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The White or Red Rose?

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Story Title: The White or Red Rose?

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Javier and few others.

BTTB Rating: G/T

Genre: General

Does this story contain spoilers?: No

Any Warning: No

Summary: One Summer, an 18-year-old Belle went on holiday to Hawaii with her family. There, she met a boy called Javier and they very quickly fell in love. When the summer ended, Belle's family prepared to return to Australia, so Belle and Javier were forced to put aside their love and say goodbye. They promised they would see each other again soon, and that their love would never die, but it would be many years before they would be reunited once more.

Ten years later, Belle is about to get married to her college boyfriend, Aden. Three weeks before the wedding, Belle bumps into Javier when shopping in Yabbie Creek. They sit and talk, and soon all Belle's feelings for Javier come flooding back.

Will Belle go through with her marriage to Aden or will she risk everything to relive her summer romance with Javier?!

Chapter 1

As Belle sat in the car, waiting for the light to turn green, she smiled happily at the engagement ring that sparkled on her finger.

Aden boasted to everyone about how he had picked the biggest, most expensive ring in the shop, and Belle always blushed when he did, telling Aden that he shouldn't have, that he didn't need to give her anything to represent their love.

But secretly, Belle loved it.

She admired it all the time, and gladly showed it off to everybody, and it usually received glowing remarks.

The usual's were 'oh Aden has a great taste in jewellery' or 'oh Belle, you are so lucky. If only my husband was that generous!'

Belle even had one person grab her hand and gawk at the ring, exclaiming 'it is bigger than mine!'

Belle knew deep down that the ring was only a material object. It could never fully represent the love that she felt for Aden.

Not even words could completely explain her feelings for him.

Belle was jerked back to the real world by the angry drivers behind honking at her. Belle jumped as she saw the green light and quickly pressed down on the accelerator.

The clock on the dashboard said 1.50pm. Belle was due to meet her dress maker at 2pm to complete the final fittings.

With the wedding three weeks away, Belle was keen to have her wedding dress completed as soon as possible. There was still so much to arrange, Belle was extremely flustered.

Pulling up outside the dress makers, Belle hurried inside.


Christine's head appeared through the curtains.

"Ah ma petite fille, ça va?"

"Ca va très bien, merci! said Belle, smiling widely. "Christine, my dress, is it ready?"

"But of course," said Christine, pulling out a white dress bag from behind the curtains. Unzipping the bag, Christine pulled out the dress.

Belle gasped quietly, beaming at her wedding dress.

"Oh Christine," she exclaimed. "It's absolutely beautiful! You are a true artist!"

Christine made a small bow. "Merci beaucoup, ma fille!"

Belle's phone suddenly started ringing in her bag.

"Christine, je dois partir, mais je reviendrai cet après-midi! Au revoir!"

"Au revoir, ma petite fille."

Jumping back into the car, Belle put the phone to her ear.

"Hi Alice, I just left the fitters there," she said, pulling the car out into the lane.

"Belle, what have I told you," said Alice. "You will be my daughter-in-law in less than three weeks; it is ok for you to call me Mum!"

Belle chuckled.

"Well Mum, I'm just leaving the dress fitters now, the dress is absolutely perfect! I just hope Aden will like it!"

"Belle, trust me, he would love it even if you were wearing a hoodie and track pants!"

Belle laughed. "Well I definitely will not be wearing that. I have just a few things to sort out in Yabbie Creek. Will be home in about an hour?"

"Ok darling, will see you then."

Further along the street, Belle drove onto Yabbie Creek High Street, and parked the car in the first parking space she saw.

Walking along the street, she looked into the shop windows as she passed them, admiring almost everything, and forcing herself not to buy something, more than once.

She walked down the street mostly in a daze. All she could think of was Aden, and their wedding day. She felt as if the days were dragging by, teasing her.

She only wished that 3 weeks could be 3 days instead.


"Well Mr Suarez, your resume is extremely impressive. I can say with some confidence that you will fit in well here."

Javier smiled as he stood up and shook his new boss' hand.

"Thank you Mr Jackson," he said, smiling. "I promise not to let you down."

Javier followed his boss out the door, and exited the building. He walked alone the road that was now leading him away from the hotel, and out of the grand entrance. He turned left and walked onto the High Street of Yabbie Creek.

He couldn't stop grinning.

He had been waiting, and preparing, for weeks, for this interview, and finally all his hard work had paid off.

Walking down the High Street confidently, he didn't care that nearly everybody was looking at him for smiling so widely.

For the first time in years, his life was actually going the way he wanted it to go. He wasn't going to mess it up now.

Grinning widely, Javier was ready to cry out in happiness.

Then he saw her.

He saw her long legs, accentuated by the black skinny jeans she was wearing.

He saw her toned figure, her wardrobe from the most chic boutiques in Yabbie Creek.

He saw her silky brown hair swishing in the wind, as if it was being blown back in a photo-shoot.

Then he saw her beautiful, warm, chocolate brown eyes.

From the minute he had met her; those beautiful eyes had captured his heart, and soul. He had never felt that way about a girl before.

He had known from that moment on that Belle Taylor was the only girl for him.

Walking over to her, his mind was no longer in control of his legs. His heart was taking him to Belle. His heart, full of the same love he had felt for her all those years ago.

Stopping right in front of her, forcing her to stop abruptly, he smiled at her lovingly. He was in awe of beauty, how she had only seemed to become more beautiful since he last saw her.

"I'm sorry; could you get out of my way please?" said Belle, trying to be as polite as possible.

"Belle, it's me!" said Javier, reaching out to take her hand.

Belle stepped back, avoiding his hand, fright in her eyes as she looked at him.

Then, after a few seconds, Javier watched her eyes turn from fright to recognition, and her cheeks turn pale as she remembered him.


"Yes it's me," he said, exhaling in astonishment. "I can't believe it's you, Belle."

"I haven't seen you in…"she started.

"Ten years," said Javier, with a nervous laugh. "How are you? You look….amazing!"

Belle blushed, guilt rushing through her, confused as to why she felt the way she did.

"Thank you. I am very well," she said, trying to avoid his eyes.

Javier's eyes darted to her finger, where he saw Aden's sparkling engagement ring.

"You're getting married?" he said, his voice faltering.

Belle looked up at him, shocked, and then saw where his eyes lay on her engagement ring.

Putting both hands in her pocket, Belle looked up at Javier nervously.

The smile on his face had faded as he looked into her eyes.

"Well…he's a very lucky guy," he said, deflated.

Belle smiled at Javier sadly.

She knew he was thinking of that summer they had spent together. She had had to return to Australia so abruptly that they hadn't really had a chance to say goodbye.

"Can I buy you a coffee?" she said, looking towards the coffee shop that was on the corner of the street.

"Um…ok," said Javier, following her, unable to ignore the pain that was his heart throbbing.

Sitting down at the table, Javier pulled the mug of coffee Belle had bought him, towards him.

"How are you?" Belle asked nervously.

"Good thanks, I just got offered a job actually!"

"That's great, congratulations," said Belle, smiling at him weakly, knowing this was only small talk.

"Yeah, I'm really happy, thanks," He said, smiling lightly. "I've been working really hard for this job."

"That's good," she said, trying to smile supportively. "So…you're not married or anything," Belle noticed, looking at his wedding finger.

"No, unhappily single," said Javier.

"Were you ever close?" asked Belle curiously.

"I thought I was one time. But it wasn't meant to work out. In some ways, I think she was perfect for me. I never knew anyone like her. She was entirely unique," he said, his mind drifting further and further into the past.

"The way I felt for her, I know that I will never feel that way again, for anyone else. She was the only one for me. I still love her, with all my heart. But I doubt that is enough."

Belle's heart fell quietly in her chest.

"That's a shame it didn't work out for you," she said, raising her mug to her lips. "What was her name?"

"Belle," he said, looking directly into her eyes. "Belle Taylor."

Belle's eyes widened with shock, and surprise.

Javier's eyes never moved from hers. Belle could tell he was serious, that this wasn't just some joke.

"Javier, I'm engaged…I can't." said Belle. "I'm sorry."

"I know you're engaged. I'm not looking for anything to happen Belle," he said, smiling at her kindly. "I just need you to know that."

Belle's heart ached as she looked into his eyes, and saw the heartbreak behind his words.

"Javier, maybe if I hadn't met Aden, or this day happened a few years ago, things might have worked out for us.

I'm sorry that they didn't."

Javier smiled at her sadly.

"I'm sorry too," he said. "I think it could have been a beautiful relationship."

I know it would have, Belle agreed to herself.


Stepping into the hall, Belle laid her head against the front door, closing her eyes.

Today had been one of those days that she had only dreamed of.

Belle had dreamed for so long to be reunited with Javier. She spent almost 6 years praying that he would come and find her.

She had said no to every invitation that she had received from a handsome young man, in the hope that one day Javier would appear on her doorstep and sweep her off her feet.

But no such dream had materialised, and then one day, Belle finally decided that it was time to stop crying for Javier and what they could have been, and move on with her life.

She had finally put all her feelings for Javier away in a box and had buried that box at the very back of her heart.

It had almost been forgotten about….until today.

Now, the box was resurfacing, and was slowly beginning to open again.

Belle banged her head lightly against the wall, frustrated; she doubted she would be able to control what was happening, what she was feeling.

"Belle?" called Aden. "Is that you?"

