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The “Alternate” 2009 Mystery Storyline

Guest TelephotoMarigold

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Story Title: The “Alternate” 2009 Mystery Storyline

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Co Authors: Georgia & Tessalove

Main Characters: Colleen Smarta-thanu, Irene Roberts, Yugo Austin, Marta Holden, Bam Bam Flintsone, Angelo Risotto, Charlie Buxom, Ruby Buxom, Loose Diga’Rono, Agent X, Alf ‘the Fisherman’ Stewpot, Miles Cocoaland, Curtsy Phillips, Jai Fernadez-De-la-Vega, Roman “Hardcore” Harris, & Others……..

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Comedy

Does story include spoilers: No, not intentionally......

Any warnings: You may laugh a little

Summary: Illegal Immigrants… Toxic waste… Secret Meetings….. Development Site….. Dodgy dealings … and Fish Fingers…..

The Big C watched over their empire and sighed, maybe they should come up with a different nickname they pondered. Sighing again, they watched through big black binoculars as the illegal immigrants traipsed slowly off the boat and were moved round the boat shed where they knew a van was waiting to take them to the place they would be staying until their debts were paid back. It had been a good idea to use the fleet of trawlers belonging to that Loose Diga’Rono to smuggle the people into Summer Bay. It was a pity that he had found out about it and tried to muscle in for a share of the proceeds. He had soon found out that you didn’t mess with the Bug C. Dammit, they would have to think of a new nickname that sounded way more scary…..

Marta and Yugo were sitting gazing into each other’s eyes over the top of a romantic candle lit dinner when they were interrupted by the sound of a baby crying.

“Hey, that’s Bam Bam.” Marta told him.

He nodded.

“It’s your turn.” He told her.

Marta nodded and moved into the room they kept him in.

“What’s the matter baby?” she asked reaching for him.

“Bam bam bam.” He said to her.

She smiled at him and reached out to that the wooden club out of his hands. He frowned at her and smacked the side of the bed with it.

“Bam Bam Bam” he said to her again.

“That’s right Bam bam.” She grinned at him. “Does Bam Bam want some dinner?” she asked him.

He nodded and looked at her and then the wooden club as if he was sizing up whether he could get away with hitting her over the head with it.

She lifted him up and brought him to the lounge sitting him in front of the TV she got him his dinner placing the plate carefully in front of him.

“Give me the club Bam bam?” she asked.

He starred at her then at the club and finally at the sandwich. He put the club to one side and picked up the sandwich taking a bite.

“You should take the club off him Marta.” Yugo said disapprovingly.

She looked up at Yugo.

“I would but he loves it.” she said to him. “And I think it has sentimental value to him.”

Yugo looked at her then at the little boy dressed in a leopard print pair of shorts and a zebra print T-shirt.

He looked up at Yugo and dropped his sandwich to take hold of his club.

“See, he knows you want to take it off him.” she said to Yugo. “Let’s sit down at the table and finish out meal.

Yugo glared at the kid but moved away slowly.

“Yabba Dabba Do!” Bam bam murmured glaring at Yugo’s back.

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Chapter Two

Written By Georgia

Curtsy finally put down the piece of paper that had been sitting in front of her for the last three hours. She had decided to organise a teenagers group, called the “Pumpkin Bashers”, as an extracurricular activity.

Her boyfriend, Miles Cocoaland, seemed to be against the idea... something about throwing pumpkins at unsuspecting pedestrians not being educational...

Curtsy just ignored him though. Miles was against everything in the small town of Summer Bay, from the idea of Colleen pole dancing, to making a swimming pool out of jelly crystals

She thought that the pumpkin bashers were a good idea. It would help some of the teenagers take out their anger on strangers, instead of trying to kill their fathers, or themselves

Plus, she had already got three recruits... not that they’d share their names. They wanted to remain anonymous... apparently pumpkin throwing isn’t a cool sport.

But three members was better than none. Curtsy had spent a few hours yesterday making a forum for the sport. It was something extremely close to her heart, and she wouldn’t rest until she got the sport into the Olympic Games...

Curtsy picked up the piece of paper, and walked out of the house. The night was growing later, the skies darkening, and she was desperate to get home. Miles would have made something nice for dinner... probably a pie for himself and a salad for her. He was kind enough to sacrifice her meal so that she could lose weight.

As Curtsy hurried along the darkened streets, she got the strange feeling that she was being followed. She turned around to check behind her at least seven times, but there was no one there.

