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Never As They Were

Guest thejefferies

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Chapter five

It's after class. Jai was seen walking around the halls when Xavier walked up to him.

"Hey mate, it's great you're out of the hospital" said Xavier with a smile.

"Yeah" said Jai as he looked dull faced.

"Don't worry about Annie, she will come around" said Xavier. Jai crossed his arms.

"The question is when" explained Jai as he walked off. Xavier looked a bit confused for a second and then walked off himself.

Meanwhile, Geoff is helping at the gym and Tony comes up to him.

"You're doing great" said Tony with a smile. Geoff sat down and wiped away the sweat from his forehead.

"Don't worry about the workload, you should get used to it soon" said Tony as he patted Geoff on the back and walked off. Geoff then looked frustrated and got back up to continue his work.

Later on, Geoff was seen at the Surf Club when Aden entered. Aden glanced over and saw Geoff was sitting at a table near him.

"How is the job Tony gave you going?" asked Aden. Geoff looked away and then replied.

"Not as well as I'd hoped" answered back Geoff.

"Yeah, well maybe you should come back to the docks. We still need an extra pair of hands" said Aden with a smile.

"I'll think about it" said Geoff. Aden then patted Geoff on the back.

"Good on 'ya mate" said Aden as he left Geoff's table and went back to his own.

Meanwhile, Jai was walking down the beach and saw Annie. He walked up to her.

"Look, we need to seriously talk" said Jai. Annie looked away for a second and then turned back and nodded.

"Now?" asked Annie.

"Yeah, sure" agreed Jai. Annie and Jai then made their way to the Surf Club.

Xavier gave Jai a thumbs up as he left. Jai then glanced back and smiled.

Annie and Jai sat down at a table at the Surf Club.

"So..?" asked Annie.

"I'd just like to say I still like you.. a lot" said Jai.

"I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship with you right now" said Annie. Jai then looked away.

"Don't be upset, just give me some space for a while" said Annie. Jai then nodded and they both just sat and smiled at each other.

When Jai got home, Miles saw he was in a good mood and picked up on it.

"I haven't seen you so happy in ages" said Miles.

"Let's just say things are going great" said Jai with a pleasant smile. Miles smiled back and patted him on his back.

"Let's hope things continue to go this way" said Miles as he went and sat down. Jai then raced off to his room.

The next day at school, a new kid arrived. He had short blonde spiked up hair, blue eyes and was tall and skinny in build. He was introduced into Jai and Annie's class.

"I'd like everyone to meet Caleb" said Gina. Caleb then waved.

"Now, be nice to Caleb please. He's new and that doesn't mean everyone picks on him" said Gina as she left the classroom. Caleb then went and sat down in the empty seat; which was next to Annie.

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Chapter six.

After class, Caleb and Annie started talking.

"So. What are you into?" asked Caleb.

"The usual" said Annie, hiding a smile.

"Hm. So.. do you want to do something later?" asked Caleb.

"Sure" agreed Annie. Caleb then smiled and walked off. Jai walked over slowly to find Caleb was off talking with his other friends.

"So, what was that about?" asked Jai. Annie just looked at Jai and back over to Caleb. Jai then looked at Annie and rolled his eyes.

"You and Caleb? Already?" asked Jai.

"Look, it's only a first date. It doesn't mean anything is going to come from it" said Annie.

"Yeah" said Jai as he walked off angrily. Caleb then turned around and waved at Annie, who of course waved back.

Later on at the Surf Club, Annie met up with Caleb.

"So, what do you want to do?" asked Caleb.

"How about a game of pool" suggested Annie. Caleb nodded and followed Annie into the pool room.

Meanwhile, Jai was at home when he looked at a photo of Annie and himself. He dropped the photo and began to break down and cry. He then grabbed his bag and went down to the beach.

Geoff, who was at the beach saw Jai standing around with his bag.

"What are you doing?" asked Geoff.

"Nothing" said Jai.

"Are you sure? That bag looks pretty full" said Geoff.

