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Compelling Hearts

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Thanks again for the comments, heres another update, will try not to make too many mistakes :rolleyes:


Chapter Three


The room felt like it was spinning, spinning in all directions.

Everything had been a complete blur, Nicole found herself sitting in the waiting area of the hospital gasping for air as she held her head between her legs, shutting her eyes tight as she took in deep breaths.

Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as images of Roman’s lifeless body came to mind.

“Nic?” Aden whispered as he held out a cup of coffee.

Nicole looked up, she looked pasty – pale with worry, the circles underneath her eyes had become more apparent and a thin line resembled her lips.

She shook her head and pushed Aden’s offering hand away.

Aden sat down and placed the cup down. He rubbed her back soothingly, the waiting room was empty, the tension could be cut with a knife as the pair sat in utter silence.

Finally Rachel appeared.

“Any news?” Aden asked rising to his feet, as he shuffled towards her.

“He’s hanging in.” She told him, her expression remaining the same – flat and tired.

Nicole quickly stood up, “What do you mean?” She asked cautiously.

“Well-” Rachel ushered Nicole back to her seat and sat down next to her.

“What I mean is that, Nicole, we've managed to bring him back but he’s on life support and is in a critical way.” Rachel explained as she placed her hand on Nicole’s knee.

Nicole bit down on her bottom lip, cutting into it, the pain was irrelavent and at that point she didn't care as tears gushed out.

Rachel drew in a deep breath “Nicole, each day is vital, he may not make –

“Don’t say that.” Nicole interrupted shaking her head in disbelieve.

“Just don’t say that.” She cried.

“Rachel can we see him?” Aden asked.

“Aden I think it’s best that you let Nicole see him first.” Rachel began.

“No I want Aden with me.”

“OK. Follow me.”

They entered the room.

Roman didn’t look the same, he looked so fragile and weak; all colour had drained out of him.

Nicole let out a sob as she saw her father lying there with tubes in him, lifeless.

He was dead; the only thing that was keeping him alive was a machine. She wouldn’t believe that, he would be awake soon she kept telling herself.

She sat down and held his hand, squeezing it tight.

“Dad? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.” Nicole whispered, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

She waited. Nothing.

“Dad squeeze my hand.” She repeated, tears ran down her face; but she refused to believe that he couldn’t hear her.

“Squeeze my hand.” She cried as she fell onto Roman sobbing.

Aden quickly lifted Nicole back restraining her from falling onto Roman.

“Nic, I know."

She fought and wriggled out of Aden’s arms and sat down onto the edge of the bed, gently placing her head down onto Roman’s shoulders.

“Dad? Please, please wake up.” She whispered.

“I’ll be right back.” Aden told her, he couldn’t bear to see Roman like that, his heart felt sore, it felt like razor blades were cutting into it seeing Nicole so, so breakable, so broken.

His eyes welled up as he left the room. Turning around he suddenly caught a distressed Miles.

“How’s Roman?” He breathed, as Kirsty followed behind with Jai.


15 minutes went by.

“Please wake up.” Nicole whispered once more.

“We have so much to do, remember, you said you were going to take me away on a long holiday; we were going to go site seeing and we were going to catch up on all the things we’d missed out on. Remember you said you’d be around to walk me down the aisle?”


“The happiest day of my life was when we went for a drive and we talked and talked and after awhile we started laughing for no reason at all, it was sunny and everything seemed to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. I, I just want you to wake up so it can be like that every day. When you wake up were going to go for those drives, have those talks, and laugh for no reason at all.”


“Please, please wake up dad. I can’t lose you. Not yet.” Nicole sobbed as she stroked Roman’s loose hand.

At that moment the line went straight and there was a long beep.

Nicole sat up straight, two nurses and Rachel came running in.

“Nicole, please you need to move.” She ordered.

Nicole staggered to the back of the room as she felt for the wall; she couldn’t see what was happening. But at that moment she froze.

“We’re losing him!” Rachel shouted.

“Dad?” Nicole whispered.

Sorry I kind of rushed it. :P

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Sorry I haven't updated in ages. I took a break. Well, a long break. I have been kind of busy and just well kind of lazy with the fic. So I thought I better update because it was going to waste!

So here you go, I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter Three


“Nicole?” A voice murmured in the background, she shrugged the tugging irritation off of her arm and dipped her head down back into Aden’s chest.

