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Krystal Clear

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Story Title: Krystal Clear

Type of story: Short/Med

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff, Indigo, Aden

Mentions: Sid Walker, Rachel, Dexter Annie, Roman and a load more

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Romance

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: References to sex.

Summary: I never know what to write in these lol, But em yeah, You can kind of just read it! :D Lol, Sorry. Hope ya's like it!

This is dedicated to Georgia (H&Aaddict) Because she's been waiting ages for it!

Nicole made her way around the club dancing and chatting with any guy she could.

“So Krystal? Do you wanna go back to my place?” The guy asked

“Sure” she said seductively, she probably shouldn’t every guy she got was a total creep, and there house or mostly apartment was trashy and looked liked you could catch anything and everything from it, but she didn’t care it was a place to stay.

“Hold on I just need to text my friend, Do you mind if she comes round”

“Oh! No of course not, the more the merrier!” He grinned


I found a place, meet me outside.

Nic, X

She went through her contacts until she found Indi and sent it.

A few seconds later she received a message,

Cya soon! X A couple of minutes later Indi left the club,

“Chels!” Nic shouted

“Laura, hey! Are we going? I hope you don’t mind” she smiled at the man

“Of course not, I’m Steve” he shook her hand

“Chelsea” She replied.

Steve flagged down a taxi and they all got in. Steve told the driver where to go.

When they got to the house, it wasn’t at all what they were expecting, The house was nice, It was clean and didn’t look like a bachelor pad at all.

“So, Em what do you want?” Nic asked


“What?” she asked confused

“I don’t want anything,”

“So why are we here?”

“Look, My daughter was like you, And she ended up dead!”

“Oh, Were sorry” Indi said

“I just want to warn you, Missy was a good girl, good grades, good friends and a good home, but she gave it all up, And she ended up dead”

“We have nothing else, No job, No qualifications”

“I’m sure you have a loving family somewhere”

“Not exactly, My mum is self obsessed and all about herself, she never wanted me, And my Dad is god knows where! I have no where to go, no money, I have to get by someway”

“Please just be careful, I’m just trying to help stop all this”

“Look, I’m sorry, but i need to make some money tonight,, I have to eat! Come on Indi”

“You’s can stay here tonight, Please? I’ll even give you’s some money. I just want to help”

“Ok, Indi?”

“yeah fine” she said

“Indi? I thought your name was Chelsea?”

“Do you think we use are real name? My name is Indigo Walker”

“And you?” He asked Nicole

“Nic, Nicole Franklin”

“Do you’s want something to eat?”

“Yeah please,”

“I have pasta? Is that ok?”

“Yes, its fine thanks”

Steve left to go to the kitchen, The girls looked around the house.

“Can we use the bathroom?”

“Sure! Upstairs first on the left”

“thanks” They shouted into the kitchen and headed upstairs.

“Nic, What are we gonna do?”

“Nothing, Indi this is our life, We have nothing else.” She said

“But i don’t want to end up dead”

“We won’t were careful! We’ll be fine. There’s nothing else for us”

“I suppose”

They stayed there that night, in a spare bedroom, Neither of them could sleep, they just thought about what Steve had told them about Missy, how tragic it was.

But there was nothing they could do now, they had left their families, No job, no qualifications to get a job, it was this or live on the streets, and that didn’t sound any better, infact it sounded much worse.

The next day they left early, they left a note to thank Steve and the were back to their lives once again.

Usually there job started early, They went to a local bar almost everyday, The Arms it was called, but today was different, they decided to use the money Steve had given them to get a proper meal, They didn’t use all of the money, they kept some for later.

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Thnaks for all the comments :)


Chapter two

The night was no different, They went round different bars, standing outside in tiny outfits waiting for someone to pay.

Tonight for Nicole though was very different, she left Indigo and went to find prey, She emergencies, He was spotted a young boy sitting on a grass bank on the other side of the road, he had a bottle of alcohol in his hand, he looked torn, Nicole made her way across the street.

“hey” she said


“What are you doing out here alone?”

“Nothing, Praying that something will come and run me over or stab me”

“Shish! What’s up with you?”

“One of my best friends just died! And I really can’t handle it! I wish it was me!”

“You can’t talk like that! Im sure he’s fine wherever he is”

“She” He corrected

“Oh, Girlfriend?”

“No, Room-mate”

“Oh, Well I’m sorry to here that” Nic got up about to leave

“What are you doing out here alone anyway?”

“Its my job” She said sadly

“Your a prostitute?”

“I like to think of my more as a, God! I don’t know, yeah I guess a prostitute!”

“How much?”

“How much you got?”

“Well i have 400 dollars on me, but i doubt your that much”

“Are you trying to say I’m cheap?”

“No, sorry, 100?”

“Yeah sure” she said and grabbed his hand

“Where are we going?”

“Well were not going to do it in the street are we?”

“I suppose not, I never got your name?”

“Krystal Moore” She said sweetly

“I’m Geoff Campbell”

Nicole took him to a house, It was a couple’s house, they were never there though, Always on business trips or at there country house.

She had an amazing night, She didn’t get some sleaze, She got a young boy, who was rather fit, Every time she looked in his eyes she felt hurt, this is what she should have a future with a nice boy, Not the chance of catching any sort of STI from the guys she picked up.

“Well I guess I better get going” Geoff said “Thanks for tonight”

“Your welcome” She said shyly, she felt a tinge of remorse, that he was leaving, she wanted to go with him and give this all up, but she couldn’t.

“Geoff?” she called

“Yeah” he turned around

“It doesn’t matter, Will I see you again?”

“I don’t know, Maybe” he said, Hope filled her heart, that’s what she wanted, she wanted to see him again, To be with him again, but not just sex, to be with him properly.

“So how was your night?” Indi asked as they met up to walk to the hostel they lived in together.

“It was good, Really good, I started talking to this guy, he was cute and sweet, but he just wanted sex as usual, I thought he was different Indi, But he’s just the same, Didn’t know if he’d see me again.”

“Nic, What more can you expect? They pay us to have sex with them.”

“I know, but he felt different, He was hurting, his friend just died and I couldn’t do anything, just give him some, I can’t do this anymore”

“Do what?”

“This, He called me a prostitute, No one has ever really said that, It made me feel dirty, I need to stop”

“How are you going to survive?”

“I saw an advert for a job in a Chinese, Just taking orders and stuff, And there was one for a corner shop, It gets me a bit of money, But I can’t leave you on your own, I want you to get a job too, Please?”

“Nicole, who’s going to hire me?”

“Anyone, I also saw a vacancy for a strip club, Even that’s better than this! And its probably better money too”

“A strip joint? Seriously? You think they’ll take me?”

“Of course! Your gorgeous! There only looking for one girl, So I’ll get a job in a fast food place or something, We need to do this Indigo”

“I know, Ok. Tomorrow we’ll go down and see what they say.”

“Right! Deal! Maybe we’ll get ourselves a life.”

A few weeks later, They both had jobs, Nicole was working in a restaurant, It wasn’t posh or anything, but the money was Ok, Indigo got the job at the strip club, The money was pretty good, And every now and then Gary the owner gave Nicole a night or two.

They still used alias names, Nicole used Krystal and Indi used Chelsea.

“I really can’t believe how fun that is” Nicole said as they left Heavens gates, that was the name of the club

“I know, everyone see’s it as dirty, but its not, it’s glamorous and pays well”

“Tell me about it, I made $430, that gives me like $250 to spend, after rent and food and stuff, And I’ve opened a bank account to save some extra cash”

“That’s not bad idea, Your really growing up” Indi laughed

“Tell me about it, Indi, god!”

“What wrong?”

“I think I’m pregnant!”

“What? Oh god Nic? Who?”