Putting the strange feeling behind her, Curtsy carried on walking. She wished that she had brought a pumpkin with her. She always felt better when carrying the oddly shaped vegetable. It felt like it belonged in her hand. Sometimes she loved her pumpkins more than Miles... not that she’d ever tell him

Suddenly, a strange sound alerted Curtsy to someone standing next to her.

“Hello, who’s there?” she asked, committing the worst horror movie sin... giving away your location

There was no reply, and Curtsy gulped loudly, trying to back away from the place where the noise had come from

“Stay where you are Curtsy”, a deep throaty voice ordered, and Curtsy froze.

She recognized that voice, but she couldn’t remember where it was from...

Before she could utter another word, the voice spoke again

“Get your pumpkins ready guys”, it demanded, and for the first time ever, Curtsy felt truly scared. Pumpkins could be a fatal weapon when thrown from close range

“Ready, aim... FIRE”, the voice screamed, and Curtsy was bombarded with pumpkins.

She tried to scream, but couldn’t make a sound as she fell backwards onto the ground.

It was a truly tragic death... killed by the one thing you love more than anything else in the world... pumpkins

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Chapter Three

By TessaLove

“Ruby can you please come with us?” Angelo strong voice echoed through the house

“Why? What’s going on?” Ruby asked confused to why Angelo and Nicole had suddenly shown up at the house

“Your under arrest!”

“Under arrest? Why, what did I do?”

“We have reason’s to believe you assisted Ross Buxom in the murder of Grant Bleedtoe”

“But I didn’t do it! I was cleared of the charges”

“I’m sorry Ruby we have found some new evidence and eye witnesses to the event” Angelo said winking at someone behind her

“What evidence?” she asked angriliy

“We found your DNA on the victim and the murder weapon, And as I also said we have eye witness, The case is pretty strong”

“How has this evidence only been found now?”

“Ah, umm it hasn’t, we just had to wait until it was placed there ... I mean processed”

“I don’t believe this!” She screamed “My life was going well, Look Angelo, your almost like my no wait I'll get it in a minute... Charlie is my mother but I don't know that yet so your almost my Brother in law, can’t we let this slide? You know how tough it’s been in these last few months for me!”

“I’m sorry Ruby this is the law, I can’t do that. The only way this can all go away is if you can get your hands on 2 million dollars”

“Well Geoff will help me with that, Geoff” Ruby called

Geoff came out of his bedroom, he looked around the room and smiled at Nicole then looked towards Angelo and nodded “Yeah?” he asked casually

“I need some money, can you help me?” Ruby muttered sounding desparat.

“How much money?”

“As much as you can give”

“Well I have a 5 dollar bill in my pocket, will that do?” he asked with a suspiscios smirk

“Geoff, I need a lot of money, I’ve been arrested, but I’ve been framed! I need money!” she asked desperation seeping into her voice

“Sorry I can’t help”

“What do you mean you can’t help? You need to help me!”

“Nope, sorry” He smiled

“What why? You're my boyfriend we love each other”

Geoff laughed, “Yeah right” He managed to get out in between his over exaggerated laughing, which Nicole had also joined in on.

“Geoff!” Ruby sobbed, “How can you do this to me? Will you’s stop laughing! Nic what are you doing here anyway?”

“I so had to see this!”

“See what?”

“You getting arrested, Geoff’s confession, Pretty much the worst day you could possibly have! And let me tell you, it’s hilarious!”

“I don’t understand” Ruby frowned

“Let me set this straight for you” Angelo began, “You’ve been framed, by these two, Geoff doesn’t love you, this was all a big joke, because truthfully no one likes you”

“You’s set me up?” She cried

“The eye witnesses?” Angelo pointed towards Geoff and Nicole “Duh! You really are stupid Ruby! Anyway yeah, your under arrest, please come with me”

“How did you’s convince him to do this with you’s?” Ruby asked both Nic and Geoff

“Well I can be very persuaded” Nicole winked at Angelo, he blushed and focused his eyes back on Ruby

“So you never loved me?”

“Ha! No, Of course not! I love Nicole, You really were so stupid, I used to go out late at night to help Aden with the boat, and you never once got suspicious when I came back with lipstick on my shirt or smelling like Nic, or even the time Aden called round before I came back”

“You’s are evil!” Ruby shouted

“We know” All three grinned

“Charlie will never let this happen!”

“I can be very persuasive too, She’ll come around to it, anyway it isn’t as if you’ve been exactly nice to her lately! Right, I’ve been here ages, Lets go Ruby!”

