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A Summer in Salem with a Lot of Bay

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Story Title: A Summer in Salem with a Lot of Bay.
Story description: Miles is a watcher. Nicole is the new Buffy. Aden is... well you'll see.
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Miles, Nicole Angelo Jack Alf Roman oh, well pretty much everyone....

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance A
Does story include spoilers: No ... but it would be funny if this turned out to be the 2009 Mystery Storyline....
Is story being proof read: No
Any warnings: Vampires, Witches Zombies, Vampire slayings, Werewolves and Colleen
Summary: Nicole is the new Buffy!!! I had a late night chat about the 2009 mystery storyline and some of my other favaourtie tv shows and that is when someone not mentioning any names said it would be fun to have a go at this fic. So here you are. I hope you enjoy it .....

Dedicated to TessaLove

Angelo was a good cop. He knew that something about Jack wasnt right. For a start there were all those nightshifts and even though he said it was coffee in his flask he never shared, making Angelo go into the diner with those three creepy woman who cooked over a cauldron all day. Hed offered him part of his sandwich one day, garlic salami and salad and Jack had recoiled and hissed showing his fangs. But it was the day he had called at Jacks house and found him asleep in a coffin in the cellar that really made him realise that the other man was in actual fact a Vampire. Hed recoiled horrified and ran out trying not to scream, unaware that hed actually woken up Jack, well, the vampire.
That night on patrol hed shot at everything, luckily the department had provided them with Silver bullets for some strange unknown reason and hed discovered that hed winged Jack. Fearing for his life hed run away, and Tony had discovered the body, lifeless, not realising of course that Jack had been well, undead for years.
The funeral had been traumatic for all of them. His screaming that Jack should be staked through the heart had made Martha hysterical and he was eventually led away by Doctors from a secure mental facility.
Hed declared his innocence and not been believed, Jack was a decorated hero on the police force. How could he be a vampire? Ok, so there were a few missing children around the Bay but he was on the Task force to find them. And yes, well he did sleep in a coffin but that was only to preserve his youthful good looks and ok, yes he didnt like garlic or crucifixes or for that matter Churches, holy water and priests. Or sunlight. But none of that added up to Jack being a vampire. All right so he was once caught drinking blood but he assured everyone it were just the once and a hazing ritual at the police force so it really was ok.
Eventually Angelo pretended that he was under stress resulting form the untimely death of a colleague and no, he didnt think that Jack was really a vampire. A few weeks of this and he was released. Which brought him back to the present day and here he was with a pair of Binoculars watching a character called Hugo with Martha. He didnt trust any of them, including Charlie. They were all in on it, they knew that Jack was still with them as a member of the undead.

Miles sighed and looked down at the text book. When Mr, Barlett had taken him to one side and told him that he was now the librarian at the school he had smiled. But walking into the darkened room and being faced with the old, very old books was one thing. For a start he hadnt even known that the school had a library. For another thing he hadnt been a watcher for a very long time and he didnt want to go back to his old profession. Teaching young girls to fight vampires. For one thing he had gotten quite a reputation at his old school for approaching girls and for another he was getting old. Well not old, just on a bit, he amended and all those high sprits and the incessant chatter about boys and school and clothes and ya, so totally, and its totally you was just not intellectually stimulating.
Mr Copeland? Nicole questioned looking at the slip of paper in her hand.
Nicole? he asked. what are you doing here?
Mr Bartlett told me to report here; something about a new assignment. Nic said to him.
Really? Miles asked.
Yeah! Nic shrugged.
Miles raised his eyes to the ceiling.
I quit! he grouched.
Er Mr Copeland? Nic said puzzled.
Miles picked up a rather sharp knife, which seemed to be lying beside the book hed been reading, although he could swear it hadnt been there a minute ago and threw it at Nicole Franklin.
She dropped her books and folder shed been carrying and caught the knife, blade first between her hands as the point or blade was a fraction away from her nose.
Mr Copeland! She gasped.
Yes, thank you Nicole, please throw it back. He instructed.
Well er. Ok. Nicole said finally and threw the knife.
Miles ducked and the knife landed perfectly in the wall behind him. The blade stuck in the heart on the anatomy poster stuck to the wall.
I think that concludes the test. Miles said to her. Tell me Nicole have you heard about Vampires? Miles asked quietly.
Like grrr? Nic asked pulling a face and curling the fingers of her hands.
Yes, Nicole, grrs Miles said. I am a watcher, we are a select group of people who train vampire slayers.
Nicole laughed and then after a moment when she saw that Miles had actually sat down to wait until she had finished laughing she realised that he was in fact serious.
You mean pointy-fanged-blood-sucking-fiends-of-the-night? she asked. Vampires?
Yes Nicole and it seems that I was sent here to be your watcher. Miles looked at his watch and counted the seconds until it sunk in that she was the new Buffy, he meant vampire slayer. After a minute of silence he looked up to find that she was using her phone to send a text message.
Er Nicole? Miles asked.
One second Im just telling Ruby that you have seriously lost your mind. I mean me? A Buffy? She looked over at him. Can you see me fighting vampires? I could so break a nail and it would like, er , totally, mess with my shopping trips.
Nicole paused and saw the look on Miles face, a cross between his blood pressure had just shot up and Mr Barlett had snogged Kirsty.
Oh my God! she said.
She sat down in shock and then fell off the chair in shock when she realised she had been nowhere near a chair.
Im buffy? she gasped.
Miles nodded slowly and looked at the blonde girl sitting on the floor.
Thats so cool. She said before she fainted.
Miles envied her!