“Nicole?” The voice rose, at that moment her eyes opened and she absorbed in the blurry scenery as her eyes tried to adjust to the bright lights.

“Am I dead?” She croaked, blinking a couple of times. “No, you’re not dead.” Aden chuckled taking hold of her face with a warm grip.

Aden’s blurry face came into view as her watery eyes began to leak.

Her mouth felt dry and her throat burned.

Everything from last night suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks as it retraced its self back into her mind.

Roman was dead.

The thought sent shock signals through her body, the fine hairs on her neck stood on end and she shivered at the thought, trying her best to block it out of her system.

“Nic?” Aden asked letting go of her cheeks. “Dad, he’s, he’s gone.” She shrieked as her body began to shake.

“No, he hasn’t, I mean he’s not, Nic, Roman’s alive. Rachel managed to bring him back!” Aden exclaimed.

Nicole’s eyes widened, as she tried to process everything, she took a deep breath in and gave a feeble smile, she really was glad, but right now she couldn’t feel it.

Only relief and exhaustion racked her.

“I need to go home, take a shower.” She finally said.

“I’ll take you.” Aden sighed holding out a hand as he stood up.

“No, I’m fine, you stay here.”

“No it’s OK, I’ll take you.” Aden replied

“I’m perfectly capable of taking myself home!” Nicole snapped.

“I know, but you’re upset and I don’t mind giving you a lift.” Aden sighed as he gestured to his offering hand.

“Stop smothering me!

I just need time by myself to clear my head, is that too much to ask for!?” She stood up and stormed off towards the exit not looking back. She needed time surely he could understand.


Aden held the polystyrene cup underneath the water dispenser but nothing came out, he waited a few more seconds and then tossed the cup into the bin.

He had stayed at the hospital, waiting for any news, but time seemed to pass by real slow.

“Hey.” A voice mumbled. He turned around and saw Belle standing there.

She looked a lot better then he had last seen her but never the less she looked thin and weary.


“I heard about Roman. I mean these walls are really thin.” She joked innocuously.

“How’s Liam?” Aden asked making light conversation, something which didn’t involve chat about Roman.

“He’s been referred to Newtown Hospital; Rachel said that he’ll need another operation. But apparently Chelsea’s been to see him. According to these magazines they are re-evaluating their relationship; whatever that means.” She explained.

Her face sunk as the words met the air.

Aden understood so he didn’t ask anymore questions.

“Look, if you ever need to talk, you do know that I am here for you?” Belle mumbled as Aden found himself to a chair.

“Thanks Belle, you really are one in a million.” Aden smiled.

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Chapter 4


Nicole sat lifelessly on the couch, as she drifted off to sleep the phone began to ring.

She lazily stumbled to the receiver and answered casually.


“Hey Nicole, Its Miles.” Said the animated voice on the other end.

Nicole sat back down as she propped the phone in-between her shoulder and head.

“Look, I know things have been tough lately so well, I’ve arranged for you to come and stay with me and Kirsty for a while.” Miles explained.

Nicole froze.

She didn’t need Miles’s hospitality and she certainly didn’t want to be some charity case palmed off onto people


“Nicole?” Miles breathed.


“So you’ll come and stay with me, Kirsty, Jai, Ollie and Aden for a while just till things get back to normal.” Miles continued.

“Thanks, really thanks. It means a lot to me that you want to help, but to be honest I’m sick of people treating me like a delinquent incapable of looking after myself.” Nicole snorted.

“Nicole, please. It’s for the best; it’s not good for you being in that house day in day out all by yourself. Anyway Aden suggested it. And since Roman is unable to pay rent at this moment or any other bills it’s going to be hard to maintain.” Miles exclaimed.

“And I am aware of that, but the rents not due for another 2 weeks and I have got money of my own.” Nicole retorted.

“I know but Nicole you need to be realistic now.” Miles sighed.

“And I am, besides someone has to be here to look after the house, and so I can’t leave it to rot!” Nicole responded.

“Actually, Morag’s been in contact and well she’s coming down with Ross tomorrow to house sit. So you won’t have to worry about that.” Miles explained.

“What so you mean that I have to suffer under your roof whilst Morag is sunning it up on my patio with Ross sprawled out on my couch eating my food?”