“Thanks Angelo” Nicole whispered fluttering her eye lashes

“Your welcome guys, I’ll be round later for dinner! Bye” Angelo pushed Ruby out of the house to the car

“That was fun, I’m sad it’s over though” Nicole pouted

“Oh I’m sure we’ll find a new experiment” He grinned, he put his lips to hers and kissed her passionately, “Your such a great kisser”

“So Charlie said” She laughed and looked at him to see if he noticed the slip up. "I mean Angelo."

“Your such a tease! I love it” Geoff replied not noticing the name change.

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Chapter Four

Written by me...... :blink:

Angelo Risotto sat looking at the pile of paperwork in front of him and found his eyes crossing from trying to read it all. He moved a stack to one side and pulled out a folder. There was something fishy going on in Summer Bay. He pulled out the picture of the shadowy figure near the development site and once more tried to see who it was. Just then he heard a knock at the door and he hastily hid the file under the sofa.

“Yes?” he called cautiously.

“Angelo open the door.” Charlie Buxom his partner called back in response.

He grimaced and moved to the door to open it when she did it for him. A sturdy kick from her new steel toe capped boots flung the door back on its hinges.

“Wow you are getting really strong.” He commented.

She glared at him.

“You had my mother arrested.” She ground out.

He looked blank for a moment.

“Don’t you mean your sister?” he asked.

“Yes exactly my cousin Ruby.”

Angelo stepped back and watched as Charlie paced through to the lounge. He frowned as he used his fingers to try and work out what relation Ruby was to Charlie.

“I’m sorry.” He said to her.

She looked at him, his blond hair all spiky his big eyes all sad and her woman core melted. She leaned over and kissed him.

“Hey!” he exclaimed.

“Let’s just say it was April fools and let her out and say nothing more about it.” she muttered.

“But it’s November.” He said with a frown.

“Yeah but you like to be early.” She pointed out.

Angelo nodded still really confused.

“Fine.” He agreed still not sure what he was agreeing to.

“Good I’ll let my aunt know.”

Angelo looked at her.

“Charlie I think you need to sit down. We should talk.”

“That’s a good idea where is the bedroom.”

He did a doubletake.

“What?!” he gasped out.

“Your sofa is full of files.” She said softly. “Why what did you think I meant?”

He blushed and tried to avoid her gaze.

“Oh my god no!” she gasped.” Seriously you like shot Jack, you sneaked back into town arrested my niece and well you refuse to eat Colleen’s fish fingers.” Charlie told him.

Angelo looked up.

“I tell you there is something fishy about the fish fingers.” he pointed out.

She shook her head sadly.

“I can’t be with anyone who doesn’t eat fish fingers.”

He blinked before going to the freezer and pulling out a packet of fish fingers.

Charlie looked at him.

“And I have fish cakes.” He added.

She sighed before throwing her arms around him.

“Oh you say the sweetest things.” She murmured and kissed him.

He laughed putting the fish fingers quickly back in the evidence bag in the freezer and closed the door before leading her into the bedroom. She looked at the piles of files everywhere and made a small sound of disapproval.

“Do you actually sleep here?” she asked.

He nodded then shook his head.

“Mostly I crash on the sofa.” He admitted.

She nodded and kissed him again.

“You know the best thing about being a cop?” she asked.

“Donuts.” He replied.

Charlie groaned.

“No.” she said.

“Coffee?” he muttered

“Er… no.”

“Funky uniforms.”

“No!” she said exasperated.

“Putting the lights and sirens on.” He grinned.

“No!” she groaned again. “These.” She added holding up the handcuffs.

“Oh.” Angelo said blushing. “Oh.” He added some time later.

“What’s the best thing about being a cop now?” she asked.

“Donuts.” He answered with out thinking. “Oh and pretty much this.” He added.

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Chapter Five:

Written by Georgia...

The fresh air was blowing nicely in Roman’s hair. He had a nice, fancy new haircut from his prison cellmate, Michael Scofield, who for a supposed tough guy seemed quite friendly and down to earth.

Roman “Hardcore” Harris was sporting some new tattoos as well. Apparently these were all the rage, so he had a love heart on his shoulder and a unicorn just above his hip.

Roman had convinced the guards that there was a flying pig just outside the window, and while they were all jumping up and down with excitement, he had snuck out through the hole in the toilet that Michael had been working on.

