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Sour Girl

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title: Sour Girl

genre: drama

type of story: med fic / maybe long fic

rating: A

starring: Jai, Bailey and others

spoilers: No

warnings: coarse language violence, sexual references

plot: A teenage girl from Jai's past shows up in the middle of the night looking for Jai leading to trouble


Miles woke to the sound of loud knocking at the door. He sighed at sat up

"What is it like 2 : 30" Kirsty said waking up

Miles walked down the stairs and opened the door to see a teenage blonde girl with black make up and black finger nails

He rubbed his eyes.

"Hi" the girl said softly.

"Hello" Miles replied turning the outside light on

"Is Jai home?" she asked

"He's asleep" Miles told her

She looked at him for a few minutes.

"See ya later" she said and walked away.

Miles frowned and shut the door.

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Jai walked down stairs in the morning.

"Jai, a girl came looking for you last night, or should i say early this morning" Miles said

Jai stopped and smiled

"What do you mean?" he said

"A goth blonde girl" Miles told him

"I don't know a goth blonde girl, i left something in my room" he said and walked back up stairs

He opened the door.

"Bail, what you doing here?" Jai asked

"What are you, this playing happy families isn't you" she replied

"You don't know me anymore, i've changed" Jai told her

"I see that" she said

"You didn't answer my question" Jai said

"I need help and you're the only one who gets me. Everyone else thinks i'm a freak" Bailey told him.

"Ok, stay in this room. I'll come back at lunch time" Jai told her

"Thanks Jai" she replied


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Jai unlocked a caravan door and let Bailey inside.

"Thanks for this Jai" Bailey said putting her bags down

"So hows Romeo?" Jai asked

"Oh, who cares" She repled kicking off her knee high leather boots.

"You broke up, but you were like this close" Jai said putting his fingers together.

"Well i needed a dramatic change in my life" She told him taking off her singlet.

Jai looked away and Bailey smiled

"Jai you've seen my tits before" she said

"You said you were in trouble, what did that mean?" Jai asked her

"Is there as shower block here?" Bailey asked changing the topic

"Bailey" Jai said

"Romeo started to hang with the wrong kind of people. Now they want our heads. I just need somewhere to keep out of sight for a while" Bailey told him

"Why do they want your heads?" Jai

"We owe them money" she told him wrapping a towel around herself

"And you got me in the middle of this"

"Relax Jaiey boy, i'll be gone before you know it" she said


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