"Yeah, I'm sure" said Jai as he picked up the bag and walked off. Geoff then looked at Jai as he walked off; looking a bit hot headed.

Jai entered the Diner and saw Annie who was now alone.

"We need to talk" said Annie.

"About?" asked Jai who looked a bit angry. Annie then stopped for a second.

"Us" she then said.

"Look, there is no 'us'" said Jai, who was getting a bit angry now. Annie then just stood there for a second until Caleb came back.

"Hey man, I remember seeing you at school" said Caleb. Jai looked at Caleb and then back at Annie and walked off. Caleb then stood around looking a bit weirded out and then went back to talking privatly with Annie.

The next day at school, a new teacher was introduced. They are the new Assistant Principal.

"Now, I'd like everyone to make a warm welcome to Mr Gercan" said Gina. Mr Gercan was tall and slender in build, with grey hair and glasses. He examined the school. He then walked off to his office.

Mr Gercan saw Jai dropping a piece of rubbish a while later.

"Pick it up" insisted Mr Gercan.

"I'll do it soon" said Jai.

"You're to do it now or I'll place you on detention" said Mr Gercan. Jai then bent down and picked up the small piece of rubbish.

"Done" said Jai as he began to walk off.

"And there will be no more of that attitude" said Mr Gercan. Jai then rolled his eyes and continued to walk off.

Later on, Caleb was seen walking the school halls alone when his english teacher pulled him back.

"If you don't finish your assignment, don't expect me not to fail you in future courses" said his teacher.

"Whatever mum, I'll do it later" said Caleb.

"Good boy" said the teacher as she patted Caleb on the back Caleb then embarrassingly got his bag and walked out of the classroom.

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Chapter seven.

Later on at the Surf Club, Caleb was once again seen with his English teacher. He saw Annie coming and quickly left. Annie just realized he'd left and looked puzzled.

Meanwhile, Jai was down at the beach when he saw Caleb alone. Caleb was seen sitting around by himself looking pretty lonesome. Jai confronted him.

"You need some company?" asked Jai.

"Sure, why not" agreed Caleb as he let Jai sit down next to him.

"About Annie" said Jai, but Caleb decided to cut him off.

"It's fine. I don't think things will go any further" insisted Caleb. Jai looked at Caleb with a very surprised look on his face.


"She's not my type" said Caleb. Jai then got up and left. Caleb then continued to sit around at the beach.

The next day, Xavier was seen walking the halls when he ran into Jai.

"Hey mate, how has Annie been?" asked Xavier.

"Not as planned. She's with a guy called Caleb" said Jai.

"The new kid?" asked Xavier.

"Yeah. He's not a bad guy, don't get me wrong, but she may end up getting hurt" said Jai. Xavier nodded.

"I know what you mean" agreed Xavier. Jai then got his stuff out of his bag when Mr Gercan caught them talking.

"You two, off to class" insisted Mr Gercan with a stern look. Jai and Xavier both then walked off to class.

Meanwhile, Geoff was working out at the Surf Club when Tony wanted a chat.

"Can you do a double shift later?" asked Tony.

"Sure" agreed Geoff.

"Great, it's just that me and Rachel have planned a night out and I want to stick to my word" said Tony with a smile.

"Yeah, I understand" said Geoff as he got off the machine. Tony then patted Geoff on the back and walked off.

Later on, Jai saw Annie.

"I'm sorry for being a jerk lately" said Jai.

"It's fine" said Annie.

"So, do you want to have that talk later?" asked Jai.

"I'm actually going out later" said Annie.


"Yeah, sorry" said Annie as she quickly ran off, leaving Jai standing there feeling a bit dissapointed.

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Chapter eight.

Caleb was at the Surf Club later on when Annie arrived. She looked Caleb up and down and then smiled.

"You ready to go out?" asked Annie.

"No" said Caleb.

"Uh, why not?" asked Annie looking pretty upset.

"Because, I don't know if this can continue" said Caleb.

"Why?" asked Annie.

"I just don't know how we can stay together like this.. I mean, it's so awkward and all" said Caleb. Annie was just about to break down into tears when Caleb then walked off, leaving Annie standing there crying.