Every prisoner in the jail had a convenient escape hole behind their toilet nowadays, and when it was time for lockdown, they often disappeared behind the toilets and conducted parties. Sometimes they even managed to sneak girls in from the women’s section of the prison, but that was only on special occasions

But now he was outside, and headed back to Summer Bay. He had heard that Marta, his beloved, was now dating Yugo, and they were about to adopt a baby... he had to get there in time, and convince Marta that she belonged with him... even though she hadn’t listened the last 36 times he had told her

He knew that he and Marta belonged together, and had even got her name tattooed on his bottom, although the stupid tattoo artist had put an h in there, so it read: “Martha – insert date here”

He couldn’t wait for him and Marta to get back together, because then he could finally put the date in his tattoo.

While he was in Summer Bay though, he might try and get involved with Angelo Risotto. Roman was sick of being on the outside of all the problems in Summer Bay, but the police officers always seemed to be right in the thick of all the danger and troubles...

After a few hours of walking, Roman “Hardcore” Harris was back in Summer Bay. Nothing had seemed to change; apart from the fishy smell had intensified.

Roman decided to go and visit his good friend Miles Cocoaland first. Miles seemed to know a lot about Summer Bay. He must have picked up a lot of knowledge while eating his way through almost all of the food in the small town

“Miles”, Roman called, as he walked into the small house, and saw Miles sitting on the couch... eating a pumpkin and a piece of cake squished together in some form of weird sandwich

“Hey Hardcore”, Miles mumbled, spitting food all over the house. Roman stepped back in disgust and looked at his surroundings. The house hadn’t changed either, but the stains on the wall had grown bigger... from what had just happened, Roman deduced that the stains were actually food, a fact that repulsed him

“Aren’t you supposed to be in prison, mate?”Miles Cocoaland asked, after finally swallowing his strange mouthful of food

“Oh, I managed to get out with the help from my good friend Michael Scofield”, Roman explained, “but a more puzzling question is why you are eating a pumpkin and cake sandwich”

“Well, Curtsy was killed by someone throwing a pumpkin at her, and I wanted to celebrate... I wasn’t sure if cake was the way to go, or to pay thanks to the thing that killed her... so I did both!” Miles exclaimed, and Roman nodded his agreement: he had never really liked Curtsy

“I’m here to ask for the latest update on Marta...” Roman asked, after a brief moment of silence for Curtsy

“She’s in love with Yugo, Roman... maybe you should just give up on her. Her and Yugo are adopting Bam Bam Flintstone, and I heard a rumour that they are trying to adopt a Simpson as well”, Miles explained, while walking to the fridge to get some more food

“But me and Marta are great together”, Roman defended himself, while running his finger over the “Martha” tattoo

“Roman, you and Marta haven’t been together for ages”, Miles reminded Roman, in the middle of making another sandwich out of what appeared to be tuna, salami, broccoli and peanuts

“We were together... wait no, that was me and Charlie. We went out before I was blind... no that was Leah...” Roman thought out loud

“You and Marta haven’t been together since before Jack. You keep telling her you love her, and she has never returned your feelings. Maybe it’s time for you to settle down with someone”, Miles said softly through his mouthful of sandwich, and then started fluttering his eyelashes

Roman moved away in shock

“Have you ever thought about trying to be with a man?” Miles asked, still eating, but now lifting his shirt over his head

“I’m not gay!” Roman yelled

“But I hear you’ve got a unicorn and a heart tattoo”, Miles said, a roll of fat hanging over the top of his waistband

Roman didn’t say anything. He had thought that those tattoos made him manlier...

“So, do you want a tuna, salami, broccoli and peanut sandwich?” Miles crooned in what he thought was a seductive whisper

And that was when Roman “Hardcore” Harris turned on his heel and ran

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Chapter 6: ..........Somewhere in a chatroom in Summer Bay....

By me...

Goodness232: Look I know this is a bit forward but how about we go into our own chatroom?

AJ: Sure.

The two people skipped to a new private chatroom.

Goodness232: That’s better. Wat shud we talk about?

AJ: Fishfingers

Goodness232: Fishfingers??

AJ: yeah sorry!

AJ: I was distracted by the smell coming in my window…..

Goodness232: oh… ok… U said U were in SummerBay?

AJ: yeah…

Goodness232: U shud b used to fishfingers….

AJ: lol

AJ: I guess shud b used to lots of things….. do U go to SB High?

Goodness232: Yeah… can’t wait until I leave….

AJ: me either..

Goodness232: U hang at the diner much?

AJ: a bit

Goodness232: me 2! Bet we’ve seen each other about…

AJ: I’m sure I would have recognised U

Goodness232: Really?

