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Compelling Hearts

Guest haaxhaa

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Story Title: Compelling Hearts

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden and Nicole, refers to other characters

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Any warnings: May Contain UK Spoilers, Sexual content, Minor violence, Health refrences

Summary: Following the events that unravel between Nicole and Aden

Note: This is my first fan fic! So am nervous on how it will turn out!

I couldn't find any Nicole/Aden fanfics so decided to be the first! :P


Chapter One


Nicole sat down on the bare bed as she observed the deserted room. Many memories came rushing back to her and she could already feel her cheeks become wet with tears.

Her stomach churned, she felt sick. She had let this happen, she had driven Aden out and now she was left running on empty with a bitter loneliness hanging around her.

“NICOLE!” Roman shouted from downstairs, he was in one of ‘those’ moods again. Nicole wiped her tear stained face with the back of her hand and quickly headed downstairs.

“Nicole get down here!” Roman shouted once more as he gripped the arm of the sofa. “I’m here.” Nicole replied softly, her voice was still shaky and her arms were covered in goose-bumps.

“Oh, there you are. Well I’m heading down to Yabby Creek today so I don’t want you leaving this house. Do you hear me?” Roman exclaimed as he slowly stood up, still gripping the arm of the sofa.

“Yes. Ughmmm…” She cleared her throat and sat down. “Who’s taking you to Yabby Creek?” She asked.

“Miles. I think he’s trying to get back in my good books, but it’ll take more then a car ride to say the least.” Roman explained with an edge to his voice. He slipped on his jacket and stumbled towards the front door.

“Is his car here yet? Check.” Roman barked at his daughter, he clung onto the door handle and guarded his white walking stick.

Nicole quickly got up and smoothed the creases out of her silky yellow dress with her hands; she then made her way to the door. The cold breeze hit her face, as she took a step outside Miles accidently bumped into her and the keys he was holding flew out of his chubby hand.

“Miles?” Roman inquired as he moved slowly outside the front door. “Yes one minute.” He replied as he knelt down and picked up the loose keys which had fallen off the key ring. Nicole quickly bent down and scooped up a chunky key ring. “Sorry.” She whispered looking up at Miles. The sky was a thick grey and the air was cool.

“Looks like there might be rain.” Miles sighed as he looked up examining the grey sky.

“Well we better be off then. Oh and Nicole, if you leave this house; trust me I have my sources and I will find out and there will be hell to play. And if Aden sets foot in this house I’d hate to see what happens to him.” Roman exclaimed as he felt around for the zip on his Jacket. Miles gave Nicole a reassuring smile but Nicole struggled as she fought the tears, strands of her blonde fringe stuck to her wet eyelashes and she looked down at her newly manicured toes trying to avoid any sort of eye contact which would let down her guard and make her break down.

Miles took hold of Roman's arm and guided him to the car; Nicole had already gone inside and shut the door before she could see the car ride off into the distance. She sloped down against the door and let out a cry, a cry she had been holding in for so long.

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Chapter One


Finally the tears had stopped. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting on the cold stone floor, she didn’t know how long she had been crying, but she knew that she was slowly feeling better and maybe a good old sob was just what she needed.

As she got up the lights began to flicker. She hesitated for a second and then made her way to the kitchen. She grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and turned the cold tap on, letting it run for a few minutes as she starred into space.

There was a tap at the window, just then the glass slid out of her hand and shattered on the hard floor. Nicole quickly stepped back trying to dodge the broken glass. She looked up and saw Aden in the window dripping wet.

“Nicole, Nicole! Would you let me in?” Aden shouted as he tapped on the window once more.

“One second.” Nicole replied as she turned the tap off.

She then opened the door letting in the wet howling wind. Aden quickly ran in, shutting the door behind him.

“Look at you, your soaking!” Nicole laughed.

“It’s not funny.” Aden replied seriously as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“What are you doing here?” She asked looking into his blue eyes, she suddenly felt a surge of embarrassment run through her body and quickly looked down. She took a step back into the broken glass and cut her foot.

“Arghhh!” She let out a cry and quickly clutched onto Aden’s wet sleeve.

Aden ushered her over to a chair and sat her down.

“Let’s see what you’ve done.” He sighed as he gently took hold of her foot and examined it.

“Just a minor cut, nothing to worry about.”

Nicole pulled her foot away and folded her arms, as she did so she dug her nails into her arms to relieve the pain.

“You still haven’t told me why you’re here.” She said.

Aden opened a cupboard and took out a box of plasters and tube of anti-septic cream. He placed it onto the table and sat down. He bit onto his bottom lip and looked at Nicole’s sad face.

“I – I just wanted to get some stuff I left behind.” He lied as he put some anti-septic and a plaster on Nicole’s cut.

“Aden,” Nicole Pleaded. The phone began to ring and Aden sprung up. “Wait, I’ll get it, it could be Roman.” Nicole snapped. Aden quickly chucked her the phone, she snapped up the phone with her hands and looked down at the caller ID, It was Belle.

“Hello, Belle?” She said nervously.

