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Moving Forward

Guest Georgia

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Type of story: medium/long fiction

BTTB Rating: T

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, others

Genre: Drama, romance, a mixture really

Warnings: will inform at start of each chapter

Does story include spoilers?: no, its written just after the olympic cliffhanger so its technically in the past

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: After the olympic cliffhanger, Aden and Belle break up but they still obviously love each other. However, as always, there is a twist in the story. Moving Forward has never been so difficult.

Chapter One:

The alarm buzzed loudly, signalling that it was 7am.

Aden Jeffries swung his legs out of bed, turning off the alarm. He shouldn’t have even bothered setting it, he never had trouble waking up anymore, just getting to sleep.

Aden headed towards the bathroom, unintentionally making no noise, even though he now lived by himself in the Summer Bay Caravan Park.

Ever since he and Belle had broken up, he couldn’t stand being around people. Belle was the only one that understood him and without her his life wasn’t worth living.

However, Roman and Irene were still depending on him to cover the breakfast shift at the diner, so he threw on some clothes and headed towards the pier.


On the other side of Summer Bay, another alarm buzzed but this time the owner didn’t bother to get out of bed.

Belle Taylor had become a hermit ever since she had split up with Aden.

Belle still loved him but after what had happened, there didn’t seem to be any way forward. She shook her head, determined to get those thoughts out of her mind.

There was no use thinking about Aden and their relationship because he had obviously moved on. Whenever she went around to talk to him or saw him at the diner, Nicole seemed to be right at his shoulder. That was probably what hurt her most, the fact that their love didn’t seem to have meant anything to him.

Frustrated at herself for bringing it all up again, Belle jumped out of bed and after a quick shower and change of clothes, ran to the diner for the breakfast shift.


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Chapter Two:

Aden rushed into the diner, already late for his shift and ran straight into Belle.

“Ouch, watch where you’re going” Belle started to say but then trailed off when she saw Aden.

She gulped. Aden flashed a half-hearted grin at her but they both were really hurting. It was so hard meeting like this, without Aden taking Belle’s hand or Belle flashing a disgusted look his way before giving him a light kiss.

Aden cleared his throat. “Sorry Belle, I was rushing to get here and I had things on my mind. My dad called last night”.

Belle had a confused look on her face, this wasn’t the Aden she knew and loved. Her Aden (she had to stop calling him that) was overly confident and could always make her smile. This Aden seemed sad, worried, lonely and depressed.

“Aden, what happened”? Belle asked. “Why did he call”? As soon as Belle asked this, Aden completely snapped. “It’s none of your business, you don’t want anything to do with me so stop pretending that you care”.

He spun on his heel and stormed out of the diner, heading for his special place on the beach. Little did he know that someone was following him, someone with a vengeance, someone who was determined to make him pay, all because he had fallen for Belle Taylor.

comments would be appreciated.

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Chapter Three:

That afternoon Aden had spent hours on the beach, just thinking about how his life had fallen apart. Every now and then he had felt eyes burning into the back on his neck but whenever he turned around, there was no one there.


Angelo had stood on the pier for hours, staring at Aden Jeffries. That morning they had received a threat against Aden, so Angelo had to watch him. It was challenging though. Angelo really liked Belle but whenever he saw her, it was obvious Aden was playing on her mind. It was difficult to give 100% to this task, especially as Belle seemed to be getting more distant from him. However, even if Angelo wasn’t paying a lot of attention to Aden, he had noticed this one guy with a fishing rod, constantly staring at Aden. Angelo was sure it was nothing and finally left the pier, heading over to Belle’s place, hoping to convince her to come out with him that night.


Belle finished putting on her pajama pants and shirt. The day had been a tough one. Aden had completely snapped at her and Angelo had kept pestering her for a date. Just then, the phone rang, snapping Belle out of her head.

“Hello, this is Belle speaking” she quipped.

The phone crackled in response.

“Hello, is anyone there?” Belle asked

“Aden Jeffries was a big mistake and now someone is going to pay” a deep voice said before the phone went dead.

Belle couldn’t identify the voice before the phone cut off and stood, shocked, in the middle of her room.

Belle finally woke up. She had only had a few hours sleep as the phone call had really shaken her up. However, she wasn't going to call the cops, which meant getting Angelo involved. What she'd do was go and see Aden.


On the other side of Summer Bay, Aden woke up in Roman's house, alone - as everyone else had headed out to the beach, diner or gym. He quickly got up and as he walked down the stairs, the doorbell rang.

"Aden, open up, it’s me, Belle", a voice called from the door.

Aden smiled, the day was getting better. First, no Nicole and now Belle had come to see him.

"Hey babe" he said, as he opened the door, "knew you couldn't keep away from me".

Aden completely turned on his charm, this was what had won Belle and if he kept it up, he might get her back.

Belle struggled to repress a smile, "You really are disgusting Aden Jeffries".

Aden smirked, "It can't keep you away though".

The smile disappeared from Belle's face and a frown flickered across her forehead. Aden's smirk slowly grew smaller, worried that he had gone too far. Belle then threw herself at him, breaking into tears in his arms as Aden awkwardly patted her hair.

"Babe, babe, I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was THAT bad", he said sympathetically.

"Its n-not th-hat" she sobbed "s-omeone c-called me-e las-t n-night and told me-e th-hat you were a mistake and s-someone was g-going to p-pay".