AJ: Sure… dat’s a good pic…

Goodness232: :(

AJ: wats up????

Goodness232: Not my pic….

AJ: oh?

Goodness232: Yeah I’m using someone else’s pc…

AJ: Oh ok…

Goodness232: I mean that’s ok right we can still chat?????

AJ: Sure

Goodness232: Cuz I kinda like you…

AJ: we’ve been chatting for a while…

AJ: Like you too

AJ: a lot…

Goodness232: I’m glad… :D

Goodness232: U are the only one who gets me..

AJ: lol

Goodness232: I mean it ….I feel this connection with U

AJ: I feel the same way….

AJ: They’d never believe that I found someone this way…

Goodness232: who wouldn’t?

AJ: Kids at school

Goodness232: oh…

AJ: probs?

Goodness232: no probs…. Jus’

AJ: ???

Goodness232: Well I haven’t lived here very long and well there is this guy at school who hassles me…..

AJ: just tell me his name and I’ll sort him for U…

Goodness232: that’s so sweet…

Goodness232: hang on let me take the laptop upstairs to my room….

AJ: *grins*

Goodness232: I didn’t mean in that way…

AJ: *still grinning*….

Goodness232: Now I’m all blushing….

AJ: I’m not into this… I mean I am into this but well the whole online thing I haven’t done before…..

Goodness232: I haven’t either…

AJ: …..


AJ: might be interesting… I mean if you want….

Goodness232: I dunno…

AJ: we could turn on the cameras….

Goodness232: the cameras????

AJ: well yeah… they’re at the top of the laptop…>>> click on the button to the left…

Goodness232: I can’t I’m …

AJ: not shy? I can’t believe that….

Goodness232: Well yeah… I mean wat if U don’t like me?

AJ: I think I will……. :)

Goodness232: Can’t we just chat a bit more…?

AJ: sure…

AJ: no probs…

Goodness232: Thanks

AJ: so whats with this fishfinger business?

Goodness232: I have no idea but well Irene is freaked by it…

AJ: Diner Irene?

Goodness232: yeah

Goodness232: U know her…

AJ: yeah

Goodness232: She told me that she thinks there is a mastermind behind the whole plot…

AJ: Really? I wonder who… Hey, that would be why Nic kept asking…never mind!!!!

Goodness232: Nicole Franklin?

AJ: yeah………..

Goodness232: ok…

AJ: you heard about the world record?

Goodness232: well everybody has…

AJ: True… but…

AJ: She was 3 people off…

Goodness232: She has to do it again??????

AJ: * Nods *

Goodness232: O M G…………..

AJ: but why are we talking about her when we should be talking about us??

Goodness232: lol

Goodness232: Still thinking about fishfingers…

AJ: very romantic…not

Goodness232: I know but…

AJ: got you puzzled..??

Goodness232: Well yeah… We are no where near a fishfinger factory so where are they all coming from????

AJ: Hey good point…

Goodness232: Hang on I’m going to go post on a forum…. Brb…

AJ: K…




Goodness232: Back


Goodness232: TY…Where were we..?

AJ: Just about to switch on our cameras…

Goodness232: Lol…

AJ: Go on …. on the count of 3…

Goodness232: oh ok then.,…

AJ: 1

AJ: 2

AJ: 3….

Goodness232: hang on there is some1 downstairs…

AJ: any excuse……

Goodness232: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

AJ: started without me????

Goodness232: HHHhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllll

Goodness232: ;jkaghpuihnbnawtr[ou 9itg igujiofvhj jhngbfjknbgjk;[

AJ: OMG you are so passionate… wait for me…



AJ: Hello……

AJ: are you still there…??

Goodness232 has left the room…

AJ: typical…..

Geoff Campbell lay slumped on the keyboard of the laptop a strange expression on his face. Across Summber Bay Aden Jefferies sighed and turned off his pc.

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Chapter 7

By TessaLove

“Princess?” Roman knocked on the door a huge grin on his face, it was the first time he had seen his daughter in months, She had promised to visit him in prison, but she must have gotten sidetracked with something, he opened the door and entered his house, he looked around, it wasn’t the same as he’s left it.

The sofa’s now had pink cushions and throws, there was a pink fluffy rug on he floor and most of the decor was pink, Nic had obviously made her mark on the house, He wondered how Aden lived with it....

“Nic? Are you here?” he asked making his way to the kitchen to find even more pink, he was nearly sick, he hated pink! Even though the unicorn tattoo on his arm had bits of pink, he still didn’t like it!