“I know its bad! I think that guy Geoff’s the father, I always use protection but this time I didn’t cause I was on the pill, but then I lost them, I couldn’t take one! I’m so screwed up!”

“Have you done a test?”

“No! That’ll make it real” she sobbed”

“Nic, You have too! Please?”

“Indi, I can’t!”

“You can, There’s a twenty-four hour chemist round here, Will get a test and go back home an do it, I’ll be with you”

“Ok, But what if I am? I can’t look after a baby, I can barely look after myself.”

“We’ll deal”

They walked to the chemist and go the test, they took it home and Nicole did it, She sat for two minutes staring at it, Until the two little blue lines appeared.

“No! Please, I can’t be!” she cried

“Nic, It’s alright, We’ll cope, there’s plenty of options”

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Thanks for reading everyone!! Enjoy :)

Another couple of weeks had passed, Nicole was nearly two months pregnant, She didn’t know what to do, she wanted to keep the baby, If she did she thought she would have a better life having someone to look after, it would give her the responsibility she needed. But she didn’t know the first thing about being a mum. She decided to look for Geoff, but she had no idea where to start, After about a week of trying she gave up.

“Nic? Are you here?” Indi called as she walked into there room

“Bathroom” Nicole called back

“Hurry up I need to talk to you”

“Right, I’ll be two minutes”

Nicole appeared from the bathroom, “What is it?”

“Well, How d you feel about house hunting?”


“Looking for house’s? Duh!”

“I can’t afford a house!”

“Yeah, But I can, Well sort of. I’ve saved all the money from Heaven’s gates, Just buying essentials, and the rent on this place. I mean I can’t afford to pay it all now, but In a year or two I can, We can just pay like a deposit or something”

“I have a little bit of money, But not nearly enough to go half with you”

“I don’t want you to go half, Anything you will help, We need to think of you and this baby. Even a flat or something will do”

“I don’t even know what I’m doing yet.”

“But you want to keep it?”

“Yes, I want this so much!”

“Well then its settled.”

“I love you”

“I know” She grinned, and wrapped her arms around Nicole.

They searched around for house in the following few weeks, but they found nothing.

It came to a point where they were desperate for housing, the hostel they were staying in, decided they had been there long enough, and they were basically chucking them out.

“Anything? Nic asked as she returned from work”

“No, And this is it, We need to be out of here. I’ve packed our things”

Nicole began to cry.

“Nic, It’s ok, We’ll sort something out”

“What if we don’t? We’ll be on the street, Its to late for me to have a termination, God! This is a mess, Why did i decided to keep this?” Nicole asked pointed to her small bump

“Because your a good person, Don’t worry, I asked around, Apparently SummerBay has house’s for sale.”

“SummerBay? You mean the little town with a beach and not much else?”

“Yeah, It sounds nice though”

“Ok, How are we getting there?”

“I bought a car” Indi Smiled

“I know I shouldn’t have wasted money, But it was cheap and I thought if we were desperate we could sleep in it”

“In a car?”

“Yes, I know it’ll be cramped but it’ll be fine for a few weeks”

“What if it ends up to be more than that? A car isn’t exactly a place to bring up a child, I think i’ll start looking into adoption”

“Don’t dare!”

“Indi this isn’t you life your talking about”

“I know, Its yours, But you decided to keep that baby, You can’t give it away. Nic please, You’ll regret it”

“I’ll see”

They packed there things into the back of Indi’s car and headed for Summerbay.

“Anything?” Nic said hopefully as she returned to the car

Indi shook her head, “No, Apparently they have nothing on our price range, Any thing on the job front?”

“There was a Office thing down the road, But i was too un experienced”

“Its OK Nic, We’ll find something”

“What are we going to do for now though? We have no jobs, We can’t drive back and forward, We’ll run out of money”

“We’ll stay here for a few days, And if nothing turns up, We’ll go back to the city, We still have Heavens Gates”

“I suppose”

“Have you thought anymore about the baby?”

“No, If I want to you know, It’ll have to be soon, I’m nearly 20 weeks already, I have 4 weeks”

“Make the right decision Nic, You have to be sure” Indi put her hand on Nicole’s arm

“I will be”

“Well I’m going to go explore, And look for Jobs and housing”

“Ok, I might just stay here for a bit”

“Ok, I’ll be back soon”


Nicole lay in the back of the car, she was thinking, If she had this baby, It would be something to make her live her life properly, someone to care for, It would depend on her, She would have to be responsible and loving, it was just what she needed. But on the other hand, This was a baby, that needed taking care of, She could barely take care of her self, she didn’t get to do anything she wanted, finish school, go to uni, get a good job. How could she bring up a baby? She would screw it up just like her.

A couple of hours later Indi returned. “There’s nothing here Nic”

“What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, How about we go back to the city? Work a few night, save all the cash, except for what we need, We can live in the car, Spend a few nights at the club, Gary wouldn’t mind, and there’s showers and stuff.”

“Ok, But I can’t work for much longer, I’m going to get a bump”

“Not too soon, You can still have a couple more weeks, Your not going to get too big, Your really slim, so you’ll just have a little bump”

“I hope, I still don’t know what I’m doing about it though” She sighed

“Still, You did say you would get a bump, I think that means your more in favour of having a bump?”

“Yes, I want it, so bad! But I don’t know. I have four weeks.”

“Ok, But I’d love a little niece or nephew!” Indi joked

“So back to the city?”

“Yep” Nicole said and buckled her seatbelt.

They drove back to the city and got to Heavens gates just before it opened.

“Gary!” Indi called down the hall

“Yes girls?”

“We have a big favour to ask of you”


“Well were in a bit of a mess right now, we have no place to stay and, We were just wondering if we could stay here? We’ll work all the time” she smiled

“Em, I suppose that would be Ok, you’s know where everything is.”

“It won’t be every night; I have my car, Just a few nights, Thanks Gary”

“Your Welcome, Can you’s work tonight?”


“Oh Gary!” Nic said just as he was about to leave


“I’m pregnant, 20 weeks, I might not be able to work for much longer.”

“Ok, That’s ok, As long as you work for as long as you can, And congratulations”

“Thank you” she said, Gary left “We’ll I guess were sorted for a bit!” Nicole grinned

“I guess! And does you telling people, mean your keeping the bub?”

“Bub? I guess” She grinned

“Oh Nic! Yay!” Indi threw her arms around Nicole “I’m so happy!”

“Me too, I guess. But you have to help! I can’t do this alone”

“Don’t you worry I’ll be helping! Now come on we need to get ready!” Indo grabbed Nicole and dragged her towards the dressing room, they tried on a load of different outfits, and they both chose one they liked. Indi chose a purple outfit, It was tiny shorts and a half top, it had a graffiti affect to it, Nic chose a lime green dress, that had holes at each side, She put on lime green shorts and bra underneath, she would more than likely have to take the dress of at some point during the night, at least she could still use her body while it was in good shape.

They made their way into the club and stepped onto the stage, the club was already flooded with people, and it had only been open at the most three minutes, They took the places and began to dance, money flew onto the stage, the girls went around picking it up and sticking it any where the could find in their skimpy outfits, when the went for a break the could stash it in the back. Because it was just the two of them on the stage they put it all together.

For the next few months that was their life, they danced every night, wearing skimpy outfits and slightly pervy older guys watching them, every now and then they would get a stag in, they liked those night, they wee nice, and weren’t creepy, It was good.

It came time when Nic developed a slight bump, She was now 26 weeks pregnant, her bump was noticeable, but not too much, she was lucky, by the time she was in the 36 week stage, if she got their, she would still be small! She just hoped her baby would be okay, she new she would be small, but did it mean the baby would be small too?