“Hate to burst your bubble Nicole but its Roman’s patio, Roman’s couch and Roman’s food. So yes you will have to suffer under my roof, now you can either stay with me or else the only option left is to send you to your mother’s and I here now that she’s back with Roy things have really started to get cosy.” Miles hissed.

Nicole’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t believe Miles had the bottle to speak to her like that and it, well it impressed her.

“Fine. But be here at 3, and I mean at 3.” Nicole snapped as she hung up the phone before Miles could respond.


Aden plumped up the cushions on the couch as he checked his watch routinely.

“Aden the house is fine, stop fussing!” Kirsty murmured in the background as she pieced together a puzzle with Ollie.

Aden ignored her and smoothed out the creases in the couch with his hands. He turned around and scanned the room.

“Kirsty why don’t you and Ollie go down to the beach? I’ll put away all his toys.” Aden exclaimed as he gathered Ollie’s train set into a plastic box.

“Trying to get rid of us Mr Jefferies?” Kirsty raised her eyebrows as she folded her arms.

“Mummy, look.” Ollie nudged Kirsty as he pointed down at a piece of jigsaw puzzle he’d managed to fit together.

“Oh yes, clever boy.”

“Kirsty, please!” Aden pleaded.

“Alright, but you owe me. Ollie come on lets get some ice-cream.”

"Thanks Kirst, I just want everything to be perfect for Nicole that's all." Aden replied.

“Seriously this is Nicole we’re talking about, nothing will ever be good enough for that girl! Anyway, Come on Oliver lets leave Aden to potter around like a mother hen.” Kirsty exclaimed as she took hold of Ollie’s hand.

Aden quickly shut the door and began to wipe the counters.

As he scrubbed fiercely the door flung open and Miles and Nicole walked in.

“Hello.” Nicole grinned.

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Thanks for the comments, heres an update :)

Chapter Four

Part 2

“So Miles managed to persuade you then.” Aden sighed as he took hold of Nicole’s bags for her and lead her upstairs.

“Ughh, I don’t need persuading I make up my own mind thank you. And well I needed a change of scenery so why not milk it for all its worth?” Nicole replied shortly.

“Look Nic, I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment but just because a lot is going on doesn’t give you the right to use and abuse those who are walking on egg shells around you trying to help.” Aden retorted as he flung open the first door on the left on the top of the stair landing.

“Aden I’m sorry but I was perfectly capable at home by myself.” Nicole replied tautly.

“Sure. Anyway here’s your room Princess, I hope its good enough for you.” Aden conspicuously rolled his eyes as he put down Nicole’s suitcase.

“Aden, I’m sorry. Look why don’t we do something tonight?”

“Nah, I can’t I’ve got to do some stuff. Anyway I’ll leave you to get settled in.” Aden replied as he made an exit for the door.

Nicole looked around; there was a single bed, bedside table and wardrobe. It would do, but she was not going to ‘settle’ in. She was sure that before no time she’d be back home.


Aden patted down his blonde rowdy hair as he quickly checked his appearance in the reflection of the window. He knocked three times at the door and took a step back.

As he looked down the door flew open, there a frantic Martha stood.


“What do you want?” Martha replied abruptly.

“I was just wondering- Look are you alright?” Aden asked cautiously.

“No! Claudia has completely bailed on me and I’m up to my knees in work and why am I telling you this?” Martha retorted.

“Well actually I was hoping you could give me some work to do around the farm if that’s alright?”

“Really? But I thought you worked on that fishing boat or something.”

“Not anymore, way too complicated and well to be honest I’m sick of smelling like fish.” Aden replied as he took a step inside the dark farm house.

“Right well do you want to smell like chickens?” Martha sighed sarcastically as she rocked on the back of her heels.

“Well I actually just need a part time job because I’m thinking about going back to Uni.”

“Oh Aden I’m so happy for you. Ok first things first, those shoes need to be replaced with some wellingtons!” Martha smiled.


“Nicole would you please turn that racket down?” Kirsty shouted as she slammed the book she was reading shut.

Nicole ignored Kisty’s pleads and continued to dance around to the sounds of Kelly Clarkson and The Veronicas as she unpacked her suitcase.

“For the last time!” Kirsty fumed as she marched up the stairs and stormed into Nicole’s room, she pulled Nicole’s Ipod out of the docking-station as shook it furiously as she attempted to switch it off.

