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A Voice From Heaven

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Story Title: A Voice from Heaven

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Roman, Geoff, Nicole, Aden, Ruby, Annie,

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: It is Nicole's wedding day...

Nicole woke up in the earliest of mornings. She looked over at her wardrobe where the long white dress hung seeing the sparkle of sequins and beads shine out. She smiled and moved over to smooth the dress down before heading to the bathroom. She washed her hair and added conditioner, leaving it on for an extra few minutes before rinsing it carefully out. She smiled and moved out of the bathroom back to the bedroom wrapped mummy like in big fluffy white towels.

“Nic is that you up?” a voice called from the other bedroom.

“Yes.” She answered her happiness making her voice seem to bubble across the air as she spoke.

“Are you decent Darl?” Annie called out impersonating Irene Roberts her foster mum.

Nic chuckled.

“Come on in.” she called wrapping herself in her bathrobe.

Annie moved across the threshold and smiled at her.

“I can’t believe its today.” She said softly.

“I know.” Nic acknowledged and looked over at her dress again.

“It’s fine.” Ruby said moving into the room too.

Nic smiled slowly.

“It had better be.” She muttered and then took a breath. “Thank you for being my bridesmaids.” She told both of them.

“It’s ok.” Annie said shrugging.

“”It’s ok” she says.” Ruby murmured. “Like she wouldn’t have killed you if you didn’t ask her.”

Annie blushed a bright red colour even as the door opened and Roman brought in their breakfasts on a large tray.

“Morning Girls.” He said softly.

Nic gave him a grin and took the tray and placed in the middle of the bed so they could eat.

“Thanks Dad.” She said to him.

He gave her a smile and moved back out.

“Wow Nic.” Ruby said to her.

“Sorry am I crying again?” she asked them.

Annie and Ruby nodded.

“It’s just today is my wedding day and my dad is home and well everything is perfect.” She gasped out sobbing.

Ruby moved over to her and hugged her.

“Good job you’ve not put on your mascara yet.” She said hugging her. “Ah bless Nic.” She added feeling the other girl shaking.

“I’m sorry I’m just so happy.” She said trying to pull her self together.

Annie went over to the tray and picked up the glasses of champagne and handed them out.

“To happy endings.” She murmured.

The three girls toasted each other before they ate the carefully prepared pancakes and strawberries Roman had made for their breakfasts.

* * *

“Bible Boy.” Aden murmured coming down the stairs in the beach house.

“Jefferies when are you going to stop calling me that?” Geoff muttered.

“Oh about never!” Aden said with a smirk.

“Today is the big day.” Geoff said slowly.

Aden nodded.

“Got the ring.” He murmured. “Is there any coffee?” he added.

Geoff nodded and moved to get the other man a cup. He handed it over and they shared a look.

“Nervous?” he asked.

Geoff shook his head.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” he said quietly.

Aden nodded once more sipping at the dark bitter coffee thanking whoever made it for the strength of the brew.

“Think maybe a bucks night the day before you are due to get married is a good idea?” Irene asked moving down the stirs towards the kitchen.

Geoff and Aden looked at each other.

“Well yeah!” they chorused.

She gave a chuckle and placed a tub of aspirin on the table.

“Irene you are my hero!” Aden said with a groan as he struggled to open the bottle.

Geoff moved up behind him and twisted the top before turning it and opening the bottle.

“And you are my superhero Bible boy!” he added with a chuckle.

They shook out a couple of tablet each and swallowed them with water before grabbing more coffee.

“So what time you got to be at the church?” Irene asked.

“In an hour. “Geoff told her.

She nodded.

“Then you better scoot for the bathroom.” She murmured.

Aden looked at the other man.

“Rock paper scissors?” he asked.

“Nope. I’m going first.” Geoff declared. “After all I’m a super hero.” He told him. “I can be quicker.”

Aden laughed before turning slowly. He winked at Irene and then made a dive for the bathroom getting in there just a moment before Geoff got to the bathroom door. He gave him a smirk before closing it in the other man’s face.

Geoff chuckled and sat back down to finish his coffee.

“Big day.” Irene said quietly.

Geoff nodded.

“Big day. “ he confirmed finishing his coffee and moving over to the sink to clean his cup.

“Got your suit ready?” she asked moving to the cupboard to get the ironing board out.

He nodded.

“Yup all pressed and neat.” He confirmed.

She gave him a smile.

“You know my boy I can’t believe how grown up you are now.” She said quietly.

He walked over and gave her a hug.

“I owe you so much.” He told the other woman. “The way you took us in and looked out for us.”

“Oh Darl, it were nothing.” She said her accent growing stronger as emotion took over. She patted his hand and they both looked up as the bathroom door opened and Aden came out.

“You’re turn.” He told Geoff.

Geoff gave Irene a kiss on the cheek before heading for the bathroom.