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Roman looked out of the window. It was nearly that time of month again. He checked the almanac and sighed. Another full moon was fast approaching and Alf still hadn’t found a cure for him. The older man had travelled all around the world seeking strange inventions and potions for his collection. Pouring over his book of magic spells.

He had to admit that it was slightly strange that no one had questioned when Alf had started growing a beard and that only two days later it was down to his chest. Or even that he had swapped his usual attire for the more formal long flowing robes with mysterious magic symbols embroidered on them.

In fact no one had questioned when he had started going around asking if anyone had seen a ring or insisting that he should now be addresses as Gan-Alf. He sighed. Summer-Salem-lot-bay was a strange town.

He had pitched up there in his panel van two years ago now because he had heard rumours about a mystical man called Alf who could cure his particular problem. And even though all that time had passed people were still suspicious of him, not that he could really blame them. He had found a job working in the diner and although he wasn’t allowed near the cauldron he got along fine with the three women who ran it. Of course he had to work the occasional extra shift now and then to make up for the 3 days he had off every month when he chained himself in the basement to stop himself randomly attacking sheep or schoolkids. And no one actually commented when he had to shave 8 times a day on those in-between days.

He had just about managed to hide his other identity until his daughter Nicole had pitched up. She had asked him why he didn’t use the good cutlery and he invented an excuse saying he was allergic to the polish on the silver and that was why he came out in a rash when he went anywhere near it. Then she’d asked him about the chains she found in the basement. He’d blushed but before he could come up with an excuse she’d winked at him and said she wouldn’t tell anyone he was into kinky games.

No life wasn’t easy for a werewolf, especially if you had a teenage daughter.

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Aden was cooking Belle a romantic dinner, she had been off her food recently and spending a lot of time in bed with the curtains pulled tightly shut even though it was daytime. She walked slowly to the table dressed in a long black dress with a black cloak.

He looked puzzled at her wardrobe choice having never seen her in anything like that before. The only times he had ever seen her legs covered up was when she were wearing jeans. She had a scarf around her neck too.

“This is a new look for you babe.” He said.

“Do you like it?” she asked with a come hither smile.

He noted the blood red lips and dramatic Smokey eyes. Er, he thought, maybe she had been taking make up tips from Nic and hadn’t quite got it right.

“I do, its kind of Gothic.” He said. “I miss those legs of yours though.” He told her grinning.

She stepped forward and the skirt slithered open with a split going all the way to her hip.

He gasped looking at the seductive length of leg, noting that it seemed to be paler than normal. Jeez, maybe she needed to do some more sunbathing, although that suggestion may not go down too well considering she never seemed to get up in the daytime anymore.

“I’ve been going through some changes.” She whispered to him.

“I’ve noticed. Would this have anything to do with why you painted our bedroom blood red?” he asked quickly.

She smiled at the use of the word blood he noticed. She had never done that before either.

Um ok, he thought.

“Aren’t you interested in my changes?” she asked.

He looked up to see that she had opened the blinds to look at the Full Moon outside. In the distance he heard a wolf howling.

