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Beat It!

Guest Perry

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Story Title: Beat It!

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Dexter and Heath

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Dexter has found a new quiet spot to think of new ideas for his blog but there’s just one problem, Heath Braxton who uses the same spot for personal alone time.

“Five, four, three, two, one.” Dexter counted down and with his eyes closed he could see a bright light then as he waited small black spots appeared. Then he remembered April’s smile as they use to think of blogs together. And as both their imaginations went wild and their ideas came together, Dexter could picture his next blog, the next topic, the next thing he wanted to talk about, the last things on their minds. Now, all there is is only a couple of black circles inside a white light.

“Oi, Beat it!”

Dexter opened his eyes to see Heath Braxton’s naked, tattooed chest blocking his view of the lake. He looked up at Heath’s face, the dark-chocolate eyes staring down at him and an incorrigible grin that made Dexter take a short gasp.

“Uh…” Dexter looked down at Heath’s clenched fist. “…Why?” He said regretting saying the word as it escaped his lips.

“This is my spot.” Heath gave Dexter a second look. “You’re the guy that makes those funny blogs.”

“In the soft unwanting to be harmed flesh.”

Heath laughed before sitting down on the ground next to him. “You’re pretty funny, I liked the blog you did when you dressed up in the woman’s clothes.”

Dexter smiled politely but couldn’t hide the fear in his eyes. He grabbed his notebook and pen and stood up. “Well see yah.”

“No wait, sit down…” Heath tapped the empty spot in the bank next to him. “What’s the book for? Are you drawing?” He smiled. “Can you draw me?”

Dexter shook his head before he unwillingly sat next to the Mangrove hunk.

“You don’t want to draw me?”

“No…” Dexter clarified. “…I can draw you if you want 7 fingers and no neck.” Dexter takes a breath. “No it’s for writing, I need to think of a new idea for my blog and it’s not going to well.”

“Ah that sucks dude.”

“So…” Dexter uncomfortably tried to continue the banter. “…What do you do here?”

“Jerk off.”

Dexter choked before letting off a little snicker.

“No, really.” Heath admitted.

Dexter watched as Heath put his hand down his board shorts and scratched his sweaty groin.

“Relax Poindexter…” Heath took his hand out of his shorts and placed it on his knee. “…I can’t be bothered right now, too much effort.” He then shifted closer towards Dexter. “Besides I prefer it when someone does it for me.”

“Uh…” Dexter shifted away from him.

“I’m not a fag…” Heath laughed. “…I wasn’t suggesting…” Heath placed his hand on Dexter’s head and teased his hair. “…But if you dressed in that dress with the make up…”

“Right I’m out of here.” Dexter stood up again.

“Alright dude…” Heath then stood up as well. “I won’t make fun of your sexuality or whatever anymore.”

“My sexuality or whatever?” Dexter scoffed. “I’m not gay.”

“Dude you are so gay.” Heath snorted. “You do those blogs, you wear pink shirts and those short shorts and you dress in women’s clothes.”

“So what? You don’t seem to own a shirt and say ‘dude’ but you’re not a Ninja turtle.”

Heath stopped laughing and looked at Dexter with a vile smirk.

“I think I’ll just go” Dexter grabbed his notebook and his pen and began to walk away.

“Do you have an idea for a blog yet?” Heath asked.

“Yeah dude.” Dexter smiled.

* * *

Dexter set his laptop on the dining and pointed the camera towards the lounge. He took off his pink shirt to reveal some Henna tattoos on his body he looked at the web cam.


* * *

Dexter was sitting back in the same spot by the lake. He closed his eyes and began to speak to himself. “Five, four, three, two, one…”

“I saw your blog.”

Dexter opened his eyes to see a pink shirt. He looked up at Heath who had a slight smile. “What did you think?”

“It wasn’t as good as the one with ‘Sheila’ but I do think ‘Chad’ was kind of funny.” Heath sat down next to the teenager. “And I think real men do wear pink.”

“You’re a little strange.” Dexter laughed.

“So…” Heath tried to continue the conversation.

“Do you want to help me with my new blog?” Dexter asked.

“Yeah…” Heath answered but then gave Dexter a worryingly look. “Do I have to wear women’s clothes?”

“Nah..,” Dexter laughed. “…But I’ve got some big nerd glasses for you.”



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