“Dad? Is that you?” Nicole came running down the stairs, where she saw Roman and she threw her arms around him to hug him tightly, “What are you doing home?” She asked grinning at his presence

“I got er....early release”

“Oh Dad, I’m so glad to have you back!” her face went from a grinning one, to one that looked nervous when she remembered who was upstairs “Umm, I’ll be back down in a minute” she rushed up the stairs “Romeo” She whispered “Time’s up go!” She yelled but whispered at the same time.

“What? Why you still have got to get your record, Don’t you need to um finish?”

“Not right now! I’ll meet you on the beach later, I only have 3 to go! My dad isn’t going to ruin this for me!”

“Nicole, who are you talking to?”

“Umm, No one” she said hastily throwing Romeo's clothes at him.

“Your talking to someone, I can hear you”

“It’s no one really,” She lied “Go!” She said pushing Romeo to the door

“Did you really have to do it all again, couldn’t you just have used the last ones and added more?” Romeo asked puzzled pulling on his shorts.

“There was a time limit so no! Now hurry down the stairs, and be quiet, Dad’s in the kitchen he can’t hear you!”

As soon as they got to the top of the stairs Roman appeared at the bottom, “What are you doing?” he asked


“So why is there a half naked boy coming down the stairs? And your acting all suspicious”

“Hi, I’m Romeo, I moved here not to long ago, I live with Miles, I’m just helping Nicole out with a world record she’s going for” He smiled

“Oh, Hello! Well if you live with Miles you must be a good kid” he smiled “Off you go now, Bye” Roman waved as Romeo left the house

Nic sighed with relief


On the docks

The big C stood beside a large container, on a boat there were men who were unloading other containers exactly like it, They looked around making sure no one was looking before signally for the men to bring it over, They looked around once more before opening the container quickly and placing the lid back on once they had a peek inside. There was now a very fishy smell in the air, the minute they opened the container the smell escaped from inside, it was dying down now....

In the Diner

“Do you have any leads honey?” Charlie asked a rather frustrated Angelo, they had been talking about the mystery for quite a while now and Angelo was getting very annoyed with himself that he hadn’t solved it yet

“No” he said sadly “Well we have one lead, Goodness232 posted a message on a forum called "back at the bay", He seems to think the mystery has something to do with fishfingers, I’m calling him into the station to get to the bottom of it”

“Do you know who he is?” She asked him stroking his arm in an encouraging manner.

“Yeah, we tracked him to his computer, in fact he had been knocked unconcious. His face was still pressing on the keys. It’s Geoff”

“Geoff Campbell?” Charlie asked.


Across the room a loud noise came from one of the tables, Aden spat out mouthful of coffee he was drinking and stood up yelling something, but no one could quite understand what it was.

He ran out of the diner like lightening “No! No freaking way!” He screamed waving his hands in the air.

“What’s up with him?” Angelo asked staring at the door Aden had just ran out of.

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Chapter 8

By Georgia....

Message sent at 2.32 pm

Goodness232: Hey AJ, we haven’t spoken in a while... have I done something to upset you?

Message sent at 2.35pm

Goodness232: Hello AJ... are you there?

Message sent at 2.40pm

Goodness232: Are you at dinner or something?

Message sent at 2.43pm

Goodness232: Have you accidently left your computer running?

Message sent at 2.44pm

Goodness232: Have you been eaten by a killer fish finger?

AJ: Relax, I’m here. I was just doing an assignment

Goodness232: But Summer Bay has broken up for the summer

Message sent at 2.54pm

Goodness232: Hello, AJ... you still there?

AJ: Relax, I’m back... I was just doing something

Goodness232: What were you doing?

AJ: I was texting someone... asking them on a date

Goodness232: BRB, just checking my phone

Message sent at 2.56pm

Goodness232: Are you sure you have my mobile number? I didn’t get any message...

AJ: I was actually texting Belle Taylor

Goodness232: Belle’s married... and sort of dead...

AJ: Actually, she’s in the witness protection program. She witnessed something dodgy to do with this whole fish finger business and the police had to save her

Goodness232: How do you know all this? Are you involved with the whole fish finger scam?

AJ: No, I’m just something of a Belle expert

Message sent at 3.15pm

Goodness232: AJ, why are you asking Belle out? I thought we had something special between us...

AJ: Sorry Geoff, I g2g... Belle’s on

AJ has appeared to sign out. Please click here to offline message him.

Goodness232: How do you know my name? Are you a stalker? Are you trying to get my bank account details?

Goodness232: Did you think it was fun to make me fall for you, and then dump me?

