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Strange Love

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story title: Strange Love

type of story: Medium fic, i will change if it goes on too long!

Main characters: Jack and Martha, Other characters are involved! :D

BTTB rating: i'll rate it A just to be Very careful! :D

Genre: not to sure, i'll porberly put it as more of a romance,

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: don't think so, might be a little bit so just be careful and read at your own risk! :D

Summary: the night after Tasha and Robbies house warming party and the event are still going aroung in Martha's head, the main thing being Jack Holden, the newest cop in town, will she ever admit her feelings towards him?

this is the first fic that i have ever, ever made and is proberly rubbish! i don't think that there is any unsuitible things in it but i'm sorry if there is! i'm only 14 so there wont be to much, even though that means nothing now! lol!

please feel to comment on how rubbish it is!


chapter 1:

Martha sat on her bed thinking about last nights events, the night of Tasha and Robbie's house warming party, how tasha and Robbie fought over which one of the guys that they had invited for Martha, Martha would actually go out with, she chuckled as she remembered them making out the guy that they had brought with them to be the most perfect guy in the whole universe, of course she didn't choose either of them, nearly having a outburst at both of the innocent guys that stood before her, practically telling them that she would never go out with them as they were too different.

She kept laughing to herself, well untill it came to the thought of that stuck up police officer that had came in just to tell them to turn the music down and ended up giving them a lature on everything that came into mind, ok, she knew she was going of the top on the details, but she really didn't care, he was a self obsesed jerk and she would say and think anything to prove what he is, not just to everyone else, but to herself aswell, as she had to admit he was quite hot, she would diffintly like to see more of him she thought. ''Arhh, stop thinking that about that good for nothing jerk'' she thought out aloud. she banged her head against the wall a few times and grabbed her keys and ran for the door, she seriously needed some fresh air and take her mind of him, who she later found out was called Jack Holden. not a bad name she thought.

she was walking down the beach when she saw her best friend Tasha. Tasha hadn't seen her as she had her back facing away from her, so Martha crept up behind her and pounced on her, Tasha had to take a deep breath and sighed when she realised it was Martha, ''don't do that!'' Tasha begged, you could still hear her breathing quite quickly. ''Haha, gets you everytime and you still freak out everytime i do it!'' Martha laughed as she looked down at her friend who was now slightly smerking, ''what are you smerking at'' Martha asked knowing that her friend was either planning something or had something on her mind about Martha and didn't want to spill!

''You'll have to guess'' her smerk had got even bigger from the last secound that she looked,

''I don't have a clue Tash, just tell me''

''Sorry Mac, you'r just going have to think, i will tell you if you guess right!''

''You can be so unfair sometimes you know tash!''

''I know, but you wouldn't like me if i wasn't, would you?''

''I don't know about that tash, i think i might like you more!''

''Just shut up Mac, lets go to the surf club and get a juice and then we can head back to mine and i can tell you everything thats on my mind''

''Ok, cool, i need to speak to granddad anyway so i can do that before we leave''


They arrived at the surf club chatting and laughing away, they walk over to the counter and leaned on it and waited for Alf, who was working his shift now, to realise they were there and serve them. after about a minuit Alf finally saw them, ''Oh hey,'' he said as he saw them stare at him, ''sorry i was just sorting out the last fruit order we had, it wasn't very well organised, thanks to somebody!''

''oh, sorry Granddad, i was going to sort it out but i lost track of time with things and i just forgot!''

''thats all right love, it wasn't to hard to do'' he smiled at her, ''any, what can i get you?''

''oh, just 2 watermellon Jucies please,''

''ok, they are just coming''

''Thanks Granddad! can i talk to you in a minuit?''

''Yeah, sure, is everything ok?''

''Yeah, just need to talk to you, thats all!''

''Ok love, i will just get your jucies''

''Thanks'' Martha looked over at Tasha who was looking straight ahead at the table that Jack holden, the self obsessed jerk, was sitting at. ''Tasha,'' she waved her hand in front of her trying to get her attention, ''your married remember? you should't be eyeing up other guys!''

''Yeah, i know, but i was thinking more on the line of YOU going out with him'' she looked back at martha after she finished her sentence,

''Please tell me your jokeing! you are jokeing aren't you?'' She looked back at tasha with a very seriouse look,

''no Mac, off course i'm not jokeing'' tasha laughed as she saw the expression on Martha's face, ''your single, you clearly have an attraction to him and you must admit that he is very cute!''

''where the hell did that come from? there is NO attraction between me and that jerk, he is so NOT cute and i will find someone when i find someone, i don't need your help, thanks very much tash'' Tasha shook her head at her friend,

''You like him Mac, i can tell, just admit it!''

