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Summer Break

Guest Georgia

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All credit goes to pinky1988 for the amazing banner. What would we do without you ??

Story Title: Summer Break

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Geoff, Nicole, Aden, Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: ROmance, Drama, friendship

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: Nope.

Summary: Four friends go on a trip of a lifetime to escape their lives and problems. Little do they know it could change everything.

The morning dawned bright and early over Summer Bay, but four residents were already up and packing, extremely excited as they were about to set off on the trip of a lifetime. They had almost finished packing, except Nicole, who was packing just about everything.

“Nicole! Will you please hurry? We do need to get to the airport you know!”Geoff shouted up the stairs.

“Right, I’m nearly done!”she shouted back

Belle and Aden sat in the living room, side by side, holding hands. This was the first trip they were taking together and they couldn’t wait for it to actually begin.

Finally Nicole descended the stairs, with a rather large suitcase.

“Seriously Nic, two weeks?”

“That’s not that much. I do need to change you know Aden!”

“Not that much? That suitcase would do us all”

“I have room so that I can bring stuff home! Duh!”

Aden didn’t really know how to answer that, so looked to Belle for support.

“Don’t look at me Aden. It’s girl logic. You wouldn’t understand.”

A hurt look flicked onto Aden’s face and he soon found everyone laughing at his expression.

“We need to get going. I’ll order the taxi.” Geoff lifted his phone from his pocket and dialled for a taxi. “It’s on its way”

“Is everyone sure we have everything?” Belle asked

“Don’t worry, Nic has enough for us all” Aden laughed. Nicole threw him a look and dragged her case to the doorstep along with everyone else’s.

Everyone piled out the front door, all pushing to get out first.

“Patience Nic!” Belle exclaimed, “we’re all going on holiday, there’s no need to rush.” Nicole glared again before pushing to the front of the group again.

“I’m excited! OK?”

“So are we all”

“I’ve never been so far away before”

“Nic, none of us have!” Geoff commented

“I also don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the taxi” she grinned

Everyone realised her motivation at the same time, and they all rushed to the taxi. Geoff claimed the front seat, Aden the middle, and Belle and Nicole grabbed the windows. Aden and Belle sat quietly, just whispering to each other and holding hands. Geoff was talking about holidays with the driver and Nicole was bouncing up and down with excitement.

The drive to the airport seemed to last forever, even though it was just a couple of miles away. As soon as they got there, they all jumped out of the taxi and retrieved all the luggage from the boot. They made their way through the crowds and in through the revolving doors.

Nicole marvelled at everything. It had been a long time since she had been to the airport. Geoff was looking in his guide book, trying to find out where he wanted to visit. Belle was looking at a small kiosk, trying to decide what sandwich she wanted to buy, while Aden was at another stall, looking for jewellery.

“Oh jewellery? What have you got in mind Jefferies?”

“Bible boy! Is it impossible to look in shops these days without having motives?”

“Just asking!”

“Well don’t!” he laughed

“Anyway Jefferies, I’m sure England will have more expensive shops for jewellery shopping” Geoff winked at Aden and left to find Nicole, who was still just wandering around looking at everything.

“Nic, come on. Stop staring!”

The group started to walk towards the check in, until Aden heard a voice calling him.

“Aden, you walked off without me. I didn’t have any money to buy a sandwich”

They all spun around and saw Belle rushing to catch up with them, as well as struggling to drag her suitcase.

“Sorry babe. Do you want to run back and get one?”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’ll get one in departures.”

They all made their way to the desk to check onto the flight. As soon as everyone was finished booking in the suitcases, they made their way to the departure lounge. Aden and Geoff found a racing game that kept them amused, while Nic and Belle tutted and walked off towards the shops.

“So Nic. What on earth have you put into that suitcase?”

“Clothes, more clothes, hair products, straightners, hair dryer, hand bags, shoes ...”

“OK Nic. Sorry I asked” Belle exclaimed, as Nicole’s face slipped into a pout.

“I have an idea!” Belle said, trying to change the topic.


“Why don’t we buy the boys pressies?”

“Seriously? Why?”

“There our boyfriends and they are always treating us”

“Like what?”

“I dunno, something stupid. Mini cars!” Belle said as she pointed to toy cars on a shelf.

“Aww, that’s actually a good idea!”

They picked up a few and looked at them, until they each found one they liked.

“Belle!” Nic shouted, while laughing hysterically.


“Look! We have to get this!”

“What is it?” Belle walked over to where Nicole was standing and saw what she was looking at. Belle also started laughing, on the shelf was his and hers edible underwear.

“Oh we so have to!” Nicole said almost pleadingly.

“Ok!” Belle lifted two packs and made her way to the checkouts, followed by Nicole, who was still laughing.

And that was the first chapter of Elainea (tessalove) & Georgia's (H&Aaddict) joint fiction. Let us know what you think.

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Chapter Two:

Belle was scared. She had always hated flying, the cramped atmosphere and the turbulence. Sitting next to Aden made it a little bit better, but she was still afraid of crashing. Geoff and Nicole were sitting on the seats behind them, Nicole still chatting at one hundred miles an hour.

“Nic, could you please be quiet?” You’re making me really nervous”

Aden squeezed Belle’s hand reassuringly before turning to Nicole.

“Sorry Nic. Belle’s terrified of flying. She didn’t mean to snap”

“Is she ok?”Geoff asked

“Yeah, she’s just nervous”

“Ok, sorry Belle. We’ll be quiet.”

“Sorry guys, it’s ok. I can’t stop you talking! I’ll be alright in a minute”

“Sorry Belle”, Nic said quietly

Belle took the headphones from the seat in front and searched through the movies until she found one she liked: The Proposal. She put it on and leant against Aden to watch it. Nicole and Geoff did the same. Nicole made sure Geoff watched the same movie as she did: A Cinderella Story.

It wasn’t long before Belle had drifted to sleep. Aden chuckled and tucked a blanket around her sleeping form, before flicking to the rugby. Geoff, unfortunately, was stuck watching A Cinderella Story, as Nicole was still wide awake. Every now and then she would tap him, making sure he watched the best parts of the film. The whole plane was silent, until a severe round of turbulence hit the plane and Belle woke up screaming. Nicole burst out laughing before Belle turned around and glared at her.

