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Perth Telethon- H&A Stars Confirmed

Guest Yellow601

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Just got his off the Telethon facebook page:

"Already confirmed to come to Perth for Telethon 2011 from Home & Away is Ada Nicodemou, David Jones-Roberts, Esther Anderson, Emily Symons, Lisa GOrmley, Lynne McGranger, Samara Weaving, Lincoln Younes, Steve Peacocke & Dan Ewing."

So lots of Home and Away stars are going to be at the Perth Telethon this year. Can't wait. October 15 and 16.

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Update so far.

Ester Anderson danced in the opening number.

Ester & David Jones-Roberts were on the first panel. Ester was appropriately interrogated about her first kiss with Steve Peacocke. Apparently she had makeup put on a fake coldsore so he would get grossed out before he had to kiss her. Hilarity and payback ensured. Zoe Tuckwell-Smith (Winners & Losers) was Steve's first on-stage kiss, in a production they did.

David was the first guy to take his shirt off. He said the first year he did it they raised $1000 to get it off, this year he did it for nothing! But is definitely looking good :wink:. He is however, a bit "bitter" about losing his KCA to Justin Beiber for Hottest Hottie.

H&A stars are twittering throughout the weekend including, Charles Cottier & Lisa Gormley, David Jones-Roberts, Lincoln Younes (who joined for this special occasion), Luke Jacobz, Lisa Gormley & Lynne McGranger

Will update as the night progresses.

Luke Jacobz has just hit the panel.

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Telethon Buzz to hit Harbour Town!

Head to West Perth for Harbour Town's 'Trade for Telethon' on October 16, making combining charity and shopping easier than ever!

The community celebration will give shoppers the chance to meet Channel 7 celebrities (times listed below), with stars throughout the day. Plus meet 'Hot Ross' from radio station 92.9!

Also catch live performances from Australia's Got Talent winners Jack Vidgen and Mark Vincent!

Harbour Town's Trade for Telethon kicks off at 11am, head in early to grab a giveaway goodie bag packed with freebies. Kids who visit Level One can enjoy free entertainment and have the chance to meet special guest Fat Cat!

Here is the celebrity line up for Harbour Town:

11.15– 12.00pm:

Luke Jacobz

11.15 – 12.15pm:

Esther Anderson

Charles Cottier

Steven Peacocke

Lisa Gormley

12.15– 1.15pm:

Hugh Sheridan

Hannah Marshall

Molly Meldrum

1.15– 2.15pm:

Melanie Vallejo

Melissa Bergland

2.30– 3.30pm:

Zoe Tuckwell-Smith

Alana Patience

3.30– 4.30pm:

Paul Moore

Ryan Corr

Shoppers will also be able to support Telethon by making donations during this event.

Visit www.harbourtownperth.com.au for more information.


If anyone in Perth goes, and gets pics/videos, then please share :).

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^^ Esther rated her kiss with Steve a ten out of ten because she saidit takes two. While Zoe Tuckwell Smith didn't rate it as she said is wasn't the same as real life...

Compared to last year the line up wasn't as good with Luke Mitchell, Rebecca Breeds, Ada Nicodemou and Lyn Collingwood missing. However there were many new editions including Steve Peacocke, Lincoln Younes, Samara Weaving, Lisa Gormley, Charles Cottier and Marcus Graham who joined Esther Anderson, David Jones Roberts and Lynne McGranger during Telethon 2011.

Lynne told a story of getting stuck in the lift of her hotel with one of the cast of Winners and Losers( can't remember who??? Could have been Zoe?). However they were rescued by one of the singer (sorry can't remember who again, might have been David Campbell?)

Marcus Graham, who grew up in Perth, and Esther Anderson flew by helicopter to Bunbury where they met fans, signed autographs and even gave hugs for donations to telethon.

Another highlight was Esther giving a sneak peak of Booboo Stewart's (Twilight) abs again (she did it last year as well)!

Does anyone know if Steve took off his shirt in the end? Cos i know that there was a deal that if someone donated $2000 he would so did that happen in the end??

Overall Home and Away was well represented at Telethon.

Did anyone see the duet with Esther and Steve that they mentioned during an interview on Sunrise this morning? Or were they just kidding?

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