“Seriously are you from the stone ages or something Kirst?” Nicole laughed as she took the silver Ipod from Kirsty’s hands.

“Excuse me, but some of us do want a little peace after a 9 hour day with a demanding toddler and mountain of Ironing.” Kirsty snapped.

“Look you just need to stop worrying and let your hair down. I mean seriously sometimes you’d think you were 45. I mean you’re only what 32, you need to chill.”

“Excuse me! I’m 22 thank you very much!” Kirsty hissed as Nicole’s words drained the colour from her face.

“Oh my God! Really? We should totally go out some time me and you I mean hit the night clubs!”

“I don’t think so, I mean I’m a mature sophisticated woman and you’re an immature little girl.” Kirsty mocked.

“Please, sophisticated? I mean you’re hair is craving some much needed attention, you’re clothes have been worn and washed so many times they’re faded and not being funny but those panda eyes really do age you.” Nicole retorted raising her eyebrows as she looked Kirsty up and down.

Now, if you just let me take you under my wing you’ll be sorted in no time. I can turn you from wet blanket into screaming sex goddess. Now the question is, are you ready to let me take you on?” Nicole beamed.


“Thanks Aden you’re a star.” Martha smiled as she checked the fixed fence.

“No problem. I never thought I’d be the farming type. I guess there’s a hidden talent in all of us.” Aden joked as he took off the grubby leather gloves he had been wearing.

“So do you want a cup of tea?” Martha asked as they walked back up to the house.

“Yeah I’d kill for one.”

“So Uni hey?” Martha enquired as she wiped her feet on the door mat.

“Yeah. I went for an interview a few weeks back, before all the ‘drama’ and I’ve been waiting for a response ever since. I got the letter today to say I’ve been accepted.” Aden replied as he found his way to a chair in the kitchen.

“Oh congratulations! Have you told Nicole?” Martha asked as she pulled two mugs from the cupboard.

“No that’s just the thing. If I go to Uni well it’s in Perth and well I’ll have to leave Summer Bay and move out there. But, I don’t want to leave Nicole. She’s been acting so weird lately, like when she first arrived.”

“What? High maintenance, spoilt, tactless?” Martha replied.

“I’m just worried about her.” Aden shook his head as he tried to block her from his mind.

“Aden, Nicole will be fine, she’s got me if she ever needs to talk and she’s got Ruby and Miles. If you want my opinion, you should go to Perth.” Martha told him.

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Thanks for the comments :) Heres another update ....

Chapter Four


“Kirsty open this door, I want to see the grand result!” Nicole exclaimed as she knocked on the bathroom door.

Kirsty opened the door and quickly wobbled out as she held a towel over her face.

“Come on take that towel down!” Nicole ordered as she took hold of Kirsty’s hand and led her into her bedroom.

“I look awful! I’m never listening to your advice ever again!” Kirsty retorted as she lowered the towel revealing a red and orange streaked face.

“Oh my god you look like a lobster!” Nicole laughed as she fell back onto her bed.

“I have a job interview tomorrow! What am I going to do!?” Kirsty hissed as she paced back and forth clutching her sabotaged face with both hands.

“OK no need to worry, first you need to bathe your face in some hot water and lemon juice, after wards you need to put some moisturizer on it, or even a little Vaseline, One minute I’m sure there’s some Vaseline somewhere...”

“Ughh Nicole!” Kirsty groaned.

“Maybe Aden’s got some.” Nicole continued as she searched her room.

“Why would Aden have Vaseline?”

“He’s a guy they all do!” Nicole mocked as she ran across the landing into Aden’s room.

There sitting in the middle of the floor was a half packed suitcase and envelope which lay comfortably on top.

Nicole’s face dropped as she tried to come to some sort of conclusion. Where was Aden going? And why hadn’t he said anything before.

She picked up the envelope and ripped it open; pulling out a letter, she began to read the inky writing which was sprawled across the page.

Dear Nicole,

I thought about what I was going to say to you but nothing came to mind so I thought maybe a letter was the best way to go.

Ever since you decided to send an application off to Uni for me, well I never forgot and in the back of my mind I always wondered if this was it.