"No, I'm a paramedic here with Belle. She wanted me to call Aden. I am assuming this is the right number?" Said a female Voice.

“Yeah, Um Yes. What's happend?" Nicole asked.

“She’s been in a car accident, We're heading down to Summer Bay Hospital, She's in quite a distressed state." The woman replied.

“OK, tell her not to worry. We'll be there as soon as possible.”

Nicole quickly put the phone down and slipped on a pair of designer flats.

“Nicole what’s happened?” Aden asked.

“It’s Belle, she’s been in an accident.” Nicole replied nervously as she put on her rain coat.

“WHAT!” Aden exclaimed. “Look we better hurry; she’s on her way down to the hospital. Quickly go change your wet top; you’ve still got some clothes left in the drawers.” Nicole replied frantically.

Aden ran upstairs and into his room, he quickly rummaged through the drawers and slipped on a red t-shirt. He didn’t have time to change his jeans so they would have to do, he then ran back downstairs. He didn’t know what to feel; should he be upset? Should he be worried? Right now all he could feel was concern.

“Will you drive?” Nicole asked as she chucked a pair of car keys at Aden. Aden swiftly caught them with one hand and gave a nod.

Before long they were speeding down the wet roads. It was raining heavily now and the wipers were on max.

Finally they arrived at the hospital.

“Belle Taylor?” Nicole asked the receptionist.

Aden ran towards Rachel who had just come out of a room

“Where’s Belle?” Aden asked frantically.

“Aden calm down. She’s through there.” Rachel exclaimed as she pointed towards a door.

Aden went through the doors, followed by Nicole.

Belle was lying on a hospital bed. She was pale with a few bruises but overall fine.

“Aden!” Belle sighed as she looked up at the rigid figure that was now looking down at her.

Her smile quickly faded when she saw Nicole.

“Thank God you’re alright Belle!” Aden commented as he sat down on the foot of the hospital bed.

“You had us worried Belle.” Nicole explained as she went to take hold of Belle’s hand. Suddenly she hesitated and then pulled back.

“What are you doing here Nicole?” Belle snapped.

“I got a phone call from a paramedic and was worried about you.” Nicole’s voice trailed off and she looked away.

“Well I’m fine and you can both go now.” Belle exclaimed as she wiped the corner of her wet eye.

Suddenly Belle began to cry.

“What is it?” Aden asked as he moved up the bed and took hold of Belle’s wrists.

“It’s Liam.” Belle cried.

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Chapter One


“Doctor’s don’t know if he’s going to make it through the night.” Belle sobbed as she clutched the duvet cover and twisted it with her hands.

A second soon felt like forever. Nicole tried to breathe but the more she thought about breathing the heavier it became.

“I’m so sorry Belle.” She finally said.

Aden began to pace up and down the room. After all this time she had been with Liam, should he be jealous he thought to himself.

“Belle?” Rachel knocked at the door, before entering. “We just need to run a few tests.” Rachel said softly.

“How’s Liam?” Belle asked as she wiped her blotchy face. “Well we don’t know just yet, but he’s with the neurologist right now, I think they’re running a few tests before he goes into Surgery.” Rachel replied sombrely.

“I’m just going to get some water.” Nicole added as she quickly dashed out the room.

The walls felt like they were closing in, Nicole closed her eyes for about 5 seconds and drew in a deep breath. She picked up a paper cup and put it under the water dispenser. She tried to gulp down the cold water but it cut like razor blades in her throat.

Aden came up behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders, Nicole put her hand back on Aden’s and stroked it affectionately.

“I’m sorry for everything.” She finally said.

“What for?” Aden replied as he dropped his hands from her shoulders and moved around so that they were now directly facing each other.

“Just everything. I basically ruined any chances of you and Belle getting back together, and now she’s going through hell and the one person she was always close with isn’t there for her because he’s too busy with me.” Nicole retorted.

“Hay, Hay. I chose not to be with Belle. Listen Nic, she has got me; but right now only as a friend. And she knows that. I’m not going to get back together with her when she’s most vulnerable, I took advantage of you when you were vulnerable and look what happened.” Aden replied tautly.

“Took advantage of me!? What! You never once took advantage of me; matter of fact it should be the other way round. We both needed comfort but we went about it the wrong way. I should have given you space because you had broken up with Belle; not gone and hopped into your bed.” Nicole snapped as she gripped the paper cup firmly.

She sat down in the waiting room, the hospital TV echoed in the background. Suddenly it began to flash WEATHER WARNING! in red capital letters.

“- The wind and rain are travelling in from the west, Gail force rating at 7, expect strong wind and heavy rain; Anyone going out is advised to stay at home as there is going to be a rain storm.” The fuzzy image off the TV said.

Both Aden and Nicole looked at each other. Now what? Aden thought.

“We better head off, but let’s just say good-bye to Belle first; I don’t want her to think we’ve run out on her.” Nicole said.

Just as they approached the room Rachel came out. “Sorry guys but Belle’s just being seen by the specialist, I’m afraid you can’t go back in for now.” Rachel said politely.