“Sorry Belle! I honestly wasn’t laughing at you. It was the film. I’m so sorry. Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just hate flying!”Belle said. She really didn’t believe Nicole.

Geoff glared at Nicole, who just looked at him and sort of smiled.

“How much longer?” Belle asked

“Hours” Geoff moaned. Belle sighed and buried herself in Aden’s chest again. As soon as Belle couldn’t hear them anymore, Nicole let out another giggle.

“Nicole!” Geoff hissed, “you better not be laughing at Belle again.”

Nicole’s laughter died down and she turned back to the movie. Geoff sighed. Belle was terrified of flying and Nicole was now mad at him. It was going to be an extremely long flight.

“I wasn’t laughing at Belle. If you paid any attention to the movie, you would see that it was funny! I was laughing at that! Okay?”

“Sorry Nic, it’s just all this flying. I’m just tired

“It’s ok, just try and be nice?” she glared at him

“Yeah ok, I’m gonna sleep. Is that Ok?”

“I suppose, please don’t snore though! I wanna watch this!”

“Right”, he moaned, she really was annoying sometimes.

Geoff didn’t get to sleep for long. Nicole was soon hitting him.

“Geoff, you promised you wouldn’t snore”, she whined.

“Nic, I can’t help it if I snore.” Geoff explained slowly, as if he was talking to a two year old. Nicole glared at him and stood up.

“I’m going to swap seats with Belle. She wants to sleep as well, so you two can keep each other company”, she whispered angrily, before storming to the row in front.


“What?”she asked sleepily

“Will you please swap seats with me?”


“Because my idiot boyfriend wants to go to sleep and I don’t! And he’s really annoying me with his snoring!”

“Em”, she looked at Aden, who shrugged. “I suppose” she said. She gathered her things and went to the seat next to Geoff.

“She’s a handful!” she whispered

“Tell me about it” he whispered back

“Heard that!” Nicole said from the row in front

Belle rolled her eyes. Nicole was one of her best mates but she could be over dramatic. Geoff let out a low chuckle, before pulling his blanket up and trying to go back to sleep. Nicole, however, still wasn’t happy. Aden was still tuned into the rugby. She wanted to have someone to talk to, or to watch a movie with, but Aden was so engrossed that he hadn’t glanced over at her since she had sat down.


“Yeah?” he asked, taking the headphones out of his ears

“What are your plans for England?”

“Em, Nic. I’m trying to watch the ...”

“Fine! Everyone ignore me!”

“Nic, there’s ten minutes left. Can we chat after?”

“Ok, but you better! I’m so bored!” she groaned

“Ten minutes princess!

Ten minutes had passed but Aden was still watching his rugby game.

“Aden, you said ten minutes! It’s been almost eleven!”

Aden groaned but pulled the earplugs out of his ears.

“What do you want to talk about Nicole?” he asked grumpily.

“I want to talk about England! What are your plans?”she said enthusiastically.

“Well first I want to get over my jet lag really quickly, then I want to do whatever Belle wants. It’s our first holiday together and I want it to be the trip of a lifetime. And let me guess, you want to go shopping?”

“Well yes, but I want to see stuff too. We’re going to England! I want to go to Buckingham Palace and spend days at different tourist resorts. We were thinking of going to Blackpool. Me and Geoff looked it up. It looks amazing!”

“I’m impressed!”

“And you thought I was shallow!” she laughed

Aden turned back to the small TV screen, thinking that he had escaped the conversation, but Nicole had other plans.

“Why were you looking at jewellery stands this morning?” she asked curiously.

Aden had a quick look around, checking to make sure Belle was asleep before answering Nic’s question.

“I was looking for an engagement ring. I want to propose to Belle on this trip, so that she can never forget it”

“Aww! Wow! That is the nicest thing ever! Why can’t Geoff be so sweet?”

“Because he isn’t me!” Aden laughed

“Did you find one?”

“No! They are all crappy! Maybe I’ll get one on the trip”

“I can help if you want”

“Nicole! I have a budget!”

“I’m not that bad! I’ll find you a reasonable one that’s still totally gorg!

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Chapter Three:

Belle was the first one off the plane, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

“Belle!” Aden called after her, “I can’t exactly carry all our hand luggage by myself.”

Belle didn’t even glance back. Aden sighed and tried to juggle the three bags, almost succeeding until Nicole pushed past him and knocked everything to the floor.


“Sorry! Need off this thing!”

Aden tried to pick everything up and failed

“Need a hand?”

“Please” he said, handing Geoff Belle’s bag. “Thanks mate”

“You’re welcome”

By the time Aden and Geoff had made their way off the plane and out off the airport, Belle and Nicole were already standing outside, marvelling at the view.

“Nic, it’s so different from Summer Bay!” Belle marvelled.

“It’s beautiful!” Nicole exclaimed.

The two guys rolled their eyes and walked towards a taxi, throwing the suitcases into the boot.

“We would really like to thank you two for all your help with all of the luggage. We didn’t look like idiots walking out of here” Aden said sarcastically.

“You two are guys! You are supposed to do all that!”

“Belle! Will you look at the amount of crap we had to carry! We were dropping it everywhere, and you two were standing here!”

“Chill Aden”

Aden glared.

Belle leaned forward and put a hand on Aden’s cheek.

“I’m sorry for leaving you with all the luggage. It wasn’t nice but I can make it up to you later ...” she trailed off suggestively, and then kissed him gently on the lips.

Aden’s mouth dropped open in shock. All he had expected was a thank you.

“Belle, we have company!” he hissed, embarrassed at her behaviour.

“They’ve seen it all before Aden. Plus, we are in England. Let loose a little bit”. Belle announced.

Aden chuckled and kissed her back.

“What more can we expect of you two anyway?” Nicole laughed.

“Nic! Well you weren’t complaining when it was you I was ...” Aden stopped as Belle slapped his chest.

“Aden Jeffries! In the past?”

“Sorry babe!” He looked at Nic who was trying not to smile; Geoff noticed and glared at his girlfriend.

“What? Like Belle said, it was all in the past! What, we can’t talk about it?”

“No!” both Belle and Geoff shouted

Aden and Nicole couldn’t help but chuckle.