“Belle I’m sure that it’s a lot that I should be interested in but I’m cooking here and I really don’t want to burn it.” he said.

“The children of the night are calling to me.” She said softly.

“It’s just some dog barking.” Aden dismissed the plaintive cry of the lone wolf.

“Perhaps, perhaps not.” She said, her accent more Translyvanian that Australian.

“How do you like your steak?” Aden asked.

Belle hissed at him, recoiling and jumping up to clutch at the light fitting at the mention of the word stake.

“Belle…” he questioned, without turning around.

She climbed down from the ceiling and stood once more by the table.

“Rare,” she said. “Very rare.”

Aden looked in the pan and saw the very well done piece of meat and discarded it to start again.

“Why don’t you have some of that special tomato juice you like while I cook this food.” Aden suggested.

Belle nodded and walked over to the fridge pulling out the bag that had property of Yabbie Creek Blood bank written on it and emptied the content into her special goblet.

She discarded the empty bag into the rubbish and took a slow drink from the glass.

“A good vintage.” She said. “Born in 1982.” She added.

Aden looked up curiously.

“What was that babe?” he asked.

“Nurthink darlink.” She murmured taking the goblet and gliding into the lounge a foot off the floor.

He looked over at her thinking that she seemed taller before turning his attention back to the pan.

Serving the two steaks he placed the plates on the table and she sat opposite him. He helped himself to salad and baked potato offering both to her but she shook her head.

“Garlic bread?” he offered, lifting the basket toward her.

She paled even more although he didn’t know how that were possible.

“No!” she hissed and showed her fangs.

“Belle!” he exclaimed dropping the bread on the floor and standing up backing away.

“Aidveen, my love, “ she said to him meeting his gaze. “Look into my eyes.” She instructed.

“Yes mistress.” He found himself saying. He shook his head as if to clear it.

“No way you are …” he muttered. “A vampire.”

She stood and opened her arms.

“Come to me my love.” She instructed trying to hypnotise him.

“No.” he said taking a step toward her.

“That’s it.” she said. “Closer.”

He took a step towards her while unknowingly his hand picked up a steak knife.

“Closer.” She called softly.

He raised his hand as though to stab her but instead dropped the knife on the floor.

Belle sank her fangs slowly into Aden’s neck.

“So this is why you didn’t want any Garlic bread.” He said before passing out.

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Miles looked up from his book to see Nicole walking into the library.

“Nicole.” He said.

She looked at him.

“We need to talk.” He added.

Nic looked at her feet. Well actually she looked at the Gucci boots she was wearing.

“Yes Miles?” she asked trying to go for a neutral tone of voice.

He shook his head.

“How many times have I told you that Mr Bartlett is not a demon.” Miles asked her.

She looked up finally.

“Well he looks like one.” She tried to defend herself.

“Nicole.” Miles said sternly.

“I suppose you want me to take him out of the cage?” she asked.

Miles nodded.

“Ok. But I better not get detention.” She grumbled and with a strange grunting sound she let down the cage from where it was suspended near the ceiling and lowered it to the library floor. She opened the door and a cautious Mr. Bartlett crawled out.

“Thank you Nicole.” He said shakily and turned to Miles. “Carry on.” He said and huriedly walked out of the library.

“Now Nicole lets proceed with your training.”

Nic looked at her watch and sighed. She looked round and seeing there was no chair near her she started to sit down. Her body came in contact with a hard wooden chair that appeared by magic.

“Nicole stop playing with the magical furniture.” Miles instructed from one of the library stacks.

“How did you know…” she began to ask seeing that the man was nowhere near her at the time.

“I am a watcher. Therefore I watch. Even when I am asleep.” He told her.

She grimaced.

“That must be interesting. Wait.” She gasped. “Does that mean you can see me at like night?” she asked quickly.

Miles shook his head.

“Luckily no. But you might want to warn Geoff I tend to tune in first thing and I would appreciate if he wore clothes.” Miles told her.

Nicole blushed.

“We don’t do anything except read the bible.” She tried to explain, but Miles gave her one of those looks that were made to accompany wearing a pair of horn rimmed glasses perched somewhere on his nose and she fell silent. She wondered if she should buy him some, there was a nice pair of Gucci sunglasses she wanted and maybe she could find a pair of reading glasses for him from the same store. Ouh, she thought, she’d text Ruby and they do the shops.