She had had her scans and was reassured the baby was fine, a normal size and its heartbeat was normal, it was normal for young girls her size and shape to have at tiny bump.

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Thanks for te comments! :)

Hope you like this!

“Well I guess its time for us to leave?” Indi declared

“I guess, We said we’d stay until I couldn’t work anymore”

They packed their things and put them in the car “Gary!” Nicole called

“Yes Nicole?”

“Well tonight will be Indi’s last night”

“oh really?

“Yeah sorry, Were going to SummerBay, Nic’s too noticeable now, Thank you so much for letting us stay here so long.”

“Your welcome girls, you’s have been amazing dancers, and great with the customers” The girls giggled

“bye Gary” Nicole threw her arms round the man; Indi did the same

“Good luck girls, especially you Nicole.”

“thanks, I promise We’ll come back and visit”

“You’s better” He laughed

The girls made their way to the dressing table, Indo got dressed and hit the stage one last time before heading back to SummerBay, They made quite a bit of money, The amount they made every night was unreal and they had saved that up for about a month and a half.

After Indi finished she said goodbye to the regular customers and to the other dancers and they headed for the little bay.

“Well this is us” Indi said as she pulled up in the bay.

“Its beautiful here” Nicole said looking around.

“It sure is” Indi too was looking at the sites, she was memorised by the beauty of everything, it was so still and peaceful.

“So what are we going to do?”

“I guess we’ll have to look for somewhere to stay, With you getting bigger a car isn’t exactly ideal”

“I might take a walk first, Are you ok to look on your own?”

“Yeah sure! I’ll be fine, I’ll ring you if I find anything”

“Ok, See you later” Nicole said stepping out of the car; she made her way towards the beach. Before she made it to the sand she ran back to the car “Just going to grab my swimsuit” she giggled “Might take a dip”

“And have your bump on display? Well that’s a big step; I thought you’d go after a hottie first!” Indi laughed

“Shut up! If they want me, they take my child as well” She said proudly

“Aww, Bye! Have fun! And Nic?”


“Change in a toilet f a hut or something.” She giggled, Nicole didn’t reply, instead she sent a glare Indi’s way.

The beach was beautiful, the sand was warm below her feet, there wasn’t many people on it, There was a few people scattered around, but it was pretty much empty, it was perfect, not to many people to stare at her bump, and make disappointed faces at a girl her age pregnant.

She decided to lay in the sun for a bit before going in the water, She put her towel down on the sand and lay on it perfectly still absorbing up the sun. She was there for almost an hour, she had nearly dozed of to sleep until someone tripped over her feet and fell on top of her legs “Owe!”

“Sorry, I’m so sorry” the guy said as he got to his feet “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“Sorry” he said again

“It’s ok!” she snapped “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap, Just thinking about stuff”

“Do you mind?” he asked, pointing at the sand beside her to indicate that he wanted to sit down

“No, Please sit”

“So what’s your name?”

“Em, Nicole” She said, unsure if she should really give out her name, To people she was Krystal only her parents and Indi knew her real name, but it felt okay to tell him her name, she felt at home in this town, she didn’t know why but it felt right to be there.

“Aden” he held out his hand for her to shake it

“Nice to meet you” she commented

“You too, Are you knew here?”

“Yeah, just arrived, I’m from the city, but we haven’t had much luck, So we moved here”


“Oh yes, my friends Indi’s moved here too”

“Cool, Are you’s staying long?”

“I hope so, it might be a better life” She began to cry, She wiped tears quickly from her face before Aden could notice, but she wasn’t quick enough

“Hey, What’s wrong?” he said placing a hand on her shoulder

“Everything’s so messed up!”

“You can talk to me if you want” he smiled “You’re not the only one here with a messed up life” he said sadness filled his features.

“It’s everything, I have no job, Nowhere to live, Well we might, Indi’s away looking for some place now, But I hardly have any money, Were going to need stuff, and paying rent, Our money’s going to go done quickly, And we can’t live in the car! And I’m, I’m pregnant!” She cried

“Wow! How far our you?”

“About 26 weeks”

“You don’t look it”


“Do you know who the father is?”

She cried harder, “No! That’s the worst problem! I’m a dirty slut!”

“Hey, hey! No your not”

“You don’t understand I am, I was a prostitute! I slept with guys every night! Until one guy i met called me a prostitute, It never really bothered me before, but I felt something with him, It hurt, Anyway he’s the father, and I have no idea where he is.”

“Sucks, But there’s nothing wrong with you, Your beautiful and young you can turn all of that around, Its in the past, right?”

“Right! I just feel so dirty, We had sex for money, and danced on a stage for the last few months, It just feels so disgusting.”

“Just forget about it, No one in this town knows about it, start a fresh”

“Yeah, thank you, You’ve really helped, Maybe I can help you? You said you had problems?”

“Oh no, I don’t think you could, I don’t want to pile on you”

“No please, You helped me I want to return the favour” She smiled

“Well, My wife died a few months back, And to be honest I’m not coping, I pushed everyone away”

“Oh god! Aden, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have pushed you to tell me, I’m so sorry”

“Its ok, i have to talk to someone, I miss her! I miss her so much, she was the love of my life, I wish it could have been me” Tears flowed down his cheeks

Nicole threw her arms around him, “I understand, Well I don’t! But I can try”

“Thank you” He said, she let go of him, “I just I wish she was still here, You would have got on with her, she was the sweetest kindest person you could have met, he pulled a photo from his pocket and showed her.

“She beautiful, she looks amazing”

“She was” He sighed

“I’m sure!”

“Do you want to go for a swim?” he asked

“Sure, I just need somewhere to change”

“Well there’s a surf club up there, you could go there”

“Ok, Do you want to come up with me?”

“All right, And thank you again” he smiled and led the way, The got to the surf club, she made her way to the toilets and put her bikini on, She put her dress back on top and made her way back out to join Aden.

“You ready?” he asked

“Yeah!” they made their way out and onto the beach, Nicole took of her dress and Aden’s eyes immediately fixated on her bump, She groaned and held her stomach.

“Are you Ok?”

“Yeah, Just kicking, You wanna feel?” she asked, he made his way over and hesitated, she took his hand and placed it on her bump, he looked sad, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just thought, me and Belle would have kids one day, I always imagined my hand on her bump, feeling my baby kick inside of her”


“Yeah, Belle Taylor, Well Jefferies”

“That’s a lovely name” Nicole remembered Geoff telling her about a Belle that had died

“Yeah it is” he said making his way towards the water, Nicole followed just behind.

“Oh my god!” Nicole squealed as they were leaving the water, She dived straight back in. Aden followed

“Are you ok?”

“No! That’s. Never mind I’m fine”

“No Nic, seriously what’s up?”

“Nic? Hmm, you’ve known me about an hour” she laughed “But I like it, Thanks”

“Stop changing the subject, What happened?”

“I seen him”


“The father!”

“Oh! Here in Summerbay?”

“Yeah” She looked uneasy, She wanted nothing more than to escape to the car and drive off and never come back.


“On the beach, just there”

“Is he still there”

“Yeah; he’s standing over there talking to that girl” She pointed


“Yes, Geoff Campbell?”

“Bible boy! He’s the guy that knocked you up?”


“Sorry! But Bible boy! No way!”

“Bible boy? What?”

“He’s a devoted Christian, wants to be a minister”

“What?” she said slightly shocked

Aden laughed “Well Campbell had a dark side I guess” he laughed again “I so can’t believe he got you pregnant, Are you going to tell him?”

“I don’t know! What will he do?”

“Hmm, feel awful! Probably ask you to marry him, He doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, He may take to confess your sins or something.”

“Are you serious?” Nicole looked worried

“I don’t know, God knows what he’ll do.”

