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Never As They Were

Guest thejefferies

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Story Title: Never as they were

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Most of the cast, and some more new characters.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Occasional violence, drug references

Summary: Things are not looking the same as they did before in the Bay. Mystery, confusion and surprise shock the Bay around every turn.

Chapter One

It's early Feburary of 2010 in Summer Bay. Miles was sitting at home, watching TV when a knock at the door startled him. Miles got up quickly and raced to the door; to be greeted with Jai who had big briefcases and luggage.

"What a surprise" said Miles with a wide grin on his face. Jai smiled.

"The trip was cut short early. Annie and me still aren't talking though" added Jai.

"Oh, that is a shame" said Miles as he looked a bit dissapointed. Jai walked inside and put his stuff down beside the lounge.

"I'll be in my room" said Jai as he called out. Miles smiled and sat down on the lounge again.

Meanwhile, Geoff was at the docks when Annie arrived. She looked very happy to see him.

"Hey Geoff!" called out Annie as she ran towards and open-armed Geoff.

"Why are you home so early?" asked Geoff.

"Long story" said Annie with a smile as she held on tightly to Geoff. Geoff then hugged her back.

"Get a room you two" said Aden with a smirk as he carried a large crate down to the boat.

"Yeah, you better go off and see Romeo" said Geoff as he let go of Annie. Annie nodded and walked off. Aden then wiped the sweat off his forehead and tapped Geoff on the shoulder.

"Listen mate, we have to get back to work if we want to finish this shipment on time" said Aden with a smirk. Geoff turned around and started lifting crates and helped load them onto the ship.

Annie was walking along the beach, and spotted Romeo. He was seen flirting with other girls. Annie looked very upset and ran away, just as Romeo saw her.

"Look, it's not what it looks like" explained Romeo.

"Are you sure? I saw you looking at those girls!" yelled Annie with an angry look on her face.

"You know you're the only one for me" said Romeo as he tried to hold onto her. Annie pushed him off her.

"Leave me alone" said Annie as she walked off. Romeo put his hand over his mouth in frustration.

That night, Annie knocked on Miles door. Jai answered the door, and to his surprise it was Annie.

"Can I come in?" asked Annie. Jai smiled and opened the door for her. His grin was hard to cover as he was filled with glee.

"You know school is tommorow, right?" asked Annie.

"Yeah" said Jai.

"Well, I need someone to help with projects and stuff.. and you're pretty smart.." said Annie, but Jai interuppted.

"I'd love to" said Jai. Annie smiled.

"Great, see you at school" said Annie as she left. Miles come out into the room.

"What did Annie want?" asked Miles.

"Nothing" answered Jai. He still had a large grin on his face.

"What are you so happy about?" asked Miles as he sat down.

"Nothing.. at the moment" said Jai as he ran off to his room. Miles sat down, looking pretty confused.

End of chapter one.

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Chapter 2.

Jai grabbed his big school bag and carefully adjusted it onto his back. Miles looked at him.

"Isn't that a bit heavy?" Miles asked, looking a bit suspicious.

"No, it's fine" said Jai as he raced out the door. Miles then turned around and walked over to the kitchen, stopping at the fridge door.

Jai saw Romeo on the way to school.

"Hey Romeo" said Jai as he walked over to Romeo.

"Listen man, can you tell Annie to meet me later?" asked Romeo.

"Uh, sure" agreed Jai as he kept walked to school. Romeo then looked out at the beach, wondering what was going to become of this.

Jai arrived and school and quickly found Annie. She was putting away her stuff into the lockers.

"So, you're up for the study this afternoon?" asked Jai.

"Sure" agreed Annie with a little smile. Xavier entered shortly after.

"So, are you two lovebirds back together or what?" asked Xavier.

"Nothing like that" said Annie. Jai's face changed drastically. He then quickly walked off with his bag and his books.

"What did I say?" asked Xavier as he went to his locker.

Meanwhile, Tony was at the gym when Geoff entered.

"Hey mate" said Tony with a small smile as he fixed a broken weight lifting machine.

"Oh, hi. Look, I was looking for some other work, because, you know, the boat is a little cramped at the moment with the whole crew and all" explained Geoff.

"I'll see what I can do" said Tony as he patted Geoff on the shoulder. Geoff smiled and ran out.

Later on, Jai was seen sitting on the beach alone. He had his school bag beside him. Annie was walking down the beach and noticed Jai sitting there, looking dull and upset.

"Hey, do you need a friend to talk to?" asked Annie.

"No, but we need to talk" explained Jai.

"What about?"


"I thought there was no us" said Annie. Jai got up and started to walk off. But, while he got up his bag tipped over and revealed lots of poems and letters.

"Was this to win me over?" asked Annie.

"Um, not exactly" said Jai.

"It wouldn't have worked anyway" said Annie as she quickly got up and left Jai.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Aden were at the Surf Club when Geoff entered.

"Hey mate, we have a shipment to deliver later" said Aden as he got out of his chair and started to get ready to go to the docks.

"I won't be coming" asked Geoff.

"You've got to be joking, why not?" asked Aden.

"I've quit" said Geoff as he sat down.

"Why?" asked Aden.

"Because the boat was getting a bit too cramped" explained Geoff.

"Come back when you have made up your mind" said Aden as he left, sternly. Geoff just sat there with Nicole while having a drink.

Jai arrived home late, looking pretty tired and worn out. Miles saw this.

"Have you been out doing drinking and partying?" asked Miles.

"So what if I have?" asked Jai as he stumbled across the room, but fell unconcious on the floor. Miles looks worried and quickly picks up the phone.

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Chapter three.

Miles dials 000 and Jai gets taken out of the house on a strecher. Miles rubs his hand over his face and sits down, in shock.