''no i don't, and was that the thing that was on your mind?''

''Maybe!'' at that moment Alf had come back with their jucies,

''Sorry that i took a long time, i got caught up with something''

''Thats ok granddad!'' Martha glared over at tasha who was finding it very difficult not to burst out laughing!

Please feel free to comment! :D

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here's the next chapter, Enjoy, its a very short chapter,

Chapter 2:

Martha and Tasha had decided to go back down to the beach, talking about all the usaual things, with a most recuring topic of Jack Holden, much to Martha's annoyance. Both of them knew it was because of the obvious attraction and chemistry between them, but of course Martha wasn't going to admit that she was starting to get feelings for a Jerk now was she. They sat down on the warm sand, with a smerk still planted across Tasha's face. She could tell that Martha got very flustered at the thought of Jack Holden and she also knew it was only a matter of time before she admited it. But Tasha knew as well as anyone else in this small town on how stubborn Martha was and she knew that it would take a VERY, VERY long time. Tasha turned her head and again saw Jack, ''Either we're stalking him, or his stalking us!'' Tasha laughed as Martha turn her head to see Jack walking along the beach, lokking like he was walking straight towards them,

''Oh, great,'' Martha said sarcastically! she looked away as she felt Jacks presence a few center-metres away,

''Hello, Ladies, how are we all today?''

''Fine thanks,'' Tasha said, trying to hide to fact that she was so close to laughing her head off, ''Jack isn't it?''

''Yeah, and your name is?''

''Tasha, and i think you already know my best friends name, don't you?'' she answered pointing to Martha who was standing beside her looking down at her feet,

''Yeah I remember, Martha isn't it?'' he asked Martha, not that he needed it confirmed, he knew he was correct, ''Have we gone a little shy?'' he asked her smugly as she carried on looking away,

''No, of course not, how could you ever think that?'' she replied at long last,

''It's an easy mistake to make when your not talking and acting like a little mouse backed into a corner by a cat!'' he smiled and carried on, ''And plus, your cheeks have gone all red like your imbarresed about something!''

''My cheeks have not gone all red,'' she pelted back, starting to get angry

''oh don't worry,'' he laughed at her sudden out burst, ''there's only us three around and i'm not going to tell anyone!''

''Whats the point in telling people something that's not true?''

''Except that i wouldn't be lying would I?'' he replied feeling it approrite to say something, ''Because it is totally true, so just tell the truth!'' she looked at Tasha who was finding this hilarious!

''no, I'm not admiting something that didn't even happen!''

''Ok, be like that, but your only lying to yourself,'' With that Jack walked away with a big smile accross his face, she looked at Tasha who was now laughing to the point it looked like she was going to burst!

''Just Admit that you like him, Mac''

''i don't like hime Tash, so why should I admit that?''

''Are you trying to convince, me or yourself?''

''I'm going to go now Tash, My shift starts in about 10 minuits,'' Martha was trying despritly to change the topic, ''I take it that you will be able to live without me, won't you?''

''Of course Mac, I've got to meet Robie for lunch anyway, so i will see you later,''

''Yeah, see ya later!'' and with that she walked up the beach and went to the surf club to do her shift!





Any comments? :D

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Here's the next chapter, Enjoy! :D

Chapter 3:

Martha was working quitely cleaning up behind the bar. It wasn't very busy at that time of day, so it made her have time to get away from everything, most of all these days, get Jack Holden out of her mind. But today wasn't her lucky day, just a secound after she had finally got him out of her head, he came walking through the door. Martha turned her head to look the other way in hope that Jack didn't see the happy expression that lit up her face as he walked through the door.

''Hello there,'' Jack said as he came up and lent on the bar,

''Oh, sorry i didn't notice you there!''

''Yes you did, you looked away exactly a secound after i came in,'' he laughed, ''It was like you were embarassed about something,''

''embarassed, what would i have to be imbarassed about?''

''Cuz you like me'' Jack smirked as he said it, ''like want to go out with me like,''

''you are full of yourself Jack Holden, why the hell would I want to go out with you?''

''Cuz you love me''

''no I don't''

''Yes you do'' Jack was now getting really happpy that he was getting a reaction from martha, ''So if I was to kiss you right now, you would not enjoy it?''



''Really'' the next few secounds were silent, at that secound Jack cupped Martha's head with his hands and moved in closer. A few secounds later he touched her lips with his. He deepened the kiss and without knowing what cane over her Martha kissed him back with full on passion. They were standing in a public place, kissing each other with so much passion that if you were just an on looker you would have thought they were a young in love couple. As Martha suddenly came back to reality, she pulled away with confusion and happiness.