Goodness232: Wait... AJ... Belle expert...

Goodness232: Oh gosh, you’re Aden Jefferies... and I’m Geoff Campbell

Goodness232: Wait... it could be ok if we got together... we’d have a cool nickname: Gaden...

Goodness232: Wait... you’re married... but maybe Belle would be ok with it...

Goodness232: God, I don’t know

Goodness232 has appeared to sign out. Please click here to offline message him/her

AJ has just signed in. Please click here to send an instant message.

SecretlyAlive123: Hey Aden, I’ve missed you... how are you?

AJ: I’m good, apart from the fact that I’m supposed to be widowed, and that I’ve been chatting up Geoff on the internet

SecretlyAlive123: What???

AJ: I was looking for someone to talk to and he was there...

SecretlyAlive123: And you couldn’t come and speak to your wife, who loves you more than anything else in the world?

AJ: Not when my wife is supposed to be dead... everyone would think I’m crazy

SecretlyAlive123: If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t care if everyone thought you were crazy... you’d still have me

AJ: I’ll talk to you more often then... I do love you Belle, more than anything.

SecretlyAlive123: Now we need to talk... I heard you slept with someone about a week after I “died”

AJ has appeared to sign out. Please click here to offline message him/her

SecretlyAlive123 has appeared to sign out. Please click here to offline message him/her

In three separate areas of Summer Bay, three different people switched off their computers and swore with frustration.

Geoff Campbell had just had his heart broken by Aden Jefferies and he vowed never to use chat rooms again. Plus he had just found out that his “sister” Belle Taylor, wasn’t really dead, and she was involved in the whole fish fingers thing.

Aden Jefferies had lost Goodness232 as a friend and his wife had just found out about his “meeting” with an unidentified brunette, a week after Belle’s supposed death. He was hoping that they’d still be ok... after all, he only found out Belle wasn’t really dead AFTER he slept with the random woman.

Belle Taylor swore, and frowned at the blank, derelict wall. She was sick of staying in this abandoned warehouse, and sick of the smell of fish fingers, and the strange men who walked in and out at all hours of the day. She just wanted to go home to her husband.

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Chapter 9

by me... but my cat helped when he lay on the keyboard....

In the diner:

“You know something Darl, I think Loose knew something about these fishfingers.” She muttered more to the kitchen walls than the people around her. She sighed as she thought of her last main squeeze, Loose Diga’rono, lethereo of the Bay and fish importer. Married to Donut Diga’rono he declared that his one true love was actually Irene and had siphoned her away from the diner to take her on a world cruise of the local islands. She’d fallen for that old line that his wife didn’t understand him. Well after a week at sea with him she could understand that! All he talked about were fishfingers and the big C.

“What’s that?” Leach asked her.

Irene looked up startled that someone was actually listening to her.

“Nothing Darl.” She said quickly looking away equally as quickly.

“Ok if you are sure.” Leach said softly.

Irene watched as the small dark haired woman moved to the large freezer and opened to big steel door. She paused before stepping inside and after a couple of moments came back out with a packet of fishfingers in her hand.

“Er Darl,” Irene began.

“Yes?” Leach said raising her eyebrow in a questioning manner.

“Did we always have such a big freezer?” she asked.

Leach nodded.

“Remember when we remodelled the diner after my little flirtation with being advice counsellor to the local kids.”

Irene frowned as she thought back.

It was when one of the school kids came in and read out Hugh Heffner’s memoirs aloud and not the uncensored version, that the town council; for acts of public indecency, had finally closed down the small but distinguished Dan’s Den. Leach herself had created it in memory of one of her many husbands for or something like that.

“Oh yeah.” Irene said vaguely.

Leach nodded wiping at a stray tear.

“Well we decided then to add a few features to the place.” She said softly.

“Hang on just a flammin’ second.” Irene stuttered after taking in the last sentence. “Why wasn’t I consulted about this?”

Leach looked up then.

“You were?” she said puzzled. “I’m sure you were at that meeting. Colleen and Roman were there. Don’t you remember?” she asked.

Irene shook her head.

“I think I would know if I were.” She muttered putting her hands on her hips.

Leach shrugged.

“Well come to think of it I can’t actually remember it myself.” She said softly. “But I’m sure Roman was there.”

Irene nodded but the two women looked at each other.

“I’m sure Roman was there…” Leach said quietly.

“And we can’t ask him because he is in Jail.” Irene murmured.

Leach nodded slowly before putting the fishfingers on the grill to cook.

