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Rebecca did a video interview while she was in the UK with Holy Soap. Unfortunantly to view the video you need to be from the UK so I couldn't watch it to discuss all the topics that she talked about. From the video description on part 1 she talks about Luke Mitchell and her character Ruby. In part 2 the video description says Bec wishes for more Charlie Ruby scenes and would love to have more screen time with co-star Esther Anderson. Part 3 of the interview has yet to be posted but it should happen soon.

If any of our UK residents could post the videos or watch them and discuss the content I'd really appreciate it as I'm sure other Rebecca Breeds fans would.

The links are posted below:

Part 1: http://holysoap.five.tv/homeandaway/extras...ds-a-romeo-7971

Part 2: http://holysoap.five.tv/homeandaway/extras...or-charlie-8038

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Here is her answers from the first 2 videos. I will post the 3rd one soon.

What was it like going from Blue Water High to Home and Away?

Blue Water High was a really cool experience and that is for young children you know not even teens, I would say children more so, so the content in that was a lot lighter, it was a lot more aspirational and about friendship’s and believing in yourself and that kind of thing. On Home and Away you deal with a lot more intense issues, like unrequited love and family and even substance abuse and stuff like that. It really gets into the nitty gritty and explores that a lot more. There’s so many different dynamics as well, there’s the older people and the younger people and the mum’s in-between it really covers a lot more demographics so that’s really interesting because you get to play against different people within those demographics. I found Blue Water High was a really fun experience and it was really good for where I was at, just learning the basics and I found Home and Away has just propelled me in challenging me to do different things and really go deeper with my acting and to create opportunities to be maybe slightly more real as well. I know it’s a soap and the circumstances can sometimes be quite out there but they do happen to people and they are dealing with basic human things, like you know the need to be loved or stuff like that and it really gets into that which I’ve really enjoyed.

How did you land the part of Ruby?

I literally finished Blue Water High that week and the next week I was straight into wardrobe and make-up for Home and Away which is pretty rare I was really lucky. I had a week left on Blue Water High and my agent called me and said you have an audition for Home and Away so I got to the first audition, that was all fine and then usually you have a series of auditions, I actually audition for Belle who was Jessica Tovey’s character and I went to six call backs and for Ruby I had one audition and they asked me to go to the call back as said it need to be Monday or Tuesday and I was like well I am doing Blue Water High for 4 more days and then I am free so can we have the audition on Friday but they said no its needs to be Monday or Tuesday so we are in this gridlock because I can’t leave Blue Water High because I needed to honour them, I couldn’t just leave, but Home and Away were like we need to see you again because they needed to put me up against who was going to play my sister (or my mother) Charlie and they said well you will need a miracle and I said well I will wait for one of those , so I couldn’t make the audition and I continued to work on Blue Water High but the next day they called me and said look you’ve got the job anyway so after one audition I got the job so it was just meant to be and I was really lucky that a character was written that was quiet perfect for me so yeah I went straight from one job to the next so I was really lucky.

Did you watch Home and Away before you joined the cast?

Yeah, I’d gone through seasons of watching Home and Away. Growing up it’s in that time slot. 6 O’clock The Simpson, 6.30 Neighbours and 7 was Home and away so it’s that kinda period where you are eating your dinner or that kinda thing, so yeah I’d definitely gone though seasons of watching it but there are times when you are working or at school late or something like that but yeah I definitely knew the Beach House and Alf, Irene, Leah and Colleen and you know those characters and all of a sudden I’m living in the Beach House. I’m looking around going oh my gosh I’ve seen so many people coming and going from in here and now I am one of them.

What do you remember about your first day?

My first scene on set was on location so we were outside because the location we shoot is the next week of what we are shooting in the studio so we are always dealing with two weeks of episodes in two different blocks so we are always a week ahead on location and a week behind in studio and so my first day on set I was doing a hardcore break-up scene with Pat and so we hadn’t even shot the lovey stuff yet but immediately we are shooting the break-up. We were such good friends so we were comfortable with each other but it was pouring with rain and it was the end of the day, we are losing light, I was the newbie, I didn’t know any of the crew, I was like what’s going on, I was rocking up meeting everyone, they were like ok we have five minutes to shot this scene. Yeah all these issues, I was like oh my gosh you know and I had to get quite emotional and cry and break up with this guy and put so much heart and soul into it in 5 minutes which is just ridiculous you know for a very baby actor just learning how to do these things, so I remember just walking in the rain having this scene and they moved it so we were standing under the pier but the tide was coming in, it was just so much pressure that I had to totally focus. It was definitely a taster of what the rest of Home and Away was going to be like. It was a lot faster and you have to think on your feet a lot but I will never forget that because it was just a massive challenge but it turned out really well so I was happy.

