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I'll Love You No Matter What

Guest TachelHolden

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Story Title: I'll Love You No Matter What

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Rachel, Tony

Characters Mentioned: Undecided..

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC, V/D)

Summary: Rachel and Tony are blissfully happy with their new baby boy , but can a shocking turn in this pairs relationship end their marriage?

Hey ... so i thought i would get another fic started for those die hard Tachel fans :) I hope you like and i promise ill try my best with this fic.Things are the same now as in the programme , Rach and Tony are married and they have Harry who is just a few months old.

Tony had just came from having a surf , Rachel and Leah are at the house talking.Tony enters and interupts the conversation "You two still at it i could go away for hours and come back and you would still be talking away" Rach and Leah laugh just as Leah asks Rachel to go out with her to have a few drinks later , Rach looks at Tony who nodds his head and tells her to go for it , he likes to see her getting out and enjoying herself." Go Rach please just go and let your hair down and have fun with your friends" No No Rachel says i can't be bothered and anyway you have had harry most of the week i can't leave you here to look after him again. "Its fine , Rach you haven't been out since Harry was born and you need a break" "Just come for a few hours" Leah pleads... " Tony are you really sure"? " Yes go on its fine" Ok then ill meet you at 7 Leah smiles its going to be a great night.

Rach is off getting ready and Tony is bathing Harry. She enters the bathroom to brush her teeth and looks in the mirror she says to herself "Its going to be fine , just a few drinks and then home it won't be that bad being away from Harry for a few hours". "Hey you look gorgeous says Tony who is standing at the door watching holding their baby boy" , " Thank you , I dont know i just don't feel right" Listen Rach its going to be fine , Leah knows what its like being out the first time after having a baby she'll understand. " Yer you're right , i better get going then" Ok says Tony who leans in and places a kiss on his wife's lip and remember don't be late laughs Tony and try not to get too drunk and wake me up!



Rach what you drinking asks Leah? Ummm ill have a red wine , right ill be back in a minute im just gona call Tony and check he and Harry are okay. Rach what you like its only been an hour im sure Tony has everything under control. " You're right... im just being silly" No no you're not i know what its like just try and relax. " Hey isnt that one of your patients over there Rach? Which one? The good looking tall dark haired Man , " Oh yer thats Alex he was in the hospital a few weeks ago for a check up , hes a footie player and broke his ankle. "Invite him over Leah smiles and introduce him". Rachel invites Alex over and him and Leah hit it off really well , Leah really fancies Alex and Rach can tell , that twinkle in her eye hasnt been there in a long while. "Hey Dr.Armstrong" Oh please call me Rachel since im off duty" " Oh right Rachel sorry my friend over there is single im sure he wouldnt mind coming over and having a chat with you i noticed hes been staring at you for the past half hour. " Hey... shes married Leah blurts out" , Leah now onto her 6th glass of wine and a little bit tipsy. I know says Alex i see the expensive ring on her finger no harm in chatting is there?

Hi im Josh and im not sure if you have noticed but ive sort of been staring at you for a while now. Its just well you have the most gorgeous smile and sexy eyes. Erm Hi im Rachel , Rach closed her eyes , she was so embarassed " what do i say back?" Sorry did i take you by surprise"? Yes just a little bit Rachel laughed. Let me start again... Im josh can i buy you a drink and pretend i never said that? Yes Rachel laughs ill have the same again.

A few hours later Rachel was getting tired , Josh kept noticing she kept checking her watch every half hour. " You gota be somewhere"? " I dont have to be but normally at this time i would be in bed tucked up with my husband and baby" Yes im married i problably should have said , thats okay Josh said i noticed the ring before we even started talking. Josh was sitting wishing she hadnt mentioned her husband and baby and that way he wouldnt feel guilty for liking her.

