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Teen sells stepsister, 7, for party sex

Guest adellejefferiesxox

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I'm horribly saddened for this little girl. I hope she gets the help she needs during the long years she will be recovering from this.

However, having read the story, I am also very saddened by whatever happened to her 15 year old "sister" to make her happy to go to a "party" with men she doesn't know and sell her body. What made her have any idea of doing that? And what made her devalue her body and her sexuality so much that she would have no qualms about allowing men to touch her very little sister? At the end of the day, whatever we may feel in our guts about this girl's actions, she is 15. Which means she was raped (statutory rape, by law) by these paedophiles too. The chances quite clearly are that we do not understand the full story here.

Lets feel saddened and disgusted by the whole event, by what a group of men did to two female children, not just by what one potentially screwed-up girl supposedly did under duress of a group of paedophiles. The real criminals here are the ones who raped a 7-year old girl.

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