What has been your favourite storyline to film?

My favourite storyline I guess would be the most challenging because you feel how much you are leaning and there is so much to chew on and you really sink your teeth into it and I really love that, I love a good challenge. So I loved the Charlie/Ruby/sister/mum thing. That was really challenging and amazing. I also really liked the lovey dovey stuff with Geoff. Xavier was cool but I think Ruby and Xavier have a very friendship based relationship whereas with Geoff there was more passion and chemistry and want and desire and I really loved the juiciness of that and I hope there’s a lot more of that to come for Ruby because that was really only a little taster for me and I want to really indulge in the whole lovey stuff. There’s some stuff I have just done in the last 3 months that you guys haven’t seen yet which I’m really excited about that’s by far been my favourite work that I’ve done just because its emotional available and lovey dovey stuff but also its really intense and not just like oh we fell in love but it comes with a whole bag of issues which was such a big challenge for me but it turned out really well so I am really excited about that.

Does Ruby’s crush on Liam spell the end of her relationship with Xavier?

Oh yeah she is definitely mixing business with pleasure. I think when you unlock a part of yourself, a very creative part of yourself and then its intertwined with someone who unlocked that in you, I think having Liam, she’s definitely blown the lines there. If I was Xavier I’d definitely be worried. She tries her hardest to still love him and spend time with him but you can’t help what your hearts drawn too and at the moment her hearts definitely not drawn to Xavier. He’s going through some really hectic stuff and she’s been so supportive, she really has you’ve got to give her credit, she’s just totally put herself aside and been there for him 100% and maybe this is her just realising she’s done too much, maybe she just need’s time for herself. Maybe it’s time to move on or maybe she’ll stick around you guys are going to have to watch, I’m not going to let you know, but yeah definitely trouble for Ruby and Xavier . They are going to have to do some serious thinking about it.

Can you tell us what else is coming up for your character this year?

I’m kinda out of the loop. Most people have talked to the producer and have an idea of where their character is going but I have almost deliberately not spoken to him about it because you know in real life you never know what’s coming and you’ll deal with it when you get to it so I know, Ruby always gets so challenging stuff and she’s a very interesting character. What I have heard is that I think she is going to go to some pretty, she’s been very light and aspirational and young but she’s maturing now and I think she is going to go to some maybe darker places you might call them. She is definitely going to grow up in the next year and there’s some stuff coming up that you guys haven’t seen which I have just shot which is really exciting which I’ve loved and yeah and I’m not going to reveal to much about that but it’s very exciting and very interesting and gritty.

If you could turn scriptwriter, what you be your dream storyline?

I’d love to do a football storyline. I love football; we call it soccer in our country obviously. I’ve love to do something like that. I’ve talked to the producer about it but it’s like to hard to negotiate it all and you know all that kind of stuff but I’d love to do that kind of a storyline. David, who play Xavier, and I always play football with each other between scenes, we’d find a ball and just like kick around together so that’d be really fun. But as I’ve said I’d love to do a really romantic storyline. The Romeo and Annie one, I was so jealous. I was like I want to do something beautiful and lovely like this where they just can’t get enough of each other because I do a lot of unrequited love or tragedy kind of love. Geoff had to leave and it didn’t end right or her and Xavier were still quite a young couple, I just want someone to love her back and stay there with her you know I just feel for her. I want her to be loved so I would write a storyline where someone fell desperately in love with her and couldn't restrain themselves and wooed her. I’d love to be wooed. Romeo’s pretty cool but given the fact that we spend a lot of romantic time off screen (laughs) I don’t think I’d like it on screen. I like that we have a bit of separation. We can keep our personal and professional lives a bit separate. Maybe, uhm, there aren’t that many people left. Xavier and Ruby have been there and done that so maybe we have to get a new dashingly handsome young man to come and play my love interest. I think that’s what I’d have to do.