Meanwhile, Annie is at the beach when Romeo confronts her.

"Look, I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean to come off as a jerk by oogling the other woman.. infact I wasn't looking at them at all" said Romeo.

"How can I believe you?" asked Annie.

"You'll just have to trust me" said Romeo with a smile. Annie smiled back and they hugged.

Miles comes rushing down the beach and finds both Xavier and Annie holding hands and staring into each others eyes.

"Something bad has happened to Jai" yelled Miles as he looked worried. Annie and Romeo quickly let go of each other.

"If you two want to come to the hospital with me you're welcome" said Miles. Annie and Romeo then both followed Miles into his car and they drove off.

Meanwhile, Geoff is standing in a waiting room with a lot of other applicants for a job at the Surf Club fitness center. He waits patiently until it is his turn to have a talk with the manager.

"Hello, Geoff. Why would you like the position?" asked the manager. Geoff gulped as he sat down.

Elsewhere, Annie looks really scared as she visits an unconcious Jai. The nurse comes through.

"It looks like he's cosumed a lot of alchohol. It could have caused some pernament damage to his liver and brain" said the nurse as she looked at Annie. Annie just looked shocked and upset.

"You weren't encouraging him, right?" asked the nurse as she looked sternly at Annie.

The next day, Xavier and Ruby were at school when a forlorn Annie entered. She looked very upset.

"What is wrong?" asked Xavier.

"It's Jai" said Annie.

"He's sick?" asked Xavier, jokingly.

"No. He could be different after he leaves hospital" said Annie as she walked off. Xavier and Ruby now both look worried as they stand in the school corridors with their books in their hands.

Later on, Annie knocks on Miles door with a note for Jai. Nobody answers so she puts it under the door and scurries off.

Romeo was seen at work, when a couple of school kids confronted him.

"Hey man, I heard you're making out with Annie Campbell" said one of the boys as he smirked at Romeo.

The other boy then crossed his arms and smirked as well. Romeo looked away.

"Aren't you a bit old for her? You could be old enough to be her dad almost" said the first boy as he continued to smirk, and then proceeded to high five his friend. Romeo grabbed the first boy by the colar and shoved him onto the ground. The boy got up and brushed himself off.

"You got a problem?" asked the boy as he got in Romeo's face.

"Yeah; if you're insulting me and my girlfriend I do" said Romeo looking angry. Alf comes along and the two boys slowly walk off.

"You alright mate?" asked Alf as he looked at the two boys walking off.

"Yeah, I should be fine" said Romeo as he patted Alf on the back and walked off.

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Chapter four.

Miles sits waiting anxiously at the hospital. The nurses check in on Jai to find him awake and watching TV in the hospital bed.

"So, you want me to bring Miles in?" asked the nurse. Jai nodded. The nurse walked out of the hallway and sat down next to Miles.

"Good news, Jai has recovered. He's up and is interested in a visitor" said the nurse. Miles quickly raced over to beside Jai's bed.

"Hey" said Jai as he glaced up at a very surprised Miles. Jai then looked away.

"I bought you something" said Miles as he reached into his pocket. He took out the letter from Annie and laid it on the bed. Jai resisted and first, but then he opened up the letter.

"Dear Jai, I haven't been speaking to you much lately and it looks like we're growing apart. I hope we can speak again soon, that is, if you get better. Ring me and Irene's to set a time and date for our meeting". Jai was astonished. He sat up with a bit of a smile. Miles patted him on the back.

"I knew it would cheer you up" said Miles as he walked out. Jai looked over at the phone beside the hospital bed.

The phone rang, and Annie picked up.

"Hello?" asked Annie.

"Hey" said Jai. Annie almost dropped the phone due to shock.

"So, do you want to meet up?" asked Jai.

"S-sure" said Annie, who was still shocked by Jai.

"Cool. Surf Club, tonight at seven?" asked Jai.

"Sure" agreed Annie. They both hung up. Jai then looked outside with a smile.

Later on, Romeo saw Annie.

"Listen. We have to talk" said Romeo.

"What about?" asked Annie.

"I'm not sure if things can work between us. I mean, I am a bit too old for you" said Romeo; who was looking serious.

"What!?" asked an amazed Annie, looking shocked and upset.

"I'm sorry" said Romeo as he patted Annie on the back and walked off. Annie then stood there by herself, in shock.

Meanwhile, Jai has gotten out of hospital. He has his briefcase ready to go. He picks it up and waits outside of the hospital for Miles. Miles arrives shortly after in his car.

"Get in mate" said Miles as he helped Jai get his suitcase into the car and they both drove off.

When Jai arrived home, he anxiously looked at the clock.

"6:25" said Jai as he crossed his arms and waited impatiently. Jai got bored, and slowly drifted off to sleep. He woke up and looked at the clock. It reads "00:12". Jai looks very dissappointed and heads to bed.

Jai awoke the next day. He looked at his alarm clock and then looked away angrily. Time has ruined any chance he has had of getting back together with Annie. Miles was having breakfast when Jai entered. He looked very upset.

"What is wrong?" asked Miles.

"Nothing" said Jai.

"Come on, I can tell you're upset" said Miles.

"Seriously, nothing is wrong. I'm just tired" said Jai.

"Ah, okay. Just make sure to stay awake for school today" said Miles as he grabbed his toast and sat down. Jai poured a glass of milk out and drank it.

Later on at school, Xavier was seen walking the halls when Ruby approached him.

"Have you heard the news?" asked Ruby.

"What?" asked Xavier.

"Jai is out of hospital" said Ruby with a smile on her face. Xavier smiled.

When Jai arrived and saw Annie, she looked away from him. He looked upset and quickly got his books and headed to class.

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