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Too Many Babies, Somehow Not Enough // Am I Dyslexic, Or...? (by emmasi) - comments


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How conflicting. Right when I wanted to laugh, I gasped. You're onto something! Either the writers are on serious crack, or Home & Away's timeslot is just a sneaky cover for something more sinister.

I can totally picture Kim writing this, with that confused look he gets. I'm sort of dissing Kim here, so I might run away very fast. :P

Anyway, dude. That's crazy! But well written and just plain funny.

Wait, I'm too distracted by the second poem and all its creepiness. *rereads first poem*. Ooooooh...


Once, I wanted my father to love me.

Nothing I did was good enough

And now I know why.

That man killed for me.

He drowned the woman he loved to save my life.

As long as I live, I’ll remind him of that, and remind him that I’m

Not my brother. I can’t make up for what he’s lost.

That is my favourite part. Poor Kim, it's just so heartbreaking.Pity he's such an ass.

Thank god for K. I. T.

Written by K. I. -


Ahahahahahaha! Shall there be more?

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They're great, Jem! :D I normally hate poetry, but those two poems were really nice. I loved this:

I named my son, to another woman, who broke up my marriage

You're a woman with many talents. I envy you! More please! kiss.gif

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