Wow you're friend over there is really into Alex they are all over each other , yer Rach said she doesnt really get out often same as me and when she does she goes wild. By this time it was 12 oclock , she had promised Tony she would be home by now , she wanted to be home with him in her own bed sleeping she guessed night outs would not be the same once she had a baby because he becomes your number one worry. " Rach shouts over to Leah can we go now please"? but Leah to busy being chatted up by Alex didnt hear her , "Ok leah im leaving with or without you so you either come or you don't"

Why don't you come back to mine Josh asks Rach , No i just want to go home but i don't want to leave Leah what if something happens to her. " Im sure Alex will look after her. Just then Josh begins to put Rachels jacket on and mis-reads the signals and kisses her. "What you doing"? Im sory Josh but this is not what i want im leaving , " Wait let me put you in a cab or at least see you home" No just leave it , i said i was married and you still went ahead and kissed me!

Rachel walks out the bar on her own and waits for a cab , Its dark and quiet with no one around , she wants to get home as soon as possible and it doesnt seem as if a cab is coming any time soon so she starts to walk thinking its not that far and if i go now ill be home with Tony and Harry in no time. She thought about calling Tony but he would be asleep not wanting to disturb him and if he came to collect her then he would have to bring Harry too.

Walking home alone by herself , shes scared so starts to think about Tony what he would say if he knew she was going home by herself. He would be mad that she didnt call but all she wanted was to get home and snuggle up to Tony in bed and lie awake listening to Harry breathe.

A shaddow comes up behind Rachel and puts their hand over her mouth as she was about to scream...........

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Thanks RedRanger , Danielle , Dakota , Kirsty , Laura , Merli and Suz :P the comments you guys make mean the world!

Stop ... Stop... please? Her eyes were closed , she was imagining this wasnt happening thinking about her little boy all tucked up in bed sleeping. It meant the world to her she had such a loving supportive husband , all the things they had went through and they still came out stonger than ever , they were a team and nothing could break that. Thinking to herself if she was to scream it would do her no good they were in the middle of no where with no one around to help. He was strong , too strong for her to fight off trying to take her mind off what was happening to her she was thinking about anything but what kept creeping into her mind was why? why her? and why this animal would do such a cruel thing to a kind and helpless person?. He held her down and attacked her forcing her to do things she didnt want to do , her clothes were ripped and the attacker ran off leaving Rach lying on a mucky patch of grass crying her eyes out. For a few minutes Rachel just lay there thinking about what had just happened , how could he explain this to Tony? Could she? She could not find the words to tell her husband she had been raped.

When Rachel finally made it home , she creeped into her and Tonys bedroom and grabbed something to change into and slipped back out again because she simply could not face sharing a bed with her husband. Tony would always start off on his side of the bed and then when Rachel got in he would cuddle up to his with his arms around her body and tell her how much he loved and adored her.Her heart was beating faster and faster as she left the room , she wanted to wake Tony up so badly and tell him what happened and hope that he would understand and hold her.

That night Rachel slept on the couch , she thought once Tony got up in the morning he would just think she slept there because she was so drunk and never made it to the bedroom , she wished this was the case. Why... why did i have to leave on my own , i was asking for trouble .... Oh god this is my fault i asked to be attacked , a woman walking home alone in a dark alley with no one around. These thoughts spinned around in Rachels head for most of the night. She couldnt sleep for thinking about what had just happened to her and desperately wanted a shower to wash the monster off her but it would wake Tony up so decided against it and cried herself to sleep.



"Hey Gorgeous"? for a minute Rachel thought she was dreaming , when she opened her eyes Tony was standing there with their son in his arms , he moved her legs and sat down beside her Good night he asked while moving in closer to plant a kiss on her lips " Rach jumped up and moved away Yeah it was fine" Rach replied to Tony , so what happened you slept on the sofa? "Oh i must have just fell asleep here last night not wanting to disturb you or Harry". "Rach you ok"? asks a confused Tony "Yeah im fine why"? Just every time i try and touch or kiss you , you move away "Do i? Sorry just don't want to kiss you with my breathe smelling like alcohol i need to brush my teeth.