Nicole left the beach when she was clear of Geoff, she made her way back to the car and spent the rest of the day hiding in there until Indi returned.

“Where have you been?”

“I’ve been round everywhere in this town! I’m knackered! Good news is, I found somewhere for us to stay, and I found a job”

“Really! Where?”

“Well were staying at a caravan park not far from here, And I’m working at the surf club, it’s only cleaning tables, I can’t serve in the bar until I’m 18, but you can” Indi smiled

“You got me a job to?”

“Yeah, Mr Stewart, the guy that owns says he needs the staff; he just lost two of his employee’s, so I guess were lucky! What did you get up to?”

“Well! I went to the beach, met a guy who was a widower, got talking to him, went for a swim with him, saw the father of my baby, almost had a heart attack, found out he’s a devoted Christian and he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, so he probably won’t want anything to do with the baby” Nicole caught her breathe

“Em, Wow! Are you serious?”


“Are you sure it was him?”

“Also very”

“Wow! Well are you going to tell him?”

“I don’t know, What if he, I dunno! Doesn’t want it and I look like a fool?”

“Well then you told him, you won’t have to live with that.”

“I suppose, maybe, if I bump into him”

“Your going to purposely stay out of his way, Aren’t you?”

“Yes” She laughed

“So, you want to go home?”

“Home? That sounds so good!”

They pulled up at the caravan park, “It’s nice” Nicole remarked

they entered through the back of the house, A man named Miles greeted them. “You must be Nicole?”

“Yes, Nice to meet you” she said shaking his hand

“You to, You’s are in van 6” he handed them the keys

“Thanks” They said and walked out through the back door, They found their van and settled into the van.

When they settled in Indi made her way to work and Nicole lay on her own for a bit, She lay thinking about everything, the father of her baby was in this town, probably not to far away, and he had no idea she was having his baby.

She with her hand on her belly, the baby began to move “Oh hello you, What are you playing footy with my bladder? It hurts you know” she laughed, “Are you a girl or a boy?” the baby gave another kick, “A boy? Is that why your trying to score goals with my organs?”

“Maybe you’re a girl, If you are you better get used to pink and no footy! I don’t want a boyish girl” she joked “I bet I sound like a right nutter!”

She sat up and made her way towards the door, She opened it and checked outside before cautiously stepping out, she made her way towards the surf club were Indi said she would be working, she was looking all directions to make sure Geoff wasn’t about, she wanted to get used to the place and settled in before she had to do anything.

As she was walking towards the surf club she seen a familiar face coming towards her, she lifted her hand and gave him a wave, he waved back and stopped when he was standing just in front of her.

“Where you heading?” Aden asked

“The surf club”

“oh.... I wouldn’t Bible boys in there”

She looked towards the doors and to her horror saw Geoff immerging from them, “Quick!” She grabbed him and ran down a side alleyway.

“Wow! Watch the top next time!” he said trying to make his top go back to regular size

“Sorry!” she giggled

“Do you wanna go to mine for hideout?”

“That would be helpful” She smiled

“Its just down here” he said and pointed to a house just past the alleyway

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Thank you's all for the comments! :) Hope you enjoy this chapter!

They entered the house, she peered about, it was nice, modern and clean.

“Do you want a drink?”

“Sure! Just a water will do”

“Ok” Aden said and made his way to the kitchen

Nicole peered round the house and made her way to a stack of shelves in the corner, she looked at the photo’s one of Aden and Belle, well quite a lot of those two. Then she saw a picture right on the top shelf, Aden with a older man “That’s a guy that used to live here”

“Roman?” Nic asked slightly shaken

“Yeah, how’d...”

Nicole cut Aden off, “That’s....My, my Dad”

“What? Roman’s your dad?”

“Yes! I haven’t seen him in years though “she grabbed the picture down and stared at her father “Where is he now?”

“Oh, Nic...”


“He’s in prison”

“Prison!” she gasped “But why?”

“He was in the SAS, and he shot a guy years ago, he turned himself in a little while back”

“But! Wasn’t that his job?”

“Yes, but this was one of his fellow officers, he had nightmares and lost his sight over it, the guilt was taking over him, he had to turn himself in, well so he says”

“Oh, I tried o find him a while back, but I had no luck, I can’t believe it! Can he have visitors?”

“Yeah, I’ve been a few times myself, I’m sure you could go!” he smiled

“I have to go!”

“Where? Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine! I need to find Geoff! I know what it’s like to grow up without a father! I can’t let my baby do it!”

“Nicole! Are you sure? Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

She made her way back towards the surf club , she figured she would find him from there, She looked inside and didn’t see him, she made her way down the beach until she spotted him, he had just got out of the water, she had butterflies in her stomach, she was so nervous, but she needed to do this.

Geoff glanced up, he saw her there, but chose to ignore her, maybe he just didn’t realise who she was after all it had been about 7 months, and her appearance had changed slighty.

He started to walk down the beach; she finally plucked up the courage and called his name, “Geoff? Geoff Campbell?”

He turned around, he looked at her before walking a bit closer, his face dropped when he realised who she was.

“So you remember then?” she asked awkwardly

“Em, Yeah. I don’t mean to be rude, but what are you doing here?”

“I don’t really know to be honest, I came here with a friend, We were looking for a place to live, and we found this little town” she half shouted over the wind

“Oh, Look I’m sorry, for that night, I shouldn’t have done that, You used you”

“Geoff its fine, I approached you”

“Krystal” he sighed

“You remember my name?”

“Yeah, I’m good with things like that, sorry but that night it was a mistake, I shouldn’t have done that!”

“Geoff I know about your religion, and i kind of felt awful that I made you give that up.”

“It wasn’t your fault, it was my choice. But I can’t have you here, It a reminder of what I done! And Belle had just died; I don’t know why I gave up!”

“Geoff, I’m going to be staying here! And I think you should know something!”

“Staying? Your not going to say to anyone are you?”

“Well its kind of too late, and anyway when they find out there going to figure it out”

“Look Krystal” Nicole cut him off

“My name’s not Krystal! Its Nic”

“So you didn’t even tell me your name?”

“No, I don’t tell anyone it”

“Oh, right well anyway, Nicole, My family lives in this town, they trust me and rely on me, I can’t have them knowing what I did.”

“But Geoff”

“Sorry Nicole, I’m going to have to go, Just please don’t!”

“Geoff, Your going to be a dad!”

He turned around, in utter shock “What? I’m what?”

“A dad, to my baby”

“But how?”

“Well you do know about reproduction right?”

“Of course! But you slept with loads of men!”

“Thanks! Doesn’t that make me feel wonderful! You were the last one I slept with, the only one that made me see what I was doing! And the only one who didn’t use protection!”

“Are you for real?”

“Yes Geoff! I was going to bring this baby up by myself, I wasn’t going to tell you, I looked for you for weeks, months! But then I gave up, I settled for having it alone, but then is en you, I ran. But I don’t want my baby to grow up like me, I didn’t know my father, I seen him once every two years or so, I would get a card on my birthday and Christmas, but it wasn’t right, Then I came here, I found him. And I can’t have him because he’s locked away in a prison cell, If only I looked for him sooner, but I didn’t! I don’t want this baby to have to look for their dad, or never know who he is.”

“Your dad lived here?”

“Yes, Roman!”

“He was a great man!”

“I’m sure he was” she said sadly

“Nicole, I don’t know how to be a father!”

“And you think I know how to a mum?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know you”

“You could” she said with hope

“I can’t do this right now!” Geoff said and turned his back.

“Geoff? I’ll be at the caravan park or Aden’s, If you want to talk” He didn’t turn back, she hoped he heard, she hoped he would come, She was scared, how could she bring this baby up alone? Some how she would, she told herself. She looked after her self for a long time.

