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Britain's got talent

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Well those of you who live in England will know by now that a new series started on Saturday, so here's a thread for you to discuss the best and worst that is to come! :)

Well from the auditions i personally i liked 'Good Evans' (the singing family) OMG those girls were so cute and the boy really talented. I dont's know why the parents weren't liked, i thought they were pretty good? :unsure:

Anyway i like the idea of a family but to be honest i really hope it's not a singer that wins this year unless its a child singer or someone unique because the show is about variety, and singing is so common!i mean we got the X-Factor for that! A singer winning would be boring ,we need diversity!

And i was really surprised by that lady (i forgot her name), she was in her 40's and everyone thought that she'd be bad but she was amazing!. Goes to show not to judge a book by it's cover!

Overall i'm really excited about this new series and hope that we'll get to see some exciting acts.:)

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