But I decided that I had made my choice and Uni wasn’t for me. It was only after Roman’s accident, it made me realise that I’ve been taking life for granted and that maybe I should do something with my life, try and be something, be someone. It only took me the second time round after the whole Gardy thing to do something about it.

And so I decided to try again and well I got accepted into Uni, and by the end of this week I’ll be leaving for Perth.

I know this might come as a shock to you but I know that I’m doing the right thing, and I know that you’ll be happy for me.

Come with me


Nicole read the letter again still trying to process it, but why was she so upset? Why wasn’t she happy for him? She was just being selfish wanting him all for herself, she thought as tears of anger streamed out, she twisted the letter up venting out all her anger in it as it tore apart she threw it down and cried.

“Nicole? Are you coming?” Kirsty bellowed.

“Yeah, coming now.” Nicole cleared her throat as she knelt down to retrieve the torn up pieces of paper, suddenly a voice caught her off guard.

“Nic?” Aden whispered.

“I’m sorry.” She murmured quickly running out of the room and down stairs, straight to the door, she grabbed her shoes and ran.

Aden quickly followed as he ran after Nicole; soon he began to catch up with her until they were both running alongside each other.

“Nic? What’s going on?” Aden begged.

Finally Nicole came to a halt as she struggled for breath.

“So when were you going to tell me? Were you going to leave without a word, nothing but a lousy letter left?” Nicole cried.

Aden edged towards her placing a hand on her shoulder; she quickly shook it off and backed away.

“I’m sorry.” Aden murmured.

“Why am I crying? It’s not like I’m married to you or something.”Nicole sighed wiping her tear stained face with the back of her hand.

“No, but I know why you’re upset. We have a connection and I guess maybe it struck a raw note.” Aden explained.

“I am happy for you, really I am. I’m just being stupid now. You should follow your heart, and I’m not going to be selfish by standing in your way.

So go and follow your dream Mr Jefferies and don’t let me down.” Nicole told him, as she fanned her blotchy face.

The two exchanged a smile, and then just like that a hug turned into the sweetest kiss.

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OK, it came to my attention that well I've been rather lazy and slackish with this fic.

I was really excited by the start of it as it was my first and then I got distracted and well it's kind of been all over the place.

So it was bugging me that I hadn't finished it and so I thought I'd give you an update. I know it's not very good and I am aiming to do better.

So thank you all for all the lovely comments and I hope that you enjoyed this fic. :)



Things hadn’t changed. Well Not Much.

That day had come and gone, just like any other day usually does.

And it still hurt, it still replayed over and over again.

Aden had left for Uni, and she had been too late.

Too late to tell him how she really felt. Too late to run after him. By the time she had put her stubbornness to one side she had finally decided to drive to Perth and be with him.

But when she got there it wasn’t what she had hoped it wasn’t what she expected.

He had moved on, with someone else.

And it hurt like a punch in the gut.

He hadn’t seen her of course, he hadn’t realised she was watching him from a distance. And now she had missed her chance.

She climbed back into her car and went back to the bay. When she returned she cried.

And soon once the pain had stopped hurting for a while she had found herself slipping back into her normal routine.

It was then that she found herself in the arms of another. Geoff.


“Right, I’ve put all your bags in the car.” Morag exclaimed dusting off her hands as she collapsed back onto the couch.

“Morag you didn’t have to do that. I was quite capable of doing it myself.” Aden responded, placing a cup of coffee into her aging hands.


“Where’s Nicole? I haven’t seen her that much today.” Aden sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he smoothed down the knots.

“I’m here.” Nicole announced entering the room as she piled a load of shopping bags onto the couch.

“What’s all this?” Morag exclaimed as she got up and poked through the bags.

“Well I’m throwing a farewell party that’s why I’ve been running around in a mad rush!”

“What? Nic, I told you I didn’t want a fuss.” Aden retorted, pacing up and down.

“Aden, you’re my best friend. Of course you’re having a send off.” Nicole responded as she rummaged through the bags pulling out a party hat and sticking it on top of Aden’s head.

“Nic.” Aden pleaded.


“This party is-

“Who are you?” Nicole interrupted the lanky blonde girl, seizing a beer bottle from her hands.

“Ughh that was my drink.”

“Ughh this is my house. Now you either tell me who you are or you hop on your bike.” Nicole snapped as people moved around her.

“I’m Indigo, usually known as Indi.” The girl finally said, snatching the bottle back.