Jai and Xavier entered later. They saw Annie was crying.

"What's wrong?" asked Jai.

"It doesn't matter" said Annie.

"No, please tell us" insisted Xavier.

"Caleb dumped me" said Annie. Jai then lost it and raced off out of the Surf Club.

Caleb was at the beach, tossing rocks into the ocean when Jai collared him and held him against a post near the beach.

"You leave Annie alone now, alright?" said Jai as he slowly let go of a shocked Caleb. Caleb then walked off, looking upset himself. Jai then wiped his forehead and stood around for a while, looking angry.

The next day at school, Caleb came in and saw Annie alone.

"Let's discuss things properly" insisted Caleb.

"Okay" agreed Annie as they walked off into an empty classroom. Caleb shut the door behind him.

"I think you're going to find this embarrassing, but my mum is a teacher here" said Caleb. Annie just looked at Caleb and then looked angry.

"That's why you dumped me?" asked Annie.

"I thought it'd get complicated and all" said Caleb.

"I don't care though, you're cute and I like you anyway" said Annie. Caleb then smiled and went to kiss Annie when Caleb's mum opened the classroom door and caught them together.

"Right, you're coming with me" said Caleb's mum as she grabbed Annie by the arm and dragged her to Gina's office.

Meanwhile, Geoff has been having a hard time at work and eventually fainted. He was taken to hospital. Tony then hired a new person in the bay named "Kevin" to help out around the gym for a while. He had short brown hair, green eyes and was muscular in build. He was also about Tony's height.

Later on, Annie was seen walking out of Gina's office when Jai saw her.

"What's wrong?" asked Jai.

"I'm just in trouble" said Annie.

"Why?" asked Jai as he sat down next to her.

"I was caught kissing Caleb" said Annie.

"Why isn't he here?" asked Jai.

"His mum dragged me here" said Annie.

"The new english teacher?" asked Jai. Annie nodded. Jai then got up.

"I've got to ask why he isn't in trouble" said Jai.

Jai finds a door with "Miss Hambell" written on it. Jai knocks on the door and enters. He finds his english teacher, Miss Hambell reading a book.

"What can I help you with?" asked Miss Hambell.

"Why isn't Caleb in trouble?" asked Jai.

"Why would he be?" asked Miss Hambell.

"Don't play stupid, you caught both Annie and Caleb kissing" said Jai. Miss Hambell then got up.

"It's none of your concern" whispered Miss Hambell as she left the classroom. Jai followed her.

"Well it's unfair" said Jai. Miss Hambell then looked a bit angry.

"If it's so unfair how about you make a formal statement and send it to the department. I'm sure they would love to hear what you have to say" said Miss Hambell as she quickly walked off. Jai looked a bit upset and then walked off.

The next day, Miss Hambell was at the Surf Club when Kevin, from the gym saw her. He sat down near her.

"Hey, you're new?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah" said Miss Hambell.

"I am too. Maybe we could explore this place together?" offered Kevin.

"Sure" agreed Miss Hambell with a smile.

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Chapter nine.

Miss Hambell and Kevin went out for lunch. Caleb, just getting home from school, saw them both together.

"So who is this?" asked Caleb.

"He's new and is showing me about" said Miss Hambell.

"An even better question, who are you?" asked Kevin. Miss Hambell then smiled.

"He's my son" she said. Caleb then glanced over at Kevin and then to his mother and walked off. Both Kevin and Miss Hambell shrugged it off and continued on their walk.

Meanwhile, Jai was at home when a phonecall came. It's Xavier, and a party was being arranged tonight at their mate "Bazza's" house.

"So, you're coming?" asked Xavier over the phone.

"Yeah, sure, why not" said Jai. They both hung up and Jai went and sat down. He then smiled and watched TV.

Later on, Jai got ready for the party. He put on some casual clothes and tried to head out when Miles stopped him.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Miles.

"Out for a drink" said Jai.

"At this hour?" asked Miles, looking suspicious.

