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Crippled Love

Guest jdoddy

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Story Title: - Crippled Love

(Sequel to You Are Not Alone)

Type of story: Long

Main Characters: Geoff & Nicole, with other 2008/09 Season Regulars

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama and Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will warn at beginning of chapter if any

Summary: Romance and Drama the Nicole & Geoff way, only this time.. with two wheels.

Crippled Love

Formerly ‘Special Access'

The world before his eyes exploded into life, the slight summer breeze embraced him, the gentle morning rays warming his open torso - he wriggled his toes in the soft powder sand.. savoring the feeling of the grains between his toes once more. - he chuckled to himself, the action causing him to notice the slightly salty tang resting in the air.

Leaving his possessions behind he began to jog towards the glistening sea water - the surface of which was as calm as anything.. undisturbed and twinkling teasingly at him as he moved closer.. the further he moved towards the rolling ocean waves the more he desired to be in between them and underneath them - destroying each waves flirtatious relationship with the one that came before it. He lengthened his stride, powering forward - slowing only as he reached the brim. he stopped for a few moments - savoring the gorgeous feeling as the water rushed up to meet his waiting feet. Without warning he fell forwards into a perfectly formed dive.

He was under the water now.. the world of the waves surrounded him - he stayed under for as long as his body would allow.. enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun baked sea longer possibly - a short while after he began to return to the surface - his face broke the surface. and for a split second all was black.


He woke with a start, and was the victim of that cruel shiver you get when someone as his grandfather would have called it ‘walked over your grave’ - he moved his hands up towards his face, covered it for a minute or so before moving this fingers up to his eyes and wiping away the gunky remnants of his disturbed sleep before moving them further up his face and through his hair.. which had a slight slick feeling due to night sweat.

He opened his eyes fully.. soon attacked by the morning sun.. throwing light over the pizza box. and the pint glass and Nicole’s half eaten slice of cheesecake from the night before... he moved his eyes from the cake to her sleeping form on the sofa just across from him.. he let out a short moan which caused her to stir..

She sat up and stretched out her constricted muscles.. it wasn’t long before her piercing blue eyes had settled on his hunched figure..

‘Morning Wheels’ she whispered.. her voice caked with sleep.

All he could do was chuckle.

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