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Click here to see the official website and find out what the show is about.

The main reason why I started watching this show was for Lauren Graham (Lorelai in Gilmore Girls) because I love the actress. I'm still watching season 1 but I quite enjoy this show. At first, it's a bit hard to get into it because there are so many characters but you get used to it pretty fast.

I really like how there is a child with Asperger's Syndrome in this show and it's a regular character. Not a guest they could just get rid of after a couple of episodes. We actually get to see how the parents are struggling to cope with everything. The young actor is doing a great job as well.

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I like this show. Its fascinating to watch and see how so many members of the family are all different yet they all still connect.

I'll admit the first few episodes were confusing trying to work out who all the characters are, but now that I've got that worked out, it is a really enjoyable show to watch.

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