Belle adjusted herself quickly, fixing her hair and makeup in the mirror, and walking somewhat confidently into the kitchen, she saw Aden sitting at the counter, drinking a mug of coffee.

"Hey babe," he said, smiling at her widely as she walked in. "How did things go the dress fitters?"

Belle, who wasn't listening, walked straight past him, and went over to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water from the shelf.

"Belle, are you listening?"

"What?!" she said looking at him. "Oh I'm sorry babe, I was completely zoned out! What did you say?"

"Did everything go ok at Christine's?"

"Oh, yes," she said, walking over and pecking him on the cheek. She instantly felt a guilty feeling in her tummy, but she tried to ignore it.

"The dress is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Christine has been amazing."

"I can't wait to see you walking down the aisle in it," said Aden, grabbing her hand, and pulling her close. "I also can't wait to see what's under it," he said, grinning at her widely.

Belle managed to role her eyes and smile at him.

"Well you'll just have to wait," she said, pulling away from him. "I'm just going to hit the shower ok?"

"Want some company?" asked Aden, sliding off the stool, a cheeky grin on his face.

"No!" cried Belle, angrily.

Aden stepped back, shocked by her harsh response.

"Sorry, sorry babe," said Belle, quickly, trying to smooth over the situation. She walked over to him and placed her hand lightly on his chest, leaning into his slightly.

"It's just been a really hectic day. I just need to have a nice shower, use some of the nice shower goodies you bought me in New York" she said, trying to appease him. "And then I'll be as right as rain."

"Ok," said Aden, cautiously, still confused.

"And then maybe," she said, walking over to him seductively. "I can make up for shouting at you."

Aden grinned. "Well I'm not going to say no to that," he said, quickly pulling her close and kissing her softly.

Belle held the kiss as long as she could before pulling away.

"I'll call you," she said, winking at him.

"Don't be too long," he said, licking his lips hungrily.

She forced a smile, and quickly ducked out of the kitchen.

She knew now that her feelings were getting out of control, and affecting her relationship with Aden. She knew she would have to keep them in check.

But later that evening, as Aden made love to her, she couldn't stop imagining that it was Javier's body pressing up against her, and that it was his voice calling her name.

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Aw thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it! :)

Here's the next chapter!

Let me know what you think!

Chapter 2

Javier threw his keys onto the counter, and collapsed into one of the chairs near the TV.

In his mind, he replayed that entire afternoon.

He remembered how his heart had soared when he first saw her, and felt the pain in his heart as he remembered watching her walk away.

In the distance, he thought that she looked back at him, but he could not be sure. It could have just been his mind wishing it.

He had lost his chance with her, he knew that now.

She was engaged.

His heart thudded as he repeated it over and over in his mind. The image of the ring on her finger had pierced a hole in his heart.

But then he had remembered that summer he met her, and his mind drifted back to ten years ago when they had spent their first and only night together.

"You are so beautiful," he had said, as he watched her remove the clips from her hair.

Belle looked at him and rolled her eyes.

"That is only because I'm so in love."

"No way," said Javier shaking his head. "You have always been beautiful."

Belle smiled at him, walked over and curled up beside him on the bench.

It was a beautiful, warm, summers night. From the balcony, Belle and Javier watched the sun setting behind the sea. It added a sense of passion to the night.

Belle sat up and looked into Javier's eyes.

"You know how much I love you, right?"

He smiled at her, and gently cupped her cheeks with his hands.

"Yes I do."

She smiled.

"Let me make love to you. I know neither of us have done it before but that just makes it even more beautiful in my eyes. I want my first time to be with you!"

Javier's eyes widened for just a second, and then he was at the same place as she. He smiled at her softly, and ran his fingers through her hair.

He felt her unbuttoning his shirt, and her fingers caressing his chest softly.

He kissed her neck seductively, and in that moment, their passion grew and they were truly in each other's arms.

It had been their first time.

For the ten years that they had spent apart, he never forgotten that night.

Javier gradually came back to the present as the memory came to an end.

His heart ached as he doubted that they would ever be together like that again.

Belle was in love with another man now.

Javier loved her, loved her enough to want her to be happy. She was happy with this man, with her fiancé. If he made her happy, well then Javier was happy for her.

He only wondered how long he could keep up this pretence.

He knew that the jealousy and heartbreak would destroy him in the end.


Belle watched as Aden slept beside her.

He was really quite beautiful, she couldn't deny that.

As he slept peacefully, the innocence in his face broke out, and his resemblance to a child became clear. He was really only a child at heart, after all.

As her eyes ran down his body, she quietly admired his toned physique. It was the result of spending up to 5 hours in the gym per week, and being a member of the rugby team.

He was so tanned as well. That was partly her doing of course. She had begged him more than once to accompany her to the beach, and after the hours of sunbathing, his body was nicely tanned.

Belle had to admit that she liked being seen with a guy like Aden. He was kind and generous, and extremely good looking, and she always felt safe when he was around.

She knew that Aden would never let anybody hurt her. She knew that he would always protect her.

To her, he had no flaws and in fact, he was really perfect for her. Everybody said that it was like they were made for each, and in some ways they were.

Belle was stubborn, and Aden's patience helped her overcome it. Aden was easily angered but Belle's calmness always seemed to handle the situation.

They had been together for years, and everybody said it was about time they were getting married.

Friends teased Belle about what beautiful babies they would have. She had the supermodel looks, and he had the physique of a rugby player.

What more could a child want?

However, there was something that Aden just didn't have….he didn't have that adventurous streak that she knew Javier had.

Aden was more the serious type, and, apart from the beginning of their relationship, their times or outings together were never quite as fun as that wild summer she spent with Javier.

Was she really making the right choice marrying Aden?

With this question constantly rolling around in her mind, she turned away from Aden, and curled up into a ball.

She closed her eyes and easily remembered that summer that she and Javier had first met. It was had almost been like fate…

Her mind drifted back to 1999, her one and only summer in Havana.

She had been walking along the beach; her pink sandals in one hand, watching the families pick nick around her, and the children playing in the sea.

Then a sudden gust of wind blew her scarf from her neck, and, as the wind ceased, it fell into the hands of a young man, who was standing by the water watching her. She stood and watched as he walked over to her, her scarf held delicately in his hands.

"I believe this is yours," he said, handing it to her, smiling.

She smiled back at him kindly.

"Yes it is. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure," he said, sincerity running through his every word.

"Well…I hope to see you again soon," Belle said, wrapping the scarf around her neck once more.

"So do I," said the young man, moving to the side, allowing her to pass.

She felt him watching her as walk up towards the hotel, and he smiled as she turned back to wave at him.

She hoped they would bump into each other again.

However, she never knew that she would see him as soon as she did.

Later that evening, as she leaned out over her balcony, watching the sun go down, she saw him waving at her from below. She laughed in surprise, and smiled widely at him.

Clearing his throat, the young man stretched his hands out to her.

"See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O that I were a glove upon that hand,

That I might touch that cheek!"

Belle blushed.

"Quoting Shakespeare," she said, laughing. "You certainly know how to charm the ladies.

What is your name?"

"Javier," he said, smiling up at her. "And yours, fair maiden?"

"Belle," she said, laughing. "Wait one moment," she said, before disappearing from the balcony.

She returned moments later with a rose in her hand.

She kissed one of its petals delicately before letting it fall from her hands. Javier reached up and caught it.

He gently kissed the petal.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight 'till it be morrow," said Belle, smiling at him softly.

"Adieu, adieu," said Javier, blowing her a kiss.

Belle smiled and quietly disappeared from the balcony.

Then, from inside her room, she heard him whisper,

"Goodnight my love. My only love."

Belle jumped suddenly as she felt Aden's arm come and pull her up against his chest.

"Babe, what's up with his?" he said, sitting up, an anxious look in his face.

"You were acting really weird yesterday, and since when have you ever jumped when I put my arm around you?"

"I'm sorry babe, I don't know," said Belle, jumping out of bed. "Here, I'll make you pancakes to make up for my weird behaviour!"

"Belle you don't need to do that," said Aden, softly, reaching out and taking her hand, rubbing it gently. "Just tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong," she tried to reassure him. "Just pre - wedding nerves." She bent down and kissed his softly on the lips.

Belle went to the bedroom door, and grabbed her silk dressing gown, wrapping it around her.

"Last night was amazing babe," said Aden, smiling at her lovingly.

"Yes, it was, wasn't it," said Belle, avoiding his eyes.

"You are amazing," he said.

For the first time in hours, Belle looked directly into his eyes. She saw the honesty, the sincerity behind his words, and her heart melted.

She walked over to the bed, and sat down beside him.

"You know how much I love you right?" she said, anxiously.

He smiled at her lovingly "I think I do, yeah," he said, holding her close.

Belle smiled and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly, as if afraid to let him go.

She really did love Aden…but she loved Javier too.

As Aden held Belle tightly and protectively in his arms, Belle let out a heavy sigh. Her heart now belonged to two men, but she could only be with one.

But which one…

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Thanks again for your comments guys!

They are much appreciated! :)

Next chapter...

Chapter 3

Belle squealed and ran over to her friends as she saw them waiting outside the jewellers.

They all squealed too as they saw her and ran over to meet her in the middle of the street.

"Oh my God Belle, your wedding day is less than three weeks away!!" squealed Mattie, beaming widely at Belle.

"I know, I can't believe it," she said, those words ringing true for her.