“Where did they come from?” Irene asked pointing to the small yellow-orange fingers. “I don’t remember ordering them.”

Leach looked up and then over to Irene. Identical looks of fear were on their faces.

“You know what happened to Geoff?” Irene murmured.

“He asked too many questions about the fishfingers.” Leach whispered.

Irene nodded.

“We should forget this conversation.” She said to the smaller woman.

Leach smiled slowly.

“What conversation?” she said.

Irene nodded some more before moving away slowly.

“You know Darl I clean forgot it’s my break now.” She said and quietly picked up her handbag. She glanced at Leach before scooping up the empty packet from the fishfingers and hiding it in the bottom of her bag. She cast another nervous glance around before heading to the door and out of it.

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Chapter: 10…{insert number here}

Irene Roberts picked up her handbag and moved out of the house. She had tickets in her bag for a flight to Japan. Not only the perfect place for her to blend in as a local but also the one place they would never come looking for her. She climbed in the taxi with her single suitcase and gave the house one last look before driving away.

“Going anywhere nice?” The cab driver asked.

She gave him a suspicious look and then answered.

“I’m off to New Zealand to see my cousin.” She murmured.

“Sounds nice.” He said negotiating a corner in the road.

She caught sight of a pair of headlights in the rear view mirror and spun around to look at the car behind them through the back window. She recognised it as Miles’ car and gave a small smile before thinking back to Curtsy’s unsolved pumpkin murder a while back. Maybe Miles was the mastermind. He had come to the Bay in mysterious circumstances, hooking up with Roman who was allegedly SAS but could cook really well, and then declaring himself Sally’s brother. Maybe he was the mastermind behind the whole fishfinger smuggling ring.

With a gasp she saw the car overtake them and travel up the road ahead.

“Some people are just in a hurry!” The cab driver muttered.

Irene nodded without saying anything her mind still on fishfingers. She thought of all the people who had come into the Bay recently. There was Yugo, happily living with Marta and now they had little Bam Bam Flintstone and Maggie Simpson to complete the family. Now a family, that would be a reason to try and earn extra cash on the side. Kids were expensive. Maybe Yugo was the mastermind, but wait, surely that would be too easy. Totally obvious. Although, come to think of it there was all those strange fishing trips in the middle of the night. Then the mysterious goldfish attack. And the night diving trips.

She came back to the present with a start as the cab pulled into the white zone outside the airport.

“Have a nice trip.” He called out to her as she climbed out of the car after paying him. She kept her eye on him as she moved to the New Zealand check in desks only heading towards the one for Japan when the cab had pulled away.

There was a long queue for the flight to Tokyo but it gave her time to add the long dark wig and big sunglasses she needed for her disguise. She moved forward slowly before she heard her name called out.


Turning she saw Miles and Jai behind her in the queue.

“Hello Darl’s” she said softly.

“Nice ..er sunglasses.” Miles said softly.

She pulled them off and stuck them in the pocket of her trench coat.

“What are you doing here?” she asked them.

“I’ve got an audition for a dance class.” Jai burst out with before doing an arabesque and pirouette.

“Strewgth!” Irene muttered.

”Got to hand it to the kid he surprised me.” Miles said.

She nodded before looking over at the double doors in the distance and swearing under her breath,

“Jai Jai don’t go I love you!” Annie called out running into the airport. She stumbled over someone’s suitcase before picking herself up and jumping over the next one like a championship hurdler.

“Annie?” Irene muttered. “Just how many people are on this flight?” she grouched seeing the flight ticket clutched in Annie’s hand.

“I’m not.” Miles said. “Just Jai.”

“And me.” Annie told them moving over to hug Jai who was fiddling with his leg warmers.

“Maybe we could sit together.” Jai suggested after he straightened up thinking that with Irene in the middle of them it would stop Annie being so affectionate.

She glared at them before sighing.

“Ok.” she said.

“I’ll leave you now Jai. I’ve got something to do.” Miles said and leant over to give him a hug before walking out of the airport.

Irene watched him go before with a suspicious look on her face before moving up in the line and checking them all in for her flight.

Miles walked over to his car and opened the trunk to let Roman Harris out.

“Thanks mate.” He said. “And next time an air hole would be nice.” He added sucking in oxygen.

Miles glared at him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked the other man.

“Without Marta my life is worth nothing Miles so I’m off to join the French Foreign Legion.” Roman said quietly.

Miles nodded and handed over the air ticket he had just purchased and wished the other man luck as he watched him head for the Air France desk.

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