She made her way back to Aden’s house, She lightly knocked on the door and he opened it, the minute she saw him tears rolled down her face, He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly. “What happened?”

“He doesn’t want it! He asked me if it was his, because after all I slept with a load of men! Aden what am I going to do?”

“You’re going to come in here and get settled, and then you can talk to me about anything, and you can stay here! There are spare rooms up there! You can stay for as long as you like, and when this baby is born your going to make a great mum!”

“Why are you being so nice? I only just met you, and I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!”

“Your Roman’s daughter, He took me in when I was at my lowest, he helped me and guided me, and now I’ll repay the favour, he was like my other dad.”

“Does that make us like Brother and sister?”

“I guess it does” he said as he put his arms around her once more “And your little one will have the best uncle it could have!” he giggled

“Thank you”

“Your very welcome, I have to pop out for a bit, Are you ok to stay here?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine” she smiled

“Be back soon” He called as he left the house, shutting the door easily behind him

She sat on the sofa and began to flick through the music channel, She found a channel she liked and kept it on, she grabbed a note pad from the coffee table and began to scribble her name on it, What am I doing she thought and laughed. She looked at the pad and began to scribble down names she liked. Noah was first, then Brittany, and a few others. She put circles round those two, they were her favourite, she looked down and rubbed her bump, before falling to the ground in pain.

She was crippled, she couldn’t moving, she clutched her stomach in horror and pain, She had no idea what to do, she needed to get to the hospital, Now!

She managed to get to her phone and phone for an ambulance, she dialled and managed to get out where she was while gasping in pain, When she hung up she dialled Indi’s number, but it went straight to voicemail, so she left a message, she didn’t want to be alone but she had no one else.

The ambulance arrived and the paramedics let themselves in. They got Nicole into the ambulance and gave her some pain relief.

The rushed to the hospital rushed through the doors “This is Nicole Franklin, 7 months pregnant, complaining of severe abdominal pains.

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Thanks for all the comments! I love ya'll!! Hope you's like this chapter!


A young woman came into Nicole’s room, “Hi Nicole I’m Dr Armstrong, How are you feeling?”

“I’m ok I guess, Still a bit sore, What about the baby?”

“Its fine”

“So what was the pain?”

“It was early labour, the baby was putting to much pressure on your body, but don’t worry we stopped it and everything is fine”

“Thank you! Thank you so much”

“Oh its not me you have to be thanking, Its Dr Walker, he did everything, he’s on a break at the minute, but I’m sure he’ll be in to see you later, Just make sure to get plenty of rest, Is there anyone you would like me to call?

“Aden? Do you now him?”

“Yes, I do I’ll do that right away”

“Thanks Dr Armstrong”

“Call me Rachel” Dr Armstrong smiled

“Ok, Thank you Rachel”

“I’ll let him know where you are, for now try and rest as much as you can” Just as Rachel was about to leave a young blond girl pushed her way into Nicole’s room.

“Oh god! Nic are you ok?”

“Indi! Thank god your here! Yes I’m fine! I went into early labour” Nicole told her friend; Rachel had made her way out and called Aden.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there, Are you ok now? What about the baby?”

“Were both fine, Its ok, You were at work”

“Was anyone with you?”

“No, I was at Aden’s alone”

“Aw Gosh! What about Geoff have you seen him yet?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t want anything to do with us!”

“Nic” she sighed

“Don’t worry, I have you and Aden! I’ll be fine! This baby will be loved whether it has one or two parents”

“Of course it will, but how can someone turn their back on their baby? It’s just wrong!”

“Who knows!”

“I’m glad your ok Nic, When I got your voicemail, I was so worried, i just ran out of the diner, If anything happened to you or the baby, I don’t know what I’d do”

“That means so much, If you want to get back go right ahead, Dr Armstrong is phoning Aden”

“No! I’ll stay for another bit, So who is this Aden guy?”

“I don’t really know much about him, I just feel connected to him, Not romantically or anything, He’s like my long lost brother, In a way its kind of true”

“How do you mean true?”

“I found my dad, He took in Aden. He lived in that house, Aden was like his step son”

“Oh my gosh Nic! So did you talk to him?”

“No” Nic sad sadly tears caressing her face

Indi placed her hand on Nicole’s arm, “Nic, what is it?”

“He’s in prison, my dad’s in prison, And I didn’t even get to find him, and now this baby will have to grow up fatherless, Because the stupid ass that got me pregnant wants nothing to do with me, or that baby!”

“Oh Nic! I don’t even know what to say, I’m not good at these things”

“I know” Nic giggled lightly

“If you want, you can get the baby to call me daddy! It may be a bit confused though” Indi laughed

“Aunty Indi will do thanks” Nicole giggled again, She smiled at Indi “I’m lucky to have you, you know! You mean the world to me, Your better than any guy!”

There was a quiet knock on the door and Aden appeared around it “Hey” he said

“Hi, Thanks for coming”

“No worries” he smiled and entered fully into the room closing the door behind him

“This is Indi” Nicole said pointing at her friend

“Hey, I’m Aden”

“I know, Nic’s done nothing but talk about you” she laughed, Nic hit her on the leg slightly embarrassed

“Oh has she, All good I hope” he smirked

“Of course” Nic smiled “Just telling her how were kind of brother and sister”

“Guys I better get going! Nice meeting you. Nic I’ll be back later, text me if your getting out sooner”

“I will, see you later” Nic smiled as Indi excited the room

“So how’re you feeling?”

“I’m ok, I was really scared! I was alone and I didn’t know what to do. I thought i was going to lose my baby! I can’t lose it!”

“You didn’t! Nothing bad is going to happen to it! Don’t worry, your ok now” he placed his hand on her arm. “Lets talk about something happier! I’ll get you feeling better in no time!”

“Ok, what you wanna talk about?”

“What do you like? I know that’s corny and a really random question, but I want to get to know you”

“Well I don’t really know to be honest; I spent most of my life with my crazy mum who didn’t care about me, so I was trying to like what she liked, then the other half I couldn’t rally like anything, I was broke living in a hostel and selling my body, I did learn how to dance, I guess I like that. Oh and fashion! I love fashion, can never afford it but I still love it!” she grinned

“Interesting, Do I get free performances? Being close friends?”

“So were close friends now, and we met yesterday?” she laughed

“Yeah! We’ve bonded” he laughed

“Well then I guess if I ever have to go back to dances you can get free previews, But just to warn you I’m not planning on going back, especially with a child”

“Probably best you don’t” he laughed “Have you thought of any names?”

“I like Noah, for a boy and girl, But I like Brittany, and Wyatt and Lucas and Jewel”

“Noah for a girl? And jewel? You’re going to wear her round your neck?”

“Don’t be mean! Noah is probably my first choice, and because it’s for both, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Noah”

“I actually like it, it’s cute. But what about Aden? I mean it’s a pretty sexy name, maybe it’ll get good looks as well” he winked

“No! I don’t think so! Maybe I’ll call her Princess”

“You are a princess, so it’ll be named after you then?”

“I’m not a princess!”

“You so are!” he laughed

The door opened and a middle aged man entered the room, “Nicole?”


“I’m Dr Sid Walker, How are you feeling?”

“I’m much better, Your the one who stopped it aren’t you?”


“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome, but it’s just my job Nicole”

“I know, but you still deserve to be thanked, you saved my baby and me” she smiled

“You should be discharged tonight, there is no need to keep you here, but we would like you to rest a bit for now” The doctor looked towards Aden,

“I best be going, I’ll see you later Nic, Give me a call when your getting out” he smiled, he kissed her forehead before leaving

“Bye” she called as he left, she turned on her side and went to sleep. She fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the day

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Sorry about the wait on this chapter! Hope you's like it! :)

Let me know what you's think!