"Can you believe in two and a half weeks you're going to be Mrs Aden Jefferies," cried Annie. "You must be so excited."

Belle quickly diverted from asking that question. "So, do you guys have any idea why I asked you to meet me here?!"

Nicole looked up and down the street.

"Nope, no idea."

"Well, I'm here to buy you guys your bridesmaid presents," said Belle, indicating to the Jewellers behind her.

Annie, Nicole and Mattie mouths popped open.

"No way!" said Nicole.

"Oh my God, Belle," said Mattie, opening her arms to hug her tightly. "You are amazing!"

"I know," said Belle, smiling. "C'mon, let's go inside."

Immediately, the girls dived for the glittering section, oohing and awing at the sparkling diamonds.

"Ladies, how can I help you?" asked a man from behind the counter.

"Well, whatever these ladies want I'll take them," said Belle, looking up smiling at the man.

"Hey," said Javier, coming to stand beside her suddenly, as the jeweller showed the girls the different styles of jewellery.

"Oh my God," said Belle, turning to Javier, her eyes wide with shock.

"Belle, what is it?" asked Mattie, walking over, leaving behind Nicole and Annie who were particularly focused on the Italian jewel section.

"Nothing," said Belle, quickly looking away from Javier's piercingly beautiful eyes. "Just that how this piece here is really beautiful!"

"Ooh, you're right," said Mattie, admiring it. "Excuse me sir, how much is this piece?"

"It's $150, said the jeweller.

"Ooh, that's a bit too expensive," said Mattie. "I'll choose another piece," she said, about to walk away.

"Mattie, I told you, the price doesn't matter," said Belle, grabbing her hand. "I'll take this piece, and whatever these two ladies would like also," said Belle, indicating to Annie and Nicole, carefully avoiding Javier, who was still standing next to her, a loving look in his eyes as he watched her.

"Of course madam," said the jeweller, smiling as he removed the necklace from the display.

"Mattie, why don't you see what Nicole and Annie have chosen?" suggested Belle.

"Yeah sure, of course," said Mattie, frowning curiously at Belle, but walked away nonetheless.

Belle turned to Javier inconspicuously.

"What are you doing here?!" she whispered furiously.

"I saw you on the street and I just had to come in and talk to you," said Javier, not looking directly at her.

"Well, would you just get lost, please?!" pleaded Belle. "My three best friends are over there, I don't want them to get suspicious. Shouldn't you be at work anyway"?"

"I'm on lunch break," said Javier, smiling wryly at her.

"Oh really," said Belle, rolling her eyes. "Where do you work anyway?" she said, curiosity taking over her.

"I work part-time at McCarthy Motors, and I'm one of the Junior Managers in The Glastonbury."

"The Glastonbury," said Belle, her heart screaming in her chest. "As in The Glastonbury Hotel?"

"Yeah, why?" said Javier, looking up at her confused.

"My wedding is at The Glastonbury," said Belle.

"Seriously?" said Javier. "Wow, that's a coincidence."

"Yeah it is," said Belle, running her fingers through her hair.

Someone up there has got it in for me, she thought, in disbelief at the situation she now found herself in.

"Belle," called Mattie. "Nicole and Annie have chosen their pieces!"

"Great, bring them on over here so this kind man can wrap them for us," said Belle, smiling at the jeweller behind the counter.

Having wrapped and bought their pieces, Belle and the girls planned on going to Cranberry's for lunch.

"Belle," said Javier, touching her fingers before she left. "Please meet me outside before you go. Please."

Giving into her heart, Belle agreed.

Having made an excuse to go to the jewellers, Belle met Javier down one of the side streets beside the shop.

There, Javier took her hands and held them tightly in his.

"Belle, I love you," he said, sincerely, looking lovingly into her eyes. "I just can't keep it to myself anymore, I'm sorry…I think though that you knew that all along?"

"Javier, I…"

"Please just…don't say anything," said Javier, placing his hands softly on Belle's cheeks. "Don't say anything..."

Leaning in, Javier softly kissed her lips. He waited for her to respond.

She kissed him back softly, slowly placing her hands on his chest.

They kissed gently, softly. There was no need for passion. Their feelings were conveyed in this simple kiss.

However, Belle soon had to pull away from the kiss. Feeling her pull away, Javier kissed her once more, and then smiled at her, holding her face in his hands.

She smiled back at him.

"You know I love you," she said.

He nodded.

"But, I love Aden too, Javier," she said, seriously.

His smile faded slightly. "Belle, you and I are meant to be together," he said, holding her hands tightly in his. "You can't deny that."

Belle nodded. "I can't deny my feelings for you, you're right," she admitted. "But I just couldn't do that to Aden. I love him too much to hurt him like that."

"Well Belle, you've got to decide who you want," said Javier, rubbing her cheek with his finger. "Neither of us can wait forever, you know."

"I wish I could be with you both," said Belle, sadly. "I love you both so much."

Javier sighed heavily, letting go of Belle's hands.

"You should go," he said, coldly. "Your friends will be wondering where you are."


"Belle, just go," he said.

With tears in her eyes, Belle walked back towards the main street. Passing the front of the jewellers, she bumped into Mattie.

"Belle, where have you been? We've been waiting for you?"

Then Mattie saw Belle's tears.

"Belle, what is it? What's happened?"

"Oh Mattie!" said Belle, burying her face in her hands. "I'm don't know what I'm going to do! It's all such a mess!"

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Thanks again so much for the comments guys! :wink:

Here's the next chapter...

Chapter 4

Belle watched as Mattie paced the room, her arms crossed tightly across her chest, biting her lip.

"Ok," she said. "This is what you're going to do….no wait, that's just a bad idea," she said, turning around abruptly, running her fingers through her hair.

"I don't know what you should do, Belle," she said, looking at her friend, anxiously. "I mean, what the hell were you thinking?"

Belle looked up at Mattie beseechingly but Mattie just shook her head and growled slightly.

"You have to tell Aden," she said simply, her arms folded in front of her chest, an adamant look on her face.

Belle jumped up from the chair.

"I can't Mattie, I can't do that!" she said, desperately. "It's going to break his heart!"

"Belle, his heart is going to be broken anyway if you leave with Javier!" insisted Mattie. "You need to show him some respect and tell him the truth! The wedding can't possibly go ahead if you are unsure whether or not it is what you want!"

"I know, I know!" said Belle, running her fingers through her hair, feeling like everything was falling to pieces around her. "I just can't decide now Mattie, I can't."

"Belle, I know it's hard," said Mattie, taking Belle's hand and pulling her over to the sofa. "But you have to decide now what you are going to do. The wedding is in less than 3 weeks. You just have to make a decision and stick to it!"

"Mattie, how can I do that?" said Belle, looking at her in disbelief. "This decision will affect the rest of my life! If I decide to leave Aden, and go off with Javier, I will never be able to return…Aden will never forgive me, or at least we will never have again what we have now.

But if I marry Aden, I will never know what my life could have been like with Javier. I hate to think that I might give up that possibility!

What Javier and I shared that summer was magical! How can I give that up?!"

"Belle listen to me," said Mattie, holding Belle's hand tightly. "You and Javier shared a summer together. You set many landmarks, and I don't doubt your feelings for him, but you and Aden have been together for years, and he makes you so happy!

Belle listened to Mattie, silently, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"He loves you so much Belle! You can't deny that you don't love him too. Do you really want to give up everything you had with him for a boy who you loved one summer?"

Belle sighed heavily, and shook her head.

She knew Mattie was right, and in her heart she knew how much she loved Aden, and wanted to be with him.

But a part of her still wanted to be with Javier, to leave Summer Bay with him, and return to Hawaii and relive that summer they had been together.


Javier sat at his desk, supposedly typing out a memo on his laptop; but truthfully he was barely focusing on the screen. His mind was entirely on Belle.

He wondered what she was doing, and whether she was thinking about him.

His mind was so far away he didn't notice a customer approaching his desk.

"Excuse me?" asked the man. "Sir?"

Javier jumped back to the present, quickly straightened out his suit and walked around his desk to help the customer.

"My apologies Sir," he said, smiling helpfully. "My name is Javier. How may I be of assistance to you today?"

"Well I'm looking to buy a car for my fiancé and I was hoping you could help me?"

"Absolutely Sir," said Javier, leading the man over to the display models. "Are you looking for any car in particular?"

"Well my fiancé has always wanted a convertible…perhaps you could show me your collection?" said the man.

"Absolutely," said Javier, leading him over to one corner of the showroom. "Here is our latest collection of convertibles. As you can see we have the Mini Cooper convertible, the Fiat 500c and – "

"The Fiat 500c is a lovely car," said the man, walking over and admiring it.

"Yes, it just came in recently…a very reasonable price too, I have to say," said Javier. "Would you like a test drive Sir?"

"Yes, that would be great, thank you," said the man.

Javier led him out to the back of the showroom, to the garages, where they kept a demo model of the Fiat 500c.

"Sir?" said Javier, holding the door open for the man.

The man smiled, and sat inside, followed by Javier who sat in the passenger's seat.

He took the car for a ten minute drive around the city and then headed back to the showroom. Driving it back into the garage, the man looked satisfied as he took the key out of the ignition.

"I'll take it," he said, smiling at Javier.

"Great," said Javier. "Let us go back inside to fill out the paperback."

Back inside the man decided on the colour of the car, the colour of the roof's cover, and together they negotiated a price.