Belle frowned slightly and slid into the front seat of the taxi. The others followed her lead and all claimed their seats.

“Belle”, Aden whispered, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. You know that you’re the only girl for me”

A slight smile lit up Belle’s face but Aden could tell that she was upset. Her eyes always conveyed all her emotions.

“What’s wrong babe?” he asked, starting to get worried.

“It’s just Nicole is so perfect. She’s beautiful and blonde and you two seem to match. I just don’t want you to wake up one day and realise you and Nic are supposed to be together”

“Belle! We’re not! Me and you are meant to be together. Do you think I’d have gone through everything we did if I was meant to be with someone else?”

“I suppose not, but you two have such a strong relationship”

“We’re best friends. I could say the same thing about you and Geoff, your brother- sister relationship. That’s just the same as me and Nic”, he whispered.

Belle smiled but this time he could see she was actually smiling, not just pretending too.

“I love you!” he told her

“I love you too” she said, taking his hand in an awkward way.

Nicole and Geoff pretended not to listen to the conversation, but it still affected them both. Nicole felt awkward that a girl as wonderful as Belle felt inadequate and Geoff was concerned about Nicole and Aden. Belle was the one to break the silence.

“So what are you guys looking forward to?” she asked

Nicole was suddenly very interested in the conversation and threw herself in very enthusiastically.

“Harrods! And everything really. I just want to visit everywhere”

“Me too! I can’t wait to go to all the museums and stuff! And of course a little bit of shopping!” Belle smiled. “What are you looking forward to?”

“I don’t really know. Everything I guess and spending time with you” Aden looked into Belle’s eyes.

“Aww, Geoff!”


“You’re supposed to say something like that.”

“Well sorry but Aden was talking! Ok, I’m looking forward to seeing the Palace and spending time with Nic!” he said in a sort of sarcastic tone

“It’ll do” she said

He laughed. “I really am looking forward to this you know. It’s our first holiday together. It’ll be special” He put his arm around her and squeezed her a little.

Nicole snuggled into Geoff, while Aden stared out the window. He had drawn the short straw. Belle was sitting in the front, and he was left in the back, like a complete third wheel.

"Nic, Geoff, do you mind saving the lovey dovey acts until I have the option to walk away".

Geoff chuckled, while Nicole glared and elbowed him in the ribs.

"Ouch Nic!" he cried, "There was no need for that!"

“Like you two ever save it, that’s all you ever do! You are always all over each other” she laughed

“Well, we are just so in love, it can’t be helped.

“And we’re not?”

“I don’t know. Are you?”

“Yes! I love him.”

Geoff felt butterflies in his stomach, just hearing her say those words made him feel complete.

“I love Nic too. More than anyone can imagine” he said and kissed her sweetly.

“Anyone have a bucket?” Aden laughed

“Shut up or I’ll hit you again. We’re nearly there”

Belle laughed from the front seat and Aden threw a loving glare her way. The conversation soon stopped and everyone looked out the window. None of them had ever been to England before and it was very new and exciting. Nicole and Geoff were still holding hands and Aden had leaned so far forward in his seat that he had managed to rest his chin on Belle’s shoulder and was absentmindedly stroking her cheek.

“Wow, look at Big Ben, it’s huge!” she stared out of the window

“Excuse me, how much longer? Are we staying close to this? Nic asked the driver from the back seat.

“Not much further, just around this corner” he replied

“Ok, good”

“Nic, did you see a shop you liked?” Belle asked

“No”, she said shyly. Everyone glared at her. “Ok, maybe I did” she laughed

Geoff rolled his eyes and squeezed her land lightly. She may have been a shopaholic but he loved her.

“Stop the cab!” Aden suddenly called, “I have to get out here. You can take everyone else to the hotel but I need some air”.

Everyone looked at him in surprise but Nicole cottoned on quickly.

“I’ll come to”, she announced, “I really want to look at that store”.

Before anyone else could answer, Nic and Aden were both out of the cab.

“Weird” Belle commented

“Aden didn’t look too good. Is he Ok?” Geoff asked

“He didn’t say anything. I have a funny feeling Nic put him up too it, she really wanted to go to that store” she laughed

“Probably, or else it was to get out of paying the fare” Geoff chuckled

“Either way it was still weird”

“Here you go. We’re here”. The driver said as he stepped out of the car.

Geoff and Belle did the same. They looked up. The hotel was beautiful.

“How much is that?” Geoff asked

“17 pounds sir”. Geoff handed over the cash and grabbed as much luggage as he could.

“Maybe they didn’t want to carry the luggage” Belle giggled and grabbed some of it as well.

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Chapter Four:

It took a while for Geoff and Belle to check in, as they had no idea where any of their hotel details had been put.

“****”, Belle swore, “I wish Aden had told me where everything was. I’ve never checked into a hotel before so he could have at least given me some advice!”

Geoff stood by and watched while Belle tore apart all of their bags before stepping forward slightly and extending his hand.

“Are these them?” he asked, amused

“Belle, I have everything. I booked the rooms, remember?”

“Oh sorry, I’m so bloody stupid!”

“Just a little bit” he laughed

“Shut up! I wish they would hurry up. We have to wait here, cos they won’t get past check on and they need to know where the rooms are”

“Chill Belle, I’ll call Nic” he grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialled his girlfriend’s number.

“Nic are you going to be much longer? We need to get to the rooms”

“No, we’re on our way now. Sorry we ran off. Don’t say anything but Aden found a ring!” she squawked

“Ok, do you know where you’re going?”

“Yes, Aden asked for directions. We can see the hotel now”

“Ok see you soon. Love you”

“I love you too”

By the time Aden and Nicole had made their way into the hotel foyer, Belle had already fallen asleep, curled up on the giant couch surrounding the water feature. As soon as Aden walked in, he started laughing, before walking over and picking her up in his arms.

“Geoff”, he whispered, “can you get the luggage and Nic, can you check us in? I’ll wait here and then we can all go up to the rooms together”. Nic and Geoff both nodded and set off to do their duties. Nicole was back the quickest, as the deposits had already had already been payed. All she needed to do was grab the keys.

