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Moving Forward

Guest Georgia

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Chapter Six: This one skips forward a little bit. I wanted to flash forward to their wedding, because right now, I need a little joy.

It had taken four months to find the perfect wedding dress. Four months, 3 days, 7 hours and 14 minutes, not that she was counting. It was worth it though. The dress was beautiful. All that mattered to her was that Aden liked it. Today was going to be the perfect day, no matter what.

Five hours before the wedding:

"Belle,” Nicole screamed, “my dress is too small!”

“Belle,” Rachel called, “my dress is too big!”

“Belle,” Amanda called, “my dress is making me look fat!”

“Belle,” Aden called, “I can’t tie my tie!”

“Belle,” Irene called, “Relax, I’ll sort everyone else out.”

She sighed with relief. All she wanted was one perfect day. Her hair was perfectly curled, falling loosely round her shoulders, framing her delicate face. Her face was immaculate; all she had to do was keep it from sweating off. Her nails were round and painted a rosy pink. Now all she had to do was step into her wedding dress. Her wedding dress, she repeated to herself.

“Belle,” Nicole screamed, “Irene’s let out my dress!”

“Belle,” Rachel called, “Irene’s pinned my dress!”

“Belle,” Amanda called, “Irene’s convinced me I’m not fat, just pregnant!”

“Belle,” Aden called, “Irene’s tied my tie and I’m ready to marry the woman I love”

She smiled at that one.

“Belle,” Irene called, “Relax, it’s time for us to help you”

It was her wedding day, the day she had been imaging since she was 5 years old and found a white sheet in the attic. She had donned high heels; clip on earrings, and painted lipstick all over her face. Today, her dreams were coming true. Irene came over, and with the help of Nicole and Amanda, they helped Belle step into her dress.

“Belle,” Nicole whispered, “you look beautiful”

“Belle,” Amanda added, “you’re going to take Aden’s breath away”

Irene just stared at her, tears filling her eyes.

Today was the beginning of her new life.

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