“But we’ve got to go, there are weather warnings and we don’t want to be stuck here all night!” Aden snapped as he ran his fingers through his ash blonde hair.

“Well I’ll send on the message that you had to leave because of the weather, but you can’t go back in there.” Rachel told them.

“Aden, let’s just go.” Nicole murmured.

As they stepped out of the automatic doors a gust of wet wind hit them and Nicole’s silky yellow dress became splattered in muddy rain; her once white designer shoes had soaked through and turned a dirty white and her make-up smudged across her face. She let out a squeal, it wasn’t just any old dress it was Armarni!

She looked up at Aden’s dripping face and he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Would you just go get the car for heaven’s sake and get me home!” Nicole ordered as she slipped off her shoes. She was now standing in a blizzard, bare foot, hair a mess with a look of infuriation.

Aden pulled the car up beside her and she didn’t hesitate to jump in. She pulled the seat belt across her chest and buckled herself in. She pouted and clicked on the Radio. It was just static noise. She clicked it off again.

The rain was pelting down more aggressively now and there were two police cars ahead.

As they approached the police cars a man in a blue uniform walked up to them and signalled for Aden to let down his window.

“Yes officer?” Aden said as he dug into his pocket to get out his wallet. He pulled out his driver’s licence and handed it to the policeman. “Oh Good, Good. Sorry, But the roads blocked off. I’m afraid the weather conditions are to severe to go out driving in, you’ll have to turn around.” The policeman informed them.

“What? Where are we meant to go?”

“There’s a B&B about half a mile away down there. First exit left. Sorry folks.”

Aden snatched his licence back and shoved it into the astray. He did a 180 turn and drove off towards the B&B.

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Sorry I haven't updated everday as planned, but I've been really busy with school work and other stuff <_< ...

So Here is some more Compelling Hearts, enjoy :)

Chapter One


Aden flicked on the light switch. It was a little crowded but still it had two single beds so it wasn’t all that bad. Nicole had nagged from the minute they stepped foot in the B&B, but soon she discovered it wasn’t as terrible as she thought. It wasn’t a 5 star hotel but it was good enough.

“So which bed are you having?” Nicole asked as she paraded around the room checking out every single last nook and cranny.

“I don’t mind.” Aden sighed as he rested his arm up against the wall.

“Well I bagsy the window, so I guess you can have the door!” Nicole smirked as she flopped on the bed nearest to the window.

“What are you going to tell Roman?” Aden asked as he made his way over to the empty bed.

“Oh my god, I totally forgot. He’s going to kill me!” Nicole moaned slapping her forehead.

She picked up the B&B phone and keyed in Roman’s cell number. It soon began to ring.

“Hello?” Said Roman on the other end.

“Hi, Umm Dad its Nicole.” Nicole said nervously.

“Nicole!? Where’ve you been, I’ve been ringing the house all night and you haven’t been answering.”

“Oh, I think the lines are down or something. Bad connection because of the storm.” Nicole lied as she raised her eyebrows.

“Right, well I’m not coming home tonight.” Roman exclaimed.

“That’s great!” Nicole sighed in relief.


“I mean that’s just great! Now what!?”

“Well Miles and I have stopped off at a nearby B&B because the roads are all blocked off so I’ll be home tomorrow.” Roman replied.

“OK, I’ll see you in the morning.” Nicole put the phone down and lay back down.

Aden looked at her, “So what did he say?” He asked.

“Well he too is at a B&B because all the roads are apparently blocked off, thank God! See going out with Geoff paid off in the end!” Nicole joked, as she snuggled down into her bed.

“Yeah right! Well, Goodnight then.” He sighed as he turned the light off.

The two both lay awake lost in their thoughts.

Finally, Nicole began to doze off.

Aden however still remained awake; he thought about Belle, he thought about Nicole.

Maybe he and Belle were now truly over; but she still remained close to his heart; there would always be a soft spot for her but inevitably their relationship had died.

But now what? Here he was with a gorgeous girl, not just a girl – his best friend and he’d completely stuffed it up. When he was with her it felt right but still guilt sat in the pit of his stomach.

He got off his bed and walked over to Nicole’s. She looked so peaceful. He climbed on the edge of the Bed and cuddled her. Finally he fell asleep.

Nicole woke up in Aden’s arms, as she opened her eyes and stretched her legs, Aden awoke. Nicole turned around now their noses were touching. She kissed Aden on the cheek, as she turned to get up he pulled her back and kissed her.

“Morning.” He said huskily. She gave him half a smile, her mind went blank; what was she supposed to think? I mean she couldn’t not when he looked so cute and, suddenly he hit her with another kiss on the lips.

She skimmed her hand up his T-shirt and stroked his chest, as they tossed and turned, Aden climbed on top of her, now they were once more facing each other. He ran his fingers through her hair as they kissed. Little pecks to start off with but soon their tongues met.

Aden ran his hand up her back and found the zip, he began to unzip her dress; their breathing became heavier.