The lift took a while to come, and both Nic and Geoff could see that Aden was getting slightly uncomfortable under the weight he was carrying. When they finally had managed to get on the lift, they were amazed to see that the hotel had thirty two floors. The biggest hotel they had ever been to had only ten floors. They had to ride the elevator all the way to the nineteenth floor, which sounded incredibly high to Geoff in particular, as he had always had a problem with flights. Aden tried to place Belle gently on the ground without waking her up but didn’t succeed.

“Aden, where am I?” she asked drowsily, as Nicole bit back laughter.

“You’re in the elevator babe. You fell asleep but we’ll be in the room in a minute, and then you can sleep.”

Belle just nodded her head and rested against Aden’s legs.

The elevator door soon dinged open and Nicole grabbed her bags and trotted out, anxious to be the first one to see the hotel rooms.

“Hey Nic, wait for me! I want us to see the room together”, Geoff called at her retreating back, but she either didn’t hear him, or just ignored his request.

Aden chuckled and pulled Belle to her feet. “Come on sleeping beauty. It won’t be long until we reach our room. Surely you can hold out that long”.

Belle glared at him and slapped him lightly on the arm. “For your information Aden, I didn’t sleep very well on the flight”, she whispered tiredly

Aden scoffed. “You are such a bad liar. Every time I turned around to look at you, you were fast asleep”. Belle’s expression softened. “So you were turning around to stare at me then Aden?” she questioned.

“Of course! You were one of the most beautiful girls on that plane today, and the air hostess wouldn’t talk to me, so I settled for looking at you.”

Belle scowled and slapped him again, before attempting to storm out of the elevator. Aden sighed lightly and started to walk after Belle, but didn’t have to go far until he caught up. She was laying spread eagled on the floor.

“Belle, are you ok!?” he exclaimed, before rushing to her side

“I’m fine”, she mumbled, “I just tripped over the suitcase Nicole and Geoff have left in the hallway”. Aden bit back a chuckle and pulled her to her feet. “Come on babe, let’s go and sleep this off.” Belle nodded and started walking towards the hotel room, leaving Aden with the suitcases.

“Belle, come back here and help with the suitcases! That’s twice you’ve left me with all the luggage!”

“Well, stop complaining and work out those muscles!”

“Belle”, he whined, waiting for her to rush back and help him

“Look Aden. I’m really tired but I’ll give you an incentive. If you get back to the room before I’m asleep, I’ll give you a welcome to England present, one that will involve you and me and the luxurious hotel bed,” she called from up the hallway, before skipping towards their room.

Aden picked up their suitcases, a sudden rush of energy soaring through him, and started walking down the hallway, but the opposite way from Belle. He got about thirty metres away before he opened his mouth and called “You’re going the wrong way Belle. The room is this way! I’ll be waiting on the bed for you to settle up”

He smiled and continued walking towards their room, hearing Belle swear up the corridor.

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Belle entered the hotel room to find Aden lying seductively on the bed. She laughed and walked towards him.

“I’m tired” she moaned

“Well that’s not my fault, you went the wrong way” he smiled

“Fine” she said and jumped on the bed

Down another corridor, Geoff and Nicole were settling into their suite. She had put all of their clothes and things away in the wardrobes and cupboards that were provided.

“This hotel’s great. There’s so much space”

“They just knew you were coming” Geoff laughed

“Oi! I don’t have that much, do I?”

Geoff didn’t reply. Instead he gave her a look and stepped toward her, pulling her towards the bed.

Nicole squealed and then giggled with delight. She knew that she and Geoff wouldn’t go all the way, as he still had beliefs and values, but it still made her shiver inside when they kissed. However, this time she was the first to pull away.

“Geoff, we haven’t seen Aden and Belle for ages. What do you think has happened to them? They might be hurt or something?”

Geoff sighed and pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Nic, I promise you that they are fine,” he said before attempting to pull her back down to the bed but Nicole refused to be swayed.

“Geoff, I would really feel better if we went and checked on them. Please Geoff, for me?”

“Fine, but I assure you, they’re fine! It’s Aden and Belle!”

“Please?” she had her puppy dog eyes on

“Come on” he grabbed her hand and they made their way towards the other couples room. They lightly knocked on the door, praying they had the right room. When a half naked Aden came to the door, Nicole giggled and felt slightly embarrassed.

“What is it?” Aden asked

“Nicole was worried. We hadn’t hear from you in a while”

“We were, erm busy”.

Nicole laughed. “Sorry, we’ll let you get back to erm, yeah”

“Ok, we’ll call round later”


“Told you!” Geoff laughed as they walked back to their room

“Sorry” she giggled “We might have guessed.”

“So, what are your plans for today? Well our plans?” he asked as they entered back into the room

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

“Well we have some time before they come out” he laughed

“I know! Honestly their like rabbits”

“Are you ok?”

"What do you mean?”

“About them, you know all the time, because I know you understand and everything but it would be hard”

“Geoff, I respect your beliefs, believe me if I didn’t you would have been long gone, I love you” she smiled

“I love you too” he pulled her in for a kiss “Seriously we need plans!”


“Nic! I don’t how you girls do it all the time! It would kill me! But if you want,”

“Yay!” she giggled “But we need to check with Aden and Belle first”

“Why don’t we head out now, and send them a text and meet up with them later?”

“Ok!” Nic said and pulled her phone from her pocket, she sent the text, grabbed her jacket and her and Geoff headed to the streets of London.

“Wow! There’s just so many shops!” she said gazing at them all

“Yippee” he said sarcastically

“We don’t have to shop now” she said taking his hand in hers

“I know, but the quicker its over the better” he laughed

They were in and out of shops, Nic had bought a pair of sunglasses and a bag, Geoff was carrying them of course. As they entered one shop and woman was standing by the door and handed them each a scratch card thing, “What’s this?” Nic asked

“Its a prize draw we are doing. There’s loads of prizes to win, and each card is a winner” she smiled

“Cool” Nicole said and walked deeper into the shop, all cards are winners? She thought of what a pen? These things are such scams. She laughed

“Nic, We’ve won dinner for up to six people at some restaurant” Geoff said as he scratched his card.

“Serious, Cool” Nicole took a coin and scratched her, she gasped

“What?” Geoff asked, Nicole stared at the card until Geoff asked again.

