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Hugo's Son

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title: Hugo's son

type of story: long fic

genre: drama

rating: A

cast: Hugo, Cody, Kris, Xavier, Martha

spoilers: no

warnings: language, sexual references

plot: Xavier and Ruby find a photo of a teenage boy, when they ask Hugo who it is he simisses the topic so they track him down. but will it turn out to be a happy family reunion?


"I can't believe Hugo wants to throw all this stuff out, i mean look at it all, look a this" Xavier said to Ruby holding up an old indian statue while going through boxes of Hugo stuff that he was throwing out.

"Who's this?" Ruby asked grabbing a photo of a teenage boy with Cody Daniels' fourteenth birthday written on the back.

"Don't know never seen him before" Xavier replied as Hugo walked inside.

"Hey bro, who's this?" Xavier asked as Hugo looked at the photo

"Don't know, that got mixed in with my stuff when i was backpacking" Hugo told them

"He's lying" Ruby said quietly

"How do you know?" Xavier asked

"Because of the look in his eye, we have to find out who he is" Ruby said standing up.

"Where are you going?" Xavier asked

"To see Charlie, she be able to locate him" she said


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Xavier and Ruby stood at a door to a brick house swith a clean yard and nice garden.

"What if Charlie gets in trouble for this" Xavier said

"We wont say she helped up, then no one will know" Ruby told him and knocked on the door

"Hi, can i help you" a beautiful blonde girl around the 30 mark

"Hey, my names Xavier and this is Ruby. We were wondering if a Cody Daniels lived here" Xavier said

"If you're his friends you can turn around and run along back home, he's grounded" she said

"Are you Kristen Daniels?" Ruby asked

"Yes?" she replied

"Ok, we're not Cody's friends" Ruby said

"Then who are you?"

"How does he know Hugo Austin?" Xavier added

Kristen paused

"Who did you say you were again?" She asked

"I'm Xavier Austin"

Kristen sighed

"CODY" she called out

Cody came walking to the door. He had brown hair same coloured eyes as Hugo, he was wearing a black t shirt which had the words f*** me printed on it in white writing, white hawian shorts with black and blue outlinng the flowers and what looked to be army boots, Ruby thought he fashion sense needed a little fixing up be she aslso thought he was cute.

"What?" he said rudely

"You've got guests" Kristen told him and walked away from the door

"Who are you?" Cody asked

"How do you know Hugo Austin" Xavier asked

"He's my dad, but i only met him once and that was two years ago, why?" Cody replied

"My names Xavier, i'm Hugo's brother"

"What do you want?" Cody asked

"We just wanted to know who you were" Rubby butted in.

"Come home with us, you can see Hugo again" Xavier said

Cody looked down and smiled.

"I'll think about it" he told them

"Here's our adress and phone number" Xavier said haning him a bit of paper.

Cody read what it said.

Xavier and Ruby went to walk away.

"Thanks man" Cody said before shutting the door


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