“Ok, now where were we?” Miles asked, dragging her focus back into the room.

“Witches” She said.

“Good.” He said.

“Exactly, most witches were good women who were persecuted for practising herb-ology. Ruby knows all about this you should talk to her sometime.” Nic said. “She made me a potion once and it caused boils to break out on Trey’s lying face amongst other places.” Nic told him smiling.

“Does she indeed?” Miles asked softly.

Nic nodded.

“And this other time she thought Xavier was cheating on her. She did this chant and he had to tell the truth for like a whole day but that kind of backfired on her ‘cuz he was planning a surprise romantic trip and he ended up kinda telling her everything and that ruined the surprise. Oh yeah, but it was kinda funny when we kept asking him embarrassing questions and he had to answer them.” She told Miles.

He sighed.

“Back to the training?” Nic asked after a moment of silence.

“Yes please.” Miles said.

“Witches, good and bad. Most of them believe in do no harm, a bit like the doctors credo.” She looked at him.

Miles nodded.

“Good. And how many witches are in the Bay?” he asked.

“Well there is Ruby?” she asked.

Miles nodded again.


“I don’t know.” She said after a moment.

He looked at her and sighed. She was pretty sure he muttered something under his breath too but even with her super hearing she didn’t quite catch the words.

“Tell me do you ever have a special at the Diner?” he asked her.

“From the specials menu? No way” Nic told him. “Yuk, who would want eye of newt soup or batwing pie?” she asked him.

He waited.

“Oh my god!” she said after five minutes of silence. “You mean my dad is a witch?” she asked.

Miles muttered some more.

“Warlocks.” She thought he said. “Not your father.” He said eventually.

“Then I don’t know.” She said. “Is it Colleen?” she asked.

He nodded and took the easy route.

“Colleen, Irene and Leah are all witches.” He explained. He could hear one of the books laughing at him and he made a note to send it to the binders to have a new spine put in it. He’d heard books found that very painful.

“That is so cool.” She said. “Do they kill anyone?” she asked and then flushed. “Not that I’m thinking of Trey right now but just asking in general.”

“I think training is over for today.” He said and stood.

He waited until Nicole had left the room before walking over to the far wall and banging his head on it very slowly for a short period of time before he stood and went to find the book that had laughed at him.

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Jai woke up and the jagged scar he’d acquired seemed to itch. He put on his glasses and peered at his pet owl.

“Hello Pegwig.” He said to it.

The owl looked at him for a moment before hooting. He stood up out of bed and stubbed his toe on the trunk that seemed to move around his bedroom in the night. He swore briefly before getting dressed and walking downstairs. He heard the clatter of the trunk as it tried to follow him and he starred at it before it bumbled away back into his room.

“Morning Harry.” Kirsty said. “I mean Jai. I don’t know why I keep wanting to call you Harry.” She muttered, shaking her head and going to check whether the coffee she was drinking was de –caffeinated and if it was, maybe she’d swap.

“Morning Kirsty.” Jai said. ”Where is Giles this morning?” he asked.

Kirsty looked at him and sighed.

“You mean Miles?” she asked. “He’s at the library again.”

“Oh yes. The Library.” Jai intoned. He reached into the cupboard and pulled out his special goblet pouring orange juice into it and taking a long drink. He had won the goblet in a strange tournament that he couldn’t even remember entering at Summer Bay High. He had looked up as Mr Bartlett called his name out in shock and stumbled into the Gym and that was the last thing he sort of remembered until waking up and Albus Bartlett presenting him with the Goblet. There were some images of flashing lights and someone saying it was a test of magic but all in all he managed to successfully block most of it out.

He drained the goblet and refilled it, taking it over to the table and sitting down. He found a pile of books was now sitting next to him and he read the title of the first one.

“Practical wizardry for the ages 16 and up.” He rubbed a hand over his face and opened it up to look inside. Sure enough his name was written inside the cover in his own handwriting but he was sure he had never seen the book before. He looked at the next one.

“How to cast spells, chants, and incantations in a modern world.” He flicked through the pages of this and it opened at one spot, he read the title of the spell. “How to make your girlfriend like you.” He chuckled. Of course his girlfriend liked him. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and checked for text messages. Still none.