“We won four VIP tickets and backstage passes to a Beyonce concert tonight, in the O2 arena!” she said excitedly

“Oh my! Well aren’t you lucky!”

“I guess”

“You’re my lucky charm anyway”

“We need to get back and tell Aden and Belle!” They rushed back to the hotel and straight up to their room, Nic frantically knocked the door and Aden came to open it, thankfully he was fully clothed. “I thought we were meeting you’s, we were just about to leave” he said

“Guess what!” Nicole entered the room

“What?” Belle asked, she didn’t know whether to be excited of concerned

“I won tickets and backstage passes to see Beyonce tonight!”

“No way!” Belle squealed

“Yes way!” Nicole jumped onto the bed beside Belle

“Well” Aden said in a husky voice, “Geoff mate, Aren’t we lucky, Beyonce is a babe” Aden turned around to see both Belle and Nicole glaring at him. “What? You two don’t have crushes on celebs? I’m allowed to!”

“No! Your not! You only have eyes for me, If I see you staring tonight I will hit you!”

“You too Geoff!” Nicole shouted as she saw Geoff grin at Aden getting shouted at by Belle.

“Princess, You are the only women for me” he said, but looked at Aden and winked

“Saw that!”

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Elainea and I would like to thank Taniya_K and lino for the reviews on the last chapter :D If you have time, check out our new banner, on the first post. All credit to pinky1998.

Chapter Six

Belle and Nicole spent all afternoon getting ready. Aden and Geoff had been banished to Geoff's room, and Nicole and Belle had taken control of Aden;s room. Beauty products were scattered everywhere, curling irons and straightners were cluttering the bathroom counter, and the mirrors were fogged up with the steam that had escaped the shower.

“Belle”, Nicole called, “have you seen my other shoe?”

“Nic, it’s in your hand”

“Oh yeah”, Nic called back, “but have you seen my lipstick?”

“Nic, you shoved it in your hair, so you wouldn’t lose it”

“Thanks for your help Little Miss Know It All”

“You’re hilarious Nicole, but can you help me find what dress I should wear?”

“I already laid it on the bed. You chose about an hour ago, but I knew you would start stressing later”

“You know me so well” Belle called, as she lightly applied her make-up

A knock interrupted the madness, and Belle ran to get the door, forgetting that she was in her underwear. She pulled open the door and was greeted by a shocked expression on Geoff’s face and an intrigued expression on Aden's

“Look guys, we don’t have time to look after you right now. Can’t you go and entertain yourself?”

Geoff nodded his head and started to walk away but Aden pushed himself into the room.

“This is my hotel room as well Belle, and I think I’ll entertain myself by watching you get dressed”

“Aden, Nicole is here as well”

“Not for long” Geoff said, walking into the room and grabbing Nicole. “Let’s go back to our room. You know what Aden and Belle are like. I would feel better if you were with me

Nicole smiled and held onto Geoff’s hand, as Aden and Belle both glared at Geoff, outraged.

“We aren’t that bad. We can sit in a room without jumping each other” Belle exclaimed, but she had barely finished her sentence when Aden stood up and pushed Geoff and Nicole out of the room. The next thing they could hear was giggling, followed by “Stop Aden, I’m ticklish there”


Nicole and Geoff sighed, and started to walk back to their room

“Luckily I managed to get my dress before we were kicked out” Nicole moaned

“I understand that they are happy and everything, but do they have to be all over each other, all the time?” Geoff asked

“We can’t really complain about that. You and I have quite a few public displays of affection”

Geoff smiled and leaned forwards and kissed Nicole lightly on the lips.


Geoff and Nic entered there hotel room, Nicole took of her clothes she was wearing and stood in her underwear. "Geoff?" she asked


"Do you think my clothes are inappropriate sometimes?"

"Well right now yes" he laughed, before answering seriously, "No of course not, Why?"

"It’s just, A lot of people say how I dress badly and I'm just immature"

"Well your not, they're all wrong, yes you have had some bad times, rebellious stages, but lately you've really grown up

"It’s all because of you, you made me like this" she smiled

"I'm glad I did"

"Me too" she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him

On the other end of the hotel floor, Aden was trying his best to distract Belle from getting ready.

"Aden, do you think we are always all over each other?" she asked. The comments Nicole and Geoff had been making were starting to get to her.

“Babe we love each other, More than I could ever imagine loving anyone else, And you can’t say you don’t enjoy it” Aden smirked

“Well I do” She smiled “But it’s just, what Nic said, I feel bad, that were all over each other all the time. And well their not”

“Belle, both of them understand that we don’t have the same belief’s as Geoff, they were only playing around, And anyway who cares? I don’t think I could keep my hands off you” Aden laughed and pushed Belle onto the bed


Nicole was still getting ready, She was still in her underwear sitting at the mirror doing her hair. “Geoff? I’ve never asked this, But is it Ok for me to be wearing this when were together?”

“Yeah, Why?”

“Just with the no sex thing, I thought, this would be thought as inappropriate.”

“Well you wear a bikini on the beach, and that’s usually less than what your wearing now” he giggled “And anyway, who wouldn’t want to look at you dressed like that”

She giggled, “I just never thought about it, that’s all”

Geoff moved across the room, he put his arms round Nicole shoulders and kissed her neck, “Are you nearly ready?”

“Yep! All done, Just need to get dressed” she grinned

Geoff grabbed her hips as she stood up and pulled her on the bed, he sat beside her and placed his hands on her face and kissed her passionately.

He placed his hand on her bare leg and continued in the kiss.

“Geoff I need to get dressed” she laughed

“Sorry, your just so beautiful right now” he giggled

“Sorry” she giggled, “You never know, I may give you another show when we come back” she winked. He grinned and let her get up and slip into her dress.

It was beautiful, there was nothing she looked bad in. It was a short pink dress with a black flower design on it. She really suited it, although she really suited not wearing anything as well.

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Chapter Seven: Dedicated to everyone who reviewed


They left the room and met Belle and Aden in the lobby. “Looking good!” Belle shouted when she saw the pair

“Right back at ya!” Nicole giggled

“Oh matching outfits, Geoff you really suited that bit of pink, Pity it wasn’t all pink” Aden commented as he looked at Geoff’s shirt

“Mate, I’m just waiting on the day you wear something awful, then I’ll hold it against you forever, just because my girlfriends is fashion obsessed does not give you the right to mock!”