As Aden entered his house the door knocked just behind him, he opened to find Geoff stood awkwardly on the doorstep “I called earlier but no-one answered, I was looking for krys, Nicole? She said she would be here or the caravan park, she wasn’t there so I tried here, is she in?”

“No” Aden replied abruptly

“Do you know where I can find her?”

“Look Geoff mate, she doesn’t need your crap!”

“Aden I just want to talk to her, I didn’t handle earlier well”

“You can say that again! She was crushed!”

“I really want to talk to her”

“I’m telling you the truth she’s not here!”

“Please, if you know where she is?”

“She’s at the hospital”

“What? Why?”

“She went into early labour, not that you care. But they stopped it, she has to stay for observation”

“Thanks Aden” Geoff said and ran off, Aden went to go after him, but he stopped maybe it would be good? If he hurt her again though, he’d kill him! Strange! Aden thought to himself, I’ve known her about 24 hours and feel like I’ve known her my whole life.

Nicole woke up, feeling much better; she yawned and stretched her legs. She jumped when she turned around and saw a figure sitting in the chair.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you”

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard what happened, and I’m so sorry! I should have been there for you. This is my fault”

“Geoff its ok! You were shocked, I understand, and I accept you don’t want this baby”

“But Nicole, I do”

“What?” She gasped “You told me you didn’t want it! Why have you changed your mind! You can’t do this!”

“Nicole, I’m sorry I was shocked! I didn’t know what to do, But I shouldn’t have said that I didn’t want that, I’m not like that I assure you!”

“Geoff, I can’t do this if your going to change your mind, you can’t do it to me or our child!”

“I understand, but I promise, I really am sorry. I could never turn my back on my child”

“I’m not even sure how long we’re staying here”

“You can’t leave! Nicole when we were together I felt the connection between us, I know you felt it too”

“I was just doing what I did, You were just another one, only this time something happened because we didn’t use protection”

“That’s not true, I know you felt something, I would never admit anything like this, but I like you Nicole, and we already have something in common” he said looking at her bump

“Geoff, I....” he placed his hands on her cheeks and kissed her lips softly, it felt so right, she had finally found what her life was missing, fun. There lips continued to stay together, he moved one of his hands down to her bump, and kept the other one firmly on her cheek.

“I did feel something” she said pulling away, looking straight into his eyes.

“Good, I’ve never felt like that before”

“Me either” she smiled, he slid onto the bed beside her, he locked his lips with hers once more. They stayed there for hours, he had his hand on her bump, there lips meeting again and again, until they were interrupted.

“Oh sorry” Indi giggled

“Bible boy! I’m proud”


“I didn’t think you had it in you”

“Jefferies, shut it” Geoff smiled while looking at Nicole

“Aww this is so cute” Indi said from the door, she still hadn’t fully came into the room, even though Aden was practically on the bed.

“Aden thank you”

“For what?”

“Well nothing really, but you kind of woke me up, when I called round”

“No sweat bible boy.”

“I’m going to be a dad now; can I at least be bible man?”

“Nope! You’ll always be bible boy to me” Aden laughed

“Indi are you just going to stand there?”

“Oh” Indi laughed “Sorry, just so in awe at all this love” she giggled

“Shush!” Indi closed the door and immerged into the room, as soon as she shut the door there was a knock at it, Dr Walker appeared into the room, he went straight to Nicole’s bed

“Nicole, we’re ready to let you out”

“Dad?” came a voice from the corner of the room, Dr Walker turned around

“Indigo? Indi!” he walked to his daughter throwing his arms around her

“Dad! Don’t”

“Please Indi!”

“What are you doing here?”

“Working, where have you been, Indi I thought I lost you”

Tears fell down Indi’s face “I was just about, well not about” Indi held her head down, ashamed of what she was really doing, “I cant!” She said and ran from the room

“Indi!” Dr walker called

“I’ll go” Aden said and made a swift exit from the room, he found Indi just outside, she had fell to the ground, he placed his arms around her, “It’s ok” he said cradling her, floods of tears felt from her eyes

“No! It’s not! How can I tell him what I’ve been doing? Where I’ve been? I left because him and mum were fighting, I couldn’t take it anymore, I left my family” she sobbed

“But you’ve found them again”

“I can’t go back, they’ll hate me”

“No, they won’t! I assure you they won’t”

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, I spent ages talking to him, When Belle died, he told me about losing his daughter, about how he wanted nothing more than to have her back, or to know she was safe”

“He said that?”

“yes, he told me all about you, about your childhood, how you and Dex always used to wrestle on the trampoline in the backyard, and how at Christmas you used to make each one of them a card, and they take pride of place in their house, and you weren’t very good at the craft stuff were you?”

“Dex is her to?”

“Yeah, He’s going out with Geoff’s little sister Annie, been going strong for a few months now”

“I messed everything up”

“You haven’t! He won’t judge you, he won’t even care, he just wants his little girl back”

She took hold of his hand and walked back into the hospital. She saw her dad sat on a chair, he looked at her and she smiled, she ran straight into his arms and cried onto his chest. He hugged her tightly the one thing he wanted most in the world he got. His baby girl.

“Dad I’m sorry” she sobbed

“Hey, It’s ok, Your home”

“Why are you forgiving me? I wouldn’t! I don’t deserve a family”

“I love you Indigo! Nothing will change that, Me, your mum and Dex, we’ve wanted nothing more than to have you home”

“Are they all here?”

“Yes, there at home, Dexter might be at Annie’s and your mum could be out with Leah, but they’re in the bay”

“Can I come home?”

“Of course you can, Were did you stay?”

“The caravan park, I can tell Mr Copeland I won’t need it anymore, But Nicole needs a place to stay”

“She can come home with us, if she wants to”

“Ok, I’ll just go ask her, Dad thank you. I’m sorry, I love you” She smiled back still with tears running down her face, She walked into Nic’s room Aden following behind, he had watched the whole thing. “Nic I’m going home”

“Indi, I’m so glad I know how much you missed your family”

“I won’t be needing the van anymore, but you can come stay with me if you like”

“Oh, Indi I don’t know, I don’t want to intrude, I can just stay in the van, or I’m sure I’ll find somewhere”

“Nic, Don’t be silly, You can’t afford the van”

“How about you stay at my place?” Aden interrupted

“Are you sure?” She asked

“Yeah, It’s kind of more yours that it is mine, We can visit your Dad and let him know”

“Aden, that means a lot” She placed her arms around him “Are we ready?” she turned back and asked everyone

“Yep! I have the car waiting” Aden said

“Lets go then” She took hold of Geoff’s hand and smiled into his eyes, Indi went home with her dad, and the others went to Aden’s.

“Dad, I’m really nervous, I can’t do this”

“Yes you can”

“What if they hate me?”

“They won’t! Thy love you, Come on you can do it” he smiled as he opened the door to let her out, “Please? They just want you home; everything else is in the past”

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Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy this!

Comment please! :)

She took a deep breath and stepped out of the car “Ok” She walked towards the house behind her father, he opened the door and entered the house, she saw Dexter and a young girl sitting at the breakfast bar, he couldn’t see her yet. He turned his head to see his father, his eyes lit up when she appeared from behind him, he got of the stool and ran towards her throwing his arms around her “Thank you” he said

“For what?” she asked still clutching onto him

“Coming back, I knew you would, I missed you”

“I missed you too” She said tears once again covering her face

“Annie” he called “This is Indi, my sister”

“Nice to meet you” she held out her hand and Indi shook it, “I’m Annie”

“Hey” she said “hope you’ve been looking after my little bro for me” she said more tears in her eyes

“I have, he talked about you a lot” she whispered, she thought her hearing this would make her feel better

“You did?” she said turning her attention to Dexter again, he merely nodded, “I’m glad” she smiled, “Where’s mum?”