What is it like working with your boyfriend? (Luke Mitchell who plays Romeo)

It’s good. Obviously that’s how we first got really close but we met originally through a house warming party and I went to work on the Monday and he was there and I thought oh no here we go and the flirting continues but ehm so at first it was really cool because that’s where you see each other and you know it’s always very exciting and it’s like oh he’s here and the rooms a bit fuller because he’s in it and you try and show off a little bit but uhm you know now that all that stuff is out of the way and we’re quite sure about our feelings for each other and we get to work it is very professional and I’ve had to learn to flick that switch. He’s very good at it, you know, he goes I’m professional now and I’m not so good at that the lines are bit blurred with me. I will see him and be like Ooo but then no we are a work so I have to hold back a little bit and not like you know run up and jump on his back you know stupid things like that you do so I have had to learn how to be professional because we do have our employers and careers to think about and our reputation and everyone else on set so we have to be very respectful so uhm, yeah, it’s good working together though because you see each other when you’re in your element which is really inspiring to see the person which, you know, love, if you want to call it that, doing what they do best so that’s really cool and we have a lot to talk about and it is also good when we get our time apart and have some space and can come back to each other so that’s cool.

Does either of you get jealous when it comes to on-screen love interests?

(laughs) No. Well I felt so sorry for him because Charlotte, who plays Annie, is 16 and he was 24 at the time, there was no chemistry, there was nothing at all for me to be worried about with them, it was more like oh paedophilia alert. But no they were extremely professional about it and they did an amazing job. I’m sure the people watching couldn’t tell at all and he put a lot of energy into making that work. If anything I was supportive of that and with me and David, he knows we are purely friends there would never be any romantic interest between us what so ever of set and he knows that I think you know there’s nothing to be worried about and if there was you know we’d be very honest and open and communicate about that but you know when you are in this industry it’s very much, it’s kinda helpful because I have friends who are actors and their boyfriends are getting really jealous and like oh you have to kiss someone else but Luke is, because he has to do it he knows how much, you are working and being professional and doing your job and you are getting paid to do it and telling another characters story. It’s not necessarily your feelings it’s another characters feelings that stem from a part of you so when you understand what’s going on, and really nothing’s going on there’s nothing to be worried about and I think if you are secure in your relationship you don’t really have to worry anyway so yeah we’ve been really lucky so far.

Which of your co-stars is the most fun on set?

From an acting point of view to work with Josh Quong Tart who plays Miles is just the most charismatic, creative, impulsive person that I’ve met in my life let alone an actor so he always mixing things up and puts his own tinge to it which is really fun because it keeps things interesting when sometimes you play it safe with the lines of what’s expected from you, he kind of disregards them which a lot of the time works to his benefit sometimes he gets in trouble but ehm yeah he’s really exciting to work with as an actor so that’s really cool. But also Esther’s really fun to work with, my mother/sister just because there’s so much depth there and we have a lot of trust between each other as actors because we have to so that’s a really exciting thing. We always like ahh we want to work together because we haven’t had much stuff together recently and every script we are like c’mon Charlie/Ruby stuff and there’s not much in there you know we’re always waiting for you know, and I think there is some coming up which I think everyone will be pleased about because a lot of people writing are like we love Charlie/Ruby storyline they are very popular and I love doing them just as much so hopefully there will be more of them.

Are you close to any of the cast in particular?

Yes. Esther, Tessa, I live with Tessa, who plays Nicole, so that’s really cool. We’re little roomies. We are big supports to each other. Luke and Tessa are my closest people.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Yeah. Love it with all your heart and soul because it takes a lot of you. Recently I’ve been doing storylines where I had to do so much crying and loss and you know I got home one day and I just went I just need to cry for me, I need to feel my own emotions for a change, you know, you have to invest so much of yourself into something else and it can be quite ruthless sometimes you’re dealing with your greatest fears or you’re greatest heartache or you’re greatest hopes and putting them all on the line purely for everyone else’s benefit you know, so you have to actually be quiet selfless and at the end of the day you can be really exhausted and you have to have a strong sense of yourself and you know to really do a good job and to really invest you have to really love your job, it can’t be about the fame, fortune all that kind of stuff is so fickle. You know it has its perks obviously but at the same time it can be so draining so you have to really love acting in itself I think for everything else to work and be justified and in that you’ll find the security to be able to handle this industry well. So be in it for the right reasons and have a sure sense of who you are and learn. I do an acting course part time and then full time work which requires a lot of me but I don’t think enough people – you know plumbers need to learn how to plumb – Actors need to learn how to act. There’s so many different ways you can do that. You find what’s right for you. Definitely go to a course, do something to open yourself up creatively. There so much worth to that and it will give you a long time as an actor you know and not just a short spurt and its fun. Have fun. If you’re not having fun don’t do it.