''What the hell did you do that for?'' she shouted and ran out the door forgetting that she was ment to be working. she ran down to the beach and collapsed on the sand. she went into a moment of deep thought. she liked it, but yet she knew she shouldn't, well, from how she was looking at it anyway. She hated him, but yet she had feelings for him... she loved him.

At that moment Tasha and Robbie were walking up the beach and saw Martha. ''Hey Mac, what are you doing? i thought you were working!''

''I was'' Martha replied back very distantly,

''Is your shift over or something?''


''Then why are you here?'' Robbie said with a laugh,

''Cuz a certain someone came in and with his 'jerky' ways, made me HAVE to get away,''

''Oh, your talking about Jack aren't you?'' Tasha was finding it difficult not to burst out laughing,


''What did he do this time?'' Tasha stood there waiting for answer but there was nothing but silence, ''Mac, what did he do?'' Martha knew that she wouldn't give up so she gave in,

''He kissed me,'' at that moment Tasha and Robbie both burst out laughing,

''Really? Thats what your so upset about?''


''OMG Mac, the only reason your getting so upset about is because you enjoyed it and you know that you are never going to give him a chance and therefore..'' Tasha took a deep breath and continued, ''The chances of him kissing you again is very unlikely!''

''no its not''

''Yes it is, and the sooner you admit it, the sooner you will be happy,'' Tasha looked at Martha, she was silent. She knew what tasha was saying was true, but she was not going to admit that, ''So anyways, me and Robbie are going to get going and you need to go back to the surfclub to finish your sift before your grandad gets a serch party out,'' and with that they walked off. Martha sat there for another minuit and then headed back to the surf club, hopeing that Jack had disapeared.


Any comments? :D

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here's the next 3 chapters, Enjoy, i think there may be some content that will be unsutable to younger readers, be warned :D :

Chapter 4:

Martha was glad to see that Jack had left when she had came back. As she entered ahe saw that Alf had taken over the bar. he raised his head as he saw her enter. ''Oh, hello, I see you have finally decided to return,'' he said as she walked up to the bar,

''Sorry granddad!''

''Where did you go anyway?''

''No where,'' she said and walked into the store room, Alf followed,

''Whats the matter?''

''Nothing, nothing is wrong at all,''

''Come on love, i know you better than that, just tell me,''

''Why is life so confusing granddad?''

''I don't know love, why are you asking?''



''how can i hate someone as much as i hate him, but still like him? I mean like really really like,''

''Ahh Martha, you don't hate him, he just annoys you sometimes. you need to tell him how you feel, you will adventually tell that you don't hate him, then life won't be as confusing i promise you.''

''thanks granddad''

''Thats ok love,'' Alf smiled at his grand-Daughter. he loved having her around. She always made him laugh and gave him someone to talk to, ''Why don't you get off? your shift finishes in 5 minuits anyway and its not that busy!''

''Yeah, thanks for everything granddad,''

''Thats all right love, just tell Jack how you feel, you promise me?''

''Yeah, sure'' she picked up her bag and went over to her granddad and gave him a kiss on the cheek, ''bye granddad''

''bye love'' and with that Martha left and went back to her apartment.

She had been back for nearly half an hour when there was a knock at the door, ''just coming'' as she opened the door she saw the smirky face that she loved... it was Jack,

''What are you doing here you Jerk?''

''Oh, just seeing how you were recovering after our kiss earlier on,'' He exclaimed as he stood uo against the door frame,

''Oh, just fine thanks,''

''Ok, so i will go now then!''

''Wait!'' Martha shouted squinting her eyes,


''I need to tell you something,''

''And what is it you need to tell?''

''As much as i hate you, sorry, really, really hate you, I also like you, i mean really, really like you'' Jack smiled as the words came out of her mouth, ''and...''

''And?'' Jack smilied as he said it,

''And I think I'm in love with you,'' Jack smilied as he cupped martha's face with his hands,

''You know what?''


''I think I'm in love with you too,''


''Really'' They stood there in silence for a moment, Martha's face still cupped in Jack's warm and strong hands, with Jack pumb rubbing up and down her cheek, they moved in closer together till their noses touched. Just a secound after there lips touched. Jack moved inside the door and closed it quickly behind him. The kiss was soft and gentle at first but the more it went on, the more they wanted, and the kiss deepened every secound untill the passion in it was un-denyable. Not long after Jack was un-buttoning his shirt and threw it to the floor. A secound after he helped Martha to remove hers and like him she threw it to the ground. Not long after they went through to Martha's room for a very long night.