"Tony can i tell you something"? Yeah sure what is it ..... she was going to but couldn't the words just would not come she found it so hard to tell the man she loves she was hurt by some random man , she knew Tony would get mad and hunt the guy down and try kill him. "Rach what is it?" Nothing i just wanted to say "I love you thats all" Oh "I love you yoo babe"

"Im just going out Tony , ill take Harry i need to see Leah i need to speak to her about something" "Ok ill text you later and we can have a drink or dinner" Great bye.

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Thanks everyone who commented and im soo sorry ive taken so long to update :P

Ever since that night Leah had felt bad about leaving Rachel , punishing herself everyday saying to herself what were you thinking? you don't just leave your friends for a guy... you make sure that you're friend gets home safely and when they you still call them to check. Leah had no idea what had happened to Rachel every time she called her house phone went to the answering machine and her mobile was off , she called round a few times with no response at the door. With ten or more messages on Rachel's phone Rach decided she needed to speak to Leah , she had to she knew it wasn't Leah's fault they were best friends , told each other everything and had to sort this out.

With Harry sleeping and Tony working Rach went round to Leah's place , her legs were shaking at the thought of seeing Leah , she could always get the truth out of her and this time was no different. 'Rach' where have you been? ive been calling you for ages Im so sorry how did you get home? I mean you just left ..... 'Leah' just stop , be quiet you have no idea what you have done have you? 'Rach' what? Rachel broke down crying in Leah's arms and they stayed that way for a good 30minutes before Rachel opened up to Leah after she kept pushing her. ' I ... i just can't take this anymore' cried Rachel her voice getting very shakey , Rachel please i don't know what this means? you aren't making sense. 'Leah' i didn't want to but he forced me , i tried to scream but he held his hands over my mouth and ... 'Rach' wait ... what you on about who? The guy who you invited over to our table at the bar and left me with Leah , I said no to him and he would not accept it. I told him i was married but he didn't care that i love Tony and have a baby. I said no and kept telling him no.. no..no but he would not listen, Rach got up and tried to leave Leah's with Harry , Leah grabbed her hand and pulled her back , why didnt you tell me this sooner Rach , we have to go to the police 'Leah' No no way Tony doesnt even know and i just want to forget about this and move on with Tony , but Rach Tony needs to know you cant keep a secret like this from him he needs to be there for you listen rach he will understand you are his world he would do anything for you and that little boy. 'Exactly leah he'll kill him' cried Rach i cant tell him i just can't i dont know how hes going to react , remember what he was like with Angelo he nearly threw him off a cliff Leah and you know thats not him , he reacts to bad news. 'Rach' ill come with you and be there when you tell him i have every faith he will understand and support you through this he is a good man , you both are like the perfect couple , trust me you if anyone will get through this its you two , i don't know a more stronger couple.

After Leah persuading her to tell Tony , she agreed but didnt want Leah there when she opens up to him.It was a personal thing and between them , she had agreed to tell Tony when he returned from work.


In the car , Rach was running over her words but when she reached the door and knew Tony was in there her mind went blank , no amount of words could prepare her for telling her husband , the man she loved more than anything in the world that she was raped. She couldn't even think about telling the police until Tony knew the truth so thats what she had to do.

Tony was lying across the sofa waching t.v with a beer when Rach returned , Hey there you are i was worried i tried calling you but it was turned off , Oh sorry Rach replied i was with Leah , Tony moved his legs to let Rach sit down beside him 'everything okay'? 'Rachel nodded' I was thinking when Harry goes to sleep id go out and get a dvd and take away so we can spend some time together , i feel like we have became stragers the past few days. 'Tony' i really need to tell you something , well Rach unless its life changing can it wait until tonight i know how you like to talk the whole way through a dvd laughs Tony and i really need a shower , No no Rach replied it can wait its nothing major.

Later that day it was Harry's bed time and Rach was giving him a bath and putting him into his little pjs , Rach carried him through to the bedroom to put him to bed , Tony followed to say goodnight and was then off to pickup the take away and dvd. 'Right mate you be good and no crying' laughed Tony as he kissed Harry goodnight. As Tony left Leah called Rach to check she was still going ahead with telling him , Rach was still going to tell him and Leah said to Rach call me when he knows.

