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    Home and Away - all the way <br /><br />love walking and reading and LOVE playing with me little godson
  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good day. Love Tele xx

  2. oh my god _ how could nicole turn down aden after everything they have been throu together _ id gladly take him lol Cant wait to find out whats happening with Nicole _ hope it's nothing bad because she cant deal with anymore bad news now Please Update soon xx
  3. this fix has to be the funniest ever _ geoff A.K.A Blade-Boy is so funny cant wait for more _ update soon please
  4. Brilliant _ absolutly Brilliant poor geoff aden please update again soon
  5. just read this story again _ i love it pleaseeeeee can you update from where you left of as it was just getting really interesting
  6. Loved this aden's going to be a daddy cant wait to read more of this wonderful Story and find out where NICOLE disappered to ?
  7. I liked that chapter_ id to see Changelo and Leah and Roman together cant wait for another update Brilliant chapter xx
  8. oh my god another great chapter geoff getting angry _ glad he called over to Adens Poor Aden crying _ wish i was there to Make it all better LOL
  9. oh my god i actully cried reading this story poor rachel how is she going to cope with loosing her fiance gone Jack (poor Jack) my heart goes out to him so much _love him Lucas _______ oh god i wudnt like to be in jacks shoes when he tells lucas tony is dead cant wait for more *xx*
  10. cant wait for the party _ geoff's back more soon please
  11. i soooooo love this story Mike Getting Practice lily is just the cutest calling her brother liam (william) cant weait for Roman to ask El To Marry Him Again (if she says no then ill say yes) Update soon Please xx*
  12. oh my god i am loving this story _ my favourite Fiction by far (sorry Guys) Love Roman _ He Is Trually Never Going To GIve Up On Ella Mike So Happy He Is Back In The Story More Update Please xx*
  13. I'm good thanks. Glad you had a great time in Vegas! xx

  14. hey there _ only commenting back now _ em thansk for the birthday wishes you sent me _ i had a great day _ i went to vegas was brilliant

    hows u doing xx

  15. hey georgia

    sorry only commenting back

    thansk for the birthday wishes

    were as my boyfriend were kinda getting back together ( dont really No if i should) hows u doin xx

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