As she slipped off her dress off suddenly...

She stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Aden asked as he sat up.

“Aden, I can’t. I’m not going to do this again for you to later regret.” Nicole replied as tears found their way on to her cheek.

“But I won’t regret it. I really want and need you right now.” Aden replied taking hold of Nicole’s hand.

She couldn’t look him in the eye. It would only make her fall into temptation; and she couldn’t do it.

She didn’t want to feel guilty after sharing something that felt so right, so meaningful.

She couldn’t make love with someone if he didn’t love her back. She couldn’t make love with someone if she herself didn’t know if she loved that person.

It just wasn’t right; it felt right but all her instincts were telling her it was wrong.

Guilt panged in her stomach, once more, but this time it hit her hard like a punch in the gut.

She quickly zipped her dressed up and went into the bathroom.

Aden sat shell shocked on the bed, he couldn’t make sense of what had just happened.

Well that's the end of the first chapter, please tell me what you think, Thanks!

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Thanks for all the replies! So have decided to write another chapter of Compelling Hearts. I'm not too confident about it and am a little nervous on what your thoughts may be once you've read it. But anyway Enjoy! :)

Chapter Two


Nicole? Aden knocked on the bathroom door. It had been 15 minutes now and she still hadnt come out of the bathroom.

Nicole sat on the toilet seat; she buried her head into her hands as tears rolled down her cheek and onto her dress.

Finally, she took a deep breath in and wiped her face with some toilet paper.

She unlocked the door and pushed the handle down opening it. Aden stumbled backwards as the door opened slowly.

Nic? He whispered as he slowly approached her.

I just want to get back home. OK. Nicole sniffed.

Yeah, sure. Aden murmured as he wiped his face with his hands.

Nicole grabbed her coat and put it on. She looked back making sure the room was tidy.

Well, lets go then. Aden sighed. They took a step outside when all of a sudden...

Oh My God. Nicole quickly pulled Aden back in and shut the door.

She rested on the handle, whilst still keeping a firm grip on Adens shirt.

Whats going on? Aden hissed. Its dad and Miles. Nicole whispered as she slowly let go of Adens shirt.

2 minutes went by.

They must have gone by now. Aden retorted.


They finally went out.

We have to beat Dad home now. Nicole sighed as she grabbed Adens hand and started to run.

WHAT! Aden exclaimed, but Nicole was already running out of the B&B towards the car. She just wanted to get back home before Roman did.

Once more they were now speeding down the straight roads. They could see Miless car, now Aden had to figure out how to get past Miless car without being spotted.

He quickly overtook him and put his foot down on the accelerator.

Finally they arrived home.

Thanks. Nicole mumbled as she got out the car, unintentionally slamming the door.

Nicole, Wait! Aden shouted as he rolled down the window.

Nicole turned around and looked at him.

When can we speak? Aden asked as he looked up at her cheerless face.

Not now. Nicole replied, she quickly headed towards the door and into the house.

Aden watched her shut the door. He couldnt help but feel empty and forlorn.

He drove off as the cold air hit his face hard.

Nicole ran upstairs and quickly got into the shower, the hot water in a way soothed her but inevitably she still felt discontent.

Nic!? Roman shouted as the front door slammed.

Im just in the shower! Nicole replied hastily.

Oh, OK. Roman sighed as he sat down onto the grey sofa.


Nicole starred at the deflated reflection in the mirror as she scrunched her curly blonde hair, applying some curl serum.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring, Nicole hesitated; What if it was Aden?

She didnt want to speak to him now, not ever; every time she allowed herself to let him in would mean that thing she felt would just grow bigger, eventually it would leave such a big hole in her heart - it would kill her. Not being Dramatic; she thought.

Snap back to reality.

Nicole quickly grabbed the phone looking at the caller I.D, it was Ruby.

She hadnt been friends with Ruby that long; it was just one of those unexpected friendships which one day randomly took place because the two had a lot on their minds that they needed to share with someone.

Sure, the age gap was what? Two years, if even that? Nicole needed a girlfriend, all she had ever known or had was male company; and that was about to change.

Hello? Nicole answered.

Hey Nic! Umm I was just wondering if you wanted to meet up at the Den? Get some food? Ruby replied.

Nicole rolled her eyes as she leaned over her dressing table.

Yeah sure, umm give me 10 minutes and Ill be there. Anythings better than being in this house watching Roman get frustrated over furniture. Nicole exclaimed dryly.

Oh Nic, Im sure its not that bad. Anyway don't keep me waiting!"

OK, ciao! Nicole replied as she zapped the phone off.

Nicole ran downstairs, snatching her handbag off of the banister.

Im going to meet Ruby. If youre hungry find yourself to the fridge, Im sure it wont take more than half an hour. Nicole remarked as she kissed her dad on the cheek.

Now, Now; anymore cheek and you can forget meeting up with Ruby. Roman groaned.

But Nicole was already half way out of the door before Roman could say goodbye.

It was an overcast day, Nicole examined the sky.

As she did so, Aden watched from a distance, should he approach her? Too late, she had already spotted him, but now what?