Rach desperately wanted Tony to return waiting around was killing her , she just wanted this out in the open but when he did return his smile just melts her heart. They have a chinese and stick the dvd on , Tony bought a chick flick because he knows Rach loves cheesy films. Rach lay across him and he played with her hair , they both weren't watching the movie but it was still on in the background. 'Rach' what did you want to tell me? It can wait until later Tony , she didn't want to tell him just now it wasnt the right time and especially as they were having a moment , Rach loved him when he was like this all considerate playing with her hair ,doing her feet and tickling her until she admitted she was wrong over an argument. Tony leaned down and whispered to her he loves her , he knows he tells her all the time but she likes to hear it , its what makes her feel wanted. ' I love you too , Rach started to cry as she said it. 'Hey... hey whats the matter as Tony wiped away her tears' ' Nothing im just allover the place at the moment , hormones are up in the air. ' Ah okay Tony laughed and kissed her gently on the cheek. For hours they stayed like that just fooling around laughing and carrying on.

Tony wondered why every time he said something nice to her or did something nice , she'd start crying just earlier he bought her a lovely bunch of flowers and she'd cry , He didnt think anything of this except she was truely grateful.

As they mucked around , Tony kissed Rach on the lips , before when he tried she would jump or make her excuses and leave. This time she responded and as they began to Passionately kiss she undone the buttons on his shirt and him the same on her clothes. She wasn't scared anymore , Tony was so gentle with her not like that other man who was rough , he kept asking her if she was sure ans she responded yes and took his hand and they both left heading to the bedroom.

That night Tony fell asleep with Rach wide awake she wanted to make love to tony and she had and wasnt scared anymore of telling him because in her heart she knew that what her and Tony had was special and deep down he loved her no matter what.

She woke Tony up and prepared to tell him the truth and she did.

Next time ... Tony knows , whats he going to do about it?

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No amount of words could prepare Tony for what he was about to hear , the minute the words come out Rachel's mouth their lives change forever. She never thought she would have to sit her husband down and explain to him how on a night out with her friends she was attacked. If she didn't tell him now she never would.... 'Tony... oh god how do i start this? 'Rach'? what is it i know you have been hiding something so please just tell me?

That night , you know the one where me and Leah went out to that bar , well Leah invited this guy over to our table and we started chatting. Leah was the one who thought he was good looking and began flirting with him they were getting on fine until Leah had a little too many drinks and invited his mate over 'Tony i told him i was married that i loved you and had a little baby and i wasnt about to ruin that'. 'Did you sleep with him'? asked Tony in a angry tone? Well Rach come on did you? No no no cried Rachel how could you think that i would never do anything like that. So what then Rach? Well please let me finish instead of just jumping to conclusions.

The night was getting late , i just wanted to come home to you and Harry i would have given anything to be with you together in our bed , anything for you to just hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay that you loved me. Leah was fooling around with that guy and wasnt interested in how or where i was , The guy tried to kiss me and i pulled away and told him to stop then i left the bar to try and get a taxi home because i didnt want to call you and wake you up and you would have had to take Harry with you. The next thing i remember was waiting a long time on a taxi , it was freezing cold and i just wanted home to you .... thats all i ever wanted! I decided to walk , got to this dark alley way a man jumped out from no where put his hand over my mouth and whispered i always get what i want , dragged me into the side of the grass 'Tony please please listen to me when i tell you i did not egg him on' , i did not want this i kept saying Stop...stop please stop but he just would not listen.

