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  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve written to the cast. It used to be one of my favourite things to do. Does anyone still write to the cast and has anyone had replies? I would love to start writing again.
  2. I haven't posted in here in ages. In March I recieved a personally signed fan card from Nic Westaway. It seems so long ago but last November I received personally signed fan cards from Lincoln and Dan and a signed fan card from Steve. I wrote to Channel 5 not long ago and they sent me cast cards of Emily, Dan, Steve, Lisa, Lincoln, Samara, Georgie, Lynne and Ray.
  3. Wow. I haven't posted in here in ages! A few days ago I received personally signed fancards from Lincoln, Lynne and Dan and a signed one from Steve. A few months ago I've also received personally signed fancards from Kass, Andrew and Kelly.
  4. Yes thats the right address. I use that one also. This Address is also on the Channel 7 Envelopes also. This is the address that I have used and have had replies recently from. Chloe, I'm sure your letters will arrive to the actors using this address
  5. I got replies from Kassandra and Catherine this morning. I was so happy to receive them. Kassandra signed 'Emily. Thanks so much for your beautiful letter ❤ Kassandra. Catherine's was also signed but not personalised. It came with a letter from the production office. It's so good to see fans getting replies. That's my que to start some more fanmail letters. Top of my list are Andrew and Nic. Has anyone had any replies from them or Dan and Linc?
  6. Thank you very much. I sent a letter off to Catherine this afternoon.
  7. samdanfan: Thank you very much for that. I will try her facebook and twitter. I returned home from my holiday a few days ago and found an envelope containing personally signed fancards from Demi and Sam. I was so happy. I only sent it off in mid June! H&A are absolutely brilliant for fanmail! Does anyone know if Catherine Mack is a permanent cast member and can receive mail?
  8. Hi, does anyone know where I can write to Esther? Has she got a current agent address in America? Thanks.
  9. Aww, congratulations. When did you send your letter?
  10. Congratulations. Sounds like most fancards are being sent out with letters from the office assistant. Dan Ewing posted on Twitter yesterday that channel 7 have run out of his fancard but more are on order.
  11. I received some fancards today in the post from Luke, Ada and Axle. They all came in an envelope from Anna, the office assistant with a letter attached. I wrote to them all individually so I don't know what happened. They were all personally signed apart from Ada's. Luke signed: Dear Emily, Best Wishes Luke x Axle: Dear Emily <3 Axle. Ada: Best Wishes <3 Ada x I am over the moon with the responses! I sent all three individual letters off on the same day in march so perhaps that had something to do with it?
  12. Amazing work Jen. I love the colouring.
  13. This is the one I've seen from appearance photos. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/pHJJBsVa7Ly...rth/e_8iZc2eJDi I don't know if she just uses it at signings or not?
  14. Congratulations. I sent some fanmail to Emily Symons, Georgie Parker, Lincoln Younes, David Jones - Roberts and Lynne McGranger today. Are David and Lincoln good with their mail? I was just wondering if Ada has a different, more up to date fancard then the one on her character profile on the official website. I think I've seen a different one on a signing appearance.
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