* * *

Nic looked in the mirror and sighed.

Her hair was coiled in smooth ringlets around her face and her make up was flawless. She gave herself an appraising look and continued to smile. Her lips were outlined in a satin pink lipstick not her usual colour and her eyes lined with a soft blue. She blinked and then looked at herself again.

“Do you like it?” Leah asked sounding nervous.

“Oh Leah, I love it.” she declared her eyes meeting Leah’s in the mirror. “Perfect.” She said softy.

Leah smiled and leant forward placing a gentle kiss on the girl’s cheek careful of the make up before turning to Annie.

“You next my girl.” She told her.

Nic stood and moved over to the dress. She took it off the hanger and had Ruby rush over to help her put it on. She took a deep breath as Ruby did the fastenings up.

“Oh my god Nic.” Annie gasped out looking over at her.

“Seconded.” Leah told her smiling.

“And me too.” Ruby said blinking back tears.

“Hey guys don’t make me cry again.” She said softly smoothing down the skirt.

“Sorry.” Leah murmured. “You look beautiful.”

Nic blinked before looking up at the ceiling.

“I am not going to cry.” She murmured shaking her hand at her eyes.

Annie gave a little giggle and they all looked at each other before laughing.

* * *

Aden and Geoff walked up the aisle together dressed in dark suits. They stood side by side at the front as the church began to fill up.

“It’s going to be a good day.” Geoff said smiling.

Aden nodded.

“Nervous?” he asked Geoff.

Geoff found himself nodding.

“Oh god yes.” He replied.

And the two men gave a quick chuckle.

They turned and looked as Leah walked into the church and moved to sit next to Colleen at the front.

“Nearly time.” Aden said quietly.

He looked around the church seeing Irene, Colleen and Leah then Rachel and Tony and finally Alf. All the friends he had known over the years coming here to celebrate another Wedding. The flowers and ribbon that decorated the church looked nice if you liked that girlie stuff and he glanced at Geoff and saw him grin.

“Nicole.” They said at the same time.

Aden looked at his watch.

“Not long now Bible boy.” He said quietly.

They turned looking at the front as the music started playing.

* * *

Nic stepped out of the car feeling her Dad’s hand steady her.

“Ready Princess?” he asked softly.

“I’ve been ready for this day a long time.” she replied.

He walked with her to the church steps looking back as Annie and Ruby joined them. The two girls were dress in long burgundy dresses carrying sprays of flowers in their hands. They started the long walk up the aisle towards the front.

Nic looked down at her bouquet blinking back more emotional tears.

“If those aren’t happy tears I can get you out of this.” Roman told his daughter.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Don’t you dare I’ve waited for this day for like forever.” She declared.

He gave her a proud smile and began to escort his daughter up the aisle towards where Geoff and Aden were standing. Ruby and Annie reached the front and moved to one side turning to watch Nic walking the rest of the way.

She reached the front of the church and handed over her bouquet to Ruby to hold before turned to her fiancé. He gave her a smile and took hold of her hand surprised to feel it shaking with his grip. His eyes met hers and he smiled broader at the look of love in her sapphire gaze.

“Who give’s this woman away?” Came the question.

Roman smiled before lifting his head.

“I do.” He murmured stepping to one side to become the un-orthodox best man. Standing proudly next to Aden.

Geoff nodded at him before looking at Nic and then at Aden. He fiddled with his dog collar before starting the service.

“Dearly beloved.” Geoff began standing tall in front of Aden and Nic. “We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.” He moved through the wedding ceremony his voice ringing out around the church as he married Aden and Nicole.

Nic slid a ring on Aden's finger and he grinned before doing likewise. She then looked at Geoff and he gave her a grin handing over the other ring. She lifted it up before sliding it onto Aden's right hand. He recognised it as the wedding band from his first marriage to Belle Taylor.

He looked at her falling in love with her all over again for her sensitivity.

“Thank you.” He whispered remembering how hard it had been to take off his wedding ring even though he had proposed to Nic.

“Some of you may remember another day that Aden got married.” Geoff said quietly to the congregation hearing a smatter of laughter from Colleen. “Only to say goodbye to her a while later as we lost her. Today on this solemn day we say a prayer for her and we hope that she is looking down on us today laughing at the way we have all turned out. Because After all Belle Taylor Jefferies would have been the first one to tell us that she planned this.” His voice rang out around the church as he murmured a prayer for Belle hearing a chorus of Amen from the people that knew her and loved the dearly missed Belle.

“Thank you.” Aden said again to his new wife once they were alone.

Nic looked at him.

“I love you.” She told him. “And I’m not Belle, I never will be but I do love you.” She said quietly.

He grinned.

“I love you Mrs Jefferies.” He told her leaning over to kiss her.

Neither of them seemed to hear the gentle laughter coming from above.


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