“Ha ha” he said before reading the spell quietly.

Within moments Annie knocked on the door.

“Hey Jai,” she called.

He looked up and gasped.

“Er Annie.” He said.

“I was in the shower and I just wanted to come and see you.” She said. “I had this urge to come right away and tell you I like you.”

Jai nodded and tugged the tablecloth off the table. He wrapped it around her.

“Didn’t you feel the draft?” he asked.

Annie looked at him in puzzlement.

“Annie you didn’t even grab a towel” he said to her.

She blushed and looked down seeing the tablecloth wrapped around her covering up the fact she was naked. And she’d walked through town that way too.

“Not again.” She said her face, among other things, going bright red.

He chuckled.

“But you do like me Annie?” Jai asked her.

She nodded.

“Yes, maybe next time I’ll just send a text though.”

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Geoff received the text from his cousins Sam and Dean. They were on their way to Summer Bay in their words, to catch up but he suspected there was more going on than even he realised.

He made his way to the diner to get some lunch avoiding even looking at the specials board. Yesterday it offered frog legs milkshakes with extra newt juice. He’d read that and hadn’t wanted anything else to eat afterwards. He sat at a table and saw Nicole and Ruby walk in. They looked over at him and giggled, making him mire self-conscious than ever. He only just controlled his blush when they walked over to his table.

“Is it ok to sit here?” Nicole asked him.

“Y…ye…. Yes” he stammered and mentally kicked himself.

She glared at Ruby who had started to smirk and sat in the chair next to Geoff.

“What are you having Geoff?” Nic asked him.

“I thought I would have the Tuna sandwich.” He said softly.

She smiled at him.

“That sounds good I’ll have that too.” She grinned at him and saw him blush.

“Rubes?” she asked.

“I’ll have the Greek salad, “ she said quickly.

Irene walked over to them then and stood her pen poised over her order pad.

“Two tuna sandwiches and a Greek salad please Irene.” Nicole asked her. “And you know that thing we were talking about.”

Irene winked.

“No sooner said than done Darl. “ she said to her.

Nicole gave her a quick smile.

“Thanks.” She said.

Irene moved away slowly.

“What thing?” Ruby asked her.

Nicole shook her head.

“Just a little surprise for someone.” She muttered.

She turned to Geoff.

“I didn’t see you in school today.” Nic murmured.

“Well you wouldn’t its Saturday.” Geoff told her in shock.

Nic blushed.

“Oh yeah.” She muttered. “I do library work with Giles on a Saturday so it feels like I spend all week in school.” She said quickly.

“Don’t you mean Miles?” Geoff asked her.

Nic blushed again.

“I keep calling him Giles don’t I? I have no idea why.” She shrugged and her long blonde hair fluffed round her delicate shoulders.

Geoff blushed as he watched the seductive sway. He had the strange longing to put his hands into her hair and stroke it.

“Geoff.” Ruby said softly.

He clawed his attention back to the conversation, embarrassed that he had been so lost in thought.

“Yes?” he asked, trying to keep his voice normal.

“We were just talking about doing something later. Would you like to come to the beach with us?” Ruby asked, ignoring the glare from Nic.

“I’m not doing anything so yeah some beach time would be good.” He said finally.

Irene came over with their orders and placed them on the table in front of them.

“Thanks Irene.” Geoff said to the other woman.

She nodded and zoomed back to the kitchen where a suspicious plume of green smoke and coming out. They heard some muttering in Latin coming from the kitchen and tried to ignore it.

“Is that normal?” Ruby asked after a minute seeing the smoke make its way out of the door and disappear up the road.

“For Summer Bay?” Geoff asked. “Yup.”

Ruby nodded.

“Ok then.” She said and turned her attention to her salad.

“So Geoff, “ Nic began.

“Yes Nic.” He said.

“Would you like to..” she broke off.

“Yes Nic.” He said again.

“Really?” she asked.

He nodded.

She grinned.

“See I told you to just ask him. There was no need for me to make this stupid voodoo doll.” Ruby said, pulling the doll from her handbag and putting it on the table.

Geoff looked at them in horror.

“You were going to …” he stood up and moved away from the table.

“Geoff.” Nic said quickly.

“No I can’t believe you were going to use black magic.” He shook his head and started walking away. His arm accidentally caught the doll on the table and it fell to the floor.