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Thanks for all the lovely comments! :)

I have been meaning to update so here it is!

Chapter Two


Nicole tucked her hands into the pockets of her shorts. She looked down at the ground as she wondered whether she should confront Aden or not.

It was killing her trying to make all these rash decisions, why couldn’t she just act like a normal teenager?

Normal that word sounded so strange to her.

As she looked up, Aden stood in front of her confounded.

“I, err I umm can’t Aden.” Nicole whispered.

“Nic please don’t do this.” Aden sighed as he took a step towards her.

“How’s Belle?” Nicole winced as she took a step back.

“I don’t know.” Aden admitted wearily.

“What you mean you haven’t been to see her?!”

“We saw her yesterday and besides I’ve been busy.”

“Doing what? Playing tragic love songs whilst feeling sorry for yourself?!”

“Look I came over here to sort things out between me and you. I’m not here to fight Nicole.”

“Please, how are we supposed to sort things out Aden? You’re so indecisive about what you want!” Nicole replied angrily.

“That’s not true! I know what I want; I think it’s you that doesn’t. Look, I’m not going to explain myself to you.” Aden fired back; he turned around and began to walk off.

“Aden wait!” Nicole called as she ran a few steps after him.

Aden turned around. “A time and a place you name it and I’m there.”

“Tomorrow, 9 AM, Surf Club!” Nicole shouted. Aden nodded and soon his silhouette had disappeared.


“Where've you been?!” Ruby announced pointing at her watch, as Nicole entered the Den and walked over to the table where Ruby and Xavier were sitting.

“Sorry got side tracked. Anyway you didn’t tell me Xavier was coming too.” Nicole sighed as she studied the specials menu.

“Well I’m off anyway to meet Jai, I just came to see Ruby for a brief second but obviously that’s my queue.” Xavier joked as he got up and planted a kiss on Ruby’s cheek.

“So on a more serious note, what side tracked you?” Ruby exclaimed once Xavier had left.

“Ruby do I have to tell you everything?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” Ruby laughed.

“Well what do you want to know? I just got side tracked that's all.”

“Well it must of been pretty important.”

“Not exactly; I just ran into Aden and well-

“Well what?” Ruby interrupted.

“Well we talked. You do know we umm, had a sort of fling, and now it’s kind of escalated and I’ve just made a mess of everything!” Nicole explained.

“So what would you like today ladies?” Leah smiled as she stood over them with her notebook and pen.

“I’ll have the soup of the day and a water please.” Nicole sighed.

“Yeah ditto.” Ruby smiled.

“Ok coming right up. Umm Nicole how’s your dad?”

“His usual self, moderately grumpy, but hey not complaining!” Nicole joked sarcastically.

“Well hang in there. Right your food will be on its way.” Leah smiled as she quickly made her way back to the kitchen.

“So you haven’t told me about your sweet sixteenth!” Nicole sighed.

“Well it wasn’t that exiting, me and Charlie drove up to see dad and Morag; we went to a sea food restaurant and then afterwards went home and played scrabble!” Ruby laughed.

“Well at least you celebrated your birthday. My 18th was a complete I don’t know, blur?” Nicole sighed.

It had been around the time when Roman was in coma; Nicole had been having restless nights and days passed without notice.

When her birthday did arrive she, herself had forgotten! She spent the day by Roman’s side whilst binging on hospital coffee. It was only when Leah had dropped her off at around 10 o’clock at night that Nicole had stumbled upstairs to bed and nearly crushed a birthday present that had been carefully wrapped and placed on her bed.

It was from Aden of course, a snow glob that had an ice-queen directly in the middle. She spent most of the night examining it and shaking the glister inside. After a while she managed to put it down; when she went downstairs Aden was in the kitchen – he couldn’t sleep; so the pair made some hot chocolate and listed their top 5 worst and best birthdays. It was strangely one of the best nights Nicole had had in a long time.

At that moment the food arrived.

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Thanks for all the comments, sorry it's not the longest but I have loads of school work to do so heres a quick update! :)

Chapter Two


Aden woke up and stumbled out of bed across his bedroom floor just managing to catch himself at the door.

Finally he forced his eyes open, soaking in the light.

“Oh good-morning!” Miles said as they met each other on the stair landing.

“Morning Miles.” He answered, making a left turn to the bathroom door.

“Listen Aden, when you’re free I just want to have a quick chat with you about something.” Miles told him.

Aden nodded, wondering what exactly Miles wanted to talk to him about. Was it that he was walking about in his undies?

He went into the bathroom and quickly switched on the shower.


Nicole nibbled around the edges of her freshly made toast, she wasn’t hungry, but she needed something to fill what seemed like an empty space growing inside of her.

“Morning.” She sighed as Roman entered the room.

“Shouldn’t you be at school or something?” He remarked as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

“It’s half term, remember?” She told him. Nicole got up, checking her dress for any crumbs, she quickly dusted herself off.

“Right, well I’m off to meet, umm Ruby. I’ll see you later.” She pecked Roman on the cheek and then ran outside.