"I'll only be gone for about 15 minutes. Don't worry" said Jai as he raced out.

Xavier was waiting for him by the Surf Club.

"You're late man" said Xavier.

"I was held up" insisted Jai.

"Cool, so you ready to go?" asked Xavier. Jai nodded and they both headed off.

Meanwhile, Annie was out with Caleb when he got a call from his mum.

"What is it?" asked Annie.

"Nothing, don't worry" said Caleb.

"You can tell me if something is wrong" said Annie.

"Yeah, but it's fine" insisted Caleb. Annie looked a bit suspicious but they just went on with what they were doing at the Surf Club. Caleb then all of a sudden took off, leaving Annie feeling confused.

Later on, Miles looked at his watch and then at the clock and realised it was after fifteen minutes. He then was just about to grab his coat when a phonecall came through. It was Miss Hambell. Miles picked up the phone and sat down.

Meanwhile, Jai and Xavier were at the party when Caleb entered. He looked sort of out of it. Jai and Xavier noticed this.

"Hey man, are you alright?" asked Xavier. Caleb looked up at Xavier and smiled.

"Never been better" said Caleb as he picked up his glass of alchohol.

A few minutes later, Miles and Miss Hambell arrived. They both looked very angry.

"What are you doing here?" asked Miss Hambell.

"Hanging out with some mates" said Caleb.

"Well, you won't be hanging out again" insisted Miss Hambell as she grabbed Caleb by the arm and reefed him outside. Miles just looked at Jai and jestered for him to follow him. Jai sighed and walked off.

When Miles and Jai arrived back home, Jai looked at Miles and just went to his room. Miles then sat down and sighed to himself.

The next day at school, Caleb was seen walking around the school with a black eye.

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Chapter ten.

Annie saw Caleb walking down the halls and decided to confront him.

"Why did you run away last night?" asked Annie.

"Don't worry about it" said Caleb as he tried to conceal the bruise. Annie looked at him looking concerned.

"You have to tell me sometime. It's alright, I won't say anything if you don't want me to" said Annie. Caleb was about to speak when Mr Gercan came around the halls. He crossed his arms and looked at both Annie and Caleb.

"Off to class you two" said Mr Gercan as he gestered the way for them to go. Annie and Caleb then walked off.

Meanwhile, Kevin was at the gym when Tony noticed he had a saw hand.

"Hey mate, what happened there?" asked Tony.

"Ah, I dropped something on it" explained Kevin.

"Fair enough, but next time warn me before you come to work" said Tony, looking a bit upset. Kevin nodded and then fumed after Tony left the room.

Later on, Jai was walking the school halls when he saw Caleb at his locker.

"Sorry for being a jerk" said Jai.

"Whatever. Just get lost" said Caleb as he got his books.

"No, I'm serious. We should hang out" said Jai with a smile. Caleb then looked at Jai and shoulder barged him as he walked off. Something obviously wasn't right - Caleb wasn't acting like he usually was.

Meanwhile, Miss Hambell was setting up her class when Kevin came to see her. He looked very angry.

"What is it?" asked Miss Hambell. Kevin walked in and slammed the door behind him.

Later on, Caleb was walking home when Jai once again decided to talk to him.

"What?" asked Caleb as he noticed Jai was behind him.

"Look, I'm really sorry. Let's put everything behind us and be mates" said Jai.

"Maybe" said Caleb. Jai then smiled a bit. Caleb then turned around and semi-smiled back. Jai then patted Caleb on the shoulder and walked off. Caleb then sighed and lent against a pole.

Meanwhile, Kevin was dragging a body down to the wharf and dropping it off. He then wiped away the sweat off his face and walked back to the Surf Club.

When Caleb arrived home, nobody was there. He got a bit suspicious and found a note from his mother.

It reads:

"Dear Caleb, I'm having problems in my life and I have decided to have some time away from the Bay. Everything is set and ready to go for you, and the school is ready to support or tutor you if needed. Remember I'll be back shortly, so don't worry.

Love, mum."

Caleb was taken back by this, and decided that something fishy was going on.

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