Ruby looked at it in horror for a second before looking up and seeing Geoff take a step and trip up to fall flat on his back. His scream was a combination of ‘ah’ and ‘ouh’.

“Ruby do something.” Nic gasped.

Ruby stood up and carefully picked up the doll and laid it on the table. She mended the broken arm ignoring the scream from Geoff on the floor.

Nic went over to him.

“Geoff I am so sorry.” Nic said. “I just wanted to find out if you liked me.” She said softly stroking his hair back from his face.

“Er…Nic I like you ok… do you think you could like… I don’t know…. Take me to hospital.” He said to her.

She nodded and scoped him up in her arms and carried him all the way to the hospital.

Ruby watched them go before she carefully wrapped up the doll in some napkins and put it in her bag.

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Aden awoke slowly. It was dusk and he was hungry. He tried to move but found that he seemed to have fallen asleep in a coffin. He bet it was another practical joke by that Bible Boy Geoff. He expected to find a note about going to hell if he didn’t go to church. He sat up and saw that he had fallen asleep in his clothes. He was wearing a long black leather coat, tight black jeans and a ruby blood red silk shirt. He licked his lips when he thought the word blood. He had no idea what he had been drinking the night before but this was a pretty strange hangover. Although he did kind of dig the whole gothic look he was wearing.

He walked over to the mirror and tried to straighten his hair but it must have been one of those trick mirrors because he had no reflection. He laughed and went to switch on the light only to see that a candelabrum complete with thick candles had replaced it. He chuckled and moved restlessly into the lounge and from there into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw a quantity of those bags of special tomato juice that Belle seemed to like and he moved them to one side to pick up a beer. He opened it thinking that perhaps what he need was just a hair of the dog and went through to the sofa to sit down.

He opened the bottle with his new fangs because he had forgotten the bottle opener and took a long swallow. The liquid hit the back of his throat and he felt revulsion for the amber liquid. He checked the label and nodded. It was non-alcoholic. That explained it.

He took it back through to the kitchen and fixed himself a vegimite sandwich and ate that slowly. He turned around and saw that Belle was watching him with a look of horror on her very very pale face.

“What’s the matter Babe?” he asked with a smirk.

She shook her head.

“Wouldn’t you like to try my juice?” she asked in her new translyvainian accent.

“No thanks, I’m cool with this.” He told her.

“You aren’t having any food cravings?” she asked.

He shook his head.

“Not really Although I do sort of want a pizza and I should probably go see what Roman is up to. He might have cooked dinner.” Aden winked at her. “Say are you ok you look pale, well more so than normal.”

“Nuthink is vrong my darlink.” She replied.

“Ok I’ll see you later I have to fly.” He said and suddenly realised it was true he really felt like he could fly. He moved out of the beach house and ran all the way home but couldn’t really remember his feet touching the road which was weird but he did live in Summer Bay.

He knocked on the door and Roman answered.

“Did you forget your key?” Roman asked him.

“No. I don’t think so.” Aden said puzzled. “I just need you to invite me in.”

“Aden?” Roman muttered. “Come in for gawd’s sake I have to get into the basement.” He added and saw Aden smirk at him.

Roman blushed.

“It’s isn’t like that I have a secret….” he began trying to explain.

“Hey!” Aden muttered gliding over the doorstep. “Seriously none of my business but perhaps next time you can stop her howling like a wolf. Some of us need to get some sleep ok”

Roman glared at him and with a muttered swearword he went down into the basement.

Aden chuckled and walked into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of beer. He was just going to reach for the bottle opener when he decided that it was easier to use his fangs. He moved to the sofa and sat down and found the remote. He found an interesting documentary on Vlad the Impaler and settled down to watch.

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Nobody questioned why Dr Armstrong-Holden liked the nightshift. They also never realised that Rachel wasn’t her real name. She was more formally know as Dracula, and she was a vampire, but Dracula wasn’t a name that was popular when applying for jobs in hospitals so she had changed it in medical school, when she’d also added the Armstrong bit. The Holden bit came when she married local Summer Bay man Tony Holden. They were currently expecting their first child, which was a bit worrying. She had no idea if the baby would take after her side of the family. If it did then there was no way she was breast feeding a baby with fangs. She put her hand to the small of her back as Julie her nurse told her there was an emergency case coming in.

