruled she did not commit.

Her Italian former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito also had his murder conviction quashed.

Knox’s family, who had always believed in her innocence, were ecstatic.

American television networks are reportedly offering large sums of money for her first interview, and a book and film are also said to be in the pipeline.

Knox’s acquittal dismayed the Kercher family, who said at a press conference in Perugia that they wanted her original verdict upheld, saying the evidence pointed to her guilt.

-> Credit to The Telegraph

Personally, I am quite horrified by this outcome!

Fine, don't charge Knox and the other guy with murder, but at least manslaughter or something because they were clearly involved, at some point, in Meredith's death.

All I can say is that I am extremely sorry for the Kercher family! They were right when they said that Meredith had been forgotten!

I hope Amanda realises how lucky she is! She's been given a second chance, not something that I think she deserves! <_<

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