It was a sunny morning; she placed on her Gucci sunglasses and applied some lip-gloss. Perfect!


9.04am, Aden glanced at his watch for what seemed like the hundredth time. He drummed he’s fingers slowly on the table as he waited for Nicole.

For some unknown reason he felt a little nervous.

Just then Nicole arrived; she slid her glasses onto the top of her head and then sat down opposite Aden.

“Hey.” He said anxiously.

“Look, whatever you have to say just say it so I can get this over with.” Nicole snapped. She ran her tongue across her bottom lip before rubbing her lips together making the cherry red lip-gloss seep into her lips.

Aden swallowed hard. She was dangling herself in front of him as if she was his prey. It felt sickening.

“I just wanted to clear the air that’s all, but obviously you’re not interested.” Aden retorted, focusing his eyes on the small print of the desert menu which sat in front of him.

“Well we agreed that we’d talk, and now that I’m here I’m not leaving until everything is resolved.”

“I wanted to talk about the B&B and what went wrong?” Aden exclaimed.

Nicole’s eyes shot towards him instantly. She didn’t want to think about what had happened, but it had kept replying over and over again in the back of her mind.

“Do we have to?” She finally said.

“Yes. Since then you’ve been avoiding me; we’ve barely been on speaking terms and I can’t even get a sentence out of you. I just want to know what went wrong so I can put it right.” Aden snapped.

“Keep your voice down!” Nicole hissed.

“I didn’t want to repeat another mistake alright!? I can’t trust myself when I’m with you.” Nicole explained.

There was a pause as the pair gathered their thoughts together.

“We slept together for comfort once and it was a mistake but twice? That was just stupid!”

“So is that why you got cold feet?”

“Well in the B&B I got caught up in the moment because I was confused about what I was starting to feel for you and because it felt right. But then I realised that I didn’t want to act on the same actions I had once acted on before. I wanted it to be more than just sex and that’s why I got I don’t know, freaked out?” Nicole explained.

Finally Aden began to understand what was going through Nicole’s head. He felt disgusted with himself, disappointed to an existent that he had caused all of this, and now he was in too deep.

“I always get caught up with guys, start falling for them and just when everything feels right they hurt me.”

“You don’t know me at all, do you?”

“Of course I know you!” Nicole exclaimed.

“Well then you'd know that I’d never hurt you Nic.”

Their eyes finally met, those two seconds almost felt like an hour. And then Nicole got up and left.

Aden clenched his fists, he felt mad for letting her walk out. What had he done wrong?

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I really can't thank everyone enough for all the great comments, I'm really chuffed that some actually like it! So heres the last part of the 2nd chapter. Enjoy :)

Chapter Two


Nicole sat down and dug her bare feet deep into the sand; for a change it felt nice to be sitting alone by herself overlooking the unruly waves.

She shut her eyes and took in a deep breath of salty air; by the time she had opened her eyes Geoff was sitting next to her.

“Oh hello.” Nicole said hoarsely.

“Hey; sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you; I just really needed to get away from everything.” He told her.

“Get away from what?”

“Nah It doesn’t matter; if I told you you’d probably just get an axe and hack me to death but to be honest at this point I wouldn’t really care.” Geoff sighed; Nicole rolled her eyes, obviously she wasn’t the only one feeling sorry for herself; she gathered some sand into her hand and watched it escape through the gaps in her fingers.

“Look you can tell me, I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Claudia’s pregnant.” Geoff exclaimed; dusting the sand off of his beige shorts.

“What!” Nicole shouted, this was the last thing she expected. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry as her cheeks began to burn.

Geoff sat amazed; a feeling of regret washed over him; maybe telling Nicole wasn’t such a good idea.

“I can’t believe you. You know what for a second I thought we were actually making progress friendship wise. But now I actually despise you more than I did before.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have told you; any bit of news which doesn’t involve you being the centre of it has got bad idea stamped across it.” Geoff shouted; he stood up and began to pace up and down.

“I don’t care that Claudia’s pregnant Geoff; I just care that after everything, you’ve turned out to be the biggest Hypocrite I could have ever known. What’s happened to you?” Nicole screamed; she could feel her facing turning a light shade of red; but at the point she didn’t care.

“Thanks Nicole; I’m going.” Geoff retorted; throwing his hands up into the air dramatically.

“So much for your bloody beliefs; you’re the biggest fake out there!” Nicole shouted after him as he walked off.

This time she didn’t cry. She just wanted to bury her head into the sand and forget everything – everyone.


“Shouldn’t you be at work?” Miles asked as Aden arrived home.

“No I’m on leave; they’re doing investigations and all that malarkey to do with Lou’s murder; so we can’t really get our work done because the police are always bombarding us.” Aden explained as he made his way to the fridge.

“Right, well anyway I just want to have a quick word with you about something because I’ve got to get back to marking these essays.” Miles said as he collected sheets of paper together off the table. He stacked them up into a neat pile before replacing them back onto the wooden coffee table.