Can you talk us through a typical days filming?

Well a non typical day I’ll start off with. Sometimes you can start about 5 in the morning so you have to get up early and sit in the make-up chair like half asleep and they’re like Rebecca keep your eyes open we need to put mascara on you and I’m like oh my gosh you know (laughs). It’s pretty hard but a typical day, you can get to set around 6/7 O’clock like a studio day, location you usually start earlier which is beautiful, you see the sun rise on Palm Beach which is just amazing. In studio you go maybe 6/7.30 you go straight to wardrobe have maybe 10 minutes to get changed then you go to make-up anywhere for 40 minutes to maybe 1 and ½ hours depending on how much time you need. I don’t usually need more than an hour. They put your make-up on, do you hair, make sure its collation because they shoot out of sequence so they make sure you know it’s all in continuity and then you have about 20 minutes to sit in the green room before you go on set. Then when on set you have a read through of your scene, obviously you should have learnt it by then, but you have a read through, make sure everyone is cool on their lines then you block it, just in terms of what the actor and director wants and then they block it with camera’s , then the will sort the lighting and all the props will come on and you know give you a piece on toast for the scene or your school bag and then you have a final rehearsal and then you shot it. We can take anywhere up to, if everyone gets their lines right, acts perfectly you know in 3 takes but that’s pretty rare (laughs) Usually it takes up to 30 minutes or something and then cut when the scene is done you move on to the next one if you stay on or the next actors come on you know you can have 2 scene’s off, you can have 12 scene’s in a day you know or you could be finished for the day depending on what sets are up or how many scene’s you are in for that week of your storyline so yeah when you are finished you take your make-up off get changed back into your clothes and go off home and learn your scenes for the next day.

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So here is the 3rd part. She seems to say 'you know' a lot in this interview. lol. I hope there isnt to many mistakes! :lol:

Do you have any plans to make an album?

I always did. I always wanted to as growing up and then I just got so excited about acting I just kinda forgot. Well not forgotten about it but it’s become more of a hobby other that something I was really pushing. As fate has happened I’ve been able to sing on the show. It was a really weird way of how it all happened. A lady in wardrobe heard me sing in the green room one day with a guitar wasting time and that went through someone else and then someone else and they were like oh you can sing let’s do a story. It was all just very convoluted how it all happened so I think it was fate. If the right opportunity comes along I would absolutely peruse doing an album. But it has to be the right time, the right opportunity but if the right one doesn’t come along I’m quite happy to just do it for myself, it’s a really good creative outlet as I said sometimes you get selfish because you’re acting’s all about someone else and all for someone else but music you can be extremely self indulgent and sing about how in love you are or how depressed you are or you know about the sandwich that you ate that day so I like having that for me as well which you know is good but yeah if the right opportunity came along I’d jump on board.

What’s it like working with Axle Whitehead?

He’s so wonderful to work with. He’s really humble, he’s never done acting before you know he’s a musician and he’s been brought on so he is so willing to learn and he gives you everything in his scenes. Before we shoot he is just so available to talk through the scene and get into the groove of things and to learn. He’s just amazing and I love working with him. He’s such a lovely genuine guy as well. He’s so funny. He makes me laugh and that’s been really good to help the chemistry between us as actors. Creatively we see eye to eye and musically as well in writing the songs. Well we are giving the lyrics but in terms of writing the melody and stuff we wrote that together so that was a real treat to be able to do that with him.

Would you ever consider doing a duet with him?