“Sorry mate, Didn’t know you take it so hard” Aden laughed

“Jefferies! I’ll take you!” Geoff said playfully squaring up to Aden

“Bring it on Bible boy!” Just then Belle cut in and pushed herself in between them.

“Hey! Cut it out! If you really want to wrestle can you wait until you get to the hotel room? Instead of going on like 5 year olds!”

“Sorry babe, Sure we’ll give you a show later on” Aden winked

They got into a taxi that took them to the arena, “Nic could you not have won limousine transport?”

“Aden! Shut up, your lucky your even going!”

They got to the arena, they handed their tickets in, and a man took them to their seats, they were just beside the stage, and you could see everything immaculately, They were told that once the concert was over they could head back stage. They all got excited, Belle grabbed her bag and took her camera out.

“Oh good thinking” Nic smiled at her

“A photographer always has her camera” she giggled

“Oh my gosh! Its starting!” Nic screeched as the lights dimed

They came back on and the supporting act came on, Taylor Swift. “Oh, oh! I love her!” Nicole stood up, not that she could get a better view.

“Me too” Aden winked to Geoff who nodded.

Taylor was on for an hour, she sang loads of songs and Nicole sang along with her, She finished and went backstage, the lights dimed again and the tune to green light played, then from no where, Beyonce emerged from the middle of the stage. The whole place erupted and rose to their feet as she began to sing.

She sang for a long time before taking a break.

“This is the best!” Nicole grinned as she sat down for the first time tonight.

“Tell me about it, Nic these seats are amazing! We have you to thank” Belle grinned

“I know, the view is amazing!” Geoff said

“Oi! Keep your eyes in!” Nic slapped his leg lightly

There was a 15 minute break, Aden used it to go to the loo and to get Belle and everyone else a drink.

Just when he came back it started again, Single Ladies began to play and Nicole screamed, “This is my favourite!”

Beyonce came back on and sang, Nicole again singing with her.

She had finished Halo, when she thanked everyone for coming and began to sing her last song. The music to Crazy in love played, and the arena screamed.

“London!” She shouted “Sing with me” The music started and Beyonce started dancing

“ Uh, oh, oh, oh, I look a stare so deep in your eyes, I touch on you more and more every time, when you leave I’m begging you not to go, call your name two three times in a row......”

The concert ended and the group headed backstage “Oh my god! Thats her!” Belle exclaimed “Do we go over to her?”

The group looked at her “I don’t know,” Nicole said, But before she could say anything else, She was right in front of her

“Hey, you must be the guys who won from Heidi's Boutique?”

“Ah, Yeah. She did” Aden pointed at Nicole, who was too stunned to talk.

“Yeah it was me” She smiled

“Congrats! Did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh my! Yes! Your were brilliant!”

“Totally!” The rest of the group said, Geoff speaking for the first time.

“I have some signed stuff for you’s, I just need your names.” She smiled, “And Taylor too, She’s about somewhere”

“Aww wow thank you!” Nicole smiled again “I’m Nicole”

Beyonce went to grab a bag full of stuff, she lifted out a pen and four programs, She signed Nic’s first, before asking everyone else’s name

“I’m Geoff, this is Aden and Belle” Geoff said trying to keep calm.

“Ok” she said and finished signing the programs “Is that ok?” she asked as she handed them out

“Yes wow, thank you so much!”

“I’m not done yet” She lifted the bag and handed each of them a goodie bag. “Do you want some pictures?” she said looking at Belle’s camera

“Oh yes please” Belle said

Beyonce stepped in beside Geoff and Nicole, Aden stepped out of the way, Belle took a few snaps then, handed the camera to Nicole for her to take some of her and Aden wit Beyonce. Nicole took a couple of shots and handed the camera back to Belle.

“Are you’s couples?”

“Yeah, Me and Geoff and those two”

“You’s are lovely together, Very cute.”

“Thank you and thank you so much for all of this, and for putting on an amazing show!”

“Yeah thanks! You were awesome” Aden added

“Your welcome guys, Thanks for coming!” she gave each of them a hug before leaving, just before she was out of site, she saw Taylor coming, “Tay! Those are the contest winners!” she said an turned the corner.

Taylor approached them, this time they weren't as nervous. “Hey guys, Did you’s have a good time?”

“Yeah, it was awesome thanks” Aden got in first

“Yeah, so good!” Belle added

“You were amazing! I really love your singing!” Nicole told her

“Aww thank you, I’m glad you had fun!”

“It was a night to remember alright!” Geoff said

“Do you’s want those signed?” She asked indicating to the programs

“Yeah! Please!”

They each handed them the programs and told them their names. She signed them and handed them back.

Geoff searched in the bag until he found a picture of Taylor

“Can you do me a big favour? My little sister is a really big fan of yours could you sign this?”

“Sure! What’s her name?”

“Annie” Geoff said, She signed the picture and handed it back.

“Before you go, can we get a few pictures?” Belle asked

“Of course” Taylor put her hand out and took the camera she handed it to a guy working back stage and he took a group shot, “Do you want singular ones?”

“If you don’t mind” Belle smiled

“Not at all” They took a few pictures then let her go.

“Oh my gosh guys! How good has tonight been?” Nicole screamed as they got into the taxi.

“I know, total once in a lifetime stuff!” Belle said as she yawned

“Someone’s tired!” Aden laughed

“Just a little bit” Belle giggled and snuggled her head into Aden’s shoulder.

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Amz, this is for you. Sorry it took so long, and thank you for the reviews, and the reminders.

Chapter Eight:

London had been an exciting and interesting time for the friends so far. They had already won tickets to see Beyonce, and today was going to be a sightseeing day. But it would be more than that. Aden had decided to propose to Belle at the top of the London Eye.

They all got out of bed from a good night’s sleep and started getting dressed. Nicole jumped in the shower, much to Geoff’s annoyance. He was hoping to get in first, as she always took so long. Aden and Belle didn’t have that problem. They usually showered together.

Because of that reason, Aden and Belle were waiting in the lobby long before the other couple.

