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Please Don't Go...

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Story Title: Please Don't Go...

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Adelle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Death

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Summary: Aden discovers Belle is dying

Taken from the thoughts of Aden Jeffries...

Today is dark, darker than any time I've seen before. It fills my heart with fear, and my eyes with tears. My hands are shaking, fingers numb and, and I need to sit down, I, I can't stand, can't function, can't think .....

I, wait. Need to rest my head, support it in my trembling hands. Knees move, I can't balance my elbows on them. Don't look at me. I need, I, I don't want you to see me cry.....

Head shoots up, shaking rapidly, and the movement hurts. Thoughts are in turmoil.

"No," I hear a voice saying emphatically.

"NO!" It shouts now, deafening my ears, and I wish it would shut the **** up.

"NOOOO" it repeats, cracking before dissolving into tears.

It is then that I realise it is my own...

I rise, unsteady, to my feet, totter towards you, hands outstretched, they connect with yours. Then pull away, eyes wide with horror. I turn them over, palm facing upward and they are covered with burns. I feel the scars ripping at tightened flesh and fresh tears fall, soothing the skin. And I cup them, trying desperately to hold them safe within my palm but it is impossible and they fade to nothing.

Head raises, realisation dawning as my eyes connect with yours, seeing the reflection of heartbreak and glittering tears. It is harder on you....

I have much to say, but, my tongue is swollen and cannot move. My voice is thick with grief. Time is a bomb now and we don't know when it will explode.

"Not yet," I plead, clutching you into a tight hug, feeling your arms snaking my body and holding me close. I am racked with loud sobs, no control, I stutter, words tumbling and falling over each other.

"Not yet...." A wail breaks the night, sliding through the darkness like a bloodied knife...


It is some time later. I know not how I got here. A cold breeze rustles.

I am alone on a wooden bench, seated before the altar of a God. All Gods. Any God will do. Padded red cushion digs into my knees as I kneel. And I speak....

"Please God, please, don't take her from me."

Childish promises bubble forth.

"I'll do anything, please God, it's not fair."

Life, it seems, is not fair.

"Please God," I am begging now, the tears pooling at the foot of the cross like Mary's once did. And then I fall, crumpled form rocking to and fro, stricken with agonised grief.....


And now, in bed I think of her, as she has been since we met. The tears sting at my eyes. I cry silently, nobody must know yet. A whisper leaves me, rising to the stars. I taste fear in my mouth.

"Please, don't go yet... I can't live without you."

A lone tear trickles down my right cheek, and my eyes fog up as though I'm wearing glasses.

It is dark, and I can't see. I can't see ... "please God don't take her yet....Please...

I can't live without her....

NOTE; This was originally written by me on April 9th, 2006, and I edited it slightly today, for this fan-fic :)


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