Chapter 5:

Jack woke up the next morning and realised that he was not in his own bed. he then remembered what happened last night, the incredible night that he spent with Martha. He looked next to him and saw Martha sleeping next to him, then suddenly she began to stir. ''Hello'' Jack exclaimed as she came around,


''Can I ask a question? just to make sure on something,''


''Did you want last night to happen?''

''Yeah, I did,''

''Good, so does that mean we can start going out?''

''Yeah, suppose it does,'' at that point Martha realised that she doesn't hate Jack, she just never really got to know him, ''You know i now realise that I never hated you, never, I just Love you,''

''You love me?''


''I love you too,''

''Well anyways, we better get up, and you better get home before you dad worries''

''Oh, but i don't want to leave,''

''Tough, what are you going to say when your Dad asks where you were last night?''

''umm, that i was sleeping with my new girlfriend,''

''And who will you say you were sleeping with?''

''The most beautiful girl in town,''


''Well I would be telling the truth,'' Martha smilied at him,

''Lets get up,''


It was an hour later and Jack had just arrived home, as he walked in he saw his dad and Lucas sitting around the table, ''Oh hello, i thought we were never going to see you again'' Lucas laughed as Jack came in,

''Yeah where were you last night?'' Tony finally pipped up

''oh, no where,'' they could tell from Jacks face that it wasn't

''Come on Jack, we know you better than that,''

''It was a girl wasn't it?'' Lucas always thought on that line but little did he know that he was correct this time,


''Jack who was it?'' Lucas was so desperate to know the answer,

''Can i just give you a clue?''

''If you want,''

''Her initials are M.J.M''

''You slept with Martha?'' Tony looked at Lucas and then at Jack,


''so I take it that Martha finally admited that she likes you?''

''Yep,'' Jack was still thinking about Martha, he couldn't get her out of his mind!

Martha had gone down to the beach. It was about half ten in the morning, Tasha was walking across the beach and saw her and thought she would come and say hello, ''Hey Mac,'' Martha didn't answer, she was too busy thinking about Jack and the amazing night she had with him last night, ''Hello Mac, come back down to earth,''

''oh, hey''

''What are you thinking about?''

''Last night,''

''What about last night?''


''What about Last night and Jack?'' Tasha was getting a bit impatient,

''It was amazing,''

''What are you talking about?''

''Last night me and Jack slept together,''

''Mac, does that mean that you have finally admited you feelings for him?''


''Has it made you feel happier?''


''Told you that it would,'' They both burst out laughing and walked along the beach to have a long chat!

Chapter 6:

Martha was standing behind the bar trying to do her shift, colleen had just found out about her new relationship with Jack and therefore in less an hour Martha was sure that everyone would know about their relationship. she didn't care she had finally beat herself and told him how she felt, and she was the happiest she had been in a long time. At that moment she looked to her side and saw Jack enter, she smiled as he walked up to her and put his arms around her. ''Hey'' Martha said as Jack started putting kisses up the side of her neck, ''Jack, as much as I love you, this is a public place and I don't everyone wants to see it,''

''Yeah I agree with that,'' Lucas had just arrived at the bar with Tony, Jack was still kissing up Martha's neck but then kissed up her check and finally reached her mouth where they went into a full and passionate kiss. Even though knowing they were in a public place Martha couldn't help herself and kissed back as passionatly as he was kissing her. ''Get a room you two,'' Lucas pipped up again,

''Yeah Jack, no one really wants to see that,'' tony finally spoke

''Well I don't care,'' Jack smiled at Martha as they finally parted, ''Anyway how many people know?''

''Well colleen knows so I'm sure in time the whole town will know,''

''Good,'' He gave Martha a quick kiss then went back around the other side of the bar and looked at his dad who was smiling, ''What?''

''I'm just glad you two are finally together,'' Tony replied to his son's question,

''Yeah, me too,'' Lucas always had to say something,

''Me three,'' Jack said as he looked across at Martha,

''Me four,'' Martha smilied back, ''Anyways, my shift finishes in 5 minuites, if you can wait that long do you want to come back to my apartment?''

''umm, I don't know if i can wait 5 minuits, its a very long time, why don't we just go now,''

''I'll just ask granddad. Granddad!''

''Yes love,'' Alf called back from the store room,

''Can I go off 5 Minuits early?''

''Yeah sure love, its not that busy,''

''Thanks granddad!'' she turned back aroung to face Jack, ''Lets go,''

''Sorry Dad, have to go, i know have a much better offer than just sitting with you and Lucas talking!'' Martha and Jack ran out the door as fast as they could. When they were gone tony looked at Lucas,

''Good to know that we're loved isn't it?'' Lucas stated as they were both out of sight,

''Sure is,'' was all that tony could reply.


Any comments? :D

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