I’d definitely consider doing duets with him. I was even going to so some harmonies to a song in a gig he played recently in Sydney but it didn’t work out but that kind of stuff we would definitely think about. In terms of a duet album I think we will keep that for Home and Away. He flies his own kite I think in terms of his music but yeah it’s been really great to have the opportunity to work with him in the show.

What are you musical influences?

Many and varied. My parents are definitely children of the sixties so I had a lot of Cliff Richard growing up, a Heartbeat album, Beatles, you know what era my parents just pushed into me. I had my Spice Girls obsession. I really liked things that had musical integrity. I was into Jazz, the jazz ballades you know Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Grace Kelly, Louis Armstrong you know those favourites of that era of ballades I just love. That’s what I’d love to sing at school. You know many and varied as long as it has musical integrity. I really like folky stuff these days and hip-hop and mainstream Alicia Keys and Beyonce are really talented so yea you know anything with musical integrity I really can appreciate.

What made you chose acting over singing?

Well it’s kinda funny the way it happened. I think it was just destined really. I loved them both but I was always kinda more interested in music I think because I thought I could have more of a say, more of an influence of what I wanted to say to the world whereas with acting I’m told what to say so that’s I think more on the grounds of moral integrity and you know I’m going to save the world and have an influence so that’s why I kinda picked music in the first place but when I went to uni to do music it didn’t feel right and then I broke my thumb so I couldn’t play the piano or guitar for a while and then at the end of that I got a part in a film, Newcastle in 2007 then directly from that I got Blue Water High and directly from that I got Home and Away so I think it’s just the way things have happened. I think on Newcastle particularly because I done ads and short roles and things like that and I always loved acting but not until I was on set for an extended period of time and in the make-up chair every morning for a five week period I was actually totally in my element. I’d never felt home at home or totally destined to do anything. Sitting in that chair then walking onto set knowing my lines and biting into each scene would just absolutely enthral me. I just felt so at home, even more so than music. In music there is an element of fear involved. I put a lot of pressure on myself and judged myself a lot but with acting I’ve never had fear. I’ve never been afraid or insecure. It was always for fun and enjoyable even the heavy stuff and you feel nervous sometimes because you want to do such a good job of something but it was never out of fear it was always out of love. And now it’s worked out perfectly because my career is my acting now. I’m so confident in my love for it and I’ve put in hard work to be good at it and so now there is no pressure on my music so my music has actually gotten better because I’m not trying to make a career out of it so it’s really been the best of both worlds. If acting is all I will do for my career then I’m so happy. I love them both so I think it’s just the way it’s worked. I’ve been more successful with acting probably because I wasn’t afraid of it and I just loved it.

Would you ever consider a stage roll?

Absolutely. I love theatre. I love musical theatre as well. I don’t know if I’m quite good enough to do musical theatre I mean you know the voices are just out of this world and their projection. I have to you know undergo some training you know to go to those levels and dancing. I mean I can dance but I’m not trained but I’d love too. I love to be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. That would be fun. Or My Fair Lady, that would be cool. There’s so many I’d love I think. Theatre is definitely something I would indulge in. The right opportunity, the right time in my life, it would be a new challenge. But at the moment I am happy doing screen and film and TV.

How do you spend your downtime?

Relaxing as much as humanly possible. We really run ourselves into the ground in the show especially the shoots you know maybe go over a period of 6 months max, 6 weeks, 2 weeks, when you are doing it consecutively and intense stuff 2 years, 3 years, 4 years you really need a good break. So uhm, I like being social because music like I’ve said is an outlet of mine, physical activity like going for runs and soccer and stuff like that just being social. More so in this industry I’ve learned you’re real friends and you family are the most important things in your life and when the jobs go I want to you know be holding their hand not an Oscar you know on my death bed so I’ve really put a lot of time into making sure I still see my best friends and my family and invest in them and have heaps of fun with them and let them know how important they are to me and invest time in them and you know just doing fun stuff like going for walks and coffee and movies and having girly sleepover nights and doing as many family things as I can. I see Luke a lot which is nice because he’s nice and close so that’s cool to hang out with him and I’m going to Cambodia for 2 weeks in July to see my best friend who’s over there at the moment running an orphanage. She’s such a saint, she’s amazing. So Luke and I are going over there so that will be some good downtime as well. And this has been a really great trip away to really get refreshed and end up feeling really excited just to get back into it.

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