“She’s at Leah’s”


“Yeah, Do you know her?”

“Yeah I work with her”

“You work in the diner?”

“Yeah, I just started yesterday”

“Were never out of that place, I wish I seen you there”

“I was mostly in the kitchen, I’m going to go round and see her, I’ll be back.”

“I’ll come with you” Dexter said

“Dex, I’m not going to run away again, I promise”

“I know, but you just don’t know this place well yet, You might get lost”

“Ok” she smiled

“Come on Annie” he said and held his hand out for her to take it, she did and they left.

When they got to Leah’s Indigo froze, “This is hard” she sighed

“Come on, you can do it, She’ll be so happy”

“I know, but what if she hates me?”

“She doesn’t believe me”

She sighed again “Do we knock or what?”

“No, come on, this is my best friends Ruby’s house, We can just go in” They walked in through the back door to the kitchen, As they approached the entry to the living room Leah walked toward the kitchen carrying some cups

“Hello, Annie, Dexter, Who’s this?” she asked

“Leah, this is Indi, My sister”

“Your sister? Indigo?” Leah gasped “Teresa!” She called, Teresa got up of her seat and made her way to the kitchen, her jaw dropped as she seen her daughter stood in front of her.

“Indigo?” She asked in utter disbelief

“Mum!” Indi ran into her mums arms and let her hold her for what seemed like the best couple of minutes of her life. “I love you, And I’m sorry”

“Its ok baby, Your home. I love you, so much”

Nic, Geoff and Aden sat awkwardly in the living room, “So do you’s want a drink?” Aden asked trying to break the awkwardness

“Yes please, do you have juice?”

“We have Apple I think”

“That’ll do” she smiled


“A beer mate?”

“Beer? Bible boy!”

“Shut it Jefferies! I just found out I’m going to be a father! I think my morals are more and less gone!”

“Disgraceful!” Aden chuckled and made his way to the kitchen to get the drinks

“I’m going to have to get going soon, I have some things to take care of”

“Can you come back?”

“If you want, Or you can come with me if you want?”

“Okay... What sort of things?”

“Well, I have to tell my foster mother and my little sister that I’m going to be a dad”

“Oh, How do you think they’ll take it?”

“Well honesty, Not to good, Irene will be okay probably, But I can say Annie won’t be very happy or pleased, and that’s saying it lightly”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I feel as though this is all my fault!”

“Nicole, Its not. Look I’m happy this has happened, I need this, I need you!”

“I need you too” she placed her arms around him and kissed him passionately on the lips.

“Wow! Seriously get a room!” Aden chuckled “Are you two a couple now? Like officially?”

“I guess” Nic said looking into Geoff’s eyes, “Everything’s happened so fast! I really can’t actually believe it all! I found my dad, and my family” she said looking at both of them, “Its amazing!”

“When are you going to visit your dad?”

“I was thinking about going tomorrow? If you’d like to come! And you Geoff”

“Go see Roman? And tell him your having my baby? I’d like to live thank you!”

“Oh Bible boy! He’ll be out for your blood!” Aden laughed

“Is her really that bad?” Nicole looked worried

“Well is he protective of you?” Aden asked

“I don’t really know, I don’t really know him”

“Then you’ll be fine Geoff”

“Geoff? Aden I think that is the first time you’ve ever actually used my name!”

“Sorry... Do you prefer Bible boy?”


“Well sorry, but I’m still gonna call you it!” Aden laughed

“Great” Geoff murmured

“So, I need to see my dad! Like soon!”

“Ok, We can phone the prison and get a visit for tomorrow, Or Wednesday maybe”

“Great!” She grinned “And I want both of you to come with me”

“Oh no! No way am I going anywhere near Roman”

“Oh come on! Please?”

“You clearly don’t know your dad! He’ll seriously find a way to kill me”

“Is he really that bad?”

“Ex SAS tough guy who doesn’t back down from anyone, or let anyone hurt his friends! What’s he going to do to me, Oh hey Roman, Yeah might of got your daughter pregnant, but its ok, because I swear I didn’t know she was your daughter and to be fair I didn’t know her, Yep just slept with a random girl I met outside a club, And you thought I was a good Christian boy......”

“To be fair, Roman might actually strangle you, Nic maybe its not a good idea to take him” Aden laughed

“No! I want him to come! He’s the father of my child and my boyfriend” she looked at him for reassurance of using the word boyfriend

“I may be your boyfriend, but do you want me to be your deceased boyfriend?”

“He can’t kill you, he’s in prison”

“Oh Roman will find a way! He has friends you know!”

“You look like a pansy all scared of my dad, whatever way he finds out, he’s still going to know! So you may as well be there, in case you need to explain yourself”

“Fine” Geoff grumbled

“Thank you” she grinned “Are we going to go?” she asked

“Ok” he said and stood up helping her to her feet

“Aden I’ll be back, or do you wanna come?” she asked feeling kind of bad for leaving him

“No I’m alright, actually I might, I need to see Irene about the trawler and stuff, If you’s don’t mind” he asked

“Nah mate its fine” Geoff said taking Nicole’s hand a leading them out of the house. It was a quiet walk, Nicole took in the route, and Geoff quietly panicked, He was so nervous, he knew Annie wasn’t going to take it well, It was how badly she took it that was worrying her.

They got the to path towards the back door, Geoff stopped for a breath, Nicole squeezed his hand lightly and they proceeded through the door, Annie was sitting on the sofa with Ruby on the other side of her and Irene was on the chair.

“Hello, Dawl” Irene called from the chair when she noticed there presence

“Hey guys, Em this is Nicole”

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Hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think!

“Hi” Annie said

“Hi Darl” All of there eyes seemed to be fixated on her bump

“Guys I have something to tell you” Geoff said, He felt like he wanted to run, run away from everything, Annie was sitting on the sofa with a interested look on her face, he eyes were now fixated on his hand that was interlinked with hers, No one noticed Aden, he just quietly looked on from the kitchen until Ruby got up and joined him. Geoff moved closer to Annie and sat on the sofa beside her, Nic let go of his hand and sat down on the other chair.

“Well?” Annie asked, still very much interested in who Nic was and why she was there.

“Em, as you can see, Nicole, she’s pregnant..... And its,” he paused “My baby”

“What?” Annie asked in utter disbelief

“Annie I’m sorry”

“But why? Geoff you had morals and your faith...”

“Annie, I’m sorry I was a mess, But I don’t regret it, I couldn’t! This is something I did, A mistake maybe? But it was a good mistake, I can’t sit here and say I wish it didn’t happen, It may be true deep down, But Nic she’s a good person, I haven’t known her long, but I feel like this was meant to be”

“But Geoff, Your beliefs?”

“I still have beliefs Annie, but I guess they can’t be as strong anymore, I’m so sorry”

“Darl, I can’t say I’m happy, But I guess we’ll all have to accept this, Do you have a place to stay?” Irene asked, speaking for the first time since Geoff announced the news

“I’m staying with Aden” Nicole spoke timidly

“Ok” Irene said rather confused as why she would be staying with another man “You can stay here if you want”

“No thanks, Aden used to live with my dad, It sounds stupid, but it feels like my home”



“Roman’s your dad?”

“Yes, he was only 17 or so when I was born”

“Oh, Do you know everything?”

“Yeah, I’m planning on visiting him soon”

“That’s good Darl”

“I’m going to get some air” Annie said standing up and walking quickly from the room

“Annie!” Geoff stood up and walked after,

“Geoff, I’ll go” Ruby said stopping him, She walked outside and caught up with her friend, “Annie are you ok?”

“No! Geoff has completely turned his back on everything! He’s ruined his life!”