Aden closed the fridge door and sat down on the sofa, Miles joined him.

“Well I saw you and Nicole the other day racing down the road doing at least 80 and I was just concerned and wondering why you needed to be somewhere so urgently.” Miles told him.

“Belle was in an accident.” Aden responded, the words ringed in his ears.

“Oh mate I’m sorry to hear that. How is she?” Miles asked, but before Aden could answer Kirsty and Ollie had arrived home just in time to save him from Miles’s persistent questions.


Nicole sat on the beach for what seemed like forever. It was only her, the sand and the crashing waves. Finally she got up after she’d managed to cool down and collect her thoughts together. She decided to head down to the hospital. She needed to clear up a few things. As she got into her car a feeling of defeat crept up inside of her.

I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry – she thought. She wasn’t going to cry, she wasn’t going to cry; but then she was crying.

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This one's kinda long, hope you enjoy :)

Chapter Three


“Kirsty are you alright!?” Miles exclaimed as he hurried towards her.

Her dress was torn with blood stains and her hair was an unruly mess.

Aden quickly poured her a glass of water as Miles helped her to a seat.

“There was a Robbery down at that new shop in Yabby Creek.” She finally told them after she had downed a glass of tap water.

“God didn’t expect that.” Aden exclaimed as he scooped up Ollie and put him on his knee.

“Me neither. But I’m fine now. I had just been to see Irene and needed to take my mind of things so I went shopping and then I just lost track of time and remembered I still needed to pick up Ollie from Nursery.” She told them gripping the glass.

“I was walking by and saw these two men in black balaclavas and then my eyes locked with one of them and I as I got out my phone to call the police the other one shot at the window and I fell and cut my arm. Next thing I knew they had gone and there was police surrounding the area asking for a statement.” She explained as she wrapped her hands around her waist, hugging herself for comfort.


Nicole hesitated as she entered Belle’s hospital room.

“Belle?” She squeaked as she placed a bunch of flowers on the end of her bed.

Belle opened her eyes and feebly lifted up her head.

“Oh it’s you.” She sighed, sinking down deeper into the bed.

“How are you?” Nicole asked as she searched the room for a vase.

“Well I’ve had better days, but I suppose I’m so used to this hospital it may as well be a second home to me.” Belle replied.

“How’s Liam?”

Nicole arranged the flowers neatly into a vase as she placed it onto the window sill. Belle didn’t answer. Nicole looked over to see Belle slumped down in the bed facing the other way.


“I think you better go Nicole.” Belle told her as tears ran down her face.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Well you did.” Belle snapped.

Nicole quickly found herself to the door.

“Wait.” Belle winced.

Nicole turned around and sat on the end of the bed.

“What is it?” She demanded.

“Liam. He might never be able to walk again.” Belle cried.

“Oh Belle; I’m so sorry.” Nicole whispered as she held her arms wide open.

Belle fell into Nicole arms sobbing uncontrollably. After a while she stopped and looked up at Nicole with a faint smile.

“I’m OK.” Belle told her.

“I don’t know what to say other than that I’m sorry.” Nicole replied, as she grabbed hold of Belle’s hand squeezing it tightly.

“He went into surgery the other night and they said everything was going to be alright, but then when Rachel was hardly telling me anything I knew something was wrong.” Belle explained.

“Oh Belle.” Nicole whispered sympathetically.

“Well finally she told me that Liam was in a critical way and that he’d damaged some nerve or something meaning that he might never be able to walk again.” Belle continued struggling for breath.

Nicole moved up the bed and rested her head on Belle’s shoulder affectionately.

“I love him Nicole.” Belle whispered.


Nicole felt around for her house keys in her bag as she approached the white front door; she looked up realising that the door was half open.

“Dad?” She called out.

She could hear laughter as she slowly walked towards the kitchen.

A man was sitting on the kitchen counters with a beer in one hand and a ciggerette in the other. He had sharp features and fine blonde hair, suddenly Nicole caught his eye, he looked almost gerbil like; she smiled nervously as she looked over at Roman.

“This must be Nicole?” The man pointed out to Roman.

“Yes, she’s nearly all grown up.” Roman joked taking a sip of his beer.

“I can tell, grown up indeed.” The man winked at Nicole; she edged towards the door trying not to make eye contact.

“Nic sit down, I’ve got the most wonderful news to tell you!” Roman announced.

Nicole pulled out a chair and sat down.

Roman had an ear to ear grin as he took another thoughtful sip of his beer.

“Notice anything?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

Suddenly it dawned on her.

“Your sight! You’ve got your sight back!” She cried falling into Roman’s arms giving him a big bear hug.

“Yep and it’s all thanks to Gardy.” Roman replied as he held out his hand to the man – Gardy.

“That’s, that’s great.” Nicole cried with happiness.

She quickly got out her phone and dialled Aden’s number unconsciously, but as she suddenly realised Aden answered.

“Aden.” She whispered.


“Yeah, umm I’m sorry I shouldn’t have phoned you.” She told him regrettably.

“No wait, why did you call?” He asked curiously.