Trey Palmer had been diagnosed with boils on numerous occasions over the past few days and they would clear up mysteriously before reappearing worse than before. She took a look at him and sighed.

“Trey have you tried apologising for the sex tape?” she asked him.

“What had that got to do with these boils?” he asked in turn.

“Maybe nothing.” She said. “But wouldn’t it feel better to get it off your chest?”

“But doctor they aren’t on my chest this time they are…” he stopped and flushed a dark red colour. “Lower.” He finished looking down.

She nodded and sighed again.

“San you hop up on the table?” she asked.

He nodded and moved slowly to the examination table and gingerly climbed up on it. “Take off your clothes.” She asked.

He moved cautiously removing his trousers and lay back his eyes closed.

“Oh my god!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Is it bad?” he asked covering his eyes.

“No not exactly.” She murmured. “I can give you some cream for the boils.” She said confidently.

“But?” he asked.

“Trey, seriously its..” she stopped and hid a snigger. “going to be ok.” she finished.

He looked at her face and groaned.

“Look I know it looks small but it’s cold in here ok.” he said hastily.

She nodded and turned to pick up the cream.

“Just apply this three times a day.” She told him.

He nodded and gingerly got off the bed.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” he asked.

“Well you bullied Jai and then slept with Nic and made a sex tape then tried to blow up a bus. And well none of that was original was it? I mean, hello, have you heard of the film Speed? “ She muttered.

He looked at her.

“Look my bomb on the bus was original I didn’t watch any movie before hand.” He claimed.

She nodded.

“And I suppose the fact that you look like Captain Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies means nothing either?” she asked him.

He glared at her before grabbing the cream off her and storming out of the room. She waited a moment before he came back in and picked up his trousers.

“You just can’t keep them on can you Trey?” she said and for the second time he stormed out of the room.

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Aden woke up. He found he had been sleeping upside down his arms folded across his check. He eased down to the floor and dressed quickly in a new black silk shirt, black leather trousers and long black leather coat. He would have checked to make sure his hair was perfectly spiked but for some reason his mirror no longer worked. He strolled downstairs and into the kitchen to grab a quick bite before going out.

“Hey Nic.” He called and found himself starring at her neck.

“Hey Aden.” Nic murmured not even looking up from the magazine she was reading.

Miles had made her subscribe to Slayers Monthly when she had first discovered she was Summer Bay’s very own slayer and she found the column on the best Slaying costumes invaluable. They favoured black and although it was a good colour it wasn’t overly popular this season, being as blue was now the new black.

She shrugged and flicked through a couple more pages.

“You know what?” Aden said suddenly drinking Orange Juice from the carton. “I think I want to change my name.”

Nic looked up then and smiled at him.

“Jeez Aden, don’t you know Blue is the new black this season.” She muttered. “Did Belle buy you those clothes? She’s got this whole new Goth thing going on.”

Aden looked at her and ran a hand down the leather coat.

“I like these clothes.” He hissed showing his fangs.

“Whatever.” She muttered not even looking at him.

“Just because you don’t have a boyfriend who buys you things.” He added.

“Actually.” She said and nibbled on a rogue fingernail.

“Actually?” Aden asked quickly.

“Well it’s complicated. When he gets out of hospital I think Geoff and I are going on a date.” She told him and looked at him when he laughed. “You know maybe you should get a dentist appointment and sort those fangs out.” She added conversationally.

Aden rang his tongue over his two fangs and gasped when he tasted blood from cutting his tongue on them.

“Yeah, I should do that.” He murmured.

She nodded and walked to the kitchen.

“Are you finished with the orange juice?” she said to him.

He nodded putting a finger gingerly on one of the fangs as he tested its length.

She put the carton back in the fridge and pulled out a pizza to cook.

“Roman is doing his thing in the basement so he’s left us some food.” She told him putting the pizza in the oven. It took a few minutes to cook and she poured out a couple glasses of drink while she was waiting and set the table.

Aden wandered in after a moment and sat at the table. .

“What does Roman do in the basement every month?” Aden asked her.

Nic blushed.

“I’m not actually sure.”

“So you don’t know where the howling sounds come from.”

Nic glared at him fiercely using her best slayer expression.

“What howling sounds? Oh, er… look the pizza is done.” She muttered.