"That's great," said the man. "All sorted. I just need your signature here, Sir."

"Oh enough of this 'Sir' business, my name is Aden," said the man. "Aden Jefferies."

"Well Mr Jefferies, I know for a fact that your fiancé will love this car," said Javier, smiling at the man.

"Well that's the trick you see," said Aden. "I was hoping you could help me with something Javier. I was hoping to surprise my then-wife with the car as a wedding present. Would you be able to drive it to our wedding reception, and set it up so it'll be ready to surprise?"

"Well…it might cost you extra?" said Javier.

"That's totally understandable," said Aden. "But would you be able to do it Javier?"

"Of course," he said, smiling helpfully.

"Thank you so much," said Aden, shaking Javier's hand appreciatively. "I'd like the car to be there towards the end of the wedding, if that's alright…just so that Belle doesn't see it or anything."

"Belle…?" Javier's heart jumped.

"Oh yes, my fiancé," said Aden smiling. "Her name is Belle Taylor. So is everything ok with the car?…you're going to drive it to the Glastonbury Hotel at 2.30pm on 23rd July, and Javier feel free to stay for the reception, seeing as you've been such a great help."

"That is…very kind of you Mr Jefferies," said Javier, still trying to get around the fact that he was standing in front of Belle's fiancé.

He felt like punching Aden in the face for taking her away from him.

Aden signed a check for the amount of money the car cost and the extra cost of Javier driving the car to the Hotel.

"Thank you very much Javier," said Aden, shaking his hand, exiting the showroom from the front door.

Javier couldn't believe what a small world it was. He had bumped into Belle, the love of his life, only a few days ago, and now, he had just sold a car to her fiancé, the man that he envied so much.

And he had also agreed to drive the purchased car to their wedding.

But then Javier came up with a plan. Maybe if he went their early, and spoke to Belle, he could try and convince her not to marry Aden, but to stay with him.

He knew that she still loved him.

He knew that they were meant to be together.

Javier smiled cunningly. Everything was coming into place.

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Your comments are much appreciated guys, thank you!

The next chapter...:)

*I'm going to offer a little bit of background to this chapter! Belle mentions rehab during a conversation with Aden and while the story does not develop this reference, it is in fact a reference to what Belle actually went through on the show! Drugs, rehab etc.

I didn't want anybody to be confused! :)

Chapter 5

Belle smiled happily as she heard the front door open, and the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. Jumping from her chair, she ran into the hall, stopping to pause at the door, and leaning against its frame as she watched her fiancé hang his coat on the banisters. He turned to see her watching him and smiled. Walking over to her, he put his hands around her waist and held her close to his chest. Belle closed her eyes as she felt Aden's gentle heartbeat.

"I missed you," she said, not moving from that spot.

He smiled, and lovingly kissed the top of her head. "And I missed you gorgeous, every second of the day."

Pulling away from their hug, Aden leaned against the doorframe, so he was level with Belle. He placed his hand softly against her cheek, rubbing her smooth skin softly.

"You are so beautiful," he said, sincerity running through his every word.

Belle smiled, and leaned in and kissed him softly. Her lips lingered against his long after the kiss had ended. She never wanted moments like these to end. Finally, she pulled away, taking his hand and leading him into the kitchen.

"Let's eat," she said, smiling at him happily, as she showed him the spread she had prepared.

Aden's eyes widened with surprise. "Babe, this is amazing," he said, winding his arm around her waist, and kissing her lips lightly. "Did you spend all afternoon at this?"

"Why yes, of course," she said, grinning up at him. "Well…no actually. This dinner is courtesy of Macy's…it was one of those ready-made meals!" Belle admitted. "I might have killed you if I had made dinner myself!"

Aden laughed and pulled her over to the dinner table. "Well I'm sure I'll love it all the same."

Together they sat down at the dinner table, facing one another at opposite ends of the table. They joked and laughed, she listened to what he had got up to at work that day, and she reminisced about the old times, and how much everything has changed.

As Belle sat there with Aden, she almost felt as if she was falling in love with him all over again. She always loved him, she knew that, but it was moments like these that made her realise how much she loved him, and how different her life would be without him.

"You know, I have a lot to thank you for," she said, lifting the wine glass to her lips.

"And what is that exactly?" asked Aden, putting his fork and knife together on the plate, ready to listen to her.

"Well…if I hadn't met you all those years ago, who knows what sort of mess I would be in right now?"

Aden rolled his eyes. "Babe, you know that's not true!"

"No it is no it is!" insisted Belle, leaning across the table to talk his hands in hers. "I have so much to thank you for! If you hadn't come along and saved me, I could've been in rehab now, or even worse, dead! Thank Aden," she said, smiling at him sincerely. "Thank you for being my knight in shining armour!"

Aden smiled, and came around to kneel beside her. "Babe, I know it mightn't have felt like it at the time, but you were so strong, and you still are. I knew then, and I know even more now that you can get over any obstacle that crosses you path. I just happened to be there holding you hand as you did it. And I wouldn't have been anywhere else!"

Belle smiled happily, leaned in and kissed him lovingly. The look in Aden's eyes as they pulled apart was of indescribable love.

Belle pulled him up onto her chair and curled into his lap. She knew that this was where she was truly wanted to be, and where she would be for the rest of her life; surrounded by Aden's warm and loving arms.


As Mattie pulled up outside Aden and Belle's house, she was apprehensive as to what she might find when she went in. Walking up to the front door, she let herself in with the keys Belle had given her. Laying her bag and keys on the stairs, she noticed Aden's jacket hanging on the banister. Walking into the kitchen, she smiled with relief as she saw Belle curled up on Aden's lap, his chin resting on the top of her head as he ran his fingers through her hair. They both looked up as she came into the room; Belle smiled especially wide, confirming Mattie's previous hopes.

"Hey guys," she said. "I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

"No not at all," said Belle, uncurling from her position in Aden's lamp reluctantly. "We just finished dinner."

"A beautiful dinner made…well, provided by my beautiful fiancé!"

Belle smiled and leaned in and kissed him softly.

"Well, I'm sorry to split up the moment, but as Maid of Honour, I have to make sure everything is perfect for the big day, so if it's alright with you Belle, I'd like to go over a few things." said Mattie grinning apologetically.

"Absolutely," said Belle, grinning with excitement. She then turned to Aden, and raised her eyebrows at him.

"Well I guess that's my cue to get lost," he said, chuckling. "I'll make myself scarce. I've got to figure out some numbers for work anyway!"

Blowing a kiss to Belle, he quickly disappeared from the kitchen.

Mattie turned to face Belle. "I'm taking it you've decided to hang around," she said, trying to hide a smile.

Belle grinned at her widely. "Where else would I go? Aden is my life. I love him."

Mattie smiled. "And you're sure you're not going to tell him about Javier?" she asked her seriously.

"Why upset him for nothing," said Belle, simply. "I love him, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him."

Mattie smiled at her widely. "Well c'mon so," she said, pulling her to the counter. "We've got a wedding to organise!"

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Thank you so much for your comments Zetti, Carina and pembie! :wink:

They are very much appreciated!

Sadly Zetti I won't be killing off Javier! :P

You'll just have to wait and see what happens!

Next chapter...:)

Chapter 6

"No, I don't want the flowers to be placed there," said Belle, walking around the dining hall, directing the hotel employees. "I'm sorry," she said, apologising to them. "I just want to make sure everything's perfect."

"Ma'am, that is what we are here for," said the hotel manager. "We will strive to make this day as perfect as possible for you and your future husband. You are perfectly welcome to change your mind over arrangements, food and anything to your liking, as many times as you would like!"

"Thank you Max," said Belle, smiling at him kindly. "You might regret saying that though!"

Mattie and Max laughed. Then, from his jeans pocket, the manager's pager began to ring. "Ma'am, please excuse me but it seems I am needed elsewhere. I shall send my Junior Manager to assist you."

"Thanks very much for your help Max," said Belle.

She turned to talk to Mattie. "I swear to God I'm paranoid! I know we organised this room weeks ago but I just have a different idea for it now! Tell me I'm being paranoid, Mattie!" bringing her hands to her head.

Mattie laughed, and grabbed Belle's arms, bringing them back down to her side. "Belle, this is going to be one of the most important days of your life! You want it to be absolutely perfect, that is natural! Believe me, if you weren't making these changes, I would be making them for you!"

Belle turned back to face the room. She paced around it slowly, her eyes sweeping over everything, pointing at the chair covers, different place settings and flower arrangements. Belle hardly noticed as the Junior Manager walked in, and went to stand beside Mattie.

It was Javier.

Belle saw this and her stomach suddenly flipped; she should have remembered that Javier was the Junior Manager here. Javier's face lit up as he recognised her, and he licked his lips hungrily.

Belle's heart began to race as she realised the seriousness of the situation. What if Mattie recognised Javier or he blew his cover? She felt relieved a little as she remembered that Mattie didn't actually know who Javier was. She only knew his name. But still the risk!

"Is everything to the Lady's liking?" Javier asked Mattie, curiously, unable to take his eyes off Belle.

Mattie chuckled. "I'm sure she'll make one or two changes…or several before she's happy!"

The Manager smiled, and walked over to stand beside Belle.

"Hello," whispered Javier in her ear.

"Not now Javier please," she said, as she tried to focus.

