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The Younger One

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title - the younger one

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

rating - a

cast - Liam, Coby, Bianca, Roo plus other locals

spoilers - none

warnings - adult themes, violence

plot - Liam'a younger brother coms to town bringing alot of history with him.


Roo sat alone at the diner thinking to herself when a tall blonde stranger who was possibly younger than Martha sat in front of her.

"I'm Coby" he told her with a slight smile on one side of his face

"Roo" she replied

"That is a terrible name" he said

She frowned

"It's actually short for Ruth" she told him

"Explain it i guess, but even still maybe we can find you another" Coby said

"Does this charm usually work better than this?" Roo asked

"Usually" he replied

Roo finished her coffee

"Sorry, but i noticed your face from across the room" he told her "And it wasn't a happy one. Just trying to cheer you up"


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