Aden gently laid her on the couch and stormed out of the door.


Belle stayed at Roman's place for ages, hoping that Aden would come back but after 3 hours, she headed out, determined to find him herself. First she went to the diner and Den before calling everyone that knew Aden and seeing if they knew where he was. Finally, at 9pm that night, Belle headed home, disheartened that she couldn't find him. When she got into her room, there was a message from Angelo telling her to call him but Belle was so tired she fell straight to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up bright and early, had breakfast and a shower and then called Aden, leaving a message to call back. Then, she picked up the phone and dialed Angelo's number.

"Hi Angelo, its Belle. Sorry I didn't call yesterday but I got in too late".

"That’s fine Belle, and I wasn't calling as a friend, I was calling as a cop" Angelo's voice came out quick and uneven.

"Why, what's wrong?" she asked nervously, wondering if there had been a burglary at the diner and den.

"This morning we found a dead body in the water, by the pier and foul play is suspected" he said

"What does that have to do with me?" Belle asked, not wanting to get involved in a murder mystery.

"Well, we will have to check the DNA but we think the body was that of Aden Jeffries and as you were the last one to see him, you are now the main suspect in the murder".

comments really would be appreciated. i dont really know whether to carry on with this fic .. if its well liked i will , if not i wont. :unsure:

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Chapter Four:

Aden couldn’t be dead. He was one of those people that was a staple of everyday life. How could a world without Aden Jeffries exist? How could she get up in the morning knowing that Aden Jeffries wasn’t?

“Are you sure it’s Aden? Plenty of people look like that Angelo” Belle murmured

“Belle, how many people look like that in Summer Bay?”

“It could be someone passing through town”

“Belle, it’s not the tourist season”

“Look Angelo, you don’t have to believe me but that is not Aden Jeffries in the water.”

“Belle, we know for a fact that it is Aden”

“You can’t. A second ago you said that you thought it was Aden”

“I was trying to break it to you gently. It isn’t easy finding out that a man you used to love is dead and you’re suspected of his murder”

“You’ve got two things wrong Angelo. 1. I have an alibi for the last three hours and 2. I still love Aden so there’s no motive for me to kill him”

“Belle, what’s your alibi?”

“I went round to Aden’s house, and when he left I stayed there for three hours and Nicole sat with me for most of that time. I had no opportunity to sneak out and murder Aden, if it is his body in the water. And I have to go Angelo; I have another call coming in”

As Belle flicked over to the other line, the door opened and Aden strolled in.

“Hang on one second”, she said down the phone, and threw herself into Aden’s arms. “I just got a phone call from Angelo, saying that your body had just been discovered in the ocean”’

“I’m right here babe so it must have been a prank or something. Your phone’s flashing by the way”

“I’ve got someone on hold Aden. Hang on one second”

Belle picked up the phone and held it to her ear. Before she said anything, a voice crackled down the line. “We told you Aden Jeffries was a mistake, and he’s now swimming with the fishes”

“But he can’t be,” Belle said confidently, “he’s sitting right beside me”

The line went dead, before ringing again

“What?” she snapped down the phone.

“Belle, its Charlie. We just wanted to let you know we’ve found Angelo’s body in the water”

“But, that can’t be right! He called me about ten minutes ago”

“What did he say?”

“He said that Aden’s body had been found in the water and that I was a suspect in the murder investigation”

“Well, Belle, I don’t know what to say. He’s been dead for about six hours. He couldn’t have called you”

Belle thanked the cop and hung up the phone before turning to Aden.

“We’re in over our heads. Someone called me ten minutes ago, pretending to be Angelo, and told me you were dead. But you’re not, because you’re right next to me” she explained

“Belle, I can only think of one explanation. Someone called you, pretending to be Angelo, to give you information about a murder, so that you would go down to the scene of the crime and get arrested for knowing details before the police... but the people that killed Angelo made a mistake. They were aiming for me”

im not sure if this chapter is any good. please let me know what you think.

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Chapter Five:

As soon as Belle and Aden walked into the diner, they could tell Colleen had been gossiping. There was a depressing cloud surrounding everyone. It was clear that the news about Angelo had spread round the whole of Summer Bay. Aden looked over at Belle, and saw the sadness in her eyes. He immediately reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Aden, Belle, have you heard the bad news? Constable. Rosetta was murdered!” Colleen squawked from the kitchen area.

Belle sighed and Aden rolled his eyes. They had expected Colleen to be more dignified in a time like this but you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

“Belle, I need to talk to you” Aden whispered in her ear, before pulling her back out of the door

“What is it Aden?” she snapped at him. Today had been a tough day and Colleen’s gossip had made it that much worse.

“With all that’s going on around here, I’ve had time to think about what’s important to me,” he began. “You, Belle Taylor, are important to me. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me! And I don’t want you to be the next one to die. I want to protect you; I want to be able to keep you safe. I want to wake up beside you every morning and go to sleep with you every night. I don’t want to spend a few hours with you, I want a lifetime. I can’t bear to be apart from you again,” Aden concluded, bending onto one knee, “I want you to do me the honour of becoming my wife”

Belle’s eyes filled with tears. She may have been young but she knew what she wanted, and it was Aden.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” Belle exclaimed with joy.

sorry this was just a short chapter, im not really sure if i should keep going with this one. comments would be appreciated :rolleyes:

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