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Reminder: Spoiler Avatars

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Friendly reminder: Spoiler avatars.

Please be aware that a rule exists on this forum that states that "avatars should be kept spoiler free". Therefore avatars that show storylines which have not aired in the UK are considered spoilers and are not to be used.

Please be considerate when choosing your avatar and if you are unsure whether your avatar is a spoiler you can check in the Avatar Authorisation Thread BEFORE using it.

Also, please remember that images in signatures are not permitted.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Jen (Moderator).

Current storyline spoilers include;

Avatars depicting -

Season return

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Just a reminder to all graphics makers that any icons depicting storylines that have not aired in the UK are considered spoilers, until they go to air on English tv. You are more than welcome to screencap/make icons etc. of current Australian episodes but please do not use them as your avatar on the forum until UK viewers have seen the storylines play out.

Please consider posting spoiler warnings at the top of posts for graphics that may contain spoilers for those who wish to remain unspoiled for upcoming storylines. This also pertains to quotes and notes in signatures.

Remember that the Avatar Authorisation Thread exists and can be used if you are unsure whether your avatar is a spoiler. Check there first before uploading and using!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jen (Moderator)

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