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I really appreciate House Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein Cuddy socute) also like weeds very much but Californication was a bit over Duchovny you know :wink: its fun to watch but also weeds was good from the start but also had its minder season (only one i believe) anway it was back on level with season final, i hope it isn't the last with Nancy going to prison :mellow: but like Hugh Laurie says he wants to leave the show when it's still good, and they said Season 6 House would never be the same, still with Nancy the Russian mafia could buy her free but what's the deal with house and all his staff ,i missed Thirteen season 4 & 5 partly finding new staff class was fun but Cameron and Chase i thought it was just casual then they suddenly got married working on other departments off screen.. then Chase killed the dictator Cameron left him, Cuddy has a baby her boyfriend and house come along well despite house still being after Cuddy but then House is changed want him to go back with Cuddy restraining him one night stands hallucinations sure whatever a couple would be weird unless.....it's the end but not like ER pleaeaeaease!

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