“Annie, you heard what he said, it was a mistake but he doesn’t regret it, I know it isn’t the right time or he wanted this to happen, but can you at least pretend to be happy?”

“I can’t! I just can’t, He’s so young! He left school and now he’s going to be a dad?”

“Maybe this will help him, you know he hasn’t been coping, This could straighten everything out.”

“Maybe, but it still doesn’t mean I’ll be happy about it!”

“Will you at least try?”

“I suppose”

“Good, I know Geoff will be grateful, You’ll make a great aunt!”

When Annie returned home Nicole and Geoff had left “Where is he?” Annie asked Irene

“He’s staying the night at Aden’s, Are you ok dawl?”

“I’m ok, I’m not happy but I’m ok, I can’t do anything, So I’ll just have to accept it” Annie sighed

“Dawl, I’m sure Geoff will be very happy with that”

“I’m going to go to bed, Night” She said as she climbed the stair


The next day approached, Nicole woke up in Geoff’s arms, She smiled and snuggled up to him, she looked at her phone she had a text from Indi. Hey, How are you? Sorry I haven’t text or called, Just been catching up with the family, Its amazing how were both so happy, I love you! Talk soon Xx. She smiled and hit the reply button, I’m good thanks! Heading to see my dad a bit later, I know, I have you to thank! Its like a dream! I love you too! Can’t wait to catch up, its been like forever lol. X

She put her phone away and turned round to face Geoff, She kissed his lips and he woke.

“Morning” She smiled

“Morning” he groaned sleepily, he kissed her again before sitting up slightly

“Ouh” she said

“What!” he asked in shock as he looked at her in discomfort

“The baby’s kicking”

“Really? Can I feel?” Nic took his hand and placed it on her belly, she put hers on top. “Oh my! Wow that’s so amazing!”

“That’s our baby” She smiled

“Our baby, Sounds scary doesn’t it?”

“Yep!” she laughed “We’ll be ok!”

“Of course we will” He smiled proudly “But to tell you the truth I’m so scared, I’m 18 and I’m about to be a father, I never thought this would happen, I had my beliefs and my faith”

“I’m scared too, Was your faith really important? I feel like a barely know you, I wanna know more about you”

“Well I grew up on a farm, My parents died when I was young, My Pops brought me up, I lived by a strict Christian lifestyle, I went to church every Sunday, and to be honest I was a bit of a jerk, I moved here and judged people all the time, I got into a load of trouble, It was just what I believed, then I met a load of the people here, My pops passed away, and I did change my ways a bit, But I still had my beliefs, I still do, but obviously not a strongly, I didn’t believe in drinking alcohol, but I did, and well, I didn’t believe in sex before marriage, It wasn’t a hard thing for me, I never thought I would ever do it. But then Belle passed and I changed, I was moody and I basically ignored my family, that night I wanted to get away from everything, I had a few bottles of beer in the club, and I couldn’t take it. I sat outside for ages, that’s when I met you, usually I would have given you a big speech about all the wrongs you were doing, but I didn’t care! And well you know the rest.”

“And what about now?”

“Well I still believe in god, but don’t worry, I won’t be preaching or anything” he laughed “I can’t just go back, that would just be wrong”


“For what?”

“Telling me” She smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

“Your welcome, Nic I’d tell you anything, I love you”

“Love me? No ones ever said that”

“Its true, I do!”

“I love you to” she smiled, “So are we going to see my dad today?”

“I suppose” He said nervously

“Don’t worry Geoff”

“I’ll try”

They went downstairs after getting ready, Aden was there he was all ready to go. They left for the prison, Everyone seemed nervous, Well Aden wasn’t he just felt nervous for the others.

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Here's the 2nd last chapter, Enjoy and let me know what you think! :)

They entered the prison and looked around until they found Roman, Aden made his way to the table in front of the others and greeted the older man “You alright mate” roman asked

“Yeah I’m fine! What about you, how you holding up in here?”

“I’m doing ok” He looked behind Aden and saw Nic “Nicole?” He said shocked

“Daddy!” She said and hugged him

“What are you doing here? It’s been years”

“I came to the bay, I didn’t know you lived there, but I met Aden and he, he told me everything! I wish I found you sooner!”

“I see your em, Expecting” he said looking at her bump

“Oh yeah, Daddy I’m sorry, I don’t know what for, but I’m sorry”

“It’s ok baby, Do you know the father?”

“Yes, Don’t kill him please”

“Aden?” he said angrily

“No, not me, To be fair if it was, I didn’t know she was your daughter! But the honout goes to Geoffrey”

“Geoff? You Geoff?” He said unbelievably

“Um, Yeah” Geoff replied quietly

“But aren’t you a Christian? You don’t you know have”

“I know Roman, but it was after Belle died, I was a mess, And Nic came over to me”

“So you found her in some random bar?”

“Actually dad, Some random street, It was kind of my job” She said with shame

“You were a pros, My baby? Nic, You shouldn’t have looked for me earlier”

“Dad, It’s ok, I was ok I needed to get my head together, and after meeting Geoff I realised I didn’t want that crappy life anymore, I deserved better.”

“You do, And what about now, Where are you?”

“She’s in the bay, Living with me”

“Good, That house is your’s Nic, Although it kind of belongs to Aden, You can have that on one condition Aden lives there with you”

“Well, We already live together, so it wouldn’t really make a difference, who owns the house”

“As long as I know your safe I don’t care, I always loved you Nicole”

“I love you to daddy” They carried on talking until it was time to leave, She promised to keep visiting and to bring the baby when it was born.

A few weeks passed, Nicole was eight months pregnant, she still lived with Aden, And Geoff stayed with her nearly every night, but he still convinced Annie and Irene he lived with them. Indi was getting on well with her parents, she had a job in the surf club, and she still worked to odd day in the diner for Irene. There lives had completely changed.

Nicole went to the beach most days, she wore a swimsuit and decided there was no need to be self-conscious about her body, she had a baby growing inside of her, it was beautiful. She didn’t do much, she usually just floated about in the shallow pars of the water or sunbathed on the sand, Geoff usually joined after hours of relaxing on her own.

She had just come out of the water and was relaxing on the sand, “Hey!” Annie said as she sat down beside her


“Are you ok?”

“Yep I’m fine! Enjoying the sun!”

“I thought I’d do the same, We have the day of school” Annie grinned

“You haven’t much more school to go, right?”

“Nope, about a year and a half!”

“Awesome, What are you doing after school?”

“Uni probably, I was thinking, Speech therapy, something that helps others”

“That’s really great, I wish I was able to got to Uni, Or even school”

“Did you never finish school?”

“No I left when I was a little younger than you, I hated it, I was always late or didn’t have my homework because mum didn’t care, So i got it in the neck and got all the complaints when it was her fault”

“Can’t you go back?”

“No, Not with a baby to look after, I’ll be fine, I can maybe go to Uni or some sort of class when its a little bit older” Nicole sighed, Suddenly she grabbed her stomach and yelled out in pain

“Nic, Nic are you ok? It can’t be the baby! It’s too early!”

“I think it is! Call Geoff or Someone!” Annie frantically retrieved her phone form her pocket and dialled her brother’s number.

“He’s not answering!” She screamed

“Annie, Calm down, Phone for an ambulance, We can get Geoff later” Nicole said in and out of short breaths, The contractions were getting worse, The ambulance finally arrived and Nicole was loaded in. She was taken to the hospital were she met with Dr Armtrong again.

“Bring her through” she said as they brought Nicole into the maternity ward

“Rachel, isn’t it too early?” Nicole asked scared

“I’m sorry Nicole we won’t be able to stop it this time” Tears were falling from Nicole’s face

“Annie, Can you keep calling Geoff?”

“Sure!” The girl said and rushed outside

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