Rachel looked at Tony who was shaking his head and putting his hands over his ears , this is not what he wanted to hear 'this can't be happening' 'it just cant be happening' he said to Rachel. So many questions went around in his head but he felt himself asking her a really silly one ' Who was it'? It doesnt matter Rachel explained it happened and no amount of crying or fighing is going to change that. 'Im going to kill him' Tony jumped up off the sofa and ran straight towards the door , he didnt know where he was going or who even to look for it was just a genuine reaction. 'Tony where are you going i need you please' As she cried she ran after him holding the door closed with her hand keeping him inside the house , Get out my way Rachel now just get out of the way. He managed to get her out the way of the door and as he was leaving she grabbed his arm 'dont leave me Tony' He moved his arm and by accident elbowed her in the face. Her nose was bust open and blood was everywhere , 'Im so sorry Rach i didnt mean it' by this point Tony had calmed down , the fact that he had stooped so low instead of comforting his wife he did the exact opposite and wanted a fight the thing Rachel hated about him most had just happened and he couldnt stop it. He gave himself a shake and attened to Rachels bloody nose telling her hes so sorry and that he loves her , he took her hand and leaded her back over to the sofa and they talked for hours on end. He didnt blame her she was innocant in this all. He began to put his arms around her and pull her closer into him and whispered to her 'everythings going to be okay' 'Im here for you now' we will get through this Rach we just will. Rachel didn't speak but deep down thought thats all i needed to hear from the start. For hours they did not speak just held each other and gradually began to open up about how each other were feeling. They didnt think about that horrible man who was the cause of all this mess because he was not important and he was out of their lives for good.


Leah called round to see how things went and all she got from Rachel was 'Tony knows and hes been amazing' thank you so much Leah i knew you were right in persuading me to tell Tony. 'I love you so much Leah' and what ever happened that night is in the past you have truely made up for it now.

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Thanks to everyone for commenting. Im really enjoying this fic i just wish i could update sooner ill try my best for an update as soon as possible.

Although Tony had said they could work through things, times were hard. It felt like each day would pass on and they could barely say two words to each other they tried for the sake of Harry, He loved her and that little boy so much but things just weren't the same. On a saturday morning when Rachel wasnt at work they would stay in bed having a lie in until 10am unless Harry was unsettled then they would get up have breakfast and spend the whole day together as a family. Nowadays Rachel would be up had breakfast and out the door by the time Tony even woke up. None of them want it to be like this like distant strangers when they were still in love and decided to give their marriage another go.


I can't do this anymore Leah i just can't we are not the same, we can hardly even look at each other. Every time i think of Tony i think about his face when i told him the truth,that horrified look he gave me will never go away. Rach hes said its not your fault and you guys are still together. He loves you Rach i see it every time im around you guys , that twinkle in his eye. You make him go weak at the knees and nothing is ever going to change that. Just try and talk to each other you are never going to get anywhere unless you talk! Bottling things up will make it worse in the long run.

What about Harry, Rachel he will notice if things arent right the tension between you guys can't be good for the little man. He wants his parents to go back to how they were the parents that lie on the ground and play with him laughing and giggling , the parents that are happily married and totally in love with each other. Go talk to him now thats my only advice.


Tony , tony? you around? She looked around and no sign only to spot a note on the kitchen table. ' Hey Rach, i need time to clear my head so im going to take off for a few days give Harry a big kiss from me. I promise when i get back we will talk and sort things out, I love you T' xx

Great , cursing and swearing Rachel began to get mad , just as things get tough he does what he always does runs away , well if he thinks hes just going to walk back after a few days hes wrong, Ive had enough this time.

She began to call his mobile only for it to go straight to answer machine .... Hi you have reached Tony , im not avaliable to take your call please leave a message. 'Tony its me thanks a lot for taking off leaving me and Harry taking the cowards way out just like always, well fine you take off for god knows when and have some meaningless sex with some slag but dont think this time you are coming back into me and Harrys life. I love you but you have hurt me before and i forgave you , not this time you only get one second chance. We deserve better than this!!!!

Just as Rachel comes off the phone and bursts into tears she turns around only to notice Tony standing there with his bags, Rach i couldnt do it i couldnt leave i know this isnt your fault i just want to smack my head off that wall because i dont know what to do what to say to you. I cant fix this so all i know is to run but not this time you make me want to enjoy life and stay with you forever and its the greatest feeling in the world. Ive never been this close to anyone in my life, you are my best friend we tell each other everything. Tony i dont know what im to say other than i really dont want to loose you , youre the only one ive ever loved and you gave me the best present in the world! Our son who every day i see a little bit more of you in him.