“Belle, why don’t we just ditch them? We can have more fun by ourselves”, Aden questioned, but soon stopped talking when Belle glared at him.

“Because that’s rude. Nicole even gave us those tickets to see Beyonce, so there’s no way we are going to leave them behind”

“Fine”, he said, rolling his eyes

20 minutes later, Geoff and Nicole emerged from the lift, hand in hand

“Finally”, Aden moaned, and got a gentle nudge to the side

“Sorry guys, Nic was in the shower and you all know how long that takes” Geoff laughed

“You should just shower together, saves time” Aden added

“And water,” Belle chimed in. Both Aden and Belle received disgusted stares, but they just laughed them off. After their talk, they had realised that life was too short to care about what people said, or thought.

“So, what do you guys want to do today?” Aden asked

“Well, I want to shop of course. What about you?” Nicole answered for both her and Geoff.

“Me and Belle want to see the London eye today,” he hinted

“I really want to see that too!” Geoff jumped in but soon backed down after receiving an elbow in the ribs.

“Actually, Geoff’s afraid of heights. Why don’t we just catch up with you guys later?” Nicole asked

Aden smiled, slightly pleased that they would be alone

“Nic, don’t you think you do enough shopping?”

“Yes, but it’s not that. I want them to be alone. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but Aden’s going to propose”

“Wow serious?”

“Yes, so we can just do our own thing for a while, at least until we get a call with Belle screaming down the phone, then we’ll know its all clear”

Luckily, Belle remained oblivious, staring off into space. Nicole dragged Geoff out of the hotel before he made it any more obvious. Belle suddenly came back to earth.

“Where did Nicole and Geoff go?” she asked, concerned at their sudden disappearance

“Apparently, Geoff is afraid of heights, so they can’t come on the London Eye with us today!” Aden explained

“But Geoff isn’t afraid of heights”, Belle told Aden, before everything suddenly clicked into place. “Oh my god, Nicole has got rid of us so she can propose to Geoff!”

“Or she just wants to go shopping!”


“If she was going to propose, don’t you think she would tell us? Or even me?”

“Well, she might not. You do have a big mouth after all”

“I so do not! I can keep a secret”

“Oh, so you have secrets now?”

“No, you know all my secrets. But I can keep them from everyone else,” Aden said, trying to save himself

“Aden Jeffries, I can tell you’re lying to me, so you have about four seconds to tell me the truth or I’m going back to the hotel room for the day.” Aden’s face dropped into a mask of shock, as he tried to think up a believable lie.

“They are just having a bit of a rough patch. I think they just need the day to themselves”

“Oh, are things really bad?

“I think it’s just coming over here, and the no sex thing. Nic finds it difficult to find the boundaries. She’s afraid of doing something wrong, that’s all”

“Oh, I never notice. I feel really bad now”

“Oh babe don’t, Nic just told me to get it off her chest”

“Do you think the trip will be enough to help them?”

“I think everything will be fine, as long as we stop talking about Nicole and Geoff start talking about me and you on the London Eye”

Belle giggled lightly, before pressing a kiss to Aden’s lips.

“What was that for?” he asked

“For being you”, she whispered into his ear

“I’m always me, and you aren’t always kissing me”

“If you don’t like it, I can always stop and find someone else to kiss”

A hurt expression filled Aden’s eyes, and he frowned at her. “Don’t you joke about stuff like that. It hurts me to just think about losing you”

Belle kissed him again and whispered an apology, before pulling him out the door.

“What’s with the sudden rush?”

“I just want to get onto the London Eye. It’s going to be magnificent, with the view of the city. I can’t wait”

“Neither can I”, he chuckled and followed Belle outside, “neither can I”

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Chapter Nine:

The London Eye was just as magnificent as Belle had imagined it to be. The view of the city was gorgeous, and being there with Aden made it even more magical.

“You know, I can cross something of my list now” Belle randomly started a conversation, leaving Aden with no idea what she was talking about

“What list?”

“The list of things I want to do before I die. I’ve always wanted to witness a majestic sight”

This was the perfect time for Aden to propose. “I’ve always wanted to propose by a majestic sight”, he said, in what he hoped was a casual tone

“I’ve always wanted to be proposed to on a majestic sight, like on top of the pyramids, or at the top of the London Eye or in Venice, under the bride of sighs”, Belle said wistfully

“So how about it?”

“How about what?”

“Would you like to do me the honour of becoming my wife?” Aden asked dropping to one knee

Instead of answering, Belle stomped her foot

“Did I do something wrong?” Aden asked, shocked at the turn of events

“I was going to propose to you today!” Belle exclaimed

“You were going to propose?”

“Well, women are allowed to do it nowadays, and I always kind of liked the idea of getting down on one knee. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you would ever ask, so I was taking the decision into my own hands”

Aden chuckled and pulled Belle down to the floor.

“Ouch, that wasn’t nice”, she whispered, as her knee banged against the floor

“I’m giving you a chance to propose here Belle”, he replied

A huge smile graced Belle’s face and Aden knew he had made the right decision.

“Will you marry me?” the pair said simultaneously

“Yes”, they both whispered, before sharing a passionate kiss

“Thank you Aden”, Belle spoke softly, when they were both seated comfortably back on the chairs

“You’re welcome. This will be an interesting story to tell our children one day, and it kind of suits us anyway”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we always had an interesting run of things, so this makes perfect sense”

Belle smiled, and climbed onto Aden’s lap.

“Sex in a public place Belle? Kind of dangerous isn’t it? I don’t want to get arrested on our holiday”

“Dirty mind Mr. Jeffries, dirty mind. I just wanted to be close to you, but if this is too dangerous, I’ll get off”

“Don’t even think about moving Miss. Taylor-Jeffries”

“I’m not even married to you yet Aden. There’s plenty of time for me to get out of it yet”

“I know, I’m just practicing”

“You are perfect”, Belle whispered, punctuating every word with a kiss

“You aren’t that bad yourself”

“Excuse me!” Belle fumed, outraged

“Belle, you know that you are completely perfect”

“No one’s perfect Aden”

“You are”

“You know what I think?”


“I think that every girl in the world deserves her own personal Aden Jeffries”

“So you want me to be mass produced?”