Javier smiled, and inconspicuously lifted his hand, and trailed his fingers through her hair. His fingers came to her neck where he gently rubbed the nape with the tip of his fingers. The feeling sent a shiver through Belle's spine, and she jerked, involuntarily.

"I think everything is perfect over here," she said, quickly walking away from Javier. "In fact Mattie, I am feeling slightly peckish. Do you want to take a break, and go for lunch?"

"Yes, that's a good idea," said Mattie, standing up and picking up her handbag. She walked towards the door, and looking back enquiringly as she saw Belle hesitating. "Coming?"

"I'm just going to iron over some details with the Junior Manager, here," said Belle, indicating to Javier behind her. "Will meet you there in a minute?"

Unaware of this man's true identity, Mattie nodded and left the room, leaving Belle alone with Javier. He quickly came over and wound his arms around her waist. Belle quickly grabbed them and pushed them away, stepping back from him.

"Javier, stop it," she said, sternly. She felt confident in what she was saying, but she knew if she looked into his eyes, her will would crumble. "I'm getting married in two weeks. You and I cannot happen."

"I hear your words Belle," said Javier, stepping closer. "But I know you don't feel that deep down."

"Yes, I do. I love Aden, and I am getting married to him, and there is nothing you can do to change my mind."

"Babe, please just think about it, about us," said Javier, stretching out his arms.

"There's nothing to think about Javier. I love Aden, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him."

"Belle – "

"Goodbye Javier," said Belle, walking away, trying to avoid the faint heartbreak that she could feel in her chest.


Javier slammed the door as he arrived back to his apartment. He ran his fingers through his hair as he paced the room anxiously. Belle seemed pretty certain of where she stood. She said she loved Aden. Javier's heart throbbed as he remembered hearing those words. They had pierced a hole through his heart. He couldn't give up on Belle, and on their chance to be together. No, he wasn't going to give up.

"I'm going to make her see sense," he told himself confidently. "She loves me…she just has to realise that!"

He would go through with his previous plan. If he caught her off guard, he knew that he could get the truth out of her.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Javier opened the door to find a young lady with long blonde hair. Her arms were crossed and there was a stern look on her face.

"You're Javier Suarez aren't you?"

"Yes," he said, slightly confused. "And you are?"

"I'm Mattie," said the girl, an unimpressed look on her face as she walked into the apartment, slamming the door behind her. "Belle's Maid of Honour."

Javier quickly looked to floor uncomfortably. "Ah...right."

"I'm here to tell you to back off Javier," said Mattie, confidently. "Belle is my best friend, and I am not going to let you ruin her relationship with Aden!"

"Mattie, if you only knew the full story," said Javier, curtly, stepping aside, thinking it would be best to have this conversation within four walls. "Belle loves me, I know she does."

"Javier, I do know the full story," said Mattie, facing Javier defiantly. "Belle did love you. But that's the thing, she loved you. That night you shared is in the past. People feel differently now than they did years ago. Belle doesn't have the same feelings for you as she did then!"

"But you see, that's the thing!" insisted Javier. "I know she still has those feelings, those exact same feelings!

We kissed a few days ago Mattie, did Belle tell you about that?"

Mattie shuffled her feet, uncomfortably.

"Yes she did," she admitted reluctantly. "But I believe you caught her in a weak moment! She was surprised to see you! She wasn't thinking straight!"

"Who are you to say that?" asked Javier, angrily. "How do you know what Belle was feeling when she kissed me?"

Mattie glared back at him.

"Fine, you're right! I don't know how she felt when you kissed! But I know how she feels about Aden! I've watched those two fall in love and fall out of love, but no matter what happened, they were always there for each other, and ultimately recognised that they were meant for each other!

You and Belle shared one night of passion on a holiday in an exotic holiday years ago! You are not the only couple that have had that happen to them! Before last week, you and Belle hadn't seen each other for ten years! You can't possibly expect her to still love you after all those years! Not that way anyway!"

Javier shook his head, refusing to believe her.

"Mattie, I am not setting out to cause trouble for Belle…or Aden," insisted Javier.

"Well it sure seems like you are," said Mattie, her eyes narrowed like a snakes'.

"I swear to you I'm not," he said, putting his hand to heart. "I'm just stopping Belle from making a mistake! That's what it is Mattie! Her marrying Aden is just a mistake! It's not fair on Aden either! He doesn't deserve any of this."

"Oh don't kid yourself, Javier," snapped Mattie. "Don't pretend as if you care about Aden! You're only looking out for yourself! You only want Belle! You don't care who you hurt in the process."

"That is not true," said Javier, sternly.

"Well I don't care," said Mattie, taking a step towards him, point her finger at him threateningly. "You take one step inside that hotel and I swear, I will make you regret! I am not going to let you ruin this!

You bump into Belle on the street one day and you think its ok to ruin the rest of her life? Well you might think that Javier, but I, sure as hell, don't!"

Walking back to the door, Mattie gave Javier one more threatening look.

"I was serious about what I said before, Javier; you take one step inside that hotel and I will make sure that you regret it!"

She then left promptly, slamming the door behind her.

He wouldn't turn up, she thought, somewhat confidently. He wouldn't dare.

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Chapter 7

Belle was glad to be home. The large clock on the wall said it was only two o' clock, but already Belle felt exhausted. It was all the wedding planning finally getting to her. Leaving her shopping bags by the stairs, she drowsily climbed the stairs, and collapsed onto the bed, falling asleep straight away, not even changing into more comfortable clothes. What seemed like a very short time later, Belle was awoken by Aden rubbing her hand gently. She opened her eyes a crack, looking up at him. He saw this and smiled.

"Hey sleepy head," he said, a loving look in his eyes. "How long have you been asleep for?"

Belle sat up fully in the bed, leaned over and grabbed her clock. She was shocked to see that it was seven o' clock.

"Oh my God, I've been here for five hours!"

"What, you've been asleep for all that time?" asked Aden, mainly surprised, but there was a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I must have been," said Belle, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Did anyone ring while I was asleep? I don't remember hearing the phone ring or anything!"

"Yeah, Mattie rang several times!" said Aden; concern now had taken over his facial features as he ran his fingers over her forehead. "In fact that's why I'm here.

I wasn't meant to finish work until nine, but Mattie rang me. She was really worried about you because you weren't picking your phone or the house phone! So, here I am, checking up on you!"

"Oh babe, I'm sorry to have pulled you from your work," said Belle, taking his hand in hers.

"Never mind my work," said Aden. "Are you sure you're alright? Did anything happen?"

"Nothing happened," insisted Belle, rolling her eyes at his concerned face. "I just came home to change before going to lunch with Mattie, and I just suddenly felt really tired!

I had only meant to relax for a half an hour or so but I just fell straight asleep! I guess I was more tired than I thought!"

"Hmm," said Aden, still concerned. "Well, how are you feeling now?"

"Fine," said Belle, smiling at him happily. "Totally relaxed!"

"So we don't need to call Rachel...?"

"No, not at all," insisted Belle, jumping out of bed. "In fact, I'm feeling quite hungry! C'mon, let's make dinner!"

Grabbing Aden's hand, Belle pulled him out of the room and down to the kitchen, where together they made a delicious roast chicken dinner, and celebrated their last week of engagement with a bottle of wine.

"One week from now, Miss Taylor, we will be husband and wife!" said Aden, as they shared a toast.

"Oh if only those seven days could be seven hours instead!" said Belle, clinking her glass with his.

"You might reget saying that!" he said.

Belle was taken aback by this. "Why would I?"

"Well...from what I've heard you're a bit behind with organising the wedding!"

Belle gasped, horrified that Aden knew the truth.

"I'm going to kill Mattie!"


Over the next few days, Mattie stuck to Belle like glue for fear that Javier would attempt to approach her again. He would not have much luck however as Mattie would be there to convince him otherwise. Mattie still hadn't told Belle of her encounter with Javier, and she didn't plan to. As far as Belle knew, Mattie didn't even know who Javier was. He was just a name to her.

Together, the two ladies finalised everything for the wedding. Belle was determined to show Aden that she was up to scratch, and that everything would be perfect for their big day. The limousine was booked to bring Belle and her bridesmaids to the church. Aden had suggested that they turn up on a Harley Davidson.

"Oh, why not, babe?" he had moaned when Belle refused straight away. "We would look so hot! You would look so unbelievably sexy turning up to your wedding on a Harley...?!

How many brides in the world can say that?!"

"Not many!" Belle had said. "And I don't intend on becoming one of them!"

Aden had puted his lips at her at the time, but the promise had been made between them months ago that, when it came to the wedding, Belle would have the final say in everything.

If Belle didn't want the Harley, well then the Harley wouldn't be happening!

Belle had organised a string quartet to play the music as she entered the Gardens of the Glastonbury Hotel, where they wedding would be taking place. A jazz band was also organised for the reception and finally a compilation of all of Aden and Belle's favourite songs for them to dance the night away to.

Their honeymoon to the sunny island of Bermuda in the Carribbean had been one of the few wedding decisions that Aden and Belle had made together. Four weeks on a beautiful, tropical island off the coast of America was what both of them needed to relax aftr a stressful few weeks.

Belle's dress and those of her bridesmaids were being carefully guarded in Mattie and Ric's house so to avoid Aden 'accidentally' finding them.

Belle was pretty sure she had everything organised but then she remembered...