Thats because hes gorgeous Tony laughed and he takes his looks off me and his mum, although i think he looks like me the most. Youre so full of it Tony ' yeah and you love it'. See Rach this is us , we laugh we joke and have fun now lets get back to that. Come here as he wraps his arms round her body and kisses her on the lips now can we promise to never let anything come between us ever again? Deal she laughed.

And they went back to playing with Harry laughing and joking. Rach one more thing ... Yeah? Ive never heard you call someone a slag before , sorry laughed Rach i just got really mad but i can't stay mad at you for long.

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Things were tough , but Rachel and Tony were taking it step by step to mend their relationship and for once things were starting to get back on track. They hadnt even thought about sex or anything like that. One kiss in the morning was enough for Rachel, she used to laugh to herself and question Tony ' a kiss on the cheek? whats the matter do i have bad breathe' and he would respond by giving her 3 kisses on the cheek and one on the lips.

That morning Tony left work work taking Harry with him to Martha's , Rach was working a long shift and wouldnt be home until late. As Tony left she began to feel sick and rushed to the bathroom. It couldnt have been anything she ate because she hadnt had breakfast yet , so many thoughts came into her mind maybe shes sick... maybe its food poisoning from the night before. She couldnt understand why she threw up.



'Hey Tony' ...Leah Hey what you doing here? Oh i thought i would have a quick work out before i start work. Is Rach working today? I thought i might pop round to see how shes doing, Yeah she doesnt finish until ten which kills her becase shes away from Harry for so long and when she gets home hes asleep. Oh okay i might drop into the hospital on her lunch and see her. Hows everything going with you guys now any better? So far so good leah well we are back to speaking about our problems and discussing them and we arent 1million miles apart anymore. We are just taking things one step at a time but ill tell ya i dont think we could handle any more bad news on top of everything else.



She knew it , sitting on the bathroom floor staring at a pregnancy test which confirmed her suspicions she was pregnant clear and simple. Words could not express how hurt and angry she was feeling right now. No one would ever know the thoughts spinning round and round in her head how far along was she.... how... she really didnt understand how this could happen. Tears began to flow down her face until there was a near enough puddle on the floor, she needed to get to work but couldnt stop clutching the test hoping it wasnt true. She was going to be a mum again.

At the hospital her mind was all over the place , making mistakes here and there. Things going wrong , at one point she spend 15minutes in the toilets crying her eyes out , nurse Julie picked up on this and asked her what was wrong. Rach didnt feel like opening up to her she needed to talk to her best friend.

Just as Rach was thinking Leah walked in the door 'Hey Rach' you fancy giving me a lunch date? Rachel laughed i guess. She thought going to lunch with Leah would take her mind off things , she wasnt ready to tell anyone just yet but she somehow knew Leah would get whatever she was hidng out of her. Sooo Leah said Surf club? Sandwich and a OJ how does that sound my treat... well how could i say no to a free lunch.

Rach you alright? you havent said two words the whole way here and we have been here for 20minutes already and youre staring into space am i that boring? Oh noo of course not Leah i just have things on my mind ... Oh yeah Leah said like what? Nothing doesnt matter.

Theres Tony .. Hey Tony come join us ' hey what you guys doing here'? Just having lunch Rach replied. Hey was Harry okay when you dropped him off? Yeah he was fine gave me a smile and then off he went and played with his toys. Anyway i can't stay for long , i have to go take a delivery so ill see you at around ten? thats if i dont fall asleep. Yeah around then... ok see you later replied Rach leaning over as he kissed her cheek.

Ok Rach now whats going on? tell me please i just saw that , what? Rach said... what did you see Leah? You and Tony , hes trying his best and you cant even look at him , you better say something if this isnt working out , if you two cant make this work there is no point in stringing him along hes in love with you i can see that i just cant see the same in you... so do you love him Rach i mean do you really dont lie to me!! Of course i love him Leah i wouldnt be here if i didnt , i couldnt sleep with him every night of my life , wake up to him every morning if i didnt. So then whats the problem Rach you need to try harder... IM PREGNANT LEAH ...... IM PREGNANT!!!!

