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Jewellery :)

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Ok, I don't know if this will be okay to post. :S

My sister has just started making Jewellery, and it's really lovely, she is going to be selling it, in a little while, just when she gets up and running, We are going to try in local shops and stuff first, but I though I would see if anyone would be interested.

I can get a few pics, but i dnt want to post here as it might be seen as selling. If you are interesed could you pm me and i can take note of you and let you know when she starts selling? It is all hand made and it is really nice, and they will be reasonable prices :)

I'm sorry if this is not allowed, please feel free to close it!

Let me know, El xx

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Thanks you two!! :)

I'll let you's know! :)

If anyoen else would like to know anything, pm me or leave a comment here,, I don't think it will be long now until she starts, she is just getting all the things she needs atm :)


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