"Oh my God!" she suddenly cried out, her hands jumping to her face. Beside her, Nicole and Annie squealed with fright while Mattie spilled her drink down the front of her top at the sound of Belle's scream. "The cake!"

"Oh my God, the cake," repeated Mattie, forgetting her top and instead look Annie and Nicole, Annie was horrified while Nicole was, typically, laughing.

"Oh no! How could I have forgotten something so important?!" cried Belle, pacin the room up and down. "What am I going to do? The wedding is in five days! There is no way I can get a wedding cake made in that time!"

"Unless..." said Mattie.

"Unless what?" asked Belle, hoping for a simple resolution.

"Unless we make it ourselves?!"

Belle burst out laughing and collapsed into one of the armchairs. Then she looked back at Mattie's straight face.

"Oh my God, you're serious?"

"Yeah, why not?" said Mattie, simply, coming to sit beside her. "That way we can make it exactly the way we want and it can be a thing that we do all together before the wedding," she said, indicating to Annie and Nicole who nodded enthusiastically.

"Aww that's sweet," said Annie, beaming at the thought. "I love that idea!"

"Mattie, it's a really great idea but I just can't let you do that," insisted Belle.

"And why not exactly?" asked Nicole, raising her eyebrows, coming to stand beside Annie.

Belle looked exasperated as her three friends waited patiently for her response, their arms crossed, their faces holding an expression of determination.

"Guys, look, if the aim was to give my guests food poisoning, then yeah sure, you three could make the cake, but I want people to go home having actually enjoyed our wedding cake!"

"Belle, you know that was only one time!" insisted Mattie, while Annie and Nicole tried to stifle their laughs. "Anyway, Colleen didn't mind that much! So she had to wait in hospital until 3am for seven hours?! She was fine after they gave her those tablets...?"

"Is that all...?! Mattie the poor woman was getting sick every five minutes while she waited! I am not going to let that happen again!"

"Belle, please?" begged Nicole. "We promise we'll follow the recipe exactly and Mattie will not be allowed make any of the big decisions when it comes to ingredients! It would mean so much to us! Please?" she asked beseechingly. "It can be part of our wedding present to you and Aden...?"

"Aw guys, you don't have to get us a present," said Belle, however beaming at them.

"Don't be silly, of course we do," said Annie, grinning at him. "So, what d'you say...? Can we make your wedding cake?"

Belle bit her lip for a minute as she thought about it, but as her three best friends looked at her with puppy dog eyes, her will power just crumbled.

"Fine!" she said, as they all squealed with delight. "Just promise me you'll avoid making the same mistake again! I'm not sure Colleen would forgive me if she got sick at another one of my events! She'd think I have it out for her!"

"We promise," said Mattie, grinning widely. Indicating to Nicole and Mattie beside her, she looked at Belle pleadingly. "You don't mind if we start planning the cake now, do you? I know we promised to do to lunch but...?"

"No, of course not, plan away! Time is not really on your side unfortunately!" said Belle, giving them all fleeting hugs.

"Great!" said Mattie, looking to Annie and Nicole as they grabbed their belongings. "Wel girls, I think we need to go around to a few of the bakeries in Yabbie Creek and get some ideas and advice from them. Do you agree?"

"Absolutely," said Nicole, as Annie nodded enthusiastically. "I begs driving to Yabbie Creek!" she said, pulling her keys from her handbag.

"Why do you get to drive?" moaned Mattie, as she and Annie followed Nicole out of the front door.

"Hello, I got my convertible back!" said Nicole, looking at Mattie as if it was obvious. "I need an excuse to drive it! Has anyone got any problems with that?"

"Absolutely not!" said Annie, in awe of Nicole's canary yellow convertible. "Begs shot gun!" she said, jumping into the front seat and putting on her sunglasses. Mattie looked disgruntled as she slipped into the back seat.

"We'll see you later, Belle," said Annie, waving at her as Nicole reversed out of the driveway.

"Have fun!" said Belle, waving at them from the porch. "Please don't try any crazy ingredients!" she called out.

"As if we would," said Nicole, grinning at her cheekily.

Belle watched them drive out onto the road. Nicole honked the horn and waved once more at Belle before disappearing around the corner. Stepping into the hallway, Belle closed the door and walked into the kitchen, where she poured herself a cold glass of water and sat down in the sun room.

She quickly drained the glass then, curling up in the comfortable armchair, Belle laid her head on the armrest, and before she knew it, she had dozed off. Waking an hour or two later, Belle was surprised to feel a sudden sickly feeling in her stomach. Rushing to the sink, she threw up violently. Filling her glass with water again, Belle drank it in one gulp to get rid of the horrible taste.

Belle set about finding something to do, so to distract her from the continuous pain in her stomach. She wondered whether it was the right time to start making dinner. As far as Belle knew, Aden was meant to be coming home soon and she liked to have a hot plate of food ready for him when he arrived home. While struggling to ignore the pain, Belle set about chopping up some vegetables. Grabbing some carrots and potatoes from the fridge, she began to peel away their skins.

"Shoot!" she cried out as she cut her finger on the peeler. She watched as a little droplet of blood rose on her finger.

Quickly running upstairs to the bathroom, she grabbed a plaster from the small basket of painkillers, cremes and bandages.

As she leaned up to replace the basket on the shelf, it fell to the bathroom floor and the contents came spilling out. Bending down on her knees, Belle began to gather up the boxes and replace them in the basket. As she picked up a pink box, she paused and stared at it thoughtfully.

Feminax; fast relief from menstrual cramps.

In her head, Belle quickly thought back to the day of her last menstrual cycle. It had been longer ago than was normal. Forgetting the mess that still littered the bathroom floor, Belle quickly ran downstairs and grabbed her car keys.

As she drove into Summer Bay, she headed straight for the small pharmacy that was a few miles from the beach. Walking into the store, she walked slowly and calmly towards the counter where she knew what she was looking floor would be.

Picking up the long box, she stared at it briefly. She handed it to the girl behind the counter, avoiding her eyes.

Belle drove home quickly and ran back upstairs to the bathroom. Once again, she ignored the mess on the floor but promptly proceeded to carry out the test. Having followed the instructions, Belle waited patiently for the twenty minutes as stated on the box. She could do nothing else to pass the time. She just had to wait and see what the result would be.

After twenty long minutes, Belle finally picked up the white strip and observed it.


Belle's hands shook as she looked at the code on the box. Belle looked again at the white strip, trying to stready her breath as she came to a realisation. She gently placed her hand on her tummy, smiling down lovingly at it. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she pressed down number one on the speed dial.

"Hey babe, is everything ok?" asked Aden, immediately on answering the phone.

Looking the stick once more, Belle smiled widely. "I need you to come home," she said, calmly into the phone. "I have wonderful news!"

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The last chapter before I go on holidays guys!

Won't be back until the 15th...I'm off to Paris in the morning! :D

I'll have access to internet over there I think but I won't be able to update, sorry!

Enjoy!! :D

Chapter 8

Aden let out a gasp.

"You're not serious?" he said, his hands reaching out towards her tummy.

Belle grinned at him widely.

"Oh Belle, that's wonderful!" he cried, hugging her tightly, and twirling her around in a circle.

"Everything is just perfect!" he exclaimed, cupping her face with his hands and kissing her softly. "Thank you…for making me the happiest man alive!"

Belle smiled at him happily, leaned in and kissed him softly.

"Thank you," she said sincerely. "For our baby," placing his and her hands gently on her tummy.

They both smiled, leaning against each other's forehead.


Belle looked up from her book; What to do when you're expecting as she heard the doorbell ring.

"It's open," she called out, expecting it to be Aden.

"Hello it's us," called out Nicole.

"Hey guys," said Belle, quickly hiding the book in the laundry basket at her feet, as Nicole, Annie and Mattie walked into the kitchen. "How things?"

"Well they were originally disastrous!" said Nicole, rolling her eyes as she poured herself a glass of water. "We all wanted different flavourings for your cake but then we came up with the best idea, and it all just worked out from there!"

"Great! So can you tell me what it's like?" asked Belle, as they sat facing her at the table.

"No way!" said Annie, smugly. "The first time you'll be seeing the cake will be next week!"

"Aw c'mon guys, that's not fair!" moaned Belle. "Please just give me a hint?!"

Annie bit her lip and looked uncertainly at Mattie.

"Absolutely not, Annie!" chimed Mattie. "We all agreed to not utter a word! You better not let anything slip Annie or Nicole and I will come after you!" she teased.

"I'm sure I can manage to keep it a secret," said Annie, rolling her eyes.

"So what have you been up to today?" asked Mattie.

"Nothing much," said Belle. "Just reading?"

"Ooh what's it called?" asked Annie, interestedly. "I'm looking for a new book! I've exhausted my whole book shelf at home!"

"What? That massive thing in the corner?" asked Nicole. "I'd take about two years reading all those things!"

"Well Nicole, while you're off making out with my brother, I occupy myself with a good book," said Annie.

Nicole blushed at this and quickly returned her focus to Belle.

"So what was that book called again?"

"Oh it's really boring…" insisted Belle. "You wouldn't want to read it."

"I'll be the judge of that!" said Annie. "C'mon let's hear it!"

"Um…it's…." Belle's mind had gone completely blank.

"It's that one by, um…Dan..?"

"Ooh Dan Brown!" cried Annie. "Oh my God, are you reading the Da Vinci code?!"

"Yeah, yeah that's the one," said Belle in relief.