You're what Rach? Pregnant , Oh god whos is it? Im not sure Leah... is it the guy from that night or Tony?leah questioned. I honestly dont know i slept with Tony on the morning of the same day i was attacked and now i dont know what to do, i cant take this anymore!

I hope to god its Tonys baby or else i dont think our relationship will survive this.... hes been so understanding as it is,i cant tell him this i just cant.

The morning you slept with Tony did you use protection? No we didnt so now i have no way of telling if its his baby.

Next.. Rach and Leah continue their conversation and will Rachel tell Tony?

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This is bad Rach, really really bad! Dont you think i know that Leah. Im either carrying my husbands baby or some complete strangers,i can't believe this Tony is going to be devastated a baby is for life and we will have to live with this. So there isnt any way of finding out yet? its a bit early Leah ive only just found out. Lets think about this rach, your husband who you problably have been sleeping with what a few times a week? against one night with a complete stranger, it has to be Tonys but either way you have to tell him and do it soon otherwise you will loose your nerve and back out. As soon as those words come out your mouth Tony is going to put two and two together and realise about Josh. Either way Rach, Tony completely adores you so weither it be his baby or not i have no doubt in my mind he'll love that baby like it was his own. Look how great he is with Harry, that little boy loves his daddy.Everytime you and Tony walk into the room his eyes light up and that big beautiful smile he has on his face, he doesnt do that with anyone else.

Rach, you told me how much you and Tony wanted a second baby, just think about when the baby comes out and is passed to you for the first time how much of a connection you have with this tiny little thing and how much you grow to love and protect it.Tony will feel the same, the proud daddy and its not like you guys haven't been trying to get pregnant for months. Think about when the baby says its first words or takes its first steps, having a baby was the best thing ever to happen to you. You told me that Rach, you!

Now, go find Tony and tell him the good news because you know Rach that this is good news and it will be for Tony too.


Tony... are you home? Rach, Rach quick come here... what is it Tony? Harry asked me today if mummy was a doctor, Awww really? thats sooo cute she said as she picked her little boy up and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, Harry was getting to that cheeky age where he would know when hes doing bad things like pulling the table cloth off the table and then running away, and would run in on a sunday morning when Rach and Tony were in bed and jump on them. He was getting older really fast, which made Rach miss the first few months of a newborn, Harry was learning to do things for himself and she missed helping him.

Lucas would call everyday, even though he wasnt living with his family he still cared. He would phone to check how everyone was doing, regretting the fact he was missing out on his little brother growing up. Harry would ramble on the phone to him for ages and on the odd weekend Tony and Rach took off to the city to see lucas. He would take Harry out for the day to let Rach and Tony spend time together. They were even thinking of moving to the city at one point.


The time had come, she didnt hold back and Tony was fussing over her, she didnt like that! it was neither the time or the place but she blurted out the was pregnant to Tony. At first he was overjoyed, then realised about Josh. He asked if Rach knew who the father was,but she didnt. He decided that no matter what that baby wasnt Josh's it was his. Him and Rach's baby, saying it so many times in his head actually made him believe it was, but they didnt know for sure until the scan......

As they talked through things, they decided that Rach would go for a check up to see if the baby was okay. After that, after they saw the baby on the screen they would decide what to do for the best so they went with that. Before they went to the ultrasound Tony grabbed her hand and told her ... that even if the baby wasnt his, he would love it like it was anyway. His beautiful wife and two kids are the most important things in his life and he wouldnt change them for the whole world.

Next time.... at the ultrasound Tony and Rach get some good news and a surprise.

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  • 2 months later...

Thanks for the comments guys, Last chapter!

He was half an hour late to the ultrasound,giving Rachel the impression he didn't care. Which wasn't the case, Tony couldnt sleep at night he was drowned in thoughts of Rachel being intimate with another man. Someone touching her in only places he should be , someone kissing her on the lips drove him crazy, each night lying in bed with Rachel visions running through his mind when all he wants to do is reach out and hold his wife. He thought baby or no baby things couldnt ever be the same again.