“OK Indi you can stay, only because that’s a cute dress.” Nicole sighed.

“Everyone, can I have your attention please!?” Morag shouted as she tapped her wine glass with the TV controller.

At that moment the room came to a silence.

“As you all know. Aden is leaving tomorrow, and well before he goes we all want to wish him the best of luck. He’ll be joining Ric and Matilda in Perth and well we’re going to miss him dearly.” Morag continued.

“Thanks Morag.” Aden blushed, raising his glass to her, everyone following afterwards.

“Hey.” Belle murmured tapping Aden on the shoulder as she held a present before him.

“Oh Belle you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Well, you’re leaving and I just had to.” Belle sighed pushing the gift into Aden’s hand.

He pulled the paper off, revealing a framed picture of the pair on the beach.

“Belle, it’s perfect.”

“It was one of my first pictures, well with that Camera.” Belle exclaimed.

“Thanks, it really means a lot.” Aden smiled placing the picture down on the side as he gave Belle a bare hug.

“I have to go. I promised Liam I’d go and see him. So I guess this is it. Call me when you arrive OK?” Belle responded.

"Sure." Aden smiled, ruffling Belle's hair.

The night continued to go on, however Nicole and Aden kept missing each other. Finally they caught each other’s eye.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Aden sighed as he arrived on the top of the stair landing.

“I gave up looking for you half an hour ago.” Nicole retorted.

“I’m really gunna miss you.” Nicole finally said grabbing Aden’s hand.

“Nic, I’m gunna miss you too.”

And then they were kissing.

The kiss soon lead to them stumbling into Aden’s room, landing on the bed and undressing each other.

Nicole ran her fingers up Aden’s arms as she embraced his neck.

“I love you.” Aden whispered, coming up for breath after their steamy kiss.

He stroked Nicole’s face as their eyes locked.

She felt a lump subside in the back of her throat and eyes burn as tears welled up.


Nicole quickly got up and pulled her trousers on as she paced up and down.

“Don’t do this, don’t say you love me.”

“But I do.”

“Aden please, don’t.”

“Look, you’re doing it again. You’re blocking out the truth. You said you wanted to make love well here it is.”

Then just like that the door slammed and Nicole was gone.


Nicole had gone to Indigo’s house – the girl she had met at the farewell party. She was apparently new in town and well she seemed nice.

She was still reeling from the thought of rejecting Aden.

How could she be so mean?

She had waited and agonized to hear those words.

Everything had gotten so screwed up and just as things had fallen back into place she had chucked another spanner in the works.

She knew she loved Aden. She knew she felt the same, and that thought alone scared the crap out of her.

What was next after admitting your feelings? Aden had to go to Perth, make a future for himself, and she wasn’t going to distract him and get in the way of that.

She was sorry, but most of all she was dreading saying goodbye.

She could always go with him, but a part of her kept saying no. She was a coward.

“Hey, you’re awake!” Indigo sighed as she threw the covers off of her.

“I’ve got to go. I’ve got to see Aden before he leaves.” Nicole retorted as she ran through the house, knocking a man practically off his feet.

“Waoh. Who are you?” The man exclaimed.

“Sorry, I’m a friend of Indigo’s. I need to go.”

“Well I’m Sid her father.”

“Sorry I really need to be somewhere.” Nicole retorted as she swiftly caught the door handle, running out the house.

It wasn’t long before the man named Sid had offered her a ride and Nicole had poured her heart out to him.

They soon arrived; Nicole jumped out of his car and ran into the house looking for Aden only to be met by Ross.

“Nicole. You’ve just missed Aden.” Ross exclaimed sitting back down as he closed his newspaper.

“What? You mean he’s left already?” Nicole cried.

“Yes he left with Morag about 15 minutes ago.”

At that moment a feeling of defeat washed over her. This was her fault. She had ruined everything and all because Aden had confessed his love for her.

“Oh he told me to give you this.” Ross finally said, as he handed her a folded up letter.

She looked down at the paper, finally she drew in a deep breath and opened it.

Dear Nicole,

I guess this is good-bye.

I’m sorry things turned out like this; but know that right now nothing feels as devastating as loosing the one I love.

I guess we’re both free to move on now.


I hope that was OK. Comment if you like, and if you have any constructive criticism I'll gladly take it on board. :)


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