“Well, Roman, umm Dad he’s got his sight back!” She laughed nervously as her eyes welled up with tears of joy.

“That’s great!” Aden echoed on the other end of the line.

A part of her felt so relieved and happy to be sharing the news with Aden but there was still the other half which was kicking her in the back of her head.

“Well I’ll see you then.” She finally said as reality sunk back in.

She flipped down her phone and gave Roman a reassuring peck on the cheek whilst Gardy watched furtively in the background.


Once Aden had told Miles and Kirsty the good news about Roman he decided to go and see Nicole. She was like a drug and right now he was having a really bad craving.

He had put on a clean top and picked out the biggest bunch of flowers he could find in the flower shop; he drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes trying to think of what he should say. Then it came to him.

He was finally going to tell Nicole something he had never admitted to himself before; he was going to tell her how he truly felt. Those three words ringed in his ears and this time he wasn’t panicking he was smiling.

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Sorry I havn't updated in what feels like ages, I have been busy with school and other stuff! :rolleyes:

Hope you enjoy, I kinda rushed it. :)

Chapter Three


Nicole sat wondering what to do with herself; time went slow when you weren’t having fun.

An hour felt like a day, the house felt empty and inside she felt hollow.

Roman was still out with Gardy.

Nicole sighed and zapped off the TV.

Maybe she could ring Ruby if she wasn’t too busy with Xavier.

But before she could do anything there was a knock at the door.

She sprung up and hurried to the door.

But as she let the handle down a feeling of regret suddenly hit her when Aden stepped inside the cold, empty house.

“What are you doing here?” Nicole snapped, folding her arms.

Aden looked down at his feet; obviously his plan wasn’t going as he thought it would.

He was hoping maybe he could stroll in, hand her a bunch of flowers and sweep her off her feet. A fool for thinking that but still it wasn’t that far from realistic.

“I- Aden begun, he handed her a bunch of white lilies, raising his eyebrows as he managed to squeeze out half a smile. He felt like an idiot.

Nicole looked down at the flowers she was now holding.

“Lilies are the flower of death.” She sighed abruptly as she placed the bunch down on the coffee table, flinging herself back onto the couch.

“Gee, thanks would be nice Nicole.” Aden retorted, a little stung from her lack of appreciation.

“Aden thanks for the flowers, but I can’t do all of this right now. I’m not in the mood for heavy conversations and awkwardness.” Nicole finally told him.

“I’m sorry I forgot everything’s on your terms. I see you’re not wearing your tiara today, are your servants polishing it as we speak?” Aden hissed.

“Excuse me? Look why don’t you leave. You don’t live here anymore, you’re not welcome.”

Just then the phone started ringing.

“Hello?” Nicole sighed casually, as she checked her manicurred finger nails.

“Nicole- An indistinct voice answered. The phone line was bad and she could hardly hear anything.

It sounded like Roman.

“Dad?” Nicole replied cautiously.

“Nicole, help…- The line went dead.

Nicole shot a look at Aden, wondering what she should do. Call Roman back?

She quickly redialled the number but it went straight to voice mail.

“Nicole what’s going on?” Aden demanded as he got up and edged towards her.

“I, I don’t know. Dad called and the line was all fuzzy and I couldn’t hear him clearly but he said my name followed by help.” Nicole told him intensely.

“Oh.” Aden answered, He was sure Roman would be fine, bad signal or something. But the look on Nicole’s face quickly changed his mind as nerves racked his body.

“Well where did he and Gardy go?” Aden asked nearly in a whisper.

“Umm, they went out for a drink to a bar in Yabby Creek but I’m not sure where.” She explained.

“Well I’ll give you a lift to Yabby Creek.” Aden sighed with a reassuring smile.

“You don’t have a car.”

“No, but you do. And yes I do have a car; it just happens to be in the shop.”


Finally they had arrived in Yabby Creek. It was pointless, but still Nicole needed to know if her dad was alright.

They drove up the main street, as Nicole skimmed the roads with her eyes peeled open.

Up a head there were red flashing lights. An ambulance and a load of police. The road was blocked off.

Nicole felt a lump in her throat. She swallowed hard as her tongue went numb and dry.

Aden pulled over.

“Why do the roads have to always be bloody blocked?” She shouted, smacking her hand heard on the dash board in anger.

“Nic.” Aden whispered.

But before he could say anything else Nicole was out the car, running full speed up towards the police cars.

Aden quickly locked the car and followed trying to keep up.

“What’s happened!?” Nicole demanded to a police officer pushing past the watching crowd.

“I’m sorry miss, you’re not allowed past the blue tape.” The policeman told her, ushering her back.

“No wait! What’s happened!?” Nicole shouted, but as the words hit the air her worst fear was confirmed as she saw Roman being wheeled out on a stretcher into the ambulance covered in blood.

She let out a cry and fell to the floor.

Aden struggled for breath looking down at a distressed Nicole; his heart dropped into the pit of his stomach, his body was shaking as Roman's limp, bloody body went into the ambulance.

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