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I like this guy and liking how it's going, but...?

Guest ScreamingQueen2006

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Maybe what he is asking is if the father is still involved with your child's life? How often he sees your son/daughter, how much of a say he has in anything. This guy might just want to know the situation before he gets more involved.

I think you should try to be as honest as possible without being too emotive. Like tell him generally why you and your ex fell out in a "We were..." "He did this..." "I wanted this..." "I felt this way...". If that makes sense? Like just state the facts. I'm sure if things progess with you and this new man, you'll end up expressing how you feel and he'll want to know anyway.

I hope this helps :)

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I think he just wants to know where he stands. I dont think he is trying to get out of your life. He obviously cares enough to ask and see where he stands. I think you just need to tell him as much as you feel comfortable and make it clear to him if you dont reveal everything that there are more things to tell but that you arent ready to do that just yet. If he cant accept that then you are better off without him. Just take it one step at a time.

Hope I helped :D

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