"So what's it about?" continued Annie. "I've only ever read Angels and Demons but I read want to read the Da Vinci code! Did you think it was good?"

"Yeah it was…great!" said Belle. "Hey, are you guys hungry?" she asked, trying to change the subject. "I can make you a sandwich?"

"Yeah, a sandwich would be great actually," said Nicole. "I'm starving! Here, I'll help you!"

As they made the sandwiches, Belle missed hearing the front door open and was therefore surprised to see Aden bounding into the kitchen.

"Hello ladies," he said, exuberantly. "And how are you all today?"

"We're good thank you Aden," said Mattie, watching him as he moved around a kitchen, a big smile on his face. "And what's got you so happy?"

Aden looked at Belle. "Did you tell them?"

Belle shook her head. "I wasn't planning on yet."

"Hey, tell us what guys?" asked Nicole, curiously.

"Only if you want to," said Aden, anxiously.

Belle nodded confidently, and turned to look at her friends.

"Aden and I…we're expecting a baby," she said, putting her hand on her stomach and rubbing it softly.

All three's girls' mouths fell open before they squealed with happiness and rushed towards Aden and Belle, their arms open ready to hug them.

"Oh my God!" screamed Nicole, jumping into Aden's arms and hugging him tightly. "This is absolutely amazing!"

"I'm so happy for you both," said Annie, as she hugged Belle tightly.

As Mattie went to hug Belle she had tears in her eyes. Talking Belle's hands, she took a deep breath to steady herself.

"I'm sorry for ever doubting what you guys have," she said, sincerely. "I'm so happy for you both. You so deserve this!"

Indicating to Aden, she drew them both into a tight hug.

"You guys…" she said, wiping away her tears. "You guys are going to make great parents. That little one is so lucky," she said, indicating to Belle's tummy.

"Well I think we should propose a toast!" said Nicole, raising her glass. They all laughed as they saw that it was her already empty.

Nicole ignored them and continued on with the toast.

"I would like to wish special congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Aden Jefferies on bringing a new little Jefferies into the world. Congratulations guys," she said, raising her glass to them.

"Thank you, all of you so much," said Belle, as Aden wound his arm around her waist.

"Naturally we are over the moon too!"

"So what are you going to name the baby?" asked Annie, excitedly.

Both Aden and Belle rolled their eyes and listened happily as their friends listed off all different baby names; boys and girl's name, quirky and weird names, English and foreign names.

"I love you," whispered Belle, as their voices grew louder.

Aden smiled and kissed Belle softly on the cheek.

She then laid her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes happily. Laying her hands on her tummy, she now felt truly happy.

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Aww thank you for all your good wishes, guys! :wink:

You'll be pleased to know I had a fantastic holiday!

Paris is really amazing! I would recommend it to everybody! :D

So here's the next chapter!

I hope y'all enjoy it!

Chapter 9

Javier sat at behind his desk in the Glastonbury, typing away casually. He had not seen Belle since she last came to the hotel three days ago. All he could do now was lie low until the wedding day where he would try and convince Belle to stay with him. He knew that as of now, she had "bodyguards" making sure that he didn't come anywhere near her.

Javier had heard Mattie’s warning loud and clear, and had decided not to cross her. She was only looking out for Belle after all. But Javier was willing to do whatever he could to convince Belle to stay with him. Meanwhile, he had to return to his job. His already very demanding job and he was already getting questions about his work.

"This is just sloppy Javier," said his superior, checking through the computer. "The Gallagher's called to say they would be checking in today not tomorrow, and why have you put the Lewis's in a double bedroom when there's five in the family?!"

"I don't know Sir," said Javier. "I mustn't have been thinking straight. I promise it won't happen again!"”

"Well it better not Mr Suarez," said the manager sternly. "Or else you might find yourself without a job! We have a high reputation here at the Glastonbury, achieved due to our perfect standard and customer relationships! I am not going to let one employee threaten that!"

Javier nodded, his eyes followed as his manager walked away.

"I promise it won’t happen again Sir," he murmured, returning to his work.

Javier left work that evening after a long day, in which he made up for most of the mistakes that he had made that week. Coming home, he threw his jacket and briefcase on the counter, and headed to the fridge to grab a cold beer. Closing the fridge, he glanced over the calendar that was secured to the door with a "I Heart Australia" magnet.

Tomorrow was Friday.


Javier jumped a little as he remembered the significance of this day.The day before Belle's wedding. Though his heart thudded, Javier managed to smile a little as he was hopeful that his plan would be successful.


Belle woke the next morning to find the warm sunny streaming through her windows. Looking at the clock beside her she smiled. Turning her face in towards Aden, she snuggled up against him, kissing his chest and lips teasingly.

"Wake up," she whispered in his ear seductively.

"Noooo," moaned Aden, but he brought his arms around her, holding her close to him.

"C'mon," teased Belle, grinning. "You know what day it is today!"”

"Yes," said Aden, surrendering, sitting up in the bed, still keeping Belle close to him. "I believe it’s my last day of freedom!"”

"Freedom?" exclaimed Belle. "Are you suggesting Aden Jefferies that life with me is like prison?"”

"No way!" said Aden. "Life with you is my personal heaven!"”

"That's better," said Belle, smiling, and lying down beside him once more. "We do have to really get up though! We have so much to organise for tonight and tomorrow!

Did you pick up your suit from O' Dwyers?"

"Babe, chill! I promise I'll be ready for tomorrow! You just relax, and focus on yourself. Oh, and by the way," he said, leaning over to his drawers. "I bought you and the girls a little present!"

"Oh Aden you didn't have to do that!" scolded Belle, accepting the gift reluctantly.

Opening the box she saw a gift voucher for a Spa Centre in Yabbie Creek.

"Aden, oh this is so sweet of you!" she said, kissing his softly. "The Aqua Spa! But Aden that is so expensive!"”

"I don't care," said Aden, placing his hand against her cheek lovingly. "I love you and I want to make you happy!"”

Belle smiled and brought his hand down to her tummy, where a tiny bump was now showing.

"You have already made me the happiest I could ever be," she said, kissing him softly. "Tomorrow will just be the icing on the cake!"”

Aden pulled Belle into his lap, as she held his face with her hands and kissed him softly.

"Do you think we have time?" he asked, kissing her neck seductively.

"Not really," said Belle, looking at the clock again. "But sure, so what if I'mm a little late?!"”

Aden smiled happily, kissing her softly, and they both laughed as he pulled the duvet over them both, securing for them this one last intimate moment.


Annie, Nicole and Mattie waited slight impatiently in the lobby of the Glastonbury.

"Where is Belle?" asked Annie, checking her watch. "She was supposed to be here, like, an hour ago!"”

"I'm sure she's just delayed," reassured Mattie.

And just as she said it, the automatic doors opened and in walked Belle with her overnight bag.

"Hey girls, sorry I'm late!" she said, all she hugged them. "Aden and I…well, we just got delayed!"”

"Hmm, I'm sure you did,” said Nicole, grinning at her. “So, c'mon, let's check in and start our girly day together! What should we do first?"”

"Well, Aden surprised me this morning with a voucher for the three of us at The Aqua Spa, so that's our first stop!"”

"Aw, Aden is so generous!" said Annie, as Belle showed her the voucher. "A full spa treatment and everything! This must have cost him so much!"”

"Well he insisted that the price didn't matter and that we must enjoy ourselves,” said Belle, as Mattie handed them each a separate key for the Penthouse Suite.

"Well let's get to it so!" said Nicole, putting her arm in Belle's, and the four girls giggled as they rushed up to the Penthouse Suite to change."


"Oh…my God!" exclaimed Belle as they opened the double doors to the Penthouse Suite. "This is absolutely amazing!"”

Walking around the room, the girls mouths fell open as they sat a flat screen television mounted on the wall, a large boom box in the corner, along with a dance floor and disco ball glittering from the ceiling.

"Wow, my God! Look at the size of the rooms!" exclaimed Mattie. "Jeez, I wouldn't mind living in somewhere like this!"”

"Girls, girls, c'mon, we can admire the room later on," insisted Belle. "Let's change and head out to Yabbie Creek. I've been so stressed lately with the wedding; I need that spa treatment badly!"”

In a matter of minutes they all cried, "We're ready!" Annie grabbed Belle's hand and they all hurried down to the hotel car park.

"I'm -–

"Driving," said Annie, Belle and Mattie altogether. "We know Nic!"”

Nicole smiled back at them cheekily.

"At least we'll be going to Yabbie Creek in style," she said.

The girls laughed and jumped into Nicole’s car. Nicole turned the radio on and they all sung along as the radio blared Girls Just Want to Have Fun.


Javier looked up as he heard girl’s voices coming down the corridor. As he expected, he saw Belle, Mattie and two other girls walking down the corridor in the opposite direction.

Neither Belle nor Mattie saw Javier as they walked down the corridor, both were exuberantly talking with their two other friends.

Javier's eyes were transfixed on Belle’s face. He watched her beautiful smile and heard her sweet laugh as they spoke with her friends. He watched her beautiful brown locks bounce as she hurried down the corridor.

He watched sadly as she left the hotel with her friends.

She had not seen him.

Returning to his job, Javier continued walking down the corridor. She loved him, he knew she did.

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Thanks so much for your lovely comments guys! :wink:

Here's the next chapter...

Chapter 10

"Aden, you here?" asked Geoff as he walked into the hall, followed by Tony, Roman and Ric.