She served the pizza and put it on a plate in front of them. Reaching into the drawer for the pizza cutter she pulled out a couple of wooden stakes and placed them on the top.

“What are those?” Aden asked quickly standing up and moving away.

“Er ….something I did in wood shop.” She told him feebly.

He nodded and moved back to the table.

She grabbed the pizza cutter and handed it to him to portion out the pizza. He cut the slices as she sat at the table.

“Wood shop?” Aden said after a minute. “I didn’t know they did that for HSC.”

She nodded.

“It’s a new class.” She confirmed.

“Would that be the same as those mysterious Saturday library classes you take? Jeez Nic, I didn’t even know you could read.” Aden said jokingly.

Before he knew it she had lifted him out of his chair and had him pinned up against the wall.

“That was a joke.” He hissed at her and pushed her back.

She slammed into the other wall opposite.

“Wow you been working out?” she asked him.

He was looking at his hands in shock.

“Not really.” He told her. “What about you? You just ..wow… Nic.” Aden gasped.

“I took some kung fu type stuff.” She said with a shrug.

He nodded and they looked at each other warily through the rest of the meal.

Finally they spoke.

“You’re a vampire.” Nic muttered accusingly.

“You’re the Slayer.” Aden said at the same time.

“You can’t tell anyone.” They said together.

Nic nodded slowly.

“I think we can keep each others secrets.” She confirmed.

Aden smiled slowly showing his full-length fangs.

“One other thing.” He began. “I’m changing my name.”

“Don’t tell me.” She sneered playing with one of the wooden stakes. “Angel? It’s so cliché.”

“But I like it ok!” he said sulkily.

She looked at him and sighed.

“Fine ok, you’re Angel, I got it.” she muttered.

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Xavier wheeled his chair along to the diner. It hovered above the sand by sheer mind power alone. He projected his thoughts and by the time he got there Colleen had placed his favourite burger and a shake on the table. He smiled at her and projected the words thank you to her.

She blushed and looked up.

“You’re welcome young man.” She said to him and felt the compulsion to move away quickly and not say anything else.

Xavier smiled and tucked into the treat. He had been in his secret basement lab all morning working with Wolverine and Storm on a new secret superhero suit. No one would ever guess that Summer Bay was the perfect hang out for his mutant school. He looked up and Jean Gray walking into the diner with Scot and he nodded a hello to them, they were joined by Rogue and Gambit. He smiled to them and then focused on his dinner. Jean smiled at him as they all sat at another table.

He finished eating his burger and looked around. Jai and Annie were on the beach with Jai’s pet owl. A little way apart from them was Nic practising some kind of new karate.

He wheeled the chair over to one of the computer terminals and logged on. He found his favourite chat room and began typing.

Martha looked at the screen and began typing. She looked at his picture and smiled. He looked interesting, she thought.

“Hey X.” she put.

She didn’t know his real name even though she had been coming into the chat room for company for quite some time after tragically losing her husband.

“How r u?” he replied.

“Ok.” she typed. “But I keep having these weird dreams.”

“Really?” he asked interestedly.

She looked at the screen for a moment before typing.

“Yes someone makes me take my clothes off. It’s like they are in my head.” she put and read the sentence back to herself. She was just about to retype it when she hit send by mistake.

“Really?” he typed again.

Xavier looked around the diner to check no one was looking.

“Yeah, I know it sounds silly.” She typed and hit send.

She looked around her house with the full-length poster of Jack on the wall and the photos in a long line along the mantel shelf.

“Dreams are actually a way of dealing with deep subconscious issues.” He put and then remembered who he was talking with. “Uh huh?” he typed instead.

She nodded and then remembered she was online.

“And the thing is.” She began. “I wake up with no clothes on.” She typed feeling silly.

He leaned back in his wheelchair and sighed. He would have to stop projecting his thoughts.

“No clothes at all?” he asked and spent a moment enjoying the thought.

He caught Jean Gray looking at him and he smiled innocently at her. She shook her head, indicting that she knew what he was up to and he guiltily logged off and wheeled himself away from the pc. He didn’t know what was worse, being friends with a psychic or having a witch for a girlfriend.

Martha saw that he had gone and grimaced. She’d frightened another one off. Standing up she moved into the bedroom and lay on the bed suddenly exhausted. Within moments she was asleep dreaming.

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