“On second thoughts no, because then you wouldn’t be unique. You wouldn’t be mine, you’d be the worlds” Belle thought her answer over before carefully selecting her words

“Someone has a problem with sharing”, Aden teased

“Well, wouldn’t you have a problem if stacks of guys had me as well?” At Belle’s words, a frown settled onto Aden’s face. “I rest my case,” Belle whispered, before gently kissing Aden’s cheek to make him smile again

“Oh by the way, Nicole and Geoff aren’t really having problems. I just had to tell some convincing lies”

“Aden Jeffries, you better not lie to me often!” Belle exclaimed, before hitting Aden lightly

“This was the first time Belle, I promise, and it was for a good cause”

“Then I’ll forgive you”

“How kind!” Aden said sarcastically, his eyes rolling

“Aden, can I please have your cell phone?”

“I was just joking. Don’t throw my cell phone out the window, alright? I need it”

“I was actually going to call Nicole and tell her our amazing news, but thanks for the suggestion”

Aden handed over his cell phone, and waited for Belle to dial.

“Umm Aden, what number is Nicole on speed dial?”

“I don’t have anyone on speed dial except you”, he whispered sweetly

“But there’s six Nicole’s in the phone book”

Aden grabbed his phone back and scrolled through them, before settling on the third one down

“There you go”

“Why are there 6 numbers for Nicole?”

“She changes cell phones a lot”

“Then why don’t you delete them?”

“I never get around to it”, Aden admitted

“So lazy!”

“Why should I change? You love me just the way I am”

Belle smiled and pressed the call button, waiting for Nicole to pick up. Aden could tell when Nicole had answered because Belle suddenly got really excited

“I’m getting married!” she shrieked down the phone.

Aden smiled as the words repeated themselves in his head. They were getting married.

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Thank you for the reviews. Elainea and I proudly present Chapter Ten of Summer Break :D

Chapter Ten

The four friends all sat on Aden and Belle’s hotel bed, exchanging details of the proposal that had happened a few hours ago. Well, Nicole and Belle were exchanging details, and Geoff and Aden seemed to be exchanging grunts.

“I know” Nicole screeched


“I helped Aden pick out the ring”

“Well, I proposed?”

“You did? But what about Aden’s ring?”

“Well we both kind of did. Don’t worry Nic, I wouldn’t give up a ring”, Belle giggled

As Belle and Nicole nattered on about wedding dresses, and invitations, and other vital details, Aden and Geoff were trying to make the room seem manlier.

“Geoff,” Aden began, his voice somewhat deeper than usual, “just wondering if you want to be my best man at the wedding”, his face blushing red with embarrassment.

Geoff averted his eyes before answering. “That’d be good Aden”, he said quietly

“Now that’s out of the way, do you want a beer?” Aden asked, getting off the bed to get the drinks from the mini bar

“Sure” Geoff replied, so Aden grabbed two beers and sat back down on the bed, handing one to Geoff. “Thanks mate”

“So do you have colours chosen yet?” Nicole asked

“Em, I like purple”

“Oh purple! I like purple! What about style? And who you’re going to invite? This is so exciting!”

“I was thinking just a simple style. And the invites, I don’t really know. We’ll have to talk about it, the whole of Summer Bay obviously, but I want some of my old friends there too”

“Like who?” Nicole asked, curiosity wrinkling up her nose

“I’m thinking Mattie, Cassie, Drew-“ Belle listed, but was interrupted halfway through by an angry Aden.

“You’re inviting your ex-boyfriend to our wedding?” he fumed, as Nicole tried not to laugh.

“Aden, he’s basically my brother. I can’t not invite him to my wedding”, Belle said gently, trying to calm him down.

“He’s seen you naked Belle, he’s not coming to the wedding”

“So just because he’s seen me naked, means he can’t come? So then Mattie can’t come either?” Belle giggled

“Mattie’s seen you... well that’s not too bad!”

“Aden! Drew is coming! Oh and by the way, Angelo and Geoff have seen me naked as well”

“Shut up! I don’t even wanna know. You can invite whoever you like, just please spare the details! And promise I’ll be the only one to see you from now on?”

“Fine” she giggled

Nicole finally let out the laughter she had been bottling up, and Geoff, who had been taking a swig from his beer, suddenly had liquid spurt out of his nose.

“Campbell, get out of my room. Beer is dripping from your nostrils,” Aden bellowed

Geoff and Nicole quickly left the room, as Aden tried to get the beer out of the bed cover.

“Sorry”, a voice was heard from the corridor, and Belle let out a laugh, receiving a glare from Aden

“Find it funny, Mrs soon to be Jeffries?” Aden grabbed her waist and threw her onto the bed

“Aden! It’s all wet and stinks of beer!” she moaned

“So!” he kissed her passionately. A knock on the door irritated Aden, as he got up and swung it open. “What!”

“Forgot my phone!” Nicole said quietly. “Carry on!” she said, as she left the room once again to join Geoff in the hall

Aden rolled his eyes, and attempted to kiss Belle, until a knock on the door disturbed them again.

“What?” Belle yelled, as the door swung open again, and Geoff snuck in, quickly grabbing the rest of his beer.

“Now leave!” Aden yelled, before trying to kiss Belle again, but yet another knock disturbed them. “Go away!” Aden bellowed, and rushed to the door, pulling it open to see a startled looking concierge.

“I’m sorry sir”

“Oh no, I’m sorry. What can we help you with?

“Do you have any laundry sir?”

“Oh yes”, Aden handed the man a bag

“Anything else I can do for you sir?”

“Actually yes, could we have some more beers please?”

“Certainly sir, I’ll send them up right away”

“Thank you”, Aden said and closed the door, scowling at Belle as she let out another round of laughter.

Nicole and Geoff, standing further up the corridor, both smiled, happy that their friends were so in love.

“Umm Nic, I know it’s not a proposal, but when we get back to Summer Bay, I wanted to know if you wanted to move in with me”, Geoff stuttered

“Seriously? Oh my god Geoff! Yes, yes, yes!”

“Really? I didn’t think you’d go for it!”

“Of course I’d love to move in with you. But erm, is there enough room?”

“Yeah, Belle’s room isn’t being used”

“Wow! Geoff, I love you!”

“I know”, he smiled, “I love you too!

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