Having a chat with Miles, not lettin him know every detail he convinced his mate to run to the scan and be there for Rachel no matter what.Miles and Tony had become best friends telling each other everything,Miles was never out of Tony and Rachels house. Sometimes he only went round for a feed!


Right Mrs Holden lets see where this baby is at, please call me Rachel Mrs.Holden sounds far too formal and that name makes me angry at the moment,since my husband didnt bother to show up! Just then a knock on the door Rachel looked up to see Tony, Uh can you give us a minute please Tony asked the doctor. Sure ill be back soon then, Thanks a lot said Tony.

" I thought you weren't coming".... Rach i said i wouldnt miss this for the world yeah and youre also half an hour late, i get this baby might not be yours Tony and you dont really care as much as you did when i was pregnant with Harry but some support from my husband wouldnt go a miss, im dealing with this alone you havent been any help at all. What do you expect, you expect me to be okay that another man had sex with you,hands all over you kissing my wife RACH I CANT GET IT OUT MY HEAD OKAY so drop it. Yeah well i had to get you and Bridget out my head when you slept with her Rachel screamed, are you going to throw that back in my face at every point IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!!!!!! No you drop it Tony you either deal with this or me and this baby and Harry are gone you understand? I was raped, i didnt choose this and yeah Bridget might have been a mistake but you still willingly had sex with her its not like she forced you into it. You know what Rach, Tony shouted im over this .... he banged about the hospital room and threatened to leave.

I just thought marriage was for life Tony not just for Christmas so you walk out, go on walk but i tell you this once you do theres no going back. You have had as many chances as you are going to get. This whole relationship its been me chasing you, when Jack died you pushed me away well guess what Tony you wont hurt me no more, either stay here and hold my hand and see this baby or leave its your choice.

Of course im going to stay,no matter what i cant turn my feelings on and off. Im in love with you and thats never going to change,as the words came out of his mouth Rachel's heart melted. She didnt want to fight with Tony, pushing him that far was just a test to see if he would hit breaking point and he didnt partly the reason she married him he was so calm, gentle, loving and forgiving.

Now shut up and give me a kiss, he grabbed her hand and gently kissed her on the lips stroking her stomach afterwards, " Hey bubba its your daddy" now are you gona be a boy or a girl? Rachel laughed, well we can find out if you want said Rachel. Yeah we might just do that, Rach i love arguing with you for one you are so fisty and two you look sexy as hell when you're angry.


Right Mrs.Holden i can call you that now? Yes Rachel laughed gripping onto Tony's hand. So this scan is showing you are 12 weeks pregnant.... thats right isnt it? What Rach said shocked.... 12 weeks, 3 months wait..... it can't be thats wrong. No No No.... you are definetly 3 months said the doctor! Rach.... wait the rape was only 3 weeks ago, Rach smiled so? So the baby is yours Tony. OMG this is amazing its mine Tony felt like dancing around the hospital room jumping for joy instead he pulled Rachel into a hug and kissed her for what seemed like hours, both happy with this news the doctor interupted i think i can safely say both babies are yours Mr.Holden.... both? Rachel you are having twins a boy and a girl. Now Tony felt like lifting Rachel up and screaming from the rooftops im going to be a daddy to twins. He nearly picked the doctor up and kissed her he was that happy.

He hoped the little girl would look like Rachel big brown eyes and curly hair, she was gorgeous in the pictures when she was a baby, one night Tony and Rachel got the photo albulms out and went through all the pictures of them as babies. Tony was cute his little bowl cut and short trousers, they were keeping the foties to show their children when they were older.



1 year later.......... Rachel had given birth to two beautiful children named Aimee and Matthew-Jack Holden, Harry was the proud big brother helping his mummy look after his little brother and sister while Tony went back to work at the school earning a living for his family. Tony and Rachel also renewed their wedding vows promising to love each other no matter what........

Thanks everyone for reading my fic, ive loved every minute of it and hope you like the final chapter. Im so sorry for the wait also.


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