"In the kitchen guys," he said.

The four men walked into the kitchen to find Aden ironing his tux for the wedding.

"Hey guys, what's up?" he asked.

"Put away the suit and the ironing board," said Geoff. "Because we have got a hell of a Bucks night planned for you!"

"A Bucks party? Oh no guys, really I'm not that bothered!" insisted Aden.

"No way are you getting out of this mate!" said Ric, clapping his on the back. "Belle's having a Hen's Night, so why shouldn't you have a Bucks Night?"

"I suppose…" relented Aden. "So, what do you guys have planned?"

"Well, we know it's a bit out there, but how about Rocco Murphy's?" suggested Ric.

"What, as in the strip club?"

"Yeah sure, why not?" said Geoff.

Aden looked at Geoff in astonishment. He was the last person he would have expected to agree with this plan.

Bemused, he turned to Roman and Tony to back him up. "Guys, you're not serious are you?"

The two older, more dignified men looked at each, and then Roman chuckled. "Granted, I didn't actually suggest this idea but I think it could actually turn out to be quite a good laugh!"

Aden looked at Tony in disbelief.

He shrugged. "Rachel's giving me permission mate, why should I turn down this golden opportunity?"

Aden rolled his eyes, muttering 'whipped' under his breath.

"Oh c'mon Aden," begged Geoff. "You'll never get to do this once you're married!"

"And oddly enough, I'm ok with that," said Aden with a chuckle. "Besides Bible Boy, aren't there rules saying that you can't go to these kinds of places?"

Geoff shrugged. "Life wouldn't be fun if we always stuck to the rules."

Aden's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"You're going to go to Confession afterwards aren't you?" he asked.

Geoff shook his head in defeat. "Well…yeah, so what if I am?"

Aden rolled his eyes as Roman and Tony chuckled.

"Ok, ok, let's go to Rocco's!"

"Hell yeah!" cried Geoff, giving Aden a high-five.

"C'mon boys," said Geoff, throwing Ric his car keys. "Let's go celebrate the grand tradition that is the Buck's Night!"

Aden shook his head as he followed Ric and Geoff out the door.

"Did Geoff drink too much Holy Water or something before coming over here?" he asked Roman quietly.

"Looks that way doesn't it," said Roman. "Here mate; can I've a word before we go?"

Roman faced Aden with a proud smile on his face. "I'm really happy for you Aden. I know that you and Belle are perfect for each other and that you are going to share a wonderful life together. I'm really happy for you mate," he said, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks Roman," said Aden. "You know….I've never thanked you properly for everything that you've done for me. Everything with my Dad…I just want to say I really appreciate it!"

Roman smiled and the two men shared a quick hug and then hurried to the car where Tony, Geoff and Ric were waiting.

"To Rocco's!" exclaimed Aden, as Ric drove the car out onto the road.


"Oh my God, that was amazing!" said Belle, as she collapsed onto the leather sofa in the Penthouse Suite.

"There are no words to describe how relaxed I feel right now," added Mattie, collapsing into the sofa opposite Belle, closing her eyes and laying her head on a pillow.

"C'mon guys, you can't be tired already," said Nicole, as she watched Annie follow the other two to the sofa. "Belle's got less than twenty-four hours left of her single life! We've got to make the most of it!"

"Nicole's right, c'mon," said Belle, sitting up and poking at Annie who was lying beside her. "So, what do you suggest doing next?"

"Well, I'm all for staying here and relaxing, but…how about we make our relaxation more interesting by making some Margharita's?" suggested Nicole.

"Oooh that sounds nice," said Annie.

"Hey wait a minute, no alcohol in Annie's!" called out Belle, as Nicole took out the ingredients from the Suite's mini kitchen. "Or mine actually," she remembered, rubbing her tummy tenderly.

"Aw, Belle, just this once, please!" begged Annie.

"No way, gurlie," said Belle. "I do not want to get in trouble with Irene for giving you alcohol."

Annie sat back into her seat with a sad look on her face. This quickly turned around as Mattie produced the cupboards a chocolate fountain and some strawberries.

"Ooh, yummy!" said Annie, as she helped herself. "Belle, this is so nice! Thank you so much for getting engaged!"

They all laughed and happily began reminiscing about the Golden Days of their youth.

"Hey guys," said Nicole, after draining her second glass. "Remember that time Belle worked in a strip club?!"

Mattie and Annie gasped and looked enquiringly at Nicole.

Belle looked at Nicole with narrowed eyes like snakes.

"Nicole, that was one night, and you know that was for charity!"

Nicole laughed. "Whatever you want to say to ease your conscience Belle!"

They all laughed, and as Nicole came in with more Margarita's, they continued looking into the past, remembering the people who had passed in and out of their lives, high school boyfriends, and the times they 'almost'. Belle smiled as she looked around at all her friends, laughing happily. She remembered her Aden, and their little baby that was growing inside her, and smiled happily.

Briefly Javier's face came to the surface of her mind. Belle felt slightly guilty for leaving things the way she had. Clearly, Javier still had feelings for her. It was not fair of her to push him away. Should she meet up with him, and set him straight? Make sure that his heart wasn't broken because of her.

"Belle, don't you remember?" asked Annie.

"What, I'm sorry, wasn't listening!" said Belle, zoning back into the conversation.

"Aw, look at her, she's thinking of her beloved!" said Annie, smiling at her.

"Yeah, of course," said Belle, running her fingers through her hair.

Mattie looked suspiciously at Belle as she avoided the question.

"Hey, how about that time that we all jumped off that Pier in Hawaii?" said Belle, trying to divert the awkward moment.

She had seen Mattie looking at her, and she didn't want her to misconstrue the moment. She knew that Mattie would immediately think that she was she thinking of Javier. Yes she had been thinking of Javier, but not in the way that Mattie possibly suspected. She had no fear of that. She knew that she wouldn't feel that way for Javier again.


The front door opened and in came the five men, returning from their night out. Aden and Ric came in first, their arms supporting Geoff as he staggered through the front door. Tony and Roman followed, both having drunk a bit but none of them were half as wasted as Geoff.

"What a night!" said Geoff, as he collapsed into an armchair, a gummy smile plastered across his face.

Aden shook his head in amazement and went to pour Geoff a glass of water.

"Drink up!" he said, handing him a pint of ice cold water. "You'll be grateful for it in the morning!"

Geoff laughed as he attempted to drink it, spilling most of it down his front.

Ric burst out laughing as he watched him. "Mate you are soooo wasted! Nic is going to kill you!" With this Ric stumbled a bit, falling against the counter. "You know, I think I'm a little drunk too!"

The three remaining sober men laughed.

"Ok Geoff, I think it's time you head off to bed," suggested Tony, crossing his arms, staring down disapprovingly at his former student.

"Tony, Tony, Tony," said Geoff, smiling at him, his arm reaching out towards him. "I love you, man!"

"That's great man," as he rolled his eyes at Aden and Roman. "Let us get up the stairs safely ok? No man, you don't need that!" he said, as Geoff picked up a lamp on his way up. "Just put it down."

Geoff laughed, and with Tony's support, he got up the stairs safely. Ric brought up the rear, replacing the lamp carefully on the hall table.

"He is going to be so hung-over in the morning!" said Aden, as he and Roman walked back into the kitchen. "I better make sure I have enough eggs for him to drink."

Roman smiled, reached his arm out and clapped Aden on the shoulder.

Aden smiled at him, confused.

"What was that for?"

"Big day is only a few hours away man, you nervous?"

Aden stopped to think about it.

"You know, I'm actually not," he said, smiling as he realised this. "It just feels right, you know. The time is right for her both. We're both in secure, stable jobs that we love and, most importantly, we love each other! What more do we need?"

Roman smiled, and the two men shared a manly hug.

"You know, I think we do those too often," said Aden, as they pulled apart.

"Yeah, we better stop," agreed Roman. "The women might think we're turning - "

"Don't even go there!" warned Aden, laughing.

Just as he was about to head upstairs, the phone rang.

"That'll be your mother Aden, checking to see if you're still alive!" said Roman, walking out of the kitchen, to give Aden some privacy. "Probably on Belle's orders.

Aden laughed and picked up the phone. Roman was a psychic. Caller ID confirmed that it was indeed his mother.

"Hey Mom," he said, picking up the phone. "Are you seriously checking up on me?"

"Aden, I am your mother," insisted Alice. "It is kind of my job. Besides, Belle wanted to make sure you were back safe and sound, but you didn't hear that from me!"

Aden chuckled. More proof that Roman was a psychic.

"Well you can reassure her that I'm fine," he said. "I might give her a call actually…?"

"You will do no such thing," said Alice firmly. "It is tradition that the bride and groom do not talk to each other the night before the wedding! It's bad luck too, and I refuse to be blamed for jinxing your wedding!"

"Ok Mom, fine," said Aden, rolling his eyes. "Could you please just send me a text so I know how they both are."

Alice was silent for a moment.

"Mom, are you still there?" asked Aden.

"I can already tell you are going to be a great father, my son," she said.

Aden smiled. "Thanks Mom. I better let you go anyway. I've got to be up early tomorrow. Send my love to Belle."

"I will sweety, see you tomorrow," said Alice, before the line went dead.

Aden smiled as he put down the phone. Tomorrow was the day he had been waiting for, for so long. He was glad it was only a couple of hours sleep away.

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